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Wanderlust Midnight Snack A Tale of Two Sisters




Wanderlust Stylist: Ashley Clarke Photographer: Kate Hull-Nye




Midnight Snack


Midnight Snack

MIDNIGHT SNACK Stylist: Ashley Clarke & Chaine Leyendecker


Midnight Snack


A Tale of Two Sisters


A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters Photographer: Julia Comita

Stylist: Ashley Clarke

Chaine Leyendecker


A Tale of Two Sisters


Harley-D Harley-D


HARLEY-DAVIDSON IS NOT ONLY A BRAND, IT’S A LIFESTYLE. Harley-D is a sub brand that extends the Harley Davidson style to a younger demographic. We want to allow the children of the original Harley owners to experience not only the brand but also the lifestyle. Harley-D will be sold online at, as well as Urban Outfitters where their customers fit our demographic. The line will be affordable and trendy so the Harley-D girl can live her life in style!



“Customers for life.... Harley Davidson values the deep emotional connection that is created with its customers through their products, services and experiences. They are fueled through the brand loyalty and trust that their customers place in them to deliver.”

Product Development

Customer Profile

The Harley-D girl is 18 to 35-years-old. She lives in a city or college town. She is a memeber of the group “Bohemian Mix” described by Claritas as “A group of women who are constantly on the hunt for emerging pop culture, and cutting-edge fashion.” According to Claritas “A collection of mobile urbanites, Bohemian Mix represents the nation’s most liberal lifestyles. Its residents are an ethnically diverse, progressive mix of young singles, couples, and families ranging from students to professionals. In their funky row houses and apartments, Bohemian Mixers are the early adopters who are quick to check out the latest movie, nightclub, laptop, and microbrew.”



Hang Tags

Shopping Bag

Product Development

Trends Key looks:

Lace, body stockings and mesh. Roundnecked T-shirt dresses in soft materials. Layering dresses with shirts and vests in thin materials, minimal beauty styling.

Key fabrics:

Leather, polished sateen, satin, burnished metallics


Earthy and rustic with a palette of greys and muddy browns offset by shades of tomato and marron glacĂŠ. Highlight with ochre, pale blue and winter white.



Product Development

Line Sheet

Style # DB4001-30 Description: Racer Tank Fiber Content: 100% Cotton Retail: $23.00

Style # DB1001-21 Description: Fringe Crop Top Fiber Content: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Retail: $ 28.00

Style # DB2001-01 Description: Leather L/S Zipper Dress Fiber Content: 86% Viscose 14% Lycra Retail: $120.00


Style # DB1001-22 Description: Crop Leather Half Sleeve Fiber Content: 100% leather with lining. gold button trim Retail: $ 68.00

Style # DB2001-02 Description: Leather Bandage Dress Fiber Content: Washed Silk with Leather cross straps Retail: $98.00

Style # DB2001-03 Description: Jean Vest Dress Fiber Content: 95% denim 5% Elastane Retail: $58.00

Style # DB1001-23 Description: Halter Leather Top Fiber Content: 100% Leather Retail: $58.00

Style # DB2001-04 Description: S/S Leather Zipper Dress Fiber Content: 100% Leather With silver zipper Retail: $120.00

Style # DB1001-24 Description: S/S Fringe Tee Fiber Content: :66% Cotton 28% Linen 6% Lycra Retail: $32.00

Style # DB2001-05 Description: Net Sleevless Dress Fiber Content: 100% Jersey knit Retail: $78.00

Style # DB1001-25 Description: Buckle Tank Top Fiber Content: 100% Washed Silk Retail: $28.00

Style # DB2001-06 Description: T shirt Dress Fiber Content: 100% Cotton Retail: $28.00

Fall 2012

Style # DB4001-30 Description: Motorcycle Jkt with Zippers Fiber Content: 100% Leather Retail: $250.00

Style # DB3001-10 Description: Stretch Denim Leggings with Leather ties Fiber Content: Rayon, spandex Retail: $48.00

Style # DB4001-31 Description: Future Leather Jkt Fiber Content: 100% Leather Retail: $280.00

Style # DB3001-11

Description: Stretch Leather Legging Fiber Content: Leather and Cotton Retail: $68.00

Style # DB4001-32 Description: Biker Vest Fiber Content: 100% denim Retail: $ 48.00

Style # DB3001-12 Description: Patch Stretch Leggings Fiber Content: 100% Denim Retail: $68.00

Style # DB4001-33 Description: Crop Leather Jkt Fiber Content: 100% Lether Retail: $250.00

Style # DB3001-13 Description: Leather high waist skirt Fiber Content: 100% Leather Retail: $89.00

Style # DB4001-34 Description: Spike military Jkt Fiber Content: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane Retail: $198.00

Style # DB3001-14 Description: Denim Belt Skirt Fiber Content: 100% Organic denim Retail: $79.00

Style # DB4001-35 Description: Leather & Suede Vest Fiber Content: 95% Leather 5% suede Retail: $58.00

Style # DB3001-15 Description: Cut off Denim Shorts Fiber Content: 100% organic cotton Retail: $58.00

Product Development




Product Development


Exclusively sold at Harley Davidson & Urban outfitters

Available Fall 2012

Exclusively sold at Harley Davidson & Urban outfitters


This artsy fashion, music, and contemporary lifestyle magazine reaches the same demographic as Glamour, and Teen Vogue, but also caters to a hipster crowd that’s into cutting-edge designers, indie bands, and under-the-radar culture. We feel this will be the main advertising media for Harley- D because it reaches the edgy customer we are looking for.



