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Clifton Merchant Magazine • Volume 11 • Issue 6 • June 3, 2005

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On June 22, at 6:30 pm at Clifton Schools Stadium, the members of the CHS Class of 2005 will take the field to participate in the annual commencement ceremonies. This month’s magazine celebrates the achievements of these students and shares stories of their hopes and future plans...

…on our cover

Go Forth with Ambition! Congratulations to the

Class of 2005

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

It Was Just Yesterday ––– By Tom Hawrylko –––


ook at the faces on our cover or page through the magazine and it is likely you will see a young man or woman you know. It was just yesterday that these kids, now on the cusp of adulthood, were simply precious youngsters. Today as they prepare to go to college, enter the working world or ship off for a hitch in the military, a parent can’t help but be wistful. My son Thomas is graduating, one of the 720 or so who will take part in the CHS commencement on June 22. Academic pursuits were never his favorite pastime but he is certainly a great student of life. Articulate and a good employee, Thomas is still undecided on a specific future path. That’s OK as he enjoys outdoor work and talking to people. My wife Cheryl and I are confident he’ll find his way. For now, he’ll split his time between work and study at the community college, then figure it out from there. We are proud of all he has learned, the opportunities he has created and the strong and loving person Thomas has always been. That’s why this edition is always one of my favorites as we get to meet kids like my son, who are growing, maturing and evolving. 16,000 MAGAZINES are distributed to hundreds of Clifton Merchants the first Friday of Every Month. HOME DELIVERY $15/year in Clifton $25/year out of town CALL 973-253-4400 entire contents copyright 2005 © tomahawk promotions

This illustration was created by Jennifer Romanek, a student at Passaic County Technical Institute in Wayne who for now, despite her artistic abilities, has decided to study Criminal Justice at Passaic County Community College.

Their dreams, hopes and wishes are detailed on the following pages, as are their memories of the good times they shared with friends and family over the last dozen or so years. It is an amazing collection of photos, stories, comments and infor-

mation that we at Clifton Merchant Magazine proudly present. One final note: much of what you read on the following pages was coordinated by my son Joseph, a 2003 CHS grad who has evolved much since his commencement.

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EDITOR & PUBLISHER Tom Hawrylko BUSINESS MANAGER Cheryl Hawrylko GRAPHIC DESIGNER Andre Olave WRITERS Jack DeVries, Joe Torelli, Fran Hopkins, Raymond Tulling, Daniel Wolfe, Frank Santamassino, Gary Anolik, Joe Hawrylko Clifton Merchant • June 2005


The ‘05 CHS Everyperson ––––––––––– Story by Joe Hawrylko –––––––––––


ith a graduating class of about 720, many CHS grads may not even know half of the students on the field with them. However, one face most everyone will recognize is Senior Class President Vanessa Williams. For the last two years, she was the President of the Student Council Association (SCA), working as an advocate for over 3,200 students as she dealt with CHS administration. Her resume goes a little deeper: Williams was Freshman Class President, has been a member of the Interact Club, ERASE Club and the Student Advisory Committee, logged many volunteer hours and worked at the Boys & Girls Club. Despite this full schedule, she still hits the books hard, maintaining a 93 GPA and was a four-year Distinguished Academic Award recipient. “Keeping involved is important because high school is four years of your life. I like being able to get the ball rolling on projects.” Williams said of her role as the student’s chief political voice. “Plus, I get to meet a lot of different people.” “Vanessa is a tremendous student leader and I absolutely see bright things for her in the future,” commented Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael Rice. Despite being a bit of a politician as the SCA President, she has two feet firmly planted on the ground. She can be described as the CHS


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Everyperson. The always-smiling Williams remains easily accessible to students and her hard work and dedication to her job has earned her the respect of her peers. “Between Homecoming, meeting with Dr. Rice and Mr. Cannici and our other projects, I had a lot of fun and did a lot of work,” Williams added as she described the SCA’s accomplishments. “However, the most fun but stressful event was the Talent Show. I got to meet so many students that I really didn’t know but now recognize because of their talents.” Although obviously a bit of a socialite, Williams acknowledged that it is much easier to communicate with people due to her ethnicity. “Being biracial helps break down barriers,” added Williams, who is of Dominican, Irish and Russian decent. “It allows me to relate to a lot of people. I feel like I’m friends with everyone.” Her friends are by no means limited by race, creed or skin color. On any given day, you’ll find Williams amongst her peers, whose diversified backgrounds account for many cultures and languages represented in the evolving community of Clifton. “It’s nice living in a melting pot like Clifton,” Williams said of her

hometown. “It helps you get a feel for the real world.” However, as much as she likes Clifton, there are some things Williams would like to see change. She noted that because CHS is so large and packed, there is a rudeness which can sometimes permeate the building, making for an air of disrespect. People become rude, aggressive and self-centered in the hallways. “Manners are very important and at times people don’t have any,” she said.

“She is the first person I call and she comes through every time. Vanessa is an extraordinary person.” –Boys & Girls Club Assistant Executive Director Bob Foster

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Even with the negatives, Williams wouldn’t trade her experience at CHS for anything. She said the crowded atmosphere played a part in her college selection process. “It really grew on me, so now I need to go to a big school.” With an enrollment of almost 35,000, she decided that Rutgers in New Brunswick was just big enough to keep her occupied as she looks forward to the new challenges that await her there. She’s considering taking up rowing or fencing and is certain she will take her political career into the college level. However, if it were not for the help of an employer, who was also happened to be her mentor, Williams may have not had the opportunity to attend the school of her choice. “Bob Foster at the Boys & Girls Club was a huge help,” noted Williams, who attended CCMS. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have any scholarships. He’s the greatest!” Foster had similar praise for his employee, calling her his ‘turn-to girl’.

“She’s not a follower—Vanessa is a leader in every sense of the word,” said Foster. “If I need help with an event, she is the first person I call and she comes through every time. Vanessa is an extraordinary person.” While at Rutgers, Williams plans to major in either International Relations and English, possibly even double majoring, while minoring in Organizational Leadership, studies that are perfectly suited to her outgoing personality. “I want to travel the world, especially to Austria and Italy,” noted Williams, who hinted at a job as a museum curator as a possibility in her future. However, she let the cat out of the bag on her dream job. “Some day, I want to work for the United Nations.”



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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Who influenced you the most during your high school years?

Jennifer Gipitulan: My grandmother and my parents, who always gave me their love and sup-

port. Also my two best friends, Shannon and Vanessa, who were there for me through thick and thin, tears and laughs, giving me the best memories. I love you girls! Kendra Gil: My family has been a great influence throughout my high school years, as my guidance and my fortress. My closest friends, Maysa Daqhash and Jonathan Surita, have also been a great help through the turbulent high school years. Finally, Mrs. Rooney and Mrs. Jones, my freshman teachers for Algebra I and Foods and Nutrition, have challenged me intellectually in academics and life.

Michael Covin: My parents, who have always encouraged me and were always proud when I achieved success in and out of school.

Natalia Pierog: My mother and my brother. I love them with my whole heart and I’m thankful that they were always there for me. Geoff Goodell: Mr. Groh and his “Problem or Inconvenience.”

Reyna Lima: My parents, who were always there...I trust them and they believe in me. They taught me to have faith in God, that there is always a way out, a solution for everything. My teachers, especially Mrs. Dutch, Mr. Levit, Mr. Dionisio, Mrs. Singer and last but not least Mrs. Sterensak, as well as all of my friends, each influenced me in a different and constructive way. Laura Peskosky: My parents and relatives have been nothing but supportive and always encouraged me to do my best... friends, who have always been by my side. Finally, my teachers, Mr. Doktor, who has been an outstanding teacher and coach of mine for four years, Mr. Lessler, who made me see that every day means something and Ms. Craig, who taught me to live each day to its fullest and to have fun while doing it.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


Jennifer Romanek: My parents were my main influences , however, I had two outstanding teachers that became close friends. My art teacher, Mrs. Schulman, was like a second mother to me and Mr. Greenwood, who was just simply a great teacher and person.

Leila Halwani: My mom has been the most influential person in my life. Through her strength and sagacity I have learned that the outcome of my dreams is in my hands and that through hard work and dedication my dreams can come true. Katerna Dimitratos: Mrs. Dennison. Her history class is what influenced my decision on a career in international relations and law. Vanessa Garcia: My friends have been a constant support system. They’ve always been there for me and helped me become the person I am today. My mom has also been a great influence. She’s never held me back from my dreams and always encouraged me to work hard.

Elizabeth Post: My mom has influenced me the most. She’s always the person that loves me regardless of what anyone else thinks. She’s been there to guide me and motivate me in everything. She’s my counselor, my best friend and my number one fan. I know she’s got my back and will always be with me through it all. I Love her for what she has done and will continue to do for me.

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Jennifer Medina: Mrs. Birch. She was very supportive of all my decisions and was always there when I needed help on something. Mrs. Puzio and Mr. Oster from CCMS were also major influences.

Andrew Omelczuk: It’s not just one person who aided me along the way but several. Mr. Neff, Mr. Contorino and Mr. Dinisio, my best Christian brothers. Mrs. Gaccione whose heroism and poise inspires me... Mrs. Carson and Mr. Groh, who were the most inspirational. I’ve always been around great people and I love all my friends. Thank you all!

Snehal Patel: Mrs. Allen, who I had freshman year. She still is very motivating, telling me to strive for my goals. She has been there to talk to whenever I need something and is willing to make time for me.

Kyle Black-Smith: Mr. Lotito. I learned so much from him, not only about the subject he taught, but about life. He was always there if you needed help with anything.

Nicole Krzysik: My parents influenced me during high school because they pushed me to always strive to do my best, be patient and your opportunities will come.

Jon Whiting: Ralph Cinque, my hero since I was eight, when he was a star football player at CHS. I’m going to live by his quote, “Reach for the stars.”

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Class of 2005! Best of luck in your future endeavors, from all of us at Re/Max.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant



Tenor Sierra M


usic saved Christopher Sierra. A tenor who has performed on stages ranging from the JFK auditorium to Carnegie Hall (where he and the CHS Concert Choir will perform again on June 12), Sierra will attend Westminster Choir College in Princeton. Sierra explained that he was labeled a ‘Special Ed’ student at an early age “and as the years progressed, I realized that we must deal with such circumstances, for that is life. I refused to be trapped. In search of a way out, I found my savior: Music.” It all started in School 14 kindergarten. “We were singing solos about the seasons and when it was my turn, My teacher, Mrs. Caro, asked me to sing it again,” recalled Sierra. “I was sent to the music teacher after that.” Since that time, he continued to use his instrument, “my voice” amassing an impressive resume, perhaps the top honor was selection for the Sound of America 2006, a tour to perform on the stages of European capitols next year. At Westminister, Sierra will double major in music education and voice. From there, he expects to go to the Julliard School of Music for his Masters and to Yale for a Doctorate in Voice. One goal is to teach at the college level. Another? “I’d like to be famous some day,” he admitted, noting his aim is to be a soloist on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House. “That is every vocalist’s dream.”

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Head in the Clouds ––––––––––– Story by Sanket Shah –––––––––––


s he considers the paths after he receives his diploma at the CHS graduation ceremony, Adam Klapacz has his sights on the skies. He recently gained admission into one of the nation’s top aeronautical schools, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida, where he would like to study the science, practice, and business of aviation, aerospace and related technologies. However, paying for tuition is an issue so another way to reach for the skies is being considered “I am also looking at the Air Force in the fall,” said the soft spoken 18 year old who expects to become a citizen soon. “I would love to go to Embry but I would have to take loans as my parents do not have the money to pay for tuition,”

After being born and raised through his early years in Poland, Klapacz and his family relocated to Clifton when he was turning 13. “I have always wanted to be successful in what I want to do,” said Klapacz,

reflecting on the move to America. “I have opportunities here that I would not have had in Poland.” While dedicated to a career which will keep him in the clouds, Klapacz is also extremely down to earth. He works at Walgreens in Passaic as a photo specialist and has made honor roll at CHS numerous times. A major source of inspiration, besides his hard working parents, was his sophomore year English teacher, Mr. Ashworth. “He was the greatest,” Klapacz said of his mentor. “Mr. Ashworth taught me how to survive in high school and how not to get caught up in all the drama that high school can bring.” Reflecting on his experiences and opportunities here in Clifton, Klapacz is grateful: “I have a pretty decent teenage life.”

We Salute All the 2005 CHS Grads!

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Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary 12

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


Where will you be in September, 2005?

Allison Murray: I will be at Penn State University. I knew I wanted a big school that was sports oriented and when I visited the campus they had everything. The campus is so huge and the football games are so awesome. Debra DeVito: At The College of New Jersey. Megan Lake: I will be attending Rutgers University in New Brunswick, studying History/ Political Science. I decided to go to Rutgers because I will receive an excellent education, while not being too far from home. Marisa Marco: In September I will be attending Ramapo College. I chose Ramapo because it’s a really good school and has a beautiful campus. Even though I’ll be living there it’s still close enough to come home whenever I want.

Jonathan Borrajo: I will be at George Mason University in Virginia on a Division I soccer scholarship. Leila Halwani: I will be attending Rutgers University. Robert Ryerson: In September, I will be at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Sara Woodruff: I will be attending Rutgers University College of Nursing with my roomie Anna Broniszewski. Snehal Patel: I will be at Rutgers New Brunswick working towards my Doctorate in Pharmacy. Amanda Znutas: I’ll be attending the University of Connecticut. Elizabeth Post: I will be attending Monmouth University, where I will major in Psychology. I will be on the Division I Track and Field team as a thrower.

Thomas Jacobus: Springfield College in MA where I will major in Athletic Training. Tom Hawrylko: Bergen County Community College and working. Jenna Ricciardi: I will be at Seton Hall University. Christina Wos: In Rutgers New Brunswick where I will be surrounded by some old friends while making plenty of new ones.

Congratulations Class of 2005!

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Mark Stuart

Jennifer Diaz

Jon Whiting

Laura Myers

Sara Dubnoff: Away at Penn State University.

Fiorella Maura: Bergen County Community College.

Nicole Krzysik: I will be at the University of Virginia because it was the only campus I felt comfortable at. I fell in love with everything there.

Mark Stuart: John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Luis Miranda: Most likely attending Caldwell College. Geoff Goodell: In South Carolina attending Coastal Carolina University. Nicole Bisco: I will be attending and playing soccer at either Monmouth or Hofstra University. Jennifer Diaz: Rowan University, majoring in Journalism and minoring in Spanish. Laura Myers: Monmouth University in West Long Branch where I will study Special Education and English. I will also run track. Natalia Pierog: Majoring in Nursing at Bloomfield College on a full athletic scholarship for volleyball.

Kendra Gil: Rutgers, for Business Accounting. Jon Whiting: I will attend East Stroudsburg University. Marta Leja: The College of New Jersey dorming with Nicole Lavender. Joey Ajia: Seton Hall University. Lindsay Thompson: Monmouth University, majoring in Special Education.

Luis Miranda

Laura Peskosky: I will be at Felician College where I will major in Graphic Design. I will also be a middle hitter/blocker on the volleyball team. Alison Jonkman: At Kean University majoring in Elementary Education. Joey Musleh: At BCCC with my best buddy Tommy Hawrylko. Reyna Lima: At BCCC and then I will be transferring to Rutgers to complete my study of medicine or become a missionary, whatever God’s will is for me.

Renata Koziol: Attending Boston University. Matt Sagui: At Montclair State. Michael Bandurski: Attending BCCC for a degree in Criminal Justice. Brittani Scott: Seton Hall. 1317

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

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Nicole Lavender: I will be double-majoring in Secondary Education and Mathematics at The College of New Jersey, where Marta Leja and I will dorm together.

Danielle Solomon

Brian Bychek

Danielle Solomon: I will be at Boston College in September. Marie Leticia Rivera: Studying fashion at Berkeley College. Brian Bychek: I will attend William Paterson University. Kayla Devlin: Rider University. Douglas Ciallella: I will be attending St. Joseph’s University. Valentina Modola: I will be working full time to save money for BCCC in January. Sylwia Tomaszkowicz: My college experience will begin at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Ashley Provino

Dan Feghhi

Jess Marrero

Megan Fitzpatrick: At Manhattan College in NYC majoring in Elementary and Special Education.

Rachel Markovich: I will be attending Immaculata University, majoring in Music Therapy.

Lynda Cadorin: I will be at East Stroudsburg University.

DeAnna Vecchio: At Pace University in New York City.

Ashley Provino: Berkeley College, majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management.

Paul “Boink” Boyko: At Basic Training, in Arizona or Texas.

Alexandra Scordilis: College in Rutgers.


Amanda Curtiss: In Manhattan at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where I will study Forensic Psychology. I will also be in the Coast Guard Reserves. Sarah LaScala: William Paterson University. Jessica Russell: I will be attending Hofstra University. Adam Bartlett: Salle University.

Attending La

Ronald Zambrano: At Either BCCC or Engine City.

Elizabeth Nelson: NYU where I will study nursing. Danah Alburo: William Paterson.

Nursing at

Jess Marrero: The University of Miami, but most importantly, I’ll be on the beach getting tan. Nicole Tahan: At Kean University studying Broadcasting. Timarra Brown: University of Maryland: Eastern Shore majoring in Pre-Med to become an OBGYN. Dan Feghhi: Attending Rutgers at New Brunswick. Amanda Esposito: College in Newton, MA.



Since 1961


Jennifer Gipitulan: I will be at Delaware Valley College in Pennsylvania with a major in Small Animal Science and a minor in Wildlife Conservation and Management.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Mr. All Around ––––––––––– Story by Tom Szieber –––––––––––


any of us consider ourselves lucky to excel at one sport, to be proficient in some form of competition. But Geoff Goodell is an exception. The CHS senior not only starred for the Mustangs on the gridiron but is also one of North Jersey’s finest golfers. And when he isn’t busy scoring touchdowns or breaking par, he is reeling in bluefish or working hard in the weightroom.

This past fall, Goodell was one half of the Mustang football team’s dynamic rushing attack (with other speedy standout Emmanuel Ihim), along with being the teams starting strong safety. “E and I are both competitive, and being in the same backfield together helped bring out the best in both of us,” said Goodell, who amassed 609 yards and 8 touchdowns on 91 carries this fall.


Congratulations to the Class of 2005, and much success for the future!


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Geoff Goodell

He earned 2nd Team All-League and 3rd Team All-County honors for his work on the field. Never one to idle, springs and summers he is on the links. As a CHS varsity golfer for four years, Goodell has various All-County and All-League honors. Even more impressive may be the fact that he led the Mustangs to a school record 24 wins in the 2004 golf season. Goodell said there is a simple explanation for why his golf game is so well-polished: “I’ve been playing since I was eight. In the summer, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don't hit a few balls.” This fall, he hopes to golf for Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, about eight miles west of Myrtle Beach. While he is currently unsure of what he will major in, Goodell is certain the next four years will be enjoyable as the athletic 5’8”, 155-pounder also enjoys weightlifting, surfing, and especially fishing. “I originally got into fishing from doing it with my grandpa when I was young, and now it’s one of my favorite hobbies,” he said modestly adding there have been several occasions when he reeled in sharks weighing over 150 pounds while fishing in South Carolina.

