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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT Have you ever just sat down and really thought about the things that you are grateful for? Being grateful is one of those important key elements in life that many people can perhaps take for granted. Most people want to be successful, live a peaceful life, and enjoy the finer things that the world has to offer but it may not always come easy. It’s imperative to take time out of our busy schedules & reflect on how being grateful can guide us closer to inner wealth which can manifest to outer wealth as well. Tijuana Faison, one of our CLS sisters and the owner of Design Faze Boutique, will share with us how she, as an entrepreneur is grateful for the success of her business. When did you start your business? I started Design Faze in November 2007. Prior to opening Design Faze Boutique, I worked in the wholesale industry selling fashion lines to store owners throughout the southeast. After a move to Wisconsin then back to Atlanta, I started selling merchandise to personal clients and supplying businesses with clothing and jewelry that I personally hand-picked or made. That’s when Design Faze “a designer’s showcase boutique” was born! What made you start your business? I wanted to open a store that showcased my designs and my fellow local designers’ fashions as well. I wanted to open a boutique that allowed women to “define their style” by offering fresh concepts in apparel, an eclectic mix of jewelry, distinctive handbags, and the hottest updates in accessories. I wanted to open a boutique that would provide clients with the ingredients to successfully cook up a wardrobe that would enhance their personal style. What does your business specialize in, what services are provided? As the CEO and Buyer, I select fashions for Design Faze Boutique, coordinate and display them with a keen eye toward providing a versatile styling mix for my clients and I become an in-store fashion stylist at their disposal. In addition, Design Faze Boutique teams



tijuana faison owner ofDesign Faze up with several fashion stylists, personal shoppers, and wardrobe consultants for a more customized service. Schedule an appointment for a personal consultation and have Design Faze Boutique merchandise brought to you!

designers and unique lines throughout the country. Design Faze plans to be a wholesale source to help expand the artists’ talent and increase jobs. Design Faze Boutique will be known for acknowledging the woman in you.

What elements about your business are you grateful for? While in business during the recession, I’ve became more grateful and thankful to be one of few surviving boutiques. I’m even more grateful to have clients visit, see them smile, and feel satisfied walking away with their purchase.

What does your contribution to CLS mean to you? Your business? By being a member of Classy Living Society, I’m able to reach many more women and provide support by donating to the many nonprofits that we assist. CLS gives me the opportunity share ideas and grow with the organization not only on a personal level but also on a business level through the many advertising outlets that have been developed for business owners. n Robin Overmyer Design Faze Boutique Galleria Specialty Mall 1 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30339 (770) 953-2440 

Where do you see your business in 5 years? In the years to come, Design Faze will be known as being one of Atlanta’s premiere boutiques that continuously spotlight some of the best talent from local

Classy Chronicles, November 2015, Issue 7  
Classy Chronicles, November 2015, Issue 7