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CNCSU Trick or Eat, October 31st



October 21st, 2013

Zombie Walk


Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief.

Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief.

The CNCSU will be putting on a Trick or Eat event this Halloween. Trick or Eat is a food drive where, instead of trick-ortreating on Halloween, volunteers go doto-door to collect non-perishable goods for the food bank at the Students’ Union Office.

It’s that time of year again. The time when the dead rise from their graves and walk among the living to protest high tuition fees. This year marks the 4th anniversary of the event.

In the October 7th issue of The Confluence, Sean Miller was printed as the author of “My Best Girl.” The author should be credited as Sean Milton. Sorry for any confusion.

October 21st 2013

Trick or EAT

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Volunteers Wanted

If you are interested, the fastest way to volunteer with us is to register with our email list online. Just go to our facebook page and click on the email signup button just under our banner. Don’t forget to check on the form that you are interested in volunteering with us.

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The CNCSU food bank operates on a donation basis, and we take donations throughout the year. The food bank has been seeing a great deal of use this year, and we are having a difficult time keeping it stocked from week to week. If you can spare any non-perishable goods, please give what you can. If you are broke and hungry, take what you need, no questions asked.

Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief. Throughout the year there are ongoing volunteer opportunities with CNCSU.


Show up at the SU office, room 1-303 around noon on Saturday, October 26th, for your signs and makeup. The walk starts around 1pm. Contact info@cncsu. ca for more information.


On the 31st, teams organize independently, and can go out at any time. CNCSU will let registered teams know when and where to meet at the end of the event. Prizes will be awarded to those who get the most food items, for the best theme, etc. All donated food will go to the CNCSU food bank in the SU Office.


Volunteers are organized into teams centered around a driver. Teams can be any theme, and dress however they want -it is halloween after all. There are multiple teams registered already, and we would just like to know who is coming in advance. You can pick up a registration form from the CNCSU Office, and we ask that you register your team before October 30th.

Participants will be given signs and makeup. The walk follows a designated route down to Masich stadium, then back around to the college via Massey and Pine Centre, weather depending. Participants are encouraged to dress warmly, but zombie-esque. Be as creative as you like, but keep safety in mind. It is a long route and it runs next to several busy streets. Having a good set of shoes and unobstructed vision will save alot of grief.

Garett Svensen, Editor-in-Chief

Taren Johnson, Web Manager

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Zombie Walk The Confluence - News


October 21st 2013

October 2013

Environment Canada 7-Day Weather Forecast: For Prince George, BC. 21 October - 27 October 2013 Monday, Oct 21: 17°C, Sunny. Tuesday, Oct 22: 13°C, 0°C, Partial Cloud, morning fog. Wednesday, Oct 23: 10°C, 5°C, Cloudy. Thursday, Oct 24: 9°C, 5°C, Sunny. Friday, Oct 25: 8°C, 4°C, Sunny. Saturday, Oct 26: 12°C, 1°C, Partial Cloud.

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Sunday, Oct 27: 9°C, -1°C, Partial Cloud.

October 21st 2013

Two Poems By Michael Grayson, Contributor.

Room of Souls Through this room Passed in droves Grey walls, oak furniture Uncomfortable chairs Some walking Fleshy, spirited, hopeful Others, grey skeletal The Confluence - Arts

Worn with defeat, vacant eyes A few weak smiles, thankful Most with bitterness and pain

A Nice Ride Within these confines

She vibrated

Memories shared

A slow comfortable ride

Humor exchanged

Long sleek, gorgeous

Words of love spoken

Nice curves.

But mostly, they say goodbye. He breathed her in A piquant scent Slow, gentle, strokes She responded Comfortable, in position Moderate touch Gradual movement She was ready

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For more information call your local Harley Dealership.

