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979857. HANOVER. Victoria. 1837-1901. Æ Medal (77mm, 212.20 g, 12h). Golden Jubilee. By L.C. Wyon, after J.E. Boehm and F. Leighton. Struck 1887-1889. VICTORIA REGINA ET IMPERATRIX, crowned and veiled bust left, wearing Garter star / IN · COMMEMORATION, personification of the Empire seated facing on throne, holding reversed sword set on ground and globe surmounted by crowning Victory; above, two cherubim flying and holding shields and wreaths; to left, Science, Letters, and Art standing right; to right, Industry and Agriculture standing left; at their feet, Mercury reclining right and Time seated left; all set on pediment above five interlocked shields inscribed ASIA, AMERICA, EUROPA, AUSTRALIA/ ASIA, and AFRICA. Eimer 1733b; BHM 3219. EF, brown surfaces, spotting on obverse. In original case of issue, with contemporary cardboard card describing reverse design. ($495)

979840. HANOVER. Victoria. 1837-1901. AR Medal (56mm, 83.47 g, 12h). Diamond Jubilee. By G.W. de Saulles, after T. Brock and W. Wyon. London . Dually dated 1837 and 20 June 1897 (the latter in Roman numerals). VICTORIA ANNVM REGNI SEXAGESIMVM FELICITER CLAVDIT XX IVN , crowned and veiled bust left / Head left, wearing bandeau, atop bundle of olive branches; to left, LONGI-/ TVDO/ DIERVM/ IN/ DEXTERA/ EIVS (Long life is in her right hand), to right, ET IN/ SINISTRA/ GLORIA (And in the left glory). BHM 3506; Eimer 1817a. Choice EF, toned. In original case of issue. ($265)


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