Paper Magazine is an ideal place for Harley-D to advertise. Not only does it cater to our demographic but we feel it will spark interest in people that shop at Urban Outfitters. The full page ad will be placed near the table of contents. The ads will promote the brand before it is about to launch.



Available Fall 2012

Exclusively sold at Harley Davidson & Urban outfitters

Available Fall 2012

Exclusively sold at Harley Davidson & Urban outfitters


HARLEY D + URBAN OUTFITTER WEB MARKETING + URBAN OUTFITTERS Harley- D will be sold exclusivly at Urban Outfitters and Harley Davidson. com Urban Outfitters will promote Harley- D on their web site, as well as hosting a launch party in each city that the Harley -D Tour goes to.

WEB MARKETING + Harley Davidson will promote Harley-D by advertising on the main web page. You will be able to purchase the line direcly from the web site, and it will also have the Urban Outfitters link provided on the site.


Product Development


THE D-TOUR Harley -D Tour is a cross country promotional tour. We will be traveling to many different cities in our Harley- D tour bus filled with great merchandise and free give a ways. The tour will be stopping at different Urban Outfitters stores where there will be an exclusive launch party that will cater to each individual city. The idea behind this tour is to get the word out about Harley- D, and to get people interested. Along with the tour bus we will also have our Harley D entourage of bikers to show that Harley Davidson is not just a brand but a lifestyle.



BRAINCHILD Collaboration Center for Creative Production


By allowing artists a workspace and outlet to sell their merchandise we hope to give all creative people a jump- start to their career. This new type of retail space embodies both the ethos of the “free” do it yourself spirit and the creative aesthetic of San Francisco’s art scene.


The Brainchild Coalition is a retail boutique and collaboration center for creative production, showcasing local artist, screen printers, jewelry makers, and fashion designers. The boutique aims to provide an affordable place where like-minded people from the community can display and sell their own handmade goods while also giving the community a chance to shop affordable locally made products.

Core Values • To inspire people to explore their creative side

• To offer an affordable outlet for people to create art • To have a fun shopping atmosphere for art and fashion lovers • To give people a jump start in producing and selling their handmade goods.



1 2 3

The Brainchild

Membership Price: $75.00

Includes small workspace available three times a week from 7am-12am. Limited access to supply room, full power hook up, Internet included. small three-week display of artist’s goods.

Membership Price: $175

Includes large workspace available seven times a week from 7am-12am. Full access to supply room full power hook up, Internet included. Six-week display of artist’s goods.

Membership Price:


Includes large workspace available seven times a week from 7am-12am. Artist will get their own supply cabinet, as well as all access to any machinery and tools they may need. Full power hook up, with Internet included. Eight-week display of artist’s goods.

Getting the Job Done At The Brainchild Coalition we help local creative minds “get the job done� by allowing them to rent a monthly space to create any artistic merchandise that can be sold in our boutique, giving local San Francisco shoppers a unique affordable assortment of products.


Artists- The 6-10 featured artists will be required to pay a fee ranging from $75-$275 depending on the size of the space and materials needed. The artist has a one-month lease to work at the Brainchild and they will get to sell their merchandise to the public, as well as being featured online and in the Brainchild zine. After the one month term a new set of artist will then get a chance to rent space. They may return after their term is done but they must re-register and wait until a space is available. Product made by the featured creative minds will be sold at an affordable price. When the artist’s term is almost over all merchandise will be marked down in order to make room for all the new merchandise.


Target Market Current target market: Primary- (Artists renting space) Creative and innovative men and women who are looking for a way to explore their creative side; whether that be in fashion design, jewelry making, screen printing, or any creative work in the fashion and art industry.

Secondary- (Customers) Hip, imaginative men and women who like unique and creative

merchandise, People who are not afraid to think out of the box, and who want to support their friends and local creative minds.

Meet Kirstin:

Meet Billy: Demographics:

• Age: 18-35 • Gender: Male and female • Ethnicity: White, Black, Asian, Hispanic • Education: Some College • Income: Lower-Mid • Marital status: Single, newly married • Life style: laidback • Social Class: Middle • Interests: Art, fashion and music

Shopping characteristics:


• Lifestyle- Night owl who you will see out most of the night being inspired •They value family, love, art, music, culture • friendship is a huge importance in their life •Tends to have no religious belief, and are l liberal when it comes to politics

• Tends to shop at thrift stores most of the time • Likes the DIY look • Vintage love • Interested in skating • Street wear

The Brainchild

Empathy Map She needs more of

He needs more of

Shared Opinion


d ing p p sho ions e iqu tinat Un

Kirstin: The Shopper

Billy: The Artisit

Get inspired

rdab le spa artist ce

Wants to build customer base

Locally made products

Limited edition products


Make f

ull time living

Sparking Creative process


tim ore m g elf ndin Spe for hers


Wor min k with li ded k peo e ple

Fun atmosphere

Learning different creative outlets

creative atmosphere

Saving money


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Mo ling

Spend less money on commercialized products


s pr prod oduced ucts

She needs less of

Worring about production conscience







Mass competition

He needs less of Entrepreneurship

Value Proposition The Brainchild advantages: • Being able to have a workspace for artist such as screen printers, jewelry makers, and fashion designers to create their work • Giving them a space to not only create but also network with other artists • Affordable price’s for customers • One of a kind merchandise How big is the market for your product? There is a huge market right now for local handmade merchandise. People like to thrift shop and they would rather support their local artist.

The Brainchild

Sample Product Jewelry

Zines & Books



Fashion Marketing & Styling Portfolio  

A small sample of some of my styling as well as marketing and social media work