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Local activist Herrera meets the President

Council chair Garciga continues tradition of community service BY RICHARD YAGER

Kendall community activist and former Community Council 12 member Millie Herrera had a rare opportunity to have her picture taken with President Barack Obama. The photo was taken on Friday, Apr. 29, at the James L. Knight Center in Miami after the Miami Dade College graduation ceremony where the President was the keynote speaker.

MAY 17 - 30, 2011

Serving the community was a tradition of his grandmother. East Kendall Community Council chair Jorge L. Garciga remembers with special fondness the gold pin given him by Armanda Embade who passed away a little over a year ago. “She wore that little pin proudly as councilwoman from the City of Santa Maria Del Rosario in La Habana,” recalled her American-born grandson who treasures the emblem of her office, worn in pre-Castro days. “Her brother, Andres, was mayor of the same city at the time,” added Garciga who was elected to East Kendall’s Community Council in 2008, succeeding veteran member Robert Wilcosky. After two years of service, he was voted unanimously by his colleagues to succeed attorney Elliott Zack to chair the board this year. His family’s devotion to public service “constantly reminds me of the need to

serve the community,” he said. Garciga is beginning his inaugural term as chair of Community Council 12 that covers unincorporated county areas generally located between S. Dixie Highway (US1) and Florida’s Turnpike. While Garciga now presides over zoning or land use hearings, those were not the primary reasons he originally sought a council seat. “The council’s non-zoning sessions first attracted my interest,” he explained. “To me, the ability to hear fellow-citizens discuss issues at a local level and be responsive is what I felt government is really all about.” To achieve budget reductions the past two years, Miami-Dade commissioners canceled non-zoning meetings, but Garciga said, “They need to be restored. After all, it’s in the enabling statute that we hold those meetings.”

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Miami-Dade Elections reminds voters about voting options BY CHRISTINA WHITE


he May 24 Miami-Dade County Special Election is coming soon and voters will select a new State House District 110 representative, county mayor, two county commissioners and vote on six potential charter amendments. As always, the Miami-Dade Elections

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New council chair Jorge Garciga (center) shakes hands with ex-chairs Elliot Zack (left) and Jose Valdes.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


TJMaxx to open around August at Greenery Mall Workers replace Greenery Mall façade.


The Greenery Mall in Kendall is getting an external facelift in preparation for a late summer opening of its new TJMaxx/Homegoods store. “We lost Circuit City [approximately 45,000 square feet] and are replacing them with a combination TJMaxx/Homegoods store,” confirmed Richard M. Horton, executive vice president of The Green Companies, which operates the mall at N. Kendall Drive and SW 77th Avenue. “The store is planning to open sometime in August of this year,” Horton said, noting the Barnes and Noble space that has been vacant has two new tenants: Mattress Xpress on the mall’s west end, open for a year, and The Family Christian Store, a new addition under construction on the east end, also scheduled to open in August. “That leaves approximately 5,000 square feet vacant currently in lease negotiations,” Horton stated. “The mall will be 100 percent occupied with the completion of these spaces.” In addition to the new space construction, the mall’s exterior “is getting a new, modern

facade with a colonnade,” Horton said. “This work will be completed in June. We are looking forward to having our mall full with a new look to compliment the neighborhood,” he added. “New signage will be more consistent and up-to-date on Kendall and Tara [residential community] sides, and the mall should look much better,” said Holly White, president of East Kendall Homeowners Organization (EKHO). “They will use a landscape architect to redo the place and have said they will contact our Tara subcommittee regarding a wall between Tara and the Greenery.” An application to change the property’s covenant to allow a supermarket in the space was protested two years ago by White and area homeowner associations primarily due to increased traffic a major food outlet would cause near the Kenwood Elementary School on SW 77th Avenue. After a contentious public hearing, the firm dropped the proposal in favor of a new application permitting a retail establishment, which was welcomed by both the EKHO and Tara homeowner groups.

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GARCIGA, from page 1 ––––– However, Garciga doesn’t believe the current charter reform movement needs to restore them. “They’re already in the existing charter; it’s really just a matter of funding the operation,” he said. To that end, he has met with newly elected District 8 Commissioner Lynda Bell to identify sufficient funding to hold “at least two town meetings annually in each council district, so people can have their say in local affairs… “But it’s unlikely the amount for two meetings will be found in the coming fiscal year,” he continued. “It’s all a matter of not enough dollars, despite how little cost is involved.” A graduate of Florida International University’s School of Architecture, Garciga is completing requirements for AIA certification. He currently is employed with MGE Architects of Coral Gables, a firm that specializes in healthcare and airport projects in Miami-Dade, including the design of the recently opened West Kendall Baptist Hospital. A strong family background in the design business led to recognition in prestigious Art Basel venues for a contempo-

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Department is urging all registered voters to participate in this important election. To make voting as convenient as possible, voters are reminded there are three ways to vote: Absentee voting already is underway. More than 105,000 ballots already have been mailed. Any registered voter eligible to vote in this election may request an absentee ballot on the Elections Department website; by phone at 305-499-8444; in writing, or in person at Election Department Main Office, 2700 NW 87 Ave. or the Voter Information Center (VIC) at the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1 St. (located on the First Floor). Absentee voters are reminded of the following: • Submit your request by the deadline of May 18, 5 p.m.; • Ensure your ballot is received by the Elections Department by Election Day, May 24, no later than 7 p.m., and • Ensure you sign the voter certificate on the outside of the absentee ballot envelope. Early voting is underway and runs through Sunday, May 22. Voters can go to any of the 20 locations throughout the county. Locations and hours of operation are available on the Elections Department’s website. Election Day is May 24. Unlike during

May 17 - 30, 2011

rary chair he designed, built and then exhibited in several Miami galleries during 2009 and 2010. The chair won “Best of Show” at the 2009 Art by Design Exposition in Coral Gables. As a strong proponent of LEED “green” projects, Garciga is proud of including requirements for national environmental accreditation in covenants of two recent rezoning applications for commercial developments. Lessons learned from council service? “It’s difficult to please everyone,” he laughed. “While voters think you should act for them, you have to view your action on a community-wide basis, and what is fair to all concerned. In the end, you rely on your own judgment to simply do what you believe is right.” Garciga currently sits on Commissioner Bell’s committee to award “Mom and Pop” grants to deserving small businesses in District 8, a responsibility he considers “a great honor and experience, rewarding hardworking entrepreneurs throughout our county,” he said. “The money goes to help business owners create more jobs and offer better services needed throughout the district.” It’s just one more reason he is “considering” serving East Kendall once again when a second council term rolls around in 2012.

Early Voting when voters can choose any location, on Election Day voters must vote at their assigned polling place listed on their voter information card. Any voter who is unsure of where to vote should call 3-1-1 or go to the Elections Department website and click on “Find Your Polling Place.” Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters are reminded that whether voting at Early Voting or on Election Day, they must bring a valid photo identification that contains their name and signature. Acceptable forms of identification include: State of Florida Driver’s License, Military ID, U.S. Passport, Retirement Center ID, Public Assistance ID, Student ID, Debit/Credit Cards, Neighborhood Association ID, or ID Card issued by the State of Florida. Voters are encouraged to be “Election Ready” prior to casting their votes. MiamiDade voters have been sent a sample ballot by mail. It also is available on the Elections Department website under “See Your Sample Ballot.” It is printed in English, Spanish and Creole and prepares voters for what to expect on the ballot including candidate races and issues, how to properly vote, the Early Voting schedule and absentee ballot information. For additional information, visit the Miami-Dade Elections Department website at <> or call 3-1-1.

May 17 - 30, 2011


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Kendall Federation Homeowners Association shows the way Michael Miller EXECUTIVE EDITOR

AROUND TOWN We’re voting now to award Kendall Federation of Homeowners Association special thanks for the superior way the group hosted the May 2 mayor’s forum preceding the May 24 election. First off, KFHA deserves a hand as the first Miami-Dade organization to hold a forum for all 11 mayoral candidates, without barring or ignoring any one of them. That ‘hand’ became resounding applause after three prestigious fellow-hosts (University of Miami, Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and Univision TV) embarrassed themselves by failing to do what KFHA did so well. The University was left mumbling belated invites to five uninvited candidates while the Chamber “forgot” or otherwise simply left out several. Univision’s stated

decision to invite only the four candidates who had received the highest dollar contributions to their campaigns underscored the bumbling of all three. As a major voice in Miami-Dade’s heavily-populated Latin community, the TV station is apparently run by individuals who have failed to learn the most basic lesson of how American democracy works. The University and Chamber should have known better. By contrast to those three hosts and their subsequent foot-in-their-mouth excuses, KFHA’s precisely-timed presentation played before a packed and appreciative house with praise rather than criticism from the eleven candidates. It was a model of fairness to all including allotted periods for opening and closing statements and a free give-and-take on key county issues for more than an hour, including direct “yes” and “no” answers that found all agreeing to consider renegotiation of Miami Marlin stadium funding. Our collective hats off to Lee Zimmerman, Don Kearns, Michael Rosenberg, Lee Gerson and Diane Schiller

(running the timing clock), Marvin Stein, Jane Walker, Libby Perez, Lawrence Percival and all other KFHA members who showed the rest of Miami-Dade how to conduct a completely professional political exercise, on time and on target! If voting absentee May 24, did you “Seal the mailing envelope and completely fill out the Voter’s Certificate on the back of the mailing envelope” as Instruction Six states? If so, the sealed envelope flap would cover half of the signature line – when following that precise sequence, before you can sign it. But try to get two different Election Clerks to understand the illogical order of the instruction! (The third never called back). We understand that Greenery Mall on Kendall Drive will not only get a new look but a long-standing “bone of contention” by Tara residents will be addressed, regarding a dilapidated wall between the properties, soon to be “fixed” along with other landscaping improvements, according to a Green Companies spokesperson. Vital cogs in the wheels of production

around Community Newspapers include long-time art production staffer Maria Scheer, unfortunately involved in a serious automobile accident on the Palmetto Expressway northbound ramp about 7:30 p.m. on April 29. Thanks to instant help from several unidentified folks, Maria was quickly pulled free through a passenger window and her injuries quickly attended to. For this, Maria thanks those good people “who were there for me, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart,” adding “it’s nice to realize there are still good people in this world.” Back on the job, we thank you, too. Thought for the Day: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. — Dr. Seuss

Richard Yager contributed to this column. Got any tips? Contact me at 305-6697355, ext. 249, or send emails to <>.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Where is the job creation legislation, Mr. Governor? R. Kenneth Bluh KENNETH’S COMMENTARY Mr. Governor, your concept, regardless of evidence to the contrary, is that if we cut corporate taxes employers will hire more Floridians. Sounds good, unfortunately it doesn’t work. And, if it did work, I can’t see what you did in the current session of the legislature to “increase” employment. Your legislature seemed more interested in abortion than in creating jobs. So my question is: Where is the job creation? You signed into law a reduction in corporate taxes that will save the small employer $1,100 a year. That is going to encourage employment expansion? If an employer hired a “new” full time employee for $1,100 a year he would be in serious violation of the minimum wage laws. Mr. Governor, increased employment doesn’t come from corporations making more money. Increased employment comes when consumer demand for goods and services requires employers to hire more workers to meet the demands of the consuming public. And then corporations will make more money. That’s it — period!

Argue about increasing corporate income to encourage hiring more employees and I will counter with the story of General Electric — its profits, its lack of corporate tax payments and employment growth — and your concept will go down the drain. Just in case you missed the GE story, Mr. Governor, permit me to recap it for you and my readers. GE, last year, made approximately $6 billion in corporate profits. Due to a very professional accounting department, GE did not pay one red cent in corporate taxes. As a matter of fact it received a tax credit to offset any future corporate taxes. I don’t criticize them for their actions, after all, making a profit is the primary responsibility of a corporation to its stockholders. With all those profits, GE must have hired a zillion new employees in the U.S.? Well the answer, Mr. Governor, is that they didn’t hire any new employees but they reduced their U.S. staff by thousands over the past few years, shipping their jobs overseas. Again, not to sound repetitive, but job creation comes from consumer demand. And, the consumer doesn’t even have to be American. They can come from Brazil, Colombia, Europe or even from the Orient. Years ago, when I was in college, a professor said that the old adage of always working to strengthen your weakest link was wrong.

VIEWPOINT Everyone has a weakest link; the secret he preached was to keep improving your “strongest” link, thus moving ahead of your competitors. With this concept in mind, I think that before we spend taxpayer money looking for new areas of employment we should strengthen our current employment centers. Tourism, foreign governments and corporations with U.S. offices in Florida, agriculture and the aircraft industry are already big employers in Florida. Work to increase these centers of employment and we will see more Floridians going back to work. Cutting taxes to encourage out of state corporations to move a segment of their business to Florida isn’t the answer. If it were, Florida, with its already low corporate tax structure, would find large employers rushing to move some of their operations into our state. New York, New Jersey and California all have very high corporate taxes, yet “big” business stays in those states. So cutting taxes isn’t the answer. One of the reasons major corporations aren’t coming to Florida is the state of our education system. We just don’t spend the dollars it takes to educate our children.

