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WB to get two million from state BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press The proposed school funding bill recently released by Ohio Governor John Kasich shows that almost forty million dollars will be coming to the five districts in Brown County. The budget is only a proposal that will be debated in the Ohio Legislature for the next five months, so figures could change. Eastern, Fayetteville, Georgetown and Ripley will all see flat funding for the next two years under

the proposal. Their proposed state funding for those districts in the next two years will be; • Eastern $6,381,870 • Fay’ville $4,297,969 • G’town $4,773,762 • Ripley $6,212,827 Western Brown is set for a significant increase in proposed funding for the two year budget cycle. In 2013, Western Brown received $17,988,407 in state funding. In 2014, that number is set to rise to $18,800,108 and in 2015 to

19,850,754. Western Brown Treasurer Denny Dunlap said that while the proposed budget shows a welcome increase in funding, the state has attached strings on how most of the money is to be spent. He also said many budget questions have yet to be answered, including the amount of funding the state will be providing for transportation. “(The governor) is saying that his budget is going to provide us $800,000 extra but we haven’t seen

the transportation numbers yet. So he’s showing that we’re making money today, but when the transportation numbers come in we may lose some.”, Dunlap said. Dunlap also pointed out the “earmarks” on the proposal, meaning that the money provided must be spent in certain ways, and cannot be used for general fund expenses. Dunlap said those areas include Special Needs and Gifted and Talented Programs, among others. “Since he’s giving us

money in that area, we are going to have to spend it in that area.”, Dunlap said. “We aren’t going to be able to do whatever we need to with the money”. One example is the decision made by Western Brown to cut busing for all students within a two mile radius of school. Dunlap said that as things stand now, full service busing cannot return unless voters approve a levy in May. Dunlap said that providing full bus service would approximately cost

$500,000 per year. He added that transportation expenses aren’t the only budget holes that will not be filled with state money. “Our district is facing a major expense in technology upgrades”, Dunlap said. “Microsoft is not going to be providing support for the Windows version we have and the state is going to start requiring all these tests that have to be taken on a computer that need a new operating system. So CONTINUED ON PAGE 9

WB levy supporters to begin info campaign BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press


Brown County Sheriff’s Deputies investigated the accidental shooting of nine year old Sebastian Swartz.

Boy shot in head still critical BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press A nine year old Decatur boy who was shot in the head on February 18 was still in critical condition at press time. Brown County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Schadle said February 21 that Sebastian Swartz was “holding his own” after surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The shooting happened Monday afternoon around 3:45 pm at 10198 State Route 125 in Decatur. Swartz was airlifted to Children’s Hospital. Schadle said that investigators have determined that the shooting was an accident.

He said that the boy had somehow gotten his hands on a handgun owned by his father. When the boy’s 14 year old sister discovered that he was handling the gun, she tried to take it away from him and it went off. “She tried to protect her little brother and get the gun away from him”, Schadle said. He added that the facts of the case have been turned over to Brown County Prosecuting Attorney Jessica Little. Little will decide whether to file any criminal charges as a result of the shooting. “That gun should have been secured and it was not”, Schadle said. At press time, Little said

she was still reviewing the facts of the case. The boy and his three older sisters all attend Eastern Local Schools. Superintendent Michelle Filon said that the thoughts and prayers of everyone in the district are with Sebastian and his family. “She added that anyone who would like to help the family through this difficult time can visit any of Eastern’s campuses. “We are taking donations for the family at all of our schools”, Filon said. She added that counselors are available for any student that needs it and that the district was also working with Child Focus to develop a plan to respond to the acci-

dent. Schadle said that the shooting should be a reminder for parents to secure their firearms and other dangerous items in the house. “Any tool can be misused in a dangerous manner”, Schadle said. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be a gun. Parents should be taking a second look around their home with the safety of their children in mind.” Schadle said his thoughts were with the family as well. “They are dealing not only with the shooting of their son, but their daughter is going to need help too”, Schadle said. “This is a double tragedy that is very unfortunate.”

A large group of Western Brown Local School District citizens and parents are continuing their efforts to pass a school levy which will be put before the community in May. The 6.1 mill levy is expected to raise 1.4 million dollars per year for eight years. It would cost the owner of a $100,000 home $181.86 cents per year. The Western Brown Community Group hopes to answer all questions about the upcoming levy in the next few weeks, through a multitude of avenues, including the Brown County Press. “Passing this levy is one way we can ensure that our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have the best education we can give them and help prepare them for the future,” said Tanja Wiley, one of three co-chairs of the group. “Our goal is to work together with the community, schools and administration to help get all of the questions and concerns about the levy answered.” Teresa Wallace and Chris Peters are also co-chairs of the group. Jamie Fightmaster is treasurer and Jenny Peters is secretary. “We feel like we can show the community why we need this levy to pass and how it will help the future of our schools and communities,” Wiley continued. The Western Brown Community Levy Support group will be running articles in the paper each week

answering any and all questions and concerns that are sent to the group. Then the answers and explanations to the questions will appear in the paper as well as on their website Wiley said that there are many myths and rumors that are floating around the community, and the group looks forward to getting the truth out. The group will go directly to the administration and school board to get answers to questions. Community forums will also be set up to have questions and concerns addressed and to discuss the need for the levy. “We plan on having a community forum set up in Hamersville and one in Mt. Orab,” Wiley added. “Dates and times will be posted in this paper and on the website. Again, let me stress that our goal is to get the word out about the importance of this levy, get questions answered truthfully by the people with the facts and figures, and to ensure that our schools and communities thrive for our children’s futures.” The group has many ways by which it can be contacted including: • Twitter at supportWBlevy; • Facebook at; • email to; • A meeting of the Western Brown Community CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


Tax preparers discuss why 2013 has been tough so far April 15 is slowly but surely creeping up on Americans who have yet to file their 2012 income taxes. Troy Farrell with Farrell Incorporated, an Accounting, Tax and Payroll Service, said that his office has just recently caught up with all the customers wanting to file their income taxes early. “The whole issue with the fiscal cliff really had things tied up with filing early

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taxes,” Farrell said, “The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) put off filing this year until January 30, which put us behind right away.” He continued, “And even then, the IRS didn’t have a lot of the new forms we needed even printed yet, so they still weren’t ready. And the IRS is still making changes and updates. Just last week we received changes on depreciation that we weren’t even aware of. There was some confusion on a proposal to only allow deductibles on student loan interest for 60 months. But it looks like that will stay the same for another five years.” Farrell added that the forms for individuals filing taxes on rental properties may not be able to get their forms until March 1. “There is one positive thing this year,” continued Farrell, “Ordinarily farmers filing deadline is March 1 but it has been extended to April 15. That will be a big help to our farmers.”

Jim Ruble, owner operator of H & R Block Tax Service in Mt. Orab and Georgetown, commented that there aren’t too many changes this year from 2011. “We’re right about where we should be as far as our number of customers,” Jim Ruble said. “Of course things will pick up considerably the closer we get to April 15. I have to admit though, our customer’s biggest concern seems to be the major changes in the health insurance program that starts in January, 2014.” Ruble continued, “If I’m understanding it right, everyone has to have health insurance by then, and if they don’t, they will be fined. And if they can’t pay the fine, it’s automatically taken out of their tax refund.” Ruble added that he didn’t believe that people on Medicare or Medicaid or those ranked below the poverty level would be affected by the new law. CONTINUED ON PAGE 9


Investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire on Eastwood Road that killed 62 year old Diana Monoskie.

No cause yet for fatal fire BY Wayne Gates The Brown County Press The cause of a fatal fire on Eastwood Road on February 16 is still undetermined. Mt. Orab Fire Chief Lisa Reeves said on February 21 that investigators from the state fire marshal’s office were still investigating. The body of 62 year old Diana Monoskie was found

by firefighters while they were extinguishing hot spots within the home. The Mt. Orab Fire Department was called to the home at 14885 Eastwood Road early Saturday morning. According to a press release from Reeves, the call for help came in at 1:44 AM. A Mt. Orab Police officer was on the scene in four

minutes, and reported that there was possibly one victim inside the home. Reeves stated that when firefighters arrived minutes later, they began extinguishing the flames and searching for Monoskie. Firefighters fought the blaze for an hour and fifteen minutes before bringing it under control. Damage to the home is estimated at $90,000.



BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press

Page 2 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013

F’ville-Perry Board member Murphy named to OSBA committee


Angela Murphy, Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools Board of Education mem-

F’ville fundraiser to be held


The Rhonda Connor Scholarship Fund will be hosting a Dance and Silent Auction on Saturday, February 23 at Daly Hall in Fayetteville from 7 - 11 p.m. Cost is $10.00 per person or $30.00 per family. Snacks will be available. Daly Hall (St. Patrick Chapel) is located at 130 Stone Alley. For more information call (513) 875-4377.

ber, has served for two terms in her district. She was named to two committees by the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) in late January. She remains a member of the Southwest Regional Executive Committee, an was also named to the ‘Legislative Platform Committee’. The Legislative Platform Committee is composed of five school board members from each of OSBA’s five regions. It assists in state and federal legislative efforts, recommends policy positions and acts on resolutions submitted by boards of education that are members of OSBA. “Committee members are elected or appointed by their regions,” Murphy said. “This is a one-year term and I am very excited to be involved in this particular committee. “This is an all new experience for me. I’ll be meeting other school board members from the South-

west Region, to discuss issues, then our decisions and recommendations will be presented at the OSBA Convention held annually in November.” Last year, Murphy served on the ‘Arrangements and Hospitality Team’ and the ‘Southwest Regional Executive Committee, which provides governance and leadership to school board members in 17 counties. Those counties include Adams, Brown, Butler, Champaign, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Darke, Greene, Hamilton, Highland, Logan, Miami, Mont-

gomery, Preble, Shelby and Warren. Murphy added that she believes that being a school board member for Fayetteville Schools is very important and that the more she works on OSBA committees, the more she brings to her own board meetings. As a member of the Legislative Platform Committee Murphy said she hopes to have an impact on school policies that directly affect her district. Murphy said she will continue working to involve all of Brown County school districts in the work going on with the OSBA.

Uecker responds to Governor’s State of the State Address State Senator Joe Uecker (R–Miami Township) released the following state-


ment in response to Governor Kasich’s State of the State Address. The speech, delivered before a Joint Session of the General Assembly, was Kasich’s third as the state’s chief executive. “I am incredibly proud of the progress we’ve made in Ohio over the past two years. From the closure of a projected $7.7 billion budget shortfall to bringing the state from 48th in the nation for job creation to one of the top job creators in the country, tonight the Governor highlighted many things for which Ohioans should be very proud. I understand and appreciate the sound economic principles that lead us to focus our tax base on consumption as opposed to production. I will continue to work towards finding a middle ground between these economic practices and practical applications. I applaud the Governor’s courage in tackling the difficult and contentious issues of school funding, healthcare funding, and tax reform in his biennial budget proposal. Over the next four months, I look forward to working with my colleagues in the legislature to review these proposals and decipher how best to proceed for the people of this great state.”

Seniors to meet, change location

Brown County Jr. Fair Beef Department

The Brown County Seniors will meet on Wednesday, February 27. Please NOTE the meeting change...this meeting will be held at the ABCAP Bldg, 406 W. Plum Street, The old Alvera Reed School in Georgetown. Potluck luncheon at 12 noon followed by Program. All are welcome to attend.


BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press


Fayetteville-Perry Local Schools Board of Education member Angela Murphy, shown here with her daughter Christina, one of her five children, was appointed in January, by the Ohio School Board Association, to the ‘Legislative Platform Committee.

Gusweiler speaks to SHCTC students BY Natalya Daoud The Brown County Press Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler is hoping to save teenagers from ending up in his courtroom. Gusweiler spoke on February 13 to about 30 students at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center about the criminal justice system. said he Gusweiler wanted to help protect the future of young Brown County residents, but he realizes that the effort will take more than one visit from a judge. “I’m not an idiot to think that 45 minutes is going to directly impact (local crime), but if I save one here and then save a couple in my probation and keep working on it,” Gusweiler said. Gusweiler shared what he knows about the criminal justice system and advised students on what type of behaviors can lead to legal trouble. “I think we have to address the problem solving of kids right now and their ability to see the problem, identify what risk it poses verses reward, and how to work through that,” Gusweiler said.” Gusweiler also let the students ask a wide range of questions, from gun control to media bias. Instructors at SHCTC said the visit would help the students think beyond their high school experience. “I think a lot of it was just creating an awareness and to prepare them for when they actually get into the business world, what


Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler

some of the legalities are, what some of the current issues are,” said Ginger Ring, Instructor of Information Technology. Gusweiler’s visit was coordinated by Ring. “We felt like he would be a benefit to the students, that he could offer insight that maybe we wouldn’t know so we invited him to come,” said Ring. Gusweiler said his goal for the students was to let them know that people care about them. He said that young people need to know that if they ever get confronted with an issue that could possibly get them into trouble, there are people out there willing to help them. “If everybody does something, we can start making inroads and have fewer young people in court.”, Gusweiler said.

Contact: Brett Rogers @ 513-659-6965 Barb Howser @ 937-483-6141 Brooke Beath @ 937-483-6267

Money raised will go towards the purchase of awards for the shows during the fair! Have several great items already!!! Will also have a silent auction and raffle items as well!!! Thanks for your support!!!!

February 27, 2013 Rhonemus Hall @ Brown County Fairgrounds Doors open at 6:00pm Raffle begins at 6:30


Rep. Green, members of MWD Committee hold regional hearing State Representative Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab) and members of the House Manufacturing and Workforce Development Committee held a regional hearing in Lima, as part of several events lawmakers participated in prior to Governor John Kasich’s State of the State address. The committee was a joint event with the Ohio Senate’s Workforce and Economic Development Committee. Specifically, the committee members heard testimony from 10 individuals from career centers and workforce groups within the Lima area. The witnesses offered insight into their workforce development needs and how improving the state’s workforce development efforts will bolster the manufacturing and job creation. “I believe our career centers throughout the state are poised to play a key role in training to provide the skilled employee pool to encourage businesses to invest in our state,” said Rep. Green.



Quarter Raff le Fund Raiser

The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Page 3

Eastern board discusses school funding

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

Dyllan schneider, 7th grader at eastern Middle school holds his certificate of recognition for his efforts in and outside his classroom and winning the science Fair. Also shown (left) is Principal rob Beucler, superintendent Michelle Filon and student Achievement Liaison Mike hoskins.

Martha B. Jacob/The Brown CounTy Press

Dodie Benjamin was awarded the Teacher of the Month award by Middle school Principal rob Beucler (left). Also shown are superintendent Michelle Filon and student Achievement Liaison, Mike hoskins.

He added that, in reading parts of the budget, it was his understanding that Eastern Local School District would be flat funded for three years, but that the district would also be losing $160,000 a year. “But, that being said,” Creighton said, “It also says that ‘the total is not a total of the sum of the parties, so frankly, I don’t know what that means.” Board treasurer Kevin Kendall shook his head at Crieghton’s remark and added, “It is really difficult, they didn’t put out a spreadsheet, they just said flatfunded. But not all the components are there, and it is truly difficult to determine what the real effect is.” Kendall added that one of the disappointing parts of the proposed budget is that he believes the district might receive even less money. He said it puts the district at about $1.2 million into a

guarantee, and that’s not good for the schools to be flat-funded forever. Kendall also told the board that he has heard conversations saying that in that budget they would like to eliminate the guarantee of flat funding eventually. “They have reduced the per-pupil funding amount from $5,700 to $5,000 and that’s pretty much the entire difference between the $300,000 and the guaranteed flat-funding.” In other business, Eastern Middle School Principal Rob Beucler introduced Dodie Benjamin, intervention specialist for eighth grade students as recipient of the Recognition ‘Teacher Award.” “Dodie has worked with our regular education students as well as special education students,” Beucler said. “She has a great ability to relate to all children. She has been instrumental in try-

Sheriff’s Office investigation leads Hospital to arrest of two suspects for retirees manufacturing meth in Mt. Orab to meet Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger reports that on February 5, 2013 the Brown County Sheriff’s Office arrested Eric Reeves, 27 years of age, of Williamsburg, Ohio and Christina Fuller, 28 years of age, of Pleasant Plain, Ohio for manufacturing meth at a residence on Greenbush East Road near Mt. Orab, Ohio. The case was presented to the Brown County Grand Jury and on February 14, 2013, several indictments were issued on both subjects for Illegal Manufacturing (Felony 2nd Degree); Illegal Assembly of Chemicals (Felony 3rd Degree); Conspiracy to Traffic Drugs (Felony 3rd Degree); and possession of drug instruments (Misd. 1st Degree). Both subjects are currently

CASSITY LAW OFFICES MICHAEL E. CASSITY, Esq. & ROBIN J. LEVINE, Esq. 107 E. Main Street, Mt. Orab, OH 45154


Criminal Law • DUI • Personal Injury Auto Accidents • Divorce • Probate Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death




(937) 378-3391 Toll Free: 877-477-6339 • Fax: (937) 378-0238

A sincere thank you to my family, friends and neighbors who joined together to celebrate my 80th birthday. No words can express the joy and love your presence and cards meant. May God bless you all, Barbara Berry


Brown County General Hospital retirees and former employees will meet for lunch at Lake Manor on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 at 11:30 a.m.

WB Marching Band to hold fundraiser Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

eric reeves

Christina Fuller

incarcerated at the Brown County Adult Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing on the charges. Sheriff Wenninger encourages anyone with information on illegal drug activity to contact the

Brown County Sheriff’s Office Drug Information Hotline at 937-378-4435 Ext. 275 or you may send an anonymous tip via the Sheriff’s Website at .




school girl’s track coach and Mark Day for high school boys track coach.


Eastern Local School District Board of Education member and legislative liaison Vern Creighton, discussed several bills he is watching during its February 19 meeting. “The General Assembly has just begin,” Creighton said. “But already the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association) is tracking 21 bills have been introduced in legislation for schools. “Right now the word is that HB 59, which is the budget bill, and I assume right at this time, Governor Kasich has outlined it on TV, is only about 4,206 pages and obviously I didn’t read it all.” Creighton explained that one of the items in the budget that concerns him is the taxes that it wants to place on things including tickets to athletic events and other events held at the schools. “That’s part of the new bill,” he added, “The House sub-committee starts deliberating on this, this week, I believe. The House Education Committee is currently studying a recommendation to improve accountability in student attendance data. There have been several recommendations on how to improve attendance.” He continued, “Also, the Senate began hearings on mental health, protection and response. It’s a safety bill that they’re working on.” Creighton told the board that several other bills were worth watching closely, including SB15 which sets up a committee to decide what components make up a highly effective education. “Then, once they decide what makes up a highly efeducation,” fective Creighton continued, “then they want to make adjustments in property tax laws so that those taxes would pay for this high quality education that they decide on. Also, along those same lines, SB 42 wants to change property tax laws to provide safety measures in the schools and school security. Both of these, I believe, show that they want to put this on the back of the tax payers.”

ing to bring new ideas for her classroom.” Beucler went on to tell the board that Ms. Benjamin encourages her students do work outside the school, she has created an excellent working environment for her students and said her first year of teaching is her most memorable. “Dodie had 13 special needs students in her class and 10 of them passed the OEA (Ohio Educational Assessment Test),” Beucler said. “She was the Hopewell Teacher of the Year in 2008, and she is also the lead nominee for our district.” Principal Beucler introduced seventh grade student, Dyllan Schneider, who was recognized for his effort inside the classroom and also outside the classroom. “Dyllan competed in our local Science Fair, and was honored as being the metalist for having the best project on that day,” explained Beucler, “Also he will be competing in the Brown County Science Fair and hopefully on to the state competition.” Beucler also congratulated fifth grade spelling bee winners, Trey Bogart, first place and Cy Young, second place winner. Science Fair winners were Emily Sannin, Maggie Dorsey and Trey Bogart, all fifth graders. In other business at the board meeting, the following items were approved: • amended appropriations; • reviewed and approved the fiscal year financial audit report; • renewed membership to the OSBA for 2013; • heard reports from each of the principals of the schools; • approve submission of a Greenhouse Grant to Farm Credit Services; • approve searching for athletic grants; • approve acceptance of a $2,500 check from America’s Farmers Grow Communities; • accept a $1,500 check from Kroger; • approve several field trips and facility use requests; • approve supplemental contracts with Travis Bogart for junior high boys’ track, Tom Glasscock for high

For the arrest & conviction of the individuals that broke into & stole from McKinney Mart 205 W. Main St., Hamersville

on January 15, 2013 Contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office

(937) 378-4155

Classic Country shows set The Central Ohio Opry performs the first and third Saturday of each month at the Clay Township Park (the old Buford school). Guest singers for upcoming shows are: March 2nd; Terry Barnett and Herb Day March 16th; Dee Dee Darling and David Schrenk Admission is $8.00 and children under 12 are free. The doors open at 6 p.m. and the show runs from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Concessions are available throughout the evening so come for supper and a show.

The Western Brown Marching Band will be holding a fund raiser on Thursday, February 28 at The Country Inn in Mt. Orab, from 5 - 8 p.m. You will receive some great service from the Western Brown Marching Band. and all tips earned during this time will benefit the band. Please come out and support the band.

THANK YOU On Saturday, February 9, 2013, a community came together to show love to the Underwood Family. There was a spaghetti dinner served. Fifteen teams participated in a three-on-three basketball tournament. Also a Silent Auction was held with many donations from businesses and individuals who love the Underwood family. Also there were opportunities for people to write out Valentine’s to show their love to Rachel and her family. There were over 250 people that came out to the Georgetown Church of Christ to show their love. It takes a whole community to pull off a FUNdraiser like this. Those that contributed include: Applegates Hardware, ARCH, Bardwell Winery, Big Grass Farm Design, Brown County Chamber of Commerce, Butterbee's Grille, Buttermilk Golf Course, Christian Theater for Children, Community Lanes, Donhoo’s Pharmacy, Fifth Third Bank, Georgetown Florist, Georgetown Lions Club, Georgetown Office Supplies, Georgetown Tire & Service Center, Goessling’s Market, Gold Star Chili, Harold’s Quick Shop, Kibler Lumber, LaRosa's, McDonald's, National Bank & Trust, Perfect Print, Regina’s Styling Salon, Schoolhouse Quilts, Snap Fitness, Tangled Salon, The Hodge Podge Shop, The Home Place, The Ole Mill, The Ultimate Salon, Alice Hile, Amanda Dotson, Amy Renshaw, Amy Rapito, Charlie & Dottie Wallingford, Chasity and Anistin Fender, Chris & Teresa Renshaw, Clark & Angela Gray, Connie Patrick, Danielle Burns, Darryl & Sandy Gray, Diana Sutherland, Dody Staker, Dr. Charles & Darla Miller, Gigi Pack, Adam & Grace Jones, Chris and Robbie Householder, Jennifer Johnson, Jeremy McFarland, Jill Dotson, Jo Jennings, Joni Wallace, Katie Staker, Korey Whitsett, Mary Anne Pangburn, Clay & Michelle Duncanson, Michelle Moye, Mike & Pam Layman, Mike & Rachael Miles, Miranda Hanselman, Molly Ellis, Nancy Ache, Sharon Kidwell, Sherry Holton, Sue McKinney, Susanne Click, Tammy & Kate Rockey, Tammy Wenninger, Tim Boone, Travis Fetters. Please continue to love, support and pray for the Underwood family. Thank you to all who supported this FUNdraiser.



BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press

Page 4 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013


Get debt relief without bankruptcy


The Brown County Historical Society/THE BROWN COUNTY PRESS

Taking A Trip Through Time Pictured above is Brown County’s Old Jail at Cherry and Apple Streets. Built in 1868 and used until 1982. The Prosecutor’s office has recently moved out. The above photo was taken in the mid 1950’s. The Brown County Historical Society and the Brown County Genealogical Society currently share part of the building. If you have more information about this photo or would like more information about the Brown County Historical Society please call Ned S. Lodwick at (937) 378-6334. ‘Taking a Trip Through Time’ is a feature of the Brown County Press that is supplied by our readers. If you have photos of places within Brown County that are at least 30 years old please feel free to submit them along with some information about the photo to The Brown County Press by email to or mail them to or drop them off at The Brown County Press 219 South High Street Mt. Orab, Ohio 45154. You will get your picture back. You can also reach us at (937) 444-3441.

