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Editor’s Letter

Hey ya’ll, We are back with another exciting issue this week and with our cover model this week I am very excited for him to grace our cover. Cause this is a man who is doing great things in and for our community. The man that I am talking about is SeanMichael Rodgers who is based out of New York City. This young man has challenged himself with the biggest endeavor of any young person I know with a television network. Many have tried and fail but he has broken through and this upcoming autumn he will launch his baby called Embrace Network. This network will showcase the best and brightest in our community of GLBT people of color. This network is well long overdue, because you don’t see that many people of color on quote em’ quote mainstream television and when you do the shows end up being cancel due to so called low ratings. Which we know is untrue. In this issue we continue with our books, movies and music section. We also brought back our popular section What’s The T? So enjoy the issue and tell a friend about us, also please send us your comments about the magazine Cordially, Cleavester Brooks Editor In Chief



SeanMichael Embraces Us with a Network A Cleavester Brooks Interview Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with this wonderful new talent in our community. Many of you already know him and some of you don’t know him. The man that I am talking about is SeanMichael Rodgers Chairman/Founder of Embrace Media Network. The network that will launch this Fall. I spoke with him about life, love, the network, and the future. So sit back and enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with him. Cleavester: Hello Sean, How are you doing? SeanMichael : Hi Cleavester! I am elevated, empowered, and engulfed with energy. Thanks for having me. I am humbled by the opportunity to discuss and display the soon to be released EMBRACE TV network. Cleavester: Who is SeanMichael Rodgers? SeanMichael : Seanmichael Rodgers is the CEO of Harlem Boy University, the Chairman of EMBRACE Media Networks, a producer, songwriter, arranger, artist developer, artist manager, and consultant for record labels, producers, artists, and professionals around the world. He is the social entrepreneur. Cleavester: Where are you from? SeanMichael : Da Durty South‌..Atlanta, GA Cleavester: What was life like growing up? SeanMichael : Conservative, I was raised in a very religious household. Cleavester: What did you want to be growing up? SeanMichael : At different stages as I was introduced to the opportunities it went from computer programmer to scientist to singer to conductor.


Cleavester: Which talent would you most like to have? SeanMichael : Speaking other languages. Cleavester: What is Embrace? How did it come about? SeanMichael : EMBRACE TV is a network of original programming for the entertainment of LGBTQQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex) community of color and their allies. The fire was lit on a trip to Washington DC for The National Equality March in October 2009 which had a lack of representation by people of color. We weren’t engaged and I wondered why. The platform and agenda for people of color has never been established. So I set out to change help the community I am a part of become more active by generating a platform for us.

Cleavester: When did you start it? SeanMichael : We begin developing shows in December 2009. EMBRACE TV launches this fall. 10.10.2010 in 16 major markets. Cleavester: How much time do you spend on the network? SeanMichael : Every moment of my days and nights are spent on this network. The creation of a network is a reflection of all the things that are going on in the lives of the LGBTQQI community of color. I dream it, eat it, love it, debate it, and bathe it. Cleavester: Where do you get your idea's from?


SeanMichael : I am a creator. Like most creators, the lives that we live and those we know, those we study, those we want to know, and those who strike our interest inspire us. My relationship, my family, my other businesses, and my hobbies are all muses for this network.

Cleavester: What can we expect from the network? SeanMichael : High quality, thought provoking, eye popping, ear knocking edutainment (educating entertainment). Expect new faces, new formats, and new images that respectfully and responsibly display the lives of our community. Expect the unexpected. Cleavester: What has been the response so far from people? SeanMichael : Well, the one thing that is said by everyone is EMBRACE is needed. Cleavester: Give us a look at some of the shows that are in pre-production right now? SeanMichael : QUEENDOM takes us into the world of Bebe Zahara Benet, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race as she develops her one woman musical from New York’s theatergoers. Waddie G takes viewers into the world of American cities’ best kept secrets, odd or peculiar professions, and latest music discoveries. DC9 is a musical comedy show that reminds you of The Carol Burnett Show with a more risqué script. The Phat & Phunny with ButtaFlySoul stars comedians ButtaFlySoul, Erica Watson, Jill Knox, Michael Chin, and Narubi Selah who create satire and parodies of American culture, past and present. Don’t Go features a great series by Amber Sharpe with a very intimate view of the lives of lesbians and intersex and gays in a storyline that is so intertwined you will not want an episode to end. Vision Church of Atlanta will broadcast their services to our community from their church in Atlanta, GA. Demarco Majors will host a show featuring young adults discussing the issues they face. Becoming Milan is a documentary/reality show series that follows hip hop rapper Nano Reyes transition from man to female rapper Milan. Can You Change the Game creates a platform for artists to work with music industry professionals while they quickly learn that the game will change them way before they change the game. EPWN is EMBRACE Politics with Will and Nate that breaks down the legislation that effects the community, puts a spotlight on the Community Based Organizations that serve our community, and creates a platform for political issues to be debated by conservatives & liberals in a balanced way. 8

