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3 What’s The T? : The Entertainment Report 3 JAY-Z, WILL & JADA CONFIRMED BACKERS OF 'FELA' 3 Jamie Foxx & Martin Lawrence Team Up For Sheneneh and Wanda! 4 The REAL Story Behind Katt Williams' Arrest!!! 4 Katt Williams Arrest In Atlanta News Update! 5 Tracy Morgan & Spike Lee Team Up For Comedy Concert Film To Be Released in Theaters! 6 John Singleton Tackles Comedy Concert Film With Comedian DeRay Davis 6 ROBIN GIVENS GETS AN 'O'-POLOGY 7 'MEET THE BROWNS' HEADED TO SYNDICATION 7 OPRAH'S DUBAI DEBACLE 9 Ask Nathan 10 Anthony Anderson- The True Renaissance Man 21 DVD’S


on television. In case you missed the BET

What’s The T? :

Awards 2009 this past year, the most talked about sketch of the evening was the sketch star-

The Entertainment Report

ring the characters Sheneneh from the Martin

JAY-Z, WILL & JADA CONFIRMED show and Wanda from In Living Color. Well now as we expected, there will be a movie starBACKERS OF 'FELA': Threesome signs on as producers of new Broad- ring those characters. way musical. By popular demand Screen Gems has acquired

It's now official. Producers of the upcoming Broadway musical "Fela!" have confirmed that rap mogul Jay-Z and Hollywood couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have joined the show's producing team.

Sheneneh and Wanda, starring Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence in the female characters they developed for their respective television

shows. We hear that Foxx will write the script Rumors about Jay-Z's backend participation had been circulating ever since he told the Asso- and he and Martin will produce together through ciated Press last month that he might get inFoxx's Foxxhole and Lawrence's Runteldat volved in the musical, which celebrates the life production banners. of Nigerian musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. There was no announcement regarding the amount of money the power trio have put into The project originated as a parody of a movie the show. trailer for a film called Skank Robbers, which As previously reported, "Fela!" is directed Foxx and Lawrence made for the BET Awards. and choreographed by Bill T. Jones, and is cur- The reaction was strong enough that the duo rently in previews at the Eugene O'Neill Theadecided to turn the concept into a real film. In tre. The show's official opening is next Monday. case you missed the skit, Sheneneh and Wanda

Jamie Foxx & Martin Lawrence Team are modern day independent women trying to Up For Sheneneh and Wanda! make it on their own, one bank robbery at a time.

We all knew it was coming as soon as we saw it 3

The REAL Story Behind Katt Williams' median broke into his home and stole items. Arrest!!!

You may have also heard that Williams had a crowbar when he entered and is accused of taking $3,555 in jewelry and collectable coins. Now here's what REALLY happened; Williams was a GUEST of the home and wandered off to another part of the home, and the alarm went off and the police were called to the scene. After a confrontation with the police and Williams trying to explain being at the home for rest and relaxation (he has been working on a film for the past 3 weeks) the police were bothered by the

As you have probably heard by now, actor and fact that the alarm went off. Since there was no comedian Katt Williams was arrested and now immediate explanation of the alarm sounding, is still behind bars in Atlanta after police said

the police decided to arrest Williams at the they arrested the entertainer for breaking into a scene. Williams was also with a couple of others home and stealing thousands of dollars worth of who were present at the time of the arrest and jewelry and coins.

more details of this are sure to surface soon. As

of this writing we discovered that Williams is Williams, is charged with burglary and criminal the one who called the police, but we are trying trespassing, according to Coweta County Sher- to confirm that.. iff's Office Maj. James Yarbrough.