Ensuring Ohioans have the paid sick days they deserve This has been a particularly tough flu-season – for Ohioans of all ages. To put it into perspective, as of January 19, more than 3,000 flu-associated hospitalizations were reported to the Ohio Department of Health. During this same period last year, there were fewer than 100 flu-associated hospitalizations. With extensive hospitalizations and a few deaths, it’s clear that the flu is widespread throughout our state. And while it’s important to be aware of the steps you can take to prevent the flu, sometimes getting sick is unavoidable. But for four in ten Ohioans, getting sick doesn’t just threaten their health; it also threatens their family’s economic security. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists all advise flusufferers to stay home to avoid spreading the illness. But, for far too many Americans, a day home from work means a day without pay. In fact, some 40 percent of private-sector workers in the U.S. don’t have any paid sick days at all. It’s worse for low-income workers— three in four don’t have any paid sick days available. And while in 78 percent of households both parents work, women are less likely to have paid sick days than men. The typical couple works close to 90 hours per week. But our policies lag behind— and families are struggling as a result. While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) urges Americans to stay home from work and

SHERROD BROWN school to avoid the spread of illness, we all suffer when workers without paid sick days don’t have that option. In fact, according to recent studies, workers without paid sick leave are one and a half times more likely than are those with paid sick days to report going to work with a contagious illness. We all have a responsibility to keep each other healthy and safe. Paid sick leave is good for public health and also good for our economy. Illness costs our national economy $226 billion annually in lost productivity. When one is sick, they don’t perform their best. Unsurprisingly, the CDC has found workers without access to paid sick leave are more likely to suffer serious work-related injuries. Ensuring American workers have the option to take a day off when they need it important for the worker and their employer. That’s why I am a proud co-sponsor of the Healthy Families Act. This legislation would allow workers at business with 15 or more employees to earn paid sick days. Under the bill, workers could earn up to one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, up to a total of seven days of paid sick leave. Congress passed the

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Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) in 1993, which provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year. It’s time we began to discuss updating the law. While FMLA protects workers when severe conditions arise, what happens to a restaurant worker with the stomach flu who needs to stay home a few days to recover? That National Partnership for Women and Families, and more than 100 employers across our state support this legislation. Many business owners realize that healthy workers are often more productive workers. They know that doing the right thing is also right for business. Last week, I spoke with Heather Rocco Geissler, the CEO and co-owner of Challenger Aviation Products—a small, familyowned business in Dayton. Heather has a sick leave policy in place, and she explained that for every 20 hours an employee works, he or she earns four hours per month of paid sick leave to use either for personal use or take care of a sick family member. Heather has found that as a result of this policy Challenge Aviation Products employees are happier, healthier, and more productive. Can you imagine losing income because you have to stay at home with a sick child? Can you imagine losing income because doing a double shift – doing work that is hard on your body finally catches up with you? It should not

YOUR LEGISLATORS U.S. Representative Dr. Brad Wenstrup (R) (202) 225-3164, or by email at State Senator Joseph Uecker (R) (614) 466-8082 State Representative Doug Green (R) (614) 644-6034 or by email at U.S. Senators Rob Portman (R) (202) 224-3353 Sherrod Brown (D) (202)224-2315 Governor John Kasich (R) 77 S. High St. 30th Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 466-3555

take an influenza outbreak for us to see the significance of paid sick leave. The Healthy Families Act would allow American workers to earn the sick leave that would once have been negotiated on their behalf by unions through collective bargaining. This flu outbreak reminds us that public polices matter to families. Paid sick days save employers money. They reduce turnover and help increase productivity. Paid sick days are vital to maintaining public health. Families, workers, business owners, and communities deserve better. They deserve paid sick days.


Q: I am retired and my only income comes from Social Security and PERS from my years as a public employee. If I do not pay my creditors, will I be forced to file a bankruptcy? A: No. Your creditors cannot take these funds because they are considered exempt from attachment. (An “attachment” is a court order instructing your bank to pay money from your account to the court.) If your only sources of income are Social Security and PERS (or SERS), you may be considered “uncollectible” or “judgment proof.” If an attachment of your bank account is filed, however, you must request a hearing to show the court the source of your income and that it is exempt from attachment. If you fail to do this, the creditor may be able to keep the money that is attached. Q: How can I decide whether I need to file a bankruptcy? A: Consult with a bankruptcy attorney or nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency. An attorney or credit counselor will review your specific situation and help you decide the best course of action. This “Law You Can Use” column was provided by the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA). It was prepared by attorneys Scott N. Friedman and Elizabeth Johnson, both of Friedman & Mirman Co., L.P.A. in Columbus. Articles appearing in this column are intended to provide broad, general information about the law. For information about a variety of legal topics, visit the OSBA website at Before applying this information to a specific legal problem, readers are urged to seek advice from an attorney.

What Do You Think? Are you more likely to pay your bills on line, by mail or by phone?

I mostly pay my bills by phone, I would never ever pay them on line. Sandy Martin, Locust Ridge

I mail all my bill payments, the old fashioned way, I guess. Terri Sears, New Hope

I always pay by mail. Elma Bainum, Williamsburg

I pay my bills on line. Dave Caraway, Mt. Orab

I pay my bills by mail. Thyra Whitt, Sardinia

I pay by phone. Jackie Emery, Bardwell



Q: I am overwhelmed by credit card and medical debt. Will my wages be garnished unless I file for bankruptcy? A: Wage garnishment is a possibility. If you are employed and earn more than minimum wage, a creditor who has obtained a judgment against you can file a wage garnishment. This will take up to 25 percent of your takehome pay, which will be paid to your creditor rather than to you until the judgment is satisfied. It may be possible, however, to avoid both garnishment and bankruptcy. Q: How can I avoid a wage garnishment? A: There are two options that may give you some breathing room in your budget while avoiding wage garnishment. The first option is to enter into trusteeship in the municipal court where the creditor has obtained the judgment against you. The trusteeship requires you to pay to the court the amount that would have been taken by a wage garnishment. This sum would be divided among all of your listed creditors (not including your mortgage and/or car payment), rather than being paid to only the one creditor threatening garnishment. The second option is to enter into a debt scheduling agreement with a nonprofit consumer credit counseling agency. In Ohio, Apprisen ( is one such nonprofit organization with a number of offices across the state. If you choose this option, a credit counselor would contact your creditors to arrange monthly payments and may be able to convince your creditors to keep interest from accumulating. Creditors are not required to participate in this program, but many of the larger creditors such as banks, hospitals and utilities do participate. Nonprofit credit counseling services provide free initial comprehensive and confidential financial counseling sessions and charge modest fees if a consumer enters into a debt repayment program.



The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Page 5

Anonymous bullying reports now being submitted to principals at G’town Schools CMYK

BY Martha B. Jacob The Brown County Press Georgetown Exempted Village Schools new Superintendent Christopher Burrows took the lead for the first time at the February 20 board of education meeting. The board officially hired Burrows as new superintendent effective February 1, 2013, until August 1, 2013 at which time he will be signed to a three-year contract. Former Superintendent Tom Durbin’s resignation was also approved by the board. Legislative Liaison for the board, Ray Virost, told the board that the governor had announced the school funding program which was changing day by day. “I guess the big thing that I underscored was that no district would receive less money than they do in fiscal year 2013,” Virost said. “That was the best news of all, and there are some districts that are receiving more money, including Western Brown schools.” Following Virost’s report he asked Superintendent Burrows about recent bullying reports he had received. He asked Burrows if it was something he had requested. “Well, actually, these bullying reports are required by legislation,” Burrows responded. “At the end of semesters, the principals are to report to the superintendent and the board of education, the number of incidents as outlined by the board policy.” Burrows continued, “Back in November, we had to inform all of our parents about the Jessica Logan Act and that the textbook version of just what bullying is. This is an anonymous way to report bullying. So they have to submit to us their

bullying reports that had been submitted.” Burrows added that unfortunately, a lot of people may cry bullying, but the textbook identification of bullying is... ‘multiple occasions, with the same target or incidence over and over’. “Just picking on someone or calling them names is not bullying,” Burrows said, “So really, this is just an awareness of bullying, and what are we doing about it.” He said that there is a form that must be filled out that describes the incident, and the school has not been doing that. Then an investigation is done to find out for sure if bullying has occurred. In other business at the meeting Burrows told the board that he plans on contacting 50 parents in the next few weeks asking them four questions including: • How do you feel about Georgetown Schools? • Do you feel that your child is safe when they come to school? • Do you feel that your child is being challenged and supported in their curriculum? • What can the schools do different to better the education? “I’ve talked to eight people already, for about three hours,” Burrows said. “These parents wanted to stay on the phone with me 15 or 20 minutes talking about the schools. “Overall it was very good. I will have a report for the board next month on all the feedback I received.” Burrows also reviewed with the board the State of the Schools. He said that he had already shared it with the staff. It reviewed academic achievement numbers,

value added, finances break-down, purchase services, supplies and materials and expenditures per pupil which are set at $7,437. Burrows spoke briefly about purchased services in the district including a large amount going to other schools to pay tuition for Georgetown students going to the different schools. In other business the board approved a recommendation of the treasurer for the monthly financial report and the 2013-2014

school calendar was presented. Also approved was the open enrollment list, and an overnight co-curricular field trip for the varsity softball team. A list of non-licensed personnel including substitutes for the cafeteria was approved including Martha Smalley and Tracy Ernst. Volunteer assistant coaches approved were Tim Chadwell for softball and Clint Hines for high school track.

Blevins scholarship dinner scheduled The second annual SPC Seth Blevins Scholarship Spaghetti Dinner has been set for Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 5 – 8 p.m. Cost is Adults: $10 – Children 4-12: $5 – Children 3 & under free The dinner will be held at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center located on Hamer Road Georgetown. Contact a Committee Member for tickets. In addition to the dinner there will be Split the Pot, Silent Auction, Cake Auc-

tion and Door Prizes. Committee Members: Tracy Gelter – (937) 2131546, Carla Germann – (937) 515-2832, Randy Hiler – (513) 379-4194, Valerie Long – (937) 479-1851, Lois Richendollar – (513) 543-4098, Courtney Simpson – (513) 720-7962, Lisa Vogel – (937) 515-4445 Paige Blevins – (937) 5154002, Trish Blevins – (937) 515-6656, Katrina Wagoner – (937) 515-0376, & Shirley Wagoner – (937) 515-0107

Vendors, crafters sought Vendors and crafters are being sought for two upcoming benefit events. The first event will take place on Saturday, April 27 at the United Methodist Church in Sardinia. All proceeds from this event goes to help stock the Food Pantry Shelf and the Sardinia United Methodist Church. Then on Saturday, May 11 there will be a benefit event in the Mt. Orab Village Park. Proceeds from this

Reid honored by NSDAR

event will go to help Mark Wilson, formerly of Fayetteville who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. These proceeds will go to help with whatever Wilson has need of. Set up at each event will be $25.00 plus an item that will go to a raffle for each event. For more information please call Samantha Jones at (513) 716-2175.



1324 St. Rt. 125, Suite 102 Amelia, OH 45102

(513) 752-9455

EASTGATE VILLAGE The Best in Retirement Living! Tired of maintaining your home? At Eastgate Village meet new friends and participate in fun activities. Several apartment sizes and floor plans to choose from. 776 Old State Route 74 (Across from Eastgate Mall)

(513) 753-4400

Call now to enroll!!!

Start a new career in dental assisting in just 12 weeks! • Earn a certificate in dental assisting in just 12 weeks. • Evening and weekend classes available. • Hands-on training in a real state of the art dental office • High tech equipment, instrumentation, dental materials and most current techniques • Personalized and stimulating learning environment • Small class sizes with individualized attention. • Affordable prices with flexible payment plans.

2200 Ohio Pike Amelia, Ohio 45102 state registration: 12-11-200T

Phone: 513-259-7147 Email:

"Like us on Facebook."


BY Sue McKinley Contributor

FOE fish fries start Friday The Fraternal Order of Eagles Auxiliary #2293 have started their Fish Fries and they will continue through March 29, 2013 each night at 5 p.m. Dinner will include Cod fish, french fries, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw and drink. The FOE is located at 600 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown. For carry out orders call (937) 378-4330.


Larry Reid, Hamersville, (left) and Jessica Little, Regent Taliaferro Chapter DAR

through fund raisers and donations from churches, groups and individuals. The center is a Christian, life-affirming, non-profit organization committed to those struggling with the issues arising out of an unexpected pregnancy. The group ministers practical help to individuals and families, empowering them to meet the challenges and responsibilities arising in an unplanned pregnancy and enabling them to make the choice of life for their child. After the reading of the President General’s Message and the National Defense Report the minutes and treasurers reports were presented. In new business the nominating committee

was formed, announcements were presented and special guests were recognized. The chapter also made plans to host an afternoon of bingo at the Ohio Veterans Home in Georgetown in April. The next regular meeting of the chapter is April 13, 2013 where a program regarding women’s health concerns will be presented. The 112 Ohio State DAR Conference will be held April 12 through the 14th at the Marriott Inn, at the Airport, in Columbus, Ohio. Anyone interested in additional information regarding this event or interested in joining the DAR should contact Taliaferro Regent, Jessica Little at (513) 724-3277.

Quarter 4 a Cause set to help Relay for Life Quarter 4 A Cause has been set for Friday, March 1, 2013 at the Best Western Hotel located at 100 Leininger Street, Mt Orab (behind Food Court). Doors open at 6:15 p.m., sale starts at 7 p.m. Bring your spare change, and your friends/family for a fun evening and helping to raise money for Relay for Life all under one roof. There will be food served: Walking Tacos, Chili, and Drinks. Also great vendors like: Thirty-One Gifts, Mary Kay,

Pampered Chef, South Hill Designs, My Favorite Things, Country Gourmet, and many more. Bring a non-perishable item, paper products, or travel size products (like shampoo, conditioner) etc.. for a free raffle ticket. All items will go to Hope Lodge, a home away from home for cancer patient that is ran by volunteers and completely free to cancer patients traveling to and from appointments. For information please call Samantha Jones (513) 716-2175.



The Taliaferro Chapter of the NSDAR met on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at the historic Presbyterian Church in Georgetown, Ohio. Seventeen members and guests enjoyed a fried chicken dinner prepared by the Country Inn of Georgetown. The program opened with the presentation of the DAR American Flag Award honoring Larry Ried of Hamersville, Ohio. Reid was recognized for properly displaying the flag in his yard on State Route 125 east of town. Sharing in the ceremony was Mrs. Burton Werner, DAR Ohio State Chairman, Flag of the United States of America and Ms. Judy Sargent, Regent, George Clinton Chapter, Wilmington, Ohio. Mr. Reid is a lifelong resident of Brown County and a veteran of the Vietnam War. Following the ceremony, Tamma Plymesser, Executive Director of “A Place of Hope”, Pregnancy Resource Center, located in Georgetown, Ohio, provided a very informative and interesting talk surrounding the work of the center. Currently, they average over 800 client appointments a year. The center is supported solely

Page 6 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013

Frost seeding could improve pastures Fundraiser set for


DAVID DUGAN is not as much of a challenge as it once was when a tractor was needed. If the existing grasses are short enough to allow the seed to come into contact with the soil, the opportunity is there for a successful frost seeding. The seed is then taken into the soil even better as we get mornings where the ground freezes and then thaws during the day. The soil gets a honeycomb appearance and that is ideal.

NOTICE The Annual Financial Report for the 2012 Franklin Township Trustees has been completed and filed with the Ohio State Auditor. A copy of the report will be available at the regular meetings held the first and third Thursday of each month at the Township Hall in Arnheim. Carol Dunseith, Fiscal Officer Franklin Township Trustees

Small Farm Events Registration and tickets are now available for two Small Farm Programs that will be taking place in the next few weeks. The Small Farm Conference is held at Wilmington College on Friday evening and all day Saturday on March 8 and 9. You must register for this program and choose the sessions that you wish to attend. You can get the entire registration materials by going to or call the Clinton Co. Extension Office at 937-382-0901. Register for Pesticide Re-cert LAST CHANCE!!!!!!! The only session remaining is scheduled for Monday, February 25, 2013 at the Southern State Community College in Fincastle. The class begins at noon with lunch. In the event of bad weather again on either of the remaining dates, please listen to C-103 (103.1 FM), Buckeye Country (105.5 FM) or WFTM (95.9 FM) for announcements. We may have to cancel, but we may just have to change locations the morning of should the school be closed. Keep in mind that we re-

Creature Feature Why does my pets breath smell bad? Many pet owners never even consider that their dog or cat could have any sort of dental problems. However, diseases affecting the mouth and teeth of pets are very common. The major problem for pets is periodontal disease, which includes plaque or tartar that builds up on the teeth and in turn affects the gums and eventually the bone surrounding the teeth. This begins with rather subtle changes in the teeth and gums that often go unnoticed for a number of years. By this time irreparable damage has been done. The main signs of disease are the plaque or tartar itself, red and inflamed gums, bad breath, loose teeth, pain when chewing,


and depression or listlessness. The progression of the disease is slow and often attributed to old age by the owner. When a dog or cat with periodontal disease eats, it is possible within 15-20 minutes to find oral bacteria in the blood stream. Possible consequences of this are diseases of the heart, digestive, respiratory, and urinary systems. As you may suspect, painful infected teeth and gums may keep your pet from

eating and drinking and cause weight loss. Periodontal disease is usually treated under general anesthesia and includes cleaning and scaling of tartar and plaque, polishing teeth, and removal of any teeth whose roots are severely affected. Many owners report an immediate improvement in appetite, activity, and general well being, especially in the older pet. Prevention of periodontal disease is dependent upon the animal's owner. Brushing the teeth should be done at least every 48 hours to be really effective. You can use a small soft toothbrush such as those made for children or simply wrap a soft cloth around your index finger and use that. There are special dentifrice preparations available at your veterinarian's office. Don't rely on hard biscuits or hard dog food for proper cleaning. Another common dental problem is tooth abscesses. The teeth affected are most commonly the large jaw teeth. This often goes unnoticed until the abscess has eroded through the bone and caused a swelling on the face underneath either eye. These abscesses are treated by removing the affected teeth. Examination of you pet's mouth is a routine part of annual checkup and vaccination visits to your veterinarian. If you suspect problems between checkups, simply call your veterinarian for his advice or to schedule an examination. Dr. Dan Meakin is the owner of All Creatures Animal Hospital, 1894 Ohio Pike in Amelia. Call (513) 797-PETS.

quire pre-registration for the classes. Registration deadline for the February 25 session was Tuesday, February 19, but we still have some space remaining. You can pre-register until Friday, February 22, 2013, but you must deliver your payment to the Brown Co. Office in person if you do so. You must call the OSU Extension Office in Brown Co. at 937-378-6716 and register with Cindy. The charge for the class is $35 and this includes lunch, publications, and handouts. This $35 is to be paid to the OSU Extension office after you register for the class. The license fee has to be mailed to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. This is the $30 fee. Please do not confuse these, as you need both to get a new license. Dates to Remember Beef School - One remaining night is March 19 in the Round Room at North Adams HS starting at 7 p.m. Please call your county Extension Office to register for this free event. Sheep and Goat Program - February 25, 2013 – Dr. Keith Inskeep, West Virginia University, “Use of EAZI-BREED™ CIDR® for Sheep and Goat Operations” Pesticide License Testing - Private and commercial testing for applicator license will be offered on March 11, April 8 and May 13 at the Old Y Restaurant. You are required to pre-register by calling the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 800-2821955 or online at Space is limited so register soon. Study materials are also available at the same address or phone number. Southwest Corn Growers - Annual Southwest Corn Grower’s Meeting will be held on March 6, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in the Mahan Building, in Washington Court House. Small Farm Conference Wilmington College on March 8 and 9, 2013. Go to, or for the printable flyer or call for details. Farm and Family Night Maysville Community and Technical College on Tuesday, March 12. Tickets are available at the OSU Extension Offices. Business Plan Workshops - Thursday, March 14, 2013, 1 p.m.Washington Twp Township Building, 2238 SR 756, Moscow Thursday, March 14, 2013, 6:30 p.m. Brown County OSU Extension Office, Fairgrounds, Georgetown Monday, March 25, 2013, 1 p.m. Southern State Community College, Gateway Center, US 62, Fincastle Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 6:30 p.m. OSU Extension, Courthouse Annex, N. Cross St., West Union Pork Quality Assurance Producer’s Stockyards in Hillsboro, March 14 at 7 p.m. Animal Composting starts at 5 p.m. Call Tony Nye at 937-382-0901 to register. Water Quality Program March 18 beginning at 10 a.m. at the Ponderosa Banquet Center in Hillsboro. Call the Adams, Brown or Highland County Extension Office to register.

Lori Gray Carter A benefit will take place at Tumbleweed in Maysville, Kentucky on Wednesday, February 27 from 5-9 p.m. for Lori Gray Carter to support Lori's medical journey.. Special entertainment has been planned to the evening. Rebecca Jefferson will be singing from 5-6 p.m. and Harriett Jackson Groh will be singing from 7-9 p.m. Children will be treated to Fantastic Sam's "Fantastic Fuzzy". Celebrity servers for the evening include Pam Mcglone, Angie Mitchell, Kelly Ashley, Sherri Stafford, Debbie Mason, Tina Kelly, Tommy Royse and Lynna Poston. In addition to proceeds from the meal, Belle's Angels tee shirt will also be available for purchase that

evening. Because her treatments are homeopathic and take place in Mexico none of her treatments are covered by health insurance.



Frost Seeding to Improve Forages Here we are in the last half of February. It will not be long before we start to see the growth of pastures. For some that time can’t come quick enough. This is a great time to make improvements to your pastures, or maybe even you hay fields with a frost seeding of some clovers into your existing stands. Red Clover is commonly used for this. The clover will improve your forage by providing additional protein, plus it provides nitrogen for you existing grasses. The idea is to broadcast seed on at a rate of about 8 lbs. per acre with an ATV or tractor when the ground is either frozen or at least pretty firm. With ATVs this

Lori has been fighting two autoimmune disorders since 1991. Lupus is a disease that attacks the healthy cells which leads to organ failure. She has been placed on oxygen to assist her with the lung disorder and an enlarged heart. She is overcoming a benign brain tumor, once believed to be malignant, that has been giving her headaches. Lori is a former high school teacher and university lecturer is on sick leave from AT&T in Maysville. She is a single mom raising two wonderful children, Chandler 14 and Lauren 11. Those who can’t make it to Tumbleweed but would like to purchase tee shirts or make a donation, please go to Belle's Angels Facebook page.

Bluegrass show in Mt. Orab OBITUARIES The Ohio Valley Bluegrass Series continues on Saturday, March 2 at the Western Brown High School, Mt. Orab with Larry Stephenson Band and local favorite Nightflyer. Doors open at 5:50 p.m. and showtime is 7 p.m. As always, Chris Kelly of WOBO-FM will be on hand as the emcee for the evening. For more information nd ticket cost please call (513) 684-4342.

Quarter Auction in ‘Burg The Williamsburg American Legion will be holding a Quarter Auction on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 . Doors open at 6 p.m., auction runs from 7 9 p.m. Refreshments will be available. Vendors will include Longaberger, Thirty-one, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Emboider Me Too, Donna Sharp, Avon, Man Cave and My Favorite Things. The post is located at 208 East Main Street Williamsburg. For more information call (513) 7249915.

Ripley Masons to meet The Masonic Lodge, Union #71 of Ripley Ohio will be holding its stated meeting on Monday, March 4, 2013. Dinner will begin at 7 p.m. with the meeting at 7:30 p.m. The Lodge is located at 210 S 2nd Street Ripley. If you have any questions contact Howard McClain at (937) 618-1104.

Helen Lawler, 89 Helen Lawler, 89, of West Union, Oh., died Thursday, February 14, 2013. She was born December 5, 1923 in Brush Creek Township, Adams County. She was preceded in death by parents, Edward Herbert and Winnie Pearl (Hazelbaker) Grooms; husband, Harry F. Lawler; and daughter, Martha Jane Lawler. She is survived by a son, John (Anita) Lawler of West Union; daughter, Judith (William C.) Brown of West Union; sister, Georgana Mae Phipps of Lynx; five grandchildren; three great grandchildren; and several nephews and nieces. She retired from the O.V.L.S.D. and was a teacher in the Business Office Education Department at the Vocational School. She taught at the former Jefferson Township School, Lynx School, Tiffin School, Russellville School, and West Union School. She was a 1941 graduate of West Union High School. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s degree from Miami University in Oxford. She was a former member of the West Union Women’s Club and a former member past Worthy Matron of the O.E.S. Chapter No. 246 in West Union. She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in West Union. The funeral service has been set for Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at 11 a.m. at Lafferty Funeral Home in West Union. Reverend David Sugarbaker will officiate. The visitation has been set for 10 a.m. until 11 a.m. The interment is at West Union Cemetery in West Union. The Lafferty Funeral Home, West Union, served the family.




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The Brown County Press BUSINESS DIRECTORY For Your Local Business Listings!

