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Fall 2019

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THE MAGAZINE OF CLARKE UNIVERSITY is published three times a year for alumni, parents, and friends of Clarke University.

INSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. President Bill Biebuyck Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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Courtney Leonard Executive Director of Development





Jodi Hooks ’99 Director of Alumni Relations Megan Stull Assistant to the President EDITOR Susan Cain Content Strategist DESIGNER Gayle Langel ’08, ’17M Creative Director CONTACT INFORMATION Clarke University 1550 Clarke Drive Dubuque, IA 52001-3198 (563)588-6318 Fax: (563)588-6300

Clarke University does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability in its educational programs, admissions policies, employment practices, financial aid, athletics, or other university-administered programs. Clarke University complies with all pertinent state and federal regulations concerning affirmative action, non-discrimination, and equal employment opportunity.

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the president

Dear Alumni and Friends, Before you dive into reading about the really good things happening at Clarke University, please allow me to introduce myself as the 16th President of Clarke University. I arrived from Texas in mid-July for a month of introductory meetings and listening sessions on campus, in the community, and over the phone and with dozens of employees, students, and stakeholders who all believe in the mission and core values of Clarke University. My family joined me in August—wife Noelle, son Drew, daughter Ellen, and four small dogs and a leopard gecko—and received an equally warm welcome and introduction to Clarke and Dubuque, just as our students and faculty were returning to campus. The fall semester began with many new faces and facets: ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯

13 new faculty The Clarke Pride playing their first-ever intercollegiate football game New local and regional alumni events and conversations 4 new student dinners, including an “Ask the President” post-dessert Q&A A new VP for Enrollment Management, Jason Harmon

As you enjoy this issue of our magazine, consider with whom you will share it when you’re finished. Clarke benefits greatly from word of mouth and personal interactions in addition to our communication and outreach efforts. Share the stories of … ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯ ˯˯

Our updated Strategic Plan—including our revised mission and values statements BVM Sisters mentoring Residence Life student leaders Clarke Inclusive games—connecting Clarke students and Dubuque community members who have disabilities The latest from Head Football Coach Miguel Regalado and the Pride’s inaugural season The ways in which we are together affirming and becoming One Clarke | One Community

Thank you for your continued support and love for Clarke. Warm regards,

Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. President

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Prayer Pals:


The Resident Assistant staff of Residence Life work hard to

Director of Sudent Life Brenda White said, “This was an idea

make sure everyone on campus feels welcomed, supported,

that came from our storied history. Long ago, such ‘Prayer Pals’

and informed. In an effort to connect students with Clarke’s

existed in the form of friendships between students and

Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM) heritage, every

BVM sisters. Somewhere along the way, as new ideas arose,

Resident Assistant (RA) has been partnered with a BVM sister

Prayer Pals were phased out. We want to enliven that bond

for one school year. These partnerships are “Prayer Pals,”

again. In my mind, it brings our BVM heritage to the forefront

and, as the name suggests, they will connect in prayer and

of Clarke’s values again. Our campus and buildings may be

beyond throughout the year to not only support each other,

long standing, but our connections with one another are new.”

but all students living in the residence halls. The BVM sisters and RAs gathered together at the beginning of the semester to get to know one another. They enjoyed a wonderful afternoon talking, learning, laughing, and building a lasting bond. The prayer pals also held an ice cream social and mason jar painting event on Clarke’s campus.

“The story of the Prayer Pals between the BVM sisters and the RAs here on campus has come up organically in many conversations I’ve had recently. It’s important to connect students, founders, heritage, and values. It’s both encouraging and inspiring to me,” said Clarke President Thom D. Chesney, Ph.D. Lori Ritz, Director of BVM Life and Mission, shared, “Brenda White and I put together the program for what we wanted it to be. Being a retired teacher and school administrator, I am familiar with how to train and facilitate groups, so Brenda and I just planned it from there—knowing that taking the time to build relationships first would be crucial.” She continued, “The sisters and students met for the afternoon early in the school year. They shared a noon meal at Mt. Carmel and engaged in getting to know you activities which focused on relationships and leadership. The sisters and students exchanged emails and phone numbers and have been in contact with each other. Since then, the sisters

Many alumni fondly remember the time when the BVM

have visited the RAs on their floors, met students on Clarke’s

sisters lived on campus in the residence halls alongside

campus, and continued building relationships. Sisters send

students. Clarke remains committed to honoring the

notes, assuring students of prayer during finals, vacations,

connections between students and the BVM congregation.

and sporting events.”

Celebrating our shared heritage is extremely important to the future of Clarke University.

Student Rashaud Colbert ’20 is a Sport Management and Business major. He said, “Getting to know my Prayer Pal,

Clarke continues to further these connections and bring

Sr. Mira Mosle ’65, has been a very great experience. We did

BVM sisters to campus to engage with students living and

a fun activity of making paper cutouts of ourselves and then

learning at Clarke. In addition to RA partnerships, BVM sisters

exchanged them to always remember one another. We

also have spent increasing time in Campus Ministry in the

also took pictures that I now have hanging up in my room.