Katt Williams Arrest In Atlanta News A Coweta County magistrate set bond at more Update! than $41,000 Monday afternoon, and as of this writing is still behind bars preparing to be released. Yarbrough said the Sunday night incident happened at a home in Newnan, about 38 miles southwest of Atlanta. Yarbrough said the victim — identified in a police report as Daniel Broach — called police around 9 p.m. to report the co4

Hankerson's and they were upset and they made the claim to the police upon their arrival that Katt had broken in to the property stolen jewelry and had a crow bar in his hand. As we stated, there is so much more to this story than what was initially reported, but we did state to you that there wasn't much validity to the police report because Katt was a guest of the home. According to published reports about Katt Wil- Tracy Morgan & Spike Lee Team Up

For Comedy Concert Film To Be Released in Theaters!

liams still being held by authorities, we can confirm that Williams has been released on bail in Atlanta and seems to be preparing to make a statement to the media Tuesday morning. Also, we just recently have discovered that Katt DID call the police as they were summoned to the resident that he was eventually arrested. Reports are also stating that someone other than Barry Hankerson resides in the home that Katt was arrested at, and those stories are false, as Hankerson is the film producer who is currently employing Katt in a film that they are shooting

After a very long drought of comedy concert

in Atlanta and have been for the past three

films being released in theaters, today we dis-


covered-and confirmed via his twitter accountthat comedian and actor Tracy Morgan will be

As previously reported, there was an altercation

filming a concert film with Director Spike Lee

that happened at the residence and since the po-

at Carnegie Hall this Friday.

lice were called the altercation escalated to where the police had to make an arrest. Katt was having a dispute with an employee of

Surprisingly, this news came to us rather quickly; especially after we discovered the news


and reported yesterday that comedian DeRay

We have just discovered from our sources that

Davis will be filming his concert comedy film

director John Singleton has his next project and

sometime next month with Director John Sin- its not the A-Team as reports would have lead gleton.

you at one time to believe- even though they are filming that movie now; but is a comedy concert

Anyway, it seems that GQ Magazine reported film. this last month and that news about Morgan’s performance has flown under the radar nation- We discovered that Singleton has decided to ally as he has prepared for the film and is cur-

film comedian DeRay Davis’ stand-up perform-

rently on a book tour. We hear that Morgan was ance (yet to be titled) and release it nationally, extremely brief about his plans for Friday but is and not as a DVD for the video store but as the very excited about this upcoming performance. first stand up film in years to be released theatrically. As of this writing, rumor has it that the Morgan, currently on NBC’s 30 Rock has writ- film will be shot next month. ten a book titled, "I Am The New Black" which is an autobiography and is in book stores Davis, you may recall, recently featured his conow. He is also starring in the upcoming film

medic performance in Shaq’s Comedy All Stars

Nailed with Jessica Biel and James Marsden, on Showtime and was in several films such as and the comedy ensemble film titled Death At A Imagine That (starring Eddie Murphy), SemiFuneral with Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Pro (starring Will Ferrell) and Code Name: Regina Hall, and Kevin Hart just to name a

The Cleaner (with Cedric The Entertainer)


just to name a few . Davis is currently filming Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heigl,

John Singleton Tackles Comedy ConChristina Hendricks, Josh Duhamel and Josh cert Film With Comedian DeRay Davis Lucas.

ROBIN GIVENS GETS AN 'O'POLOGY: Oprah says 'I should've said something' when Mike Tyson quipped 'I wanted to sock her.' Oprah Winfrey gave Robin Givens a lengthy apology on her live show last Friday over the manner in which she dealt (or didn't deal) with a 6

comment made last month by the actress' exhusband Mike Tyson.

for Mike Tyson and still do, but that never makes hitting women OK. It's never OK."

On a previous episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show," Tyson was asked about their 1998 Barbara Walters interview, in which Givens re- 'MEET THE BROWNS' HEADED TO SYNDICATION: Tyler Perry's vealed that he physically abused her.