The College of New Caledonia Students’ Union (CNCSU) is the collective voice of all students attending the College of New Caledonia. The CNCSU provides services, events, campaigns and advocacy for students’ rights locally, provincially and nationally. The CNCSU is also a founding member of the Canadian Federation of Students, Canada’s national student movement. Your Students’ Union provides many opportunities to get involved: joining committees, volunteering at events or advocating for the rights of students everywhere. Whatever your interest, your Students’ Union has an opportunity for you. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, e-mail us at CNCSU Office, Room 1-303 3330 22nd Avenue Prince George, BC, V2N 1P8 Tel: (250) 561-5852 Fax: (250) 561-5884 Web:

Student Advocacy

Advocacy is the primary function of your Students’ Union. The CNCSU can support and assist you through grade appeals, student complaints, provide advice and offer assistance with any issues you might face as a student. The CNCSU also lobbies for fair, affordable and fully accessible post-secondary education on the municipal, provincial and national government levels. Contact us at to find out how you can help.

Faxing and Photocopying

Free faxing and cheapest photocopying on campus: $.05 per sheet B/W $.10 per side Colour.

October 21st 2013

Members’ Handbook

- FREE to all members. - Dayplanner to help you keep organized. - Great source of information on your Students’ Union, the College, and the campaign work of the Canadian Federation of Students.

ISIC/Student Saver Card

- FREE to all CNC Students! ($20 Value) - Great discounts on travel with Greyhound, Via Rail and Travel CUTS. - Discounts around all over BC, across Canada and abroad.

Campus Clubs

- Funding is available, with up to $500 per club! - Great opportunity to make new friends & build campus community. - Stop by the office and start a club today!

Extended Health & Dental

- All full-time students at the CNC Prince George Campus are automatically enrolled in the Health and Dental Plan. Students that have pre-existing coverage may opt-out of the program by bringing proof of coverage to the CNCSU office, room 1-303 before September 27th, 2013.

The Confluence - CNCSU

Your Students’ Union

- Full-time students’ cost works out to $21.67 a month for the full years’ (Sept-Aug) one time charge of $260. - Part-time students’ optional enrollment (Opt-In) works out to $31.49 a month for the full years’ (Sept-Aug) one time charge of $377.88. - For full coverage details see or stop by room 1-303. - For an additional charge, dependents can be added to the Health and Dental Coverage. - add $233.73 for one dependent. - add $276.12 for two or more dependents. - The Opt-In/Out period is until September 27th, 2013 for the fall semseter and January 2nd31st, 2014 for the spring semester.

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your students’ union • local 13, canadian federation of students

October 21st 2013


By Eric Depenau, CNCSU.

The Confluence - Arts

On Friday October 4th students from the CNC Quesnel Campus attended the grand opening of the Chilcotin War: A Colonial Legacy art exhibit at the Quesnel and district recreation center. The collection is available for viewing until the 26TH of

October. This event is the first of a series of outings to build student participation and community partnerships in Quesnel.

The collection’s influence:

Ann Nicholson is an artist living in Alexis Creek, BC. Since moving to the Chilcotin in 2004, she has learned that much of the social fabric of the area rests on the tragic and painful events of the 1864 Chilcotin war and the colonial years leading up to them. She is herself familiar with colonialism and its capacity for social destruction from her upbringing in South Africa. At art school in Johannesburg she became involved in the anti-apartheid struggle and as a result was jailed for three years. The Chilcotin war: A Colonial Legacy is a series of 16 paintings that has been shown in a number of galleries across BC.

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“It was 136 years ago that a handful of Tsilhqot'in war chiefs thwarted Victoria entrepreneur Alfred Waddington in his bid to build a road from the head of Bute Inlet on the coast to the Caribou goldfields -through the heart of Tsilhqot'in territory. On April 30, 1864, a group of Tsilhqot'in, led by Lhatsas'in attacked the roadbuilding crew.