Tell us of your greatest achievment...

Snehal Patel: My greatest achievement will be graduating from CHS. This will mark an end of an era and the beginning of a new one. We, the seniors, will finally be taking the next big step in our lives.

Jonathan Borrajo: Captaining the soccer team this year as we won our fourth straight Passaic County Championship. I also achieved distinguished honors four years and I am a member of the National Honor Society.

Jennifer Johnson: From singing with the choir at Carnegie Hall three times, marching with the band in Washington D.C., Quebec and a half time show for the Jets, to shining on stage for the Spring musicals, I have accomplished so many things it is hard to pick just one. Yet even though I’ve kept myself busy with choir, madrigals, band and the play, I have still managed to keep my grades up and become a four-year distinguished honors recipient. Yet, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all is making it this far with my family and friends by my side.

Ian Meltzer: Playing for the Clifton High School hockey team.


Jennifer Diaz: Being a honor roll student, a four year soccer player in high school and becoming an intern for the Clifton Journal. Elizabeth Post: The academic and athletic success that I have achieved through the years. I have been the top shot putter at CHS for the last four years. This year, I was named Captain and I was also named one of the top three girl throwers in CHS history. Kayla Devlin: Reaching the State Finals for girls soccer.

Sara Woodruff: Staying awake in class. Just kidding! My greatest achievements have been succeeding musically through band, chorus, madrigals and the spring musicals. I also made the distinguished honor roll all four years as well as honor guard my junior year.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Douglas Ciallella: Being a member of a great community and having the opportunity to play Division I baseball next year Jennifer Gipitulan: Moving to Clifton and meeting my awesome friends, learning to have fun and to live life to the fullest with a smile on my face. I couldn’t ask for more. Geoff Goodell: Catching a 200 pound Black Tip Shark on my kayak. Nicole Krzysik: Having the opportunity to learn about and see so many different places all over the world. Luis Miranda: Simply growing as a person and recognizing what the important things are in life. Allison Murray: Getting picked as the captain for the Varsity cheerleading squad, which I have been a part of since my sophomore year. I also played in the State Championship Softball game last year in Toms River. Alison Jonkman: Placing fourth in the State Sectionals as a senior on the bowling team. Despite only getting fourth place, I was happy to go to the State Tournament. Danielle Solomon: Scoring a goal on Varsity for the hockey team during the Passaic County Tournament. At the end of the year, coach Danko framed the score sheet using pieces of his own hockey stick.

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Maria Leticia Rivera: Doing volunteer work around my community and church, such as food banks, crop walk and raising money for charity. Being able to make a difference and helping out makes it all worth the hard work.

Sylwia Tomaszkowicz: Passing Mr. Chilowicz’s very, very hard zero period chemistry class with one of the highest grades in the class.


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Alexandra Scordilis: When I went to Mexico last summer with a group of 12 teenagers for a mission trip. We build a house for a poor family that really needed it. It was a great experience!

Laura Peskosky: Being able to excel in academics and athletics. I have made Distinguished Honor Roll throughout high school and I am a member of the National Honor Society. Furthermore, I played middle hitter/blocker on the girls volleyball team, which I captained this year as I received league and county awards for my play. These accomplishments led me to my greatest achievement to date, getting a full ride to Felician College.

Sports, Auto, & Work-Related Injuries


Tell us about your greatest achievment over the last 12 years.


• Headaches • Neck & Back Pain • Shoulder & Arm Pain • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Lower Back Pain • Sciatica/Leg Pain • Disc Problems • Muscle & Joint Pain


Katerina Dimitratos: Traveling to Mexico in the Summer of 2004 with a group of friends to build a home for a poverty stricken family. After that trip, I realized the importance of helping others that are less fortunate then myself.



Megan Fitzpatrick: Meeting all my friends these past years and passing Chil’s (Mr. Chilowicz’s) zero period chem class which was a shock!

Lynda Cadorin

Robert Ryerson

Jennifer Spanos: Recognizing my interests in communications while producing videos selected for the Film Festival. I was also on the Distinguished Honor Roll while working consistently throughout high school. Noelle Alalay: My greatest achievement was making my parents proud of me by enduring the many academic challenges I’ve encountered. It feels wonderful when they look at me with a smile and see the true meaning of success. Lynda Cadorin: Becoming the person I am today.

Jessica Russell

Joey Ajia

Denise Wells

Ashley Provino: Getting a full academic scholarship to Berkeley College.

Robert Ryerson: Having my combined efforts at school, work and gymnastics pay off by getting accepted into the United States Naval Academy.

Joey Ajia: Getting ranked fourth in the class of 2005.

Tom Hawrylko: The communication skills I’ve developed.

Nicole Tahan: Winning the Passaic County Championship three times while playing for Stan Lembryk’s dynasty, which was an honor and a wonderful experience.

Denise Wells: Making it through high school without failing.

Amanda Curtiss: Making the Distinguished Honors Dinner all four years.

Lauren Ricca: Continually attaining honors in school and always striving to do my best.

Teddy Barbukov: first car.

Buying my

Jessica Russell: Having a successful four years at CHS and being able to continue my education at college.

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Pediatric Dentistry • Endodontics Periodontics • Prosthetics Bonding Oral Surgery • Cosmetic Dentistry 1745

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Tamara Zeidan: Gaining strength and going forth in what I believe in and having the courage to stand up for my rights as a student. Rachel Markovich: Getting inducted into the National Honor Society and being accepted into the college of my choice. Jennifer Romanek: Being chosen to represent my school, Passaic County Technical Institute, at the 2005 Vocational Industrial Clubs of America Competition. Only the most talented students are chosen and I feel honored. Kathy Suriel: Getting done with high school. To me, the last 12 years of school have helped me grow mentally and prepared me for the “real” world. Christian Sierra: Receiving the Distinguished Academic Honors Award along with my brother Christopher. I felt very privileged to dine with and be among Clifton Highs’ best scholars.

Brittani Scott: Rising above adversity and growing in every aspect while building towards becoming the woman I will be in the near future. Edgar Ramos: I learned the real importance of life and what matters in it the most. Andrew Omlczuk: I have been blessed and very grateful to have been able to give advice and help people out. Normally when these surveys are conducted, most students put down that they have achieved academic success or athletic accomplishment. Me, I’m just thankful to be here. Timarra Brown: Making it to my senior year and becoming a strong and respectable young lady. Michael Covin: My personal greatest achievement was when I received the rank of Eagle Scout. Only so many people receive this honor and I can now say that I am a part of that elite group.

Patrick Egan: Becoming Drum Major of the Mustang Marching Band. This was a goal I’ve worked for since third grade and I finally accomplished it this year. It was a thrilling experience that has taught me many new things, such as leadership, showmanship and the rewards of hard work.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Fax: 973-472-4313


Federal Mortgage Offers Senior Citizens A Reverse Mortgage


or some 32 years now, Anthony A. Accavallo, shown here, has been helping make the American Dream become a reality, right here in Clifton. As President of Federal Mortgage & Investment Corp. at 1111 Clifton Ave., Clifton, he and his firm have written millions of dollars worth of mortgages which have allowed people to purchase homes. And while that work has been fulfilling, Accavallo said he is getting his greatest satisfaction these days by helping senior citizens with reverse mortgages. A reverse mortgage is a special kind of mortgage loan for seniors. “It is a safe, easy way to turn your home equity into tax-free cash,” he continued.

“Unlike a home equity loan, you do not have to make monthly payments. Instead, a reverse mortgage pays you. More importantly, you do not have to repay the loan for as long as you live in the house. It’s a great way to keep your home and get money from it at the same time.” The name “reverse mortgage” describes exactly what the mortgage is — it is the exact opposite of a conventional mortgage. That is, with a conventional mortgage the borrower pays the lender but with a reverse mortgage, the lender pays the borrower. In the past, a senior citizen in need of money would have to take out a loan against their house and immediately start making monthly payments again or sell their home.

How do I qualify for a Reverse Mortgage? It’s simple. You and your co-borrower must be at least 62 years old. You must own your home free and clear or have just a small balance on your existing mortgage. Best of all, there are no income or credit requirements to satisfy. How can I receive my money? You can receive it in several ways: •Equal monthly payments as long as you live in your home •Equal monthly payments for a certain period of time •As a line of credit you can draw upon as needed, for whatever reasons •As a lump sum draw at closing •A combination of the above, to meet your requirements.

But a reverse mortgage allows seniors to borrow against the equity they already have in their home... and they never have to make a monthly payment. Each reverse mortgage candidate is required to attend a free counseling session with a local independent housing agency approved by FHA (Federal Housing Administration). Candidates are encouraged to bring other family members with them to help in the decision-making process. “This process ensures that the borrower understands the program fully and aides them in determining whether or not a reverse mortgage is for them,” said Accavallo.

When must I repay the loan? You must repay the loan if you no longer live in your home. In the event of your death, your heirs can choose to repay the loan and keep the house or sell the house and repay the loan, What are interest rate charges & fees? •An adjustable rate of interest is charged on reverse mortgages •Closing costs are typical for any mortgage closing and all may be financed •No out-of-pocket expenses at closing Are Reverse Mortgages safe? •Yes, FHA and FannieMae guarantee the payments you receive •FHA and FannieMae also guarantee you will never owe more than your house is worth — no debt left on estate

Federal Mortgage & Investment Corp. Not a Government Agency Mortgage Bankers Licensed by NJ Department of Banking & Insurance Licensed by NY & CT Department of Banking 1111 Clifton Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07013

1-800-788-1184 Clifton Merchant • June 2005



C E N T E R 1086

Grand Opening Use This Directory of Stores When Shopping The Chiropractic Center at Styertowne 973-777-6995 GNC 973-779-1500 AC Moore 973-470-8885 Coconuts 973-778-8759

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The Artisan’s Touch 973-471-0001

Alice’s Cards & Gifts

Footnotes Bookstore 973-779-6770

Fascination Beauty Salon

Dress Barn 973-249-0233

Antonio’s Hair Stylist

Kid City 973-614-1111

Kim’s Nail Salon

The Men’s Gallery 973-777-4700 Corbo Jewelers 973-777-1635 Shereed’s Ladies & Mens Clothing 973-773-1673 The Shoe Doctor 973-777-4700 Marty’s Shoes 973-471-4140

973-773-2422 973-473-6105 973-472-1011 973-471-8118 Celebrations 973-458-8200 Atlanta Bread Company 973-777-2211 Bertelli’s Liquors 973-779-0199 The Season’s Fine Chinese Cuisine 973-777-8073

The New Brava For Women 973-777-1385

Taste of Tuscany

The Shoe Gallery 973-777-4700

Styertowne Bakery

US Post Office 973-473-4946 Exchange Florist 973-594-0700 Dollar Tree 973-249-7530



June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


973-777-6193 Dunkin Donuts & Baskin Robbins 973-473-9631 CVS Pharmacy 973-778-7630


A Slice of Chris ––––––––––– Story by Joe Hawrylko –––––––––––



ost every student seek inspiration to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. A difficult process, many don’t even choose a profession until they are well into their college lives or even years into their careers. Chris Lopez was in a similar situation. Unsure about his future and where it would take him, Lopez contemplated the military. However, that plan was quickly nixed. “My parents were really against it,” he noted. Then, after working a summer job as a lifeguard, he had an idea of what he wanted to do. “I enjoyed helping people,” recalled the 18 year old. “I knew I wanted to do something where I could do that, but I didn’t know what.” Little did he know that his inspiration would be right across the counter. As an employee of Villa Roma on Clifton Ave, Lopez sees dozens of people daily, some new and familiar. Clifton Police Officer Jim Flanagan, a regular customer who happened to graduate with Lopez’s aunt, would often chat with the graduating senior. “He would tell me about being a bike cop and what a police officer’s day was like,” he said. Intrigued, Lopez did some research and soon found something he truly enjoyed. “You get to be involved with people,” said Lopez, whose goal is to be a NJ State Trooper. “That’s the best part being an officer.” To prepare himself, he went on numerous field trips thanks to CHS, including a State Trooper Academy. “It was intense. It was almost like a military boot camp,” noted Lopez, who after the training camp said that he would be up for the real challenge. Over the past few months, Lopez purchased a car and pays for the insurance, as well as all his other expenses. He also enrolled and paid for EMT classes at PCCC and is now certified. “Doing this made me more responsible and will prepare me for what I want to do later,” claimed Lopez. Look for a relieved Lopez at William Paterson University this fall, where he will major in Criminal Justice.

dr. barry raphael p.a.

Consider This:

1425 broad street, clifton, new jersey 07013 (973) 778-4222, N.J. Specialty # 3684

10 Reasons to choose an Orthodontist. 9. Take some time to learn about your treatment. It was once said that all people want to know from their orthodontist is: "Can it be done, how long will it take, and what will it cost?" But orthodontics can be a mysterious process for the uninitiated and you should be able to sit and talk with your orthodontist at length to discuss the treatment he or she proposes.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Where do you expect to be in 2010?

Lynda Cadorin: Simply becoming the person I am today. Vanessa Garcia: If college doesn’t leave me half-dead, I hope to take a year off to travel around Europe and Asia. If those plans don’t work out, I’ll go directly to grad school.

Jennifer Johnson: Honestly, I don’t know. If I continue on this path, I will still be in college working towards my doctorate. I don’t know what will be thrown my way, but, que sera, sera, we’ll just have to wait and see. Pratik Shah: Still at St. John’s University, finishing my studies in Pharmacy. Katerina Dimitratos: I plan to have a degree in international relations and to be attending law school. Robert Ryerson: I will be in my 2nd year of active duty in the United States Navy as an officer. Brittany Russo: Pursuing my career as an elementary education teacher.

Nicole Krzysik: Living with Nicole Lavender in an apartment in California, so we can go to the beach everyday. Jennifer Gipitulan: Hopefully, I will be in the University of Pennsylvania studying for my D.V.M. in Veterinary Science. Heta Shah: In New York University Medical School, going for my Doctorate. Michael Covin: Hopefully I will be working in Washington D.C. with either a politician or at a historical place. I also hope to be working on my first book. Melissa Garcia: I will be working part-time as a pediatric nurse, while continuing to go to school to get a Masters in nursing. Adam Klapacz: I will be a successful pilot working for an airline company. Elizabeth Post: Working as a Psychologist and living a successful life.

Jonathan Borrajo: I will be working on Wall Street while beginning to start a Masters in Business.

Snehal Patel: I will be almost finished with my Doctorate of Pharmacy, which is a six year program.

Sara Woodruff: Working to save up for the mansion I will be living in someday.

Laura Myers: Employed in a good school district and maybe a cheerleading or track coach.

Kendra Gil: I will be in Florida embarking into my chosen field of career after acquiring my BA/MBA in the five year business program at Rutgers University. Jennifer Diaz: Working as an editor for the New York Times. Geoff Goodell: On the PGA Tour. Allison Murray: Either be in graduate school or working in the fashion field, traveling the world. Natalia Pierog: Working as a R.N. Marta Leja: Either be in graduate school or working. Lindsay Thompson: I plan to already be teaching somewhere. Maria Leticia Rivera: Opening up my own fashion line.

The biggest accident could be your choice of attorney. Jack Corradino. The someone who cares. Professional Care. Corradino Law Offices • Casey Building 935 Allwood Road • Suite 240 • Clifton 973-574-1200 • 24

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Andres Gutierrez New York University Trustee Scholarship J. Eckhouse Scholarship

Joel Guardia Stevens Institute of Technology Presidential Scholarship

Christina Crawford Fordham University Loyola Scholarship

Philip Cerrito Ocean County College

Stephen Andolino School of Visual Arts, NYC

Deanna Vecchio Pace University

Lacey Alagia Montclair State University

Mark Shaker New Jersey Institute of Technology Other scholarships pending.

Daniel Monopoli Ramapo College

Mark Mattera Fairleigh Dickinson University Col. F.S. Dickinson Scholarship

Jonathan Andolino Seton Hall University Merit Scholarship

Kristen McNerney Centenary College

Maria Montroni The College of New Jersey

Eugene Keating University of Delaware Dutch Hill Residents Association Scholarship Ryan Madrid Monmouth University 1st Team All County Indoor Track - 800 meters League Champion Cross Country & 1600 meters

These Clifton grads of PC so far have been offered almost $1,000,000 in college scholarships to the colleges to which they applied. They will be attending:


425 Paramus Road • Paramus, NJ, 07652

Paramus Catholic features smaller class size with no class over 30 students.

These are just some of the Clifton students that attended Paramus Catholic this year.

God Bless the Class of 2005 & Welcome to the 40 Clifton Members of the Class of 2009!


Michael Bandurski

Laura Peskosky

Alison Jonkman: I will hopefully be a 4th or 5th grade teacher somewhere in New Jersey: I also plan to start a future with the one I love. Laura Peskosky: I will have a good job as a Graphic Designer. I wish to still have some of my close friends from high school, the new ones from college and a variety of opportunities for the future. Michael Bandurski: Hopefully working for the Clifton Police Department. Renata Koziol: Hopefully attending medical school. Edgar Ramos: Pursuing my mechanic career in my own shop. Danielle Solomon: Working for a publishing company somewhere. Reyna Lima: Either here or in my country, continuing my career in medicine and computer engineering and working in a hospital or office so I can have some money and help others. Lynda Cadorin: Working as an elementary school teacher, as I have dreamed of since I was a little girl. Jennifer Spanos: I hope to be starting a career in either elementary education or in graphic design. Sylwia Tomaszkowicz: Starting my second year of medical school. Douglas Ciallella: Hopefully playing professional baseball, but if not I will have a great job somewhere. Teddy Barbukov: In Europe. 26

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Paul Boyko

Megan Fitzpatrick

Paul “Boink” Boyko: Wherever my plane takes me. Megan Fitzpatrick: Teaching. Jessica Russell: Working at a major broadcasting station. Denise Wells: Working with something dealing with Criminal Justice or I will own a salon. Sarah LaScala: Teaching at an elementary school somewhere. Amanda Curtiss: Hopefully I will have completed my masters degree and working somewhere as a forensic psychologist. Alexandra Scordilis: At NYU Medical School. Ashley Provino: Living in Florida working for a fashion company and I will be engaged to Francesco. Jennifer Romanek: At John Jay College of Criminal Justice Graduate School where I will get my Masters in Criminal Psychology. Lauren Ricca: At a secure job in the communications field, living a happy, successful life. Nicole Lavender: With Nicole Krzysik in California. We will spend every day on the beach, learning how to surf. Jenna Ricciardi: Somewhere obtaining my Masters in Speech Pathology. Debra DeVito: Beginning my career, either dealing with education of the deaf or psychology.