TBS comedy to begin airing off-

"At that particular moment, I truly wanted to sock her, but I didn't network next year. do it," Tyson told Oprah, Tyler Perry's TBS sitas her audience laughed. com "Meet the Browns" The talk show host conwill be syndicated in tinued on with the intermore than 70 percent of view without addressing the U.S. next fall. the comment. Syndicator DebmarGivens, who is a Mercury has cleared the spokesperson for the Nacomedy for a September tional Domestic Violence debut on several major Hotline, told Winfrey Fristation groups, including day that her non-reaction Fox, Tribune, Weigel, was hard to stomach. CBS, Capital, Cox, Meredith, Granite and "I was really hurt, really, really hurt," she Belo. told Winfrey. "I just wanted you... When he said "Browns," based on Perry's 2004 movie, 'I've socked her before,' to say, 'That's not right!' ranks as the No. 1 series on TBS this season And it wasn't right and it was painful. There are among adults aged 18-49, a demographic covso many women like me out there... if you hear eted by advertisers. About 40 episodes have laughter about it, it lightens it." aired since it premiered in January. Although Winfrey tried to explain what the mood was like that day in her studio, she apoloOPRAH'S DUBAI DEBACLE: Talk gized to Givens for what happened.

show host was wrong about region

"In that moment, I didn't know - the audience laughed because they were uncomfortable, having free health care, electricity and and the word 'sock,' you think of a cartoon char- water – citizens respond. acter, they weren't laughing at you," Winfrey Last month, as part of her "Women Around responded. "I should have said something, 'This isn't funny.' I regretted... that moment. To you the World" episode, talk show host Oprah Winand every woman who's ever been hit, I feel that frey conducted an interview via Skype with Dr. I did not handle that as well as I should have - I Lamees Hamdan, a Dubai mother of four who apologize to you, and to every woman in that owns Shiffa, a line of high-end skin-care products. situation, for not being sharp enough." In the online introduction to the segment, "I hope you accept my apology," Winfrey told her. "I had a lot of empathy and compassion Oprah's team writes of the United Arab Emirates: "Thanks to this country's rich oil supplies, 7

the government provides its citizens with free water, electricity and health care. The best part? No income tax!" Although Dubai residents aren't subject to income tax, the water, electricity and health care are not free, according to Dubai citizens who flooded the show's Web site. One viewer, named "Truespeak1," posted the following clarification: 1. Everybody has to pay electricity and water bills. As non-locals (i.e. anyone who is not a UAE citizen) we pay very high bills for electricity. Consider the fact that the UAE has the highest energy consumption in the world. No one is subsidizing the bills that's for sure! 2. We all have to pay for healthcare. If you are not covered by health insurance, a regular visit to the doctor can range from anywhere around 100 AED- 400 AED . There was also controversy over the outfit Hamdan wore on the air -- a tunic, but not a Sheila, the national headdress. Hamdan referred to her decision to forego the Sheila as a "cultural" and not a "religious" one, upsetting some Arab-world viewers, according to Another bone of contention among Arab viewers was that the interview was conducted via Skype: The Web-based phone system is banned in the UAE, though the rule was waived for Oprah's segment. A spokesman for Oprah's production company Harpo told the New York Post's Page Six, "It was never the intention of the 'Oprah' show to misrepresent the people of Dubai. Dr. Hamdan appeared live on our program to speak about her personal life experience as a citizen of Dubai. We apologize if any of our viewers were offended." Read the entire posting from "Truespeak1" here: thread/120475


Ask Nathan

I'm in a new phase in my life where all of my dreams are finally coming true and I have these 5 guys who are into me. The one that I want is Bi-Sexual and he floats back and forth. The second keeps saying sexual things to me that lets me know that the relationship would be based on him using me for his own use. The 3rd is maybe sexual and supportive. The 4th and 5th is a play by ear. Am I being to judgmental or am I just being protective? There are many who would give up a limb to have 5 men chasing them so consider yourself lucky. You mentioned that the first guy isn't 100% available to you, why put yourself through that. Next, building a relationship on a sexual foundation is a recipe for disaster. If you and the other person can't find another connection, the sex will fizzle in due time. Lastly, it doesn't seem like you are interested in the others. Choose wisely.