The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Page 7

Violet M. Brooks, 82

John Paul Cropper, 80

Berneice Marlow, 75

Dorothy Cramer, 63, passed away on February 14, 2013. She was predeceased by her parents Earl and Mary (Gilkison) Newberry and son Tony Cramer. She is survived by her daughter Angela (Brad) Girton, grandchildren, Michaela Girton, Lauren Girton, her great grandson Keegan Girton, sisters, Beverly (Robert) Armstrong of Williamsburg, Patricia (Robert) Meyer of Mt. Orab, Velma (Charles) Tackett of Mt. Orab, Brenda Sissel of Mt. Orab, Peggy (Carey) Titus of Williamsburg, brothers, Gary (Dana) Newberry of Katy TX, Timothy Newberry of Williamsburg, Darryl (Lynette) Newberry of Mt. Orab, Dwayne (Linda) Newberry of Mt. Orab, Services were set for Monday February 18, 2013, where Rev. Steven Hahn officiated. Burial was in Mt. Orab cemetery. The Egbert Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, served the family.

Violet M. Brooks, 82, New Richmond, Oh., formerly of Felicity, Oh., died on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. Violet was the wife of the late Henry Brooks. 4 children, Dana (Pam) Brooks, Jana (Frank) Theaderman and the late Jeffery and Randy Brooks, numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren, 3 brothers, Hollis and the late Ellis and Larry, 4 sisters, Marie, Lena, Margaret and Jean, numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services have been set at the Amelia church of the Nazarene, 1295 W. Ohio Pike, Amelia, Ohio 45102, on Monday, February 25, 2013 at 1 p.m. Visitation has also been set on Monday, February 25, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., also at the church. Burial will be at Neville Vesper Cemetery, Neville, Oh. Memorials may be made to the Amelia Church of the Nazarene, 1295 W. Ohio Pike, Amelia, Ohio 45102. The Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home, Felicity, served the family.

John Paul Cropper, 80 of Georgetown, Oh., passed away Wednesday, February 20, 2013. He was born March 15, 1932 in Flemingsburg, Kk., the son of the late James Bowman Cropper and Mary Rose (Fay) Cropper. He retired from Milicron and was a life time farmer. He was an Army veteran during the Korean Conflict, a member of the Carey Davis Post #180 Georgetown American Legion and a member of the St. George Catholic Church. Besides his parents, he was also preceded in death by 1 son-in-law; Jon Bowles, 1 brother; Joe E Cropper, and 3 sisters; Theresa Schumacher, Anna Margaret Dowing and Agnes Cooper. Surviving him is his loving wife of 55 years Mary (Schwer) Cropper of Georgetown, 1 son; Anthony Cropper of Georgetown, 4 daughters; Bowles of Monica Picayune, Mississippi, Rita Rolph and husband Mark of Mt. Orab, Paula Meeker and husband Randy of Russellville, Julie Gray and husband Tony of Winchester, 1 brother-in-law; Harold Schumacher of Ripley, 1 sister; Mary B Fussnecker of Ripley, 1 sister-in-law; Elsie Cropper of Georgetown, 10 grandchildren, several nieces, nephews and cousins. A Mass of Christian Burial has been set for Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 11 a.m. at the St. George Catholic Church in Georgetown with Rev Dohrman W Byers officiating. Burial will follow at the Confidence Cemetery with Graveside Military Service by Carey Davis Post #180. Visitation has been set for Friday, February 22, 2013, from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Meeker Funeral Home in Russellville. In Lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to St. George Catholic Church, 501 E State St, Georgetown, OH 45121. The Meeker Funeral Russellville, Home, served the family.

Berneice Marlow, 75, Pt. Isabel, Oh., formerly of Scott County Tenn., died on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. She is survived by her husband of 58 years: Ode Marlow, 3 daughters, Pamela (Douglas) Branch, Wilma (Audie) Phillips and the late Sandra Kaye Cochran, 1 son, Vaughn Marlow, son-in-law, Ed Cochran, 9 grandchildren, Leah, Adam, Brandon, Alicia, Amanda, Brandi, Samantha, Jamie and Casey, 10 great-grandchildren, Kylie, Coby, Keelee, Joseph, Sandi, Joni, Audrie, Abbie, Noah, and Tabatha, 2 brothers, Curtis Harness and Clyde Harness. Late Parents: Walter and Ardilla Harness. 2 Sisters: Pernie Shelton and Bea Golden. 2 late brothers and 2 late sisters. Numerous Nieces, Nephews, Family and Friends. Member of the Community Church of God, Pt. Isabel, Ohio. Funeral services have been set at the Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home, 323 N. Union St., Felicity, Ohio 45120, on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at 1 p.m. Visitation will also be on Saturday, February 23, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., also at the funeral home. Burial will at Pt. Isabel Cemetery, Bethel, Ohio. The Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home, Felicity, served the family.

Charlotte Brown, 62 Charlotte Brown, 62, Winchester, passed away Thursday, February 14, 2013. She was born in Mason County, Ky., on September 17, 1950 the daughter of the late Fred D. and Nancy Gladys (Caudill) Bradley. She is survived by her husband, Harold Brown of Winchester, one son; Richard Brown of Winchester, one daughter; Juanita Brown of Batavia, four brothers and sistersin-law; Ray and Vickie of Russellville, Charles and Sheila of Winchester, Bill and Sheila of Russellville, and Tom and Violet Bradley of Winchester, three sisters and brotherin-law; JoAnn and Jr. Knechtly, Wilma Henderson, and Ryanna Alexander all of Winchester, and two granddaughters; Miley and Emily. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 where Rev. John Waugh officiated. Burial followed in Fincastle Cemetery. The Wallace-Thompson Funeral Home, Bradford-Sullivan Chapel in Winchester, served the family.


Joyce Gayle Cierley, 71 Joyce Gayle Cierley, 71, of Williamsburg, Oh., died on February 19, 2013. Survived by her husband, William D. Cierley; daughters, Tonia S. (Scott) Moore of Mt. Orab, Melissa (Christopher) Jones of Mt. Orab, son, Gary D. Cierley of Winchester, step-children, Kim (Rick) Henry of Blanchester, Regina (Elbin) Miller of Goshen, mother, Hope (nee Shearer) Fain of Williamsburg, sisters, Shirley Barton of Florence, Ky., Donna Stout of Winchester, Lori Kingsolver of Mt. Orab, brothers, James Fain of Goshen, Harold Fain of Georgetown, 11 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her Father, Vanard Fain. Visitation has been set for 6 - 8 p.m., Thursday, February, 21, 2013, at Egbert Funeral Home. Funeral services have been set for 1 p.m., February 22, 2013 at the funeral home. Burial Mt. Orab Cemetery. The Egbert Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, served the family.

Helen Pumpelly Fisher, 92 Helen Pumpelly Fisher, 92, Felicity, Oh., died on Monday, February 18, 2013. She was the wife of the late Howard E. Fisher. Survived by her 3 sons: George Allen Fisher, Robert Ben Fisher and John T. Fisher, 2 daughters, Caroline Bohl and Sally Hicks, 6 grandchildren, 1 great granddaughter, 2 sisters, Lola Sons and Mary Beckelhymer, numerous nieces and nephews. Funeral services have been set at the Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home, 323 N. Union St., Felicity, Ohio 45120, on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at 1 p.m. Visitation has also been set for Wednesday, February 20, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., also at the funeral home. Burial will be at Tate Township Cemetery, Bethel, Ohio. Memorials may be made to: Felicity Franklin Life Squad or Calvary Cemetery. The Charles H. McIntyre Funeral Home, Felicity, served the family.

David Alan Freeze, 43 David Alan Freeze, 43, of Wilmington, passed Thursday, February 14, 2013. He was born December 30, 1969 in Carmichael, Cal., the son of the late Charmaine Hanford. David was employed for three years at Technicolor in Wilmington. He was an avid Steelers fan. He is survived by his wife, Jordan R. (Jacob) Freeze, whom he married in Wilmington on November 12, 2006; sisters, Melody Hall, Dawn English, Mary Freeze, and Kristine Freeze, inlaws, Roger and Martha Jacob, Jim and Tish Marsh, Zach and Nicola Jacob, nieces and nephews include: Garret, Trent and Sloan Marsh, Heather, Candice, Samantha, Aubrie, Gwen, Carolyn, Paul and Charlie, and 7 great nieces and nephews. In addition to his mother he is preceded in death by two brothers, Bruce Hall, and Will Coffey. A special memorial service has been set for 5 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 23 at Hills and Dales Training Center, Hillsboro. In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to Camp Itawa, a camp for adults with disabilities created by David and Jordan in 2010, Camp Itawa, Highland County J.U.M.P. (Just Us Making Progress), 8919 U.S. 50 East, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133. The Turner Funeral Home, Hillsboro, served the family.

Jeremy W. Turner, 30 Jeremy W. Turner, 30, Moscow, Oh., died February 16, 2013. He was the beloved son of Suzanne Barger and the late Charles E. Turner Jr., father of Lilianna Hurdle, brother of Sally Corbett, Joshua Turner and Jason Turner. Services were held Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Burial was at Laurel Cemetery. The E.C.Nurre Funeral Home, Bethel, served the family.

Uelelebelle (nee Simpson) Zike, 84 Uelelebelle (nee Simpson) Zike, 84 of Williamsburg, Oh., died on February 17, 2013. She is survived by her husband, Ronald Zike; daughters, Bonnie (Jim) Nickell of Batavia, Wilma (Michael) Freudiger of Hillsboro, sons, Robert Bravard of Amelia, Gary Bravard of Goshen, Randy (Geraldine) Bravard of Williamsburg, sister, Etha Cunningham of Cincinnati, 14 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by her son, Allen Bravard; Parents, Damon and Velma (Young) Simpson. Memorial service has been set for 7 p,.m. Thursday, February 17, 2013, at the St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Milford. Gathering of friends and family beginning in the fellowship hall immediately after service. Graveside service has been set for 2 p.m., Sunday, February, 24, 2013, at the Arnheim Cemetery, Arnheim, Oh. The Egbert Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, served the family.

Memorials of Beauty and Distinction GEORGETOWN MARBLE AND GRANITE CO. Family Owned and operated since 1908

Over 150 monuments in our indoor display Located at 401 E. North St., Georgetown, OH 45121

Visit us on the web at HOURS: M, T, Th, F: 9:00 – 5:00; W 8:00 – 4:00; Sat 9:00 – 1:00

James E. Heslar President 937-378-6314

J. Kelly Heslar Vice President 1-877-378-6314

Dawn Christine (nee Spencer) Rish, 65 Dawn Christine (nee Spencer) Rish, 65, Lake Waynoka, Sardinia, Oh., and long time resident of Springdale passed at home on Friday, February 15, 2013. She would have been 66 on February 18. A Realtor since 1979, most recently with Coldwell Banker West Shell, she was active with the Board of Realtors and an RPAC contributor. She served many years on the Board’s Grievance Committee, acting as Chair on three separate occasions. She was a regular Circle of Excellence recipient and was honored with the 25 year Circle of Excellence award in 2011. However, Dawn would say her greatest achievement was the number of people she helped become successful and make a career in the real estate industry. Dawn is survived by her loving husband, Steven Ames Rish and three children, Kimberly Hubbard (Timothy), Sean Price, and Wendy Daniels. She is the loving grandmother of Mathew (Liz) Hubbard, Samuel Hubbard, Gabriel Hubbard, James Hubbard, Josh Daniels, Charlette (Zach) Cripe, Kai Daniels, Tim (Candace) Hubbard Jr., Kelley Schumacher, and Carl (Penni) Hubbard. Additionally, she is the proud great-grandmother of eight. The daughter of Donald and Mary Louise (Spooner) Spencer, Dawn is survived by one brother, David Spencer, and one sister, Denise (Spencer) Matteson, as well as 3 nieces and a nephew. A private memorial service will be held later in the year at a date to be announced. The Tufts-Schildmeyer Family Funeral Home, Loveland, served the family.

Diana S. Monoskie, 61 Diana S, Monoskie, 61 of Williamsburg, Oh., passed away Saturday February 16, 2013. She was born March 14, 1951, in Dayton, KY, the daughter of the late George Rankins Pope and Cora Lee Herrington. She was a nurses aid. Besides her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband Phillip R Monoskie, 1 daughter; Michelle L Coffey, and 1 sister; Joyce B. Pope. Diana is survived by 2 sons, Jeff and Mary Coffey of McDermit, Oh., Kenny and Mattie Coffey of Georgetown, 1 daughter, Rebecca Coffey of Mt. Orab, 6 brothers, Wayne and Carol Pope of Crittenden, Ky., Jerry and Pat Pope of Alexandria, Ky., Bill Pope of Cincinnati, Denny and Sharon Pope of Florence, Ky., Jack and Margie Pope of Melbourne, Ky., David and Dori Pope of Olympia, WA., 4 sisters, Carol Schlosser of Alexandria, Ky., Wanda and Phill Brock of Elsmere, Ky., Georgette and Mick Lyons of Alexandria, Ky., 8 grandchildren; Rustina Smith, Jessica Boggs, Cody Coffey, Ashley Jones, Justin Coffey, Brandon Coffey, Andy Matthews and Keili Coffey, 3 great grandchilAlayhia Rae, dren; Nevaeh, and Kori, several nieces and nephews. Funeral services has been set for Thursday February 21, 2013 at 2 p.m. at the Meeker Funeral Home in Russellville with Clarence Abbott officiating. Burial will follow at the DeCemetery. catur Visitation has also been set from 12 - 2 p.m. prior to the service. The Meeker Funeral Home, Russellville, served the family.

Repent and Believe Starting in Mark 1:19 the Bible reads: “Now, after that John was put in prison. Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, and saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye and believe the gospel.” John in this verse is John the Baptist. If you will remember John was the forerunner of Jesus. When he was put in prison he never got out. He was beheaded. Now Jesus himself is preaching to repent and believe the gospel. Repentance alone is not sufficient. Repentance means to turn around from the direction in which you are heading. That can be hard to do. When you are willing to turn but do not have the ability to do so, you get power steering when you believe the gospel. It is the belief, which makes the difference. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away, Behold, all things are become new.” When you are willing to turn your life around then God’s power kicks in and you are able to do so. So the first thing is to repent and the second thing is to believe the gospel. The gospel is the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is His death, the burial, and then the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He is alive again forever more. He will forever bare the nail prints in His hands. In the book of Zechariah it asked, “What are these wounds in thine hands?” And do you remember when Jesus told Thomas to put his finger into the nail print in His hand? Those prints will be a reminder throughout all eternity of His great love and sacrifice for us. God wants us to remember. He tells us to take communion so that we will not forget the sacrifice He made for us. Now when you repent and believe the gospel you become a member of the kingdom of God. You are actually like an immigrant becoming a citizen. Christians were aliens to God but received citizenship when they repented and believed the gospel. We were born again. The Bible tells us that, “That which is born of the flesh is flesh...” that is all it is, just flesh. But “that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” Jesus said, “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” He said, “Marvel not that I said unto thee, ye must be born again.” The power that gave me


my first birth is also the power that gave me my second birth. I simply repented and believed God. Being born again is how you get into God’s family. The Bible said Jesus came and preached the gospel. I want you to notice that first He came and then He called. Jesus called His disciples and He is still calling. Jesus may very well be calling you today. You need to listen to His voice. Do you remember the prophet Elijah who heard a still small voice? God still speaks today in a still small voice, through the power of the Holy Ghost, bringing conviction unto conversion. What a wonderful thing! Think about it. He knows who you are. He knows everything about you. He will forgive you. He said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” He will save your soul. Look at verse 17. Jesus called and said, “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” He will make you what you ought to be. The preaching of the gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. But the preaching of the gospel is foolishness to this world. Next Jesus said in verse 38, “Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also...” I am glad that we are still able to preach the gospel and to present it into every corner of the world. People need to hear. You can know about Jesus and still not have Him. People will look for Him because they are curious about Him and still never get Him. Looking for Him and having Him is two different things. You know there is a God. You know there is Jesus. But do you have Him? When you get saved you have a new relationship with Him. When Jesus takes you into His family He will not let you go. When you get saved it is a case of you are His and He is yours. Is Jesus yours today? Repent and believe and He will be.

Bible Baptist Church Mt. Orab

(937) 444-2493


Dorothy Cramer, 63





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Seesholtzs’ welcome daughter



Open House planned for March 2 & 9 at Southern State Southern State Community College will host Open House events in March on all four campus locations for high school seniors and anyone interested in learning more about becoming a Southern State student. On Saturday, March 2, events will be held from 911 a.m. on South Campus (12681 U.S. 62, near Sardinia) and from 1-3 p.m. on Central Campus (100 Hobart Drive, Hillsboro). On Saturday, March 9, events will be held from 9-11 a.m. on Fayette Campus (1270 U.S. Route 62 SW, Washington C.H.) and from 1-3 p.m. on North Campus

(1850 Davids Drive, Wilmington). At an Open House, attendees will learn about: • Admission—With no mandatory grade point averages or specific test requirements, it’s easy to apply for admission to Southern State. • Financial Aid—Need assistance paying for college? You’ll be guided through the grants, loans, scholarships and work study opportunities available to students. • Advising—A central resource while in college, advisors help students explore and declare a major, and as-

sist with course selection. • Tutoring—To help ensure students’ success, the Tutoring Center provides free, quality academic assistance. • Career & Counseling Services—Need help clarifying your life and career goals? No worries. The college’s Office of Career & Counseling Services is here to help. For more information on the upcoming Open House events, please contact Sherry MacDowell at 1800-628-7722, ext. 2515, or, or visit


Stump/Young to share vows Mr. and Mrs. Derek Stump of Gallipolis, formerly of Hillsboro, are pleased to announce the approaching wedding of their daughter, Hannah Lynne, to Jordan Thomas Young, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Young of Winchester. Hannah is a 2011 graduate of Eastern High School. She is an Independent Thirty-One Consultant and is employed by 1st Stop, Inc. in the human resources department. Jordan is a 2010 graduate of Eastern High School. He is a student at Shawnee State University and is employed by McDonald’s. The couple will exchange vows on Friday, June 14, 2013 in Hillsboro. The Brown County Press would like to congratulate Hannah and Jordan on their upcoming nuptials


Renshaw shares her birthday gift Eight year old Emily Renshaw wanted to make this year's Valentine's Day extra special, so she decided to have her hair cut and donate it to Locks of Love. It was the first time her hair had ever really been cut, and the ladies at the Ultimate Salon did a great job. What makes this even more special is that Valentine's Day is also Emily's birthday. Emily wanted to give someone else a gift on her birthday. Emily is the daughter of Chris and Teresa Renshaw, Georgetown.

GEVS kindergarten registration set Registration for kindergarten pupils of the Georgetown Exempted Village Schools will be held on Wednesday, April 24 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. and 1 to 3:30 p.m. Kindergarten is now required in Ohio schools. All students must attend kindergarten prior to enrollment in first grade. Ohio law (O.R.C. 332.01) now requires that “no district shall admit to the first grade any child who has not successfully completed kindergarten.” Children who are to enroll in kindergarten must be five years of age on or be-

fore August 1, 2013. This is a change from previous years’ registration. The following must be presented before we can register your child: • An original birth certificate • Immunization record • Proof of residency (i.e., a lease or rental agreement; water or electric bill showing your full name and address; completed residency affidavit) • Court ordered custody papers if they exist Parents should check with the Brown County Health Department or their family doctor to see if their

F’ville-Perry Elementary School 2013-201 Kindergarten registration Kindergarten registration for the 2013-2014 school year will take place on March 14th. This year we are excited to announce we will have representatives here from the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, the Fayetteville Library and the PTO. The Sheriff’s Department will have identification kits for the children, complete with fingerprints. The library will be registering the children for library cards and provide information on upcoming library programs. Our PTO will help you fill out necessary forms to volunteer and join the PTO, along with information on how they help in the school. You will also need to fill out the necessary papers to enroll your child in Kindergarten. Children typically must turn 5 before October 1st, 2013 in order to enroll in kindergarten. Every child that is registered during the day will receive a free kindergarten “Class of 2026” T-shirt. Please bring the following items: child’s birth certificate, social security card, immunization record, and custody papers (if applicable). The registration process will take place from 12 -4 p.m. and from 5:30 - 8 p.m. Mark your calendars for May 8 and 9, as kindergarten screenings will be set-up for those two days. Additional information will be distrib-

uted during the registration process. If you have any questions call Fayetteville Elementary at (513) 875-2083.

child’s immunization records are complete to meet entrance requirements. These immunizations are a MUST: 5 Doses DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusis, Tetanus) 4 Doses Oral Polio 2 Doses MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 3 Doses Hepatitis B 2 Doses Varicella (Chickenpox) Parents may take preschool children to the Brown County Health Department or their family doctor for their immunizations. The Brown County Health Department will give immunizations Tuesdays from 8 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1 - 4 p.m. No appointment is necessary. For evening hours, contact the Health Department directly at (937) 378-6892. The fee is $15.00 for the first immunization and then a $5.00 fee for each additional immunization administered. Anyone needing additional information should call the Georgetown Elementary School at 3786235.


Fayetteville FCCLA students make donation to HOPE Emergency Center Pictured above is Sister Sandy Bates (right) receiving a check from Fayetteville FCCLA members (l-r) Taylor Cornett, Macy Boggs, Dion Barber, Kody Miller, Melissa Fisher.

SSCC to host High School Art Showcase open house Feb. 28 The annual Appalachian Gateway High School Art Showcase open house will be held 68 p.m. Thursday, February 28, on Southern State Community College’s South Campus, 12681 U.S. Route 62, near Sardinia. The gallery will open at 6 p.m., with the awards ceremony to begin

at 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. All high school students currently enrolled in Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette and Highland counties are eligible to submit up to three works of original work to the annual exhibition and open house. The students’ artwork will be on display in

the gallery for viewing through February 28. Awards will be presented for first, second, third and honorable mention in all categories, plus best-of-school awards and best-of-show awards. This annual exhibition and competition is juried by Wenker, Carpenter, Nancy Ache and Kristi Hall.

Cahall makes Dean’s List Calvin Cahall of Georgetown has been named to the dean's list for the fall term at Centre College, an honor reserved for students who maintain at least a 3.60 grade point average. Cahall is the son of Roland and Leslie Cahall of Georgetown and is a graduate of Georgetown High School.

Payne graduates from EKU Eastern Kentucky University recognized 1,068 graduates at the conclusion of the Fall 2012 semester, including Jared Matthew Payne of Winchester. Payne graduated Cum Laude with a BS degree in Criminal Justice and was recognized at commencement ceremonies Dec. 15


Pictured: Left to Right, Back Row: Tyler Griffith, Michael Nichols, Alex James, Austin Maines, Dakota Blevins, Trevor Heery, Ryan Anderson, James Lingrosso, Brady Kirkpatrick. Front Row: Left to Right: Brady Simpson, Daniel Peace.

Southern Hills Info Tech BPA medal winners Information Technology program students at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center recently participated in the Business Professionals of America (BPA) Region 13 competitions. IT instructor, Mrs. Ginger Ring, reported that her students captured the following standings: Computer Network Technology--James Lingrosso— first, Trevor Heery, second, Daniel Peace, fourth, and Dakota Blevins, sixth.

Brady Simpson placed first in Visual Basic Programming, and first in Systems Administration –CISCO. In the Information Technology Concepts event, Trevor Heery placed first, James Lingrosso, second, Alex James, third, and Ryan Anderson, fifth. Sweeping the Computer Programming Concepts competition were Brady Simpson, first, Ryan Anderson, second, Tyler Griffith, third, Trevor Heery, fourth, Brady Kirkpatrick, fifth, and James ‘Austin’

Maines, sixth. Ryan Anderson placed fourth in Administrative Support Concepts and Michael Nichols placed third in PC Security. Alex James and Harley Shepard won first place in team competition for web site design. Trevor Heery placed sixth in Management/Marketing and HR Concepts. James Lingrosso placed third in Business Meeting Management, and in Project Management, Treevor Heery placed first and Alex James placed third. The students will be par-

ticipating in state competition at the BPA State Leadership Conference in Columbus, Ohio, March 14and 15. State Qualifiers include Trevor Heery and James Lingrosso in Computer Network Technology, and Alex James and Harley Shepard in Website Design (Team). Brady Simpson Qualified for state competition in both Visual Basic and Systems AdministrationCisco, but has opted to compete in only the CISCO contest.



Ryan and Cassandra Seesholtz announce the birth of their daughter, Adrianna Rose, born on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville, Oh. She weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 20” long. Adrianna is welcomed home by grandparents, Gary and Patti Seesholtz, Georgetown, Paul and Liz Fruchey, Napoleon, Oh., great grandparents, Fred and Mary White, Georgetown, Jack and Irene Fruchey, Napoleon, Oh., aunts, uncles and excited cousins, Emily, Riley and Collin Bertram. The Brown County Press would like to congratulate Ryan and Cassandra on the birth of their daughter, Adrianna.

