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Classical Numismatic Review Volume LXI, No. 3 Fall 2016

Triton XX is just around the corner and the CNG numismatists are busily preparing the catalog for a late-November release. This auction will continue in our tradition of offering exquisite coins for collectors to pursue, with a particular strength in Greek, Roman Imperial, and British coins, as well as an unparalleled array of issues from other areas. In the mean time, four electronic auctions remain in this calendar year, themselves presenting important and interesting collections. For fixed price, the Fall 2016 Classical Numismatic Review will be the last major offering of the year. We open with a small group of Greek coins from Magna Graecia and Sicily, featuring an impressive pair of Syracusan gold issues, followed by a handful of Alexander-type silver issues and a scattering of Seleukid and Ptolemaic tetradrachms. A fine selection of Roman Republican issues is next, featuring several early silver and bronze pieces, as well as denarii from the Volteia and RJM Collections. Bronze issues dominate the Roman Imperial section, while the world offerings are almost exclusively medieval – with the noted exception of a large and attractive Swedish 4 Daler plate. The British section brings to the table a cluster of Celtic and late Anglo-Saxon pennies, two Edward Quarter Nobles, an attractive pair of silver groats, and one of the finest pieces of Gunmoney we have had the pleasure of selling. Victor England Eric J. McFadden

CNG CNR 2016-10  
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