Poorly funded public education equals no new “quality” jobs. Your legislature cut spending for education. And we are a state that is at the bottom or near the bottom when it comes to spending on education. No corporation that could increase hiring in Florida wants to move to our state if our kids don’t have an education comparable to that produced in “high” corporate tax states. You figure it out, Mr. Governor. Take care of your corporate buddies at the expense of our children and future employment growth. No need to worry, people our age, yours and mine, will not be here to see the disaster of your concept of employment growth. You do have children living here in Florida, don’t you Mr. Governor? Maybe they should move out of state! We appreciate your opinions on this column whether in agreement or disagreement. Please send your comments to (fax number) 305-6626980 or email to <>. The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily those of this newspaper, its editors or publisher.

May 17 - 30, 2011


Get ready for unexpected home inspection and higher premium

Al Sunshine CBS MONEY WATCH If you own a house or condo, your insurance company may notify you soon that they’re sending an inspector to check out your property. It’s part of the industry’s efforts to better understand the amount of risk they have in your property… and what it will cost to rebuild. Unfortunately, in most cases those inspections will end up leaving you with higher insurance bills. That’s because the inspectors may cancel mitigation credits like storm shutters and roof reinforcements that have saved you money on your bills. Those credits, and the way homes are inspected, have been changed following intensive lobbying by the insurance industry. The industry hopes to find ways of raising rates to better “capitalize” their Florida business. Critics say that means raising rates so they can earn bigger profits. As it stands today, the insurance company picks its inspectors to check out your house. That leaves you with no choice. If you refuse the inspection, the company will probably cancel your policy or jack up your rates. If you disagree with the findings, you still have the right to contract your own inspection. However, under current law there is no independent mediation process, and companies are under no obligation to even read your inspectors report, much less over-rule their own inspectors. Why should you care? There’s one reason in particular. Once the inspection report shows your home doesn’t meet the latest codes, your insurance company will raise your rates and your bills might grow by hundreds of dollars a year. That’s what happened to me. An insurance company inspector disqualified my storm shutters because he didn’t find a small “acceptance” decal showing they were “Code-Approved.” He also said my

roof wasn’t built according to code because he couldn’t see the extra roof bracing I had installed on the back section of my gable end. On the other hand, my inspector found both with no problem and told me a qualified inspector would have been able to locate both of these so-called “deficiencies.” Remember, the inspector is hired by the insurance company and NOT by the homeowner. As a result, the insurance company ignored my findings and raised my rates about $1,200 a year. So I dumped them and went with Citizens. I just got my Citizens inspection letter. The company confirms it’s mailed them out to about 300,000 customers in an effort to better learn about their customers’ risk. So how does the state’s “insurer of last resort” handle its inspections? It appears to be about the same as the private companies with no options for homeowners. No due process to handle disputes, and no independent arbitration between homeowners and Citizens. In other words, policyholders are left with few options. The company’s official statement explains the intricacies. “A homeowner can dispute Citizens inspection findings by submitting documentation that clearly refutes the information collected during Citizens inspection. The findings of an inspection purchased by a homeowner generally will not supersede the findings of a Citizens inspection, because a majority of homeowner purchased inspections do not include the same level of detail that a Citizens inspection contains, nor the same documentation such as photographs to support the inspection findings. Photographs only recently were required to be submitted with wind mitigation inspections on June 1, 2010, so many of the homeowner inspections Citizens has on file have no supporting documentation accompanying them.” In other words — good luck. Watch Al Sunshine’s “Money Watch” reports Monday-Friday beginning at noon. You may find Al’s blog at <>.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


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South Miami Farmers Market goes ‘green’ for Earth Day BY RAQUEL GARCIA

South Miami Farmers Market’s first Earth Day Celebration on Apr. 23 was a day for plant swamping, buying locally grown produce, mingling with friends and neighbors, and enjoying the sounds of local musicians coming together. ”This is how a community becomes a community and we get to play,” said musician Leo Sternberg who was relaxing under a tree playing the bongo drums while his neighbor, Thomas Dover, belted out the tunes on his saxophone. The South Miami Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot in front of City Hall. Three South Miami Citizens Committees work together to build sustainability in South Miami: The Green Task Force, The Urban Landscape Committee, and The Farmers Market Committee. The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines sustainability as “policies and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. “In 1970, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) formally established as a national goal the creation and maintenance of conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, and fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.” Green Task Force chair Gray Read said supporting the goals of a sustainable community are paramount to the missions behind the citizens committees. “Our goal is to get certification to become a ‘green’ city, we also have a petition to make South Miami a bicycle friendly community, and the continued growth goals of Farmer’s Market Saturdays to build our community,” Read said. Read noted the more subtle benefits of the Farmers Market are in building community as neighbors see each other and visit together,

perhaps to enjoy a relaxing yoga class outdoors or share activities together with their children and friends. He describes Farmers Market Saturdays as a welcome respite from the weekly work grind to come together, see familiar faces and catch up on goings-on. Plant swappers exchange seedlings and Read says it is a wonderful way to bring gardeners together and encourage gardening. Sara Cleveland and her daughter, Vivian, made a stop at the library and found the action on their way out. “This is our first time here; we came to the library and discovered the market,” she said as 3-year-old Vivian, with pale pink Easter bonnet and matching dress, picked out her favorite grape tomatoes. The Florida Native Plant Society also was present at the market selling plants. Board member Amida Frey, with a master’s in Environmental Studies from FIU, said so many native plant communities are almost extinct because concrete has taken over those native spaces. “Rock pineland communities [tall canopy forests with pine underbrush that covered much of south west Miami-Dade] are nearly gone now, creating challenges for the migratory birds and animals that viewed South Florida as a natural oasis they were dependent on.” Frey said. “Natural plant communities retained their water and now there is nowhere for the water to go, and places like Sweetwater that are so close to sea level get inundated with runoff after storms.” Farmers Market Committee volunteers Mari Chael and Annick Sternberg worked with Douglas Fairchild Elementary School to create works of art showcasing the beauty of plants and vegetables. Fourth and fifth grade students made portrait collages from photographs that were on display during the event. Chael and Sternberg hope to continue to work with area schools to develop awareness of sustainability for tomorrow’s generation. The committee meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Pinecrest Gardens.

Pictured (l-r) are Amy Leonard, vice president of the Florida Native Plant Society; board member Amida Frey, displaying a native plant from the endangered Pine Rockland canopy forests that used to cover Southwest MiamiDade; board member Buck Reilly, and FNPS supporter Ximena Mesa.

Hector Wiltz, M.D., CCTI

Board Certified Dermatologist • FXM Research Corp

DO YOU SUFFER FROM PSORIASIS? FXM Research in Miami is looking for males or females 18 years of age or older who suffer from moderate to severe plaque Psoriasis to participate in a clinical research study. Medical Insurance is not required for study participation. Qualified participants may receive: • Evaluation by a Board Certified Dermatologist. • Investigational medication at no cost. • Reimbursement for time and travel.

¿SUFRE USTED DE PSORIASIS? FXM Research en Miami está buscando hombres o mujeres entre 18 años o más que sufran de Psoriasis moderada a severa para participar en un estudio de investigación clínico. Seguro Medico no es requerido para su participación en el estudio. Los participantes que califiquen recibirán: • Evaluaciones por un Dermatólogo Certificado. • Los medicamentos bajo investigación a no costo. • Compensación por su tiempo y transporte. For more information, please call / Para más información por favor llame:

(305) 220-5222

11760 Bird Road, Suite 452

Miami, Florida 33175 •

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May 17 - 30, 2011

CG Burgers makes debut at The Palms in Kendall BY ORIANE LLUCH

You no longer have to travel upstate to Palm Beach Gardens or Jupiter to sink your teeth into some of the juiciest burgers in Florida. Starting Tuesday, May 17, CG Burgers will call The Palms at Town and Country in Kendall its first Miami-Dade County home. The brainchild of successful restaurateur Carmine Giardini and the third location for the concept, CG Burgers is sure to please even the pickiest of burger aficionados with reasonably priced mouth-watering burgers made from premium, never frozen, grassfed beef, including Niman’s Ranch and Kobe as well as lamb, bison and turkey. “I’m thrilled to be bringing CG Burgers to Kendall,” Giardini said. “It’s such a bustling family-oriented community and I think CG’s blend of delicious food, convenience and affordability is something that residents will really love.” Burgerholics looking for a casual night out, take out or a scrumptious lunch can enjoy themed options, ranging in price from $3.95 to $7.50, CG Burgers is the brainchild of successful restaurateur Carmine such as the single or double stacked Giardini. CG Burgers; the Pub Burger made ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– with six mouthwatering ounces of beef; Cuban Burger with smoked ham, Swiss beef hot dog ($3.25), chicken breast sandcheese, pickles and mustard; Napa Valley wich ($6) and the grilled cheese sandwich Burger topped with goat cheese, arugula and ($3.50). Veggie lovers fear not. CG Burgers also balsamic honey mustard; Philly Cheese Burger with peppers, onions and melted white offers a fresh salad bar with side ($3.95), sinAmerican cheese, and the South Beach gle trip ($6.95) and all you can eat ($9.95) Burger, a topless burger wrapped in lettuce, options as well as a delicious All Natural Veggie Burger ($5). Guests looking to satisfy sans bun. Toppings range from traditional lettuce, a sweet tooth can indulge in a gelato malted tomato and onion to more exciting choices ($4.50) or regular milkshakes ($5) in vanilla such as sauerkraut, tzatziki sauce, chipotle bean, dark chocolate, strawberry and banana sauce, sweet peppers, mushrooms and more. flavors. Thirst quenchers include fountain Cheeses available include cheddar, Swiss, drinks; iced tea; bottled water; draft, domestic and imported beer, and Carmine’s red and American and Provolone. Tasty sides — sold a la carte ($2.50-$4.50) white wines. The family-friendly joints’ retro-rustic — include irresistible hand-cut French fries, signature zucchini fries with ranch dressing, design, put together by restaurant designer and battered onion rings paired with a chipo- extraordinaire Karen Hanlon of YOLO and Big City Tavern fame, encompasses floors tle sauce. Those looking for an alternative to burg- made from reclaimed fencing, a ceiling with ers can opt for fire-roasted wings prepared recycled vents for chandeliers and a combinaeither “original style,” marinated in extra- tion of colorful communal and individual seatvirgin olive oil with garlic, herbs, crushed ing options. CG Burgers, located at 8525 Mills Dr., is red pepper and served with fire roasted onions or “Buffalo style,” tossed in medi- open Sunday through Wednesday from 11 um or hot sauce served with blue cheese a.m. until 10 p.m.; Thursday through and celery sticks — 10 wings for $8 or 20 Saturday from 11 a.m. until 3 a.m. for $14. Also available are Filet Mignon Telephone is 786-439-2560 and website is Steak Sub sandwich ($7), an all-natural <>.

May 17 - 30, 2011


Adopt a great friend at ‘Gardens’ Pet Fair

Angie is ready for adoption. BY JEN FORD

You know those articles written about the puppies left behind by their mother or the cute little lap dog that is found wandering around and needs a home? Well, sadly this is not one of those cases. This is about the forgotten dogs, the dogs that sit at shelters longer than they should. The dogs that have spent their playful years with owners who gave them a loving home and then one day moved out and left them locked up in an empty house without food or water. Or the dog who got sick, maybe broke a limb and the owner threw them in a car drove them to a remote area and tossed him out. Maybe one who strayed too far from home to find its way back and became undernourished trying to find food, still hoping his family would find him. Tired, sick, broken, these animals are either picked up by the county and euthanized due to over population or, if they’re lucky, rescued by a local pet organization and given the treatment necessary to regain their health. Either way, some of these live in a shelter environment for months and even years. All dogs have the potential of being adopted, most have been housebroken and loved at some point and understand what it

Lenny needs a good home.

means to have a family to call their own. The rescue groups care for their ailments so they are physically ready to return to a loving home. But what home? How long do they have to wait? A pat on the head yields a face full of kisses, a toss of a stick or ball and their tails wag their entire bodies. These dogs are eager to please and desperately want to be a part of a family again. Their faces say, “Take me home and I will give you unconditional love for the rest of my life.” Their eyes plead, “Rescue me and you won’t be sorry. I have been a good pet, give me that chance again.” These dogs are not bad or vicious. They are victims of circumstance: The poor economy, the bad divorce, the careless open gate. Each one waits with hope in their heart that soon he will be taken home and loved. Visit with Paws4You Rescue, Born Free Pet Shelter, The Cat Network, Basset Rescue of Florida and Hollydogs Greyhound Adoption at the PAWareness Pet Fair on May 21 at Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 SW 57 Ave., from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., to meet great animals that have been waiting all this time to meet you. For more information, call 786-2427377 or go online to <>.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

High School & College Students Tuesdays 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm All songs have to be approved for content



Dairy Free • Fat Free • Sodium Free • Cholesterol Free Coupon

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No Better Burgers Anywhere!

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Now Serving Breakfast

Mon-Fri @ 7:30 a.m. and Sat & Sun @ 8:30 a.m.