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Volunteer opportunities: The program, a 501c3 nonprofit is staffed by volunteers with a heart for kids and horses. There are many volunteer opportunities available. It is not necessary that you own a horse

to volunteer. For more information visit or contact Cherry Ridge Farms 937444-3757 or Program Director Sabrina Mignerey at

WB to get two million funding increase CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 we are looking at a significant expense to upgrade our computers in the district and the state is not going to provide that.” Dunlap said that updating the bus fleet, building maintenance and new textbooks are other examples of problems the district will have difficulty solving without help from the May levy. If approved, the levy would run for eight years and generate $1,450,000 per year. Dunlap said the cost to the owner of a $100,000 home would be $186.81 per year. Dunlap added that the Western Brown School Board is monitoring the busing situation and would like to take action if it’s affordable. “The board will take a look at K-8 busing after May, but the five mile exclusion from the high school will stay if the levy fails.” Dunlap said the levy question comes down to the quality of education provided by the district. “Even if the Governor’s budget does move forward and we get an extra $800,000, I still think we

need the levy to be able to move Western Brown forward and be able to provide the best education for our students.” Ohio State Senator Joe Uecker said that the school budget process was anything but finished. He said the Ohio House was planning to hold hearings on the issue in multiple committees before passing a final bill. “Education is always an active part of the General Assembly and I fully expect that to continue over the next two years.”, Uecker said. However, Uecker said that for the most part, the school funding figures are close to where they will end up this summer. “There may be minor changes, but the budgets that these school districts are looking at will probably be very close to the final bill that will be approved later this year.” Uecker said he planned on reaching out to school administrators in his district to help give them a voice in the process. “I will be meeting with superintendents next week to hear from them about their feelings about the pro-

posed budget”. Uecker also echoed Dunlap’s point that much of the money is earmarked for specific purposes, but defended the practice. “The big difference with this budget is that there is a greater emphasis on getting the dollars into the classroom as opposed to just blasting out money to school districts to use however they want.” Representative State Doug Green said he also anticipates debate in the legislature before a final product is delivered. “We have 132 separate Representatives and Senators who are trying their best to represent the interests and concerns of their districts. We are going to have disagreements.” He also said it was the responsibility of the legislature to make education a top priority. “We can’t provide a prepared workforce without providing an educated workforce. We have to provide the necessary tools to educate our future workers”. A final funding bill for education and other state budgets must be approved by June 30.

Think back to all the things you have done in your life – or just think about the important, exciting, or new things. Now, think about one organ in your body that played a significant role in your ability to do all those things. The heart is probably one of the first organs that comes to mind because it is instrumental in everything you do. Your heart pumps blood and oxygen throughout the body to your organs. If your heart is affected by heart disease or other conditions, your body will not receive enough blood to work normally. February is American Heart Month, so make sure you are treating your heart right! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, making healthy choices and managing any medical conditions you may have can help prevent heart disease. Several healthy lifestyle choices to prevent heart disease include eating a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol use. You have probably heard about these lifestyle choices before, and that is because they are all important for good health in general. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet and eat foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Include fiber-rich foods in your diet. Limit the amount of sodium you consume. Maintaining a


in 2011 to $3,800 in 2012; • single and married filing separately deductions went from $5,700 in 2011 to $5,950 in 2012; • married filing jointly went from $11,600 to $11,900; • head of household went from $8,500 to $8,700. There have also been changes in the tax brackets. According to the website, the maximum Earned Income and Adjusted Gross Income credit a family

Western Brown High School

WB levy supporters to begin info campaign CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Levy Support Group will be held on February 27 at 7 p.m. in the Hamersville Elementary School to discuss upcoming plans and continuing to solicit volunteers for the group. “Please, now is the time

to voice your opinion and ask questions,” Wiley pleaded, “This is your opportunity to be heard. We need your support to ensure a bright future for our communities and our schools.”

could receive in 2011 was: • $5,751 with three or more qualifying children; • $5,112 with two qualifying children; • $3,094 with one qualifying child; • $464 with no qualifying children. This year with the 2012 filing, those numbers changed to maximum credits of: • $5,891 with three or more qualifying children; • $5,236 with two qualifying children; • $3,169 with one qualifying child; • $475 with no qualifying children. Anyone with questions about their 2012 income taxes can contact Troy Farrell or Jim Ruble for answers. H & R Block is located at 209 East Main Street in Mt. Orab, (937) 444-3995 and at 717 East State Street in Georgetown, (937) 378 3808. Farrell Incorporated is located at 205 West State Street in Georgetown, (937) 378-6757, 613 West Main Street in Mt. Orab, (937) 444-4829 as well as at Eastgate in Batavia at (513)-7536757.

body, shortness of breath, or breaking out in a cold sweat. Visit the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute website ( /index.htm) to learn more about the warning signs of a heart attack. This February—and throughout the rest of the year—be sure to treat your heart right! Dates to Remember • ServSafe Manager (Level 2) Food Safety Training: Thursday, February 28 and Thursday, March 7 from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (both days) at the Adams County Regional Medical Center. Cost is $130/person. Call 937393-1918 for registration information. Registration deadline is Thursday, February 14.

Troopers to conduct Failure to Yield Initiative Everyday, troopers go out on patrol looking for traffic violations that have been shown to cause crashes which result in serious injury or even death. In 2012, there were 37,475 crashes across Ohio caused by failure to yield (FTY). This includes 181 fatal crashes resulting in 187 deaths. Another 23,353 people were injured in 13,750 injury crashes. The Georgetown Post will be conducting a Problem Behavior Initiative to specifically address failure to yield violations. This effort will start February 24th, 2013 and run through March 9th, 2013. It will be conducted in both Brown and Adams Counties; with a specific concentration on SR 32 due to the high number of failure to yield related vehicle crashes. Failure to yield enforce-

LIEUTENANT RANDY MCELFRESH ment is our primary goal; however, aggressive driving habits such as speed and following too closely and O.V.I will be targeted as well. Drivers are encouraged to come to a complete stop at all stops signs and ensure that no oncoming traffic is approaching. Pausing for just a couple of extra seconds just might save your life! For additional information please visit atrol. Here you can find state traffic laws and crash statistics for each county in Ohio.

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2013 brings tax changes CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Each year the United States Internal Revenue updates rate schedules according to guidelines that Congress establishes. A few of the changes that were made this year are simply adjustments to the inflation rates and have resulted in increased limits or deductions. For example, deduction changes include: • personal/dependent exemptions went from $3,700

healthy weight can help lower your risk of developing heart disease. Engaging in physical activity can play a role in maintaining a healthy weight. Physical activity can also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of heart disease as it promotes atherosclerosis (which is the build-up of fatty substances in the arteries.) Too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, so if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation. Also, American Heart Month is a good time to make sure you know the warning signs of a heart attack. Warning signs of a heart attack include chest discomfort, discomfort in other areas of the upper

BY Amy L. Habig, MPH, RD, LD Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, OSU Extension Adams/Brown/Highland Counties


The Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship Program: Hope, Healing & Horses will be having an Informational Meet & Greet Session, Saturday March 2nd at the Mt. Orab Library from 2:30-4:30 PM. During this session attendees will have the opportunity to explore how our equine friend, the horse, can bring about many positive changes in the lives of the children, ages five through eighteen that the program serves. Positive development on many levels includes, but is not limited to, physical, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional benefits. Some participants have discovered through the program an improved self- image, greater confidence, and gone on to take leadership roles in their communities. Students, parents and volunteers will be available to answer questions and to offer testimony as to the program’s success. A DVD of an actual session will be played. Light refreshments will be served. There is no charge to attend this meeting.


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Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship Treat your heart right Program to hold meet and greet during Heart Month

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Annual Lincoln Day-Ronald Reagan Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, February 23 at the Georgetown Eagles Hall at 600 Mt. Orab Pike beginning with social hour at 5:30 p.m. and program beginning at 6:30 p.m. This year’s theme is “Moving Brown County Forward.” For more information or to rsvp by calling (937) 4442988. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Lewis Township Trustee Meeting will be held on Sunday evening at 7:30 p.m. February 24 and the public is invited to attend.




MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25 TOPS Chapter in Mt. Orab meets at 5:30 p.m. every Monday, including February 25 at the Mt. Orab Public Library, 613 S. High Street. Further information is available by calling Velvet Frye at (937) 444-7237. Sterling Township Trustees Meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on Monday, February 25 at the Sterling Township Hall located at the corner of Eastwood and Greenbush West Road. For more information visit Western Brown Youth Soccer Spring Registration will be held 4 to 8 p.m. on Monday, February 25 at the Mt. Orab Library. For all the qualifications and details please call Sandy McNutt at (513) 328-6917 or Jean Hile (937) 205-0110. Free Beginners Zumba Classes are being offered by Ideal Nutrition in Mt. Orab and the Mt. Orab United Methodist Church to help improve local residents health. The classes begin at 5 p.m. on Mondays, at the church’s fellowship hall. Classes will be on Mondays and Wednesdays weekly. For more information please call (937) 444-6161. TOPS Chapter in Sardinia meets at 6:30 p.m. every Monday, including February 25 at Sardinia Church of the Nazarene on Sardinia-Mowrystown Road. Further information is available by calling Regina Davidson at (937) 446-3714.

Brown County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. Monday, February 25, at the commissioners office, 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown. The public is invited to attend. Perry Township Trustees Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, February 25 in Fayetteville. This meeting is open to the public. Fayetteville Soccer Spring Signups will be held on Monday, February 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Fayetteville Perry Public Library. Players eligible to play have to have a birthday between July 31, 1998 and July 31, 2008. Signups can also be made online at 12-Week NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program began on Monday, January 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will run until Monday, April 1, at the Anderson Senior Center, 7970 Beechmont Avenue in Cincinnati. Free for family members, partners and friends of individuals with chemical imbalance/brain disorder/mental illness. Registration is required, please call 513-528-5500 or visit Western Brown Winter Guard Fundraiser will be held on Monday, February 25 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Mt. Orab McDonald's. 10% of all proceeds during that time will benefit the Western Brown Winter Guard. First Round OVRDC County Caucus has been set for Monday, February 25 at 130 in the Commissioners Office in the administration building. The Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission coordinates federal, state and local resources to encourage development in 12 southern Ohio Counties. For more information call John Hemmings at OVRDC, 1-800223-7491. TOPS Chapter in Ripley meets at 6:30 p.m. every Monday including February 25, at the Ripley Church of the Nazarene, 230 North Second Street. Further information is available by calling Kaye Nichols at (937) 3772501. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26 Book Club for Adults in Mt. Orab will meet at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Febru-

ary 26 at the Mt. Orab Library, 613 South High Street. For more information on this club please call (937) 4441414. Ripley Village Council will meet in regular session at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26. The meeting is open to the public. Luncheon for BCGH Retirees and Former Employees will meet at the Lake Manor Restaurant on tuesday, February 26 at 11:30 a.m. Alcoholics Anonymous in Sardinia meets from 11 a.m. until noon each Tuesday morning at the Sardinia Town Hall. Please enter the back door. For more information call (937) 444-3877. Zumba Classes will be offered by Snap Fitness on Tuesday, February 26 at 127 North Point Drive in Mt. Orab. These classes are for members of Snap Fitness as well as non-members. Please call (937) 444-5230 for more information. Yoga Classes will be offered by Snap Fitness, 127, North Point Drive, Mt. Orab at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26 at the center. Members of Snap Fitness as well as non-members are welcome. Please call (937) 444-5230 for details and new hours. Al-Anon Family Group Sessions will be held every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Mt. Orab Methodist Church on Church Street, off N. High Street. This group can provide support and information to families and individuals who know someone who suffers from substance abuse. For more information call Jean at (937) 444-3877. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 A Town-Hall Meeting to discuss security in Georgetown’s School District will be held on Wednesday, February 27 at 6 p.m. in the Georgetown High School Cafeteria. Anyone with ideas or input on this important topic, please plan to attend this meeting. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Chapter in Winchester, meets at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays at Winchester Church of Christ in Christian Union, 1540 Tri-County Highway, Winchester. Further information and holiday hours call Bobbi Wilson at (937) 446-4662. Brown County Seniors Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 27 at the ABCAP building, 406 W. Plum Street, (the old Alvera Reed School) in Georgetown. Potluck luncheon at 12 noon followed by a program. All are welcome to attend.

Quarter Raffle Fundraiser sponsored by Brown County Jr. Fair Beef Department will be held on Wednesday, February 27 at 6 p.m. at Rhonemus Hall at the Brown County Fairgrounds. The raffle begins at 6:30. Proceeds will to towards the purchase of awards for the shows during the fair. For more information contact Brett Rogers at (513) 659-6965, Barb Howser at (937) 483-6141 or Brooke Beath at (937) 483-6267. Brown County Board of Commissioners will meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday, February 27, at the commissioners office, 800 Mt. Orab Pike, Georgetown. The public is invited to attend. Sit and Stitch will meet 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, February 27 at the Sardinia Public Library, 13309 Purdy Road, Sardinia. Anyone who is a crocheter or spinner or who wants to learn, is invited to attend and bring a current project. Children are welcome. Further information is available by calling (937) 403-8481 or (513) 314-1656. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Kick-boxing Classes will be offered on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. on February 28 at the Snap Fitness Center in Mt. Orab, 127 North Point Drive. These classes are open to members as well as non-members. For details call 4445230. Hamersville Kindergarten Registration will be held 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 28 and Tuesday, March 5 at the Hamersville Elementary School. Any child 5 years old on or before September 30 is eligible to register. Georgetown Village Council Meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 28. The public is invited to attend this open meeting. Pike Township Trustees Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 28 at the township office/community building located at 12700 SR 774. This meeting is open to the public. For more information call (937) 444-7418. Western Brown Marching Band Fundraiser will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. and The Country Inn in Thursday, February 28. All tips earned during this time will benefit the band. Please come out and support the band. Alcoholics Anonymous will meet 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, February 28, at St. Michael's Catholic Church, 220 S. High St., Mt. Orab.

COURT NEWS Property Sales John Krotchen to Angus Pleasant Valley Farms, LLC, 18.29 acres and 183.31 acres of land in Byrd Township, filed 2-13-2013 Anna N. Noeth and Matthew C. Saylor to Jeffery and Cheryl Saylor, .34 acres of land in Hamersville, Clark Township, filed 2-12-2013, $55,000 Raymond Cox etal to Ralph W. and Linda Schweitzer, 44.87 acres of land in Eagle Township, filed 2-112013, $161,430 Carol A. Dearmond to Waynoka Property Owners Association, Inc., In-Lot 3093 in Lake Waynoka Sub., Franklin Township, filed 2-12-2013 Fannie and John H. McDaniel to Fannie R. McDaniel, In-Lot 2 in Lake Waynoka Sub., Franklin Township, filed 2-13-2013 Anthony Whaley to Waynoka Property Owners Association, Inc., In-Lot 104 in Lake Waynoka Sub., Franklin Township, filed 2-13-2013 John and Fannie McDaniel to Fannie McDaniel, 1.17 acres of land in Franklin Township, filed 2-13-2013 Bobby B. and Kath Gilliam, trustees to Jacob Bunch, 1.35 acres of land in Green Township, filed 213-2013, $119,900 George Crampton and Helen Grierson to David A. and Desiree R. Batsche, 31.25 acres of land in Huntington Township, filed 2-82013, $38,000 Ernest M. and Esther Adams to Esther R. Adams, Lot 1 in Ruggles Sub., in Aberdeen, filed 2-13-2013 Pumpelly Development Inc., to Pumpelly Development Inc., 9.39 acres of land in Aberdeen, filed 2-132013 David A. and Ann M Custer and 13 Wildcat Cove LLC to David and Ann Custer, In-Lot 1881 in Lake Waynoka Sub., Jackson Township, filed 2-13-2013 Kenneth Roy Lucas etal to Arnold J. and Deborah M. Alexander, .84 acres of land in Jefferson Township, filed 2-12-2013 Allen D. and Mona Faulkner to Allen D. Faulkner, In-Lot 433, In-Lot 432 and In-Lot 431 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Township, filed 2-122013 James E. and Judy A. Cohen to Jerald K Cohen and Jill A. Freshley, trustees, In-Lot 1083 in Lake Lorelei Sub., in Perry Township, filed 2-132013 James E. Cohen to Jerald K Cohen and Jill A Freshley, trustees, In-Lot 451 and In-Lot 28 in Lake Lorelei Sub., Perry Township, filed 2-13-2013 Joseph H. and Amanda B. Brinkman to Joseph H. Brinkman, In-Lot 11 and In-Lot 12 in BB Boyle Park Add., in Perry Township, filed 2-11-2013 Gwendolyn K Moore and Bene-

ficial Financial Inc., to Nader David, .40 acres and .45 acres of land in Mt. Orab, Pike Township, filed 2-82013, $142,884 Zachary R. Singler to Robert J. Griffith and Patricia A. McJoynt, 47.04 acres of land in Pleasant Township, filed 2-13-2013, $355,000 Zachary R. Singler to Robert J. Griffith and Patricia A. McJoynt, 120.42 acres of land in Pleasant Township, filed 2-13-2013, $250,000 Clyde Hardin, trustee to Clyde Hardin, .11 acres of land in Georgetown, Pleasant Township, filed 2-82013 Cheryl and Jeffery Saylor to Mathew Cole and Anna Nicole Saylor, 5 acres of land in Scott Township, filed 2-12-2013, $22,000 Dawn Michele Spicer etal and Vanderbilt Mortgage Finance Inc., to Paul Scott Crary II, Lot 11 in Whispering Wynds Sub., in Sterling Township, filed 2-13-2013, $89,000 Larry and Melissa S. Epperson to Jeffery Brunner, 1 acre of land in Sterling Township, filed 2-8-2013, $26,000 Karen A. and John R. Freeland, JR. to Lance A. and Kristi L. Wolfe, Lot 3 in Locust Creek Sub., and .96 acres of land Sterling Township, filed 2-12-2013, $211,000 Linda S. Stenger and Robert K. Hitchin and Linda S. Dean to Bobby Basel and Kathleen Gilliam, Lot 3 in Tri County Farm Sub. Sterling Township, filed 2-13-2013, $104,000 Rena L. Lancaster to Maureen Mullarkey, In-Lot 76B and In-Lot 76A in Ripley, Union Township, filed 212-2013, $53,000 Thomas Partin and Kelly A. Arnold to John and Dawn Gutman, 1 acres of land in Sardinia Village, Washington Township, filed 2-112013 Delphelene Pugh to Shirley and Robert R. Fender, .16 acres of land in Sardinia, Washington Township, filed 2-13-2013

Marriages Tracy A. Wilson, 28, Georgetown, homemaker to marry James M. Harcourt, 35, Georgetown, freeman enclosure system., filed 2-72013 Traci Lynn Carter, 41, Georgetown, account manager to marry Derek Jon Kidwell, 43, Georgetown, farmer, filed 2-8-2013 Brandi Michelle McElroy, 23, Georgetown, homemaker to marry Wesley Adam Bailey, 24, Maysville, KY, laborer, filed 2-11-2013 Ethel Ann Cummins, 26, Aberdeen, KFC to marry Liam Otto Harp, 21, Aberdeen, filed 2-11-2013

Probate Howard Adams, Ripley, case #20131027, DOD 1-31-2013, filed

2-11-2013 Thelma E. Bishop, Ripley, case #20131031, DOD 12-10-2012, filed 2-13-2013 John M. Chambers, Georgetown, case #20131024, DOD 1-62013, filed 2-7-2013 Lloyd C. Frodge, Williamsburg, case #20131029, DOD 1-2-2011, filed 2-12-2013 Bonnie Lou Garcia, Aberdeen, case #20131026, DOD 1-22-2013, Filed 2-11-2013 Darrell M. Hewitt, Georgetown, case #20131034, DOD11-24-2007, filed 2-13-2013 John T. Jump, Jr., Mt. Orab, case #20131028, DOD 1-12-2013, filed 2-11-2013 Mary Edith Koewler, Ripley, case #20131030, DOD 10-21-2012, filed 2-12-2013 Eunice Lynch, Georgetown, case #20131032, DOD 1-1-2013, filed 2-13-2013 Marilyn F. McCollum, Georgetown, case #20131033, DOD 12-32012, filed 2-13-2013 Woodrow Pressley, Mt. Orab, case #20131035, DOD 3-24-2007, filed 2-13-2013 Delphelene Pugh, case #20131025, DOD 12-4-2012, filed 2-8-2013

Common Pleas CIVIL CASES Connie Patrick, Brown County Treasurer versus Mark A. Adams, case #20130095, filed 2-6-2013, Action: foreclosures Unifund CCR, LLC versus Brenda Greene, case #20130096, filed 2-6-2013, Action: other civil U.S. Bank National Association versus Jeffrey A. Freakes, case #20130099, filed 2-6-2013, Action: foreclosures Tammac Holding Corporation versus Wayne H. Bailey, case #20130101, filed 2-7-2013, Action: foreclosures Anthony McDowell versus Walt’s Home Maintenance, Inc., case #20130102, filed 2-7-2013, Action: other civil Delores Shivner versus Nationstar Mortgage, case #20130104, filed 2-8-2013, Action: other civil JPMorgan Chase Bank versus Lisa Berry, case #20130106, filed 28-2013, Action: foreclosures Joseph Walsh, Sr. versus Elizabeth Jane Walsh, case #20130108, filed 2-8-2013, Action: other civil (stalking) Joseph Walsh, Sr., versus Daniel Walsh, case #20130109, filed 2-82013, Action: other civil (stalking) First Financial Bank versus Crout Properties Ltd., case #20130110, filed 2-8-2013, Action: foreclosures Joseph W. White versus Vander-

bilt Mortgage and Finances, case #20130112, filed 2-11-2013, Action: other civil Joe B. Belcher versus ATW Ohio, LLC, case #20130113, filed 211-2013, Action: workers Compensation The Blanchester Lumber Company versus Jarrod Messer, case #20130114, filed 2-11-2013, Action: foreclosures Wells Fargo Bank NA versus Katherine L. Prewitt, case #20130117, filed 2-12-2013, Action: foreclosures The National Republic Bank versus Vijaykumar R. Patel, case #20130118, filed 2-11-2013, Action: foreclosures Rose Acceptance, Inc., versus William C. Smallwood, case #20130121, filed 2-14-2013, Action: foreclosures Elizabeth McKenzie versus Carl Sroufe, case #20130122, filed 2-142013, Action: other civil Elizabeth Thorne McKenzie versus Deloris Sroufe, case #20130123, filed 2-14-2013, Action: other civil (stalking) DOMESTIC CASES Rebecca Stone, Georgetown versus Joseph Slone, Cincinnati, case #20120097, filed 2-6-2013, Action: termination of marriage Angel Puckett, Georgetown versus Dustin W. Puckett, Sr., Sardinia, case #20130098, filed 2-6-2013, Action: termination of marriage Rebecca Schluttenhofer, Hamersville, versus Robert J. Schluttenhofer, Jr. Cincinnati, case #20130100, filed 2-6-2013, Action: dissolution of marriage Michael J. Brownlee, Georgetown versus Josephine Brownlee, Rushville, IN, case #20130103, filed 2-7-2013, Action: dissolution of marriage Christopher Hurst, Mt. Orab, versus Julie Hurst, Tacoma, WA, case #20130105, filed 2-8-2013, Action: termination of marriage Sandra Reedy, Williamsburg versus Ethan Reedy, Sardinia, case #20130107, filed 2-8-2013, Action: domestic violence Angela Ross, Lexington, KY versus Michael Ross, Aberdeen, case #20130111, filed 2-11-2013, Action: U.R.E.S.A., Bonnie Skaggs, Ripley versus Chester Skaggs, Portsmouth, case #20130115, filed 2-11-2013, Action: termination of marriage Sheena Foster, Sardinia versus Bryan Foster, Mt. Orab, case #20130116, filed 2-11-2013, Action: termination of marriage Cory Parker, Mt. Orab versus Katrina Parker, Bethel, case #20130119, filed 2-13-2013, Action: termination of marriage Charles Cone, Sardinia versus Jeniffer Cone, Sardinia, case #20130120, filed 2-13-2013, Action:

Legion Hall Bingo is held each Thursday (including February 28 at 5 p.m. with the kitchen opening at 5:30 p.m. Ripoffs/Instants start selling at 6 p.m., the early bird bingo is at 7:15 and regular bingo begins at 7:30 p.m. Call Ed Fryman for more information at (937) 442-4704. Book Club for Adults will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 28 at the Mt. Orab Library, 613 South High Street. For more information on this club please call (937) 444-1414. Yoga Classes will be offered at the Snap Fitness Center in Mt. Orab, 127 North Point Drive beginning at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 28. These classes are open to both members and non-members. Call (937) 4445230 for more information. FRIDAY, MARCH 1 Free Knitting and Crocheting Classes at the Rambler Center (old Russellville-Jefferson High School) in Russellville will be held 10 a.m.-noon Friday, March 1. Anyone who would like information or a list of supplies or who wishes to register for the next group of classes may call Mary Kelch at (513) 734-2501 or (513) 543-3137. Fraternal Order of Eagles, Auxiliary #2293 will hold a fish fry on Friday nights including March 1, March 8, March 15, March 22 and March 29 beginning at 5 p.m. Dinner will include cod fish, french fries, macaroni and cheese, cole slaw and a drink. The FOE is located at 600 Mt. Orab Pike in Georgetown. For carry out orders please call (937) 378-4330. Mt. Holly Christian Chapel in Amelia will sponsor a Christian Country Gospel Singing on Friday, March 1 at 7 p.m., featuring great gospel music, refreshments, food and door prizes. Call Dan Cook at (513) 509-7312 or Kevin Cain at (513) 602-4654 for more information. This event is free to the public. Fish Fry Every Friday at St. Joseph of St. Mary Church, 3398 St. Rt. 125, just east of Bethel, sponsored by the men of the congregation, March 1, March 8 and March 15. This event will begin at 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. Menu includes fish (baked or fried), shrimp, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, french fries, refreshments, homemade pies and cakes and other desserts. SATURDAY, MARCH 2 Ohio Therapeutic Horsemanship Program ‘Meet and Greet’ will be held on Saturday, March 2 at the Mt. Orab Library from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Hope, Healing and Horses meet and Greet will explore how equine friends and the horse can bring about many positive changes in the lives of children ages 5 through 18. For more information visit or call (937) 444-3757. 2nd Annual SPC Seth Blevins Scholarship Spaghetti Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 2 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Southern Hills Career and Technical Center, Hamer Road in Georgetown. The cost is only $10 for adults, children 4 to 12 is only $5 and children 3 and under free. For more information contact Tracy Gelter (937) 213-1546 or Carla Germann at (937) 515-2832. The Ohio Valley Bluegrass Series continues on Saturday night, March 2 at Western Brown High School in Mt. Orab with the ‘Larry Stephenson Band’ and local favorite ‘Nightflyer’ will provide the entertainment. Showtime is 7 p.m., doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tickets are only $15 at the door, children 12 and under are free with paying adult. For further details call (513) 6844342. Show sponsored by Coutrygrass Entertainment, LLC, Mountain Ohio Media, Gabbard’s-Mt. Orab Ford, Chuck Wait Tire and The Lake Manor Restaurant. National Alliance on Mental Illness is offering a three-day class, NAMI Basics, on Saturday March 2, 9 and 16 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Beech Acres Children’s Center. For more information on this class contact NAMI Clermont County Office at (513) 528-5500 or visit www.nami-cc.rg. Mt. Orab Knothole Sign-ups will be held on Saturday, March 2 from 10 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at the Mt. Orab Library. One child costs $90, two children cost $150 and Three children or more costs $200. For more information call Nate Spears at (513) 8463484. Central Ohio Opry will perform on Saturday, March 2 and Saturday, March 16 at the Clay Township Park (the old Buford School) from 7 to 9:30 p.m. (doors open at 6 p.m.) On February 16 Tami Davis and Rich Skaggs will be the featured performers. On March 2 Terry Barnett and Herb Day will be featured and on March 16 Dee Dee Darling and David Schrenk will be featured. Admission is only $8, children under 12 free. UPCOMING EVENTS The Masonic Lodge, Union #71 will hold its Stated Meeting on Monday, March 4 beginning with a dinner at 7 p.m., meeting at 7:30 p.m. The lodge is located at 210 S. 2nd Street in Ripley. For more information contact Howard McClain at (937) 618-1104. Phileo Ministries Clothing Ministry at Tri-County Baptist Church, 110 Winchester Street in Sardinia will be open to the public on Tuesday, March 5 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Everyone is wel-

come. For more information call (937) 446-1416. Mt. Orab Village Council Meeting will be held at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5. The public is invited to attend.


Yoga Classes will be offered by Jane Amiot, each Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m at the Hospice Center located on Hughes Blvd in Mt. Orab. For more information on this class please contact Amiot at (513) 535-7507.

Power Over Parkinson’s Support Group will meet on Tuesday, March 5 at 4 p.m. at the Villa Georgetown Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 8065 Dr. Faul Road in Georgetown. For more information please contact Heather Frye at (937) 3784178 or email Scanlon-Kelly VFW Post 5920 Meeting in Fayetteville will be held at the Township Hall at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 6. For more information contact Bernie Vilvens at (513) 460-0236. Williamsburg American Legion Quarter Auction will take place on Wednesday, March 6 beginning at 6 p.m. Auction will take place from 7 to 9 p.m. Vendors include: Longaberger, Tupperware, Embroider Me Too, Avon, Thirty-one, Pampered Chef, Donna Sharp, Man Cave, and My Favorite Things. This event will be held at the Legion hall, 208 East Main Street in Williamsburg. Refreshments will be available. For more details call (513) 724-9915. St. Michael’s Quarter Raffle will be held at St. Michael’s Church Hall in Mt. Orab between 7 and 9 p.m. on Friday, March 8. Doors open at 6 p.m. The church is located at 220 S. High Street in Mt. Orab across from Gold Star Chili. Great prizes being offered and refreshments (famous barbecue and fish sandwiches) will be available during the event. For details call Jean at (937) 444-2439. St. Angela Merici $11,000 RaffleDance-Dinner will be held on Saturday, March 9 from 6 p.m. until midnight in Daly Hall, St. Patrick Chapel in Fayetteville. First prize is $5,000, 2nd prize is $2,000 and third prize id $1,000. Only 400 tickets will be sold. For more information call (513) 8755020, ext. 2. Hillsboro’s Fotilla 06-10 of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary will meet in March at the Ripley Administrative Building, 123 Waterworks Road at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 9. For more information visit Brown County Sugar Helpers Group will meet from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Monday, March 11 at the Georgetown Methodist Church. The event includes speakers, educational material, diabetic recipes. Please come and bring a friend. Brown County Singing Convention will meet on Friday, March 15 at the Higginsport Christian Church, located on Columbia Street (US 52) at 7 p.m. Anyone with a special song, poem or any other God given talent is invited to share in this event. For more information contact Larry Downing at (937) 446-3259. 6th Annual Mocktails Contest, sponsored by the Brown County Safe Communities Coalition will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Friday, March 15 at the Brown County Engineer’s office located at Camp Run Road and U.S. 68 in the atrium conference room. For more information call Sue Basta at (937) 378-4171 or email her at Deadline for registration is March 8. Harlem Wizards Coming to Mt. Orab on Sunday, March 17 from 2 to 4 p.m. at Western Brown High School. This is a major fundraiser for the school’s Touchdown Club. Tickets will go on sale starting the second week of February. More information at (513) 305-5481. Maysville Quilt Gathering will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 23-24 at historic downtown Maysville, KY. Event will feature quilt exhibit, Ohio River Valley Artists Guild Gallery exhibit, Art Quilt Gallery, book signing with Donna Groves and Suzi Parron, author of “Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail.” For more information visit Annual Spring Craft Bazaar, sponsored by the Western Brown Touchdown Club, is scheduled for March 23 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. For more information email Cindy at or visit the school on facebook at The Western Brown Touchdown Club or call (513) 3055481 or Helen at (513) 260-3414. Deadline for Submissions to 2013 Poetry Contest, sponsored by the Brown County Writers Group and the Mt. Orab Branch of the Brown County Public Library has been set for Tuesday, April 2 at midnight. For details please contact the library at (937) 4441414 or Lawrence Parlier at (513) 4274211. Reverse Raffle and Evening Gala, sponsored by the St. Michael School Fundraising Committee will be on Friday, April 5. Tickets are now on sale for $200 which buys a 1 in 200 chance to win $10,000 cash plus an elegant dinner for two. For more information call (937) 392-4202. Audition Days at Magic Waters Summer Theatre will be held on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the theatre. For more information call (937) 3651388.



SATURDAY February 23 Fayetteville Soccer Spring Signups will be held on Saturday, February 23 from 10 a.m. till noon at the Fayetteville Perry Public Library. Players eligible to play have to have a birthday between July 31, 1998 and July 31, 2008. Sign-ups can also be made online at

The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Page 11

Having a “housewarming” party is not something that usually happens at a nursing facility, but staff at Crestwood Ridge Care Center in Hillsboro, Ohio, was happy to celebrate the achievements of one of their residents and wish her well as she moved on to a new phase in her life. It was hard to say goodbye to friends and those who felt like family, but Missy Peck has many things to look forward to as she settles in her new living establishment. Friends and staff at Crestwood Ridge Care Center recently hosted a party in her honor, showering her with special gifts for her new home, well wishes, and hugs, before her move to Country Living Assisted Living in West Portsmouth, Ohio, in Scioto County. Peck’s story represents that of a successful transition back to the community from a nursing facility, and the community agencies who work together to make that transition as smooth as possible. Peck, 45, was recently a resident at Crestwood Ridge where she had lived since January 2012 following a hospital stay. Due to Peck’s medical needs, it was necessary that she remain in a nursing facility in order to meet her level of care needs that included 24-hour care, rehab, and other forms of assistance that were best provided in the environment available at Crestwood Ridge. Once her needs changed and her health status improved, Peck no longer required the level of care and assistance that was provided through a nursing facility like Crestwood Ridge, and began to search for assisted living options that were available in the area. Working with the nursing facility, the Area Agency on Aging District 7 (AAA7), which covers ten counties in southern Ohio, conducted an assessment with Peck and began the process of identifying assisted living facilities that would be available and suitable for her needs. This type of facility could assist Peck as needed, but also provide her with more privacy and the opportunity to partake in a variety of activities including day trips and shopping. After a site visit, Peck decided that Country Living was a good fit where she could receive the care that she needs in addition to the opportunity to embark on fresh adventures and create new friendships. “I miss the facility and all the people at Crestwood Ridge, but am excited that I can go places and have my privacy,” Peck says. “Missy has been a joy to have at our facility,” says

PAM MATURA, Executive Director, AAA7

Doris Schmidt, Admissions and Marketing at Crestwood Ridge Care Center. “We miss her, but we are so very proud of her. It has been amazing to witness her go through all the stages of independent living; from someone who needed total care, to one who is now appropriate and ready for assisted living. It has been wonderful to see her progress.” “In my 24 years of nursing in long-term care, I have never had the opportunity to share this type of celebration with a resident,” commented Kim Jackson, RN, Director of Nursing at Crestwood Ridge Care Center. “We miss Missy, but we are so proud of the accomplishments she has made.” The Assisted Living Waiver Program, through the Area Agency on Aging District 7, is a state-wide longterm care program for Medicaid recipients that provides another alternative to community living. Assisted Living facilities offer an apartment-like setting with a private room and private bath. Residents have access to staff 24-hours-a-day for help with activities of daily living, personal care, homemaking, meal preparation, medication monitoring and assistance, and socialization.

In addition, each individual is assigned a care manager from the AAA7 who is either a registered nurse or licensed social worker. The care manager assists the individual with program accessibility, well-being monitoring, advocacy, and access to community services and activities. To participate in the Assisted Living Waiver Program, an individual must meet the following requirements: • Be a resident of Ohio • Be age 21 or older • Be Medicaid-eligible • Have the ability to make a minimum room and board payment to the assisted living facility • Meet the intermediate nursing home level of care • Be able to have all care needs safely met in a residential care facility Nearly 3,200 Ohioans currently use the Assisted Living Waiver. To determine if assisted living is a good option for you, contact the Area Agency on Aging District 7 toll-free at 1-800-582-7277 and request a free assessment. Your local Area Agency on Aging District 7, Inc. provides services on a non-discriminatory basis. These services are available to help older adults and those with disabilities live safely and independently in their own homes through services paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, other federal and state resources, as well as private pay. The AAA7’s Resource Center is also available to

anyone in the community looking for information or assistance with long-term care options. Available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm, the Resource Center is a valuable contact for learning more about options and what programs and services are available for as-

sistance. Those interested in learning more can call toll-free at 1-800-582-7277 (TTY: 711). Here, individuals can speak directly with a nurse or social worker who will assist them with information surrounding the programs and services that are available to best serve

their needs. The Agency also offers an in-home assessment at no cost for those who are interested in learning more. Information is also available on, or the Agency can be contacted through e-mail at



AAA7 assists with the transition from nursing home to assisted living

Decoding gardening advice BY Faye Mahaffey Master Gardner Volunteer As a Master Gardener Volunteer, it is important that any advice I give is always research-based. When you are with a group of gardeners and you are discussing your tomato “woes” from last season, it is fun to hear all the advice that is given as a possible solution to your problem. How many times have you heard someone say, “I just sprinkle a little of it around each plant.” My question back would be, “How much is a little? A cup? A tablespoon?” Another question might be, “When did you sprinkle it?” or “Did you water after the application?” One of my favorite new books, Decoding Gardening Advise – the Science behind the 100 Most Common Recommendations, helps shed some light on how much of this gardening advice is grounded in science, reality, or even common sense. The authors, Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard, back up every good recommendation


Blossom end rot

with sound horticultural and botanical science. The book’s chapters include: Soil; Water; Pest, Disease, and Weed Control; Mulch; Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs; Trees and Shrubs; Vegetables and Fruit; and Lawn Care. Each chapter is divided into three sections by the quality of advice; Good Advice, Advice That’s Debatable, and Advice That’s Just Wrong. This way, if you just want to check out some good advice, you can quickly

flip to that chapter and read that first sections, saving the rest for another time when you might be in the mood for a good debate- or a good laugh! For each piece of advice the authors explain the practice itself before going into what will happen if you follow the advice, how to do it, and, finally, their bottom-line opinion or recommendation. Their hope is to provide gardeners with good information so they can make their own decisions. It is almost time to dig in the dirt again. It will also be time to battle disease, pests, cold, heat, rain, or lack of rain. When I see that list I wonder sometimes why we garden. We all know the answer is a simple one. We enjoy watching those seeds sprout, the plants grow and produce, and the flowers bloom with spectacular color. Get your garden journal out and pencil in this year’s design. Remember to rotate vegetable families as you plot out the garden. This will give you a head-start in the battle against disease!


Raffle-DinnerDance set in Fayetteville

Western Brown Winter Guard to hold fund raiser The Western Brown Winter Guard will be holding a fund raiser on Monday, February 25 from 5 - 8 p.m. at Mt. Orab McDonald's. 10% of all proceeds during this time will benefit the Western Brown Winter Guard.



St. Angela Merici Parish is holding an “$11,000 Bonanza Raffle, Dinner, Dance” on Saturday, march 9 from 6 p.m. - 12 a.m. in Daly Hall, St. Patrick Chapel, Fayetteville. First prize is $5,000.00, 2nd is $2,000.00, 3rd is $1,000.00, with cash prizes for 4th through 15th. Only 400 tickets will be sold, prize money will be prorated if all tickets are not sold. Tickets include dinner. Winners do not need to be present to win, must be 18 or older to attend. Call (513) 875-5020, ext 2 for more information or tickets.

Page 12 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013




from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives. Competitions at the district, regional and state levels are conducted in an actual courtroom and are scored by panels of lawyers and judges. This year Western Brown’s Mock Trial Team consisted of Maria Bohrer and Caleb Taylor preparing the prosecution side of the trial, and Jasmine Fletcher and Cole Brown preparing the Defense side of the trial. Courtney Gentry, Caleb Taylor and Jasmine Fletcher served as witnesses and Brandon Frasure and Morgan Merrick served as Bailiff and Timekeeper. The students began working in September after school to learn their case and prepare for trial. In October, local attorney’s, Zac Corbin and Nick Owens began working with the students to prepare for trial. This was Zac’s third year as legal advisor and Nick’s first year as

legal advisor. In The Courtroom, the students must give opening and closing statements, which are rehearsed speeches that open and close the trial. In between, attorneys question witnesses from their team as well the opposing team. During trial, opposing teams can make objections and students must correctly argue the rules of evidence in order win the argument. During a competitionon, the acting judges are also asked to name one person as Outstanding Witness, and one person as Outstanding Attorney. This year Western Brown was very pleased to have Jasmine Fletcher and Caleb Taylor named as Outstanding Witness, and Cole Brown named as Outstanding Attorney. The Clermont County Bar association was the host of the Mock Trial Competition, and Judge Jerry McBride was the District Coordinator.


The Western Brown High School Mock Trial team competed at District Competion in Batavia, Ohio in early February. The objectives of Mock Trial are to Improve critical thinking, reading, writing, public speaking and listening skills, as well as to develop understanding and appreciation for the law, court procedures, and the judicial system. Mock Trial also helps students to fully understand constitutional rights and responsibilities. The final objective of Mock Trial is to Recognize and reward students’ academic and intellectual achievements. Each year the Center for Law Related Education creates an original case around a current constitutional issue important to students. Mock Trial teams work with their Teacher advisors and a local attorney who volunteers their time to the students. They work to prepare their case –

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

Two suspects arrested by Sheriff’s office for Trafficking Heroin in Ripley Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger reports that as a result of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office ongoing undercover drug investigation, two suspects were arrested for trafficking heroin in the Ripley area. Sheriff Wenninger stated that on February 20, 2013 Deputies arrested Samual Stacy Jr., 32 years of age, of North Second Street, Ripley, Ohio for five (5) Felony counts of Trafficking Heroin and Candus Richmond, 20 years of age, of Circle Drive, Ripley, Ohio for two (2) Felony counts of Trafficking heroin. Both suspects were transported to the Brown County Adult Detention Center where they both remain in custody awaiting a bond hearing on the charges. Sheriff Wenninger stated that the vehicle driven by Samual Stacy Jr .(1996 Pontiac) was also seized during

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

Jasmine Fletcher and Caleb Taylor were named as outstanding witness, and Cole Brown was named as outstanding Attorney.

Richter joins G’town Family Practice, welcomes new patients Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

samuel stacy Jr.

Candus richmond

the arrest because the vehicle was utilized in transporting the drugs. Sheriff Wenninger would like to thank the Ripley Police Department, Chief Harvey Bowman for his assistance during the arrest. Anyone with information

on illegal drug activity is encouraged to contact the Brown County Sheriff’s Office Drug Information Hotline at 937-378-4435 Ext. 275 or you may send an anonymous tip via the Sheriff’s Website at .

MT. ORAB FORD Redeem your rebates at

The Georgetown Family Practice has recently hired Dena Richter as Nurse Practitioner, and as a result the group is now accepting new patients. Dena earned her Nursing degree (RN) from Southern State Community College and later went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BSN). Continuing her thirst for knowledge, Dena enrolled in the Adult Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Cincinnati and earned her degree this past June. Nurse Practitioners or (NP’s) can diagnose a wide range of chronic and acute care illnesses as well as provide appropriate treatment for patients, including prescribing medications. NP’s can serve as primary health care providers and treat patient conditions as well as identify the effects of the illness for the patient according to the International Council of Nurses. “I am thrilled to become an employee of the Southwest Regional Medical Center and work at the Georgetown Family Practice. SWRMC has made such a positive impact on our community, and the staff at the Georgetown Family Practice are simply outstanding medical professionals that I am honored to now join.” “After graduation, I started searching for a role that fulfills my passion to improve the healthcare lives of a growing region. My search ended when I met

Provided/ The Brown CounTy Press

Dena richter

Drs. Donohoo and Haas. They explained their philosophy of providing patients comforting and thoughtful advice, and I believe this vision has resulted in a real patient physician relationship that people appreciate and

enjoy. Living for the last ten years in Brown County has helped me understand the community’s strong work ethic, and I feel that I’m ready to take my place in the promotion of good health for individuals and their families. My goal is to keep the Georgetown Family Practice model as my benchmark and look forward to welcoming new patients while continuing to build on our excellent reputation.” For more information on how you can become a patient of the Georgetown Family Practice simply contact 937-378-7510. Celebrating 60-years of healthcare excellence in Brown County and its surrounding region, Southwest Regional Medical Center is a fully accredited acute care hospital dedicated to life enrichment through quality health and wellness services.

Celebrate Dr. Seuss at the FayettevillePerry Library Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is just around the corner on March 2! On Wednesday, March 6, 2013 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m., come celebrate the birthday of Dr Seuss and Read Across America Day with us at the Fayetteville-Perry Library. The Seusstacular events will kick off with a story time at 11 a.m. Drop in be-

tween the hours of 12 -5 p.m. for movies, crafts and a snack. The events are free and open to all children and their families. Come join us for a Seuss-a-rific time! For more information please contact the library at (513) 875-BOOK (2665) or visit the website



Western Brown competes in mock trial

Local: 937-444-2551 Cin: 513-721-4464 Toll Free: 1-866-566-3570 480 W. Main Street, Mt. Orab, OH

Provided/The Brown CounTy Press

Brown County Historical Society to meet The Brown County historical society will have its monthly meeting on Thursday, February 28, 2013. The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. at the southern hills Career and Technical Center on hamer road, Georgetown. The program is titled “Kill or Cure!!!” home remedies and ‘patent medicines’ of the past and present will be discussed. The meeting is open to the public and they are encouraged to participate. A variety of cookies will served as refreshments. Before 1927 any claim could be made about a ‘patent medicine’ without any proof of effectiveness or list of ingredients (please note advertisement pictured above).


The Brown County Press Sunday, February 24, 2013 • Page 13 Serving Brown County, Ohio since 1973 Sun Group NEWSPAPERS

Phone (937) 444-3441 Fax (937) 444-2652




Seniors help Lady Broncos overcome Mt. Healthy Defense key as Lady Even though the Lady B Andrew Wyder G-Men move past CNE Owls, who may have very The Brown County Press Y

CINCINNATI-- Delayne Seigla and her four fellow Western Brown girls basketball seniors simply refused to let their final season come to an end last Thursday night. It didn’t matter that the Lady Broncos, the No. 2 seed in the Division II girls basketball sectional at Withrow High School, were facing an incredibly resilient Mt. Healthy squad that never gave in as they rallied back time and again in teams first round sectional matchup. That was because Seigla and her classmates – Kylie Garrett, Taylor Henry, Hannah Wiesenhahn and Brittany Palmer – made the crucial plays needed down the stretch to secure a 5046 win. For Seigla, who hit two free throws with 14 seconds left to clinch the victory, there was no extraordinary reason as to the why the Lady Broncos won. It was simple – they weren’t ready for their season to end. “We definitely don’t want it to be over,” Seigla said after the game. “I think we were just trying to show some leadership (to) continue our season on.”

Lady Broncos advance to final Western Brown moved to the Division II sectional final with a 65-29 win over Goshen on Tuesday night at Withrow High School. They’ll play Norwood at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday at Withrow in the sectional final.

well been under-seeded as the sectional’s No. 5 seed, played just five girls, the Lady Broncos could never put them away no matter how big a lead they built. It looked like the Lady Broncos were going to do just that midway through the third quarter. Back-to-back layups from Wiesenhahn pushed the Western Brown lead to nine, 32-23, as the Lady Broncos depth seemed to be taking its toll on the Lady Owls. Both of the senior guard’s layups came in transition as the Lady Broncos started to get out and run as they built their lead, which was pushed to 10, its biggest, 35-25, less than a minute later when Garrett hit a 3-pointer. It wasn’t just that Western Brown was a little fresher; it was that all nine girls contributed in some form or fashion. “Our strength has been our numbers. It’s been that way all year,” Western Brown coach Kyle Fender said afterwards. “We play nine girls every game and were one of very few teams to do that. We pride ourselves on having a lot of depth and a lot of talented kids.” As quick as the Lady Broncos built their lead, though, Mt. Healthy cut into it. Five straight Lady Owls points cut the Western Brown lead to five, 35-30, with 2:21 left in the third quarter. A Garrett layup momentarily halted the Mt. Healthy momentum and got the lead to seven before baskets from Chelsey Borden and Ericka Fitzpatrick got Mt. Healthy within

BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press WILMINGTON-- The Georgetown girls basketball team got off to quite a start on Tuesday night. Playing Southern Buckeye Conference-National Division adversary Clermont Northeastern in the semifinal of the Division III sectional at Wilmington High School, the Lady GMen seized control immediately. And all it took was a little defense. Employing a full court pressure defense, the Lady G-Men all but stopped the Lady Rockets offense in the first quarter, forcing 10 turnovers along the way, as they quickly built a double

digit lead. That stellar defensive effort, along with a solid offensive effort, helped the Lady G-Men build a 25 point halftime lead that propelled them to a 54-33 win that secured a spot in the sectional final against Felicity on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. at Wilmington. “We hadn’t pressed a lot this year but our full court pressure was a key to getting off to that quick start,” Georgetown coach Bernie Cropper said after the win. “We were able to the turn them over, get some quick baskets. We were real happy with our intensity and the way our press was effective.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 14


Western Brown’s Delayne Seigla goes up for a shot during the second half of the Lady Broncos win last Thursday evening.

three, 37-34, with 36 seconds left in the quarter. The Lady Broncos knew Borden and Fitzpatrick led an attacking Lady Owls offense coming in but it was no easy task to slow them down. “We just knew that they had a good guard, obviously, and we knew that we need to contain,” Seigla said. “We needed to stay back because they pretty quick so we wanted to pro-

tect the basket and we did that as best as we could.” Again, though, the Lady Broncos answered the Lady Owls run. Lindsey Harvey hit a layup, off a nice extra pass from Palmer, to get the lead back to five to end the third quarter before Seigla and Harvey, again, scored to open the fourth quarter to make it a nine point game, 43-34, with 6:44 left. CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



MacKenzi Carrington goes up for a layup during Georgetown’s win over CNE in Wilmington.





BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press


GOSHEN – It was never going to be easy for Greg Foster and the Western Brown boys basketball team. The second-year Broncos coach had to replace nearly every player from a team that finished 17-4 a year ago with a group with more youth and junior varsity time than varsity experience. To overcome all that youth and inexperience, Foster knew his team was going to have to grind out wins by playing with a determined intensity – particularly on the defensive end of the floor. While the intensity and effort has been there since the start, the Broncos found themselves on the wrong side of some close ballgames early in the season because they just didn’t have the confidence they needed to win games. But as the regular season came to end last Saturday afternoon with a dominant 69-36 win over Clermont

Northeastern in the Southern Buckeye Conference Championships fourth place game, the Broncos looked the part of a confident team. They exploded out of the gate against the Rockets and built a 15-1 lead thanks to a stifling defensive performance and never looked back as they played what Foster felt was their best game of the year. The win, which helped them to a .500 record, seemed to see a Broncos team at its peak heading into a tough tournament matchup mostly because their veteran leaders are taking hold. “(Cory) Kuttler, we wanted him to be the leader early in the season, and he’s kind of picked that role up in the last few games a little bit,” Foster said after the game. “The kids are following him.” It was quite clear from the tip that the Broncos were playing with the intensity and energy that Foster knows his team needs. The Broncos scored the game’s first six points, four


Cory Kuttler soars to the basket during Western Brown’s win over CNE last Saturday afternoon.

of which came off an offensive rebound and a steal. Western Brown forced eight first quarter turnovers, and 25 for the game, thanks to their aggressive effort on the defensive end of the floor. That defensive effort set up some easy baskets for a Broncos offense that has, at times, struggled to score. Layups from Kuttler, Eli Fulton and Caden Piatt – all off CNE turnovers – helped the Broncos build that 15-1 lead with 2:24 left in the opening quarter. “They came out with a high intensity (and) sense of urgency, something we have not done a lot of games,” Foster said. “We got turnovers. We got layups. (We) frustrated CNE.” As well as they played in the first quarter, it seemed the Broncos played even better in the second quarter. They found some success running offense, getting a runner from Gunnar Wallace and a 3-pointer from Fulton, who scored a game-best 21 points, to push the Broncos lead to 25-7 with 5:58 left before half. The improved play of Wallace, who dished out five assists in the win, in the latter half of the season at the point guard position has been a positive for the Broncos half court offense but, more importantly, is sign of the team’s growth. “We’ve struggled at the point position all year long and now that he’s settled in there – (and) he has more confidence in himself more importantly – and we’ve been able to run our sets,” Foster said. “I think he’s done a great job taking care of the ball and getting us into our sets.” Jay Teaney tried to keep the Rockets within striking distance. He scored five straight points to cut the Broncos lead to 13, 25-12, with 5:03 left before half. That was the point when the Broncos finished the Rockets off. Brown Western outscored CNE 18-4 over


Western Brown’s Devyn Wood prepares to shoot a jump shot last Saturday afternoon at Goshen.

the final 4:48 of the first half to build a 43-16 halftime lead. Kuttler, who scored 15 points and collected nine steals, did a lot of the damage. He scored seven of the 18 points and collected three steals to all but put the game away before the first half was even over. “He always has a great intensity and a sense of urgency when he’s out there,” Foster said of Kuttler. “When he does it, everybody does it. When Kuttler and Spencer (Allen) are playing hard and getting after it, it’s contagious.” As well as the Broncos are playing, they know a tall task awaits them in sectional play in the form of Moeller, the No. 6 team in the Division I Associated Press poll. Even though they are an

underdog to the Crusaders, Foster feels like his team is ready for the opportunity. “I’m excited about the way they’ve been playing, about how practices have been going,” Foster said. “Going into tournament, they’re ready to play.” CNE (4-17) 36 Teaney 3 0 7, Mullins 2 0 4, Dorsey 2 0 4, Bullock 1 0 2, Cornett 2 1 5, Johnson 1 0 3, Murray 2 0 4, Thompson 1 0 2, Schmidt 2 1 5. Totals: 16 2 36. Western Brown (11-11) 69 Piatt 4 3 12, Fulton 10 0 21, Kuttler 6 1 15, Allen 4 1 9, Wallace 1 0 2, Bennett 0 3 3, Wood 0 0 0, Haggerty 1 1 3, Purdon 1 0 2, Kumph 1 0 2, Lind 0 0 0. Totals: 28 9 69. Halftime: WB 43-16. 3pointers: CNE 2 (Teaney, Johnson); WB 4 (Piatt, Fulton, Kuttler 2).

Lady G-Men: Defense keys big start in sectional win over CNE



CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 The Lady G-Men saw the results of their defensive pressure right from the opening tip. CNE turned the ball over on its first five possessions and the Lady G-Men took advantage. Megan Hatfield scored Georgetown’s first seven points, all off CNE turnovers, as the Lady GMen jumped ahead 7-0 and forced the Lady Rockets into a timeout. That didn’t help much, either, as Georgetown forced two more turnovers out of the CNE timeout and built their lead to 10-0 after a free throw from Becca Whitaker and a MacKenzi Carrington layup with 4:09 left in the opening quarter. The play of Whitaker on the defensive end was a key to Georgetown’s success with its pressure. The junior point guard collected five steals at the top of the Lady G-Men’s pressure – this after picking up 12 steals in the Lady GMen’s 55-17 win over Blanchester in their sectional opener on Feb. 16 – and harassed the Lady Rockets ball handlers as they tried to just get the ball onto their end of the floor. Her teammates were quick to point to her as being the key to their defensive success. “I think Becca did a really good job,” Lady GMen sophomore guard Morgan Gast said, “like she


Georgetown’s Megan Hatfield lets go of a runner in the lane during the Lady G-Men’s sectional win on Tuesday night.

always does.” With its defense creating so many turnovers – Georgetown forced 20 first half turnovers – eight of

SHAC Boys Basketball All-League •Trent Arey, Peebles

•Kris King, North Adams •Chase Lawson, Eastern •Nathan Scott, Eastern •Doc Seip, Whiteoak •Luke Taggert, Whiteoak •Alec Smith, Lynchburg-Clay •Quentin Williams, Fairfield

•Levi Bales, North Adams •Ryan Bates, Fairfield •Donte Bennett, Ripley •Braxton Gaffin,Manchester •Ryan Inman, Lynchburg-Clay •Beau Justice, Peebles •D.J. Iles, Fayetteville

Coach of the Year: Rob Beucler, Eastern

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Georgetown’s 18 first quarter points came in transition. But when the Lady GMen had to run an offense, they did a nice job of at-

tacking the Lady Rocket zone to get good shots. Dawnya Keith, who scored 12 points and grabbed seven rebounds off the bench, helped get the Lady G-Men offense going as she scored the final three points of the opening quarter after grabbing offensive rebounds on back-to-back possessions. But Hatfield did most of the damage early. The junior guard scored four straight points to open the second quarter, the second of which helped the Lady G-Men to a 22-4 lead with 6:43 left before halftime. In fact, Hatfield, who scored a game-best 21 points, scored 16 of the Lady G-Men’s first 22 points. “(I) take what they give me, I guess,” Hatfield said. “If I’m open, I’ll shoot it. If not, I’ll drive it and try to find somebody open.” If the stingy defense and 18 point lead hadn’t already done it, the Lady G-Men all but secured the win midway through the second quarter. Georgetown scored nine straight points – with baskets from Madison Pack, Gast and Ally Dowd – to open up a 31-6 lead once Gast hit a 3-pointer with 3:18 left in the half. All but two points were scored in the Lady G-Men’s half court offensive sets. “We had a little trouble with their zone the last time we played them so I thought our zone offense was much

more effective,” Cropper said. “We did penetrate it better. We were able to penetrate those gaps and get some nice looks.” CNE rallied some late to cut into the deficit but the outcome was never in doubt as the Lady G-Men reached the sectional finals once again, where they find yet another National Division foe. They’ll play a Felicity, a team they beat twice during the regular season but who has played well of late, on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. at Wilmington High School. But, if they play like they can and did against CNE, the Lady G-Men feel they should be up to the task. “It depends how we play that day, honestly,” Hatfield said. “If we come out and play like we did today and put pressure on them like we did today, we’ll be fine. They’re an aggressive team and they’ll take advantage if we’re not playing our best.” Georgetown (21-3) 54 Carrington 2 0 5, Hatfield 9 1 21, Whitaker 1 1 3, Pack 1 0 2, Gast 2 0 5, Keith 5 2 12, Dowd 2 0 4, Gibbons 0 0 0, Johnson 0 0 0, Baker 1 0 2, Fussnecker 0 0 0. Totals; 23 4 54. CNE (9-14) 33 Osborn 1 4 6, Aselage 2 4 8, Ward 1 0 2, Kirby 2 1 6, Gilkerson 2 0 4, Wright 1 0 2, Simpson 1 2 5. Totals: 10 11 33. Halftime: G 35-10. 3pointers: G 4 (Carrington, Hatfield 2, Gast); CNE 2 (Kirby, Simpson).

Ogden’s Softball Park readies for 31st season Ogden’s Softball Park, centrally located between Mt. Orab, Hamersville, Bethel and Williamsburg, is preparing for its 31st season this spring amidst some changes. For the past 30 years the park has been owned and operated successfully by Perry and Candi Ogden. This year, the day-today management of the park will transfer hands. The plan is to continue the strong tradition of

Ogden’s adult softball leagues and tournaments, church leagues, men’s leagues and mixed couples’ leagues. However, new opportunities will be provided for youth sports at the park. This year, girls’ fastpitch softball leagues and tournaments will be offered for those seven years old and above. Leagues will begin in mid-April and teams are welcomed to sign up

now. Spots will fill up quickly. More information about the park can be found at or when you call (937) 444-2274. For information on slow pitch leagues and tournaments, call or text Justin Hines at (513) 3050658. Additionally, for information on fast pitch leagues and tournaments, call or text Travis Fisher at (513) 720-0388.

Basketball roundup Girls Basketball Fayetteville wins sectional opener The Lady Rockets opened postseason play with a 68-21 win over Williamsburg on Wednesday night at the Division III sectional at Wilmington High School. Makayla Rosselot, who scored a game-best 20 points, and Megan Eyre, who added 17 points and nine steals, helped the Lady Rockets (221) to a 27-3 halftime advantage as they rolled to the win. Fayetteville moved on to the sectional final with the victory, where they’ll play Greeneview on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. at Wilmington. Eastern season ends at hands of Adena For the second straight season the Eastern girls basketball team’s season has come to an end at the hands of No. 1 seed Adena in the Division III sectional final at Valley High School, this time by a score of 54-32. “We were sort of out of it from the start,” Eastern coach John Burrows said. “I think they were just better than we were.” Senior Tressie Lewis scored a team-best 11 points and sophomore center Kayla Seigla grabbed eight rebounds but it just wasn’t enough. “They had more weapons than we did,” Burrows said. The loss capped a Lady Warriors (9-14) season that saw some bumps along the way as they grew up – several sophomores and a freshman saw a lot of time – against a very tough schedule. “Not what we had hoped for but we had some good play at times,” Burrows said. “We got some young kids some time and hopefully that’ll help in the future.” The loss ended the careers of Lewis, Maria Johnson and Emily Turner, who Burrows said put forth all they had for four years. Boys Basketball Eastern completes undefeated SHAC season The Warriors completed their undefeated run through the Southern Hills Athletic Conference last Friday night with a 64-47 win at Peebles. Another strong defensive performance locked up the win, which secured the Warriors their third Gold Ball in program history. “It was a pretty good defensive effort,” Eastern coach Rob Beucler said of the win. “(Beau) Justice and (Trent) Arey combined for 30 points.” Slowing down the duo of Justice and Arey was key as was the play of Eastern’s talented duo, Chase Lawson and Nathan Scott. Scott poured in 24 points while Lawson added 16 points and eight assists. Finishing the season 20-2 (13-0 SHAC) was a result of a team coming together over the course of the Gold Ball winning season. Before the season even began, Beucler wasn’t sure what he would get outside of Scott and Lawson. As they head towards he postseason, Beucler sees a team with at least five kids who can step up and make plays. “The regular season, I thought they persevered,” Beucler said. “Over the course of the season, I was very pleased. They bought in to what we needed to do as a basketball team.” Fayetteville finishes season strong The Rockets finished their regular season last Friday night with a 67-46 win at Ripley, its ninth win in the last 11 games of the season. “We played really well in the first half,” Fayetteville coach Darryl Iles said. “Everybody played well. Got (Ripley) playing how we wanted to (by) pressuring them.” D.J. Iles led the way with 22 points, nine assists and five steals. James Decatur scored 10 points and grabbed 12 rebounds and Corey Lykins chipped in with 10 points. Securing a second place finish in the Southern Hills Athletic Conference Division II with the win, while not what the Rockets (14-7, 8-5 SHAC) had hoped to achieve, was a big step up for the Rockets. “We came in last the last couple of years,” Iles said. “I think it was the carryover from last year and the confidence from that tournament run.”


Broncos end regular season on positive note


Page 14 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013

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GOSHEN—After taking a few minutes to process it all, Jerry Underwood wasn’t all that disappointed in how things played out last Saturday night at Goshen High School. Sure, the Georgetown boys basketball coach wasn’t happy to have lost 5655 to American Division champ Amelia in the title game of the Southern Buckeye Conference Championships, but it was more than a win or loss that Underwood took from this particular game. He looked at the game, a back and forth affair between the top two teams in the SBC, as a good springboard for his team heading into tournament play. Coming off five straight wins by at least 19 points, and most by 25 or more, the G-Men ended the regular season in a battle, something Underwood thinks will only help as his team opens sectional play on Feb. 22 against Purcell Marian. “I was glad we were playing a game at this level going into the tournament because that’s what it’s gonna be next week,” Underwood said afterward. “I was really glad that we had that kind of competitive game for ourselves before we got ready to play.” Though they found themselves down by just a point at the break, it wasn’t the finest half of basketball for the G-Men. They struggled to get in a rhythm offensively – mostly due to limiting themselves, Underwood admitted after the game,

since scouts from possible sectional opponents were in attendance – and couldn’t take advantage of the Barons 12 first half turnovers. That started to change as the third quarter got underway. Led by Jacob Miller, who scored 10 of his 15 points in the quarter, the GMen kept coming at the Barons, even taking the lead back when Miller fed teammate Nathan Lewis for a layup in transition with 5:28 left in the quarter. Amelia’s Dale Luginbuhl answered with layups on back-to-back possessions to help the Barons retake the lead – momentarily. Lewis hit a jumper from the block 15 seconds later to cut the Amelia lead to one and kick off a quick 80 spurt that got the G-Men a 36-31 lead when Miller hit a pull-up 3-pointer with 2:07 left in the third quarter. “We got up five there and I felt pretty good at that time about everything,” Underwood said. “It was kind of a lower scoring game at that point and I knew we couldn’t hold them forever.” And the G-Men couldn’t hold them off. Amelia cut the deficit to four by the end of the third quarter and quickly tied the game to open the final stanza. Baskets from Garrett Weaver and Trevor Simon in the first 47 seconds of the fourth quarter helped the Barons tie the game 38. That set the table for an eventful final seven minutes of action. The Barons struck first


Jacob Miller goes up for a jump shot during Georgetown’s game with Amelia last Saturday evening.


Cale Varney (shown here after a race in December 2012) will take part in the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge on Feb. 23 in Atlanta, GA.

Georgetown’s Varney to race in Atlanta, GA Andrew Wyder/THE BROWN COUNTY PRESS

Georgetown’s Jake Cropper shoots a jumper during the G-Men’s game with Amelia on Saturday evening.

as a Weaver jumper and a Keegan Carson 3-pointer helped Amelia to a 43-39 lead with 5:50 left. Georgetown answered with a Bruce-Derrick Williams three point play on a pick and roll to tie the game at 44 before Jake Cropper got position on the block the next trip down the court and layed the ball in to give the G-Men a 4644 lead with 3:21 left. A Luginbuhl free throw and a Weaver jumper off glass pushed the Barons back on top, 47-46, with 2:45 left. As the G-Men looked to retake the lead the next trip down the court, Jake Cropper was called for a charge. The call, like many in the second half, wasn’t warmly received. Charges, in particular, became a sore spot for both teams in the final 10 minutes of the game. “Could have been a couple charges called the other way,” Underwood said. “But, hey, that’s the game.” Down by four points with 1:33 left, the G-Men made some uncharacteristic mistakes that made their rally all that much harder. A bad pass on an inbounds play with 1:19 left turned into a fast break layup for Simon. The basket pushed Amelia’s lead to six, 52-46. Miller was fouled on the ensuing trip down the court for the G-Men and the

strong foul shooter went to the line for two free throws. He missed both, uncharacteristically. “Most of the time, in those opportunities, we were fortunate enough to finalize and win the game,” Underwood said. “Tonight, we didn’t.” The G-Men hung around, though, as Lewis hit four free throws and Logan Lucas grabbed an offensive board and layed it back it but each time the Barons answered with free throws. Jake Cropper hit a long 3-pointer with four seconds left to cut the deficit to one, 56-55, but Georgetown had no timeouts left and Amelia ran out the clock to hand the G-Men just their second loss on the final day of the regular season. “In a 22 game season, we got 20 of ‘em,” Underwood said. “The reality of that is, that’s pretty darned good.” Georgetown (20-2) 55 Miller 6 1 15, J. Cropper 4 7 16, Lewis 3 6 12, Williams 3 1 7, T. Cropper 0 0 0, Sandlin 1 0 2, Lucas 1 1 3. Totals: 18 16 55. Amelia (18-4) 56 Carson 1 0 3, Luginbuhl 3 1 7, Simon 5 4 16, Weaver 8 4 20, Hacker 2 1 5, Mickler 1 0 2, Dean 1 1 3. Totals: 21 11 56. Halftime: A 22-21. 3pointers: G 3 (Miller 2, J. Cropper); A 3 (Carson, Simon 2).


Lady Broncos: Seniors make key plays in win CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 The Lady Owls continued to claw back, though, led by Borden and Fitzpatrick. A Borden driving layup with 5:26 left started what would be an 8-0 Mt. Healthy run over the next 2:35 that would get the Lady Owls within one, 4544, with 2:51 left after Borden converted another driving layup. Their fate hanging in the balance, Garrett stepped up for the Lady Broncos. She hit a jumper off the dribble to push the lead to three before grabbing an offensive rebound on the next possession and headed to the free throw line after being fouled going back up. Garrett, who scored a team-best 16 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, hit one of two free throws to help the Lady Broncos take a 48-44 lead with 1:37 left. “Our key players stepped up at the exact moment we needed them to,” Fender said. “Numerous times during the game we’d build up, Mt. Healthy would come back and we would have a girl step up (and) show a lot of poise and confidence to keep us ahead.” They kept that four point advantage over the next minute plus by playing

good defense (Wiesenhahn got a key steal to thwart one possession) and rebounding (the Lady Broncos, thanks mostly to Garrett’s 12 rebounds and Henry’s 15, out-rebounded Mt. Healthy 39-23). But with 17 seconds left, Carlie Sanders hit a jumper that got the Lady Owls within two, 48-46. Seigla was fouled on the ensuing inbounds and headed to the free throw line to shoot an one and one opportunity. In a pressure filled situation, Seigla, who scored 10 points, hit nothing but net on the first free throw to give the Lady Broncos a three point lead. Her second make pushed the lead to four, 50-46. “Definitely,” Seigla said if making the first free throw lessened some of the pressure. “Then I knew they’d only have a three point chance (to tie). It was definitely nerve wrecking.” The free throws all but sealed the game as Fitzpatrick missed a 3-pointer on the other end and, fittingly, Henry grabbed the board as the Lady Broncos kept their season alive. They advanced to play Goshen on Feb. 19 at Withrow. “Our seniors have done such a great job to build


Brittany Palmer tries to make a play on the block during Western Brown’s sectional win over Mt. Healthy last Thursday evening.

our program up that they want to reward themselves with a good postseason run,” Fender said. “I knew they would not let us get beat tonight. They stepped up.” Mt. Healthy (15-8) 46 Collins 2 0 4, Owensby 2 0 4, Borden 5 3 13, Sanders 4 1 9, Fitzpatrick 6 3 16. Totals: 19 7 46.

Western Brown (19-4) 50 Garrett 6 3 16, Henry 2 0 5, Seigla 4 2 10, Wiesenhahn 2 0 4 Harvey 4 0 9, Ma. Fischer 2 0 4, Mo. Fischer 1 0 2, Nickell 0 0 0, Palmer 0 0 0. Totals: 21 5 50. Halftime: WB 23-18. 3pointers: MH 1 (Fitzpatrick); WB 3 (Garrett, Henry, Harvey).

Cale Varney, an eightyear-old from Georgetown, will be traveling to the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA, to race in the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge this Saturday, Feb. 23. The race will be held during the intermission of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross race in front of a sold-out crowd of 70,000 people. It will be live on SPEED channel. KTM provides a new 2013 KTM 50 SXS bike to ride during the event as well as factory rider treatment throughout the day. Varney’s name was picked out of hundreds of applicants to take part. Some of the requirements to be able to qualify

for this race include a racing resume with one or more years of racing experience, a seven and eight year old age limit and a copy of the racer’s school report card. For Varney, this is a one in a lifetime opportunity and he is extremely excited to race on the same track that his favorite pro riders race on. He has many friends and family heading down to the race with him to cheer him on. Varney has raced at Earlywine Indoor MX Racing near Maysville, KY for the last two years and hopes that his racing experience there helps him during his big race on Saturday in Atlanta.

Ohio Wildlife Council to consider several proposals for 2013-14 hunting season An October antlerlessonly white-tailed deer muzzleloader hunting season, extended hunting hours and new bag limits were proposed to the Ohio Wildlife Council on Wednesday, Feb. 6, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). The proposed antlerlessonly muzzleloader hunting season would be Oct. 1213 and scheduled for the second weekend of October in subsequent years. The proposal includes making the October muzzleloader season for antlerless deer only, regardless of the method of take, and eliminating both the bonus gun weekend in December and the early muzzleloader season at three public hunting areas -- Salt Fork Wildlife Area, Shawnee State Forest and Wildcat Hollow. Hunting hours are proposed to be extended 30 minutes past sunset for all deer firearms seasons, including the week long deer-gun season, youth season and muzzleloader seasons. This will make the hours the same as archery season. County bag limits are proposed to replace deer zones. Proposed bag limits will be two, three or four deer, determined by county. The proposed statewide bag limit is nine deer with additional controlled hunt opportunities, which do not count against the statewide bag limit. The nine deer bag limit is reduced from last season’s 18 deer limit. It is also proposed that antlerless permits will only be valid until the Sunday before the deer-gun season. Urban deer zones would be eliminated. Hunters may harvest only one buck in Ohio, regardless of the method of take or location. Proposed deer bag limits, from the following counties combined: •Three either-sex permits, one antlerless permit: Adams, Allen, Ashland, Ashtabula, Athens, Belmont, Brown, Carroll, Clermont, Clinton,

Columbiana, Coshocton, Crawford, Cuyahoga, Defiance, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Fulton, Geauga, Greene, Guernsey, Hamilton, Hardin, Highland, Holmes, Huron, Knox, Lake, Licking, Lorain, Lucas, Mahoning, Marion, Medina, Morgan, Morrow, Muskingum, Noble, Paulding, Pickaway, Pike, Portage, Putnam, Richland, Scioto, Seneca, Stark, Summit, Trumbull, Tuscarawas, Union, Vinton, Warren, Wayne, Williams and Wyandot. Proposed seasons for 2013-2014: •Deer archery: Sept. 28, 2013 - Feb. 2, 2014; •Deer antlerless muzzleloader: Oct. 12-13, 2013; •Youth deer gun: Nov. 16-17, 2013; •Deer gun: Dec. 2-8, 2013; •Deer muzzleloader: Jan. 4-7, 2014. The start of fall turkey hunting season is proposed to be moved to the Monday following the antlerless deer muzzleloader season. The proposed fall turkey hunting season is Oct. 14 Dec. 1, 2013. Butler, Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Hamilton, Huron, Seneca and Warren counties are proposed to be added to the existing list of counties open for fall turkey hunting, which would bring the total to 56 counties. Deer and fall wild turkey permits would go on sale June 1, instead of March 1. Changes in hunting regulations are proposed by ODNR Division of Wildlife biologists and wildlife management staff. These proposed changes, if approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council, will take effect for the 2013-2014 hunting seasons. Open houses will be held statewide March 2 for public input on the proposals, and public comments are welcome online at After receiving public input, the Ohio Wildlife Council will vote at its April 17 meeting. Visit the ODNR website at




BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press


Amelia slips past G-Men late

Page 16 - The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013

Felicity comeback abruptly ends Ripley girls season


Malachi Marlow, of Western Brown, tries to secure a pin against Indian Hill’s Kyle Meranus on Friday night at the Division II sectional at Western Brown.