This was the first, and bloodiest, in a series of confrontations that left 18 nonnative road builders, packers, and a settler dead. It became etched into the annals of B.C. history as "the Chilcotin Massacre." A militia army under Chartres Brew, the new colony's chief of police, tried for three months to capture the warriors. Expecting peace talks, they finally agreed to meet Brew. Instead, eight were shackled and taken to Quesnel. On October 26, 1864, Lhatsas'in and four comrades were hanged, their bodies buried beside the Fraser River. A century and a quarter later, in 1993, a justice inquiry revisited the "massacre." Judge Anthony Sarich heard how some Tsilhqot'in had been starved, threatened with smallpox, and assaulted. Tsilhqot'in leaders feared for the very survival of their people, which motivated the attacks. The new verdict: "Lhatsas'in and his men had acted honourably, and were to be posthumously pardoned.” Birchwater, S. (2000). 'WE MEANT WAR, NOT MURDER'. Beautiful British Columbia, 42(3), 46.

Tai Chi and its Benefits

Walking speed decreases with age and research suggests that it may be associated with an increased risk of falling. In only one study, however, was it found that individuals who practiced tai chi walked significantly more steps than individuals who did not. Walking is clearly associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other chronic illness, and so if tai chi can improve walking, then it's certainly worth giving it a try.

October 21st 2013


Fibromyalgia By Patricia Obasi, CNCSU.

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The Confluence - Sports

Fibromyalgia (FM) is one of the most common musculoskeletal disorders and is associated with high levels of impaired health and painful symptoms that frequently flair up without relief. The cause What is Tai Chi? of FM is unknown, and there is no known Tai Chi is a type of martial art very well known for its defense techniques and health cure. In a study of 39 subjects with FM who practiced tai chi twice weekly for six benefits. weeks (one-hour classes), it was found that Some Benefits of Tai Chi FM symptoms and health-related quality of life improved significantly after the study. Balance and falling This should be good news for individuals Most of the research on tai chi has been done in older individuals in the area of balance who suffer from this disorder. and fall prevention. This area of research is important because fall-related injuries are Stress the leading cause of death from injury and disabilities among older adults. The most serious fall injury is hip fracture; one-half of all older adults hospitalized for hip fracture The demands of living are stressful for never regain their former level of function. Because tai chi movements are slow and adults of all ages. Although one can't point deliberate with shifts of body weight from one leg to the other in coordination with up- to studies showing a reduction in stress per body movements (sometimes with one leg in the air), it challenges balance and one from practicing tai chi (although in one could speculate that it would help improve balance and reduce fall frequency. This has study subjects who practiced tai chi did been shown in some research. report that mental control was one of the benefits), the breathing, movement, and Fear of falling and improvement in self-confidence mental concentration required of indiIn an interesting twist on studies of falling, researchers found that the frequency of fear viduals who practice tai chi may be just of falling was reduced from 56% to 31% in a large group of adults 70 years and older the distraction you need from your hectic who practiced tai chi regularly. Confidence about not falling, and self-confidence in lifestyle. general, may be an unintended benefit of tai chi but one that is certainly worth pursuing. In a similar tai chi study of older adults, 54% of the subjects who practiced tai chi attributed their improved sense of confidence to improved balance Check with your doctor if you have a limiting musculoskeletal problem or mediStrength and endurance cal condition or if you take medications A recent study of adults in their 60s and 70s who practiced tai chi three times a week that can make you dizzy or lightheaded for 12 weeks (60-minute classes) were given a battery of physical-fitness tests to mea- — check with your doctor before starting sure balance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility before and after the 12 Tai Chi; given its excellent safety record, weeks. Statistically significant improvements were observed in all balance, muscular chances are that you'll be encouraged to strength and endurance, and flexibility measures after six weeks, and they increased try it. This is especially important if you further after 12 weeks. The authors of the study concluded that tai chi is a potent inter- are a pregnant woman or have serious vention that improved balance, upper- and lower-body muscular strength and endurphysical limitations, joint problems, back ance, and upper- and lower-body flexibility in older adults. pain or advanced osteoporosis. While such conditions do not preclude practicing tai Aerobic capacity chi, you may have to modify or avoid cerAerobic capacity diminishes as we age, but research on traditional forms of aerobic tain positions. exercise show that it can improve with regular training. In another meta-analytic study, researchers looked at seven studies focusing on the effects of tai chi on aerobic capacity in adults (average age 55 years). The investigators found that individuals who practiced Try a free class at the Chateau or ECRA tai chi for one year (classical yang style with 108 postures) had higher aerobic capacity Centre with Thomas Hindes, Tai chi inthan sedentary individuals around the same age. The authors state that tai chi may be an structor that uses Adaptive Qigong style of additional form of aerobic exercise. teaching tai chi.