Douglas Ciallella

Brittani Scott: Working on my Master’s at Seton Hall. Stephanie Vargas: I will be teaching music and/or martial arts and singing in cafes around New Jersey. Shamira Champagne: The WNBA. Andrew Omelczuk: Teaching where I will be the most personable teacher possible while staying in contact with old friends and helping out the younger generation. Nicole Tahan: Working for a major broadcasting company like ABC or NBC—delivering you the morning news! Michael Jozefczyk: Working somewhere on Wall Street.

Tamara Zeidan: By September 2010, I hope to have made a difference in someone’s life, to shed light on a dark path. I also wish to succeed in at least half of my dreams and to be in a place where I am happy.

Saint Paul School Academic Excellence in a Christian Atmosphere Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

1255 Main Ave • Clifton • 973-546-2161 •

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Full Day Kindergarten Morning Care and After School Care Programs Maximum Ratio of 25 students to 1 teacher 2005 Best Practices School Academic Courses offered in: Language Arts • Literature • Mathematics • Science • Religion • Social Studies Art • Music • Physical Education • Technology Extra Curricular Activities: Basketball (Girls & Boys) • Cheerleading • Drama • Music • Journalism John Hopkins University Gifted & Talented • Continental Math League • Mock Trial

Congratulations to the Class of 2005!

Front row, left to right: Steven Fernandez, Jordan Biason, Talia Lopez, Jill Liquete, Fares Nakhle, Ashley Shimabukuro. Middle row, Adriana Daley, Siobhan Campbell, Kelvin Knudtamarn, Veronica Skoglund, Megan Diwa, Christina Tsimpedes. Back Row, Kimberly Osiadacz, Peter Nesbihal, Moises Roman, Justin Schneider, Michael Cadmus, Joshua Mendez.

Saint Paul School The Place to Be for... Classes for September are filling up fast! Call today to register!


Clifton Merchant • June 2005


The Catholic School Kids ––––––––––– Story by Tom Szieber –––––––––––


espite what some may think, going to a private high school does not cut you off from the rest of the world. Just ask DeAnna Vecchio. A lifelong Clifton resident, she has been a Catholic school girl for 12 years, and on June 6, she and the other seniors attending Paramus Catholic will graduate from the stage of Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford. Life for a parochial or private school student involves sports, dating, cliques, A/P classes and lots of the same stuff found at any other high school but there are differences. Naturally, the most drastic is that of the incorporation of religion into classroom discussion. Vecchio, who attended St. Paul School on Main Ave. before going to PC, finds studying religion to be interesting. “Just discussing the Bible can get boring,” she added, “but I think discussions on morality, for example, are more enjoyable and provocative.” Another difference between parochial and public school policies is the dress code. “But it saves you the trouble of planning what to wear everyday,” claimed Gene Keating, another Clifton resident who attended both St. Paul and PC and will graduate with Vecchio. Paramus Catholic males are permitted to wear polo shirts or a shirt and tie, along with khaki or black dress pants. Females have similar options: a blouse or polo shirt can be combined with either a skirt or dress pants.

Additionally, PC has recently made it a requirement for girls to wear tights underneath their skirts. Vecchio says that the dress code is enforced “probably about as strictly as it would be in a public school. Most of the time, a student who violates it will get detention.” As far as the enforcement of rules in general, there are some policies that stand out.

“Let Us Be Your Favorite Caterer”

Where great food is a family tradition since 1986

Joseph DeLiberto, Chef Owned & Operated • Wait Staff Upon Request • • Corporate Accounts Welcome •

4 Church Street, Haledon, NJ 07508

973-389-9997 28

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Call or stop in • Sit Down Dinners • Weddings • Cocktail Parties • Breakfast & Brunch

for our New Menu • Hot & Cold Buffet • Six Foot Hero, Sandwiches & Wraps • All Food Homemade • Many Additional Items Available!


Previously Cousins Gourmet Deli and Catering of Paterson

“I still talk to my friends who go to Clifton High, but I’ve made a lot of new friends from so many other places too.” –DeAnna Vecchio

For the last two years, the school has administered an annual random ‘drug bust,’ to ensure that the drugfree status of PC is being preserved. Scheduling and coursework at Paramus Catholic have some striking similarities to that of Clifton High. This year, PC instituted a ‘zero period’, much like the one at CHS—where students are able to finish up their school day earlier than the rest of the student body. Unlike CHS, however, there is no work study program (known as co-op at Clifton) available. Like CHS, PC requires four years of English and three to four years of math. In contrast, PC students must take four years of religion, while physical education is not a requirement for juniors and seniors. In choosing to attend a parochial high school, Vecchio’s and Keating’s relationships with their Clifton friends experienced some change. “I still talk to my friends who go to Clifton High,” said Vecchio. “But I’ve made a lot of new friends from so many other places too.”

Keating’s experience has been somewhat different. While he says he still knows some people in Clifton, going off to Catholic school made it a little more difficult to stay in touch with old network of friends. “It is definitely tougher to stay in touch, but I adjusted, and more of my friends live in Bergen County and other areas now,” said Keating who played various Clifton Rec sports as well as Junior Mustang Football. Even though Vecchio, who will attend Pace University next year, and Keating, who will be going to the University of Delaware, may not roam the halls of Clifton High School, both have certainly shown that success can be achieved in another way, and another place.



3-5 Village Square East Botany Village, Clifton


Giant Will Blitz Your Bugs!

Pascack Party Rentals

(Van Houten to Pleasant Ave to Walnut)

10 Walnut Street • Clifton


Chili • Condiments Natural Casing Hot Dogs Hot Sausage • Onions in Sauce

Your One Stop Party Place! Tents • Tables • Chairs China • Glassware • Flatware Linen • Umbrellas • Staging Bleachers • Carnival Games Carnival Supplies • Pushcarts Concession Equipment

We feature Sabrett ® all-beef natural casing “pushcart style” hot dogs, the ones that “snap” when you bite into them. Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Did you work; what was your favorite job?

John Ferrari: My favorite job is one I didn’t get paid for, coaching soccer at the Boys & Girls Club.

Jessika Glenn: At Stop and Shop.

Derek Hrabal: In order to save for a car, I worked at Ploch’s Garden Center and Clifton Village Pizza, delivering pizza s, which was my favorite job.

Jose Garcia: Doing maintenance in the Styertowne Apartments.

Jesse Sosa: I worked at Blockbuster and Best Buy during high school so i could pay my bills and get a car. Working at Best Buy was better because they treat you really good and it is a fun job. Shauna Farrell: Baskingers because I liked working with food. Marcin Rydel: I used to work at a warehouse unloading trucks. I currently work at a bakery but my favorite job was helping out my uncle with his landscaping business. Manan Pandya: I volunteered at the Clifton Public Library and other public institutions. I also work an internship at St. Joseph’s Hospital in the Emergency Room and Cardiology departments.

Shashanta Jackson: At an eye doctor where I made good money.

Jenny Ramales: At the Chestnut Hill Nursing Home. Brian Ippolitto: During high school, I held two jobs simultaneously. I worked as a cashier at Shop Rite and the other job was at a ware house. I didn’t like either job but I worked so I could have money for my car. William Rozon: I work as a waiter at my father’s restaurant because I make a lot of money. Bryce Aquino: At the Clifton Skate Zone because I was offered the job after being in the hockey program for eight years. It was my first job and I enjoyed it a lot. I got to work with kids and skate with my friends all summer.

Alejandro Silva: I worked at Pier One Imports.

Martin Balbuena: At Natale’s Pizzeria in Waldwick since freshman year. It was my favorite job because I got paid good but mostly because the people there are a riot.

Matt Tabano: At Allwood Pediatrics which taught me discipline and how to be responsible.

Kyle Leili: I worked at Corrados on Main Avenue and during the winter I would sell Christmas trees.

Anastasya Varvaryuk: For a time, I worked at Fashion Bug and Against All Odds and I am currently employed at a law office. I liked Against All Odds and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the work place, plus I got opportunities to meet celebrities and go to fashion shows. Tom Hawrylko: While I have two jobs now (at Pascack Party Rental and HRH) the year I spent at Ploch’s Garden Center was probably my favorite one. I enjoy keeping busy and working outside, and I liked the tips I got from customers.

Congratulations! Clifton High School

It's never too early, nor too late, to unleash your musical potential.

Class of 2005

• Choose from an array of instruments and performance styles • Private and group lessons; year round registration • All ages; all levels

Best Wishes from Annamaria Menconi



CHS Class of 1992

309 Lakeview Avenue, Clifton, N.J.

973-253-7500; 30

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


Carlos Suriel

Yessenia Huaronga

Luciano Cirrito: Baskinger's. Carolena Zapola: I started working during my sophomore year at McDonalds. In my junior year, I began working at Client Logic here in Clifton and then in my senior year my Co-op teacher, Mr. Schesingel, helped me find a job in a doctor’s office in Rutherford, which is my favorite job. Anthony Rago: I volunteered over 525 hours at local hospitals. Carlos Suriel: I have worked in Burlington Coat Factory for the last two years.

Kyle Black-Smith

Jennifer Nelson

Yessenia Huaronga: At a doctor’s office in Rutherford although I didn’t like it, the pay was bad. Giovanni Sanchez: At Romeo Pizza so that I could make money. Pedro Olazabal: In the City Hall Building Department and at Best Buy, which was my favorite. Matt Tabano: At Allwood Pediatrics which taught me discipline and how to be responsible. Robert Villegas: The Venetian to pay for class dues and for prom. Danny Gorun: At Friendly’s and I also work at the Clifton Skate Park.

Jenny Hlavaty

Alfred Martinez: I worked at Mario’s Restaurant so I could save up for my car and have money for all my expenses, plus you get great food and there are great employees. Jennifer Nelson: The Soda Pop Shop in Montclair because the restaurant is great and I love working on Bloomfield Ave. Jenny Hlavaty: I did not work in high school so that I could focus my time on my studies. Kyle Black-Smith: I worked with six of my closest friends at Hollister in Garden State Plaza.

At Clifton Savings, service is our most valuable commodity – just as it has been since we opened our first branch in 1928. Today, with a branch network in Passaic and Bergen counties, it’s central to all the financial services we provide. While we’ve grown, we’ve never lost sight of our basic mission: to help our customers reach their financial goals. True to our motto,“service is our language,” we’re proud that anyone calling during business hours speaks to a Clifton Savings representative, not just a recording. A small thing? Not when it comes to serving our customers.

Serving the community since 1928.



Clifton Merchant • June 2005


We Think She’s Motivated ––––––––––– Story by Joe Hawrylko –––––––––––


rystal Jackson would love to be attending Hampton University in Virginia this September as she had planned, however, because of certain issues, she won’t be packing her bags—not quite yet. “I am a strong believer of self-motivation,” said Jackson. “However, I do not think I possess enough of it right now to complete four years of college.” Instead, the independent 19 year old will hold a job. “I prefer to work for a year, save up and go from there,” added Jackson, “I know my parents would pay for me, but it is my responsibility to at least try and contribute.” Jackson has always been an independent thinker, expressing herself through her actions and hobbies, including her personal favorite, poetry. As a strict Jehovah’s Witness, she credits much of her maturity and self-motivation to her faith, which influences all her choices. Having thought out her decision thoroughly, Jackson knows she will need steady work. As an employee of Kohl’s for over a year, she has worked long days. “I have never experienced a more tiring time then Christmas in the retail business,” noted Jackson, who still works at Kohl’s on Sundays. “On some days, I did

Law Office of

Carl G. Zoecklein 737 Broad St. • 973.777.3111 After 27 years as a police officer. attorney Carl Zoecklein’s law practice offers a variety of services. He is pictured with his real estate staff Yahaira Perez and Jessica Serrano. ~ Se Habla Espanol.

not leave until 2 am. I needed to reduce my hours because it was interfering with my school and life.” After cutting back at Kohl’s, Jackson applied for a secretarial job at AtWorkMedical. After her interview, her CHS counselor, Mr. Rothman, helped to ensure that Jackson would get the job. “Mr. Rothman called my boss and told him that there would be no one better for the job,” said Jackson, who was a member of the CHS Concert Choir. “It was the best feeling. I am truly blessed.” Upon graduation, Jackson will be working 40 hours a week at AtWorkMedical, which makes her feel much more comfortable talking about her goals. “I chose Hampton because it is a historically African American college,” said Jackson, who noted that her parents were against it because they wanted her to stay local. “I want to study either African American literature or heritage and then one day teach it.” 1714


Gambling Problem? Real Estate • Municipal Court 32

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


1-800-Gambler or visit

642 Broad St. Clifton

973-777-5335 NJ Audiology License #290 NJ Supervising Hearing Aid Dispensing License #492

The BEST TIME for HEARING is NOW! Your needs and budget are Guaranteed by our Best Care Program! • • • • •


Trial Periods Professional, Caring Staff Guarantees and Warranties Selection of Quality Technology Solution for your Hearing needs

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Best guaranteed lowest prices... will match any local competitors price. Audiology Staff from left Pat Biondi, Tracey Melnik, Susan Russell, Dawn Little, and David Barclay.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



How can society encourage youth to vote?

Andrew J. Hickman III: Give more young people opportunities to be heard. Society needs to challenge young people to face all forms of government and allow them to, as a group or individually, make a change.

Kavita Chintapalli: Schools can have programs to inform young people about voting.

Adriana De La Cruz: Society should make government part of their everyday lives, educate kids in school about current politics and happenings.

Vanessa Garcia: I think that not enough issues that concern young people are being dealt with. This previous election, many students were concerned about jobs and college tuition, but it was barely covered. If the government wants young people to vote and get involved, they should start taking out concerns seriously.

Thomas Jacobus: The government needs to keep on putting out ads and infomercials and promote voting any way they can.

Scott Davies: Having concerts to promote voting, like some bands do already, is a good way to get young people involved.

Courtney Terry: I think that candidates need to get more on a teen’s level with their issues. The campaigns need to be broken down so that teens could understand what and who they are voting for.

Michael Lipari: To involve more high school and college students, the government and politicians should relate issues in a better way that young people could understand because as a young person, one has not yet taken part in some of the issues at hand, such as taxes. Debra DeVito: Just like how the government draws in old people to vote with Medicare, they should emphasize what the younger population gains from voting.



June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Diana Santos: We need to educate our youth more on the importance of exercising their right to vote. Not everyone understands that their opinions count and their voice will be heard. Paul “Boink” Boyko: Most students don’t take the time to stay up to date with the news. If more action was taken by teachers to keep kids informed, they would grow up with more interest. Jennifer Romanek: Politicians need to go to schools and talk to students about issues, especially the upper classmen. Tamara Zeidan: Society has done a great job encouraging young people to vote. They’ve done this through ads, television and most importantly, school, which is where I actually registered to vote.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Grounded in Clifton ––––––––––– Story by Gary Anolik –––––––––––


n the 8th grade Nicole Krzysik made a leap of faith. She had spent her entire academic career in Catholic School and now it was time to pick a high school. “I remember being in the fifth grade and saying how great it would be to go to Immaculate Heart Academy,” Krzysik recalled. However when the time came to choose a place to study, she selected Clifton High School. “I went from a class size of 18 to 800, but it was the right choice,” she said, “Clifton has so much more to offer. It has CAST,(the Clifton High School television production program), the computer lab... academically Clifton offers more.” Four years later Krzysik is still happy with her decision and Clifton has truly been the beneficiary of that decision. “One reason that I picked Clifton is that I played soccer with a lot of the girls who go to the high school. I felt that if we played together we can build a winning tradition so when other girls have to make the same decision I did, they would choose Clifton.” Krzysik explained.

Nicole Krzysik, second from left, and other senior CHS track members.

Those teams went on to win three straight County Championships and a Group 4 State Championship. Krzysik has emerged to become one of the best female soccer players in the country. To list all of her achievements would take a separate publication. However, it’s impossible to overlook some of these incredible awards. Among her honors: National Soccer Coaches Association of America High School Girl Athlete

of the Year, 2004; Member of the US Soccer Coaches and Parade Magazine’s National All Star Team. She played on the National Under 16, 17 and 19 year old teams. First team All State three years in a row; she was the Passaic County Player of the Year as a freshman. She was the member of the Under-19 National team that placed second in the CONCACF (Confederation of North, Central and Caribbean countries) tournament that went to

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

David Santosuosso,

President •

Patrick Santosuosso,


“I went from a class size of 18 to 800 but it was the right choice. Clifton (High School) has so much more to offer.” Thailand to play in the under-19 FIFA World Cup. Krzysik played in the games that included wins over Brazil and Australia. As a Mustang, Krzysik holds the single season record of most goals scored, 21, and has a record 55 career high school goals scored. She was the team captain in 2004. As one of the top three high school recruits in the nation, Krzysik could write her own ticket. She chose the University of Virginia. “It came down to a choice between Duke and Virginia”, she explained, “My dad wanted me to go to Duke, but I felt more comfortable at Virginia. I played with four of the girls in Thailand so I know some people coming in.” No matter what a person’s athletic talent, a student does not get accepted to Duke and Virginia without great grades, and Krzysik has them. She was recently named a New Jersey Scholar Athlete, and take A/P English and Italian. Even while playing for the national team this past year she maintained her high academic standards. “We would practice for two weeks, then be home for one. The teachers worked with me letting me take tests when I was home, and I had tutors and college teammates help me study on the road.” Krzysik explained. Despite all the awards, all the accolades, that is not what Krzysik wants to talk about. The conversation always turns to how tight her friends are, what great friends she made in Clifton.

“Even track,” she said, “If I didn’t go out for track (where she is ranked a New Jersey elite triple jump and 600 meter runner) I would not have met so many great people. When I go to Virginia the thing that

I will miss most are my family and friends. While I will meet new friends in Virginia, I know I’ll keep the friends in Clifton.” It is that down to earth attitude that has made Nicole Krzysik even more of a star in the eyes of many. Her future life at Virginia, in society and probably in the Olympics will continue to bring glory to Krzysik, her family and to the people of her hometown of Clifton.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Who influenced you the most during your high school years?

Patrick Egan: Through many life lessons and continuous advice, Mr. Morgan has helped shape who I am today. Assistant Band Director Cassie Craig has also been a great inspiration to me. Her knowledge is very broad and she is always willing to share it with those in need. Her constant enthusiasm and energy always brings a smile to my face. She is truly a gift to those she knows.

Jennifer Johnson: Mustang band director, Mr. Bob Morgan, has influenced me greatly. His life lessons have kept me in check and he has pushed me to my full potential and to taught me to exceed any expectations I have had for myself. Yet the thing I treasure most about him is that he is always there for a laugh, to comfort you and to guide you to the right decision.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Lynda Cadorin: Mr. Morgan, taught me responsibility and told me to always be dedicated to what I enjoy the most. Sara Woodruff: Mr. Morgan, Dr. Greenwald and my family. They provide constant encouragement, support and advice and good laughs (like the many ways to tell someone to wear their ID). They have truly inspired me to reach for the stars.