Nightly News will be anchored by Stephanie Rankin in New York with Herndon Davis reporting from Los Angeles. Those are some. There are many more I can’t wait to announce. The full line up will be announced April 1st. Cleavester: What is Morning Tea? SeanMichael : It’s a pajamas-wearing, coffee mug-drinking morning show that evolves around the events of the day and the entire studio audience we be asked to wear their favorite pajamas and bring what they sleep with and of course a coffee mug. Cleavester: How are you going to transfer DJ Baker from Radio to Television? And what will that show look like and feel? SeanMichael : Very easily, what most don’t know about DJ is that he is a SAG actor. He made the transition to effortlessly. Da Doo Dirty Show Live is not the radio show however. For his fans and the EMBRACE target demographic, they will get more one on one interviews, comedy sketches, musical guest performing live, and another added treat is they will get to see his sidekick Swanny Rivers who produces original music for the show. The greatest thing about taping his show has been the live studio audience. They are engaged when they agree or disagree with him. It reminds me of Howard Stern, Bill Maher, and David Letterman. Cleavester: Will the channel so all races or will it be just a African American Network? SeanMichael : EMBRACE currently reflects a wide spectrum of diversity that includes African Americans, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Asian Pacific Islander, Indian, Mexican, and Native American. Cleavester: Will the channel showcase people outside of the New York Area? SeanMichael : The current lineup has shows being filmed with people in Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, DC, and New York. Cleavester: What is your motto? SeanMichael : My personal motto is What one thinks, one becomes. What are you thinking? The network’s motto is EMBRACE…our place. Cleavester: If producer out the have ideas and want to have there show on your channel. What do they need to do? SeanMichael : Contact Will McNair at with their pitch. We are happy to review everything we receive. Cleavester: What is your guilty pleasure? SeanMichael : Techno music Cleavester: What has been your biggest sexual fantasy? SeanMichael : That’s a three-way tie: Freaking on the rooftop of a brownstone in Harlem Freaking on an empty car of the A train Making love while surrounded by hundreds of candles while blasting Moonlight Sonata 9

Cleavester: When did you have your first kiss? SeanMichael : I was in the 4th grade. Cleavester: Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? SeanMichael : Mr. Right


Cleavester: Favorite Dish? SeanMichael : Baked Salmon with lemon juice and peppercorn pepper Cleavester: What do you look for in a guy? SeanMichael : Humor. Attentiveness. Imperfections. Cleavester: How did you meet your mate now? SeanMichael : Cleavester: Do you want to get married and have babies? Why or Why Not? SeanMichael : I am engaged to marry my partner, Damien Ramsey or as a lot of the LGBT community knows him Dy’Ari, on March 21st before our friends and family. We have a dog named Celebrity. She is a handful. For now, she is more than enough. Cleavester: How would you like to be remembered when you leave this planet? SeanMichael : As I am now, committed to the betterment of others. Cleavester: Tell me something about you that your fans may be surprised to know? SeanMichael : Fans? I am no celebrity, nor am I aware of me having any fans. I have supporters and well-wishers and they may be surprised to know that I still use a Sidekick as my cell phone. Cleavester: What can we expect from you in the future? SeanMichael : The development of a satellite radio station, film distribution company, book publishing company, banking institution, iPhone apps and a major office space that serves as community/entertainment center built in the heart of Harlem named for the great Mr. E. Lynn Harris that will service the LGBTQQI community of color. Cleavester: How can the people get in contact with you? SeanMichael : Cleavester: Do you have any special message for our readers? SeanMichael : Our time for empowerment has come. We have been torn apart with divisiveness long enough. Together, we can draw upon each other’s strengths and deliver money-making products that the rest of the world will envy. We don’t have to compromise who we are to be a success. We are responsible for our destiny and should never retreat from those that hate us, hinder us, or hold us in a negative light. We are ready to lead each other and our larger communities into a better world. Stigma ends with courage. So let’s be the catalyst for change. Change that tells our families, our friends, our straights, our churches, our country, that we are not a separate entity, we are a part of this great nation and this world. We are a part of the human race that is unique and deserves respect and equality.



Latino Fan Club For more than 20 years Brian Brennan has been photographing the now infamous brooding young Latin men from the sweaty streets of Spanish Harlem in New York City. This beautifully printed coffee table book offers a collection of his most popular big-dicked Puerto Rican ruffnecks from his private collection. Over 100 of the biggest uncut tools in the Latino Fan Club's stable of nasty boys.

