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Claudia Kay Johnson

Pulaski, United States

Claudia Johnson is a professional writer, editor, researcher, web designer and genealogist who has been honored with the Commissioner's Award for her work in history by the Tennessee Historical Commission. Her 2005 book, A Page from the Past, garnered a 1st place award from the Tennessee Press Assoc. In 1989 she co-authored Giles Heirlooms: Historic Recipes and Places. A former president of the Giles County Historical Society, a current DAR member and Vice-Chair of the Antoinette Hall Preservation Foundation, she is an outspoken advocate of preservation of historic resources. A graduate of Giles County High, she earned her bachelor’s degree from Union University. She was one of nine coordinators for Tennessee Homecoming ‘86. She is the former editor-in-chief of the Cumberland Business Journal, former Executive Director of the Sgt. York Foundation and currently co-owns CSllc, a marketing consulting firm. Her husband is history enthusiast Danny Nichols, a genealogist and author.