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Martin Balbuena: All my teachers were influences in my life, they all helped me come to the decision of studying biology. Anastasya Varvaryuk: Over the past 12 years, my classes, teachers and the events that took place in the world influenced my career decisions. Coming from another country, I have witnessed various struggles in different parts of the world. I have chosen to involve myself in a career of international relations, such as the United Nations. What I learned in class really opened my eyes to the world and I want to make a change with my words. Jefri Hernandez: My relatives, because they didn’t graduate from high school, so I use that as motivation to become a lawyer. Pedro Olazabal: My uncle has really been an inspiration for me over the last few years. His influence helped me set a goal—to become a police officer.

Jessica Russell: My CAST teacher, Mr. McCunney, who inspired me to pursue communications as a major in college. Alexandra Scordilis: Many people influenced me in high school but there are two teachers who I will never forget. Mr. McCunney and Mrs. Mistretta were always there for me, whether it be school help or advice. They showed me that teachers aren’t only there to teach, but also to listen and help whenever they could. Michael Duffy: I would like to get into either television production or film making. I would like to thank Mr. McCunney, Mr. Dixon and the rest of the CAST program for helping me reach that decision. Marcin Rydel: My relatives, who always told me what was best. Jermie Gandhi: The biggest factors in my life that have helped my career plans have been my family, teachers and volunteering. Volunteering in a local hospital helped greatly in preparing me for a possible future career. Also, the teachers at CHS made learning interesting and sometimes even fun. However, the greatest influence was from my family, who supported me with everything.

Jennifer Nelson: My parents were my influences. As someone who wants to write in the future, I look up to my father, who is also a writer. He is a constant inspiration to me, especially since he just finished his novel. My mother’s support has fueled all of my accomplishments and having a younger sister has allowed me to realize that I’m a role model. Also, every English teacher has gotten me to where I am today and has contributed to my love of writing.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Jose Garcia: A lot of teachers, like Mrs. Rossi and Mr. Khuen... my friends and family... thank you all! John Ferrari: My soccer coaches and gym teachers had the biggest influence on me, which brought me to my decision to pursue a career in the field of physical fitness.

This column was originally started by our founder, the late Murray Blumenfeld. In his spirit, we continue its publication.


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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Fiorella Maura: My parents because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to get this far. I want to thank them for being so understanding and loving. Douglas Ciallella: My freshman year World History teacher, Joe Bell. He was a great teacher who would come out to support me at sporting events and was and just an overall great person. My parents were also a big influence in helping me become who I am today. Kayla Devlin: All my coaches and my parents because they helped me achieve all my goals. Jennifer Spanos: My parents, my sister and my uncle Mike have influenced and always supported me to the fullest while giving me motivation every day to work harder. I love them with all of my heart. Megan Fitzpatrick: All of my teachers have inspired me, especially Mr. Fruhmann, because he treated all his students as individuals. He was also our friend, which is why he is respected so much. Nicole Tahan: Mr. Baker - “Be who you are because you are beautiful.” Edgar Ramos: Mrs. Mahon and Mrs. Mistretta influenced me the most because they would always push me to become more successful in life. Joey Musleh: My mother influenced me the most, she never gave up on me and always tried to teach me to stay on the right path. My education and future have always been her number one priority. Brittani Scott: My grandmother. Her memory inspires me to be a better person and helps me maintain focus on what I want out of life.

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Megan Lake: All of my teachers have helped me come to my decision to become a teacher, especially Ms. Saddik and Mr. Groh.

Stephanie Vargas: My choir teacher, Ms. Novak, played a big part in what I want to do after high school. All the time she put in, giving us that little push we needed, showed me how much she loves what she does. She’s the reason why I want to study music in college. Shamira Champagne: Mrs. Youncofski taught me how to believe more in myself and for that I will forever be thankful.

Betsy Gonzalez

Joseph Musleh

Amanda Curtiss

Brian Deblinger

Erika Hiraldo: My best friend, Sabrina Reprez, was always there for me during the tough times... truly an angel. And my mother! Amanda Curtiss: Ms. Burke, who made my Algebra II class fun! Brian Deblinger: My brother... he influenced me the most because he accomplished so much throughout his life and I tend to look up to him.

Tom Hawrylko: My mother and Mrs. Tuorto have always been there for me. They have been my advocates and they believe in me.

Tamara Zeidan: My father. Although he wasn’t physically with me, I carried his memories along as a badge of honor. I felt my father with me every step of the way, giving me the strength and confidence to believe in myself. I love you dad.

Betsy Gonzalez: Mr. Montovano was a great teacher and friend.

Gabriel Vergara: My mom was my greatest influence, she was there to support me in everything.

Timarra Brown: My dad taught me how to keep an open mind about people and situations and to be a leader, not a follower.

Nicole Lavender: My best friend, Jenna Ricciardi with her remark: “Do what makes you happy Nicole and never look back!”

Megan Lake

Marta Leja: Coach Pontes in cross country and track. He always pushed me to work harder and achieve greater things both on the track and in whatever else I chose to do and I thank him for everything he has done over the past four years. My sister was also a major factor that helped influence me in my decisions, especially those I made during high school. She always pushed me forward to do better in anything that I took on. She helped me to become the person I am today through all her words of wisdom. Ashley Gordon: Above everyone else, my family. My siblings have all taught me so much over the years that I can’t help but thank all 10 of them. They all helped me in many ways to help me find the things I love to do. Also, my mother, who has been amazing in raising me and putting up with my five other sisters and I.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



Do you suffer from...

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Does your vote make a difference?

Debra DeVito: Yes, I am registered to vote as an Independent because my vote does make a difference. In fact, it may just be the deciding factor of a topic. Last year’s School Budget election was the closest election I’ve ever heard of.

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Tamara Zeidan: Yes, definitely. Voting is a privilege that needs to be taken advantage of. I am registered but not with any political party. Nicole Lavender: Everyone’s vote makes a drastic difference no matter what it is you are voting for, president, school budget or even just class clown. Look at Clifton’s 2004 School Budget, it passed by three votes.

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Jennifer Romanek: Yes, I think each vote does make a difference. I still wish I could have voted for the President, but I was one month short of being 18.

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DeAnna Vecchio: I want to vote simply because women fought so long for me to get that right. I am not registered but I tend to be more of a Democrat.

Clifton Chiropractic & Physical Therapy

Courtney Terry: If your vote didn’t count, no one would vote and no opinions would be heard and no changes would ever take place.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Matt Sagui: Yes. I voted for the first time in April’s election and I know my vote helped to pass the school budget. As far as Democrats or Republicans, I am not registered with a party. I’ll vote for the person based on their merits and record.

Moving On:

Kevin O’Brian: I feel that everyone who has the right to vote should because every vote counts. Tom Jacobus: Yes, you get to choose how the country is run. When I vote, I just choose the best candidate. Paul “Boink” Boyko: As seen during the Clifton elections, every vote counts. I’m an Independent. Diana Santos: Yes, by exercising my right to vote I take a stand, I can personally elect someone who I feel is best to represent my views and beliefs. Kavita Chintapalli: Yes, it does make a difference. People should play an active role in their government so they can have a say in how things are run. Adriana De La Cruz: Even though it is only one vote, it can make a great difference in choosing a leader. Robert Capozzoli: Yes, although one vote seems like nothing, they accumulate and between all the voters they begin to add up. Andrew J. Hickman III: I am not registered with any political party, but I do think my vote will make a difference. Any brave spoken voice has the right and opportunity to be heard. Michael Lipari: Every vote is important. By voting, it not only allows you to express your opinion about important issues, but it also forces you to become aware of and involved in important situations. Vanessa Garcia: Every vote makes a difference. We have problems like what happened in Ohio because there are people who don’t go out to vote. It’s important to make your choice heard. I will be registering as a Democrat in a few minutes. Scott Davies: Yes, all votes are important, it gives you a chance to let your country know your opinion.

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Christina Wos: Every vote does make a difference. But I also think that it is essential to know the issues that you are voting for otherwise it is just a waste of a vote.

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Need more be said? Clifton Merchant • June 2005



How will you spend your summer?

Tara Kocsis: This summer I will spend as much time with my friends and family as possible. Gabrielle Picarrello: I will be working as a receptionist of a day spa while trying to spend as much time with friends before we all leave for college. Mark Panczyk: I will just find a job and at the same time have a lot of fun before college starts. Laura Hamade: During the summer, I will work five days a week as a lifeguard, just as I have been doing for the past two years. The rest of my time will be spent with friends. Theresa Omelczuk: Sadly, I start college at Berkley in July so I don’t get a break. However, I am not too disappointed because I finish in three years instead of four. Brian Ippolitto: I will be working, most likely two jobs.

Dincer Dinc: I’ll probably get a job, hang with friends and just have fun. Michael Covin: This summer I will be working to earn money for college and for a trip down to Georgia and South Carolina. Tina Hansen: I will be working at Fairfield Garden Center and hanging out with friends. Jennifer Spanos: I’ll be working at Charlie Browns Steakhouse to save up for college. Other than that, I will probably be spending some time in Atlantic City. Sara Gretina: Summer will be fun, I can’t wait. When I am not working three days a week, I will be spending my days at the beach. Elizabeth Nelson: I’ll be working two jobs again while making sure that I spend time with my family and friends before we all leave for school.

Adam Ahmad: I will find a job and I will also be training every day for lacrosse at Montclair State University so that I can achieve my goal of getting playing time as a freshman. Thomas Jacobus: Lifeguarding at Forest Hills Field Club or down the shore with friends. Paul “Boink” Boyko: Down the shore enjoying a nice, lazy summer.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Jessika Glenn

Andreas Dimitratos: Working on the grill at the Famous MidTown Grill trying to save for my tuition. Debra DeVito: When I am not working, I will be down the shore with friends and in Wildwood for a week with my family. Christina Wos: When I am not working this summer, I will be spending time with the love of my life. I will also volunteer at Safety Town for the last time this July then it is time for a few trips with friends to the Meadowlands Fair, Six Flags and of course the Jersey Shore! Jessika Glenn: This summer, I will be working at Stop and Shop until the middle of August and spending the rest of my time with friends. Alan Hernandez: I’ll be with friends and family or working during the summer. Danielle Solomon: Working at Abercombie Kids and Floyd Hall, spending several weeks down the shore and with friends.

Francesco D’Argenio

Jenna Ricciardi

Stephanie Grace Langner: Spending time with friends and working as a life guard or at Artsport. Spenser Grasso: Working at Stop and Shop and spending time at Cape May and Wildwood. Brian Deblinger: Working at The Hearth and on weekdays with my uncle at his Endodontist practice. Weekends will be at Six Flags, down the shore or clubbing. Nicole Lavender: Pool hopping between Jenna Ricciardi, Danielle Lorenzo and my own pools, where we will BBQ and party hard. Kevin O’Brien: Working, playing football and spending lots of time at the Jersey Shore. Michael Tresca: I am head lifeguard at a pool in Nutley but when I am not working there I will be hanging out with Joth Mejia, Andy Romero and Chris Lopez. Rachel Markovich: Working at Big Lots and going down the shore with friends.

1348 Clifton Ave • Clifton



Peter Aziz

Peter Aziz: I’ll be working with my father during the week at The Men’s Gallery in Styertowne Shopping Center and on weekends I will be down the shore. If I am lucky, I may go away on vacation. Francesco D’Argenio: Spending time with friends and working. Dawn Centron: Whether I’m down the shore, at a diner or Six Flags, like always, I’ll be with all my friends and my boyfriend. Spenser Grasso: Working at Stop and Shop and spending a lot of time at Cape May and Wildwood. Jenna Ricciardi: Working at the Clifton Little School. After work, pool hopping with all my friends. Matthew Sabo: Splitting time between friends and work. Gina Barbone: I will be living on a boat in Long Beach Island and working at Breezin’ Up. Kimberly Habrahamshan: At the beach with my family and friends in St. Croix and California.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Meet the CHS Top 10 ––––––––––– Story by Joseph Torelli ––––––––––– Top 10 lists abound these days. Most are based on public opinion, but the CHS Academic Top 10 is determined by statistical data. And even though it is based in fact, we think your opinion will be that these diverse and outstanding students deserve special recognition...

Joey Ajia When it comes to community service and volunteering, Joey Ajia has as much spirit as any student in Clifton. Despite an enormous academic workload, Ajia volunteered with many organizations in and around town. In addition to tutoring fellow students, he lent his talents to St. Peter’s Haven and the Clifton Northern Little League, served at charity events and fundraisers for the families of 9/11 victims, visited area nursing homes, and was a member of the St. Ann’s Melkite Youth Foundation in West Paterson. Ranked Number 4 in this year’s class, the former CCMS student remains undecided about a future career, although he said it will probably be in the fields of science or math. Ajia will make up his mind while attending Seton Hall as a University Scholar.

Melissa Garcia A career in medicine is Garica’s dream as she prepares to enter the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania in September. Ranked 9th, she has been a familiar visitor to the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark over the years while striving to achieve that goal. In 2003 alone, Garcia was invited to participate in three prestigious programs at UMDNJ for students interested in health sciences. And this past summer, she attended a residential enrichment program for science and math students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. A Sacred Heart School graduate, Garcia has been a volunteer worker at St. Joseph’s Hospital and a CHS cheerleader for three years while she accumulated a stunning array of academic awards and honors. Among her most prized achievements was being named a National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar. 46

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

From the front, Victoria Lee, valedictorian Mukarram Razvi, to the right, Khushabu Kasabwala, salutatorian Mark Panczyk, and Joey Ajia.

Alison Jonkman In addition to being ranked 8th academically, Alison Jonkman was one of the top 5 girl bowlers in Passaic County during her junior and senior years. An outstanding athlete, she was named to the All-County bowling team both years, and earned her place among the state’s top 15 bowlers in 2005. Her academic achievements are just as stellar. In addition to winning four Distinguished Honor Awards, Jonkman received scholarships from both CCMS and School 9, and was named the Chemistry I Student of the Year in the 11th grade. Before attending Kean University next fall, she’ll spend the summer working for Clifton chiropractor Dr. David Moore and volunteering at her church in North Haledon, as well as spending “quality time” with her boyfriend.

Khushabu Kasabwala Like fellow Top 10 student Mark Panczyk, Khushabu Kasabwala, who is ranked third, plans on a career in science. But instead of becoming a chemical engineer, this School 15 and WWMS graduate wants to establish her own genetics company after earning a degree in Human Physiology at Boston University. She seems well-suited for the venture, thanks to an outstanding four year career at CHS and her widely varied interests and outside activities. In addition to membership in the National Honor Society, the Psi Nu Sigma Science National Honor Society, the Math and Science leagues, the Asian, French and Conservation clubs, Kasabwala was an instructor at Clifton Safety Town, a tutor at the Clifton Public Library, and an active member of the Hindu Community Center and Rana Samaj of USA.

Victoria Lee Along fellow WWMS alumnus and Top 10 Student Christina Wos, Victoria Lee, who finished 5th in the class, has been accepted to Rutgers University where she, too, will pursue a degree in psychology. She and Wos know each other only casually so the choice of the same school and major is strictly coincidental. Lee is preparing for a career as a child psychologist, and with her strong academic background in science and math, appears ideally suited for success. She participated in both the Math and Science Leagues during her four years at CHS, was a member of the Knights of Pythagoras, won a US Achievement Academy National Award in her junior year, and was awarded an Edward J. Bloustein Distinguished Scholarship this semester. A computer enthusiast, Lee will be taking a Microsoft certification test next month.

Clifton High School Top Ten Facts • Five attended Woodrow Wilson Middle School, three hailed from Christopher Columbus Middle School, and two graduated from parochial schools (one from Sacred Heart and one from St. Nicholas Ukrainian School). • Four are outstanding student athletes; one allcounty bowler, one all-county soccer player, one ice hockey player, and one All American Cheerleader nominee. • They applied to an average of four colleges each. Five will attend New Jersey schools, one will attend college in Pennsylvania, two will matriculate at colleges in New York, and two others will attend schools in Massachusetts. • Combined, they applied to over 30 colleges.

Daniel Ocampo Energetic, mature, intelligent, devoted, and extraordinary are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Daniel Ocampo by teachers and counselors. He’ll be applying all of those attributes to his studies at the Ivy League’s Cornell University during the next four years where he’ll major in engineering. A gifted athlete, Ocampo played soccer for CHS and was named to the All-Passaic County team this year. The former WWMS student and volunteer religious instructor at St. Philip’s Church is really looking forward to summer vacation this year. He’ll spend the first three weeks in July visiting South America with his parents who are both natives of Colombia. “I couldn’t receive a better graduation present than that,” said Ocampo, ranked 6th in the class.

Mark Panczyk Salutatorian Mark Panczyk is a product of the St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic School in Passaic and he is extremely proud of his family heritage, as evidenced by his membership in the CHS Ukrainian Club and the Ukrainian American Youth Association, where he remains a member. He was also active in the Knights of Pythagoras, the Math League, the Science League, and the Calculus League while at CHS, and placed first among all Passaic County students in the Merck Corporation Chemistry Test. Panczyk was elected to the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honors Society, and the Psi Nu Sigma Science Honors Society, and plans to pursue a chemical engineering degree in the Albert Dorman Honors College at NJIT.

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Mukarram Razvi CHS valedictorian Mukarram Razvi credits much of his success to his ability to think outside the box. “When given a duty, I try to find the most efficient way to complete it, using creative thinking to make the assignment easier,” he said. Razvi plans to use that ability, along with his affinity for math and science, in a career as either a physician or a mathematics professor. He will attend Cooper Union in September where he will pursue a double major in order to increase his opportunities. The former CCMS student is a Rensselaer Medalist and an Edward J. Bloustein Scholar who participated in the Academic Decathlon where he won silver medals in Math and Interview, and bronze medals in Science and Essay. He served as secretary of the Muslim Student Association while at CHS.

Danielle Solomon Looking back at Danielle Solomon’s four years at CHS, one must wonder how she managed to achieve the 10th academic ranking while maintaining such a busy schedule. Among her many activities, Solomon played varsity ice hockey, co-captained the varsity tennis team, was vice-president of the French Club, played drums in a local band, taught mentally handicapped

children how to ice skate and held several after-school jobs. Still, this former WWMS student studied hard enough to win an Edward J. Bloustein scholarship, be named to the National Honor Society and the French Honor Society, and be recognized as a National Merit Commended Scholar. Solomon will attend Boston College in the fall to pursue a journalism degree in preparation for a career in publishing.

Christina Wos Rutgers University in New Brunswick will be the academic home for this former WWMS student during the next four years. “I plan to major in Psychology because I found the subject extremely interesting when I took that elective here at CHS,” said Christina Wos. While undecided now about the specific field of psychology in which she’ll specialize, Wos isn’t particularly worried about the future. “I like the fact that I can apply the major to a variety of areas, which is really ideal,” she said. Like the other members of the Top 10, Wos earned a host of major academic awards while managing to stay active in the community. Among her many prized awards are the Dr. Elinor Hanna Scholarship and a certificate for Outstanding Achievement in German Language.