May 17 - 30, 2011


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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


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May 17 - 30, 2011

Bargello Bistro – great food at great prices your sweet tooth with choices such as homemade Crème Brûlée, Tiramisu and Apple Tart. The expansive restaurant features warm woods, colorful accent lighting and plenty of comfy booth seating. If you prefer the great outdoors, ask for a table on the tropical patio. You can grab a bite and a cocktail in the lively bar area, enjoy happy hour daily from 4-7 p.m. and live music on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Delicious food, friendly atmosphere and lower menu prices – evenings. There’s plenty of any night is a good night to dine at Bargello Bistro at The Falls. barstools and high-top table As prices rise at the supermarket, gas seating for socializing. pumps, and just about everywhere, it’s a Don’t feel like dining out, but don’t pleasant surprise to discover that the have time to cook either? Call ahead and prices on the new menu at Bargello pick up dinner to go. The bistro can also Bistro in The Falls are now lower. And, cater and deliver delicious, homemade you don’t have to eat at 5 p.m. or present dishes to your next social or corporate a coupon to save money. All dinner event, or you can host your affair in the entrées at Bargello Bistro are now priced private dining area. at $10, $14 or $16 and all include your Whether you have a party of four or an choice of soup or salad. That’s right – no actual party, the family owned and tricky a la carte pricing here. You can operated Bargello Bistro is committed to also complete your meal with a glass of serving the community good meals and wine, offered with any entrée for only $4, good times. According to PTA members and a decadent dessert, which are all at Howard Drive Elementary, the bistro priced at a tempting $3. has been very supportive of their “We really are the best kept secret in school’s events and families. In addition, town,” said co-owner Frank Bernstein. Bargello generously provided a “We offer 17 entrée choices priced at complimentary survivor dinner to more $10. Our food is fresh, homemade and than 100 people at the Pinecrest delicious. We’re surrounded by Relay for Life, held on April 9 wonderful shops and a beautiful at Pinecrest Park. atmosphere. I can’t imagine why anyone “It’s important for us to support the would want to eat elsewhere.” community that so generously supports Your meal at Bargello Bistro always us,” said Bernstein, who is at the begins with their famous bread basket restaurant six days a week. “We want to that includes homemade focaccia served be here for a long time, so we work very with a trio of roasted garlic, homemade hard to be sure everyone has a positive hummus and olive oil for dipping. experience. I encourage customers to let Moving on to the entrées, popular $10 me know if they are not happy.” dishes include the Tilapia served with fresh veggies, Chicken Parmigiana on a Bargello Bistro is located in The Falls bed of linguine and Seafood Cannelloni near Bloomingdales at 8888 SW 136 topped with lobster sauce. Entrées at the Street and the phone number is $14 price include Tenderloin Tips, 305-232-8878. The restaurant is open Chicken Marsala and Sausage and daily for lunch at 11 a.m. and serves Peppers. For $16, you can enjoy Grilled dinner until 10 p.m. on Sunday, 11 p.m. Salmon, Grouper Francaise or Flat Iron Monday – Thursday, and 12 midnight on Steak served with roasted potatoes, just Friday and Saturday. The restaurant to name a few. also serves breakfast every Saturday and Priced at $3 each, there’s no reason to Sunday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. For more skip dessert or share it to save money – information, visit you can have it all to yourself. Satisfy

May 17 - 30, 2011


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EAT IN • TAKE OUT Enjoy a variety of coffees and everything from paninis to pastelitos, as well as a selection of beers and wines to complement your meal.

SERVING HOT BREAKFAST UNTIL NOON! Scrambled or fried eggs, french fries or tater tots, ham, bread & cafe con leche...

• SPECIAL EVENTS CATERING • CAKES ARE OUR SPECIALTY STORE HOURS Mon.-Thurs.: 6am - 10pm • Friday: 6am - Midnight Saturday: 7am - Midnight • Sunday: 8am - 9pm





Try our New


Made with the finest salmon, mussels & shrimp. Topped with the best mozzarela & gouda cheese, this specialty pizza is sure to satisfy!

890 SW 57TH AVE. • 305.264.2800

FREE "Soft Close" undermount drawers with your kitchen purchase! All cabinets are made in our factor y in the USA. These are not foreign imports. Granite and Quartz counter tops manufactured in House!

We design and install kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

We only use environmentally friendly, water-based finishes by Sherwin-Williams.

Call for a free in-home estimate or visit our showroom. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

50 standard colors to choose from, not to mention custom colors and glazes that we make upon request. Hundreds of door styles to choose from. Hundreds of decorative options available like island legs, corbels, onlays and appliques.

Many models, sizes and colors for any decor.

Come visit our showroom!!

2323 NW 72nd Avenue - Miami, FL 33122 • 305-716-0077 •

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COMMUNITYNEWSPAPERS.COM Providing Excellence in Girls Soccer since 1998

GIRLS SOCCER Tryouts! Dade County’s oldest ALL GIRLS soccer club invites committed players to attend tryouts for the 2011 - 2012 Season MPS offers competitive teams for girls ages U9-U18. All teams participate in FLUGSA and some play at the State Cup level. MPS teams regularly attend National tournaments. All teams are coached by licensed soccer professionals.


Tuesday 05.31.11 Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday 06.01.11 Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Saturday 06.04.11 Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:30am Ages U13-U18 ........ 11:30am - 1:00pm

Sunday 06.05.11 Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:00am Ages U13-U18 ...... 11:00am - 12:00pm


Thursday 06.02.11

Saturday 07.09.11

Ages U9-U12 ........... 6:00pm - 7:30pm Ages U13-U18 ......... 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Ages U9-U12 ........ 10:00am - 11:00am Ages U13-U18 ...... 11:00am - 12:00pm

Evelyn Greer Park 8200 SW 124 St. Pinecrest, FL

BRING CLEATS, SHIN GUARDS, SOCCER BALL & W A T ER! 305-525-3324 • 305-562-9740

May 17 - 30, 2011

Lucky local couple to tie knot at $100,000 magical wedding BY SANDRA M. RODRIGUEZ

Magic City Casino, Miami’s first casino to offer Las Vegas style slot machines, hosted its first $100,000 Magical Wedding Giveaway Finals on Saturday, May 7, with 15 couples competing for the grand prize of a $100,000 Magical Wedding. The winning couple, Guilienne Audelin and Guilliano Janvier, won the magical wedding scheduled for Nov. 6, planned/ designed by a Magic City Casino representative, with a budget valued at approximately $100,000. Magic City Casino, located at NW Seventh Street and 37th Avenue, will sponsor the ceremony, reception and honeymoon for the winning couple. The wedding will include a special performance by Grammy Award winner Jon Secada. The finals consisted of five elimination rounds whereby five couples in three groups competed against each other in a series of activities to determine the overall winner. The challenges consisted of a balloon-popping contest, pie-eating contest, bouquet toss, a marriage-themed word game and Magic City Casino’s version of The Newlywed Game. “We’re very excited to have Guilienne Audelin and Guilliano Janvier as the final winners of this very special prize,” said Scott Savin, chief operating officer of Magic City Casino. “It was a challenging competition, and Guilienne and Guilliano did an amazing job. We look forward to planning and hosting a fairytale Magical Wedding on Sunday, Nov. 6, for them.” The winning couple is from Miami and they met in 2009. Janvier currently is serving as an Army

The winning couple, Guilienne Audelin (right) and Guilliano Janvier, won the wedding scheduled for Nov. 6. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Station Commander in Pembroke Pines after serving two tours in Iraq with the U.S. Army. Audelin is completing her studies at Barry University and leads her own realty company, Audelin Realty Group. Second prize, awarded to Karen Schneider and Perry Burk, included a twonight stay for two at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay. Third prize, received by Gretchen Mauras and Jorge Lamus, included a $500 gift card to the Blue Door Fish Restaurant at The Delano Hotel in South Beach. For more information, visit online at <>.

May 17 - 30, 2011


COMMUNITY NEWS BRIEFS Museum invites families to City Trekker Open House The Coral Gables Museum invites families to attend the City Trekker Open House on May 21, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at 285 Aragon Ave. The free event at the Coral Gables Museum will provide children with fun, educational activities, musical performances and refreshments as well as offer families information on City Trekker Summer Camp. City Trekker Summer Camp at the Coral Gables Museum offers 10 weeks of fun, educational activities for children ages 5-12, from June 13 through Aug. 19, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information about City Trekker Summer Camp, visit online at <> or call 305815-4018.

REDLAND SUMMER FRUIT FESTIVAL AT FRUIT & SPICE PARK IN JUNE Enjoy a variety of fruits that are in season this summer at the Redland Summer Fruit Festival at Fruit and Spice Park on June 11-12, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fruit and Spice Park is located at 24801 SW 187 Ave. in Homestead. The Redland Summer Fruit Festival will feature local agriculture and tropical fruit plants on display and for sale. There will be educational workshops and demonstrations on various topics including lychee/longan, cultivation, propagation, and grafting techniques. Sample rare fruits or visit the concession booths offering fruit-based foods such as fruit smoothies, coco frio, sugar cane, chocolatecovered fruit, and other mouth-watering foods. Admission is $8 per adult and children

under age 12 are admitted for free. For more information, call the Fruit and Spice Park at 305-247-5727 or visit the website at <>.

SOUTH FLORIDA HISPANIC CHAMBER TO HONOR S.A.L.A.D.’S OSVALDO SOTO The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be honoring Osvaldo N. Soto, Esq., chair of the Spanish American League Against Discrimination (SALAD) with the Golden Eagle Award during its 17th annual Installation Luncheon to take place on June 2 at the Biltmore Hotel, 1200 Anastasia Ave. in Coral Gables. During the luncheon, Santiago Quintana Jr. will be installed for a second term as board chair. Keynote speaker of the luncheon will be the Mayor Julio Robaina of the City of Hialeah. The cost to attend the luncheon is $75 per person for members and $90 for non-members. Reservations are to be made by calling 305534-1903. SOUTH DADE HADASSAH CELEBRATING 100 YEARS South Dade Hadassah’s “Celebrating 100 Years, Paving the Path to Tomorrow — Membership Honoring Event,” is scheduled for Tuesday, May 24, 7:30 p.m., at Greenfield Day School, 11155 SW 112 Ave. As the countdown to the centennial begins, there will be an Ice Cream Social. Become a Life Member for $100. RSVP by May 20 to Ilana Wainberg at <>.

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MIAMI-DADE Veterans and Spouses The Director of the New South Florida National Veteran’s Cemetery in Lake Worth will hold an informal round table discussion regarding your FREE burial benefits.

LUNCH WILL BE SERVED When: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 • 11:00 am Where: Main Moon Buffet 18423 South Dixie Hwy. (South Dade Shopping Center) This presentation is sponsored by:

Eden Funeral Services Please RSVP no later than May 11, Seating is limited


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May 17 - 30, 2011

Kris’s Restaurant and Grill hosts pre-opening dinner BY LEE STEPHENS

Restaurant icon Kris Gunnam recently hosted a pre-opening reception and dinner to celebrate the grand opening of his new restaurant, Kris’s Restaurant and Grill, located at 16701 S. Dixie Hwy. in Palmetto Bay. Among those who joined Kris to celebrate were Palmetto Bay Mayor Shelley Stanczyk, Vice Mayor Brian Pariser, village manager Ron E. Williams and Palmetto Bay Council members Patrick Fiore, Joan Lindsay and Howard J. Tendrich. Cutler Bay Mayor Edward MacDougall, Vice Mayor Ernie Sochin and former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez also attended the red carpet event. Every seat was filled with guests who were all eager to taste the new flavor of Kris’s. Appetizers included items such as brushetta and sweet potato fries, followed by comfort food entrees that included grilled chopped steak, grilled sirloin steak and prime rib. Guests finished their meals with desserts such as key lime pie and

Restaurant owner Kris Gunnam welcomes guests to pre-opening reception and dinner apple pie. Beer, wine and beverages also were part of Kris’s complimentary dinner. “We needed a restaurant like this in Palmetto Bay and we are excited about Kris’s,” said Palmetto Bay Councilmember Joan Lindsay. “The food was excellent. We will definitely be coming back!” Gunnam has an extensive restaurant background that comes from nearly 20 years of being part of great family-owned restaurants throughout Miami-Dade, such as Krissals in The Falls area; Bagel Emporium in Coral Gables, and one of South Miami’s original restaurants, Your Father’s Mustache. Keeping the tradition of a family restaurant atmosphere is what inspired Gunnam to continue to share his

family recipes with the Palmetto Bay community and open Kris’s. Kris’s is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with take-out and delivery options, Kris’s features American comfort food, such as classic omelet breakfasts as well as lunch and dinner items such as prime rib, roast turkey, meatloaf and more — all influenced by family recipes. Some of the more interesting lunch items include Crab Cakes Louie, Grilled Salmon with Mango Chutney and traditional favorites. Customers can begin the day with breakfast meals starting at just $6. Lunch and dinner entrees will serve generous portions and range in price from $8 to $20. Kris’s entire menu, including deli platters, also is available for catering. Complementing the American fare on the menu at Kris’s is a wine and beer bar. A complete wine list features selections from Spain, Chile, Australia and California, Beer selections include American favorites as well as imported selections from Germany, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Kris’s also features outside table seating for dining al fresco, and a fresh, modern inside dining room featuring banquets, expandable tables to accommodate parties of any size, and even counter service for busy executives and solo diners. “In creating Kris’s, our goal was to bring Palmetto Bay a restaurant that people will enjoy as a destination for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as family gatherings, business meetings and celebrations,” Gunnam said. Kris’s Restaurant and Grill is located at 16701 S. Dixie Hwy. For more information, dining reservations or catering inquiries call 305-232-1019.