Flesh to Flesh

Unapologetically raw in its approach to the sexual lives and happenings of African-American gay men, Flesh to Flesh is a gritty, pulsing view into a demographic that is often demonized and condemned. These stories provide a rare, true revelation of how gay men are faring in an age where sensuality is a major factor in everyday media and consciousness. What do gay men feel about life, love, relationships, and intimacy? For anyone who has wondered about the passion between two men, this explosive, sexually charged anthology peels back the layers to show what lies beneath modern stereotypes and homophobia. With contributors such as Lee Hayes (Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue and The Messiah), L.M. Ross (Manhood and The Long Blue Moan), and Dayne Avery (I Wrote This Song), the stories in Flesh to Flesh reveal deep emotions and a powerful commitment to life and love. 12


Permanent Residence The first film in a planned trilogy, "Permanent Residence" is a nudity-packed story partially inspired by the director's real-life experiences, about a passionate relationship between a gay man and a straight man that may never be consecrated. (Cantonese with English subtitles)

The Sensei Set in 1985, in the plains of Colorado, McClain Evans, a young gay teen is constantly the target of hate and bullying in his provincial town. Returning after a five-year absence is Karen O’Neil, a woman haunted by the death of her fiancé, pro boxer Mark Corey. On the surface, we believe Karen is there only to reconnect with her family, owners of a successful martial arts business, and active members of their church ministry. When McClain is hospitalized after a near fatal beating by three local teens, who are then released on bail, Annie (McClain’s outraged mother) asks Karen to secretly teach her son to defend himself. Unbeknown to her family, and fearful of small town retaliation, Karen agrees to secretly teach McClain, training him at night to protect them both. Through the martial ways, McClain learns to rise above ignorance and prejudice, and his new-found confidence causes him to intercede when a classmate is being bullied. After the public confrontation, Karen’s role as his teacher is revealed. This rocks the small, rural community to the core, particularly when the controversy unmasks Karen’s past with Mark Corey. Reminiscently told in conversation between the young man, McClain and a Minister The Sensei is an examination of the prejudices that allow hatred to continue, and the people that find their own humanity in their darkest hour.



Lovesongs [Import] 2010 collection from the Pop diva, a reissue of the popular Ballads release under a fancy new title. Lovesongs contains the best of Mariah's romantic recordings culled from her hitfilled years under the Sony banner. Features 17 tracks including 'Hero', 'Vision Of Love', 'Without You', 'Dreamlover' plus duets with Usher, Luther Vandross and others. Sony.

No Bush, Straight Dicks Gay, Sexy Pop rapper Lester Greene makes his album debut with, "No Bush, Straight Dicks." Strickly dickly, Lester holds back none and spares nothing. From politics ("Where Ya Going") to the dance floor ("Move it around"), Mr. Greene touches on everything and everybody with his instrument - his "voice", rapping: "my third eye/ Magnum P.I./ in Levi's/ he's so/ fly/ I'm at home/ on my phone/ I get so off on your tone... And man is he getting his rocks off! A certified voyeur during the day and a mistaken-for porn star at night, Mr. Greene has the total package wrapped in one. Now equipped with the right mainstream tools, this boy-toy is ready to unleash his venomous sting... tools, this boy-toy is ready to Sting..


What’s The T? The Entertainment Report

Beyonce Opens Cosmetology Center in Brooklyn Beyonce was in her husband’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY today for the opening of her new project – the Beyonce Cosmetology Center. The facility is located at the Phoenix House, a residential substance abuse treatment center offering programs for residents in carpentry, building maintenance, computer technology and culinary arts. Beyonce said she thought it also should have more programs geared toward women, according to the Associated Press. She said her mother’s Houston salon helped so many people feel good about themselves and better their lives. The Beyonce Cosmetology Center will teach women and men how to prepare for a career in cosmetology. The 28-year-old singer first spent time at Phoenix House while doing research to play Etta James in the 2008 film, ―Cadillac Records.‖ According to Forbes, Bey donated her salary from the film to the organization.


