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Forgotten Friend





#1 Lethal Lizard

Each year we slither into hundreds of Arizona’s Gila (hee-luh) Monster may be slow, and events with our extraordinary brand soft around the edges, but he’s the only venomous of animal edutainment, and we hope lizard in the United States. your group will be next. Our snakes, lizards, turtles and crocs visit assemblies, classrooms, churches, scouts, community events, and many other venues. We bring learning to life with fifteen live reptiles from around the world. Our interactive shows are crawling with fun and laughter, presented by Forgotten Friend’s founder, herpetologist, author, photographer and certified class clown, Jesse Rothacker. HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE Our reptiles are quite sociable, and our colorful Corn Snakes are especially amicable for supervised touching. We also bring touchable turtle shells, reptile eggs, and snake skins to each event, and provide hand sanitizer to promote good clean fun. Achieving biological and environmental science standards has never been so exciting!

DESIGN YOUR OWN PROGRAM With programs available for many venues, we customize every show. Here are a few of the options we offer: •

Standard rates for 1-hour shows or discounted rates for multiple shows.

FREE colorful educational handouts.

Enjoy our classic program, or mix it up with our “Reptile Detective” interactive clue show (as seen at 50+ libraries!).

Special encouraging message for church programs (Eph. 2:10).

Carefully formulated silliness for every age group.


Forgotten Friend is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rescue and education organization. Since 2004 we have teamed up with animal shelters and authorities throughout our region to find better homes for thousands of unwanted or abandoned pet reptiles. REPT


#2 Was it a Worm? The Eastern Worm Snake is a small mystery. As one of Pennsylvania’s tiniest animals, he spends most of his life underground.

Educational outreach is essential to equipping future generations with mindsets of conservation and animal-appreciation. We reach millions of families with our positive message through community visits, TV and radio programming, and online fun and learning.

As a private nonprofit organization, Forgotten Friend receives no governmental funding. The rescue is home to about fifty animals which eat lots of fresh produce, bugs and rodents! Most of our reptiles are permanent residents, while others are available for adoption. Our outreach programs serve as the main fundraiser for our organization, as well our connection with the next generation. Jesse and the reptiles REPT ILE FUN FACT have been featured #3 Ascending Serpent on WGAL 8, The Black Rat Snake is CBS 21, ABC constantly reaching new heights. Measuring 6-7 feet 27, FOX 43, and long, PA’s longest snake other media outlets can either climb or crawl his way through woodland around the state habitats. and nation. Each week you can listen for Jesse’s “Reptile Fun Facts” on the award-winning “Kid’s Cookie Break” radio show on WJTL FM 90.3. Jesse has authored stories for national publications like Reptiles Magazine, Magazine and contributed nature articles and photos about Pennsylvania’s native species for Lancaster Newspapers. “I hope our rescue and education work will continue to draw children and adults into the magical and mysterious world of reptiles!” —Jesse Rothacker, Forgotten Friend Founder

M AI N More than 8,000 reptile species inhabit the earth, on every continent but Antarctica! Look for 15 of these reptiles at our shows:



Corn Snakes Florida King Snake California King Snake Hognose Snake* Milk Snakes Rat Snakes* Gopher Snakes Box Turtle* American Alligator * denotes PA native species!

Red Tail Boa Constrictor Green Iguana Tegu Lizard Yellow Anaconda


Legless Lizard


AFRICA Sulcatta Tortoise Ball Python Leopard Gecko Nile Monitor Lizard Savannah Monitor Lizard

Bearded Dragon Jungle Carpet Python


Burmese Python



#4 Snappy Supper The Alligator Snapping Turtle is a real jaw-dropper. He hunts by opening his mouth, wiggling his worm-like tongue, and waiting for supper to swim right in!

Our educational shows are crawling with fun, laughter and learning. We feature reptiles from around the world, as well as native species from your own backyard. Each program showcases fifteen different animals, including all four families of reptiles: snakes, lizards, turtles, and crocodilians. Our rescue is home to about fifty reptiles, so you never know which fifteen will appear at your show! However, you can always count on seeing one of our giant Boa Constrictors or Pythons at the end of each show!





Range #5 Home Sweet Home

#6 Hungry Hatchlings There’s nothing like young independence. Like most reptiles, Corn Snakes emerge from the egg as orphans and learn to survive on their own.


Millions have laughed and learned with us. Here’s what a few of them had to say: “Thank you so much for coming in today! The students and teachers have been raving about your program all afternoon. It was outstanding. I will be in contact with you at the beginning of next school year to set up another program. —Jocelyn Coy, 5th Grade Teacher, Shippensburg Area Intermediate School REPT


#7 Cool Communicator Bearded Dragons are big on body language. They darken their beards and bob their heads in order to get their point across.

“Our second graders absolutely loved your Reptile Program. You are an excellent speaker, full of interesting information and fun to listen to (just the right kind of humor for young children).” —Diane Dangro, Second Grade Teacher, Letort Elementary

“Fantastic job on Saturday [at the Kids Cookie Break Pool Party]. What a great turnout and you were super. Thanks again.” —Fred McNaughton, WJTL FM 90.3, Station Manager, AKA “Phredd” - “Another summer, another smash hit for you and your Friends. Your program gets better every year and it’s really great to see it grow, as well as how comfortable and engaging you are with the children and their familes. Thanks for sharing your gifts and your talents and helping us promote literacy.” —George Matthew, Children’s Director, Guthrie Memorial Library “Thank you so much for the wonderful, informative and interactive program you presented at our Library during our Summer Reading. ‘Reptile Detectives’ was so much fun for the kids! You really had a good rapport with all our patrons and staff and I appreciated your patience with the children.” —Sandrah Moles, Head of Children’s Services, Lower Providence Community Library “You are awesome!! We had over 200 people (the most we’ve ever had for anything) on Monday and you never missed a beat! Great crowd control. The info you shared was wonderful. I loved the [Reptile Detective] game. —Barbara Virtue, Dillsburg Library More reviews online at


The proceeds from our outreach programs make our rescue efforts possible, and we strive to offer competitive rates to fit your budget. We recommend our show for audiences between 25 and 100 people, although group size is unlimited and we often visit much bigger or smaller groups. We provide our own professional sound equipment at every event, or we can plug into your sound system. The rate for a one-hour program and mileage to _______________________ is______________, with additional hours available at _______________. CHECK DATE AVAILABILITY ONLINE 24-7 OR GIVE US A CALL Our Online Calendar lets you easily compare your schedule with ours -- any time, day or night -- at Just find an open date and ask us to put your name on it.

WE’D LOVE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS AND MAKE YOUR EVENT GO WILD! 717.330.3015 ~ Act fast to reserve your date!






#9 Bold and Beautiful

#8 Playing Hardball Ball Pythons are not very confrontational. When retreat is not an option, they simply roll themselves into a ball.

Poison Dart Frogs like to stand out in a crowd, with bright colors that advertise their toxic skin.

Animal Photos and Fun Facts by Jesse Rothacker. All Rights Reserved.



Snakes don’t have eye lids, but Costa Rica’s Eyelash Viper displays gorgeous eye lashes.

#10 A Real Eye Opener


Reptile Sanctuary

Forgotten Friend

Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary Promo Booklet  

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