Conchita Espinosa Academy Bringing out the extraordinary in every child

Applications are now available for the K-4 through 8th grade 2011-2012 academic year. New K-4 and K-5 Learning Center. Call for a private visit.

Visit our website and apply online or call 305.227.1149.

May 17 - 30, 2011


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There’s a tasty alternative to ice cream at JJ Fitelli’s BY LINDA RODRIGUEZ BERNFELD

There is a delicious alternative to ice cream and it is available at JJ Fitelli’s Italian Ices and Gelati, now open at 11559 N. Kendall Dr. in the Kendall Market Place. The shop opened just a few weeks ago with great homemade recipes for flavorful ices made by hand with fruit. The difference between ices and ice cream is that ices are water based while ice cream is dairy based. So ices are lactose free, dairy free, salt free, cholesterol and fat free, as well as gluten free. The best news is that the ices at Fitelli’s are chock full of incredibly delicious flavor. JJ Fitelli’s is owned by Jason Jason and Bruce Fitel, longtime friends. Fitel is a CPA and has been in the healthcare industry. Jason had the gift shop concession at Jackson Memorial Hospital before retiring. “I had this idea of Italian ices,” Jason said. “I was brought up in the food business. I make Italian ices. If there are strawberries, you taste strawberries.” He studied the market and saw that while new shops are opening, they were yogurt and gelato shops. No one else was taking on Italian ices. However, if someone wants ice cream, they can still go to Fitelli’s. “We serve ice cream, soft serve, chocolate

and vanilla,” Jason said. “We serve chocolate and vanilla yogurt that is no sugar added and fat free.” But they have a full flavored taste that so many fat free and sugar free products don’t have. Fitelli’s makes a fabulous gelati, which is a layers of ices, and soft serve ice cream. The gelati can be made with a huge variety of choices and are incredibly delicious. They also make a brownie or Blondie bomb that is to die for. In fact, a family of four can go to the shop and all have treats for less than $20, Fitel said. “The ices have more flavor than anything found in stores,” he said. Customers are able to sample a variety of flavors before deciding on one. Each day, there are approximately 16 offerings, including Mango Tango, Island Coconut, Mokaccino, Havana Banana and South Beach Lemon. Flavors are rotated frequently. The ices are made in-store based on Jason’s recipes. “We buy the top-of-the-line products,” Jason said. “If you want it to be successful, you can’t take shortcuts.” People who lived in the North are familiar with ices. They are happy to taste ices again and tell Jason and Fitel that the ices at

Bruce Fitel and Jason Jason are pictured at their new Italian Ice shop, JJ Fitelli’s in Kendall.

Fitelli’s are even better than what they remembered. Fitelli’s is hosting Open Mike nights on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. as a way to lure customers. They also have ideas for working with local schools. Jason said another store being considered. “We plan on opening another one by the end of the year,” he said. “South Miami,

Pinecrest, Doral, the Beach — some place within 30 minutes. In manufacturing you have to worry about delivery.” The products will be made at the Kendall store and delivered to the secondary location. The idea is to franchise stores in the future. For more information, call 305-279-1801. You can find JJ Fitelli’s on Facebook and on Twitter.

Located in Coral Gables, Caffe Italia creates the finest in Italian cuisine

Homemade Pasta

Whatever your fancy, Caffe Italia has it! You must try our sensational pizza! Open daily

Since 1987

3800 S.W. 8th Street Coral Gables, Florida 305-441-1199 • 305-443-8122 E-mail:

Present Coupon Delivery and Take Out orders of $35.00 or more receive a FREE Bottle of Septima Wine (a value of $28.00) Minimun order $35.00 Valid thru June 14th, 2011 Not valid with other discounts, promotions or on defined holidays. Exclude tax, tip, alcohol and some sale items.

ut TakelO ery & De iv Pricge r o f l l Ca Caterin for Lunch Special Served monday thru Saturday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Present Coupon

Dine in only

Up To



00 Value

Enjoy one complimentary DINNER ENTREE when a second DINNER ENTREE of equal or greater value is purchased.

Minimun order $30.00 • Valid thru June 14th, 2011 Not valid with other discounts, promotions or on defined holidays. Exclude tax, tip, alcohol and some sale items.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Tortuga Rum Cake, Zumba Fitness leaders to be recognized by FIU BY ELLEN FORMAN

The entrepreneurs behind internationally known Zumba Fitness LLC and the Tortuga Rum Cake Company, both Florida International University (FIU) College of Business Administration alumni, will be inducted into the college’s Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame during a ceremony on May 19, from 6 to 9 p.m., at the Westin Colonnade in Coral Gables. Benjamín Leon Jr., chairman and founder of Leon Medical Centers, will receive the South Florida Entrepreneur of the Year award at the event, titled “The Magic of Entrepreneurship.” Alberto Aghion (BBA ’99), co-founder and COO of Zumba Fitness LLC, and Monique Hamaty-Simmonds (BBA ’96), CEO of Tortuga Rum Cake Company, will be honored in the 12th annual ceremony, presented by the College of Business Administration and the Eugenio Pino and Family Global Entrepreneurship Center. “We look forward to honoring the accomplishments of these three dynamic entrepreneurs as we celebrate the contributions that FIU Business alumni have made to our local, national and international communities,” said Joyce J. Elam, executive dean of the business school. Hamaty-Simmonds will receive the “Builder Award,” recognizing her achievements in growing Tortuga Rum Cake Company into a multi-million dollar company named by Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing private businesses in the United States for four consecutive years. Aghion will receive the “Founder Award” for his work with Zumba Fitness LLC, which has a worldwide following of more than 10 million people. Leon is a visionary in the healthcare field whose company has made a difference in

“We look forward to honoring the accomplishments of these three dynamic entrepreneurs as we celebrate the contributions that FIU Business alumni have made to our local, national and international communities.” — Joyce J. Elam, Executive dean, FIU business school. the lives of seniors and families in MiamiDade County for more than four decades. A generous donor to FIU, Leon’s gift to the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine established the Benjamín Leon Jr. Family Center for Geriatric Research and Education. Tickets to the event are $100, and include a networking reception, silent auction and entertainment. The induction ceremony is presented by the firm of Morrison Brown Argiz and Farra. Net proceeds from the event support the College of Business’ entrepreneurship programs. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For tickets or sponsorship information, contact Michelle Joubert at 305-348-0397 or by email to <>. To register online, visit <>. For more information about FIU, visit online at <>.

May 17 - 30, 2011


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Interval employees participate in annual Community Service Day Interval International employees volunteer at the Fruit and Spice Park in the heart of the historic Redland community.


More than 80 Interval International employees participated in the company’s annual Community Service Day activities in support of Earth Day. Miami-based staff took on landscaping projects at the Fruit and Spice Park while London-based employees volunteered their gardening services at CHASE

Christopher’s Hospice. The Fruit and Spice Park is a 37-acre tropical botanical garden maintained and operated by the Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation Department. The subtropical paradise hosts more than 500 varieties of rare fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and other important plant specimens from around the world. CHASE is a children’s charity that provides

respite care and home support to children and families of children with life-limiting medical conditions. The hospice is based in Guildford, about 20 miles from Interval’s London office. Interval International operates membership programs for vacationers and provides valueadded services to its developer clients worldwide. Based in South Miami and Kendall, the company has been a pioneer and innovator in serving the vacation ownership market for 35

years. Today, Interval has an exchange network of approximately 2,600 resorts in over 75 nations. Through offices in 14 countries, Interval offers high-quality products and benefits to resort clients and approximately 2 million families who are enrolled in various membership programs. Interval is an operating business of Interval Leisure Group Inc., a leading global provider of membership and leisure services to the vacation industry.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Carrie Brazer Center for Autism helps children make progress BY MARTINA BALDWIN

National Autism Awareness Month was in April, but Autism Awareness is a part of daily life at the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism. Ribhi Abadeldayem, 6, on the autism spectrum, is a student who is enrolled in the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism day school, after school, Saturday and summer camp programs. When Ribhi first came to the center in the summer of 2010, he was unable to respond to his name or follow a one step instruction. He was reluctant to participate in group activities and was uncomfortable in any new environment. These characteristics are common among children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), ASDs begin before the age of 3 and last throughout a person’s life, although symptoms may improve over time. Some children with an ASD show hints of future problems within the first few months of life. In others, symptoms might not show up until 24 months or later. Some children with an ASD seem to develop normally until around 18 to 24 months of age and then they stop gaining new skills, or they lose the skills they once had. A person with an ASD might:

Ribhi Abadeldayem, 6, participates in the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism horseback riding physical education/hippotherapy program. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

• Not respond to their name by 12 months; • Not point at objects to show interest (point at an airplane flying over) by 14 months; • Not play “pretend” games (pretend to “feed” a doll) by 18 months; • Avoid eye contact and want to be alone; • Have trouble understanding other peo-

ple’s feelings or talking about their own feelings; • Have delayed speech and language skills; • Repeat words or phrases over and over (echolalia); • Give unrelated answers to questions; • Get upset by minor changes; • Have obsessive interests; • Flap their hands, rock their body, or spin in circles, and • Have unusual reactions to the way things sound, smell, taste, look, or feel. One out of every 110 children is affected with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ASDs are among the most common developmental disabilities in the world. The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at the University of Miami and Nova Southeastern University states: Autism Spectrum Disorders cross barriers of race, ethnicity and social class. Although the specific causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders are still unknown, research suggests that ASD is a biological condition that affects the way the brain develops and functions. With the help of intervention and support

services, individuals with ASD can make progress and achieve a higher quality of life. Ribhi still has an autism spectrum disorder and still has difficulties relating to people and his environment, but his parents and the staff at the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism report a notable change in his ability to cooperate and remain involved in group activities like basketball, music and yoga classes. Also, Ribhi is learning to transition from one activity to the next while holding hands and carrying his daily schedule. Recently, he has started to use the classroom iPad to practice his academic and communication goals. The interactive and hands on quality of each iPad educational application has helped him master colors, letters, functions and numbers. Also, he is more social with his classmates since he loves to watch them work and help with their activities. Ribhi also can be seen interacting during reading by mimicking teacher movements during story and circle time. For the past 11 years, the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism has been serving children with similar disabilities who are on the autism spectrum. The center has two locations in Miami Dade County. Their Elementary School is located at 8790 SW 94 St. The Middle School, High School, and Adult Vocational School, located at 7425 SW 42 St., provides the students with necessary life skills and vocational skills to enhance their ability to live and work more independently, in addition to the traditional educational courses. Florida McKay Scholarships for Children with Disabilities are accepted at both locations. Research is ongoing to find a cure for autism spectrum disorders and hopefully Ribhi and his schoolmates will be the beneficiaries of the research. In the meantime, schools like the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism will continue to make autism awareness a part of each day. For more information about the Carrie Brazer Center for Autism, visit the website at <> or call 305-2718790.

May 17 - 30, 2011


Miami Science Museum to host first Miami Underwater Festival Manuel Uhia; and Equator, Rivers of the Sun by Satoshi Okabe from Japan. Miami Science Museum will host the At the festival, be one of the first to inaugural Miami Underwater Festival, May experience Miami Science Museum’s 27 and 28, in partnership with the Festival newest hands-on exhibit: Stingray Sea Lab, Mondiale de l’Image Sous-Marines (World where visitors will get to touch live Festival of Underwater Images) from stingrays at a new 3,000-gallon touch tank, France, and sponsored by Everest Capital. then discover what is found in Miami’s The festival will highlight a selection of amazing and diverse sea grass beds. prize-winning films from the 37th Festival During the festival, Miami Science Mondiale de l’Image Sous-Marines, Museum also will host programs that will showcasing the very best artistic, photo- better acquaint families with the wonders graphic and cinematographic productions of the sea, including: related to the underwater world. Marko Coral Morphologic will present a series and Shelly Dimitrijevic, founders of the of vibrant and artistic natural history films Miami Underwater that document the minute Festival, have worked invertebrate life of The festival will diligently to bring the best Florida’s reefs. highlight a of the original festival to National Park Ranger South Florida audiences. and photographer Thomas selection of prizeChristophe Pierron, one Strom’s “Biscayne’s winning films from of the organizers of the Underwater Secrets,” a the 37th Festival original Festival photo exhibit of the hidMondiale, will be present den natural beauty living Mondiale de to open the event on in Biscayne National Park, l’Image Friday, May 27, 6:30 p.m., will be on display. Sous-Marines, with a VIP Opening The South Florida Cocktail event and a Marine Aquarium showcasing the screening of short films Association will be hostvery best artistic, (screenings will begin at ing “touch tanks” showphotographic and 8:30 p.m.), including: casing local sea life, and Swiss director, Jose’ underwater experts Mike cinematographic Lachat’s Ma Forteresse Heithaus and Ila Porcher productions related (My Fortress), Drole will offer informative to the underwater D’Histoire (Strange talks about the wonders of Story), and Insatiable; Les the sea. world. Fenetres de la Vie From hands-on science (Windows on Life) by activities and familyBelgian director Danny Van Belle, and the friendly presentations on marine life and first installment of the Franco-German research, to live aquarium displays to Adventure Ocean Quest series, Great explore, the festival will be enjoyed by White Sharks of Guadalupe by Christian people of all ages. Petron. Miami Underwater Festival activities On Saturday, May 28, the Miami and screenings are included with Miami Underwater Festival continues at 10:30 Science Museum admission (Adults, a.m. with a special French-language pro- $14.95; seniors, $10.95; students with ID gram co-hosted by the Alliance Francaise and children, $10.95; children under 3, of Miami, featuring Rene Heuzey’s Le free). “Festival Only” tickets available per Mystere des Requins Baleines (The White screening session are adults, $8; children, Shark Mystery) and Naissance d’une Ile $5; children under 3, free. Festival Only (Birth of an Island) by Bertrand Boyer. The tickets include admission to screenings, afternoon begins with a lecture led by activities in the lobby and Stingray Sea Lab Florida International University’s Dr. Mike exhibit. Tickets can be purchased at the Heithaus and underwater specialist Ila door. Porcher and a roster of more family-friendFor more information and a complete list ly films. of films featured, visit online at The festival closes Saturday evening <>. with signature screenings, including: Free Miami Science Museum is located at Fall by BlueNery from France; The Pier 3280 S. Miami Ave. The museum is open from Italy by Daniele Iop; O Mar Das Cies every day from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Parking by Spanish filmmakers Jose Irisarri and is free. BY DUREE ROSS