From left, Danielle Solomon, Melissa Garcia, Daniel Ocampo, Alison Jonkman and Christina Wos.


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Total Body Chiropractic Offers ART Dr. Toss assumes Dr. DeFabio’s practice


r. Kevin D. Toss has recently purchased Dr. Donald DeFabio’s chiropractic practice and now operates under a new name, Total Body Chiropractic. A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, cum laude, Class of 1999, he has spent over five years and thousands of hours of post-graduate work specializing in sports medicine. Dr. Toss also completed the Diplomate program for the American Board of Chiropractic Sports Physicians, a degree that less than one percent of all practicing chiropractors across the nation have attained.

Dr. Toss is one of only two practicing chiropractors in Clifton certified in Active Release Technique (ART), often called the gold standard in soft-tissue treatment. He is one of only two practicing chiropractors in Clifton certified in Active Release Technique (ART), often called the gold standard in soft-tissue treatment. “As the name of my practice implies, I am not just a spine doctor, or a sports doctor, for that matter,” said Dr. Toss, refering to his ART certification. “My credentials enable me to treat countless spinal and non-spinal injuries and pain syndromes.” Techniques—whether it be chiropractic adjustments or soft-tissue, as in ART—are especially effective for people suffering

from the type of chronic pain often seen in arthritis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, migraines and shoulder injuries (frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tear). ART is the treatment of choice not only when rehabilitating an injury after surgery has been performed, but also when trying to prevent a condition from deteriorating into a surgical necessity. It is especially effective in reducing scoliosis in growing children. Total Body Chiropractic incorporates more physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as new protocols of spinal decompression for low back pain and herniated disc patients. “My philosophy emphasizes strength and flexibility,” said Dr. Toss. “In addition to being a sports physician, I am also a personal trainer, licensed through the International Sports Sciences Association.” As a result, Dr. Toss can help patients achieve fitness goals, whether it consists of increasing muscle tone, bodybuilding, or trimming down with proper nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. “I can help you develop and maintain the fitness level you have been desiring.” Dr. Toss said patients will receive the same quality healthcare they have enjoyed with Dr. DeFabio, a tradition that has made this a successful practice for over 55 years.

Kevin D. Toss, DC, CCSP Chiropractic Sports Physician

TOTAL BODY HIROPRACTIC 1135 Clifton Ave • Clifton



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What will you miss after graduation?

Brian Deblinger: The friends I met, the great teachers I had and the easy electives I took. Jenna Ricciardi: My friends and teachers and of course, Ms. Peters. Debra DeVito: I’ll miss my friends that I have here—my first real friends that I’ve had in a while. Sadly, we’ll be leaving each other behind to attend college. Patrick Egan: Three things that I will miss is my Mustang Marching Band Family, performing with amazingly talented people in the Spring Musical and finally, my friends, whom without, I’d be lost. Thanks guys. Tamara Zeidan: What I will miss most about high school is being treated as a kid. I’ll soon be entering the “real word” and my future will rely on the decisions that I make and that is a big responsibility.

Nicole Lavender: I’m going to miss playing three sports and still making it to support all the other sports and I will also miss hanging out before first period in front of the CAST class with all my friends. Christina Wos: Seeing my friends everyday. Kevin O’Brien: All my friends and football. Thomas Jacobus: Being with the football team for training camp and just seeing everyone that has been a part of my life for the last four years. Vanessa Palka: I’ll miss all of my teachers and the friends I’ve met over the years. Doug Ciallella: All my friends, especially the guys I’ve been playing baseball with for over 10 years. Alyson Miller: The inspirational history teachers. Jerrica Kahwaty: Cross country.

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Rachel Markovich: Seeing my friends everyday and attending the school functions. Yesenia Huaronga: All of my friends, since we are all going our separate ways. Yevheniya Gleba: All my friends. Katelin Riotto: All of the friends I’ve made and the teachers who were there for me when I needed it. Specializing in Medical & Surgical Foot & Ankle Correction

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Katelin Riotto

Matthew Nagy

Mark Stuart: Playing football. Dustin Scarpa: Seeing all the kids I grew up with and some of the great teachers in this school. Daniel Ocampo: I’ll miss the many teachers and friends I had throughout my four years at CHS. Matthew Nagy: Being able to leave fourth period.

Ashley Messick

Himanshu Tailor

Ashley Salerno: My friends. Amanda Echevarria: Seeing my friends in the hallways. Amanda Feiner: Being with all my friends and just fooling around. Aggressive, Full-Service, Real Estate Agency... • Residential • Commercial • Investment

Appraisals • Rentals • Estate Sales •

Amanda Echevarria

Megan Fitzpatrick: Friends and teachers... the whole high school experience, just walking the halls and seeing people you know and more you have never seen before.

The La Corte Agency 604 Van Houten Ave. Athenia/Clifton


Megan Lake: I will miss the exposure to so many different cultures and all of the football games and other school events. Kimberly Peralta: The teachers and friends I’ve met. These years have gone by very fast and I know they’ll be memories that will never be forgotten. Ashley Messick: Seeing all my friends every day and spending time with them in class, as well as all the sporting events. Himanshu Tailor: Seeing my friends every day in school. Marta Leja: I’ll miss running cross country the most because the coaches and my teammates made each season so memorable.

Krystyna Bladek

Mike La Corte

Slavik Niemynski




Mery D. Ygarza

Wally Velechko

Juan G. Lopez


S A L E S A S S O C I AT E , To p P r o d u c e r


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Gian Padilla: Weekend hangouts. Allison Murray: Taking easy classes and talking my way out of things because you can’t do that in college. Fun teachers and my friends that I get to see every day.

Gina Yarrish PRESIDENT/BROKER Member of Million Dollar Sales Club

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where after boot camp she will specialize in legal administration.

ome join for college tuition aid, others for the challenge. Many say they wish to fulfill an obligation to serve their country. Whatever their reasons, this group of CHS grads will make Clifton proud as they head to the military...

Paul “Boink” Boyko made his decision to join the Air Force despite warnings from many. “My parents and some friends didn’t want me to go,” said the Mustang volleyball player. “But I listened to people who told me to follow my heart.” In September, the 17 year old will attend basic training in either Arizona or Texas. He hopes to become a jet pilot. Robert Ryerson will be heading off to Annapolis, MD where he will attend the US Naval Academy, a goal that the 18 year old has long been focused on. Ryerson, who is also a nationally ranked gymnast, will attend Annapolis for four years and then enter the Navy as an officer. Juan Canete saw it as a way to get focused. “I knew that the Marines would help me achieve my goals,” Canete said, noting he selected the USMC for the rigorous training regiment. “I want to experience what they go through.” The 18 year old plans to serve a four year hitch and work on computers as a data systems specialist.

Francisco Sanchez

Francisco Sanchez always knew the Armed Services was in his future. “I wanted to serve my country and make a contribution to society,” the 19 year old Sanchez said, adding he was undecided on a branch until Navy recruiters offered him training as a logistics specialist. He credits the Clifton Jr. ROTC program for teaching him to become a better citizen and thanks those in the program for their support. Marisol Rivera described her chance to join the Marine Corps as a privilege. “To me, it’s more interesting then the other branches. They are the number one division in the military.” The 18 year old will soon embark on her eight year hitch

Kenneth Wilson plans to pursue one of the greatest challenges in the Armed Services: he wants to become a Navy SEAL. However, he will not know until after boot camp if he qualifies for additional training with the SEALs, a group within the Navy known for being very selective. SEAL training is intense and their missions are top secret. Wilson is anxious to get started. “It’s a great thing to do and it looks like a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of hard work,” he wrote, citing his father as his influence to join. A salute to other CHS grads who we did not have the chance to talk to but who have also decided to serve our nation as the next step after high school: US Army Daniel Gorun Ellen Majkrzal Steven Peralta US Army National Guard Melissa Bazalar USMC Giancarlo Echegaray Eric Luna US Navy Francisco Sanchez

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S U N GALLERY 1346 Clifton Ave • Clifton


Richfield Shopping Center • Below Guy Anthony Salon


Stormy Outlook –––––––––– Story by Joe Hawrylko –––––––––


hen you first meet Ashley Gordon, you can sense that there is something that sets her apart from the crowd. She’s always looking for a new activity to try. When she talks, it is easy to see that this 19 year old has matured well beyond her years. Her actions speak volumes about her character. During her freshman year of track, Gordon suffered an injury that would sideline her for the rest of the season. Rather then mull around at home over the lost season, she was soon right back out on the field with her squad. “I became a manager instead,” said Gordon. “I just couldn’t walk away from my team and leave them behind.” This unselfish, others-first attitude seems to be on display every day of the active young lady’s life. She regularly volunteers with the Clifton Recreation Department and has been a Girl Scout. At CHS, Gordon is a member of the Conservation, German, Semper Fi and Athletic Training clubs and a three year ROTC member. She has also been a four year member of the track team.

“The move ‘Twister’ is what really got me into studying big storms like tornados and hurricanes. I want to learn how they work so I can help people.”

This past year while she was selecting classes, Gordon found a way to keep herself busy and help her classmates out at the same time. “I needed something to take up the time between school and practice,” noted Gordon, who is a zero period student. “So I became an athletic trainer.” Although she learned valuable information, such as how to wrap ankles and tend to injuries, Gordon acknowledged that it really isn’t for her. “I’m way too squeamish around blood for that,” she laughed.

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Gordon looks back on the last four years with the track team fondly and noted that without her mentor, it would not have been the same experience. “I’ve had so many great memories with everyone on the team,” said Gordon. “But having Mr. Pontes as my coach made it special. He has been like my dad for the last four years and was a friend on and off the track, he always knew if something was wrong and always pushed me to do my best. He taught me more about life then anyone I know.” This fall, Gordon’s commitment to her team paid off as she was honored by her peers as a captain for the cross country team. Luckily for the multi-talented senior, a leadership role seems to come naturally. For three years she has participated in Clifton’s Jr. ROTC and Lt. Col. Gordon was named Senior

Cadet. As the chief of her battalion, she was in charge of organizing events, dinners and running drills. “ROTC pushes you to your limits physically and mentally,” added Gordon, who noted that her brother, who joined the ROTC in college, was her inspiration for joining. She reflected on a visit to a boot camp in Virginia where everyone went through real military basic training first hand. “I had a blast!” laughed Gordon. “It was definitely an interesting experience.” Gordon added that in the ROTC classroom, they learned about the history of the armed services, how to be a better citizen and about life in general. “Sgt. Maj. Davis was a huge inspiration,” Gordon said of her instructor. “He taught me that life isn’t easy and helped me set goals and to see them to completion full heartedly. He made me the person I am today.”


he evolution of Ashley Gordon will continue in Florida where in September she will attend Brevard Community College for a year and then transfer to the Florida Institute of Technology to become a Meteorologist. “The movie ‘Twister’ is what really got me into studying big storms like tornados and hurricanes.” admitted Gordon. “I want to learn how they work so I can help people.” So will we see her on The Weather Channel soon? Not likely, said Gordon. “I would rather be behind the scenes in my own secret kind of way,” she added. “I’ve even thought about being one of those that chases storms.” However, ask what her dream job would be, and Gordon will give an even better answer. “To become an astronaut and study storms from space.”

Come Hungry. Leave Happy.™ 680 Rt. 3 West Clifton, NJ 973-471-7717



June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Anchors in Newport ––––––––– Story by Joe Shackil –––––––––


t was Andrew Garcia’s freshman year of Clifton High School. Gaining independence and trying to find his path in life, he visited the Naval Air Reserve Center in Minneapolis Minnesota with his father and discovered his passion. “When I went there, the morale was high and everyone was motivated,” said Garcia, adding that the camaraderie between the brothers and sisters of America’s Navy was something he wanted to be a part of. Returning to Clifton High that September, Garcia followed his hunch. In his sophomore and junior years at CHS, he joined the ROTC program, a relatively new series of classes that allows students to experience what being a part of America’s armed forces is like. Then last summer as part of the extended offerings of the Jr. ROTC program, Garcia and other Clifton students attended a summer camp in which they lived and worked as if they were in the military. He observed the dedication, focus and training many of the people shared. Since then, Garcia’s goal has been to serve as an officer in the United States Navy.

But the path to becoming an officer in the Navy can take different routes. A select number of high school students, like Clifton’s Robert Ryerson, will receive an appointment to the famed US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, where after four years, he will be commissioned as a Navy officer. Others first attend college, studying specialized courses and then join the military, entering as an officer. Garcia, however, has chosen another route, to attend the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island.

The mission of the Academy, its website states, is to “prepare selected candidates morally, mentally, and physically, with emphasis on strengthening the academic foundation of individual candidates for officer accession through the Naval and Coast Guard Academies.” Garcia explained: “They turn you from a civilian into a worthy candidate for the US Naval Academy at Annapolis.” The 10 month program begins in August and continues through May. In addition to the military training, the academic courses emphasize preparation in English composition, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and information technology. If all goes as planned, Garcia, an only child living with both his parents, anticipates he will be accepted into the Class of 2010 at Annapolis. One of the reasons Garcia wants to join the Navy is to see the world. “I love to travel and experience different culture,” he said. As he leaves CHS, Garcia offers this advice to the Class of 2006: “Senioritis can come back to haunt you. Work hard to the very end and things will fall into place.”

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Offer some advice to the Class of 2006.

Peter Aziz: Senior Year is the greatest year you’ll ever experience. Work hard at the beginning and in the end have fun and enjoy. Kimberly Habrahamshan: I would say work hard but have fun your last year and don’t look back on your regrets but to your future. Gina Barbone: Have a great senior year and enjoy every moment because the year passes by so fast. Michael Henao: Don’t be late. Dawn Centron: Senior year will go by real fast. You have to cherish every moment because you’ll never have a second chance to experience your senior year. Have fun... Alan Hernandez: Keep working hard in what you believe in and always strive for something better. Francesco D’Argenio: Do your homework! Jessika Glenn: Enjoy your last year, you’ll miss it when you’re gone. Spenser Grasso: Study hard, get scholarships and don’t procrastinate on looking at colleges. Andreas Dimitratos: Enjoy your last year while you can. You won’t realize how fast your time here will come to an end.


Michael Tresca: Stay out of trouble.

Sarge Painting

Jennifer Spanos: Always do your homework because it will always boost up your grade. John James: Always do your best, it will lead you to a better future. Sara Gretina: Have fun, it’s your senior year and the last time you may see some people. Keep every moment in your memory forever. Regret nothing and make amends before it’s too late because it’s not worth it to argue now. Matthew Sabo: Don’t get stressed over everything. Just relax and you’ll be fine. Stephanie Grace Langner: “I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memories, some happy, some sad, I think of childhood friends and the dreams we’ve had.”—Styx, Come Sail Away. Build strong friendships now and enjoy your time together because before long you’ll part and look back at these times and hopefully your memories will be happy ones. Danielle Solomon: Figure out your prom plans really early. Tara Kocsis: Slow down and enjoy the time you have with your friends because it will go by faster than you think. Stay focused and make the best of every situation. BobSandri 973-773-0280

Tina Hansen: You may not realize it now, but high school truly is the best time of your life. Have fun and enjoy it because you’ll never be able to get these moments back. Live life... Elizabeth Nelson: Don’t wait until the last three months of school to realize you may never see a lot of people again. Appreciate everyone all year long and make as much time for friends as possible. Michael Covin: Make your last year in high school the best. Dincer Dinc: Do your work but go out and have fun. Nicole Lavender: You never know when you’re making a memory. Laura Hamade: Have fun senior year! Live it up with no regrets.


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Brian Ippolitto: Take Mr. Beirne’s Physics II class, the best class in the entire school. Plus, it’s an easy AP grade. Theresa Omelczuk: Pushing doesn’t get you to class any faster. Mark Panczyk: No matter where you are now, make the best of what is to come. Gabrielle Picarrello: Make the most of your senior year because when it is over you will want to look back on it and smile! Adam Ahmad: Don’t get lazy, do your work and you will have fun. If you don’t, you’ll worry too much about failing and you will ruin your senior year.

Jenna Ricciardi: Even though you’re in school, enjoy it because these are the times you remember for the rest of your life. Make sure you get involved in everything because regret is the worst feeling ever. Christina Wos: Don’t waste your time stressing out over minor details. Enjoy being a teenager because before you know it you’ll be an adult. Most important, cherish your true friends because they are the people that will always be there for you. Kevin O’Brien: Have fun and cherish your memories. Thomas Jacobus: Work hard, play hard, good luck and have fun.

Brian Deblinger: Have as much fun as possible, it is your senior year. Make the best of what you can because the real world will come soon enough.

Tom Szieber: Pretty soon you won’t have people around to pick you up when you fall. So don’t take these days for granted because soon you will be faced with bigger responsibilities.

Paul “Boink” Boyko: Senioritis is not your friend.

Rachel Markovich: Think big and always follow your dreams!

Ask a St. Andrew’s Student... ...About Our Unique School.

Debra DeVito: I know senioritis is bound to set in, but keep in mind that colleges can still deny your admittance at the end of the year. Oh, be here by 6:15 am for a spot in the zero period parking lot, otherwise, you’re chancing it. And if you miss a spot and park in the permit parking area, you’ll get a nice $50 ticket. Marta Leja: Don’t take anything you have for granted. Enjoy everything because before you know it, you’ll be in college and since time flies, make sure you achieve everything you wanted to before you get out of CHS. Allison Murray: Have lots of fun. This is the last time all of your friends will be together ever. And don’t stress out, you can talk your way out of anything. DeAnna Vecchio: Get your financial aide paperwork done as soon as you receive it. Don’t be upset that high school is over; it would be worse if it never ended.

Congratulations to the 8th grade Class of 2005!

Small, Caring Environment, High Expectations, Religious Teachings

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Gotta’ Have Faith ––––––––––– Story by Sanket Shah –––––––––––


ome people would crumble when faced with adversity. This is not the case with Reyna Lima, someone who knows all too well about adversity and especially how to overcome it. With faith in God and her strong work ethic, Lima might some day become a physician. Nothing has come easy for the soon to be graduate of CHS. Born and raised in Bolivia, Lima and her family shared dreams of living in America. To make that a reality, her father left her family when Lima was five years old in order to come

to the United States and begin their chapter of the American dream. Either years later, daughter and mother made the same trip. But the years she waited for the reunion were tough ones. “I had prayed every day only to see my father, even if for one hour,” Lima recalled of the separation Eventually, her family settled here in Clifton and Lima attended CHS with no knowledge of the English language. That would not hinder her the least bit. Thanks to the CHS immersion program, within six months she had

“Above all, my friends, family and my God have influenced me in many different and constructive ways. They have all taught me to do my best, especially God...”

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learned enough English to be able to converse and write it. Lima attributes her success in life to her faith in God. Her faith has been her bedrock foundation since she was five years of age, getting her through tough times.

