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Team Neckwarmer Style 100, Page 11

Stripe Neckwarmer Style 103, Page 19

Knitted Neckwarmer Style 106, Page 25


Spectrum Neckwarmer Style 100, Page 13

Fleece Neckwarmer Style 101 / 102, Page 15

Merino Neckwarmer Style 104, Page 21

Reversible Merino Neckwarmer

CLassic beanie Style 700, Page 25

Style 105, Page 23



Team Facemask


Spectrum Facemask

Style 200, Page 11

Style 200, Page 13

Leather Facemask Style 201, Page 29

Circle scarf

Style 400, Page 31

Kingscup Bandana Style 300, Page 29

Knitted hood Style 600, Page 35


Style 500/501, Page 33

Fleece hood

Style 601, Page 37


The Clastzoo

It’s big and it’s still growing. Every year we bear, raise and adopt new fellows. Our family is spread over the world, and still, there’s one thing that brings us all together! Snowboarding has given all of us the chance to go out there and explore the world and also meet all these amazing people we now call friends. Explore your world, get out there and become part of the Clastzoo.

• SWITZERLAND • Alvaro Vogel, Christian Haller, Colin Frei, David Bertschinger Karg, Gian Simmen, Gian-Luca Cavigelli, Iouri Podladtchikov, Jan Scherrer, Mario Käppeli, Markus Keller, Nicholas Wolken, Nicolas Müller, Pat Burgener, Reto Kestenholz, Stephan Maurer

• EUROPE • Alex Tank, Arthur Longo, Gigi Rüf, Jamie Nicholls, Marco Feichtner, Marko Grilc

• SCANDINAVIA • Chris Sorman, Danny Larsen, Juuso Laivisto, Peetu Piiroinen, Staale Sandbech

• N o rt h A m erica • Danny Davis, Jack Mitrani, Kevin Pearce, Louie Vito, Mason Aguirre, Will Lavigne

• S o u t h ern He m isp h ere • Clint Allan, Mitch Allan, Will Jackways

• Girls • Annie Boulanger, Sina Candrian, Silvia Mittermüller, Spencer O’Brien, Ursina Haller

• CREWS • Ästhetiker, Pirates, Isenseven, Iuter, Twofour

We Are Clast


CLAST comes straight from the heart of the Swiss snowboarding scene and was founded on the belief that neckwear is not only about functionality but also about style. We offer you neckwear you can’t find anywhere else, from the classic Neckwarmer to the very technical Ninjamask. Believe it or not – our products turn your days on the mountain into a completely different experience. • Hist o r y • After several years riding in the cold we realized that something was missing. We just couldn‘t find anything functional to keep our necks warm when shredding fresh and freezing powder. Inspired by friends and handcrafted by Stephan Maurer’s Grandma the first few Neckwarmers were ready to heat our necks in 2005. Since then we have been trying to stay true to our original inspiration and deliver products of great fit and functionality combined with forward thinking designs.


product features

• LINKLINE • We’re proud to introduce LinkLine, a system that gives you the chance to attach our Beanies to our Neckwarmers, which makes everything stay where it belongs. Closing the gap between Beanie and Neckwarmer keeps the snow away from your skin. Each Clast Beanie has LinkLine already built in. All of our Beanies and Neckwarmers are compatible. The result is individuality combined with functionality and style.

• D R Y - R elease • Removes perspiration off your skin, dries faster than cotton and it wont shrink or loose its shape. This material provides superior heat through a dry skin. Used on our highly functional Ninjamask.

• MERINO Wool • Merino is a very technically advanced fiber with unique natural moisture and temperature control properties. It offers superior insulation and breathability combined with high elasticity providing a maximum level of next-to-skin comfort. 100% organic.

• RANGE • Our products all have a different range of use. Some are made for extremely cold days, others rather for spring conditions. To make it clearly understandable for our customers, we created a visual graphic. The wider the black bar, as shown below, the more general can the range of use be applied.