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Coldwell Banker Residential R.E. 12155 South Dixie Highway • Miami, Fl 33156 Direct Line: 305 742-4323 • Fax: 305-235-4424 Email: Web: Lizzie Padro

8141 SW 54 Avenue -


Italian Ponce/Davis Road Estate with 9,827 adjusted square feet. Gated and secured entry, beautifully landscaped tropical acre of lushly planted gardens and cobblestone driveways. Magnificent foyer, formal living room with wood burning fireplace, library, state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen, 2 master suites, elevator, detached cabana cottage overlooking pool and covered patio. Guest quarters located over a 4 car garage. Offered at $3,990,000.

8525 Old Cutler Road

7125 SW 111 Avenue

Spectacular luxury home in Doral Isles Venetia. This residence boasts 5 spacious bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. All wood flooring, 3 car garage, pool and fenced yard. Located in a gated community with all the finest amenities. Lakefront with boat dock. Offered at $1,200,000.

8001 SW 120 Street -

9491 SW 124 Terrace -


Executive 5 BR, 4.5 BA in sought after Oak Ridge Falls. Guarded and gated enclave of 78 homes. Circular drive with Porte cochere, beautiful pool and tropical backyard. Offered at $850,000.

9474 SW 125 Street -



Beautifully maintained 5 BR, 4.5 BA, home in guarded and gated Oak Ridge Falls. Porte cochere, 2 car garage, pool and shutters. Great curb appeal. Offered at $845,000.

Amazing parcel of 3.5 acres in the most prestigious community of Gables Estates in Coral Gables. Stunning forever-long water view of Casuarinas Waterway. Indulge in the 375 foot of water frontage with direct ocean access. Deep boat basin for large yachts. Magnificent grounds and fabulous sunrises. One of the last spectacular lots in South Florida. A tropical paradise where your dream home can become a reality. Offered at $12,900,000.

9120 SW 100 Street

12501 SW 94 Avenue -


Fabulous Pinecrest Luxury Estate. Private family residence with gated entry. Volume ceilings, marble flooring, extensive moldings and French doors. Formal and gracious living and dining rooms. Stunning gourmet kitchen. Three car garage and a basketball court.

13020 SW 70 Avenue

Sought after Oak Ridge Falls. Beautiful home with 4 oversized bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. Crown moldings, granite counters, beautiful pool and patio. South Florida at its best! Excellent pricing. Offered at $750,000.

9720 SW 144 Street

New Mediterranean residence 5 bed 4 bath and office with an additional 1/1 guest cottage on builders acre with pool. Full impact windows and doors. Saturnia floors in common areas and Brazilian Walnut floors in bedrooms. Custom wood cabinets and Viking appliances. Possible owner financing. Offered at $1,570,000.

Stunning 5 BR, 4 BA canal front home on Palmetto Island in Pinecrest. This residence boasts a spacious and elegant kitchen with an adjacent family room. Crema Marfil flooring in living areas with magnificent views to a screened pool and canal. The grand master is on the first floor. Ample closets and a gym large enough to be converted to two rooms. Great family home. Offered at $897,000.

Charming 3 BR, 2 BA home in moved in condition. Beautifully updated baths and kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Sparkling pool and 2 car garage. Offered at $370,000.

May 17 - 30, 2011


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May 17 - 30, 2011

Is A Short Sale Right for You? BY PETER B. LAIRD

Recent data indicates that by the end of 2010 nearly half of all property owners in Miami-Dade County owed more on their homes than the properties were worth. That’s 245,530 underwater homes just in Miami-Dade. Statewide, the number jumps to 2.1 million. Do you owe more than your home is worth? Is a major illness, accident, job loss or divorce preventing you from making your monthly mortgage payments? Are you tired of paying for an investment property that has lost its value? You do have options, according to Robert Perdigon, president of Miamibased Perdigon Title Services, a fullservice title company founded in 2002. “In an ideal world, the best strategy is to continue paying your mortgage, wait for the market to correct, let your property appreciate and sell your house when the value has returned,” advises Perdigon. “However, we do not live in an ideal world and property owners need to know their options.” A foreclosure should be avoided at all

Robert Perdigon (left), president, and Scott Perdigon, attorney partner at Perdigon Title Services, 9100 S. Dadeland Blvd., PH1 / Suite #1701, Miami. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

costs, Perdigon says. Not only will you lose your home, you could also be forced to pay what you owe on your mortgage plus additional fees. Worse still, it will be reflected on your credit report for three to five years.

Your best option, says Perdigon, may be a short sale. In the past few years, short sales have become the leading distressed property solution. “With a short sale, your house is sold for less than what you owe on your

mortgage, and your lender willingly accepts the proceeds from the sale as payment in full,” says Perdigon. “No lien is filed against you, the sale is reflected on your credit report for only 12 to 18 months, and in some cases the lender will even contribute up to $30,000 to cover your relocation expenses.” Before making such an important decision, though, seek professional advice. Perdigon Title Services has special expertise in handling short sales, and its attorney partner can guide you through all aspects of what can be a complex transaction. “We’ve successfully handled hundreds of short sale transactions over the past few years,” says Perdigon. “We’ll work closely with you, your realtor and your lender to ensure the quickest and best possible outcome for all.” For a free initial consultation to determine if a short sale is right for you, contact Perdigon Title Services at 305-728-8184, or e-mail

May 17 - 30, 2011


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20% OFF

PRE-MADE, 18 SLICE, HALF-BAKED PIZZA SPECIAL Peperoni or cheese only • Limit 1 per coupon Cannot combine coupons with this coupon


Not valid with other offers.

$2 OFF

Cannot combine coupons with this coupon

Cannot combine coupons with this coupon


Offer expires 5/31/2011

For the price of a one week family vacation, enjoy Deering Bay all summer long with our Summer Membership.

$1 OFF Not valid with other offers.

Offer expires 5/31/2011


Not valid with other offers.

Offer expires 5/31/2011

Summer Members May Enjoy…  Membership from May 28 - Oct. 30, 2011  Full access to our Arnold Palmer Signature 18-hole course in it’s finest shape ever.  More Social & Junior Events than ever before; Educational “Green” Family Programs, Summer Pool Parties, Teen Golf Workshops, Summer Camp, Lecture Series, WineTasting, Member Mixers, fishing tournaments, book club, movie night and much more  Seven of the finest Har-True Tennis Courts in Miami-Dade County  Fine dining using organic produce from our 1,000 square foot on –site Organic Garden  Full access to our Jr. Olympic Heated Pool, Gym, Aerobic Studio, Locker Rooms and much more.

Hurry, this special invitation is offered on a limited basis.

Only 20 spots available!

Call the Club at 305-254-2111 or for details and join us for the best summer ever!

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May 17 - 30, 2011












LUXURIOUS RENTAL..............PONCE/DAVIS AREA Gated Estate w/ 5 Bdrms + office, 5.5 baths, lovely pool/patio, impact windows, chef’s kitchen, exquisite finishes! Leased at $10,000/mo.


9471 SW 97 Street….................................Baptist Area Street to street acre with tennis court nestled in cul-desac. Five bdrms + office & bonus rms, 3.5 baths, 2c gar, new metal roof, fireplace, gourmet granite kit, heated pool & screened patio, over 4,600sq ft. Quality Construction! REDUCED - $897,000 M1418195.


THE GRANDE CONDO, 9021 SW 94 Street.... near Baptist Unit 702, 2/2 over 1,145 sf, granite, split bedroom, tile floors, low maintenance....................................$249,000.


7272 SW 53 Ave.......................High Pines Charmer 3 Bedrooms plus office/studio 2 Bathrooms.. over 2300 square feet.. Updated Wood Floors.. Huge Family room,Gourmet Kitchen.., Beautiful pool in lushly landscaped backyard. REDUCED $669,000 D1414532

240 Majorca Ave..................................... Coral Gables “Picture Perfect” 2/2 TH w/two parking spaces, Corner unit. Totally remodeled…..feels like a home! REDUCED $300,000 M1378565






Free-Standing Coral Gables office building with US-1 frontage! 2Story, 10 parking spaces, over 2,700sf, new roof. Bottom two units rented. Top floor 1,350sf-4offices, conference room, reception area. Building Offered at $799,000 or lease top floor at $2,300/mo

Executive Pinecrest RENTAL…................................. 11149 SW 78 Ave…..Avail in July! 4bdrm +off/maids, 3bths, 2car gar, pool/patio,high ceilings, quality finishes, quiet street, over 4,300sf…....................….Offered at $6,200/mo.



9245 SW 78 Ct....Gated Pepperwood Near Dadeland 3 Bdrm, 2.5 Baths, 2 car garage, screened patio. Community tennis court & pool. Seller wants offers! Reduced $359,000 M1316676

16780 SW 78 Ave….................................Palmetto Bay Short Sale! 5 Bdrms, 3 Baths, 2car gar w/pool, over 3,400sf in prime school district! Soaring ceilings, granite kit, recently painted. Offered at $515,000 D1304052

10540 SW 60 Street .................... Miller Drive Estates Get a free house when you purchase this 1.25 Acre property! Build your dream home or land bank this lot and lease out the current 2bdrm. 1bath house blt in 1953. M1492210 Offered at $325,000

550 S. Dixie Highway • Coral Gables, FL 33146

Represented BUYER, Listed by: JoAnn Forster, EWM 11100 Snapper Creek Road, Coral Gables Waterfront home w/5Bdrms, 4.5Baths, over 5,700SF on 1.2Acres in Gated Snapper Creek Lakes…. $2,350,000

May 17 - 30, 2011


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Carpet & Area Rugs • Hardwood • Tile • Marble • Laminate • Natural Stone • Green Flooring & Product

The Perfect Home Deserves The Perfect Floor! 10% Off With This Ad


EE es FR at tim Es

Commercial and Residential Since 1963 Lowest Price Guarantee!

Fi n Av an ai cin la bl g e


8760 SW 132 Street • Miami • FL 33176 South Florida’s Choice in Floor Fashions. Our Ultimate Goal - A Satisfied Customer


Auto • Health • Business • Home • Life • Disability The agency that does more for you... Your Business, Your Family, Your Life... We're here

• Responsive Customer Service • Reliable Professional Staff • Risk Management Services • Competitive Pricing & Payment Options Please contact us at: Phone: 305-446-2271• Fax: 305-448-3127 Toll Free: 1-877-275-1180 • 3350 South Dixie Highway We offer an independent agency solution representing many leading insurers including but not limited to:

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Jim Camacho and Y&T Music collaborate on kids musical BY LEE ZIMMERMAN

Pictured are the owners of Lots of Lox (l-r) Steve, Jimmy and Nick Poulos.