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Reyna Lima



“I don’t believe in luck,” she said. “Everything that has happened to me has happened because of my trust in God. I leave things to God, because He knows the past, the present, and the future.” Another source of inspiration is her hard working parents. “My parents were always there when I needed help. They are people I can trust and they always believed in me,” she explained. As Lima evolved as a Cliftonite, so too did her grades. While at CHS, she attained distinguished honor roll status, along with being accepted into the National Honors Society. She was also given the opportunity to participate in CHS’s “High Jump” program, which is a program that allows high school students to take college credits. That’s not all. Out of the classroom, she was active as a member of the Conservation Club as well as the Mustang volleyball team. Lima’s interest in medicine was sparked by her sophomore biology teacher, Mrs. Dutch. “She made biology really fun,” exclaimed Lima, whose goal to become a doctor is based on her uncanny love for helping people. She eventually has hopes of returning to her native Bolivia and helping those in need. This fall, she will be attending Bergen Community College and has her sights set on attending Rutgers University to study medicine. Whatever her plans may be, Lima isn’t concerned if her plans change. “I will do whatever is in God’s will,” she said. “Above all, my friends, family, and my God have all influenced me in many different and constructive ways. They all taught me to do my best, especially God, because if it weren’t for Him, I would not have met all these great people.”

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What is your favorite high school memory?

Nicole Lavender: The board game nights at my house on Fridays with my good friends. Who cares what people said— we had a good time!

Rachel Markovich: Playing in Giants Stadium with the Mustang Marching Band. Christina Wos: Watching my friends Paul and Matt mess up their labs last year in Chemistry Class. We miss you, Mr. Smith! Patrick Egan: Time spent with my friends and the hours of Marching Band practices and performances, as well as the CHS Musical. Debra DeVito: When I won an argument with Mr. Karpati, my guidance counselor, and got to take periods zero through five and drop period six.

Teddy Barbukov: Waiting for every fall to play Clifton soccer where I was the left outside middie. We had four consecutive county titles but I regret loosing to Kearny in the states every year.

Jenna Ricciardi: I can’t narrow it down but I’ll never forget Mrs. Mistretta’s first period Sign Language II class. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. Thanks to Marisa, Laura, Cole, Lindsay and Mrs. Mistretta for making all the memories, I love you all!

Tom Szieber: I can’t pick just one day or one event... my years as a Mustang playing football stand out and so do all the times I spent with my friends. DeAnna Vecchio: Putting together a collage of our four years of memories with my best friend Sarah. Paul “Boink” Boyko: Getting kicked out of band and becoming a full-year volleyball player.

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Megan Lake: My favorite high school memories are this past February’s Marching Band trip to

Quebec, all of the fun memories from the Lady Mustangs Basketball team and hanging out with my friends. Marta Leja: The 2003 Passaic County Coaches Invitational in cross country where it was pouring inches of rain and we ran in the wrong group race. It was an amazing experience because everyone makes mistakes and although that one caused us to be drenched from head to toe. It helped create more team unity also as we realized we still did great. Tom Hawrylko: The hockey team wins, watching volleyball and home football games... the prom fashion show was fun but I’ll always remember the way Mrs. Tuorto helped me out and the days I worked for Mrs. Cetinich.

Kimberly Topping: Being crowned as 2004 Homecoming Queen and cheering at Friday night football games.

Jon Whiting: Mr. Fruhman’s German class was fun and he was a great teacher. Me and the guys also liked going camping in Stokes Forrest and we spent a lot of time down the Shore.

Christian Sierra: Playing CHS Varsity Soccer senior year and winning All-County tournament. Kyle Black-Smith: Definitely Senior Prom weekend. The prom itself was amazing and going down the shore to be with all my friends was even better. Everyone being together made it the best weekend of my life.

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What was your favorite class?

Brian Ippolitto: Mr. Gogick’s Tech Draft class. It was a great introduction for my career goal of mechanical engineering and when he retired, the course was discontinued. That was a big disappointment and I didn’t have the chance to make a portfolio for college. Nonetheless, I’m still going to engineering school (NJIT) but I wish I would have had the handson experience at CHS. Manan Pandya: English III with Mrs. Murphy. She was really helpful and kind. I learned a lot from her. Jesse Sosa: My math classes with Mrs. Mahon, who I had as my teacher for three great years. I must say that I met somebody really special in my life in Mrs. Mahon’s class. Bryce Aquino: Chemistry with Mr. Dionisio, he is one of the funniest teachers around. Matt Tabano: English, I like to read and enhance my grammar.

Joey Musleh: Mr. Groh’s English class in junior year. Luciano Cirrito: Mrs. Rossi’s co-op. Tom Hawrylko: Work Experience in the Guidance Department with Mrs. Cetinich. She is always happy and enjoyable to work with. She has given me good advice and encourages me. Anthony Rago: My favorites were art and English. They are classes where you could fully express yourself in different ways. Martin Balbuena: My American History II class with Mr. Kluer and Mr. Lesler. We would have large class debates that gave us the opportunity to express our opinions freely, which was what made the class so amazing. Jennifer Nelson: AP English with Dr. Greenwald, he was the most inspiring teacher I’ve ever had. I also enjoyed creative writing with Mr. Notari, I met a lot of new and interesting people in his class. Kyle Leili: Auto Shop class. Alejandro Silva: Economics because it allows you to understand our economy and how it works. Jenny Hlavaty: My English Honor class this senior year. I learned so much in it, not only about literature, but about life as well. Plus, it was taught by my favorite teacher, Miss Saddik! David Torres: Algebra, I made a lot of friends there.

Derek Fieldhouse: The co-op program with Mrs. Rossi gave me the opportunity to experience the working world. I’ll be studying business as a major at BCCC. 62

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Derek Hrabal: Economics with Mr. Lotito. He is one of the best teachers because he doesn’t always go from the book, sometimes he just talks with the class. He is overall a cool teacher.

Alfred Martinez: My sophomore geometry class with Mrs. Allen. It was my favorite class because I enjoyed math and Mrs. Allen was a great teacher and person. I also had a bunch of my friends in that class and it made it even more enjoyable. Alexander Lopez: Math with my favorite teacher, Ms. Burke. John Ferrari: Mr. Doktor’s Integrated Technology class was my favorite. Our class always did Powerpoint exercises and other interactive projects. Vicki Lee: Fifth period Spanish IV class with Mrs. Franek because we did something interesting every day like pizza parties, trips to places and other fun events. Anastasya Varvaryuk: My favorite class was English. I have always liked reading and writing, so I enjoyed having a class where I was able to utilize my best skills and apply them to my school work. Pedro Olazabal: Ms. Cicio’s Beginners Microsoft Word Class was the best.

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Rides • Food • Fun • Entertainment • Music • Rides • Food • Fun • Music

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erhaps Sai Bharadwaj summed it up best. “Michael Cascio is brilliant,” said the manager of Clifton Channel 77, where the CHS senior works as a television production engineer. “He knows more then some of the technicians that come here. And his wealth of knowledge is still expanding.” Even more intriguing is that Cascio is only 17. A product of Mike McCunney’s renown CAST program, Cascio excels behind-the-scenes, where he works in the Clifton High studio as a director, piecing shows together so that everything runs smoothly. Since joining the program as a sophomore, Casio has flourished. As McCunney’s “right arm”, he often oversees projects and displays a natural ability to work in a team setting. “Students like Michael are rare indeed,” said McCunney. “His want to go above and beyond is refreshing, as he never lets his peers settle for less than their best.” While Cascio won’t be able to produce shows at the CHS studio after graduation, he will continue to work at Clifton Channel 77, where

he logs many hours coordinating the broadcasts of everything from special announcements to municipal meetings. Although busy creating another local program at city hall, Casio paused to credit those who mentored him along the way.

“Mr. McCunney and Mr. Dixon made the CAST program great,” added Cascio, who will be attending William Paterson in the fall. “Between them and the class, everything really comes together. It feels like your own little family away from home.”

“Students like Michael are rare indeed. His want to go above and beyond is refreshing, as he never lets his peers settle for less than –CAST Instructor Mr. McCunney their best.”






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The Show ––––––––––– Story by Joe Hawrylko –––––––––––


ow its official, Mark Stuart and Brian Bychek have big egos. The stars of The Show, whose antics on Mondays at 7 pm on Channel 77 have gained them notoriety, now refer to their show as the “Seinfeld of talk shows.” Produced live by the CHS CAST program and Mr. McCunney, The Show began this year as a sports oriented production. However, through the course of the year, it gradually evolved into a diverse talk show. From the CAST studio in CHS, the duo incorporates guests, phone calls and good laughs to form a well rounded, humorous half hour of comedy. “We take callers throughout the night on all sorts of topics,” noted Bychek. “Sometimes we extend the show up to an hour depending on how many people call.” As graduation nears and Stuart and Bychek are forced into reruns, the two reminisced about the fun times they had. “Mr. McCunney always had to make sure that we were on time,” laughed Bychek, who will be heading to William Paterson in the fall. “He also made sure that our show was clean to air.”

Mark Stuart and Brian Bychek

All jokes aside, Stuart and Bychek had nothing but the highest remarks about their time in the CAST program and their teacher.. “The Show and CAST were great experiences,” said Stuart, who will attend John Jay College and aspires to be a Royal Canadian Mountie. “It was a ton of fun and I learned a lot. Mr. McCunney is really awesome.” Bycheck added: “Mr. McCunney inspires me to do great things and kept me on track. He was always there to listen to you. He is a great teacher and person.”

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



How will you stay involved in Clifton?

Tamara Zeidan: Even though I may leave Clifton, it will always be a part of me no matter where I go. It will always be the place I come back to and call home. Nicole Lavender: My goal is to one day return to Clifton, maybe not to live, but definitely to teach math at CHS. I envision myself teaching along side many of the people I look up to right now. Jennifer Romanek: I will be living at home for the next two years and I will continue volunteering for the Clifton Rec. Department as I have done in the past. Rachel Markovich: I would like to continue playing in the Clifton Community Band when I’m home on break. I am still not sure where my career will take me but where ever it is, Clifton will always be my hometown! DeAnna Vecchio: I love Clifton and would love to settle here one day but for now it is too far away in the future to think about it. Christina Wos: I plan to visit often since my family and my boyfriend are here however, I don’t plan to live here permanently. Courtney Terry: I’ll be here as I am staying home for school.

Kevin O’Brien: I will still live in Clifton since I am going to attend Montclair State University. Thomas Jacobus: Hopefully I can come back and work in CHS or get a job with the Clifton Fire Department. Debra DeVito: I will return to Clifton to visit but most likely I will not come back to live here after college. Vanessa Garcia: I don’t think there will be much time for me to truly get involved in Clifton as I will be away for several years and not planning to move back to Clifton after I am finished with school. However, I do think that anyone who is close to home should take time to get involved Diana Santos: I will keep updated about issues in Clifton but as far as returning, I don’t know where my quest for education will lead me, but I would eventually like to settle down somewhere that I can grow. Kavita Chintapalli: Because I am moving away, I won’t be in Clifton as much, but I will visit often . Scott Davies: Even though I am leaving for college I will be back in Clifton every weekend to visit friends and family.

Andrew J. Hickman III: I have worked at the Clifton Boys & Girls Club for many years, so I will continue to stay involved by going back and inspiring young children. I believe that this is one way in shaping our future... mentoring our youth because they are the leaders of tomorrow. Adriana De La Cruz: I don’t intend on working or living in Clifton, however, I will be around to visit my mother. Robert Capozzoli: As much as I love Clifton, I also dislike it, Between the school system, the city planning and other issues, I feel that I would never want to work or live in Clifton any time soon. However, I grew up here and I will always have feelings for Clifton.

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Marisa Marco: I would probably stay involved in Clifton because my brother still goes to school here and is involved with all kinds of activities that I would come back to see him in. I would probably come back to Clifton for holidays or to work when I’m on break from school. Megan Lake: I will try to come back to Clifton as much as possible especially to see my brother perform with the marching band and to vote in local elections. Marta Leja: I will continue to work in Clifton during breaks and the summer when I am living at home. Maybe in the future I may settle down and buy a home in Clifton. Clifton Boy Scout Troop 40 is honored to have two of their own graduating this year, Michael Covin of CHS, and Joshua Narciso, pictured here, who attended Regis High School in Manhattan. The two Eagle Scouts have a long history of service to the city through the troop. To fulfill their Eagle Scout requirements, Covin and Narciso contacted St. Brendan’s Elementary School on Lakeview Ave. Covin led a team that designed a three tiered choral riser. Wood for the project was donated by Home Depot and additional funds were given by Langan Engineering. After over 70 hours of construction, the group gave the riser to a very thankful student body. Narciso’s project was also with St. Brendan’s: building a new playground. Narciso headed the team that engineered and installed the playground, a project that took over 224 hours. For their volunteer work, Covin and Narciso were honored by St. Brendan’s Church.

Andreas Dimitratos is a member of the Conservation Club and is also a CHS peer mediator. But his main involvement is through his church. As an active participant in the St. George Greek Orthodox Church on Valley Rd., Dimitratos was recently elected as the church’s Youth Group Recording Secretary by his peers. The youth group regularly does volunteer work and also visits nursing homes, fundraisers for the needy and sponsors retreats. Dimitratos also teaches Sunday School to the younger children, which he feels is a tremendous honor because he is teaching Clifton’s future leaders about their faith. Maria Leticia Rivera’s community involvement began with her church, Holy Angels in Little Falls. The CHS senior ran a food drive and helped replant shrubbery around the property. Soon, Rivera began volunteering for her own personal enjoyment. At her job at Stop & Shop, Rivera helped with a food drive. In order to raise funds for CHS, she bagged groceries for free. Rivera helped the homeless by entering a walk-a-thon and also helped pick up litter. For this teen, it really is better to give than to receive.

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Clifton Merchant • June 2005



What will you miss the least about school?

Yevheniya Gleba: The long school days and homework. Ashley Messick: Crowded halls. Megan Fitzpatrick: The ID’s and the no flip-flop rule! Gian Padilla: Zero period. Amanda Echevarria: The long homework assignments. Mark Stuart: Wearing my ID. Dustin Scarpa: The grouchy teachers that are on a power trip around the north wing. Matthew Nagy: Crowded halls. Himanshu Tailor: The ID’s Katelin Riotto: I won’t miss the work, ID’s and the crowded halls. Jerrica Kahwaty: Waking up so early for parking and then having to deal with the hallways. Amanda Feiner: The homework and classwork. Alyson Miller: Attendance policy. Doug Ciallella: I certainly wont miss the crowded hallways or waking up so early for a parking spot. Rachel Markovich: I wont miss waking up early for zero period, the crowded hallways or the false fire alarms that we seem to have in the worst weather.

Vanessa Palka: I won’t miss the crowded hallways or those maroon lanyards. Nicole Lavender: I will not miss walking down the hallways and hearing Ms. Peters say, “I don’t like what I see on those feet!” I can’t wait until I can wear flip-flops and not get in trouble for it. Tamara Zeidan: The work, I definitely can’t wait to leave that behind. Ashley Salerno: One word: ID’s Patrick Egan: The overcrowded halls and classrooms, gym, and the early morning classes. DeAnna Vecchio: Not being able to choose my schedule and I definitely wont miss going to school at 7 am. Debra DeVito: I wont miss the hot and overcrowded hallways and classrooms or the cliques and drama that high school always seems to include. Paul “Boink” Boyko: The lack of open bathrooms. Jenna Ricciardi: The crowded hallways, pop quizzes, zero period and the no flip-flop rule. Brian Deblinger: The tougher classes I took and of course the crowded hallways.

Daniel Ocampo: Having to wake up at 5:30 am so I could be on time to zero period. Thomas Jacobus: I won’t miss the school work. Kevin O’Brien: hallways.

The crowded

Christina Wos: All the rules, especially the dress code. Megan Lake: The crowded halls. Allison Murray: I definitely won’t miss getting up for zero period every morning, wearing ID cards, changing for gym in the smelly locker rooms or the kids who stop in the middle of the hallway in between classes to yell to their friends.


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Prom 2005

May 20, 2005

Large—we mean real large—limos... beautiful women and handsome men... dining, dancing and yes, a little romancing... take a look back at the 2005 CHS Prom which was held at Skylands Manor on Friday, May 20... ...a night these young adults will remember many years from now...

Project Graduation F or too many kids, graduating high school may be the last event celebrated in their short lives. That’s why parents of CHS grads plan Project Graduation. The goal of this 16th annual event is to provide a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment for CHS seniors on the biggest night of their lives. After the commencement, students meet back at CHS and board buses for a nearby resort. Volunteer chaperones accompany about 450 seniors for the all-night gathering. Arrival time is about 11 pm. Once the students are in, the exit doors are monitored and they’re prohibited from leaving the premises. Inside, there’s swimming, dancing, basketball, tennis, food, refreshments and plenty of fun. The Project Graduation entourage departs the resort at 6 the following morning and returns safely to Clifton. Chair Maryann Cornett said while over $40,000 has been raised, contribution are always welcomed. Any leftover funds are provided to the next class to get things rolling. Send checks to CHS Project Graduation, Clifton High School, 333 Colfax Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013.


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Clifton Merchant • June 2005



June 2005 • Clifton Merchant



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Clif ton ummer S 5


As school ends and vacation days finally appear in our planners, the following pages offer some ideas on things to do in and about Clifton.. Enjoy your summer!

The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps (above) host Music in Motion at Giants Stadium on July 1 at 7:30 pm. Other bands will be the Crossmen, Carolina Crown, Boston Crusaders, Spirit, Raiders and Lehigh Valley Knights. Tickets are $15–$75. For info on the Cadets’ summer tour, call 1-877-512-TUBA or go to 74

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

The Hawthorne Caballeros return to Clifton Schools Stadium for the 40th annual Drum Corps Grand Prix on July 16 at 7 pm. Expect an evening of high stepping drum and bugle corps competition and exhibition as 10 groups will perform. Tickets are $12 to $18. See George Hayek for tickets, call 973-423-9702 or log onto

The Music Matador: Bob Obser, offers the 14th annual directory of free concerts happening in Northern New Jersey from June through August. The schedule has grown from about 50 listings in 1992 to over 450 for the upcoming June edition. To receive via mail, send a donation of $3 or more to Bob Obser, 6 Grant Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011. Call 973-772-5291. Y-PAC, the Y Performing Arts Center at the YM/YWHA of Greater Clifton & Passaic, presents Children of Eden, a wonderful musical for the entire family by Stephen Schwartz. The play explores the relationships of parents and children through biblical allegory. Performances are June 5-19. Tickets are $15 and $12; call 973-779-2980, ext. 103, or via email The Y is at 199 Scoles Ave., Clifton.

The TheatreFest season opens with Kyogen of Errors (June 8-11), a traditional Japanese take on Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. The production is followed by Amajuba: Like Doves We Rise (June 15-26). Performances are at the new Alexander Kasser Theater, on the MSU campus on Valley Rd. Tickets are $35; call 973-655-5112.