Dorice and Corbin McNeill Student Wellness Center, where

Those little reminders keep me focused. I like knowing I have

they offer spiritual guidance and support alongside our

someone not only praying for me, but my floor mates as well.

Campus Ministry staff.

In addition, I feel that knowing her has taught me how to be a

clarkeMAGAZINE | 2

better individual inside and outside of the classroom. Making

agree and differ. I'm often stunned by how effective prayer

that connection with her has made me feel surrounded with

is, even when we simply send a good thought when one

positive love and energy which can help get me through the

of us comes to the other's mind.”

rest of college. I know that when I am down and need prayer, I can contact Sr. Mira and she will bless me with words of wisdom to keep me going every day.”

The BVM sisters were and continue to be a central piece of the Clarke experience for many alumni. This initiative is only but one way to ensure the BVM spirit lives on.

Sr. Mira said about Rashaud, “He is a very positive, energetic

Clarke will continue to educate its students about the

young man who takes every opportunity to spread happiness

power and love of the BVMs. We will share updates on

and hope. He is dedicated to making a positive difference in

Prayer Pals throughout the semester. 

the lives of the young men whom he mentors as an RA. There is great power in prayer, and Rashaud has asked for prayers as

Photo credit: Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

he makes decisions to keep his life on track. Juggling studies, RA responsibilities, and athletics calls for the wisdom of the Spirit. His dynamism and spirit of giving back to others has already been a lift to my spirit and given me renewed belief in the goodness of young people and their ability to make a difference in the lives of one another and in the world.”

Pals from the Past Ashley Kurt ’07 met her Prayer Pal 14 years ago. She shared, “One of the most important things I learned while attending Clarke was the importance of relationships and how to value those relationships. I was matched up with my Prayer Pal Sr. Virginia McCaffrey as a young college student. I never imagined that I’d continue to stay in touch over the next 14 years, or that she’d ever meet my daughter! I’d often run into her as I was at Mt. Carmel visiting my great aunt. We would catch up, laugh, and always end our visit with a hug. It’s been a blessing to stay in touch with Sr. Virginia and continue our prayers for each other. I’m thankful for all the relationships I made while at Clarke, but this one

Savannah Swanson ’22, a double major in Business and

holds a special place in my heart.”

Accounting, has met with her Prayer Pal, Sr. Carol Cook (pictured above). “Sr. Carol and I have a great time just asking each other a bunch of questions from what we like to do in our free time to things that make us laugh. She comes to campus to join us for floor meetings and to talk to my residents. She also attended some athletic events throughout the year. My hope is that I can help her feel like a student again at times and help her relive some of her younger years. She helps me bring my relationship with others closer, while also establishing a closer connection to God.” Sr. Josette Kelly ’59 is paired with senior Gavin Collingwood. Sr. Josette is a Clarke alumnae and previously taught piano, electronic studio, music history, theory, composition, and literature at Clarke. Sr. Josette said, “Gavin shared with me his reverence for his grandfather, which was inspiring. He told me of his participation in a similar project with Mt. Carmel last year. We talk about spiritual aspects of life and how we

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Clarke Inclusive Games: A Caring Community

were donated to a local nursing home. They also hosted a game night on campus where they set up an Xbox Kinect on a large screen television and played Just Dance. They outfitted the room with a coloring table and treats. Many

Clarke Inclusive Games (CIG) is a student-led organization

residents from Hills & Dales attended, dancing and coloring

that raises awareness and educates the community on the

the night away. After the conclusion of the basketball season,

importance of inclusion in our everyday lives. CIG is a club

they hosted a banquet to celebrate the athletes.

that brings together Dubuque community members with disabilities and Clarke students to participate in intramural

The club also created an area on campus to celebrate

games and other activities.

diversity and inclusion. An engraved bench and free little library were constructed in the spring and can be used

Alexa Bissell ’19 and Kacey Ford ’19 began the Inclusive Games

by Clarke students, faculty, and staff as well as Dubuque

Club at Clarke in 2017. The recent graduates each earned

community members. CIG hosted a Spring Easter egg hunt

a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education and

in the Student Activities Center, where they decorated eggs,

endorsement in special education.

colored, and enjoyed Easter snacks. In addition, they held a board game night. Kruser said, “From my involvement in CIG, I have learned how important it is to encourage inclusion. I work at Hills & Dales outside of CIG, and that has made a huge impact on my life. From all of my experience from the residents, I have learned to never take anything for granted.” Ronnebaum shared, “I would like to tell new students that CIG is a phenomenal club to join. It is a way to make new friends and make a positive impact on someone’s life. You will also learn more about Clarke and the Dubuque community. One truly understands the importance of inclusion when you get involved in CIG. My favorite event this

Bissell shared, “It took some hard work to get CIG started.

spring was the Easter party. Everyone

We spent a lot of time reaching out to organizations in the

had such a great time and it’s

community, such as Hills & Dales, Keystone Area Education

meaningful to bring happiness

Agency, and Lutheran Youth Services, to find people to

to people.”

