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“Teachers challenge students to reach high standards.’’  OFSTED

Live to Learn Alongside having a choice of A Levels and vocational courses that match your aspirations and previous achievements, we want you to become curious about your learning, to love it! As a student at Cox Green you will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning and demonstrate a committed and conscientious approach to your studies. However, whilst you will be encouraged to become an independent learner, you will not be left on your own; your academic progress will be closely monitored to ensure you remain on track to realise your full potential. Such a caring and proactive approach to post-16 study will produce excellent results and is a distinctive feature of our Sixth Form. You will also participate in debate and discussion and be expected to engage in learning in a different way. As with a university place or a job, you will be expected to turn up prepared.


Cox Green P16 Prospectus  

Live to learn, learn to live

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