OF LOX • Catering Available • Dine In or Take Out


5 $6.45


14995 5 Sou t h Dix ie e Hw y. Tel:: 305- 252- 2010 0 • Fa x : 305- 232- 7560

NEW W HOURS Open Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Dinner Specials from 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Two highly respected individuals in the South Florida music scene, Jim Camacho and Rich Ulloa, have joined forces for a musical venture that takes both men into a new, exciting and distinctly different realm. The two have announced a partnership designed to bring Camacho’s latest musical play, The Cavie Islanders & The Troll, to Ulloa’s Y&T Music label and a wider audience in the process. Plans call for a series of performances at the end of May and a national CD release during which the soundtrack will be marketed to media outlets across the country. The children’s musical utilizes the talents of 23 child performers from several different schools and a host of leading local musicians, including Camacho (guitar, bass, piano, keys), Fritz Dorigo (guitar) and Fernando Perdomo (guitar). The story revolves around the young residents of the fictional Cavie Island, whose idyllic lifestyle is threatened by a “mean and scary” Troll (played by award winning actor Ken Clement). What transpires on the island results in a lesson of friendship that impacts and inspires all concerned. The songs, composed by Camacho, are vibrant and infectious, a sound he’s become well known for through both his recent solo recordings and the albums he made with the nationally acclaimed band the Goods. Performances will take place at the Mandelstam Theater, 8530 SW 57 Ave. in South Miami, on Friday, May 27, at 8 p.m.; Saturday, May 28, 2 and 8 p.m., and Sunday, May 29, at 2 p.m. The show, which lasts approximately one hour, is appropriate for all school-age audiences. The Y&T Music CD release date for The

The children’s musical utilizes the talents of 23 child performers from several different schools and a host of leading local musicians. Cavie Islanders and The Troll will be May 27 with a special party and reception at 7 p.m. at the theater. “This is a great opportunity for these kids, most of whom have never had an experience in live theater before,” Camacho said. “They enter into this program where they receive professional training in acting, dancing, and singing. It’s a total musical theater immersion.” As a result, the children not only learn to sing, dance and act, but they also gain personal confidence and a passion for the arts, Camacho said. “And that’s something that they will carry with them their entire lives. What’s more, the younger audiences get a real kick out of watching other kids act and sing. It offers them a terrific introduction to the joys of live musical theater,” he added. ”I’ve been a fan of Jim’s work for many years, so I’m thrilled to be able to work with him on this special project,” Ulloa said. “Plus, I’ve always loved classic musicals like The Sound of Music, South Pacific and many others of that era. Jim’s score for the Cavie Islanders musical totally blew me away and I hope it one day becomes a kid’s classic.”

KURT R. KLAUS, Jr. Attorney at Law


Dissolution of Marriage, Parenting Plans, Timesharing, Visitation, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Modifications, Relocation, Contempt, Enforcement CRIMINAL DEFENSE • ESTATE & FINANCIAL PLANNING REAL ESTATE • LANDLORD/TENANT • STATE & FEDERAL LITIGATION

Over 30 years of experience! FREE CONSULTATION • 786-249-0015 • SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

Palmetto Bay Centre, Suite 225 • 15715 South Dixie Highway Palmetto Bay, Florida 33157 (Just South of the Falls)

May 17 - 30, 2011


Annual orchid sale scheduled for Fascell Park, May 28-29

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Pet Tips Brought to You by Pet Supermarket

Obesity In Dogs We love our canine friends, and sometimes the way we show it is through treats and food. But canine obesity can cause serious problems for your pet. Here's more information: • The most common health problem related to canine obesity is diabetes. But obesity can also cause hypertension, damage to the joints and ligaments, respiratory problems, decreased liver function, heat intolerance, and other health issues. Any of these conditions pose the risk of a decreased quality of life and a shorter life span. • If you suspect your dog is overweight, consult with your veterinarian before starting a weight loss and exercise program to rule out any

underlying health problems that could cause weight gain. • Different breeds have different weight requirements, and your vet can help you determine the ideal weight for your dog. To prevent obesity, provide plenty of exercise, feed the correct formula and amount of food for your dog, and limit treats. At Pet Supermarket, we have a wide selection of premium pet foods and treats formulated for every stage of your dog's life, including weight-loss formulas. We also stock a large variety of toys and other fun exercise items that will keep your dog active and healthy for years to come.

Feline Cardiomyopathy

There will be tents and tables filled with orchids of all varieties. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BY ROBERT HAMILTON

Great plants and great prices for a great cause are what you will find at OrchidMania South Florida’s 13th annual orchid sale on Saturday, May 28, and Sunday, May 29, at Dante Fascell Park, 8600 SW 57 Ave. in South Miami. Sale hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. There will be tents and tables filled with orchids of all varieties, appealing to the beginner, serious collector, and everyone in between who just loves these fascinating plants. And you can feel good about your purchases because proceeds benefit Project Cradle, a program at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine that provides assistance to children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS. This year

there also will be a selection of greenhouse raised culinary herbs for sale. OrchidMania South Florida is an all-volunteer charity of orchid enthusiasts. Throughout the year, the volunteers meet on Sundays at the OrchidMania greenhouse to care for the orchids that have been donated by commercial growers and hobbyists. These knowledgeable volunteers gladly will provide expert care and growing tips for the plants you choose to take home. And if the orchid bug already has bitten you, OrchidMania welcomes new volunteers. It is a great way to learn from experts and give back to your community at the same time. To learn more about this organization, check out the website at <> or call 305-667-2992.

Unfortunately, there's a silent killer among cats-feline cardiomyopathy, or heart disease. Read on for more information about this potentially deadly disease: The two most common forms of cardiomyopathy in cats are hypertrophic (in which the heart muscle thickens), and dilated (in which the heart muscles are stretched). Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is often related to hyperthyroidism; it can also be attributed to genetics, and is more prevalent in males. The risk of cardiomyopathy also tends to increase with age. Dilated cardiomyopathy has been linked to taurine deficiency in feline diets, but is becoming less common because most cat food manufacturers now supplement foods with taurine. Some symptoms for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy include labored breathing, loss of

appetite, lethargy, fainting, and limb paralysis. Veterinary tests for diagnosis are usually x-rays and ECG's (electrocardiograms). Early diagnosis is crucial, since cats can easily hide symptoms of illness. If you see any of the signs listed above in your cat, visit your veterinarian immediately for diagnosis and treatment, which may include beta or calcium channel blockers, diuretics, and ACE inhibitors. As with so many feline health problems, a healthy diet is crucial. At Pet Supermarket, we carry a wide variety of premium pet foods formulated for all stages of a cat's life, including specialty formulas. Stop by your local Pet Supermarket today to see everything we have available to ensure your cat's health and happiness.

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Manage your Financial Condition like a Business

Most working people are employees and they think like employees when it comes to their financial condition. This means their focus is on salary, health insurance, 401k and vacation time. Yes, these benefits do impact your financial condition but it is one-sided. It is on the side of what you have (assets). We suggest that in order to attain financial independence, employees should begin to think and behave as a business owner. A business owner’s focus is not only on what they have but more importantly, what they owe (liabilities). This means accounts payable, which for individuals are items such as credit cards, car loans and mortgages.On this side of the balance sheet, the business owner wants to minimize expenses.

What you have (assets) minus what you owe (liabilities) results in what’s left over (net worth). $1 of assets and $1 of liabilities means $0 in net worth. $1 less in liabilities means you are $1 richer. Many employees with more salary will spend more, so they still have little net worth or financial independence. The car and house they own may be fancier but they may still be broke. Thebook,TheMillionaireNextDoor,describes how a business owner thinks and behaves.It is no secret how to become financially secure. It comes down to not thinking and behaving like an employee when it comes to your financial future. Tonkinson Financial provides hands-on money management for the middle class. They are located at: 2 3 9 8 S o u t h D i x i e H w y. , M i a m i , FL 33133. Phone: 305-858-1628 Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, Rick Tonkinson, Margarita Tonkinson, Steven Tonkinson, Registered Representatives Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc., Rick Tonkinson, Margarita Tonkinson, Steven Tonkinson, Investment Advisor Representatives Tonkinson Financial and the Securities America companies are not affiliated.

May 17 - 30, 2011

Cauley Square Historic Village to host ‘Pet Fest’ on May 22 BY SHERRY MILLER

The very popular “Pet Fests” at Cauley Square Historic Railroad Village in South Miami-Dade County will host its next event on Sunday, May 22, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Open to the public with free entry and free parking, all pets must be on leashes or caged, as applicable, with current vaccinations. Exotic birds are welcome. No aggressive pets are permitted. Adding to the exciting family Sunday afternoon “Pet Fest” will be the “Pet Pageant,” officiated by the honorary inaugural sponsor, Redland Animal Hospital. The judging panel will be headed by Dr. Maureen Bushnell, DVM. Prizes will be awarded to winners in several unique categories of competition that include: Best Dressed, Smallest, Largest, Furriest and Most Beautiful. Registration for the “Pet Pageant” will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Redland Animal Hospital sponsors booth on Cauley Square’s Main Street adjacent to the Main Patio where the contest will take place. K-9 Specialist In-Home Professional Dog Training founder and president Dennis Urrutia will conduct a special person-to-person training session with his staff, experts in the field of animal behavior. Pet owners will learn how to solve problems ranging from housebreaking to leash walking to personal commands. Honorary inaugural sponsor PETCO will be giving away free pet toys, supplies and special coupons at its booth located at the entrance to the main patio. Pet rescue organizations will be present for adoptions of beautiful pets who need good homes and include: Marrvelous Pet Rescues, Paws 4 You Rescue, United Wag,

K-9 Specialist In-Home Professional Dog Training founder and president Dennis Urrutia will conduct a special person-to-person training session with his staff, experts in the field of animal behavior. Born Free, and others. Cauley Square’s own Aviary and Top Hat Aquarium are located on-site near the main entrance to the village. There is no charge for entry for “Pet Fest” events. Parking is free in lots at both ends of the 10-acre property located at 22400 Old Dixie Hwy. (Take S. Dixie Highway to SW 224th Street.) All pets are welcome daily at Cauley Square, on leashes or caged as applicable, and may accompany their masters’ dining on the patios of both the Village Chalet and the Tea Room Restaurants open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Facilities for private parties, weddings and business meetings may be reserved by calling direct to 305-258-8900. The some 20 Cottage Shops at Cauley Square are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, noon to 5 p.m. Shops are closed on Monday. Upcoming “Pet Fests” are scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 18, and Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012 from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. For information on vendor’s booths at “Pet Fest,” call direct to Cauley Square’s Administrative Office at 305-258-3543.

May 17 - 30, 2011


Shula’s Bar&Grill opens at Miami International Airport

Celebrating the grand opening of Shula’s Bar&Grill at MIA are Gailen David, president, The Sky Steward; Jeff Yablun, HMSHost; George Tinsley Jr., Tinsley Family Concessions; Shula’s Steak Houses, LLLP — Dave Shula, president; Coach Don Shula, founder, and Mary Anne Shula, CEO, and Jose Abreu, director, Miami(Photo by Dade Aviation Department. HMSHost)


HMSHost and the Shula Family recently celebrated the grand opening of Shula’s Bar&Grill, a new restaurant created by the Shula Family of restaurants and named in honor of legendary NFL Hall of Fame Coach Don Shula. Making its Miami International Airport debut, Shula’s Bar&Grill was brought to the airport by HMSHost Corporation, a world leader in travel dining and shopping. “Congratulations to HMSHost for opening yet another outstanding dining location at MIA,” said Miguel Southwell, MiamiDade Deputy Aviation Director for Business Development and Retention. “Our goal at MIA has been to create a sense of place with our concessions, and who better personifies Miami than Don Shula and his homegrown chain of restaurants. We are extremely honored to be the first airport home for Shula’s Bar&Grill and we wish them the best of success.” Located post-security in the North Terminal on Concourse D, Shula’s Bar&Grill combines mouth watering hamburgers, signature appetizers, cocktails and wines offered in a comfortable, yet exciting environment. Menu highlights include Sweet Chili Chicken Bites, Charcuterie, Crab Cakes and more, along with and a

variety of premium Black Angus beef burgers such as Shula Burger, Chorizo Burger, The House of Blue, Wine Country, as well as a grilled veggie burger. Breakfast specialties, fresh salads, tasty sides and desserts complement the offerings. “Shula’s Bar&Grill was made especially for airports to offer a modern and energetic space where travelers can count on getting great food from a legendary restaurant brand,” said Dave Shula, president of Shula’s. A highly stylized bar that adds to a welcoming atmosphere, Shula’s Bar&Grill is the perfect place to relax before or between flights. “Shula’s Bar&Grill is a special addition to the slate of new dining options we’ve introduced to Miami International Airport, as Coach Shula is a name that means a lot to Miami sports fans,” said Stephen Douglas, vice president, Business Development, HMSHost. “We’re excited about this new association and about making the traveler’s day better at Miami International Airport.” More than 400 associates work for HMSHost and its ACDBE partners in more than 40 restaurants and retail stores at Miami International Airport. Visit <> for more information.