During Friday’s ribbon cutting ceremony – attended by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg – borough president Marty Markowitz said ―Beyonce is a Brooklynite by marriage and by moxie.‖ Michelle Obama Donates Inaugural Gown to Smithsonian

The one-shouldered, white chiffon gown first lady Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural balls is going on display. Mrs. Obama is donating the gown to the First Ladies Collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History on Tuesday. The Smithsonian is scheduled Wednesday to open a new gallery for the first ladies exhibit, one of its most popular attractions. The new addition will serve as a showcase for first ladies from Mamie Eisenhower, who served from 1953 to 1961, to Mrs. Obama. Tracy Morgan Cops Out


We just discovered from our source that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is about to sign on another comedy film titled ID Theft, which is a comedy that casts him as a cash-strapped father who sees a shortcut out of his struggles when the credit card of a suburban dad lands in his lap. The script is being written by Colin Jost and Rob Klein, from an original pitch by Kristofor Brown. Morgan has given his own notes to the screenwriters, and 3 Arts and American Work are producing. But that’s not all for Morgan; we hear that Paramount Studios separately has Morgan set to star with actor TJ Miller in a new film titled Freshman Roommates, and we hear they are also making plans to line up ANOTHER film right after that for Morgan. No word yet on what that film will be. As you know by now, Morgan is starring in the new buddy cop film titled Cop Out with Bruce Willis, in theaters now. Brandon T Jackson Joins Big Momma’s House 3

We just discovered through our sources that up-and-coming comedic actor Brandon T Jackson (of Tropic Thunder, Tooth Fairy and Roll Bounce fame) has recently joined the cast of the new Martin Lawrence film Big Momma’s House 3. 17

We also discovered that Jackson will play Lawrence’s son in the film AND he will join his onscreen Dad by joining the case while ALSO wearing a fat suit. SO, expect to see Lawrence and Jackson wearing a fat suit, solving the case and maybe even kick starting the franchise to several more films as Jackson slides into more of a bigger role. Big Momma’s House 3 is about to start filming in Atlanta in April. Jackson is currently starring in the film Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and he just wrapped filming Lottery Ticket with Mike Epps, Ice Cube and Bow Wow. Niecy Nash Joins DWTS Cast!

We just discovered that everyone's favorite female comedian, Niecy Nash has just joined as one of the premiere dancer's on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. As the host and producer of the Style Network’s home makeover show, Clean House, Nash is a two-time 2009 Daytime Emmy nominee and the new Celebrity Panelist for the entertainment news program, The Insider. She recently won a 2010 Gracie Award for her role as no-nonsense Officer Raineesha Williams on the Comedy Central hit, Reno 911! and it’s spin-off film, Reno 911: Miami. 18

Mo'Nique accepts her best supporting actress Oscar

In 2008 Nash starred in her own FOX comedy

Mo’Nique won the best supporting actress Oscar on Sunday for her role as an abusive for her recurring role on the comedy series The mother in ―Precious,‖ claiming her first AcadBernie Mac Show. Her most recent film work emy Award. series, Do Not Disturb. She is also well-known

includes Not Easily Broken and Walt Disney The actress had been considered the favorite to win, having racked up a slew of critics’ choice, festival and guild awards for her role in the independent film.

Pictures’ G-Force.

Additionally, Nash is developing various televi-

Her chilling portrayal of Mary, a verbally, sion and film projects through her own produc- physically and sexually abusive mother to the title character, had an intensity unmatched by tion company, Chocolate Chick, Inc. The any of the other nominees, who were Penelope proud mother of three adoring children, when Cruz in ―Nine,‖ Maggie Gyllenhaal in ―Crazy asked what her hobbies are, Nash proudly re- Heart,‖ and Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick in ―Up in the Air.‖ plies, ―motherhood,‖ which she considers her Mo’Nique accepted her statuette to a standing greatest success in life. ovation. ―I would like to thank the Academy for showing Nash will be joined by Buzz Aldrin, Pamela that it can be about the performance and not the politics,‖ she said with emotion. ―To my amazAnderson, Erin Andrews, Shannon Doherty, ing husband, Sidney — thank you for showing Kate Gosselin, Evan Lysacek, Chad Ocho- me that sometimes you have to forego doing what’s popular, in order to do what’s right.‖ cinco, Jake Pavelka, Nicole Scherzinger and ‘Precious’ Wins All Five Independent Spirit Aiden Turner. Awards Mo’Nique Wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar


Gabourey Sidibe as 'Precious' Friday night ―Precious‖ was the big winner at the Film Independent Spirit Awards, taking home trophies in all five of the categories in which it was nominated. The pre-show favorite, and one of only six nominees that sent screeners to all 4,000 Spirit Awards voters, the urban drama was named Best Feature, while Lee Daniels was honored as Best Director. Actresses Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’Nique were honored for their lead and supporting performances, and Geoffrey Fletcher won for the screenplay, his first.


SGL Weekly Mag Issue 42  

We are back with another exciting issue this week and with our cover model this week I am very excited for him to grace our cover. Cause thi...

SGL Weekly Mag Issue 42  

We are back with another exciting issue this week and with our cover model this week I am very excited for him to grace our cover. Cause thi...