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Inspection Quarterly Winter 2014

Volume 1, Issue 1

Who We Are inspections and hold a national endorsement as a Home Inspector with the A merica n Societ y of Home Inspe ctors ( AS H I) a nd Natio nal Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI) credentials. We are also State-Certified as an Inspector/Evaluator for onsite wastewater treatment systems. As a credentialed ASHI mold inspector, our business can help you identify toxic health-destroying molds versus common fungi.

Inside this issue: 10 Common Home 2 Inspection Problems Onsite Wastewater


Inspections The Future of Pre-Inspections


Meet the Team


Proudly serving the Central Missouri Counties of Audrain Boone Callaway Cole Cooper Howard Randolph ...and many

We are a family-owned and operated business located in Columbia, Missouri. At Central Missouri Home Inspections, we want to offer you the satisfaction of knowing that one of the most important decisions you can make….owning a reached with comfort of mind.

Our reports are detailed and contain photos with a summary of noticeable concerns. We offer weekend and evening hours to fit our clients needs and likewise, encourage our clients to do walk-through with us at the end of the inspection.

Your home or building’s structure and other elements are important to preserving the safety of your family. We specialize in a variety of real estate

Many home and business owners have turned to CMHI, LLC., so you owe it to yourself to see why.

Reflections on 2013 2013 brought about a lot of new clients, new realtor friends and on a personal level, the purchase of our own home to renovate and modernize to meet 21st Century appeal. Studying for and taking the National Exam for Home Inspections as part of on-going continuing education

credits and for advancement in the business was necessary. Passing it on the first try was a bonus!

"Marketing increasing




a great beginning and look forward to what 2014 will bring! We have worked hard to make sure our clients and realtors are satisfied

CMHI was paramount to


business growth and at the


top of CMHI goals for 2013.

It all made for an

exciting year. We're off to



to our

commitment to “Helping You



American dream.”

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The 10 Most Common Home Inspection Problems Part







educate people on the more commonly identified items of concern typically found in a home inspections and, in concert, to highlight some possible corrective measures 1. Faulty





boxes, amperage mismatches, no wire nuts on wires. THE CURE: Fix junction boxes; upgrade to at least 100 amps. 2. Poor grading and drainage - spongy soil around the foundation, signs of leaking in basement. THE CURE: Re-grade so that grounds slopes away from house for 10 feet; remove porous material around foundation. 3. Faulty gutters - clogged or bent gutters, water not channeled away fr om ho use . THE CURE: Preventive maintenance; gutters of adequate size, splash pans to divert run-off.

4. Basement dampness water stains, powdery residue on walls, mold or mildew. THE CURE: Repair gutters to channel water away from house; apply waterproof coatings to basement. 5. Roof problems - brittle or curled shingles; broken or missing flashing. THE CURE: Apply new shingle or tear off if needed (usually after three re-roofs); replacing flashings, especially around the chimneys and other protrusions. 6. Foundation flaws - cracks in foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors and windows. THE CURE: Fill cracks with silicon caulking or epoxy; apply waterproof coating to exterior. 7. Poor upkeep - needs repainting, worn carpeting, cracked driveway. THE CURE: give the house a minor facelift. 8. Faulty Plumbing - inadequate water pressure, slow drains, signs of

leaks on ceilings. THE CURE: Clean and rout drains; reseat toilet with new wax ring, repair leaks. 9. Poor Ventilation - extreme heat in attic, vapor condensation. THE CURE: Ensure that roof soffits are not blocked; install additional roof vents; vent bathroom and kitchen fans outside. 10. Defective heating - cracks in the heat exchanger or water tank; carbon monoxide leaks. THE CURE: Reseal chimney flues; replace sacrificial anode in water heater.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Inspections An estimated 25% of homes in Missouri rely on an onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS) in area where public sewers are not available. Onsite systems treat wastewater and disperse it on the property where it is generated. When functioning properly, onsite systems prevent human contact with sewage, and prevent contamination of surface and groundwater. Factors that affect the proper functioning on onsite systems include the site and soil conditions, design, installation, operation and maintenance. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has set minimum state standards for OWTS. These standards cover new systems and major changes to existing systems. Some examples of major changes are replacing a sewage tank, and replacing or expanding an absorption field. These standards became effective in January 1996. Generally, a permit must be obtained before starting construction or repair work. However, certain residential properties may be exempt from state permitting requirements. When authority is based on local ordinance, regulation can be more restrictive than the state standard; check with your local authority. In most counties, the local health department issues OWTS construction permits. In the other counties, the authority is another agency, such as a sewer district, building department, or planning and zoning department. Public health and the environment are protected when new systems are constructed, and failing systems are repaired and replaced, using criteria equal to or better than Missouri’s Minimum Construction Standards. Homeowner understanding of the need for regular maintenance and proper operation of their onsite sewage system is important for long-term system performance and public health protection. Central Missouri Home Inspections main inspector, Keith Proctor, is a licensed Onsite System Inspector/Evaluator through the State of Missouri.

