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Green your Cleaning –Direct When you want the best of green & clean

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To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

Green Your Cleaning—Direct® Green Your Cleaning—Direct® is the perfect way to keep your family and home free from toxins. Your order of green cleaning products will be delivered directly to your door by a certified Green Cleaning Coach, so if you have any questions about cleaning, she will be there to help you. Your coach will be happy to take the time to answer your specific questions and let you know about special offers or new items in our catalog. You will also be signed up for special videos, tips and emails from Leslie Reichert, the cleaning coach.

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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We have organized this catalog by products, brands and rooms so that you can locate the best tools and cleaners for each area of your home. We also have a pet area for those of you who need to clean up after your furry friends! You can order from your GYC coach and have your products delivered right to your door. You can also host a Green Your Cleaning Homekeeping Party.

Share your new knowledge by hosting a Green Your Cleaning-HomeKeeping Party®. When you host a Green Your Cleaning® HomeKeeping Party, you and your friends will learn great, green homekeeping techniques.  You can learn how to make your own cleaners that will save you money as well as new technologies that will keep your home safer for your family and pets.  You and your guests will have an opportunity to get hands-on experience with our tools. Hosting is easy and fun!  You will be sharing healthy alternatives with your family and friends so that they can keep their homes safe and clean too. Shop at Or contact us at 508-234-4626

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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Kitchen Tools Our famous “Blue Cloth”

Miracle Green Cloth

Clean granite counter tops, chrome, glass and appliances with just water. Use in place of glass cleaner and paper towels. No streaks—smears or lint. EVER!

This green cloth is perfect whether wet or dry. Use to wipe tables, counters and more. When dry it is the perfect dusting cloth. Without chemicals.

Blue Mircofiber Cloth #629 Price $7.95

Green Cloth #928 Price $7.95

Glass Stove Top Cleaner and Sponge

Microfiber cloth with scrubber

Specially formulated to clean ceramic and glass cook tops. Removes baked and burned on food. The Jetz-Scrubz sponge goes great with this stove top cleaner and does not scratch or tarnish. Siege Stovetop Cleaner Catalog #766 Price: $6.99

Skoy Cloths

12 x 12 in. microfiber cloth with built-in scrubber .Great for cleaning glass topped stoves!

Jetz-scrubz Scrubber Catalog #598 Price: $3.99

Microfiber cloth w/ scrubber Catalog #1604 Price $4.99

Sparkle Sponges

Water Stop Gloves

Each cloth is the equivalent of 15 rolls of paper towels. Package of four Catalog Number #428 Price $7.80

Set of two Catalog Number #789 Price $2.99

Grout Brush

Catalog Number: Small #580 Medium # 2 Large# 8 Price $6.99


Dispensing Brush

Cast Iron Scrubber

Perfect for cleaning the sink without chemicals. Catalog Number #1728 Price $19.98

Catalog Number #691 Price $4.99

Catalog Number #538 Price $2.50

Catalog Number #717 Price $4.99 Four different colors

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Kitchen Products

Grab Green Dish Soap Tangerine Catalog #1385 Price: $4.99

Better Life Starter Kit 29.95

Modern Mermaid All-purpose cleaner Catalog #1196 Price: $5.99

Charlie’s Kitchen Catalog #1437 Price: $9.99

Imus Cream Cleaner

Imus Allpurpose Cleaner

Catalog #1735 Price: $4.99

Catalog #773 Price: $4.99

Watkin’s Dish Soap Catalog #1626 Price: $6.99

Grab Green


Automatic dish detergent

Catalog #420 Price: $4.99

Catalog #1386 Price $9.99

Better Life Einshine stainless steel cleaner Catalog #1237 Price: $6.99

Better Life Whatever All-purpose Cleaner Catalog #1044 Price: $6.99

Imus Dish Soap Catalog #1734 Price: $4.99

Imus glass cleaner Catalog #772 Price: $4.99

Better Life Take it for Granite

Better Life Even The Kitchen Sink

Catalog #1238 Price: $6.99

Catalog #1042 Price: $6.99

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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Bathroom 100% EVA Shower Curtain Liners EVA liners are fume free, and resists mold and mildew. Available in Clear Frost, Sand and Mist Blue colors. Clear Frost Sand Mist Blue Catalog #920 Catalog #957 Catalog # 956 All Shower Curtains are $9.99

