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We believe in the power of art At Snug we have a dream, that everyone should have access to high quality art. Original work, incredibly affordable prints and exclusive selections reserved for those who want strictly limited edition pieces. Snug is here to find the right art for you; you dream it, we either find it in our rapidly growing network of artists, or we commission it, at the price you want to pay. Not sure what you want? Then take some inspiration from our catalogue; we make it easy for you to find the artwork you like for your home or business, in the comfort of your home or business. In our portfolio we have abstract, figurative, oil on canvas, pencil on paper, prints on silk, and many other beautiful pieces for you to chose from. The name ‘Snug’ comes from well fitting, bespoke. Operating as ‘art tailors’ we make choosing artwork a personal experience, we understand the importance of choice to allow you to find the art that represents your personality.

“ Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. “ Thomas Merton

A r t i s t . P r o f i l e Rory Price Born 1989 Scotland Lives and Works in Glasgow Scotland Graduated 2012 from The Glasgow School of Art Price’s formative years were spent living in the Shetland isles. A remote and isolated island community located half way between Scotland and Norway. Such a location nurtured his imagination. From an early age, art was to become a vital means of expression and communication. He studied at the Glasgow school of art from 2008-2012. His degree show was awarded The Steven Campbell Memorial, for the poetic creativity in his exuberant display of paintings. Price’s approach to making art favours a spontaneous, imaginative, unplanned and often unhinged approach. Works often feature surrealist or expressionistic imagery, with a focus on the stranger aspects of the human psyche.

Clusterfuck Concerto Age 22; an Anthem for Spatial Delusion. 2012 Oil on board 198 x 122 cm “This painting is loosley based on the temptaions of St Anthony, acting as both a protrait of the artist and a portrait of the world in which he inhabits: A self protrait as a city. It is an early attempt of channeling the energy of Henri Mattisse and Heironymous Bosh into a choherent vision. Smoking pidgeons, pulsing hearts, neon nudes, sex, death, and flamoyance all included.”


MC Pizzaface- Reppin’ His Finest Volcanic Tunic 2012 Oil on board 198 x 122 cm


The Wizard Critic Blowing His Own Trumpet 2012 Oil on board 122 x 122 cm “Wearing his trademark crucifixion sunglasses, He is the emptiome of self-promotion and self-congratulation. Painting his pictures whilst writing his own reviews. Neither man nor machine. He has become an artistic algorithim. Coming Through the Fog with my Fucked up Dialogue”


Xzibit - “coming through the fog with my fucked up dialogue”. 2012 Oil on canvas 122 x 92 cm “This painting is inspired by the song Paparazzi, by the rapper Xzibit: “It’s a shame, artists’ only in the art game for the money an’ the fame””


The Ned – “I know I am not paranoid but I know that you think that I am” 2011 Oil on board 30 x 20 cm “He’s only three tokes into his first split of the day, but the questions have already began: Who am I? What am I doing here? Should I still be doing this? What should I be doing? What day is it? They’re not talking about me? Are they?”


The Disaster Chef Squeezing Two Fish From A Bone 2013 Mixed media on canvas 150 x 126 cm “An allegorical climate inspired by today’s political climate, and living off of a diet of chicken bones.”


Winter City Seascape

Clueless Professor

2013 Oil on canvas 30 x 30 cm

2013 Oil on canvas 25 x 30 cm



Crunchy Thug 2013 Oil on board 67 x 53 cm


“ The world of art is not a world of immortality but of metamorphosis“ André Malraux

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Rory catalogue for Snug Artwork  
Rory catalogue for Snug Artwork  

A catalogue I designed for Snug Artwork documenting their artist' portfolio (I also did the photography)