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Pre-Inspected Listings, The Future of Real Estate Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties – purchasers, vendors and Realtors. All Parties are Aware BEFORE the Deal is made. Home inspections, performed as a condition of the offer, can kill deals. Sometimes it’s because the purchaser gets cold feet, there’s a big problem or because the house has been misrepresented or sometimes it’s because the home inspector scared the purchasers by not explaining that minor and typical problems are just that – minor and typical. If the home inspection is performed prior to the house being listed, all parties will be aware of the physical condition of the house before an offer is drawn. There will be no surprises after the fact. Pre-inspected Listings Avoid Renegotiation In a buyers’ market, most houses have to be sold twice. It takes a lot of work to get a signed Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Then the home inspection is done and the purchaser wants to renegotiate. If all parties know the condition of the house prior to the offer, there is no need for renegotiation. As most real estate agents know,

renegotiation is very difficult. Vendors have already mentally sold the house; purchasers are suffering buyers’ remorse. Egos, pride and frustration can muddy the already emotional waters.

For the Purchaser

There is no doubt that part of the value of a home inspection is a guided tour of the house for the p r o s p e c t i ve p u r c ha s e r . T h e inspection company can return to A vendor who pays for a home do a walk-through with the inspection will be further ahead than purchaser, if requested. one who has to renegotiate. He or she may even sell the house Reputable faster. Inspection Companies According to the National Unrealistic Vendors Pre-inspected listings Association of Realtors

will only have value if An inspection at the (NAR), 77 percent of time of listing can also the home inspection homebuyers had a home help a Realtor deal with a company is perceived inspection prior to vendor who has unrealistic to be reputable, expectations. The purchasing their home. qualified and properly inspection report is good insured. Prospective ammunition for explaining purchasers will have why you can’t ask top little or no faith in a report done by bucks for a house which is not in top condition. someone they perceive to be in the vendors’, or Realtors’ pocket. Repairs Prior To Sale


a reputable, qualified, and properly

insured inspector to show intent, Sometimes, the home inspection will credibility, and good faith towards reveal items which should be repaired the sale of the home. immediately. A pre-inspected listing allows the vendor to repair the problem Summary prior to putting the house on the market. We believe that the future of If the inspection occurs after the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, the purchaser could walk, renegotiate or, depending on the inspection clause, the vendor may have the option to repair. A repair done by an unmotivated vendor may not be the best repair and may not meet the purchasers’ expectations.









cleaner and deals are less likely to be renegotiated or fall through. Preinspected listings afford purchasers, vendors




information and protection they all deserve.

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Meet the CMHI Team Keith Proctor is a native of Boone County, Missouri and has over 35 years experience in home construction, remodeling, plumbing and electrical. He holds an Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems Inspector/Evaluator certification through the State of Missouri. As an American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) inspector, Keith will work for you and assist you in understanding your new home. Rhonda Stone is also a native of Boone County, Missouri and has over 30 years in marketing, communications, grant writing and public relations experience. She supports the office needs of the company, assists with report writing and scheduling of inspections. Keith has given her the official title of “CEO of Office Technology” which translates into “why isn’t the website working..and can you fix it?” They met in 2nd grade at Harrisburg Elementary School and graduated together from the same school. As Keith likes to joke, “She won’t leave me alone!!” Both are active in the community and serving Boone County. Keith is currently appointed to the Building Code Commission and Rhonda is currently a member of the Board of Adjustments. When they aren’t working on inspections, they enjoy their little hobby farm which houses dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, pheasants and coming soon...goats. Keith has even earned a reputation of delivering a dozen farm fresh eggs to his clients at their appointment. We hope you enjoyed this quarterly newsletter. Please visit our website at centralmissouri or ‘like’ us on Facebook. Our team is here to help educate you in making your American Dream of owning a home a reality. CMHI welcomes your feedback on this newsletter. If you have particular items you'd like to see in it, contact us at

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