Feather Duster 13� Catalog #265 Price: $10.95

Lambs wool Duster Catalog #582 Price: $10.99



Catalog #603 Price: $8.99

Catalog #426 Price: $9.99

Eco Sponge Use on showers, sinks &more Catalog #538 Price: $2.50

Tub & Tile Cleaner Catalog #394 Price: $14.99

Skoy Cloths Catalog #428 Price: $7.80

Water Stop Gloves

Sparkle Sponges

S-M-L Catalog Small #580 Medium # 2 Large# 8 Price $6.99

Catalog #789 Price: $2.99

Microfiber Blind Glove


Nesting Caddy

Catalog #522 Price: $7.99

Catalog #955 Price: $9.99

Catalog # 446 Price: $5.99

Modern Mermaid Bathroom Cleaner Catalog #1195 Price: $5.99

Better Life Whatever All-purpose Cleaner Catalog #1044 Price: $6.99

Nesting Bucket Catalog #447 Price: $9.99

Better Life

Imus All-

I Can See Clearly Wow

Purpose Catalog #773 Price: $4.99

Glass Cleaner Catalog #1045 Price: $6.99

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Microfiber Microfiber Mop The perfect mop to clean wood, laminate, tile, marble, slate, granite, ceramic and more Just add the head below for your particular cleaning needs. A clean mop every time! Price $22.95 Price includes one blue floor pad Mop w/ blue pad #626

All microfiber mop pads are $6.99 each.

Dry Pad

Dusting Pad

Wet Pad

Scouring Pad

Catalog #627

Catalog #639

Catalog #1047


Blue Cloth

Green Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloud Duster

This cloth will take the place of your window cleaner and paper towels. No streaks, no smears, no lint. Lasts for 300 washings.

This cloth is great for all purpose cleaning. Use it wet or dry—for dusting furniture or wiping down countertops.

This duster is great for cleaning anywhere there is dust. It holds the dust until you wash the cover. Works great in tight spots.

Catalog Number #629 Price $7.95

Catalog Number #1059 Price $7.95

Catalog Number #1723 Price $3.99

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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Brooms and Mops Not everyone likes the same type of broom or mop. That is why we have an entire collection of the very best. All are backed by our 100% guarantee! Sh-Mop is great for hardwood, tile and linoleum. Mop Comes with one terry cloth cover. Microfiber covers are available to purchase separately. Sh-Mop Catalog # 117 Price: $22.95

Terry Cloth Cover Catalog #97 Price $4.50

Microfiber Replacement Cover Catalog # 112 Price $5.50

Roller Mop

Swivel Roller Mop Catalog Number #1677 Price: $27.99 Refill # 113 $11.95

Compact Sweeper


Battery Operated Sweeper

Leopard Print # 1714 Price: $14.99

This compact sweeper is great for picking up crumbs on hard floors but also works on carpet. No electricity! A great green alternative!

Floor and Carpet Sweeper Catalog Number # 118 Price: $24.99

Comes with two batteries and is perfect for in-between cleanings. Settings for both hardwood and carpet. Even your kids can use it. Handle removes for use on stairs or car. Battery Operated Sweeper Catalog Number # 632 Price: $69.00

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Microfiber Mop Kit Your floors will look like glass! Catalog #626 Price: $22.95


Better Life


Simply Floored Catalog #1046 Price: $7.99

Floor Cleaner Catalog #72 Price: $8.99

Woodpecker Concentrate Catalog #73 Price: $9.99

Bona Professional Catalog #1305 Price: $10.99

Bona Refresher hardwood Catalog #739 Price: $24.99

Bona Refresher Stone/tile Catalog #779 Price: $24.99


Charlie’s All Purpose Catalog #1438 Price: $9.99

Imus All Purpose Catalog #773 Price: $4.99

Grab Green All Purpose

Better Life Whatever

Modern Mermaid

Catalog #1385 Price: $4.99

All-purpose Cleaner Catalog #1044 Price $6.99

Catalog # 119 Price: $5.99

JR Watkins All-Purpose Catalog #1630 Price: $5.99

Sofix Tile Cleaner Catalog #294 Price: $6.99

Modern Mermaid Concentrate Catalog # 1266 Price: $17.99

Sofix Parquet Cleaner Catalog #293 Price: $6.99

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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Make Your Own - Cleaners Sometimes the best way to know what’s in your cleaners is to make them yourself. The Joy of Green Cleaning is a collection of over 70 pages of recipes for cleaners you can make at home. It includes an old fashion laundry soap and lots of different solutions to your everyday cleaning problems. Price: $15.95 Catalog Number #903

Natural Essential Oils

Scents: Lemon Grass Lavender Peppermint Tea Tree Oil

#lg100 #ld100 #pp100 each $6.90 #tt100 $14.00

Soap Flakes

Soda Crystals

The main ingredient for our DIY laundry soap

A Laundry additive— Use alone or with a laundry recipe.

