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Keeping employers out of trouble in California since 2005 It’s a fact in business. If you have employees, at some point, you will have employee issues that need to be handled. Today’s business environment demands that you employ human resources expertise to ensure you are taking the best course of action for your company and your workforce. But for most small to medium-sized businesses, having a full-time human resources department is not financially feasible. That’s where South Bay HR can help. Since 2005, South Bay HR has been helping growing companies throughout southern California avoid risk, recruit the best talent, handle the time drainer of benefits administration and stay on the right side of California’s complex labor laws. Company president Lori Burzminski says many smaller businesses don’t realize the risk they are taking by not prioritizing HR issues. “You don’t have to be a big employer to have an employee file a claim

or encounter another problem that puts your business at risk,” says Burzminski. The majority of California Labor Code applies to all companies, large and small, and being out of compliance can have a dire effect on the bottom line. “One lawsuit can wipe out a small business,” says Burzminski. “And even if you can survive the financial implications, it’s very difficult to undo the damage of bad public relations, externally and internally within the company.” The majority of employees do not cause problems, but business owners need to be aware that they do not have control over what employees might do. Compliance is key to protecting a business. One of the services South Bay HR provides is a compliance audit. For businesses with no or few HR procedures in place, it serves as a great starting point. The compliance audit helps determine what is being done and what needs to be done to make sure the business is operating in accordance with California Labor Code.

Lori Burzminski, President

IF YOU HAVE EMPLOYEES, AT SOME POINT, YOU WILL HAVE EMPLOYEE ISSUES. FOR MOST BUSINESSES, HAVING A FULL-TIME HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT IS NOT FINANCIALLY FEASIBLE. THAT’S WHERE SOUTH BAY HR CAN HELP. From the audit, next steps can be developed and prioritized to get the company on the right track, including developing an employee handbook customized to the client’s needs. South Bay HR delivers quality professional human resources and recruiting services, plus clients enjoy peace of mind, and a personalized service model that small and medium-sized companies crave. Services are contracted hourly or per project, and the company’s expertise extends far beyond simply what must be done by law. South Bay HR helps clients adopt best practices to create more efficient and productive work environments that improve employee morale.

For customized human resources and recruiting solutions, visit or call 800-797-2125, ext. 101 be ver lyhil ls t heguid e .com I B E V E R L Y H I L L S T H E G U I D E I 37

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