Five Western Brown wrestlers advance to the district tournament


BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press It’s getting pretty hard to not see the growth that the Western Brown wrestling team continues to make. Their latest accomplishment came last Friday and Saturday at the Division II sectional tournament on their home mats at Western Brown High School. The Broncos, despite not fielding a full team, finished fourth as team with 129.5 points and had five wrestlers earn berths into the Division II district meet at Goshen High School. Sure, the Broncos still have moments where their youth and inexperience stand out, but they continue to battle and put forth the effort needed to find some success. “It’s probably one of our best performances, given our youth and inexperience,” Western Brown wrestling coach Wendel Donathan said by phone Wednesday afternoon of the sectional. “It’s pretty good for us.” Two Bronco wrestlers continued their strong string of performances of late and won their respective weight classes. Tyler Adkins and Malachi Marlow each won all three matches over the course of the two day event to become champions. Adkins, a sophomore, rolled through the 106 lb. weight class by pinning all three of his opponents, including a pin of Ross’ Aaron Cox in the championship match in just 45 seconds. “He probably had the best tournament,” Donathan said. “Tyler was pretty dominant in what he had to do.” Marlow, a freshman, won his 113 lb. weight class by being the most consistent wrestler. He picked up wins by


Tyler Atkins gains control during his first match of the Division II sectional against Hughes Dominick Stowersm at Western Brown High School last Friday night.

pin, an 11-4 decision and an 8-2 decision over Ross’ Brendan Williams in the championship match. “He was just consistent,” Donathan said. “Nothing flashy, just getting the job done.” The three other wrestlers advancing on to districts were the Broncos three juniors – Blake Silvis, Kenon Bowling and Ryan Fulmer. All three lost one match but that was it. Silvis lost in the championship match of the 132 lb. weight class to BethelTate’s Chip Ratcliff, who had beat him in the Southern Buckeye Conference Championships on Feb. 2 while Bowling lost to New Richmond’s Clay Loadman – a wrestler he had lost to in the Hammer and Anvil Invitational and at the SBC Championships -- in the semifinals of the 145 lbs. weight class. Bowling bounced back to beat Taylor’s Kenny Smith, 14-2, in the third place match of the 145 lbs. weight class to advance to the district meet. The final wrestler to advance to the district meet was Fulmer, a first-year wrestler. He lost his first match to eventual 182 lb. weight class champ James White, of New Richmond, before bouncing back. He fought his way

through the consolation bracket by picking up a pair of pins to advance to the third place match, where he found himself pitted against Clermont Northeastern’s Josh Forkner. Even though he’d lost twice to Forkner at the SBC Championships, Fulmer pinned the CNE wrestler in the third period to finish in third place and advance to the district meet. “That was awesome for him,” Donathan said. Two other Broncos wrestlers, Nick Osborne (170 lb. weight class) and Cody Wilson (195 lb.), each placed sixth in the tournament, just missing a top-four finish that would have sent them to the district meet. Considering the veteran teams they were up against – top three finishers Ross (seven seniors), New Richmond (seven seniors) and Bethel-Tate (nine seniors) – the Broncos, who didn’t have a single senior in their lineup, put up quite the showing. It was just another example of how far this group has come along, even if they’re not quite all the way there yet. “It’s kind of nice,” Donathan admitted, “to see the growth from the beginning of the year to now.”

WILMINGTON—Yeah, the Ripley girls basketball team wasn’t playing its best late in the fourth quarter of its second round Division III sectional game against Felicity on Tuesday night, but it still felt like the Lady Jays had done enough earlier in the game to hold on for a win. Thanks to a stupendous first quarter shooting the ball – they hit five 3-pointers in the opening eight minutes to build a 12 point lead – the Lady Jays had maintained an eight to 10 point advantage much of the night. But as the Lady Jays were doing all they could to maintain in the fourth quarter, the Lady Cardinals were starting to play like a team that didn’t want its season to come to end quite yet. And Felicity’s effort was rewarded. The Lady Cardinals superior effort quickly sliced in the Lady Jays lead and, with 3:54 left, took a lead they would not relinquish en route to a 64-56 win that abruptly ended the Lady Jays season. “We just fell apart. They played harder than we did,” Ripley coach Chris Coleman said of the fourth quarter. “All the loose balls, everything, went their way.” It looked as if the Lady Jays were still in a good position to keep their season alive once Jessica Garrison opened the fourth quarter with a 3-pointer on a possession kept alive by Lydia Pfeffer’s hustle and fight for an offensive rebound. The basket gave the Lady Jays a 45-35 lead with 7:21 left. Less than a minute later that comfortable lead the Lady Jays had established was beginning to disappear. Two free throws from Arica Stutz were the beginning of a 9-0 run that cut the Ripley lead to two, 4745, once Ashley Moore completed a three point play with 4:44 left in the game. Even though the Lady Cardinals were starting to find traction on offense thanks in large part to Stutz and Moore and steady stream of trips to the free throw line – Felicity shot



BY Andrew Wyder The Brown County Press


Ripley’s Tori Boone is fouled as she goes up for a shot during the second half on Tuesday night.

34 free throws – it was their defense that keyed the comeback. The Lady Cardinals didn’t allow the Lady Jays to get out in transition and it affected how easily Ripley could score. “We just couldn’t get it out in transition,” Coleman said. “We struggled in the half court offense all year. We’re better off in transition. They did a nice job.” A pair of free throws from Tori Boone momentarily slowed the Lady Cardinals and got the Lady Jay lead back up to four, 49-45, with 4:48. But, as Coleman said after the game, the Lady Cardinals just never gave up and it payed off in the final four and a half minutes. Stutz, who scored 12 of her 18 points in the final quarter, was fouled just eight seconds after Boone hit the free throws. She hit the first but the second was off the mark. However, teammate Brittany Drake grabbed the miss and layed it back in to cut the lead to one, 49-48. Felicity’s offensive rebounding, they grabbed 13




Niya Royal lets loose of shot during Ripley’s sectional game with Felicity on Tuesday night at Wilmington.

in the game, was a big key in their comeback. “They went after it hard. They just kept going at it,” Coleman said. “Yeah, our size is some of it but a lot of time we didn’t put a body on anybody. That’s the disappointing thing.” Then Stutz, the 5-foot10 forward, took over. She blocked a Ripley shot, one of her nine in the game, after they got the deficit to one and hit a jumper on the other end to give Felicity a one point lead, 50-49, with 3:54 left. From there, it was all Felicity. They outscored the Lady Jays 16-7 in the final 3:54, with Niya Royal scoring all seven Ripley points, to cap the stunning comeback. Once Felicity cut its deficit to a one possession game midway through the fourth quarter, the Lady Jays just could never recover. “They had the momentum and we never got back into the flow at all,” an almost perplexed Coleman said. “I don’t know. It’s disappointing.” The loss not only short circuited a solid Lady Jays season but brought the careers of Ripley seniors Niya Royal, Garrison, Boone, Brianna Payne and Kody Gilkerson (who missed the season due to an injury) to an end. Those five players combined to help turn around the Ripley girls basketball program over the course of their four years in blue and white. “This is the group that really kind of brought some respect to Ripley girls basketball,” Coleman said. “There really wasn’t a whole lot there before that. People around at least respect us now and know it’s not just gonna be a walk over. “I’m proud of them. It’s a great group of kids.” Felicity (16-8) 64 Stutz 5 8 18, Arkenau 4 0 8, Collins 0 0 0, Moore 6 10 22, Corbin 0 2 2, Kessen 1 0 2, Drake 4 4 12. Totals: 20 24 64. Ripley (15-8) 56 N. Royal 5 5 17, Garrison 4 0 11, B. Payne 2 0 4, Boone 1 4 6, H. Payne 3 0 9, Bowling 0 0 0, J. Royal 2 2 7, Pfeffer 0 2 2. Totals: 17 13 56. Halftime: R 34-22. 3pointers: F 0; R 9 (N. Royal 2, Garrison 3, H. Payne 3, J. Royal).


Tom Cats finish the regular season undefeated The Western Brown fourth grade basketball team, the Tom Cats, finished their Clermont Brown Youth Basketball Association season undefeated at 10-0. Members of the Tom Cats are pictured above first row, l-r: Drake Perkins, Wil Sizer and Brody Kirkpatrick. Pictured back row, l-r: Cade Chisman, Gage Duncan, Anthony Hornsby and Hunter Bolender. The team is coached by Don and Ann Sizer.

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Seeking motivated person w/office experience to handle front end office duties as well as scheduling staff. Computer knowledge a must. Small office, so great attendance is crucial.

Clermont Senior Services is seeking part-time Home Health Aides to provide care for older adults in the Clermont County area. Competitive Wages, Flexible Schedules and Mileage Reimbursement. Qualified applicants must be an STNA, or have a Certificate of Training from an approved Nurse Aide Course. Apply in person at:

Please send resume via email only to:

CARE GIVERS FT/PT 2nd/3rd Shifts No prior experience needed to work in our 8-client family home in Milford/Goshen area. You’ll help teach our developmentally disabled clients daily living skills. Our orientation is paid & our comprehensive training includes FA/CPR. With a HS diploma/GED; clean background check & acceptable driving record, you could be working immediately.

Community Concepts, Inc. Possible candidates will be notified by return email to set up interview.



AGENCY SEEKING caregivers to assist DD (FKA MRDD) clients. 1st, 2nd, 3rd shifts & weekends available. Amelia & Anderson area. 513-681-2472.

LOOKING FOR a mature Cosmetologist & Nail Technician w/experience, at The Ultimate Salon in Georgetown, Ohio. Please apply in person.

ALLIED AMBULANCE Services looking for FT/PT EMT Basics, $10.50hr., EMT Intermediate $11.50hr., Paramedic $12.50hr. Contact 937-379-1404 for more information.

Looking for

BATAVIA NURSING CARE CENTER We are currently hiring for full-time and parttime STNA positions for night shift (7pm to 7am) Please apply in person at: Batavia Nursing Care Center 4000 Golden Age Drive Batavia, OH 45103 (513) 732-6500 BILLING/PAYROLL Full-time position. Seeking individual w/experience in Medicare/Insurance billing and payroll. Send resume or apply in person at 12745 Elm Corner Rd., Williamsburg, Ohio 45176.

EXPERIENCED Interior Trim Carpenters

DIESEL MECHANIC with tractor trailer experience. Hours: Flexible full-time hours with weekend availability. Pay rate $20/hr plus overtime. Tools and DOT experience a plus. Company match Simple IRA, Vacation & Holiday Pay. Call 513-724-7140. DRIVERS: HOME Every Day. Full-time Dedicated Openings! Great Pay & Benefits. CDL-A w/2yrs Exp. Midwest Logistics Systems: 419-733-0642. DRIVERS: HOME Weekends. Pay up to .40 cpm. Chromed out trucks w/APU’s. 70% Drop & Hook. CDL-A, 6mos Exp. 877-704-3773 or apply FT/PT LOOKING for energetic RN’s/LPN’s/ STNA’s to join transitional care facility. State of the art facility, competitive hourly rate & shift differential. Looking for candidates that possess very strong customer service skills. Apply online! www.carespring. com/employment

Clermont Senior Services, Inc. 2085 James E. Sauls Sr. Drive Batavia, Ohio 45103 EOE

937-444-0820 NOW HIRING! Must have computer experience. Work from home. Earn $500.00 to $1,000.00 Weekly! Call Now! 513-766-7500.

NOW HIRING: Companies desperately need employees to assemble products at home. No selling, any hours. $500 weekly potential. Info. 1-985-646-1700 DEPT. OH-7268. PART TIME Medical Biller needed Batavia Williamsburg area. Experience with collections a plus. Fax resume & salary requirements to 513-474-1906.

PART-TIME FLOATER - Must be able to pass drug test, background check, have a diploma or GED, have a clear driving record. Duties are as follows: Medical apts., outings, cover call-off, etc. Must be flexible. Will train/working w/individuals w/disabilities. For more info call 937-446-2803. PINE RIDGE Pine Village Residential Homes Inc. is now hiring for full & part-time employment. Weekends to be expected. Direct care aides needed for individuals w/developmental disabilities in a residential setting. Must have a valid driver’s license, clean background check & a high school diploma/GED. No experience necessary, will train. Starting pay @ 10.50/per hour, with raise upon completion of 90 day probation. Paid training. Apply in person @ 146 North Third St., Williamsburg, Ohio 45176. RECEPTIONIST WANTED full time for rapidly growing vetinary hospital, Bethel, Ohio. If you are reliable, have good people skills & some computer experience - join our team. Experience preferred but not required. Send resume to: bethelanimalhealth SEMI DRIVER NEEDED 25 years old, clean CDL Class A with 2 years experience. OTR Flat bed. Home weekends. Call 937-446-1707.

is a drug free workplace EOE Call: 513-229-2281 today & mention code: DCPC

QUALITY CONTROL Trailer manufacturing company in Mt. Orab is currently accepting applications for a full-time Quality Control position. Previous QC experience a must. Trailer knowledge is a plus. Call: 937-444-4295 Or fax resume to: 937-444-0888

For More Info. Call

BONUS $500 Sign on bonus Class A CDL with experience. Regional position, tanker endorsement a plus, not required. Percentage Pay, Company match Simple IRA, Vacation & Holiday Pay. Call 513-724-7140. CNA’S NEEDED to touch the heart of those in need, in the coming seasons of giving, and all year round! We offer 12 hour shift. Call or stop by to fill out an application. 937-378-3727.







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$ 50

200 - HELP WANTED STATE TESTED Nurse Aides. Full-time/Parttime. Apply in person at: The Residence at Salem Woods, 6164 Salem Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230. WANTED: 29 Serious People to Work From Home using a computer. Up to $1,500-$5,000 PT/FT. www.Idealincome4you. com.

300 - APTS. UNFURNISHED 1 & 2BR APARTMENTS, Williamsburg, all utilities included except electric. Ask about 1br specials. 513-724-7802. 1BR APT. -- 4-ROOMS, utilities included, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer in a private home in Marathon. $650/mo +deposit. References needed. 513-724-5151. 2BR, 1BA in Georgetown. C/A, heat, W/D hookup, stove, refrigerator & dish washer. Water/sewer included. $525/mo. plus $525/dep. No Pets. Available March 1st. 937-213-3124. 2ND STORY 2br, Sardinia, $350/mo, $350/dep. Electric efficient heat/water/ sewer/trash included. 937-587-2230. ABERDEEN, NICE area, like new, 2 bedroom, washer/dryer hookup. $450.00 plus utilities & deposit. 937-378-2684. ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for 1, 2 & 3br, Equal Opportunity Housing, apply at Forest Glade Apartments, 9001 Airport Rd., Georgetown, OH, 937-378-4565. BETHEL 2BR, EQUIPPED kitchen, no steps. NO PETS! Available immediately. 513-724-6017, 513-307-4079. DUPLEX, COUNTRY setting, 2br, 1ba, NO pets, clean, W/D hookup, $500 dep., $525 month & utilities, application required, 1462 Nixon Rd., 513-724-7394. EFFICIENCY & 1BR Concord Square Apartments, Nice size, A/C, heat, lots of storage, single story. Call 513-724-3951.

300 - APTS. UNFURNISHED FELICITY GARRISON PLACE SENIOR APARTMENTS 62 & OVER Rent Subsidized Free Utilities Secure Bldg. On-site laundry Pets allowed

513-876-3590 TTY 800-750-0750

CLASS A OTR TRUCK DRIVER OTR Driver for large trailer manufacturing company in Mt. Orab. Competitive pay and benefits. Step deck experience preferred. Drug free company. Call 937-444-4295 to schedule an interview

300 - APTS. UNFURNISHED MT. ORAB Candlelight Apartments 1 & 2br Townhouses Start at $465 - $565 With discount. Visit our website:

or call 513-532-5291 or 937-515-3092 Ask about our student, senior & other discounts

FOR RENT Apartment, nice 2br, equipped kitchen, washer/dryer hookups, cable TV available, Anderson State Rd. near Fayetteville, deposit & references required. $485/mo. 513-875-3223.

SARDINIA Efficiency, $350., some utilities paid. Also, 2br House $500, 3-4br house $600, no dogs, no smoking. 513-309-4349 or 513-309-4319.

LOCATED IN Georgetown on Main St., Approx. 750 sq. ft., VERY CLEAN, owner pays water, sewage & trash $425/mo. Call 937-444-5223.

WINTER SPECIAL! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, NO DEPOSIT! Located on the edge of Georgetown, OH. Quiet country setting but close to shopping and hospital. $560/month for a 2-bedroom, one bath townhouse apartment with walk-in master closet, central air, range, refrigerator, dishwasher and garbage disposal included. Utilities not included. Security deposit of $560 is waived during this limited time offer. First month rent only required upon lease signing. To view contact 513-253-8170. Cambridge Dr. at Old 68.

LOCATED ON the edge of Mt. Orab, OH. Quiet country setting but close to town. $850/mo for a 3br, 2ba duplex ranch apartment with walk-in master closet, central air, range, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal and large yard included. Utilities not included. Security deposit of $850. First month rent & security deposit is required upon signing of lease. One year lease required. To view contact 513-253-8170. LYTLE TRACE Senior Apartments. 62 & over, rent subsidized, secure building, free utilities, on-site laundry, pets allowed. Call 513-724-3358. TTY 800-750-0750.

MOVE IN SPECIAL 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Call today for details. Riverbend Apartments 1890 Vista Circle Aberdeen, OH 45101 937-795-2504 Income qualifications do apply & rental assistance may be available. TDD #419-526-0466 “This institution is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.”

303 - HOUSES FOR RENT 3BR, 2BA, Newly remodeled farmhouse, spacious rooms, large yard. No acreage. Available March 1st $825mo. $825dep. Utilities not included. Williamsburg area. 513-703-2430.

GEORGETOWN 3br, Southeastern Brown Co. close to Clermont, pets optional, $450/mo., $450/dep., must have mower. 937-378-3317

GEORGETOWN: 3BR home w/detached garage & basement. Newly remodeled thru-out. Nice kitchen w/appliances, washer/dryer hook-ups. $695/mo+utilities & deposit. 513-335-1870.

HOMES AVAILABLE for rent in the Mt. Orab area starting at $450/mo. Please call 937-403-6946.

303 - HOUSES FOR RENT SPACIOUS 4-BED, 2ba, 2-car home near Western Brown Schools. Laundry room, HUGE kitchen w/appliances. No pets. 1-year lease, deposit, application. Call 937-213-1548.

STNAs NEEDED FOR IMMEDIATE OPENINGS Please contact Michelle at 513-846-6496 (cell) (email) Or stop in at: VNA Healthtrends 776 Old State Rt 74 Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-528-0267 (office) We are on the Lower Level of Eastgate Village Apartments


MT. ORAB Mobile Home - 3br, 2ba, WBSD, 1-acre lot. $675 +utilities and $675 deposit. 513-884-0104.

2BR, 1.5BA, balcony, equipped kitchen, dishwasher, washer/dryer hookup, fireplace & cathedral ceilings, $650 to $700/mo. plus deposit, water furnished, 513-658-5766 or 513-446-7255.




WANTED Farm ground to rent for 2013 season & beyond. Call Jeff at 937-213-3909.

MT. ORAB - 2-family apartment, zoned commercial, $145,000, possible financing. 937-444-2689.



3-4 BEDROOM, two bath home with 2 car detached garage, nearly 2 acre lot with potential building lot. House has central air, full basement with one car garage, above ground pool, large deck and wood burning insert fireplace. Sale of house will include oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and washer/ dryer, $105,000, Decatur, Ohio, call 937-373-0303.

3BR, 2BA Country Home For Sale in Western Brown Schools! Garage, almost 1 acre, MOVE IN READY. *Appx. $484 per/month, PI Only *requires 3.5% down, not all credit profiles qualify.* Viji Grant, Remax Advanced Real Estate 937-213-1548.

FARM WITH nice 1.5 story older home w/basement, 3 car detached garage, barns & 20 rolling acres with large rock lined creek and woods, great for hunting or farming, more or less acreage available, Bethel New Hope Rd., 1 mi. from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel. Asking $215,000 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 Dan (May also sell for less with fewer acres) MT. ORAB, 3br, 1.5ac, 2-car garage, $48,500. Possible owner financing. Call 937-444-2689.

ABANDONED DOUBLEWIDE with land, PLEASE TAKE OVER, $3500 deposit. 888-221-4503. ABANDONED REPO Doublewide - $2500.00 deposit. Last one! 888-221-4503. NICE SINGLEWIDE only $6700 CASH. 859-371-2140. POOR CREDIT got you down? New National Home Buyer Program can help. Apply by phone 800-380-8751. USED MOBILE homes and trade-ins wanted! Top Dollar Paid! 888-221-4503.

405 - LOTS & ACREAGE 3.5 ACRES suitable for building. Water & electric at road. McNoun Rd. just off Rt 62 at Ashridge. $19,900 OBO. 513-633-2729.


BEAUTIFUL 50ACRES W/large rock lined creek & woods, great for hunting or farming. More or less acreage available. Bethel New Hope Rd. 1-mile from Clermont County line, Western Brown but close enough for Bethel.

Asking $199,500 Dan 513-734-6349 or 937-444-6925 (Smaller parcels also available)

500 - OFFICE/RETAIL SPACE FOR RENT FOR RENT 1200 square ft. office/retail space. Downtown Mt. Orab. Call 937-509-0181 for details.

501 - CHILD CARE DAYCARE HUGS & KIDS, LLC. 6th & Willow St., Williamsburg Call Dorothy Lewis 513-218-7471 or Stephanie Lewis 859-801-0125

507 - SEWING & ALTERATIONS For all your sewing needs for you, your family and your home. Call 937-4444276. Reasonable rates, expert service.

607 - FIREWOOD FIREWOOD FOR sale, $100 truckload. Call Drew Howser at 937-444-4787 or Corey Spitznagel at 937-444-4525 for details.

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FOR SALE Firewood, sold by State Regulations, u-pick up or we deliver. For fast friendly service call Cox Firewood at: 937-378-4309 No answer, leave message or call 937-515-5829 Located 3600 SR 125 Georgetown, OH State & County Voucher welcome Credit Cards Accepted





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The Brown County Press - Sunday, February 24, 2013 - Page 19

807 - TRUCKS FOR SALE 2006 FORD F150 4x4 SuperCab XLT - Color Dk Gray w/Silver Tu Tone Accent, Mileage 100,252; $13,900. REDUCED!!! ONE OWNER TRADE IN, Clean Carfax, 5.4L v8 4X4 XLT, Ford Tow & Go Package, Limited Slip Rear End, Bedliner, Cab Steps, Good Looking. Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464.

SQUARE BALES, mixed Timothy, Fescue & Orchard Grass, $4.00/bale, 100 & over $3.50 a bale, Georgetown. 513-515-5666.

611 - WANTED TO BUY TOP DOLLAR PAID!! Cash for furniture, antiques, appliances, tools, fishing, jewelry, gold, silver, records, DVD’s, games, sports, pocket knives, more! ALMOST ANYTHING! 937-378-1819 or 937-378-2850 WANTED TO buy: Cash for antiques, furniture, vintage & collectible items, jewelry, glassware, pottery, advertising, toys, whole estates. Also, barn, garage & attic cleanouts. 513-479-6229, 937-444-3635.

615 - MISC. FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL WHITE Maggie Sottero wedding gown, size 8, never worn, $800 OBO Also, Chapel length veil never worn, $75 OBO For more information call:

937-515-2692 701 - LOST AND FOUND FOUND BLUE Heeler in the Sugar Tree Ridge/Adams County area. Call 937-927-5526. LOST DOG - Male Peekapoo, family pet answers to “Tie-Tie.” Lost on Wed. morning, Jan. 8 in the Mt. Orab area, Beverly Drive. Please call 937-444-5101. LOST MINIATURE SCHNAUZER, male, black w/a white patch on chest, missing since Feb. 15, Sardinia, Buford area. 937-446-1447.