October 21st 2013

BC Lions Introduce new Black Third Jersey

By Ryan Fournier, Contributor.

On August 17th the BC Lions Football Club had a surprise for the players when they were preparing to play the Calgary Stampeders at home. The players,

as well as the fans attending the game, had no idea about the surprise. The players got into their regular routine getting ready to head out onto the field at BC Place, wearing the usual orange home jerseys.

The Confluence - Sports

While the players where warming up for the game, the equipment staff got busy and started putting the new black third jerseys in the players locker room stalls. When the players came back into the locker room they were shocked to see new gunmetal-black third jerseys. The players were excited to have the new jerseys unveiled to them. When they got onto the field everyone in the crowd was shocked to see the jerseys, the Stampeders were impressed by the look of the new Lions third jersey. I didn’t really like the look of the jersey when I first saw it on TV. When I saw them up close, the ones the players worn on the field the night they played the Stampeders, I said, “WOW! They look awesome.”

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I just recently bought the jersey. I told my mom I wanted it for my Birthday, so she gave the money and I went to Jersey City and bought it. The jersey has been a really popular item for the Lions. Since it came out everybody has bought one. The Lions have only worn these jerseys twice and let me tell you they look awesome! I would recommend the jersey to anyone who is a fan, such as me.

Ryan Fournier holding a BC Lions Third Jersey

Sunday Best Recordings

By Mike Brigade, Contributor.

I really hated “Porter.” Its chief conceit, that women in a mental health facility are characters from fiction like Snow The first I heard of the English duo was the video of their first single, “Thou Shalt White or Dorothy Gale is cliché as hell Always Kill,” which went semi-viral a few years back. It was a breath of sardonic air and insultingly dismissive of mental health in an increasingly stale market: Dan Le Sac’s cheery, uncomplicated beats provided a issues. I found the song disturbingly counterpoint to Pip’s unrelenting take on contemporary culture. Formatted as a list patriarchal as well, in stark contrast to the of commandments, ranging from “thou shalt not drink coke products” to “thou shalt no put artists upon ridiculous pedestals” to the titular “thou shalt always kill,” the song rest of the duo’s repertoire, which usually managed to simultaneously eviscerate today’s highly-conscious and fickle pop culture as takes up arms against marginalization. I it embraced it with a knowing smirk and a salute. I say all of this, because “Thou Shalt may be missing some irony, but the whole Always Kill” was my first impression of the duo, and in many ways “You Will See Me,” song reeks of intellectual laziness and mass-appeal focus. It feels rushed, it isn’t from their recently released “Repent, Replenish, Repeat,” evokes the same blend of clever, and brings down the quality of the earnest emotion and wink-and-nod self-awareness. album. For such an angry song, on an album punctuated by dan le sac’s noisy, grimy, dubstepand-industrial-influenced beats, I found the song oddly moving and beautiful. Part of it Which is my chief complaint of the is Pip’s delivery: honest rage and angst at a lost love, tempered with a sense of his own album as a whole: the good tracks are great, but there is such a difference absurdity at not being able to get over it. It starts off with a subtle acknowledgement between the good tracks and the filler of ego, that the anonymous lover that propels the song couldn’t identify the speaker’s good qualities, and would see him get rich and famous alone. It soon swells to absurd, that it’s hard to listen to the whole thing desperate heights like, “I will make rivers run red in your anonymity,” as Pip’s delivery through. Overall, the album is still better than a lot of alternatives. For the most becomes more insistent, desperate for you to understand just how much he doesn’t part it’s smart, catchy, provocative and care about his lost love and will perform ludicrous acts to prove it. It’s a powerful passionate. I would recommend “Repent, piece, and dan le sac links it to their own success with a clean electronic sound that Replenish, Repeat” with some reservations evokes “Thou Shalt Always Kill” in a minor key. it if you’re into electronic music, hip-hop The rest of the album is okay. The singles “Stunner” and “Gold Teeth” have interesting or spoken word. It’s a mixed bag, and music, commentary on hip-hop and club culture, catchy choruses and quotable lines. is genuinely interesting in places, but is inconsistent in quality and doesn’t quite “Stunner” offers pragmatism and a realistic take on relationships and image. Like a gel into a cohesive album.

