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A FRIENDLY SIXTH FORM “ Lots of students join our Sixth Form from other schools and this is one of the things I love about Maplesden.You get to meet new people with different backgrounds and experiences, and you can make brilliant new friends.” Student

WHY CHOOSE MAPLESDEN? Choosing the right place to study can be a hugely important decision. It can affect not only the next two years, but also your long-term future. At Maplesden, our Sixth Form staff are passionate and supportive. If you join us you will study in a vibrant, friendly, inspiring Sixth Form with excellent facilities. We are committed to all our students and our goal is to ensure you get a high-quality education and an experience that is not only unique, but truly rewarding too. Mrs Griffin, Head of Sixth Form

“The Sixth Form is outstanding, fostering in students a sense of curiosity and a real thirst for learning.” Ofsted

STUDENT SUPPORT Maplesden Sixth Form is recognised for the personal care and attention it offers each of its students. We know that the jump from GCSEs to A Levels is a big one and we also recognise that the pressures of coursework deadlines and exams looming can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a staff structure that ensures you can always get the support you need. Whether it’s the informal support of your own Sixth Form Tutor, or guidance from our full time Careers and Further Education Advisor you need, the support is in place.

“ The Sixth Form is a real strength of the school where students can thrive and make strong progress’.” Ofsted

TRACKING AND MONITORING You will take more personal responsibility for your own education and progress in Sixth Form, but we are fully aware that does not mean that you will no longer need support. We want you, and all Sixth Form students, to reach their full potential in all their subjects. For this to be possible, a rigorous tracking and monitoring system is essential. Every student is closely tracked with regular subject reports showing progress towards their target grades.

When students fall behind or need additional support, a series of interventions promptly come into play including supervised study sessions, action plans and mentoring meetings. Our track record shows that these interventions work and students go on to get grades that reflect their potential.

A SUPPORTIVE SIXTH FORM “ We get so much support on our courses. If you need some extra help or guidance, it’s right here for you. Everyone really wants you to achieve.” Student

INDEPENDENCE In the Sixth Form you will enjoy much more freedom, independence and trust. Your relationships with teaching staff are relaxed and you benefit from smaller class sizes which allow a more personable approach. Sixth Form students also benefit from study sessions on their timetable, giving them the freedom and responsibility of organising their time in a way that suits them. This means they can meet deadlines but also complete work to the very highest standard. For many of our students, Sixth Form is a steppingstone to university and higher-level apprenticeships, and this is reflected in the Sixth Form’s ethos.


A CREATIVE SIXTH FORM “ Everyone here is just as passionate about creative subjects as they are about academic ones. There’s such a good range of subjects on offer that you can study exactly what you want.” Student

A PASSIONATE SIXTH FORM “ My teachers are so enthusiastic about their subjects. It’s contagious and it really motivates me.” Student

FIRST CLASS TEACHING Studying at Maplesden is both exciting and challenging and that is partly due to the excellent teaching in the Sixth Form. Sixth Form teaching was graded by Ofsted as Outstanding, but we’re not complacent. We’re constantly exploring new and exciting teaching methods finding the best way to help you progress to your absolute potential.

PREPARATION FOR YOUR FUTURE You get a little extra at Maplesden to help you prepare for the future. Not only do you receive access to a thorough programme helping you make an informed decision about your future options; including university, college, apprenticeships and employment, you will also access the Business Challenge which is a fantastic, inspiring event held in the Summer Term of Year 12. This unique event gives you an invaluable insight into the world of work.

During the challenge, students work in small teams with real businesses on real challenges, competing to win £1000. The experience has time and time again proved to be a priceless addition to student experiences, and, in some cases, has proved key to securing university places and future jobs.

What makes the Business Challenge event so inspiring? See for yourself… Watch our Business Challenge video.

WE OFFER A HIGH PERFORMANCE LEARNING CURRICULUM We strongly believe that your potential is not limited in anyway by your prior attainment at GCSE or by your ‘ability’. All our students have the potential to achieve the very highest grades. By developing the right values and attitudes, such as resilience, hard-work and resourcefulness, our students become even more aspirational and fully equipped to be wholly successful in their studies and in all areas of Sixth Form life.

Our High Performance Learning curriculum means we provide students with the very best opportunities to reach the very top grades.

SIXTH FORM SPACES; A PLACE TO INSPIRE YOU Our brand new, state-of-the-art Sixth Form Study Area is a space reserved solely for the use of Sixth Form Students. The area is fully equipped with PCs and our full-time Sixth Form Student Manager is based here and always on hand when help is needed. There are no timetabled lessons in the Study Area, so it’s always available when you need it. The Sixth Form Forum is another area completely reserved for Sixth Form use. This bright, modern space is the hub of the Sixth Form where Sixth Form students can relax and enjoy access to their own café.

Many of the other excellent facilities you access will depend on the subjects you choose to study. If you choose to access a Sports related course you will benefit from use of a school fitness gym, sports hall and full size, flood lit 3G pitch of the highest grade. If you choose to access an Art related course you will benefit from access to five fully equipped Art Studios and a state-of-the-art Photography Dark Room. Additionally, if you access Media and Film courses you will gain access to a suite of Apple iMacs fully equipped with industry standard software, such as Adobe Premier. You will also have priority access to the mini-cinema with HD Projector and Dolby Surround Sound.

AN INSPIRING SIXTH FORM “ There’s a real buzz at this Sixth Form and everyone is so determined to reach their goals. This has inspired me and now I’m even more aspirational.” Student

Headteacher: Mr Richard Owen BEd Hons, MEd Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Griffin Buckland Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0TJ T: 01622 656297 F: 01622 661707 Email: sixthform@maplesden.kent.sch.uk