807 - TRUCKS FOR SALE 1998 DODGE Dakota Club Cab SLT - Color White; Mileage 147,380; $5,900. NICE TRADEIN. V-8, SLT, Extended Cab, Clean Carfax, Flat Cap, Looks Good, Runs Good!! Family Owned Since 1976!!! Mt. Orab Ford. com. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464. 1999 FORD Ranger Ext Cab - 4x4, 147k Miles, Auto, Air, $5,950! Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM. 2001 FORD Expedition 4x4 - V8, 7 Pass, 4x4, 133K Miles, $5,950. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM.


2003 DODGE Ram 1500 Truck Quad Cab SLT Color Black w/fiberglass Top, Mileage 92,864; $11,900. SLT, Quad Cab, Leather, Cab Steps, Bedliner, Tow Package, Nice Matching Cap, Sharp!!! Very Nice Truck!!! Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464.

2004 DODGE Ram 1500 Truck 4x4 Quad Cab Color Bright Red; Mileage 133,835; $10,995. QUAD CAB SLT, 4x4, Cab Steps, Tow. Great Rates For Good Credit, Extended Terms.. Mt. Orab Ford. Family Owned Since 1976!!! 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464. 2006 FORD F150 4x4 SuperCab XLT - Color White, Mileage 101,434; $12,995. 5.4L V8, 4X4 XLT Supercab, ONE OWNER Trade In with a CLEAN CARFAX, Sharp Looking, Runs Good, Drives Good, This Vehicles has been inspected properly. Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464.

2007 DODGE HD 2500 Diesel Crewcab - 4x4, 70k Miles, Loaded, Sharp, Turbo Diesel, $26,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM. 2007 FORD F150 4x4 SuperCab - Color Dk Blue w/Silver Tu Tone Paint; Mileage 65,713; $19,995. 4x4 Supercab XLT, 5.4L w/Trailer Tow, Chrome Package, Power Seat, Cab Steps, Nice ONE OWNER Trade-in, Clean Carfax, New Tires. Mt. Orab Ford 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464. 2007 FORD F150 4x4 SuperCrew - Color Red, Mileage 81,713; $20,995. NICE TRADE-IN! Lariat, 4x4, Leather, Tow, Bedliner, Tool Box. Nice Local Trade-In. Clean Carfax. Has a few dings. Nice Truck! Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464. 2007 FORD F150 4x4 SuperCrew - Color Redfire w/Tu-Tone Paint, Mileage 86,117; $19,900. 5.4L V8 4x4 SuperCrew XLT, Linex, Cab Steps, Power Seat, Tow Reverse Sensing, Nice Trade-in From a Local Customer! Clean. Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551, 513-721-4464. 2008 FORD Ranger 4x4 SuperCab - Color Black, Mileage 55,523; $17,995 ONE OWNER TRADE IN. 4DR, 4x4, XLT, 4.0 V6, 1-Owner Trade-In, Powertrain Warranty, Clean Carfax, Bedliner, Cab Steps, Very Nice Truck!! Mt. Orab Ford. 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464. 2010 FORD F-150 STX 4x4 - One owner, Carfax, V8, Ext Cab, 38k Miles, Loaded! $22,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM 2010 FORD F250 4x4 Regular Cab Super Duty Color Red; Mileage 43,244; $21,995. ONE OWNER TRADE. 6.8L V10, 4x4 Regular Cab Super Duty, Clean Carfax, Powertrain Warranty, Tow. Equipped Right!! Mt. Orab Ford 937-444-2551 or 513-721-4464.

FORD 3500 - 01, XLT Super Duty, Exc. Condition. 28,500 miles. 937-444-2354.


MARK WANTS running, wrecked, dead cars and trucks. Now paying $150 - $400/cash for complete vehicles. FREE TOW! 937-446-3021 or 513-739-0774 2005 DODGE Grand Caravan SXT - 7 Pass, Dvd, Dual Air, 128k Miles, $6,950. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM 2005 SILVER Mercury Sable, V-6, 4dr, gray cloth int., AM/FM/CD player, new tires, 22k original miles, $6,800. Call 513-724-0649.



Bert Thomas

Dominic Thomas

Direct:937-444-2833 Cell: 937-213-2833


Cell: 937-213-0902


Office: (513) 474-3500


Office: (513) 474-3500

We can represent buyers on ANYONE'S listing! NEW



1343983 - Mt. Orab - Have it finished your way! 90% complete. Bath tubs set in place. 3BD, 2BA. All electric established. Furnace & kitchen cabinets are in the hse. and ready to install. 56x28 det. gar. has water and elec. one shed stays. $125,000

1338665 - Mt. Orab - Immaculate ranch style home w/2000 sq.ft. living area. 3BD, 2BA. Mbr. suite has separate sitting & dress area into a roomy walk-in clst. 21x18 covered porch in rear. 2 bay wndws. 2 sheds. Lrg portion of yard w/ elec. fence. Must see to believe! WOW! $149,900





1336238 - Mt. Orab - Wonderful all brick hm. on the edge of town. Hardwood flring thru-out. Newer roof, master bath, HVAC and beautiful ceramic countertops. Gorgeous glass surround on guest bath. Full bsmt w/roomy family room and storm shelter. 3 BR 2 Ba Two Car Gar. Mature Shade. $129,900

1324362 - Pike Twp - Renovated 1.5 story home on 1.97 rolling acres. Beamed ceilings, gourmet kitchen, newer G carpet & exterior ENDIN P D L doors. Stocked SO pond, 40x32 garage w/steel 12' roll-up door. Add'l one car w/lean too. Covered front porch and back deck. First Offering! $98,500 MLS#1328251 - Mt. Orab - Country elegance in exclusive Beacon Hill. 3BD, 2BA. Brand new flring, paint, chair rail & crown Lg molding. rooms. Beautiful brick FP, cathedral ceilings & fully equip. kitchen w/ great storage. Enclosed screen porch w/attached octagonal deck. $215,000





1344978 - Sardinia - Immaculate two story brick home w/hugh cov. back porch. Brand new gourmet kit w/island. Huge living room. Open foyer. MBR bath has custom built vanity & Jacuzzi tub. Entire hse freshly painted. >3300 sq ft L/A and a full bsmt. All on 3 lots. $225,000 1337896 - Mt. Orab - First offering! Full brick quad level home built like a fortress! 4BD, 2.5 BA. Former construction res./business office. Built in sound system, built in drafting table, 1st. floor MBR suite, WBFP, Hdwd under carpets. Cedar lined closets. Corner lot. $159,900





1337507 - Mt. Orab - Get ready to move!! 4 Bdrm. all brick home w/full bsmt. & 2 car attached garage. New flooring & paint. Bathroom total renovation. Hdwd floors under carpet. Plenty of storage. Playset stays. Fire pit in rear. Mature shade. Priced to sell. $115,000

1322164 - Williamsburg - Beautiful Sears & Roebuck home situated on a quiet town double lot. Pristine hardwood floors (Oak down & Pine up). Arched doorways, wide baseboards, french doors to enclosed back porch. Fenced yard. 1 car garage. Partial poured basement. $82,500 1312624 - Georgetown - Walk back in time as you enter the front door of this magnificent home! 3BD, 1.5 BA. Double parlor, wdwk fluted w/rosettes. Wide baseboards & a cherry bannister. A dry cellar underneath. This home has a secure, local alarm system which can be transferred to the new owner. $79,900






1340997 - Mt. Orab - Wonderful all brick story & a half home w/full bsmt. 3BD, 1.5 BA. Beautiful hardwood floors in Kit. & BR. Hardwood under carpet. Stone FP, brand new ceramic backsplash & furnace. 20x16 deck, covered front porch, circle drive. $109,900






1338818 - Mt. Orab - Absolutely stunning, 2 yr old ranch style hm w/soaring ceilings. 3BD, 2BA. Fully equipped kitchen w/counter bar. French Door w/o onto deck from Great Room & MBR Suite. Better than new. Fully fenced back yard which backs up to woods. Quick Occupancy. $135,000 Eastern School District - 3 BD on .91 Acre. This clean & affordable all brick home has a 2 car detached garage & is wheelchair accessible. Bright & Cheery, this home boasts a beautiful WBFP and a nice covered front porch. $62,500

1243844 Investment opportunity! Nothing to do but take over the rent roll!! Total renovation on all units. 4 different units! Elec & gas separately metered. Laundry facilities on site. Partial Bsmt. Fresh paint on exterior. $147,500


1336137 - Lake WaynokaIncredible lakefront property nestled on a cove. 4BD, 3.5 BA. Hearthstone hewn log home in impeccable condition. Hardwood flrs. on 1st level except for MBR suite. Gormet Kit.w/blt-in microwave, oven and granite island range top. Granite countertops. $369,900 SO


1333084 Mt. Orab Exquisite Custom Blt Full Brick home in exclusive Beacon Hill sub-divison. Formal dining rm w/tray ceiling. Flr to ceiling stone F/P. Custom wndws w/transomes. Beautiful MBR suite. Gourmet kit w/corian counters. Full fin bsmt. Stunning! $219,900 1331501 - Mt. Orab - 3 BR 2BA Full brick home on a picturesque 1.4 acre setting. Almost 2000 sq. ft. of living area. Newer roof and laundry room. The tiered decking on the rear serves as an add'l recreation area w/lots of mature shade. This is the first offering in this arena. Call Bert or Dominic for more details! $134,500




1339793 - Mt. Orab - Exciting full brick home unique in style. 38x35 beautiful finished rec room in bsmt. Great rm. w/stone F/P, 3 BD, 2 fully renovated baths, new countertops in kit. Rear french dr. w/o to professionally landscaped back yard w/pool & tiered decking. $209,500




1344277 - Mt. Orab - Brand new flooring, paint, fixtures & 2 car garage door openers. 3BD, 2BA. Cute, clean & ready to move in! Mbr. suite. Blt. in toybox/window seat in 2nd. bdrm. 36x24 detached garage & shed all on 1.5 ac. Mins. to Eastgate. $79,900


1258238Sardinia- 3BD, 2BA, Almost 1500 sq.ft. of open living area. Master BD suite. Dining Rm. & Equipped eat-in Kitchen. Large front deck & covered back porch. Affordable living seconds off St. Rt. 32. Back yard completely privacy & fenced. 2 car carport. $79,900 1265584 - Mt. Orab - OWNER FINANCING! Flexible Terms!! Former Cahall Apparel Store in ILY M the heart of Mt. A F I Orab. 1100 sq ft MULT of store front office area w/4 add'l rental apts. Full walkout bsmt. Low maintence. 15 space parking lot with mo. income. Public Utilities. $199,900


1342940 - Mt. Orab - Simply Amazing! Cathredral ceilings, expansive stone/ceramic work, exclusive lighting pkg, hdwd style laminate flooring. Hanstone quartz counter tops. French door leads to nautical playland, w/pool. Back yard fully fenced. Not a drive by!!!. $147,500

1342936 - Mt. Orab - Unique bi-level home *Front bay wndw lined w/oak inside. 3BD. 3BA. *full shower in LL & covered deck off main level *Freshly painted *wood slat blinds *blt in whole house surge protector, exterior windows are ultra violet protected *Affordable util. bills. $122,500

1341011 - Lewis Twp- Hardwood & laminate flooring thru-out. 3BD, 2BA. Ready to move-in! Lg. eat-in kitchen w/plenty of storage. Concrete slap completely underneath. Great home at an affordable price!! $64,900




608 - FARM PRODUCE SQUARE BALES of high quality alfalfa timothy hay, 50-60lb bales, 2nd 3rd & 4th cutting. 937-373-3631.


1334868 - Mt. Orab - Immaculate custom maintenance-free home. 4BD, 2BA. Open foyer, open flr plan w/cath ceils. Equip. kit w/beveled island & cntr tops. Natural wdwrk. Mstr suite w/jacuzzi. Fully fenced in-grnd pool. Beautiful tiered decking. Prof. lndscpd.. $169,900 1336123 Georgetown Beautiful craftmanship of this total renovation! Brand new flring, windows, roof, furnace, siding, kitchen w/appliances & elec. service. 3BD, 1BA. A doll house ready to move-in. 40x30 barn w/new siding, roof, & gar. door. 20x10 shed. A true must see! $89,900 Georgetown Great investment opportunity or home to raise your family. This 3 BR 2 Ba home is ready to move-in. Unique as it could function as a one or two family. New carpet, fresh paint, oversized 2 car gar. 1+ acre on public water and sewer with 2 separate taps. $84,900

OPEN HOUSES!!! 4 Open Houses, All Within Walking Distance!

Tossit, SELLIT. Call Classifieds (513) 732-2511

808 - AUTOS FOR SALE 2010 JEEP Patriot Sport 4x4 - 4 Cyl, Auto, Air, Carfax, One Owner, 51k Miles, $13,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM 2010 TOYOTA Corolla LE - 52k Miles, Carfax, One Owner, Auto, Air, Silver, $12,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM.

Sunday, February 24th, from 1:00-3:00 Village At Wills Point ~ Behind the RE/MAX Office on West Main, Mt. Orab 117 Winterberry Road MLS # 1338795 Stunning 4 Bedroom 2.5 Bathroom * $834.00 per month* 106 Magnolia Circle MLS# 1339639 Beautiful 4 Bedroom 2 Bathroom * $809.00 per month* 131 Winterberry Road MLS# 1327473 New Construction 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom * $753.00 per month* 109 Winterberry Road MLS# 1343028 Immaculate 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom * $733.28 per month*


Don’t Miss Out, I CAN Help You With Financing Let Me Teach You How To Use Your Tax Refund Successfully This Is THE Time To Buy & I’m Here To Make It Happen * PI ONLY Payments based on interest rates as of 02/13/13. Not all credit profiles will qualify for this USDA loan. *

RE / MAX ADVANCED REAL ESTATE 615 West Main Street Mt. Orab, Ohio

2011 CHEVY Traverse AWD, 8 Pass., 35k Miles, V6, Carfax, One Owner, Loaded! $22,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM 2011 JEEP Liberty Limited - 4x4, Leather, Moonroof, Carfax, One Owner, Warranty, 35k Miles, $19,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM. 2012 CHEVY Impala LTZ - 35k Miles, Carfax, One Owner, Leather, Moonroof, Warranty, $18,988. Call Mike Jones Motors/RV at 937-379-CARS (2277) or 513-310-0646 or visit us on the web at: MIKEJONESMOTORS. COM. JUNKED, WRECKED unwanted autos, autos, trucks, motorcycles, etc., some towed free, cash paid for some. Call 513-734-1650

901 - SALES HUGE FAMILY Yard Sale every Fri., Sat. & Sun. from 9am-7pm at Holly Lanes on St. Rt. 125, Amelia. Lots of items for home, clothes for kids & adults, great prices.

937-213-1548 Viji Grant, Broker •





Rt. 52 Ripley, Oh. 45167

Sun. Mar. 3rd, 10:00 Cat. 312 Excavator 36” Bucket- J.D. 550G LT Dozer 6 Way Blade- J.D. 2320 HST 4x4 Tractor 62” Deck 200 Hours 1 OwnerJ.D. 300 Post Hole Digger- 93’ Jayco 26’ Travel TrailerUtility & Enclosed Trailers- New Building SuppliesLumber- Metal Roofing- Hardwood Flooring- 8+ Sets of Kitchen CabinetsDoors- WindowsTrim- Ceramic TileCarpet- Laminate& More!!! Call or See Web For Complete List & Terms1st Time Writing a Check Call First

Towler’s Auction Service Inc. Randy Myers Auctioneer 513-315-4360

Beacon Hill Subdivision Custom Built Family Home Gorgeous! - Lots of space Beautiful pool area and garden!

148 Liming Farm Rd Mount Orab, OH 45154 (937) 444-1699 PUBLIC AUCTION

LOCATION: 180 Flaugher Hill Rd., Aberdeen, OH 45101 behind the Town & Country Bowling Lanes on U.S. 52 East of Wm. Harsha Bridge. Signs Posted.

SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 2013 AT 9:30 AM

FURNITURE, GLASSWARE, RIDING MOWERS & COINS 6 tin pie safe, comic books, Jardiniere, kraut cutter, cast iron boiler, 12- 4x8 sheets drywall, 2 sets of drywall stilts, sev. tools, costume jewelry & other jewelry, crocks, minnow bucket, glassware, exercise equipment, 2 riding lawnmowers, coins. BUILDING FULL AS USUAL. Lunch served. Not responsible for accidents. Check #8276 for more info & pictures.


Wm. J. Holton 513-218-4100 Jesse McKenzie 513-218-2541 Associate of Gustin Realty zip #8276



ADAMS - BROWN - HIGHLAND RV Sales, 937-379-CARS (2277) Service & CLERMONT - CINCINNATI Parts! 513-310-0646 It’s Gonna Be Fun!

Family Owned Since 1990!

1777 St. Rt. 125, Hamersville, OH. Just 5 miles east of Bethel on St. Rt. 125

SALES HOURS... Mon. - Thurs. 10am - 8pm Fri. 10am - 5pm Sat. 10am - 4pm Sunday Closed



2010 FORD F-150STX 4X4

4 CYL, AUTO, AIR, 51K MILES $13,988

4X4, 70K MILES, LOADED, SHARP, $26,988


Turbo Diesel

Carfax One Owner








V8, 7 PASS, 4X4, 133K MILES, $5,950

7 PASS, DVD, DUAL AIR, 128K MILES, $6,950

Carfax One Owner

Carfax One Owner




Carfax One Owner 2000 TOYOTA COROLLA CE SEDAN AUTO, AIR, 4 CYL, 138K MILES, $5,950






$11,600 2013 AMERILITE 14BC WEIGHS JUST 2,341 LBS., SLEEPS 3



Carfax One Owner 2010 HONDA CIVIC LX SEDAN AUTO, AIR, 41K MILES $13,988

Carfax One Owner 2008 IMPALA LS SEDAN 79K MILES, SILVER, SHARP $10,988






Carfax One Owner 2010 FORD FOCUS SE SILVER, 53K MILES, ONE OWNER, $12,988

Carfax One Owner 2011 CHEVY TRAVERSE AWD, 8 PASS., 35K MILES, V6, LOADED $22,988

Carfax One Owner

To ns of G r eat T ra ve l Tr ailer s , To y H aule r s & T ru ck C am pe r s on S ale! Full Description, Pictures & Pricing @


Law and Leadership Institute applications for summer program due April 15 Law and Leadership Mock Trial: The prosecution team objects to a question during the examination of a witness. Eighth-grade students hoping to participate in the Law and Leadership Institute summer program have until April 15 to apply online, according to deputy director Reina Sims. The institute seeks to provide an opportunity for students from underserved communities to learn skills that may help them become lawyers and leaders in their communities. The program enriches high school instruction through a fouryear academic program in law, leadership, analytical thinking, problem solving, writing skills, and professionalism. Once accepted, rising

freshman students will begin the five-week program on June 24. The program will culminate with a Mock Trial competition on July 26, featuring students from institute program locations across the state. The summer program serves as a free bridge program for students progressing from middle school to high school. In addition to the academic enrichment, leadership training, legal curriculum, daily professional speakers and field trips, students are provided free lunch and healthy snacks throughout their program day. Free transportation on local public transportation routes is also provided. The institute began in 2008 as a summer program at law schools in two cities

R’ville church begins ministry classes Faith in God Fellowship, a non denominational church located in Russellville, has announced the immediate launching of their first Christian Life Embassy ministry development classes occurring on Wednesday nights 7 p.m. Christian Life Embassy is a regionally based training center to serve and equip believers of all faiths to become more effective in their personal and corporate church ministries. Pastor Scott Von Lanken states, “Faith in God Fellowship has burden to serve our region by equipping believers everywhere to better serve God’s Kingdom purposes in the Brown County area, no matter what church family they are part of. Our first life changing class titled “Under Cover” has been an incredible tool to empower the Body of Christ to un-

derstand, serve in and operate through God’s authority structures.” Enrollment is currently open to anyone, cost is only $8 for the materials and graduation diplomas will be presented upon completion. Call or text Pastor Scott direct for more information at (937) 5158995 or attend at 7736 S Hwy 62 Russellville, OH (approx 1 mile south of Russellville on Hwy 62). Faith in God Fellowship also invites you to “Experience the Difference” and join them for their Sunday 10 a.m. “Celebration Services”. Each week, the Faith in God worship team lead the congregation into meaningful contemporary worship times along with the ministry of Pastor Scott’s vibrant, impacting, and relevant messages that are changing people’s lives.

NRCS invites residents to local meeting The Natural Resource Service Conservation (NRCS) is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. We provide leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources. One of our goals is to reach out to historically underserved individuals who may be unaware of the services and assistance we provide. Forestland owners have been identified as an underserved group in Brown County. If you own and/or operate forestland in Brown County, we would like the opportunity to provide you with information about what the Natural Resources Conservation Service can do for you. Even if you have worked with us in the past, we encourage you to join us and learn more about what can be accomplished on your land. On March 5, 2013 at 5 p.m., District Conservationist Larry Whitaker is inviting you to meet with him and discuss how the

Natural Resources Conservation Service and their partners can help people improve forestland resources. We will show how together we can help treat the forest to make it healthier for timber production and/or wildlife habitat. We will also talk about ways to pay for these treatments using our “Conservation Programs.” Scheduled guest speakers include Barbara Bauer, Wildlife Biologist with Pheasants Forever and Tim Wilson, Service Forester with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Please join us at the Mt. Orab Public Library, 613 S. High St., Mt. Orab, Ohio to learn more. For more information about this meeting or to learn more if you cannot attend, please contact Larry Whitaker at (937) 3784424 ext. 119 or email: You can also visit our web site at for more information.

Tax incentive and possible funding to help you preserve your land Congress recently renewed an enhanced income tax benefit for protecting farmland through a voluntary conservation agreement. In addition, The State of Ohio has decided to distribute funding under its Agricultural Easement Purchase Program (AEPP) through local organizations rather than as a statewide competition. To learn about these developments, please join the Southern Ohio Farmland Preservation Association for its Annual Meeting at 6:30 pm on March 11, 2013 at St. George Church Hall, 509 East State Street, Georgetown, Ohio 45121.

Patrick Hornschemeier, Attorney for SOFPA, will explain the renewed income tax incentive under which a person can deduct a larger percentage of the value of donating an agricultural easement; and will tell about the Ohio Department of Agriculture's program to more broadly spread the funding for agricultural easement purchases. Light refreshments will be served. Non-members are welcome and are encouraged to attend. For more information, call Patrick Hornschemeier at (937) 3784769 or (513) 752-0647.

serving 40 students. It has evolved into a year-round program at eight of Ohio’s nine law schools in six cities (Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, and Toledo) serving more than 400 students. All nine law schools collaborate with the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio State Bar Association, and the Ohio Center for LawRelated Education. Because of the financial support of the Ohio State Bar Foundation and Law School Admission Council, the first class of institute alumni will complete their freshman year of college this May. For more information, visit



St. Michael’s planning quarter raffle in Mt. Orab A Quarter Raffle will be held at St. Michael’s Church Hall in Mt. Orab on Friday, March 8 from 7 - 9 p.m. Doors will open at 6 p.m. The church is located at 220 S. High Street in Mt. Orab across from Gold Star Chili. Great prizes will be offered and refreshments (famous barbecue and fish sandwiches) will be available during the event. All are welcome to attend.

Garden Club set to meet The Williamsburg Garden Club will meet on Tuesday evening, March 5, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at the First Presbyterian Church. Hostesses for the evening are Pat Bryant and Denise DeMoss. The program, "Lessons in Landscaping", will be presented by Zak Williams of Scenic Scapes. The Educational Exhibit is to be "March Winds" - an arrangement showing motion (all dried materials permitted). Members are making plans for the annual Plant Auction on May 7, 2013 at the Williamsburg Methodist Church and the Home and Garden Tour to be held on July 13, 2013. Mark the dates and watch the newspaper for more details. The Club welcomes new members. For additional information call (513) 7243657, visit the web site at and "Like" us on FaceBook.

Olson named to Dean’s List Mount Orab native Calleigh Olson has been named to the Saint Joseph's College first semester Dean's List for being in the top 10% of the student body in academics.

Sardinia resident named to Berea Dean’s List Sardinia resident Lauren A. Ballou has completed her third term at Berea College and been named to the Fall 2012 Dean’s List. A student is named to the Dean’s List who achieves a GPA of 3.2 or higher while earning at least 4 credits (16 semester hours).

Students named to UD Dean’s List Kristine Cahall, Georgetown, and Sarah Weisner, Ripley, have been named to the dean's list for the fall semester of the 2012-2013 academic year of the University of Dayton. To be named to the dean's list at UD, a student must achieve a superior academic record, which is a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.








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The Brown County Press, February 24, 2013  

The Brown County Press, February 24, 2013

The Brown County Press, February 24, 2013  

The Brown County Press, February 24, 2013