Anthony Anderson- The True Renaissance Man A Cleavester Brooks Interview


This Autumn I had the opportunity to sit down and interview a man that is making a big difference in our community and the world. When I feel like I can’t go on another week I look at all that this man is doing with a little and I say you can do it. The man that I am talking about is Anthony Anderson actor, writer, director, producer, publisher, award shows, etc. Sit back and enjoy the interview. Cleavester: Hello Anthony, How are you doing? Anthony Anderson: Thank you for having me in your publication, I am doing great I'm really excited about this today. Cleavester: What is your show Anacostia-the Series about? Anthony: Anacostia is a 10 episode dramatic web series which is unlike anything that I've ever seen on television. The show centers around the lives of neighbors in a small community is Washington D.C. called Anacostia and it follows them through various ordeals such as love, addiction, sex, deceit, betrayal and even murder. The show has several twists and turns which not only provide entertainment value but it also draws the audience in getting them addicted to the show and to the characters. There is a character for everyone to relate to and I am exceptionally proud of the gay character portrayal which I feel sets a new standard. He isn't overly flamboyant, he isn't living on the "down low" he is just a regular person in the neighborhood that just so happens to be gay and the overwhelmingly positive response that we've received from the LGBT community lets us know that they were ready to see this kind of character finally.

Cleavester: How did you come up with the concept of the show? Anthony: The idea for the show was born out of frustration that there was no work for the actors in the Washington D.C. area after shows like The Wire stopped production here in Baltimore. However, even with a show like The Wire it came with a full set of cast members that were mostly from other places and the local talent in the D.C. area were usually used as extras or very small roles or the "usual" drug dealer, inmate, dead body #1, #2 or #3. So I wanted to create a platform that would highlight the many talented actors in the area. The challenge was trying to decide on a vehicle to pull this off. Anacostia originally started out as a film but as I began to write more and more I noticed that these characters were really interesting and a film wouldn't do them justice. So I thought long and hard and I knew of the web series genre and always found it interesting, the thing I never liked about most web series was that most of them are like 3 to 8 minutes long so I thought once again instead of going with the tide, I'm going to go against it and create a web series and make it between 20 to 30 minutes long but formulate it


an such a way that from the start the audience would get so caught up in it that not only would they not notice the longer length but would instead be pissed off that it wasn't long enough and so far its been a winning formula. Cleavester: Where do you find the inspiration for your show? Anthony: My inspiration comes from knowing that I have created a project that actors can really sink their teeth into and a project that they can be proud of. As many actors know, starting out and working on projects for free you usually aren't proud of the project or for whatever reason the project never gets seen by the public or it never gets finished. To see the excitement on the actors faces when they get their scripts and they are anxious to film a particular scene or to see the new actors that have never worked on a project ever just come on board and get their first experience with me and know that I am setting that pace for their professional experience is a bit overwhelming but I love it and I am just glad that I can share my god given talents with others. Sometimes I sit at home and I have tears in my eyes thinking about it because they (actors) have invested so much time, energy and trust in me and my vision I cant let them down and I wont. Cleavester: You are 6 episodes into a 10 Episode online series and now you are venturing into television. Anthony: What do you want to become of this show? Now that was a complete shock! we were only 2 episodes in at the time and I got a message from the great people at DCTV in Washington DC stating that they have seen the show and they want it for their station and I was just speechless, I still wake up some mornings and wonder if all of this is happening. My overall vision for the show is that I would like as many people as possible to see it. We have viewers is London, Australia, Sweden, Puerto Rico and even our troops in Iraq are watching the show online so I really feel blessed, god has blessed me and this production in so many ways. I would surely like the big networks to catch a peek of the show like Bravo, TV One, Logo and even BET who has a web series called Buppies starring Tatyana Ali formerly of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and that shows creator has even seen Anacostia and has spoken highly of it so what god has planned for this show will come on his time schedule not on mine so I am just enjoying the ride and where it eventually goes has already been written for me. Cleavester: What can we expect from the Anacostia Series in the future? Anthony: You can expect even more twists and turns and you can also expect to see a few new faces. The storyline for season 2 is so out of this world that even I have read the first few scripts after writing them and was just on the floor sitting there like wow I think the audience is going to eat this up and love it, you never really know what to expect from Anacostia just when you think you do, it goes in a whole different direction which is what I love. I will give you and exclusive though for season 2. One character is on trial and another is in a coma. Cleavester: Where do you find the talented actors and actresses from the show? Anthony: The are a talented group of actors I am in awe of all of them. The actors are Chante' Bowser, Wil Lash, Tamieka Chavis, Walter Maxfield Jones, Kena Hodges, Rabon Hutcherson II, Jermaine McNeal, Tia Dae, Kareem Petteway, Marion Akpan and Pasha Diallo. Many people recognize Wil Lash from VH1's I Love New York where he was named "Onix". Wil and I had been wanting to work with each other for a while and we were almost there with another project that I was in along with he and Walter but I quit that project before production began and told them that we would eventually work on something and here we are. The other actors all came in to audition with the exception of Kena Hodges who already had her role. Chante' Bowser was hired after the original actress who was slated to portray the role of Salina Taylor dropped out and I am THANKFUL that she did drop out cause seeing Chante' in that role