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ARE YOU READY FOR A POWER OUTAGE? BY HJ FRANK As hurricane season steadily approaches, it is again time to look at how prepared households are for a storm and for prolonged power outages. During past storms, power outages ranged from a few hours to a few weeks, and some areas went for more than a month without power. As a result, homeowners in the South Florida have regularly chosen to equip their residences with generators that are capable of powering their homes for extended periods of time. There are two well-known types of generators that have been on the market for many years, and both provide viable options for most home and business owners: portable gas-powered models and fixed automatic standby systems. New Indoor Generators Great for South Florida In addition, a new product has hit the market and it has the potential to be a gamechanger. Indoor systems, using large, rechargeable batteries, offer an affordable, safe and practical solution that can even be used in an apartment, townhouse or condominium. The systems do not require gas or propane and provide one to four days of silent, portable power. Such systems range in price from $3,500 to $7,500, and while they won’t run a central air conditioner, they will run many household appliances including lights, computers, microwave ovens, and portable a/c units. These new indoor systems can also be equipped with portable solar panels, so they can provide power indefinitely during an outage. Portable Generators Portable gas-powered units are the most common and widely available generators on the market. These small crank-and-pull or push-button ignition units do a fantastic job operating the bare necessities such as a refrigerator, lights and fans. It is crucial that these generators be operated safely and properly in order to avoid some very severe hazards. Since they emit harmful carbon monoxide, the portable generators should never be used indoors or in partially enclosed spaces. All appliances must be

connected directly to the generator using heavy duty extension cords. The size of the portable generators range from 2.5 kw to 10kw and cost approximately $900. Automatic Standby Generators A popular option in South Florida has become the automatic standby generator systems. They are fixed, permanently installed units that power an entire home or business continuously through extended outages. Unlike the portables, these systems run on natural gas from a connection to local lines or propane from a tank buried underground, which offers a continuous runtime of approximately four to eight days, depending on the model. Compared to portables, they are rather quiet and sound similar to an idling car. The standby generators must be connected directly to a home’s electrical panel and circuits by using an automatic transfer switch, and it is important to work with licensed professionals who are familiar with all of the applicable local building codes. These systems will run virtually everything in your home, including central air conditioning systems. The cost for these systems range from $15,000 to $32,000. It is important to note that all generators require maintenance and attention during the off-season to help ensure that the equipment is ready for use the following year. In anticipation of this year’s hurricane season, generators are in high demand. Individuals who are considering a purchase should take the time to closely compare their options and weigh the benefits, as it has become apparent that extended posthurricane power outages are going to be an inevitable reality in the Sunshine State. Additional information on generators for residences and small businesses is available at or by calling (561) 391-8190, or toll-free at 1-866-221-8100. Hiram J. “HJ” Frank is the co-owner and president of Boca Raton-based Personalized Power Systems, Inc. (PPS). The company sells, installs and maintains automatic standby generator systems that power entire homes and small businesses in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. It is the largest full-service dealer and installer of these systems in the country and has completed more than 1,000 installations in South Florida since its inception in 1998. Additional information on PPS and its automatic standby generators for residences and small businesses is available at or by calling (561) 391-8190, or toll-free at 1-866-221-8100.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


Pianist Anievas to perform on May 22 at Gusman Hall BY ROBERT HAMILTON

Distinguished pianist Agustin Anievas will perform on Sunday, May 22, 4 p.m., at Gusman Concert Hall in Coral Gables. His program will include works by Bach/Busoni, Chopin and Schubert. Born in New York City of Spanish and Mexican descent, he began his piano studies as a child and appeared in his first recital before his fifth birthday. At age 12 he gave a major recital at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, the youngest artist ever to receive that honor. This debut was followed by his first recital tour. Today, Anievas is considered to be one of the foremost interpreters of the piano works of Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff. Since he won the grand prize in the first Dimitri Mitropoulos International Competition for Pianists, his career has taken him around the world. He has appeared frequently in recital in New York at Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and Lincoln Center. His orchestral appearances include performances with the major symphony orchestras in Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and New York. In Europe he has performed in Berlin, Brussels, London and Vienna. He also has toured extensively in South America and Asia. He has made numerous recordings with EMI of works by Schubert, Liszt, Chopin, Brahms and a recently reissued 3-CD set of the complete concertos and preludes by Rachmaninoff. His latest CD is a recording of the Schumann Fantasy and Chopin Etudes, Op.10 performed on a spectacular new Fazioli piano. In addition to his concert career, Anievas was for many years chair of the Piano Department and professor of piano

Agustin Anievas –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music in New York. He is a tireless advocate for music education to encourage the appreciation of the great classical music repertoire for young listeners and aspiring young artists. He is a sought-after judge for piano competitions and has served on juries for numerous international piano competitions. Anievas now is a resident of South Florida and this recital will be his Gusman Concert Hall debut. Gusman Concert Hall is located at 1314 Miller Dr. on the University of Miami campus in Coral Gables. General admission tickets are $30 and student tickets are $10. Tickets may be purchased online at <>. For information call 305-2718449.

Need a Pet Sitter?

The affordable alternative to boarding. Services include: Feed & water, walk dogs, medicate (if any), collect mail & newspaper. etc. Vacation with the peace of mind knowing that your pets are safe at home sleeping in their own beds (or yours). From Pinecrest to Cutler Ridge. For more information call

Rick @ 305-301-0051 Melissa @ 305-431-9828

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CrossFit MIA: Let The Movement Begin… CrossFit has officially gone viral. From humble beginnings there are over 1 million people doing CrossFit every day. “Its high intensity, it’s physically demanding, it’s addictive, and it’s here to stay,” says Palmetto High graduate Zack Bayag, the owner South Miami’s newest CrossFit affiliate, CrossFit MIA. If you haven’t heard of CrossFit you probably know somebody who has. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that has been gaining popularity for several years. The competitive workouts are short, intense, and focus on functional exercises or exercises that train the body for real life situations. Dr. Greg Glassman, founder of CrossFit, states, “CrossFit’s popularity is a mix of two major factors — variety and simplicity. We all come to the table with limited time, energy and capacity, and want the most rate of return for that investment. CrossFit prescription is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement supported by measureable, observable, and repeatable facts, or evidence based fitness.” Whereas in normal gyms, the machines only allow people to workout within a specific sets and reps, CrossFit relies on muscle confusion keeping the workouts anything but routine. Workout routine’s can include any and all combinations of plyometrics, sprints, Olympic lifts, gymnastic moves and kettlebell work. CrossFit is designed to bolster 10 different domains of fitness: cardio respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, power, flexibility, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. One major influence that makes CrossFit inherently different from going to a traditional gym is its emphasis on community. At a traditional gym people have a routine and often times find themselves bored. CrossFit is done in a class setting, one in which a grandmother and an elite athlete can work out side by side each pushing their individual limits. There’s a natural camaraderie, fun of playing a sport and a competitive element that help create the intensity of CrossFit. Bayag explains, “We scale intensity to fit the abilities of our clients so we all can work together. People start being competitive with themselves, first, then are constantly motivated to outdo the person next to them. The CrossFit communities have this mindset in common and we are all expected to spread the love. If you are done with the particular WOD (workout of the day), you are expected to go motivate one of your peers, count for them and help them finish. We are all in it together, kind of like,

“There is no I in team”, it’s a group thing.” Fitness has been an integral part of Bayag’s entire life. From being a life-long athlete, a physical education teacher and coach at Palmetto for over a decade, a personal trainer and spin instructor, and currently the owner of Sports Appeal, an athletic apparel company, CrossFit is a natural next step for Bayag. He was introduced to CrossFit over three years ago and became a certified instructor in February of 2010. He spent the last two years training at CrossFit Threshold located in The Falls warehouse district. “I could not have been in this situation without Elisha, Antony, and Chris, (owners of Threshold); they have coached, taught and led by example on how to run a successful CrossFit affiliate.” With the opening of CrossFit MIA, Bayag is excited to be a part of the movement. “CrossFit gives you an opportunity, through fitness, to challenge yourself to get better everyday. If you look at yourself in the mirror and have the desire to get better CrossFit can be the start of building the confidence which will spill over to all aspects of your life. You may ask, why do CrossFit, more than anything else, it’s fun.” CrossFit MIA which opens June 1st is located one block south and one block west of the Big Cheese at 6840 SW 81 Terrace in South Miami. It is located in a state of the art athletic facility called FlexWorks. FlexWorks is the start of something special for our community. FlexWorks is an 10,000 square foot facility which has a free weight area, plans for Physical Therapy on premises and bathrooms with showers and a changing area. We want to build a community of people who share in the same healthy lifestyle. CrossFit MIA will be offering free classes this Saturtday and next at 10:00 A.M. Please go to the website ( or call 305.900.0547 for PreGrand Opening Promotions and more information.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


Get your car clean and benefit the ‘Y’ at Speedway on May 20 BY EDWARD WILLIAMS

Fridays at Homestead-Miami Speedway always feature high-speed cars and unique rides, but Friday, May 20, will feature South Florida‘s cleanest vehicles too. The world of motor sports will celebrate NASCAR Day’s eighth anniversary, through which NASCAR has raised nearly $8 million for charity. This NASCAR Day, Homestead-Miami Speedway, in conjunction with the YMCA of Greater Miami and its Homestead YMCA Family Center, will host “Car Wash for Kids” in an effort to better the lives of children. “Car Wash for Kids” is a NASCAR Unites national fundraiser, which has a goal of raising $1 million for children‘s charities. Homestead-Miami Speedway will celebrate NASCAR Day from noon to 9 p.m. “It’s always a good thing when two highly visible organizations form a unified front,” said Matthew Becherer, Homestead-Miami Speedway president. “Our car wash will benefit the children and the community served by the Homestead YMCA Family Center through what we hope to be a record-setting fundraising effort.” Funds raised through NASCAR Unites will

benefit the NASCAR Foundation and the Homestead YMCA Family Center. Those visiting Homestead-Miami Speedway will pull into the infield to have their cars washed by volunteers and Speedway staff, then a quick lap to dry their cars on the very same track where NASCAR will crown champions during Ford Championship Weekend, Nov. 18-20. For a $10 donation, attendees will receive: • Car wash by volunteers and speedway staff; • Paced lap on the Homestead-Miami Speedway oval, and • A commemorative NASCAR Unites wristband. “The Y is excited to be a part of this great event,” said Abigail Harlan, executive director for the Homestead YMCA Family Center. “The Y is committed to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We hope our whole community comes out for the car wash, and enjoys the day — all the while giving back to kids through the NASCAR Foundation and the Y.” For information about the YMCA of Greater Miami, call toll free 1-877-WOW-YMCA or visit online at <>.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

May 17 - 30, 2011


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May 17 - 30, 2011



As a second generation real estate professional, and a Miami native, I have an intimate understanding of our local market. Let me help guide you through the sometimes turbulent waters of buying and selling your most valuable asset. The process should be easy and enjoyable when you have the assistance of the right professional.

Drew Kern

Chairman Elect, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce


GABLES BY THE SEA 13026 Nevada St. REDUCED PRICE! Waterfront home, Gables by the Sea. Newer construction, custom built in 2008, spectacular details. 5 bdrm/ 5 bath, two story, 4,585 sq. ft. 100 ft seawall, no bridges to bay. 2 car garage. $2,995,000 for sale • $11,500/month lease

8860 SW 96 St. Mediterranean estate, built in 2004. 7 bdrm/6.5 bath+office, 7,080 sq ft. Well-designed layout, expansive master suite. Gated, 1.25 acre lot with pool, pavilion & outdoor kitchen. 3 car garage. Great location near Baptist Hospital.

$1,890,000 for sale

8108 SW 172 Te.

14300 SW 68 Ave.

REDUCED PRICE! Formal, two story, 4 bdrm/ 3 bath, 3,067 sq. ft., gated home in Groves of Old Cutler community. Expansive pool and patio. 2 car garage.

REDUCED PRICE! Distinctive, 2 story, 5 bdrm, 4.5 bath gated estate on 1.5 acre. 4,724 sq ft. Vaulted ceilings, spacious en-suite bdrms, screened pool, tennis court. 2 car garage.



20030 Cutler Ct.

7250 SW 41 St.

REDUCED PRICE! 3 bdrm/ 2 bath Cutler Bay home, 2,431 sq ft, large bdrms, spacious family room/kitchen area. Largest lot in the community w/ great backyard and room to park a boat. Close access to Blackpoint Marina. 2 car garage.

REDUCED PRICE! New construction commercial warehouse, 6,000 sq ft with 2 A/C units & tiled offices, 2 baths. Visibility from 40 St (Bird Rd). Lots of additional features. Fenced w/ 6 parking spaces. $1,395,000 for sale, $7,000/month for lease



May 17 - 30, 2011


Old Fashioned Craftsmen

Our Services Include: Refinishing, Upholstery, Antique Restoration, Touch-Ups Old World Finishes Gold & Silver Leafing Faux Finishes Custom Woodwork Fine Cabinetry Milwork, Manufacturing

The Finishing Center

305-266-9188 Tony And Bill Carrazana serving New York and South Florida for over 56 years.

8747 S.W. 134 Street Miami, FL 33176

Doing Business The Old Fashioned Way ALL WORK IS DONE BY HAND We specialize in doing the finest work at the most reasonable prices. Estimates and samples of finishes available upon request. Fine Residential and Commercial Furniture Custom Woodwork & Fine Cabinetry

“Maintaining and restoring the look and artistic value of your fine furniture”

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May 17 - 30, 2011

Our mission

is to promote, inform and connect the residents, businesses and local governments of the communities we serve.

Stay informed and subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter by visiting

Follow us on:



6796 SW 62nd Avenue • South Miami, FL 33143 • Phone (305) 669-7355 Fax: (305) 662-6980

May 17 - 30, 2011


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Outlander Sport a 5-passenger version of Mitsubishi Outlander Ron Beasley LET’S TALK CARS If you like the seven-passenger Mitsubishi Outlander, then you will love the all-new 2011 Outlander Sport. It’s a slightly smaller version of the popular SUV, but with a completely redesigned body to accommodate five passengers and a more fuel-efficient engine paired to either a five-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission (CVT). Outlander Sport models are available in two trims: ES — with 2WD and plenty of standard equipment and a choice of either the manual or CVT transmission. SE — more upscale, technology-equipped; available with either 2WD or 4WD and the continuously variable gearbox. Both models have a muscular look and a front fascia inspired by jet fighter plane air intakes. Chiseled bodywork and smooth, flowing lines meld into a high beltline and rear spoiler to give the vehicle one of the lowest drag coefficients in its class.