Repent, Replenish, Repeat 2013 –dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip

October 21st 2013

As for the rest, well... “Stiff Upper Lip,” falls somewhere between didactic and dumb, i.e. “Fuck the stiff upper lip, pick up a brick,” and probably won’t motivate its slacktivist target to any kind of action, let alone the political violence encouraged by the song. “Terminal,” is okay, it’s more of a spoken word poem about a break up than a song though. It isn’t bad by any means, but I find myself skipping ahead after a less than a minute. “Nightbus Sleepers” and “Heroism” are similar in sound, and lack the musical polish or lyrical sophistication of other tracks. Pretty typical filler tracks, nothing offensive, but one track really stood out:

The Confluence - Arts

Album art for Repent, Replenish, Repeat.

“Gold Teeth” is a straight up rant against superficiality and conspicuous consumption. It has a tolerable dubstep drop and conventional polish that could see it snuck into a club rotation by accident. I imagine it would go over pretty decently until people started listening to the lyrics.

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Triple-R Rap

lot of Pip’s solo work, “Stunner” pushes critical thinking and self-reflection as important and desirable traits, minus a lot of the didacticism I felt from “Distraction Pieces,” Pip’s last solo album. Dan le sac’s track here is probably the best on the album too: heavy and noisy without being obnoxious.

October 21st 2013

Wisdom Teeth: The Gory Days

By Carolina Rice, Contributor.

food immediately and Subway was the first place we saw. I can only remember telling the sandwich barista that I wanted lettuce, and then I awoke to being carried out to the car by my parents. Two days later the blood began again to pour from my nose again. Back to the hospital I went and this time they cauterized it. Early the next morning, the blood began again and this time it was pouring from my nose, as well as trickling from my ears and dripping from my eyes. I happened to glance in the mirror only to be horrified that I looked like I was a character in a horror movie. We immediately went to the hospital and the only solution was they had to pack my nose with a very long thin cotton pad. I screamed quite loud because it hurt a lot. I was also stoned on the drugs they gave me and all I wanted to do was fold doves out of paper cups.