the other actress pales in comparison. The funniest casting would have to be Rabon Hutcherson II since he came in and replaced another actor that had already filmed 5 Episodes. After we had to part ways with that actor Rabon came in a re filmed those scenes in a single weekend...AMAZING!...that's why I say god has blessed this production. Cleavester: How do you fund the show? Anthony: The funding of the show has been mainly through my own pockets. It's one of the draw backs of doing a project independently. The upside is that you have a great amount of freedom but the downside is that you usually have to fund it yourself until the show catches on with sponsors and investors. Somehow it all came together, I am not rich by any means I work a regular 9 to 5 just like everyone else. However, when you are passionate about your vision and you can adequately express that to others in a way that they also see your dream, money is only an issue if you allow it to become and issue. We would love to have some sponsors come in so that we can take the show to a whole new level there are some things that I would like to do that require a bit more money that I have currently but it will come in time. Cleavester: Will you add a lesbian couple to the show in the future? Anthony: You know I've been asked that a lot and there is something coming up in season 2 that no one is going to be prepared for so I guess my answer to that would be you will have to wait and see in the upcoming episodes. Cleavester: Who is Anthony Anderson? Anthony: Anthony Anderson is a great son, brother, uncle and friend. I try to just live my life in a way that I can go to sleep at night and be proud of what I've accomplished that day. I am ambitions, driven, determined and a self starter. I think I am finally enjoying the work that I have created and I think its so important for anyone to take a moment and enjoy those moments in your life. When I look at Anacostia I sometimes forget that I am the writer / creator / producer of the show and then it hits me and I say to myself "how did I get here" and it was through some hard knocks, some trials and errors and most of all some great love and support from my family and friends especially my big sister Betty and her husband Tony and my mom for constantly pushing me to be a better person and man. Cleavester: Where are you originally from? Anthony: I was born and raised in Washington D.C. Anacostia to be exact. Cleavester: What kind of childhood did you have? Anthony: Come on now I am the youngest kid, my childhood was great! I was a complete mommas boy I got everything I wanted I was spoiled which explains a lot today. Growing up in DC back then was a whole lot different than it is now actually. I was always picked on because I was smaller than some of the other kids and I had a stutter so you can imagine what the day to day life at school was like. Then my mom taught me how to fight so that stopped really quickly. What she didn't teach me is that I didn't have to fight about everything, so as I was growing up I was very defensive and ready to fight at a moments notice still to this day I can admit I have somewhat of a quick temper but with age comes maturity and I am finding other ways to channel that into more productive activities. Cleavester: What did you want to be when you were growing up? Anthony: Okay this is so funny, I actually wanted to be a singer. I would do talent shows in the schools and I was an excellent singer truth be told. I can remember a talent show that I sung acapella "Let's Get Physical" by Olivia Newton John cause some jealous person broke my record that morning of the show....YES I know "Lets Get Physical" I can remember my best friend Katrina Powell sitting in the audi-