Under the hood, Mitsubishi’s proven 4B11 engine with an aluminum block and cylinder head, innovative MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control) continuously variable valve timing system and normally aspirated configuration powers the all-new CUV (25/31 mpg). New features include resin-coated pistons and smoother surface camshafts for reduced friction and improved fuel economy. A higher efficiency alternator and electric power steering contribute to better gas mileage. The improved version of the 2.0-liter inline-4 produces 148 hp at 6000 rpm and 143 pounds-feet of torque at a lower 4200 rpm. The majority of the torque is produced across a wide powerband, from around 2200 rpm all the way to just below redline at 6500 rpm. Available on the Outlander Sport ES and standard on the SE, the Sportronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) has design updates that improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, and also improves driver feel when manually shifting via the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. In normal driving on flat roads, the CVT’s shift schedule has been set to provide a good balance between fuel economy and dynamic performance. But should you find yourself on a winding road, the CVT switches to a more

Outlander Sport features jet fighter plane air intakes, chiseled bodywork and smooth, flowing lines that meld into a high beltline and rear spoiler.

aggressive manual sports mode that mimics a six-speed gearbox and improves the responsiveness of the unit’s pulley hydraulics. The standard transmission on the Outlander Sport ES, Mitsubishi’s smoothshifting five-speed manual gearbox, has been updated for this all-new compact crossover. Shift feel has been improved with the addition of triple synchros for both first and second gears, while first and final gear ratios have been changed for better performance and fuel economy. Borrowed from the Outlander, the light-

weight, electronically controlled 4WD system is an available option on the Outlander Sport SE and has seen further design improvements. The base price on our 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE 2WD test vehicle was $21,695. Ron Beasley is the automotive editor for Miami’s Community Newspapers. He may be contacted by calling 305-662-2277, ext. 261, or by addressing email correspondence to <>.

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May 17 - 30, 2011

CATERING • TAKEOUT • DELIVERY For more information and reservations call

305-279-6906 or online at

Make Reservations NOW for an unforgettable


Discover the perfect combination of our sophisticated and elegant THAI & SUSHI Menu

Why cook-out! Do take-out! Go online to Receive a % discountt on n ALLL online e orders 10%

Now offering delivery service to your home and business

Catering Thai and Sushi

9999 S.W. 72nd Street Miami, FL 33173

May 17 - 30, 2011


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Trio to be first inductees as SAVE Dade Champions BY LEE STEPHENS

SAVE Dade and SAVE Foundation have announced the inauguration of their new Hall of Champions, designed to honor long-term volunteers who have contributed selflessly to advance the cause of equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in Miami-Dade County. The first honorees — Liebe Gadinsky, Damien Pardo and Juan Talavera — will be inducted during the 2011 Champions of Equality event to take place on May 20. “While we have always honored outstanding advocates of our cause, such as this year’s Champions of Equality — the ACLU of Florida, Greenberg Traurig LLP, and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz — we have often overlooked the people who have spent years carrying the torch,” said CJ Ortuno, SAVE Dade’s executive director. “That is why we created our new Hall of Champions, specifically to celebrate our unacknowledged heroes,” Ortuno added. “Damien, Liebe and Juan are the first of many people who deserve to be honored, and that is just what we are planning to do.” Liebe Gadinsky is dedicated to building community through Liebe Gadinsky her volunteer efforts, and has dis––––––––––––––––

tinguished herself as a strong supporter and advocate for human rights. Through her volunteer work for SAVE Dade, she worked tirelessly to help pass and defend the Miami Dade Human Rights Ordinance. She has served on the board of trustees of the Miami Foundation (formerly Dade Community Foundation) since 2006, and currently is vice chair. Gadinsky also serves on the Foundation’s GLBT Community Projects Fund Advisory Board. For five years, she has worked on the steering committee of the Miami Recognition Dinner, the premier fundraiser for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and currently serves on the board of the trustees of the Task Force. Damien Pardo was a founder and the first board chair of SAVE Dade. He recently completed his term on the boards of the Miami Foundation and Sister Emmanuel Hospital. He served on the national board of Hispanics in Philanthropy, and is an appointed member of the Miami-Dade County Equal Opportunity Board. Pardo has held previous board positions for Hands on Miami, The Art Center (South Beach), and The Bake House. He was a two-term board chair and 10-year board member of Care Resource, formerly known as Health Crisis Damien Pardo Network. In addition, he has ––––––––––––––––

served in an advisory capacity to the Celia Cruz Foundation and the Key Biscayne Community Foundation. Juan B. Talavera has been with SAVE Dade since its inception. He has served as a board member and volunteer coordinator during the Lambda Conferences and during the organization’s successful campaign to add LGBT protections to Miami-Dade County’s Human Rights Ordinance. Serving as board chair 2006-09, Talavera also was the driving force behind the creation of two of Juan Talavera SAVE Dade’s signature fund and –––––––––––––––– awareness-raising efforts: the SAVE Guardians Society, which he now chairs, and the Champions of Equality awards event, which is now in its sixth year. Juan’s service to Miami-Dade County extends beyond his involvement with SAVE Dade, including employment and volunteer work with Health Crisis Network, other LGBT organizations, and on the Spanish board of directors for Kairos Prison Ministry. This year’s Champions of Equality event will take place on May 20 at the Ice Palace, 1400 N. Miami Ave., from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Tickets to the event, which will include a cocktail reception and a silent auction, are $75 in advance, $100 at the door, and can be purchased online at <>.


NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART 10 ACRE CAMPUS FOR GRADES 6 THROUGH 12 RIVIERA DAY SCHOOL 6800 Nervia Street, Coral Gables, FL 33146 I RIVIERA PREPARATORY SCHOOL 9775 SW 87 Avenue, Miami, FL 33176 305.666.1856 I I Accredited by AISF, SACS, AI, NCPSA

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May 17 - 30, 2011

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!"#$%&'$()$(**&+,-./0#1$("2./23$4&#/$%&'"$*("##"$)##1$"#)#5(-3 4&$%&'$)##1$(16#"2./.)73$8("9#2.)73$:2"'*2'"#3 ;#2</$7#2$2&7#20#"$()1$2(-9=$5#$("#$.)2#"#/2#1$.)$%&'>$ :AB4$CDEF$FA:E8A$GDH$.)I&J5#--K#.)7/,(%&7(>*&+







!"#$%&'"()*+ ,-"()*+".& /&0"1+2% 3+4+&+5-



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!"#$%&'()**$%"(!&+&,"-( (;;,5+(5; .&%/"')-($+(!"#$%$+"(-"01( /6<:,2,,705.



Hospitals & Insurance Companies Now Hiring

!"#$%&'()%*!%!'+#,"$%-..#,'/%01,2 34564%72%8$"9$'&%:;%:<#;'%33 !#"=#/%8>%??35@ SERVICES




No Experience? Need Training? Local Job Training & Placement Assistance Is Now Available!

1-888-528-5549 HELP WANTED

5,,+( Lead Interactive Designer & Creative Strategist, Miami, Florida *36>5&


Sales Agents Needed!! Earn high commissions & start making money now! Sell advertising at popular local restaurants! Call 305-244-9774


Planning & organizing medical services & programs. Governing nurses & other medical personnel.

1("#/")0#(( +$/#2)#%) 345673368897




!"#$%&#'(%)&*+$$%,&(%%,$ -#./(0&"#1%2&&3+(&4#5&6/(, )##1&/(&4#5)&"%+)7&6#)&+&8 -%00%,&65))4&6)/%(,9



15 Years Experience Shane Smoleny 786-367-6713


SAT Prep (math), ACT Prep (math), GRE Prep (math), Algebra I & I , Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, College Physics, Chemistry, Organizational Skill, Memory, Technical Writing

!"#$%&'$()*)+,""%) -.$/")0#%


Subject Areas Taught:


I had to remind Mom to turn off the stove again.

How can I be sure that Mom is eating regularly?

Even at night I am worried about Mom and Dad.

Leaving Mom alone all day is so hard for me to do.

Peace of mind is a phone 305.969.7112 Lic#228855

Work w/design team to initiate creative projects & establish creative di.L[[OLILZ[ LU[LY[HPUTLU[MVY rection. Requires Masterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s degree in Design, Design Mgmt, or related & `V\YRPKZWHY[PLZ 3 yrs exp. designing interactive experiences across a wide range of platÂ&#x2039;.HTLZ forms. (or Bachelorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s + 5). Knowledge of User Interface design & impleÂ&#x2039;+HUJL mentation. Ability w/Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator Dreamweaver, & Â&#x2039;-HJL7HPU[PUN Flash. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Flash Actionscript v 2&3, Javascript, & Â&#x2039;)HSSVVUZ w/graphic & animation software & video editing software. Â&#x2039;:WLJPHS*OHYHJ[LYZ

call away. 0628RB


Sat. May 21st

:DWHU'DPDJH5HSDLU 11578 SW 132 Ave. 0DWFK$Q\)LQLVK <UV([S%HVW4XDOLW\ Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Miss Out!!



!"#$%&'() *"+,$-$+."($/

3/$67(55(3$,5 8:00 am -2:00 pm ,QWHULRU&HLOLQJV :DOOV

;&&9.)7$I&"$#@,#".#)*#1$/(-#/$()1$/(-&)$(//&*.(2#/$20(2$("#$#)20'/.(/2.*= I".#)1-%=$&"7().L#1=$()1$-.9#$5&"9.)7$.)$($2#(+$#)6."&)+#)2>



&'())"$!) *#'+,)#-.






MI$20./$/&')1/$-.9#$%&'=$-#2</$7#2$2&7#20#"$()1$2(-9> :AB4$CDEF$FA:E8A$GDH$.)I&J5#--K#.)7/,(%&7(>*&+






>,*64,;6 @6<97(9;@


Reference Job ID # 071683 and send resume & digital portfolio of pertinent design work to: Claudia Echavarria, Burn World-Wide, Inc. (d/b/a BGT Partners),


May 17 - 30, 2011

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May 17 - 30, 2011










May 17 - 30, 2011


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May 17 - 30, 2011






4 2% %

, ! .$ 3#! 0 ) .'

1Ê/, Ê- ,6



h7E $O 42%% 22)&)# 7ORKv ˆVi˜Ãi`ÊEʘÃÕÀi`ÊUÊ,iÈ`i˜Ìˆ>ÊEÊ œ““iÀVˆ>Ê-«iVˆ>ˆÃÌ

i“LiÀÃʜvÊ̅iʘÌiÀ˜>̈œ˜> -œVˆiÌÞʜvÊÀLœÀˆVՏÌÕÀi , Ê -// -

*Àœ“«ÌÊEÊ œÕÀÌiœÕÃÊ-ˆ˜ViÊ£™nÓ









Water Wells • Pumps • Tanks Filters • Softeners • Reverse Osmosis






.%7  2%0!)2







May 17 - 30, 2011

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!"##$%&'() *#+,(%,$+' Impact resistant Windows and Doors High Performance Accordion Shutters Hurricane Panels Call 305-803-7602 for a free estimate

Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties Approved



Licensed and Insured Florida State License SCC 131150340





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May 17 - 30, 2011


!"#$"%#"&#'#(")*!#"+*#+**!#,*(-#./0, '(1","(#"&#2%320'+1*#&*('0*!#/22%*24





Paul Merker has helped hundreds of individuals, families and teens 56789:;86<69

For a FREE, no obligation rate analysis


your latest Credit Card statement to: 0726DS


!"#$"#%&'()*&+(,-+! ./0012314.56178"912':5"1);. 2+'561<:&!:91=>1??)@? 0912DS



(305) 668-4355

!"#$%&'()'(*%&+*%,"! "--./0.12%345678.90 ,12:.-520.7;%,1<295;.2=








• Bankruptcy •

Loan Modification • • Foreclosure Defense • Real Estate Closings • • Debt Relief Agency •



305-285-0340 633 N. Krome Avenue • Homestead, FL 33030


Se Habla Español

May 17 - 30, 2011

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Selective Cut, Inc.

Complete Tree, Landscaping, Lawn Service & Construction Service Company

One call does it all!

Tree Trimming • Full Lawn Maintenance Landscaping & Design • Concrete • Pavers Sprinkler Repair • Custom Water Features Backhoe & Bobcat Services • Concrete Finishing Custom Concrete Driveways





Certified Arborist on Staff • General Contractor on Staff • Licensed & Insured

REMODELING AND CONSTRUCTION Residential and Commercial


• Additions. • Bathrooms. • Custom Kitchens. • Fencing. • Finishes. • Luxury Condominium Remodeling. • Luxury Home Remodeling. • New Construction. • Plastering (Stucco). • Structural Works. • Tile Installation (Ceramic/Marble). • Wood/Metal Framing.

CGC1519362 / HI1885/ INSURED











$ 23


$ 27





By Appointment ONLY 14361 S.W. 120 St. Miami, FL 33186 AD

All prices are for LABOR ONLY Fabrics / Materials Extra


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May 17 - 30, 2011

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