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Nobody knows how to “mix and mingle” better than CLS! On October 8th the sisters of CLS did just that! We mixed...we mingled...we listened and we shared. Our members who joined CLS in the months of July, August and September were treated to a spectacular evening filled with fabulous food and lots of laughter. We listened as our amazing Founder, LaShanda Pitts; gave us the latest classy information. We are branching out into new territories thanks to our founder and her vision of connecting with like minded sisters across the country and beyond. So say hello to our classy sisters in California and Tennessee! Our journey continues to AMAZE!!

Our new sisters were able to meet the CLS board and the managers from fundraising, vendor relations, community outreach, marketing, member relations and events. We discussed our vision and our mission and reminded each other that we’re here for a be innovators in volunteerism by striving to make a positive, lasting impact on those we serve with our time, talents and compassion. We had a “hands on” session that included learning how to post and more importantly SHARE those classy events and volunteer opportunities that we’re so good at participating in. We heard about our fantastically exciting plans for that are going to take us to new heights and fabulous volunteer opportunities that will keep us in the forefront of organizations for women. And oh yes...we did indulge ourselves in one of our favorite activities...SHOPPING!! A special thank you to our own Tijuana Faison, owner of Design Faze; for allowing us to “shop till we drop”. This mixer was another CLS event to remember and if you think we can’t top this one! Get ready sisters...we’re going to take it higher!!! n Avis Pitts



Classy Chronicles, November 2015, Issue 7  
Classy Chronicles, November 2015, Issue 7