Do you seek funding for an arts or cultural project? If so, the Passaic County Cultural & Heritage Council (PCCHC), the county’s officially designated arts agency, assists organizations that undertake arts and cultural projects to be presented in Passaic County. Special project grants are open to producing or presenting organizations, as well as educational, social service or municipal organizations that have an arts project planned. Applicant must be a tax-exempt, non-profit organization located in Passaic County for at least two years, use the grant for an arts project (dance, media arts, music, theater, visual arts, crafts, folk arts, etc.) to take place in Passaic County between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2006, and match every dollar with one dollar of its own. To help in filling out the application, grant writing workshops are scheduled to take place on June 7 at 6:45 pm at the Louis Bay 2nd Library, 345 Lafayette Ave., Hawthorne (a Spanish language interpreter and/or sign interpreter can be available); on June 8 at 1 pm at the Hamilton Club Building of PCCC, 32 Church St., Paterson; and on June 8 at 7 pm at the PCCC Wanaque Campus 500 Union Ave. Workshops are free, but reservations are suggested. The grant guidelines (also available in Spanish) and application are now available and can be obtained by calling 973-684-6507. Sunset Blues Cruise for The Haven: The annual Blues Cruise aboard New Jersey’s tall ship, the A. J. Meerwald on July 26 and July 28 will depart Liberty State Park at 6 pm for a cruise through the waters of New York Harbor. On July 26, Scott Hunter and the Soul Searchers will be the host blues band. On July 28, the Bennett Harris Blues Band will perform. Tickets are $30 and only 40 are sold per sail. Proceeds will benefit the work of St . Peter’s Haven in Clifton, a food pantry and outreach program. The Haven regularly feeds 500 families a month, provides temporary housing and offers outreach programs. This summer’s blues cruise sails are being dedicated to the memory of Rev. Hank Dwyer, former Director of The Haven who died unexpectedly just before Easter Sunday. Mail checks to St. Peter’s Haven, PO Box 2244, Clifton, NJ 07015. For info, call John Muller at 973-340-9405 or Bob Masiello at 973-546-3406.

A Kids & Teens Workshop, hosted by the Action Theatre Conservatory, will offer a final audition on June 4. Those who are accepted will be entered into a workshop and will perform at showcases in New York City. Programs start on June 27 and showcases are the week of July 25. ACT is located at 68 Union Ave., Downtown Clifton. Call 973-772-6998. The New Jersey Theater Alliance has published a Guide to Accessible Theatre, which lists performances in accessible theatres throughout New Jersey. It is free and available in normal type, large print, Braille and audio tape. Call 973-540-0515. The Clifton Arts Center will host a classical music concert on June 3 at 7:30 pm featuring international performing artist Oleg Chmyr and pianist Volodymyr Vynnytsky. In conjunction with the event, the CAC will showcase art and sculpture to mark its 5th anniversary. Tickets to the concert are $25; admission to the CAC is free. Call 973-472-5499. Clifton Merchant • June 2005


The look look of of aged, aged, natural natural stone, stone, created created The with 21st 21st century century Cambridge Cambridge technology technology with

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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Clifton’s City Picnic is July 3 in Main Memorial Park from noon to 6 pm. Vendors and others fill the trail around the pond with rides, crafts and exhibits, as well as plenty of food and fun. Raindate is July 4. For info, call 973-470-5757.

s & r i Festivals a F

The Clifton Association of Artists seeks artists for the 42nd Annual Outdoor Art Show and Sale on June 5 at Jubilee Park, at the corner of Allwood Rd. and Clifton Ave. Any artist over the age of 16 is welcome to enter. Entrants will be assigned to a 12 foot space to display their artwork. A display fee of $25 is required for all non members. The show begins at 10 am and runs until 4 pm. Rain date is July 12. For more info, call 973-773-9721. Botany Village Street Fair is Aug. 13 from 10 am to 6 pm and the annual Labor Day Festival in the Park is set for Sept. 2-5. For info, call Joe Nikischer at 973-546-8787 or go to The Athenia Business Association hosts the Van Houten Avenue Street Fair on Sept. 18; there’ll be fun, food, vendors, entertainment, a petting zoo, rides for children and a classic car show. Vendors can call 973-473-0986 or 973-773-0802. The Passaic County Fair is held on July 13 to 17 at the Garret Mountain Reservation and will showcase the people, crafts and diversity of the 16 municipalities of the county. A new Photography Contest has been added. Those interested in participating should call 973-225-5382. Passaic County Senior Art Show seeks residents 60 and over, to enter show-ready work for the annual event, held June 7 to 24, at the Louis Bay 2nd Library & Community Center, 345 Lafayette Ave., Hawthorne. Call 973-881-4950.

Downtown Clifton on June 11 from 10 am to 5 pm hosts the International Food & Street Festival along Main Ave. On July 14 and Aug. 11, from 5 to 11 pm, they’ll present a 50’s Block Party in Municipal Parking Lot 8 on the corner of First St. and Clifton Ave. A Columbus and Pulaski Day Street Festival will be held on Oct. 8. For more info, call 973-253-1455. The Friends of the Animal Shelter hold a garage sale behind city hall on June 5 at 10 am to 4 pm. Proceeds will go to help homeless animals. You can also visit the shelter for adoption or to make a donation. Call 973-470-5936. The 23rd Annual Dutch Hill Flea Market will be held on June 11 from 9 am to 4 pm at Weasel Brook Park on Paulison Ave. The event is presented by the Dutch Hill Residents Association. Spaces are $40 and must be in cash. Rain date is June 18. For more info, call Carol Sadowski 973-779-0599 or Joan Stearns 973-471-3204.

The Clifton Public Library hosts numerous events. The Book Nook has a sale from June 6 to 12. All used hard-covered books are $1; buy three and get one free. Paperbacks are 25 cents. Registration for children’s programs this summer begins on June 20 at 10 am. Available at both branches, programs include story time, a play and rhyme program for infants, an arts and crafts program, Booknics, a book sharing program, Joust Theater, a creative drama workshop, and various Series Celebrations for popular children’s book series. For more info, call 973-772-5500 or 973-471-0555. Clifton Merchant • June 2005


t r s o & Ca mps p S From the crack of the wooden bat to the snap of the old leather glove, the Clifton Hawks deliver that old school baseball feel in Nash Park. Formed in 1997 by the late Joe Santosuosso (a former Newark Hawk) and his son Dave, the team was a traveling team for kids too old for Clifton Little League. Eventually, most of the team went on to play for the Mustangs and then headed off to compete on the college level. However, every summer this band of brothers gets together around the diamond to form one of the more competitive amateur teams in the area. CHS Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Joe Vespignani, will run camp at School 2 on Van Houten Ave. for kids ages 3-12. There are two dates: July 11-15 and Aug. 8-12 and times are from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. Cost is $80 for one week or $150 for both. The fee includes a t-shirt. Call 973-334-0207 or go to to download an application. MVP Basketball Camp for boys and girls, ages 7 to 15, by former CHS boys basketball coach Pete Vasil, is June 27 through July 1, July 11 to 15 and Aug. 22-26, 9 am to 3 pm at St. Paul School on Main Ave. Cost is $155, two weeks at $280 or three at $375. Call 973-569-0407. CHS Track & Field Alumni Meet on June 12 at 4 pm at the stadium. All events, including a team relay, will be staged except pole vault and discus. Odd graduating years will compete with even numbered grads. To register ($10), call Andrew Piotrowski at 973-470-2280 or email him at 78

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Sponsored by the Title Agency of New Jersey, the Hawks have played in the AABC Mickey Mantle league and the state AAU Tournament, placing 2nd in 2000 and then competed in the national level. They have also played in several out of state tournaments, fielding games on famous diamonds, including Doubleday Field at Cooperstown, Disney’s Wide World of Sports, Yogi Berra Stadium, Waterfront Park and Skylands Park. The Hawks next home games are on June 12 at 10:30 am at Nash Park, June 13 at 6 pm at Holster Park, then back to Nash Park at 6 pm on June 17 and 22. A roster, history and more info on the Hawks and their full 2005 schedule can be found on their site at

Mustang hoops B-Ball Camp will be run by Boys’ Coach Jon Santulli and Girls’ Coach Tim Nellegar. The camp for boys and girls ages 7 to 15 is Aug. 1-5 at Clifton High School, 9 am to noon. Santulli, Nellegar and the Mustang coaching staffs will run drills, contests and full-court 5-on-5 games. Kids get a shirt, ball and eval. Call 201-310-9152. For the girls, call 973-495-6627. CHS Track & Field Camp: Andrew Piotrowski and John Pontes hold camp on July 11-15, July 25-29, Aug. 1-5, and Aug. 8-12. For ages 7-13, camp is 9 am to noon and emphasis is on fundamentals of running, introduction of track & field and developing speed and stamina. For ages 14-18, camp is 4 to 7 pm. There will be pole vault, sprints, hurdles, distances, throws and jumps. Price is $120 for ages 7-13, or $400 for all four sessions. For ages 14-18 the camp is $140 or $500 for all four sessions. Call 973-473-5060.

Daily News sports columnist Filip Bondy will sign copies of his new book, Bleeding Pinstripes: A Season with the Bleacher Creatures of Yankee Stadium, on June 9 at 7 pm, at the Barnes & Noble in Clifton Commons. The book gives an anthropological view of the most dedicated tribe of rooters in baseball.

Vote June 7 Paul DiGaetano Governor

Paid for by A.M.S. Enterprises, Inc. Clifton, NJ


What New Jersey needs is an

Honest Working Man. Not another rich politician.

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


r t h e e l e P d a d v s saic Ri Pa

Bring your own kayak or for a contribution, we’ll provide one. Either way, make plans to paddle a kayak or canoe on the Passaic River on June 11, from 9 am to noon. This is the second tour of the river Clifton Merchant Magazine is conducting thanks to the Hackensack Riverkeeper. The non-profit organization is providing 16 kayak seats (some accomodate two). Taxdeductible tickets are $25. To reserve a kayak, make checks payable to Hackensack Riverkeeper and mail them to Clifton Merchant Magazine, 1288 Main Ave., Clifton, NJ 07011. “The Passaic River has languished for too long,” said Captain Bill Sheehan, who founded Hackensack Riverkeeper in 1997. “People think the Passaic is a lost cause. We need to get people using it for recreation. Clifton needs to know that the waters do not belong to polluters, it belongs to them.” 80

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Join Clifton Merchant Magazine and the Hackensack Riverkeeper on Saturday, June 11 for a kayak tour of the Passaic River.

To let people know the Passaic is really user friendly, last July Clifton Merchant Magazine and friends kayaked a portion of the placid river, from a launch in Elmwood Park to the Dundee Lake. The trip offered great views of urban wildlife and heavy industry in water which was not dirty but far from clear, ranging in depth from six feet to six inches.

This year’s trip will launch below the Great Falls of Paterson and end here in Clifton at the Dundee Lake. Those who have signed up so far include Pete Bakarich, George Cowan, Peter DeRobertis, Claire Tiberti, the staff of Clifton Merchant, and others such as the Rooney family, who are bringing their own kayaks or canoes.

Mike Novack will launch his restored 101 year old gondola with a party on June 23 from 6 to 10 pm at Tracy’s Boat House.

Mike Novack will launch his restored 101 year old gondola with a party on June 23 from 6 to 10 pm at Tracy’s Boat House, on the water, in Little Ferry. The gondola, ‘Il Signor Contento’ has a lineage which traces back to the late 1800’s in Venice, Italy. Built for Lord Byron, the British philosopher, she was berthed in Venice for many years. How Novack found and restored the gondola is a longer story, one which he will share on June 23. Tickets are $3750. Call 201-372-9740 or go to

Thank Goodness School’s Out Pool and Skate Parties happen on June 24. Swimming is from 10 am to 2 pm at Bellin’s Clifton Swim Club. Skateboarding, rollerblading and roller-hockey is from 2:307:30 pm at the Clifton Skatezone. Tickets for each event are $2 per person and are available at the Recreation Office: 973-470-5956. Bellin’s Clifton Swim Club announced the opening of its 2005 season on Memorial Day. Summer hours through Labor Day are 10 am to 8 pm. Call 973-365-1209.

Clifton Best Buy The Recreation Department’s Summer Program brochure offers a complete list of events, programs, camps, trips and things to do in town over the coming months. What’s more, programs are low cost, creative and often conducted right near your home. If your child did not bring a brochure home from school, call 973-470-5956 or visit their office in city hall.






lifton Dog & Cat Hospital at 1315 Main Ave. received a four year accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association, the highest accreditation bestowed by this international organization of animal hospitals. This is the third consecutive four year certification made to Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital. Clifton Dog & Cat Hospital has been a AAHA member since 1989 and is a full service veterinary hospital serving Clifton and the immediate area. Call for more details.


Dr. Unay and his wife Edna from left Sandie, Karen, and Jennifer.


Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Andersen Windows & Doors We Buy Them By The Truckload! We’re a small company that thinks big. Price: At K&S, we buy Andersen windows and doors by the truckload. That means you get great prices from a locally owned supplier. But unlike the big chains, we’ll give you more… Service: At K&S, we make our living on service. So when you deal with us, you’ll talk to the same knowledgeable sales person day after day.

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973.473.3118 82

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

June 1790: Martha Washington and Abigail Adams pass through Acquackanonk Township (now Clifton) on the way to the Great Falls.

A look back at June events which shaped Clifton...

Clifton Almanac

June 3, 1869: The first Clifton Post Office opens with Postmaster Francis C. Van Dyke. June 8, 1869: The Ninth Ward (South Paterson) is separated from Acquackanonk Township to become a part of Paterson. June 20, 1872: The Paterson, Newark and New York Railroads reorganize through Allwood and Athenia as the the Erie Railroad. June 1909: Clifton High School graduates its first class with five girls.

June 30, 1917: Andrew Borneman & David Van Dillen sell their plumbing business to Louis Weigele and Jacob Van Houten. June 11, 1927: Clifton Assembly #16, Rainbow for Girls, organized. June 19, 1928: Post #8 installs three lamps at Central and Clifton Aves. June 19, 1935: Patrolman Joseph Sastic is honored for his work as head of the Junior Safety Patrol. June 16, 1936: Quentin Roosevelt Post #8, American Legion holds a walkathon at Wessington Stadium from June 16 to its Aug 20 finale. June 27, 1936: Cliftonite and NY Giant Eddie Mayo is celebrated at New York’s Polo Grounds. June 12, 1937: Barnum Bailey Circus in Main Memorial Park. June 22, 1937: New Jersey denies construction of an airport in Delawanna for safety reasons.

June 2, 1948: Board of Education votes $267,000 to complete the construction of the Clifton Schools Stadium. Pictured above are members of the 1946 Fighting Mustangs, the first team to record an undefeated season, the first in school history to bring home a state championship trophy and the only squad to ever travel to a post season bowl game. At right is their legendary coach, Joe Grecco, for whom the field is now named. June 6, 1938: Johnny Rohrig and Tippy Larkin in a 10 round match at Wessington Stadium. Larkin wins. June 1, 1940: Howard Johnson’s Rest. opens at 853 Lexington Ave.

June 19, 1946: Albion Place residents welcomed home World War II veterans from that neighborhood with a dinner at Donahue’s in the Mountain View section.

June 1, 1940: Dr. Elliot Kaplus opens an animal hospital at 851 Main Ave.

Established in 1951,

June 11, 1940: Mandarin Oriental Restaurant opens at Main and Piaget Aves. Chow Mein is made hourly. Lunch is 25 cents.

offered the best to our

June 2, 1946: Albion Place Memorial Post #7165, Veterans of Foreign Wars, installs its first officers.

help you today!

June 1946: The Goodlatte Plant in Delawanna, closed since 1936, is sold to Hoffman La Roche. June 4, 1946: Housing for 70 Clifton veterans is provided by using Civilian Conservation Corps barracks at Passaic Ave. and Route 3.

Bertelli’s has always customers in selection and pricing. Let our friendly staff




Styertowne Shopping FINE WINECenter 1045 Bloomfield Ave. • Clifton

973 779-0199 Clifton Merchant • June 2005


June 8, 1913: The first Mass celebrated in St. Paul parish is conducted by Rev. Father Flanagan for 250 parishioners in the firehouse on Harding Ave.


June 12, 1948: Joseph J. Brunetti proposes construction of garden apartments on 108 acres of farmland at Allwood Rd. & Clifton Ave. June 15, 1948: New Fire headquarters at Madison Ave. and First St. June 20, 1948: Ground is broken for the construction of an 8 room school for St. Brendan’s Church. June 26, 1950: Ground is broken for an addition to School #9. June 13, 1951: Richfield Village streets accepted by the Council. June 2, 1952: Athenia Veterans’ Post buys 22 city lots on Huron Ave. for $102 to build a headquarters. June 6, 1953: Hart Buick Agency is established at 423 Lexington Ave. before moving to its present Allwood Rd. site on Jan. 8, 1954.

June 1956: St. Andrew’s Church breaks ground for a 6 room addition to its Parochial School. (to 14 rooms) June 26, 1958: The new Clifton Boys’ Club building on Clifton Ave. opens. June 2, 1959: Henry Holt & Co., publishers occupy a new 52,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Allwood Rd. June 4, 1959: Boy Scouts hold a “Camporee” at Nash Park. June 1, 1960: Preliminary US Census: Clifton’s population at 81,953. (Seventh largest city in NJ) June 28, 1960: A 9 acre pure organic farm owned by Carl Lanz on Grove St. is sought by city for park use. Negotiations begin. June 8-10, 1962: The first $100,000 Thunderbird Golf Classic is played at the Upper Montclair Country Club. June 15, 1962: Patterson Brothers at 45 Samworth Rd. open after moving here from New York City where it sold hardware since 1848. June 27, 1962: Ground is broken for the Riedl and Freede building on Route 3 and Passaic Ave. June 1962: A permit is issued to Spiral Binding Co. at Main Ave. and Bridewell Pl. in Delawanna for a 40,000 square:foot building.

June 1, 1955: Police Chief James N. Marsh retires having served in that capacity since Aug. 8, 1934. June 5, 1955: St. Clare’s RC Church announces plans to build a school, auditorium and convent. June 28, 1955: Acme Steel Co. opens a new building a sales/ warehouse at 454 Allwood Rd. June 8, 1956: The Board of School Estimate approves an additional $42,792 in construction funding for School #16. Total cost: $632,792.


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

June 14, 1964: Joseph Sperling Park in Athenia is dedicated, named for the first Clifton serviceman killed in World War Two. He died at Pearl Harbor on the USS Curtis. June 14, 1964: Betty Lutz is named Clifton City Clerk. June 4, 1967: The 50th Anniversary parade steps off with 55 floats, 30 bands and 100 animals. It is three hours in duration and is seen by 200,000 people. June 29, 1967: Clifton Blvd. and Fornelius Ave. residents form a human chain of 40 adults and 26 children to protest heavy trucking at Canny Truck Terminal.