ence just grooving. I cant believe I just told that story anyway moving I loved to sing but after puberty hit it was a wrap. Cleavester: When did you have your first kiss? Anthony: Hmmm my first kiss was behind a building while playing "Hide N Go Get It" which if you are from DC you know what that game is all about (wink) it was wet and sloppy but my skills have seriously improved since those days Cleavester: How did you get your start in the industry? Anthony: Well I started out as a Hip Hop Dancer and one of my first jobs was for DMX for his video "Get It On The Floor" which was filmed in D.C. I was excited and I have to say X was an AMAZING guy he came in and was just like hey what's up..while walking through the bar openly smoking weed, but he was a very nice guy. As fate would have it I was dancing on a table with this girl and we were scuffing the table so they asked us to remove our shoes and I had on some dress socks and as soon as we started I slipped of the table and banged my knee so hard that it swole immediately but I was NOT leaving that set so they decided to prop me up and if you look at that video at the 1:23 mark you can see me real quick but don't blink lol. After that I went on acting auditions and landed my first short film that was never finished for whatever reason and then I did another film called CHOICES which was a great project but the Producer and the Director had a dispute and ultimately the project has not seen the light of day due to the dispute and its been a few years the great thing about that is the Director of that project Cynthia James has been the casting director for my film The Ties That Bind as well as Anacostia so sometimes god puts you in a place to meet people that are going to assist you with your vision. Cleavester: How did the idea for Velocity magazine come about? Anthony: Velocity Magazine is a publication that I own that is geared to support and showcase Independent Artists in various genres music, film, community activism, fashion and art. I love just being a creative person. Sometimes we as independent artists don't have an outlet to get that exposure like the mainstream publications or if you do you are usually selling your soul to do so and I wanted to create a publication that would expose tomorrows stars today and get them as they are starting out and its been a great. Lets face it some of the best talent are independent artists.


Cleavester: When did you start it and will you continue to do it or venture into producing television shows/movies? Anthony: The magazine was created a year ago and from the magazine we created the Velocity Magazine Awards which is an annual awards ceremony that we have to recognize excellence in Independent Media. Its been a great ride with the magazine and the awards show. The magazine is not going anywhere though it is a task to concentrate on both so I do see bringing on someone else to helm Velocity as I concentrate more on producing my shows which I love equally. Cleavester: Which business moguls do you admire and Why? Anthony: I admire Tyler Perry actually. I admire him because he saw his vision and he said "no matter what" I am doing this to the point that he was homeless all because he was pursuing his dream. and what people fail to realize is that it is a call that you hear when you have that dream. It never lets you sleep it constantly eats at you until you put that plan into action. I have been hungry at work because of my dream and funding it. I have gone weeks without a hair cut and my cell being turned off because that money needed to be put into the production and you do that because its a sacrifice that you endure going into this business to make your dreams a reality. And, look at Tyler Perry now after all of those trials and tribulations his journey that he was on has finally came into a place where its being rewarded and I can seriously admire that. Cleavester: Which role do you like best actor, writer, director, producer? Anthony: They each have its share of joys and anxieties. I love writing because I get to say something through a character that I wouldn't necessarily say out loud. I love directing because there is just nothing like it, to bring your vision across and see it achieved is an excellent experience. Acting comes naturally to me Love pretending to be someone else and entertaining. My producing side is my more serious side. I like to laugh and have fun but when people see me in producer mode that are sometimes taken aback because its such a difference from one to the other. I am just grateful to be able to be multi talented. Cleavester: What can we expect from the 3rd Annual Velocity Awards next year? Anthony: I felt this year I really didn't have that much time to do what I wanted to do with the show production wise. So going forward the planning is going to be done months ahead of time so that I don't


get caught in the same trap I did this year while working on Anacostia and planning the show but its