Catalog Number #946

Catalog Number # 913

Price $9.95

Price $7.99

Green Clean Starter Kit Everything you need to start greening your cleaning. The kit includes •

The Joy of Green Cleaning

High quality spray bottle

Shaker container

Set of Skoy Cloths

Yore Oxygen Bleach

Eco Sponge

Great to use in place of Borax in DIY recipes. 100% USDA Organic

Blue Cloth

Green Cloth

Catalog Number #534 Price $16.99

All for only $49.00 #1470

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Laundry Room

Charlie’s Powder

Charlie’s Liquid

Imus GTC Laundry

Rockin Green Laundry

80 loads of laundry

128 loads of laundry

80 loads of laundry

90 loads of laundry

Catalog Number #1290

Catalog Number #552

Catalog Number #834

Catalog Number #1573

Price $13.99

Price $21.99

Price $8.99

Price $15.99

Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent Persil Powder Laundry Soap

Grab Green Laundry Soap

Grab Green Bleach Alternative

24 loads of laundry

24 loads of laundry

Color Gel #1104 Universal Gel #1103

64 loads of laundry

Catalog Number #1381

Catalog Number #1387

20 Loads of laundry

Catalog Number #1263

Price $9.95

Price $46.00

Price $9.00

Price $7.00

Grab Green Wet Dryer Sheets

Woolzies Dryer Balls


Catalog #1541

Dryer Sheets

Catalog # 1745

Catalog # 1380

Price $34.00

Catalog #1672

Price $11.99

Price $6.49

Yore ganics

Yore ganics

Soap Nuts 80-160 loads

Oxygen Bleach 1.5 lbs

Catalog # 1744 Price $14.99

Price $14.99

Specialty Stain Removers


Joe Campanelli

Catalog #451

Catalog #75

Price $14.99

Price $12.95

Caldrea Sweet Pea



for blacks and darks

Catalog #1332

Catalog # 1217

Removes odors from laundry.

Price $9.99

Price $19.99

Catalog Number # 356 Price $19.95

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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FreshWave FreshWave Gels Perfect to place anywhere you want to remove odors. It’s absolutely amazing how well it removes odors—naturally. 16 oz. Gels Catalog #553 Price 14.99

8 oz. Gels Catalog # 1040 Price $8.99

Large FreshWave Refill Container This is great for refilling the gel containers or just putting your own all around the house. A great value. Freshwave Refill Catalog #338 Price: $39.99

FreshWave Odor Removing Spray Great to use on couches or rugs. A light scent disappears quickly and with it the odor in the room. Comes in 2 or 8 ounces.. FreshWave Lg spray Catalog #243 Price: $9.99

FreshWave Sm Spray Catalog #730 Price: $4.50

FreshWave Vacuum Pearls Place a capful into your vacuum bag and you will stop odors in their tracks. Leaves a fresh clean room after you’ve vacuumed Lasts for 14 vacuum bags. Catalog # Price: $

FreshWave Pearl Packs Prepackaged pearls are perfect for gym bags, sneakers and even in the care. They remove odors anywhere you put them. Prepackaged so there is no mess. Course Catalog #1292 Price: $14.99

FreshWave Laundry Additive Add one or two capfuls to a load during the wash or rinse cycle and it will neutralize odors without harsh chemicals. Catalog # Price: 11.99

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Pet Products Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator

Water Stop Gloves

Eliminates stains and odors from: urine, vomit, skunk, feces, and everything in between. Green and natural for family and pets.

These gloves are perfect when you need to give your pet a bath. The cuff stops the water from dripping down your arms. Catalog Number Small #580

Medium # 2

Large# 8

Catalog Number #451 Price $14.99

Price $6.99

FreshWave Pet Shampoo

Microfiber Shampoo Mitt

We love our pets but hate the smell. This pet shampoo removes odors naturally.