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The Confluence - Arts

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed in their teens. It By now I was emotionally and physically is a procedure regularly performed in a dentist’s office and it is usually results in a few drained. I lost so much blood and was days of swelling, aching and bruising. My wisdom teeth removal was the single most dangerously close to a blood transfusion. harrowing experience of my life. My hemoglobin plummeted from a count Last October, my dentist told me my mouth was too small; therefore, I needed of one twenty to a count of eighty one to have surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. My dentist is located in Quesnel and, and I quickly learned that at a count of conveniently, the hospital is right across the street from his office. It was a dark foggy eighty requires a blood transfusion. I felt morning when I checked into the hospital. I changed into the beautiful blue gown they ugly and did not want to see anyone. I gave me and was then introduced to the anesthesiologist. Five, four, three‌ and that is lost twenty pounds and went from a size all I remember. I awoke to find a blonde nurse, who was wearing red lipstick, and when medium to a size extra small. I had to be she smiles I noticed it was all over her teeth. She handed me more gauze as I had blood on a liquid diet of clear fluids and food coming out of my mouth. After a while I was released and ready to go home. supplements. A week later the packing was removed. The pain was excruciating. Five days later I finally felt able to go to school. I began walking that morning and was starting to feel what I thought was a runny nose. I quickly learned that I had a nose The doctor had to remove dry blood from bleed and ran as fast as I could back home. Blood was pouring from my nose and from my ears and eyes. For the next couple of past experience I sat down on the toilet and tilted my head backwards. After getting it weeks I was not allowed any activities that under control, I opted not to go to school for the rest of the day. Later that afternoon it required physical exercise. I was not even allowed to walk the halls at school alone, started again. This time I was in the bathroom sink with the faucet running. for fear that I was still very weak and my The blood from my nose was competing with the running water. My mother was hemoglobin was still very low. It took six speaking to the 9-1-1 operator, who kept insisting that I sit down and tilt my head back. weeks for my hemoglobin to get back to Each time I tried to sit down the blood would pour from my nose into the back of my normal. An ordeal that should have only throat, and I would gag profusely and vomit into the sink. taken a few days to recover from took two months before I finally began to heal. This My blood would try to clot in my nose but the pressure was so intense that I was the worst experience of my life. was pulling out the blood clot to release the pressure. The paramedics arrived and immediately transported me to the hospital. I have this fear in the back of my mind that this will happened again if I ever have They attached a red bag over my nose and mouth, as well as a cold, wet cloth around to undergo another surgery. This time my neck and opening of the red bag. I will be much more prepared. I have At the hospital they finally got the bleeding to stop, and by now three hours had learned that every individual is different passed. They discovered that a blood vessel was broken due to a tube being inserted in and the outcome will not be the same for my nose for breathing during the surgery. They weighed the blood in the red bag and everyone. I may have lost wisdom but I it measured to be two cups. I am a petite girl and that much blood as well as the blood gained strength and confidence in myself. from the morning episode left me very weak. I fainted numerous times in the hospital and at Subway. I know that sounds strange but the doctor at the hospital told me to get

October 21st 2013

The Ones of Dread

On your bed In dead of night Hidden in your blankets Looking left and right

On your bed In dead of night You will scream You will fight

They aren’t appearing As mother said They don’t exist The things of dread

The ones of dripping Black and red The ones whose limbs hang Surely dead

But then you see them Then they’re there Phasing from your closet Under desk, bed and chair.

From corpses And tattered cloaks From dark things That fear evokes

The ones you’ve seen But disbelieved The ones who fled from light Leaving you relieved

So say goodbye You know what’s next Their hands reach out Covering eyes mouth and neck

The ones you tell to go away But listen will they not The ones who stole your sister The ones of dread and rot

But this is not The end for you Even when Your time is due

Closer glide the things Your time is drawing near Trying not to struggle Lest they kill you here

Fear not young one For you’ll be back When lights go out You’ll get to snack

The Confluence - Arts

By Jordi Hamilton, Contributor.

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In your bedroom On your bed Forever marked By ones of dread


The Communication Services team will pick the top 10 photos submitted

between September 3 and April 15 and hand out up to $1,000 in prizes. Who can enter

This contest is open to all current CNC students and employees at any campus of the College of New Caledonia. (Employees of the Communication Services Department cannot enter). The Fine Print

By entering CNC’s Share Your Shots photo contest, you agree to the following: By submitting your photo, you give unlimited and unrestricted permission for the College of New Caledonia to publish, exhibit, play, transfer and otherwise use the photos for marketing, administrative and educational purposes. The College also has the right to use and reproduce the image for free in any media for promotional materials. You must have permission to take the photo of the selected individuals in the photo, and have their permission to enter the photo in the contest. Your photo entry must include caption, date contact and location information. Entries must be an original work taken by the person submitting the photo. Colour or black-and-white photos are permitted. Portrait or landscape layouts are both acceptable. Photos must be appropriate for general audiences. The College reserves the right to reject any and all submissions. To be eligible, digital photos must be submitted in JPEG format no smaller than 1 MB but no larger than 10 MB with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. All suitable photos will be displayed online at Winners will be posted online and will be contacted by email. To enter send your photo to with the subject line Share Your Shots and your name. In your email, include; your full name, email address, phone number, and department or program, and photo caption information.

Questions? Contact us at 250-561-5859 or Contest Closes: April 15, 2014

The Confluence Issue 36  
The Confluence Issue 36