always a great event and its always great to mingle with your fellow artists. So next year we going for broke production wise. Cleavester: Will you expand the show to cover the globe? Anthony: Well the submission process is open to everyone from all over the world. We are in this boat together and my show is about inclusion not exclusion. Cleavester: Favorite Holiday? Anthony: I love Christmas..actually I love the Christmas preparation walking through the malls and seeing the decorations. Its the one time of year that everyone seems a little more nicer than any other time. I wish that could be all year round but what can you do. Cleavester: How will you spend the holiday's this year? Anthony: Actually I just moved into my own place so its interesting. I know Thanksgiving will be with my family but I think Christmas is going to be at my place this year. I am an excellent cook (Thanks Mom!) so I am looking forward to my family and friends coming over to my new place and sitting at my table eating and being thankful and grateful for another year we all have together. Cleavester: Celebrity you've been mistaken for? Anthony: Hmmm I've not really heard of any Cleavester: Favorite TV Show? Anthony: I am a HUGE Vanessa Williams fan so I love watching Ugly Betty even though I really think this is the final year for it. I love watching Vanessa on the show. I am also an avid WWE Wresting fan Monday night you can find me in front of the television for Monday Night RAW and Friday Night is Smackdown. Cleavester: Place you go to think about life? Anthony: There is a place on the George Washington Parkway here that is called the scenic overlook and from there you can really see a large part of the city and it over looks Georgetown and its peaceful and tranquil and that's where I go to clear my head and think and sometimes pray. Cleavester: Are you currently dating? Anthony: I am not currently dating anyone. However, I do have an interest that I have my eye on. Where it will go or if it will eventually develop into something serious who knows but hey sometimes


you just sit back and enjoy the moment and trust that the other person will see what's in front of them. I'm a good man and will be a good man for that special person. Cleavester: Favorite old school dance? Anthony: The Whop..maybe that's a DC Thing Cleavester: Most trusted confidante? Anthony: Tracee Marshall hell what doesn't she know about me

Cleavester: What turns you off? Anthony: Arrogance and Low Self Esteem Cleavester: What turns you on? Anthony: Confidence and Ambition Cleavester: What has been your wildest sexual experience? Anthony: Actually I'm fairly mild when it comes to sexual experiences nothing to major that I can think of. Cleavester: What is your biggest sexual Fantasy? Anthony: It involves ice cream sandwiches and cotton candy and that's all I will say. Cleavester: What can we expect from Anthony Anderson in 2010? Anthony: More productivity professionally with a new project that I've been working on and maybe just maybe I can go from "single" to "in a relationship" by the end of 2010 on Facebook.


Cleavester: Tell me something about you that your supporters may be surprised to know about you? Anthony: Okay this seems to be a shocker especially for people that live in DC. I don't not know how to play cards like spades etc I do not know how to play at all and my friends tease me ungodly about it often. I just never learned and when I was being taught I was told to leave the table. So that's my mission now to at least learn how to play spades but I do play a mean game of I Declare War and UNO. Cleavester: Thank you Anthony, Do you have anything else to say? Anthony: Thank you for having me it was an honor. I would just like to say to the supporters THANK YOU for supporting Anacostia and all of my endeavors. To the cast I want to say that I LOVE YOU! and to the LGBT Community for welcoming and embracing Anacostia with open arms and support I say Thank you as well especially to Lonnell Williams, SGL Weekly Magazine, Andre Allen, DJ Baker, Ricky Day, Rodney Snell, Angel L. Brown and Jake Jacobs we really do appreciate the love and support. you can become a fan of Anacostia on Facebook by searching Anacostia - The Series or log on to




Eating Out: All You Can Eat Absolutely essential, Eating Out: All You Can Eat is the story of Casey, a naive new arrival in West Hollywood, and his misadventures trying to score a date with the super-hot Zack. Filled with disgustingly hysterical jokes, EA3 is a rare breed, it works as both a romance and a sex comedy.

Make The Yuletide Gay Writer/director Rob Williams (3-Day Weekend) is back with this wonderfully whimsical tale of a gay Christmas love and a corny Wisconsin family that features some of the cutest twinks around.


The Answer Man Shot in Philadelphia and featuring a winning performance by Jeff Daniels, this Sundance 09 romantic comedy turns its lens on a spiritual self-help author who actually doesn’t have a clue when it comes to life and love.

My Sister’s Keeper What keeps a family together? Nick Cassavetes, the director of The Notebook, again demonstrates his sure hand with tales of deep human emotion in this inspiring film about a loving family challenged — and united – by a child’s illness. Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin and others in an exceptional cast bring sensitivity to the story of an 11-year-old girl, conceived to be a donor for her leukemiastricken sister, and who finally demands the right to control her own body.




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