This mitt works to get a deep down clean on your pet. Makes shampooing them a little easier.

Catalog Number #1473 Price $13.99

Price $7.99 Catalog Number #1460

FreshWave Odor Neutralizing Gel

FreshWave Odor Super Gel

Continuous-release natural odor eliminating Fresh Wave Crystal Gel in an 8-oz. container for 24/7 deodorizing power. Safe to use around people and pets.

Continuous-release natural odor eliminating Fresh Wave Crystal Gel in an 64 oz.. container for 24/7 deodorizing power. Safe to use around people and pets. It’s like getting a gel container for free!

Catalog Number #1040 Price $8.99

Catalog Number #338 Price $39.99

No Bones About It Sponge Effectively removes pet hair from carpets, upholstery, clothing and car interiors. Works like a magnet. Catalog Number #1233 Price $4.99

Joe Campanelli’s Odor Eliminating Foam Odor Eliminator doesn't just temporarily mask the odor, it actually digests it permanently! Catalog Number #487 Price $8.99

PU Pet Clean Up Non-toxic way to clean up after those “accidents”. Works immediately to remove stains and smells. Has a light scent of peppermint that disinfects the area. Catalog Number #1459 Price $11.99

To Order Call: 1-508-234-4626 or

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Just Bee… Collection

Just Bee… Hand Balm Just Bee… Hand Balm

A thick balm that will repair dry cracked hands. Available in Honey, Just Bee-ieve and Bee-Free (unscented) scents.

A larger size of our wonderful hand balm. .5 pint in Honey & Just Bee-lieve.

Item JBHB Price $4.95

JBHB-LG Price 8.95

Pick Honey, Just Bee-lieve or Bee Free

Pick Honey or Just Bee-lieve

Just Bee… Hand Lotion and Soap Made from all natural ingredients. Available in Honey & Just Beelieve. Soap Item JBHL Price $6.95 Lotion Item JBHS Price $6.95 Pick Honey or Just-Bee-lieve

Just Bee… Sea Salt Scrub will leave your hands soft and smooth. Honey & Just Bee-lieve Item JBSS-LG Price $6.95 Pick Honey or Just Bee-lieve

Just Bee… GreatGreat-grandma’s Laundry Soap Unscented and made with four natural ingredients. Limited time - antique Ball jar container and our refill bag. Item # JBGGMR Price $995 Item JBGMMBall Price $14..95

Green Your Cleaning—Direct

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Green Your Cleaning Starter Packs These are packages that will get you started with green cleaning

Green Your Cleaning Starter Pack Includes: •

Blue glass cloth

Green microfiber cloth

2 Eco-sponges

Price $25.00 Catalog #GYCSP

Green Clean Starter Kit Everything you need to start greening your cleaning. The kit includes: •

The Joy of Green Cleaning

High quality spray bottle

Shaker container

Set of Skoy Cloths

Eco Sponge

Blue Cloth

Green Cloth

Instructional DVD Price $49 Catalog #1470

Quality Vacuums from Miele


Low pile carpet Perfect for hard floors. Flip brush for low area rugs

Thick carpet

Power nozzle for low to medium carpets. Additional floor brush available

Perfect for lots of carpet or if you have pet hair. Has a brush for hard floors

Miele Olympus

Miele Delphi

Miele S2121

#Olympus 1166

#Delphi 1174

#Homecare 2121

Price $299.00

Price $499.00

Price $699.00

High end Miele Vacuums Perfect for hard floors. Flip brush for low area rugs. Even comes with LED light to help you vacuum.

Perfect for low pile carpets and Orientals. Treat them right with this vacuum. We team it up with the smaller power head for an incredible vacuum.

Miele Alize

Miele HomeCare

Price $599.00

Price $899.00

Austin Air HealthMate—Purifies 1500 sq. ft. Item # AustinHM


Austin Air HealthMate Jr.—Purifies 700 sq.ft. Item # AustinHMJR $375.00

When you want the best. This vacuum gives you everything you need to keep your floors looking their best.

Miele Marin

Price $999.00

Austin Air cleaners come in five different colors. Sand Stone-White-Black-Silver-Midnight Blue Each air cleaner is delivered to you directly from the factory

Green Your Cleaning - Direct


Green Your Cleaning - Direct


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