June, 1999: Construction begins on the first phase of Clifton Commons, a 15 acre retail center on Route 3 which formerly housed ITT. June, 1976: Henry Fette hired architect Arthur Rigolo to design a new showroom in the former Bowlero lanes at the intersection of Rts 3 & 46. June 28, 1992: Clifton celebrates its 75th anniversary with a parade of 2,000 marchers, 30 floats, 20 bands. June, 1997: Clifton Savings President & CEO Kenneth H. Van Saders officially opens the bank’s new headquarters at 1433 Van Houten Ave. June 1, 1999: Former Councilman George ‘Chuck’ Rohde takes the oath as a Superior Court Judge of NJ. June 9, 2003: The R.P. Hammer Memorial Post Office opens on Main and Madison Aves. June 9, 2004: The Board of Education failed to select a site for a 1,700 student school, postponing a decision pending receipt of environmental and traffic studies for Athenia Steel. It does vote to proceed with plans for a Dec. referendum to create a school for 500 students at the Meyer Textile building on Brighton Rd.

Imagine Your Clifton Garden…

Create an an Create Awe-Inspiring Awe-Inspiring Backyard... Backyard...

At Athenia Mason, our Grinnell pavers and stones can dramatically enhance your Clifton home with traditional, historic, natural or contemporary landscapes designs.




973.253.0570 From Lakeview Ave • Enter on Mina Ave • Exit on Rosalie Ave Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Main Memorial Park, Downtown Clifton


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Less Work. More Life.

TimberTech is a revolutionary alternative to wood that turns recycled wood and polymers into strong, moisture-resistant decking that you’ll never have to seal, stain or paint. TimberTech’s Less Work More Life™ promise means you’ll spend more time enjoying your deck and doing the things you want to do.

Tongue-and-Groove Plank • Provides fastener free surface • Offers 11% more coverage than lumber • Brushed surface provides the look of wood • Available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths

5/4 Plank • Installs like traditional wood plank • Will not sag like other alternative decking • Highest quality material in the industry • Available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths

2 x 6 Plank • Installs like traditional wood planks • Engineered for maximum strength to weight • Brushed surface provides the look of wood • Available in 12’, 16’ and 20’ lengths

Whether it’s around your Clifton home or at your weekend getaway, K&S and TimberTech can help you build a maintenance-free deck. K&S is a Stocking Dealer and that means we’ll have what you need in stock and at the best price.

Ornamental Railing System • Attractive “bread loaf” top rail styling • Complete with post covers and post caps • Precut baluster kits available • Available in 6’ and 8’ kits

TimberTech comes in • Redwood • Grey • Cedar




973.473.3118 88

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


On a hill overlooking Route 3 is the Monastery of the Holy Face of Jesus. It is home to a community of Sylvestrine Benedictine monks. Holy Face is not a parish but a serene place for prayer and meditation, a retreat just off a busy highway. The grounds of the monastery are open and inviting and mass is also celebrated daily in the chapel at 7:30 am and on Sundays at 10 am and 11:15 am, which is in Latin. The monastery was dedicated on December 20, 1953. It was built on land that originally belonged to Ploch’s farm. The monks purchased it from a local doctor, Anton P. Randazzo, who was the owner at that time. Because there was no water supplied to the small hill, they had a well dug which is still in use today. Since 1970, the well water has been shared with the public free of charge daily from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm except Sunday when the times are 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. 90

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Festa Frainese is on June 12 and the Societa’ Frainese invites all to the Holy Face Monastery to share in the traditions and heritage of the group’s patroness saint, Santa Maria Mater Domini, pictured here. According to a legend, over a thousand years ago, the Madonna appeared to a deaf and mute girl while she was attending her flock of sheep in Fraine, a small town situated on a hilltop in the Province of Chieti Abruzzi, Italy. The girl heard a voice, which was the voice of the Madonna, instructing her to bring back her parents to the spot. The girl spoke, for the first time in her life, telling her parents about her miracle sighting. When her parents arrived, they saw a woman attired in a white dress sitting on top of an oak tree. The

Madonna requested they go to the Fraine Priest to have him build a chapel in her honor. The Madonna’s request was granted and it was built on the spot where she was seen. About 3,000 people have immigrated to America from Fraine and brought their traditions of honoring the Madonna with them. The June 12 Festa begins with a mass and is followed by a procession in which the statue of Santa Maria Mater Domini is carried throughout the grounds. Food and fellowship follow The Societa’ Frainese was founded in 1928 to help maintain the Santa Maria Mater Domini Church of Fraine. Money raised at the June 12 event goes to the restoration of that church. For info, call Nick Finamore at 973-778-9328 or Antonietta Spanos at 973-473-8847.

With its breezy setting high atop the hill and its many picnic tables and sprawling grounds, the monastery is often rented for seasonal festivals, parish picnics and other events. Confessions are heard daily except Sunday and Monday.

At night a large crucifix, illuminated by neon lights, is visible from Route 3 and the surrounding area. Many say the light guides whoever is interested to an island of serenity in our turbulent world. Visit the monastery or call Father Bernard Schinn at 973-778-1177.

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72 St. James Place • Clifton • 9 7 3 . 4 7 3 . 4 8 3 0 Clifton Merchant • June 2005



ather Julian Varettoni has been associated with Sacred Heart Church since June 5, 1955, when he celebrated his first mass there after his ordination. Appointed pastor of the Botany Village church on Nov. 29, 1966, by Bishop James A. McNulty, Msgr. Varettoni has since led the parishioners through sad moments and celebrated many successes with them. Under his guidance, one of his first priorities was to rid the parish of debt, and by 1972, only six years at the helm, the parish was able to raise over $350,000 and paid the mortgage on the landmark church and remained debt-free ever since. Msgr. Varettoni was able to lead the parish through the loss of the religious teachers Filippini who had staffed Sacred Heart School from its beginning and eventually guided the school to a totally lay faculty and administration. He was also there in 1981 when a tragedy struck. Toni Russin, a member of Sacred Heart, recalled the events: “A fire destroyed the school auditorium which had been the heart of church activities and damaged the remainder of the

school. Under his leadership, we not only rebuilt the auditorium, making it bigger and better and adding a cafeteria, we did it without going into debt.” From there, Msgr. Varettoni went on to guide the expansion of the school to eventually include a library, a computer/ resource center, a science/art lab, a youth room, fitness center and a senior room. “He established child care and senior day care programs and made the building truly a parish center,” commented Russin. During his years as pastor, Sacred Heart celebrated both its 75th and 100th anniversaries. On the latter occasion, the City of Clifton honored Msgr. Varettoni and his family by changing the name of ‘Botany Place’ to ‘Varettoni Place’. Thanks to his leadership, the parish has completely renovated the interior of the church twice and extensively repaired the slate roof and exterior of the church. They also erected a vestibule to the church.

Fr. Varettoni of Sacred Heart Church.

“We have literally spent millions of dollars in these efforts without ever having to borrow a penny, thanks in good part to the tithing program Msgr. V has introduced,” added Russin. On June 5, parishioners, friends and family will mark the Golden Anniversary of Msgr. Varettoni’s ordination to the priesthood, and wish him a belated 75th birthday. Ad Multos Annos!

Burning the mortgage at Sacred Heart Church in 1972, at left, was Msgr. Julian B. Varettoni, who is still the pastor at Sacred Heart, the oldest church in Clifton. That’s Frank Carlet at right, the chair of the building committee at the time.


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Safety Town is an annual program for children entering kindergarten to learn lessons in traffic, drug, pool, and fire safety as well as first aid and proper nutrition. The program, a Clifton institution in existence over 25 years, is presented by the City of Clifton with the cooperation of the Board of Education and several civic organizations. It is conducted over two weeks, from 911:30 am, Monday through Friday, and this year will be held from July 18 through July 29. Safety Town is run at School 2 at 1270 Van Houten Ave., and, thanks to community support and volunteerism, the fee for Safety Town is still only $20. To register, call 973-470-5853.

Congressman Bill Pascrell, above right, was at the Clifton Optimist Club’s annual Friend of Youth Dinner on May 22 which celebrated the volunteer work of Tom Fieldhouse. At left, Vinny Colavitti Sr. and the Clifton Special Police Officers received the Judge Joseph J. Salerno Respect for Law Award, and Tom Miller, also pictured, received the Clifton Optimist Club’s Stanley Zwier Community Service Award.

TENAFLY ENAFLY PEDIATRICS EDIATRICS 1135 Broad St., Suite 208 • Clifton • 973-471-8600 Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm Wednesday 8:30 am – 8:30 pm (for check-ups, too!) Sunday 9 am – 12 noon •

Dr. Maury Buchalter

Dr. Joanne Aranoff

Dr. Robert Jawetz

Dr. David Wisotsky


Bob Foster was stuck holding the final ticket at the Boys & Girls Club’s annual raffle on May 19 and as a result, he won a 2005 Lincoln LS, valued at $38,735.

We welcome new patients in Clifton and our other locations! Tenafly 32 Franklin St 201-569-2400

Fort Lee 301 Bridge Plaza N. 201-592-8787

Paramus 26 Park Place 201-262-1140

Oakland 3 Post Road 201-651-0404

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


We’re Open During the Renovation!

Paterson Farmers Market East Railway Ave., Paterson Open Daily: 7am-6pm

973-742-1019 The old Paterson Farmers Market is undergoing a $2.4 Million Renovation!

Spring into Summer! Meet Our Farmers...

...and Their Produce

Adickes Farm

Our Farmers Grow & Sell These Crops and More

Bader Farm Breezy Valley Farm Dagelle Farm Don Donohoe Farms Farms View Healthway Farm Hurley Farm Paul Donoho Farms Ricky’s Produce Rolling T’s Sammis Farms Sekulovski Farm Selle Farm Sleepy Hills Orchard Windy Maples Farm

Meet Our Merchants... AG&S Beef and Beyond El Campesino Farmers Market *

El Rancho International* Farmers Deli Fruti Mex Jerusalem Halal Meat Seasonal Walk Spinella Garden Center Spinella Produce Green Valley Produce *open till 9pm


June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Peaches • Apples Melons • Plums Pears • Quince Jersey Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes Flat Red Onions Potatoes of all kinds Corn • Squash Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Beans • Arugula Pumpkin Flower Broccoli Rabe Parsley Root Celery Nob Green Garlic Red Carrots White Radishes Winter Squash Large Variety of Peppers Dried Fruit Spices & Herbs Fresh Fruit & Produce Roasted Nuts Tropical Specialty Items Meats & Halal Meats Chicken • Grocery Items Cold Cuts • Sandwiches Grilled Items Seasonal Plants Wine Grapes

Sekulovski Farm West Caldwell, NJ

Healthway Farm Milton, NY

Farms View of Wayne, NJ


Raymond Kuruc .............. Sean Rouse ...................... Chris Van Valkenburg ...... Tabitha Sosa ....................

6/18 6/18 6/19 6/18

Happy Anniversary... Dorothy & Joe DeLiberto 6/27 Richard & Susan Van Blarcom

From left, Christopher Sadowski graduated Montclair State and works as a photographer for the New York Post. Connie Musleh turns 18 on 6/26. She is pictured with her sister, LeAnn. Ava Nicole Genardi turns 7 on 6/9.

Cheryl Curtin ...................... 6/1 Jonathan Borrajo .............. 6/2 Karl Aponte ........................ 6/3 Jeffrey Angello .................. 6/4 Thomas Lesch .................... 6/4 Samantha Malenchak ...... 6/6 Michael Reuther ................ 6/6 Joseph Sassine.................... 6/6 Diane Canavan ................ 6/7 Shaun Columbus ................ 6/7 Nora Abbasi........................ 6/8 Koreana Sabo .................... 6/8 Robert Ciallella .................. 6/9 Adam Soder .................... 6/11 Christopher Stetz .............. 6/13 Annette Vander Teems .. 6/13

Anne Sanfratello .............. Danielle Dvorak................ Derek Dvorak.................... Stephanie Dvorak ............ Shauna Farrell ..................

6/14 6/16 6/16 6/16 6/17

Jessica Russell .................. Joseph Hrina .................... Mike Skurski ...................... Jack DeVries .................... Lori Homsany .................... Dorian Patti ...................... Walter Vladyka ................ Monica Szewczyk ............ Robert Conklin.................. Christopher Lucas ............

6/21 6/23 6/24 6/25 6/25 6/27 6/27 6/29 6/30 6/30

Open your heart and your home.


hair nails color

Many children are waiting for very special foster families... Financial Assistance & Free Training Available

Call toll-free: 1-800-837-9102 N E W

Call Keri at 973.365.0220 to make an appointment. 88 Market Street, Clifton


To qualify to be a foster parent, you must be at least 21 years old, have a steady source of income and adequate space in your home.


Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Visit us in Downtown Clifton: 1103 Main Ave • 973-473-4999

We Don’t Sell Parts… …We Sell Service Machine Shop On Location No Order Too Large Or Small FREE DELIVERY

Two Stores In Clifton 973-473-1997


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June 2005 • Clifton Merchant

Michael A. Carpenter graduated on May 27 from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. As a result, he will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and attend officer training at Quantico, Virginia for six months. From there, he will go to flight school in Pensacola, Florida. Carpenter fell in love with the Naval Academy while visiting it with his family when in the seventh grade. They recalled he was impressed and announced to them that he now knew where he wanted to go to school. “We were taken aback by his statement and thought from your lips to God’s ear,” said his mom, Josephine Ruiz-Carpenter. “Well God was listening that day and answered his prayer.” Carpenter is a local kid who after much hard work and perseverance has accomplished his first dream. He grew up in Clifton, graduated from St. Paul School Elementary School and is still a member of St. Paul Church where he continues to serve in the ministry of altar server.

Carpenter attended Queen of Peace High School in North Arlington on an academic scholarship. At Queen of Peace, he was captain of the varsity football team (and received the award for the senior with the highest GPA on the gridiron) ran track and also was on the baseball team. After graduating Queen of Peace, he attended the Naval Academy Preparatory School in Newport, Rhode Island and then was inducted into the Annapolis class of 2005. While at the Academy, Carpenter dabbled in various activities; he was a member of the Semper Fi Club, member of the Bag Pipe Corps, and enjoyed power lifting. In 2003 and 2004 he was part of the Cadre of Detailers, responsible for training of the incoming class of Plebes.

“All in all we wish Michael the best in his career and much health in the coming years. As the Navy says, we wish him fair winds and following seas.” –Josephine Ruiz-Carpenter

During the summer of 2004 he trained for four weeks with the Marine Corps at Quantico, Virginia, and was recommended as a good candidate for officer school. On previous summers he has gone to San Diego and worked with sea mammals, which the Navy uses for special defense projects. He also was on a submarine for three weeks during 2003 and participated on a training ship specifically designed for Midshipmen to experience life on a working vessel.

All of these experiences assisted this Cliftonite in his overall training for life as an officer in the Navy. Carpenter’s family continues to reside in Clifton: his younger sister, Elyse, is a junior at Queen of Peace High School, and his mom and dad are both employees at St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center. “All in all we wish Michael the best in his career and much health in the coming years,” said his mom. “As the Navy says, we wish him fair winds and following seas.”

Clifton Fire Captain Gary M. Bolcar will forever be remembered in the city as Engine 6 was dedicated in his memory on May 30. Bolcar died on Oct. 9, 2003, in a motorcycle accident in his hometown of Wharton. He was a firefighter for nearly 21 years, joining the Clifton Fire Department in Oct., 1982. He was promoted to Lieutenant in March, 1996, and to Captain in May, 2002, when he assumed command of Fire Station #6 on Van Houten Ave. At left is Firefighter John Hollenback reading a memorial to Capt. Bolcar’s widow, Elycia. The couple also had two daughters, Olivia and Jillian.

Clifton Merchant • June 2005


Letters to the Editor Your coverage of our Memorial Day services is always appreciated as was the story on the sinking of the Belgium ship S.S. Leopoldville. After I retired, I researched the Clifton World War II dead and wrote a story about Douglas C. Gleeson who died the night the Leopoldville was torpedoed. In my research, I found that the Belgium crew abandoned the ship and let the soldiers fare for themselves. As far as his Clifton roots, his mom was a volunteer at one of the Passaic hospitals. His brother William died, but I corresponded with his sister, Marilyn, who lived in Texas. She knew little about Doug’s death and appreciated the information I found. Doug and I were classmates at CHS. I played trumpet with Doug in the CHS Band; he was also on our bowling and golf teams. Thanks for keeping the memory of Clifton’s war dead alive. Walter N. Pruiksma, Brick, NJ

Your list of Cliftonites killed in Viet Nam has an error. Nicholas Cornato, on page 60, is incorrect. His name was Nicholas Cerrato. While I never met Nick, his late mother, Katherine, and I were friends. She was

a member of Albion’s VFW 7165 Ladies Auxiliary. She served as the President there from 1971 to 1972 and went on to hold district positions with the VFW. Katherine was a Gold Star Mother who often spoke of her son Nick, keeping his memory alive. Debra Reonieri, Clifton

Editor note: Thank you for the correction. Nick Cerrato’s name will be changed in our files to honor the sacrifice that he gave for his country. We’ve confirmed his name was long ago corrected on the War Monument in Main Memorial Park. Captain Michael Y. Tarlavsky, a 1992 CHS grad and former swim team captain, was killed in action in Iraq on August 12, 2004. Recently, CHS teacher Angela Jones and her students honored him with a Dogwood tree and a plaque at the entrance to CHS. Jones and her students, who collected money for the tree and plaque, also donated $1,250 to his widow and infant son. The group also held a memorial service in Tarlavsky’s memory.

Dr. David R. Moore, Chiropractor

Dr. Moore, his family, and staff would like to wish all Fathers a Happy Fathers Day! Pictured below is Dr.Moore (left), his son Max (middle), and his father Bob (right).

Mon • Wed • Fri Chiropractic Health Center 241 Crooks Ave • Clifton • 973.253.7005

Sports Injuries • Car Accidents Family Practice 98

June 2005 • Clifton Merchant


Tue • Thu • Sat Elmwood Park Athletic Club 690 River Dr • Elmwood Park • 201.794.0155

years of r ice to Ou Community Serv Est. 1905

East Ridgelawn Cemetery... ...invites you to visit our Mausoleum on Main Avenue to see the inspirational art adorning our new building. Within the Mausoleum, our artist has painted a serene and peaceful view, entitled ‘Eden’, where visitors can pause to celebrate the lives of those who have passed.

At the Mausoleum... Visits are unlimited and unaffected by the weather. Crypts are located in the building and convenient for elderly and handicapped. Mausoleum entombment provides greater Peace of Mind & Security. • non-sectarian • niches

• mausoleum • garden graves

monumental graves • no obligation pre-need counseling financing available one-year at no interest on easy monthly plans

East Ridgelawn Cemetery 255 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07014 for more information with no obligation call:


Tomahawk Promotions 1288 Main Avenue Clifton, NJ 07011



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Great 3 Family Home In the Athenia Section, 1st and 2nd flr aprt with 5 rooms. 3rd flr with 3 rooms. Very clean and large rooms. Also garage, and Nice size yard. Ask for Maria Carrera

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Call 877-833-2365

Call 877-833-2365

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