Team Neckwarmer

• Style 100 – Shell: 100% Polyester Mesh, Lining: 100% Polyester polar fleece • New two-layer Neckwarmer available in two different designs. The fleece layer on the inside guarantees you superior comfort, the outside layer is weather proof and wind repellant. Get the team print featuring Iouri Podladtchikov, Danny Larsen and Markus Keller or get it in the very colorful spectrum print. •

Red Iouri Podladtchikov

Purple Danny Larsen

Light Blue Markus Keller

Team Facemask

• Style 200 – Shell: 100% Polyester Mesh, Lining: 100% Polyester polar fleece •

Light Blue Markus Keller

Red Iouri Podladtchikov


Danny Larsen

Spectrum Neckwarmer


• Style 100 – Shell: 100% Polyester Mesh, Lining: 100% Polyester Polar Fleece •

Black / Blue

Red / Blue

Green / Sand

Spectrum Facemask

• Style 200 – Shell: 100% Polyester Mesh, Lining: 100% Polyester Polar Fleece • On the technical side the well-known Facemask has still the same features: a fleece layer on the inside makes it comfortable to wear and the proven Velcro system guarantees a fast fixation with no itch and no slip. The Facemask is now available in two different designs, either with the team or the spectrum print. •

Black / Blue

Green / Sand

Red / Blue

Fleece Neckwarmer


• Style 101 Standard Size / Style 102 Small Size – 100% Polyester Polar Fleece • Where it all started. The classic fleece Neckwarmer brings you clean style and functionality. Now available in two sizes. •





Light Blue

Light Green



Stripe Neckwarmer

• Style 103 – 87% Polyester, 17% Spandex • A simple, fashionable striped one layer Neckwarmer. Stripes are timeless, stylish and if you wear it the right way it even makes you thinner. •





MERINO Neckwarmer

• Style 104 – 100% NATURAL MERINO WOOL • Thin merino wool guarantees a light and very comfortable fit and is purely ecological. The geometrical shapes give you straightforward appearance. •

Black / Heather

Orange / Heather

Navy / Red


Reversible merino Neckwarmer

• Style 105 – 100% NATURAL MERINO WOOL • Two Merino wool layers for colder days. One side printed, the other naturally clean. Wear it your way! •





Classic Beanie

• Style 700 – 100% Acrylic • We are proud to introduce the Classic Beanie. And thanks to our new LinkLine System you can now connect it to every Neckwarmer of your choice. •


Knitted NECKWARMER • Style 106 – 100% Acrylic • A thicker and more fashionable Neckwarmer, the perfect match with our Classic Beanie. Looks like made out of wool but does not itch. What more do you want!? •


Dark Gray

Light Gray


Light Gray







Leather Facemask

• Style 201 – 60% Rayon, 40% Polyurthane • Leather is used for a lot of things. We use it for our new leather style Facemask. If you are a rough rider then this Facemask is exactly what you need. •


Kingscup Bandana

• Style 300 – 100% Cotton • This bandana is social! The famous Kingscup drinking game table including instructions makes your night extraordinary. Detailed rules available on •





Circle Scarf

• Style 400 – 60% Rayon, 40% Polyurthane • A cotton scarf made out of one single tube. Wrap it up! •






• Style 500 Standard Size / Style 501 Small Size 83% Polyester, 11% Wool, 6% Spandex • Made for the really cold days. The breathable DryRelease fabric combined with a storm proof layer at the front guarantees maximum weather protection. The thin overhead part allows you to wear it with a helmet or in combination with a beanie. Available in two sizes. •


knitted hood

• Style 600 – Shell 100% Acrylic, Lining: 100% Polyester • Knitted style on the outside, squared patterns on the inside. The fashion style hood with 100% functionality. •



Fleece Hood

• Style 601 – 100% Polyester Polar Fleece • A family favorite! This Fleece Hood is combined with an integrated Neckwarmer offering you an extra portion heat, combined with style and comfort. •



Nicholas Wolken

Stephan Maurer

Corsin Simeon Ursina Haller

Christian Haller

Markus Keller

Gian-Luca Cavigelli

Distributors A u stralia Rush Distribution +61 3 9429 6699

Japan Sassi Trading Inc. +81 3 6273 7724

• A u stria Unique Stuff +43 65 0981 9790

• K o rea Ronin INC +82 70 8282 3517

• C ana d a / Unite d S tates Louve D +1 81 9758 8368

• N o rwa y Second Born Distribution +47 9848 5085

• F inlan d / S we d en Nice Trading OY +35 8 2430 5580

• S l o v enia SB, trgovina in distribucija, d.o.o. +38 6 5995 2934

• Ger m an y 69 Distribution +49 17 3599 6969

• S witzerlan d MB Sportswear GmbH +41 3 2374 7790

• I tal y Andrea Giordan +39 33 9843 9037 •

• Unite d K in g d o m Grounded Agency Ltd. info@grounded-agency. +44 14 8342 7771 • •

Clast GmbH / Eggliweg 48 CH – 8832 Wilen / Switzerland Images by Thomas Stöckli –

Clast Winter 2012  

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