partner with us. I think Dubuque has a large population of people with disabilities – physical, emotional, mental – who

Ockenfels added,

can benefit greatly from CIG. Also, parents with children

“My favorite event hosted

who have disabilities do not always have the opportunities

by CIG is the basketball

to see their children play a sport or be a part of an inclusive

games. It is always fun

environment. With this club, they get to come out to see their

to play with the residents

children play and be with Clarke students. What is really cool

regardless of their physical or

about CIG is that it involves everyone.”

mental abilities. They always have fun, and seeing the joy

The current executive board is Allison Kruser ’22, President;

that it brings to them fills me

Chloe Parks ’20, Vice President; Claire Ronnebaum ’22,

with joy, too.” 

Secretary; and Kevin Ockenfels ’20, Treasurer. The club currently has 45 members. The members of CIG did many activities throughout the year.

Follow Clarke Inclusive Games on

At Christmas, they created holiday cards at Luther Manor and

Facebook to see all the wonderful

Hills & Dales with individuals who have disabilities. The cards

things they do.

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mission STATEMENT The Board of Trustees reviewed the Clarke University mission

Drafts were shared and feedback was solicited from Board of

statement and core values in 2018. A writing group of Board

Trustee members and the broader Clarke University campus

members was charged with drafting new foundational

community. The Board approved the following mission and

statements that effectively and concisely articulate the

core values statements in May 2019.

University’s mission and values in contemporary language.

Clarke University is a Catholic academic community that believes learning is lifelong and life changing. We inspire intellectual curiosity, cultural engagement, professional preparedness, spiritual exploration, and a commitment to contributing to the common good in a global society.

CORE VALUES STATEMENT Clarke University is a learning community that lives by four core values: Education, Charity, Justice, and Freedom. These values emanate from our founder Mary Frances Clarke, the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and those who follow their example to provide learning experiences that are relevant and forward looking.



As a community seeking wisdom, we help all to appreciate learning opportunities that enable persons to reach their full potential.

As a community standing with others, we strive to create a society that recognizes the dignity, equality, and rights of all people and to respond faithfully to one another.



As a community seeking to welcome all, we contribute to the well-being of others and the common good.

As a community seeking to live authentic lives, we invite all to be open to God’s love and to be true to their best selves. clarkeMAGAZINE | 5

Chat with Thom


Dr. Thom D. Chesney was named the 16th president of Clarke University on Feb. 26, 2019. He was the unanimous choice of the Board of Trustees and assumed office on July 15, 2019, succeeding Joanne Burrows, SC, Ph.D. In an effort to get to know him, we asked a few questions. Off the top of your head, what’s the best thing about

How do you inspire those who work with you?

being Clarke’s new president?

Celebrate their successes. Provide continuous feedback

The welcoming, family atmosphere that permeates

so annual evaluations are never a surprise. Support their

the Clarke experience from students to employees

professional development and career path.

to community. What did you do prior to being president of How did you make your college decision? How did you

Clarke University?

end up at Washington University?

Brief rundown. I worked in retail clothing sales, a

I didn’t so much choose WashU, as we call it, as it chose me.

manufacturing assembly line, as a newspaper custodian,

The people made the difference. I felt like they wanted me to

public radio and television announcer, and several other odd

come there and be successful as much as I hoped to find a

jobs to pay my way through graduate school; then, taught

home away from home and pathway to a good future.

writing and literature courses for several years as a faculty member before moving primarily into administrative roles.

What are your best and worst qualities? Best: I’m kind of a renaissance guy and can converse on a

How did you decide, “I want to be a college president?”

wide range of topics and interests in just about any setting

I finally accepted the advice of mentors and advisors who

and with any audience. Worst: My best quality sometimes

suggested I was cut out for it. I had been awestruck by the

leads to storytelling sessions and conversations that go into

experience I had as senior class president at WashU, meeting

the wee hours.

regularly with the chancellor. I didn’t think I could ever do that much work and with so many people. I think I gradually

What are you most proud of in your life?

grew into it by saying “yes” a lot to opportunities to serve in

Having a family that has taught me more about real life

different ways and at different colleges and universities.

than I could possibly have imagined (and I still have much to learn).

What attracted you to Clarke? Hands down the mission and core values. I read the first page or two of the position description and felt called to take a closer look, wondered if it was real, and decided there was no room for a “What if…” moment later on if I hadn’t applied. How do you really relax and recharge? Did I mention the dogs and family? I also draw new energy from cooking, hiking, and bird watching. My more meditative side refuels by playing poker. I love the mathematics and statistical elements of the game combined with the psychological and social aspects of playing the cards and the players.

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What are some life lessons you’ve learned from the people you’ve worked with? a. Tell the truth. There’s less to remember. b. Accept the unexpected. c. Given a stack of wood and a pile of rocks, one can build walls or bridges. Choose wisely. What’s the most significant change you’ve seen in college admissions during your time in higher education? Access, affordability, and student success have finally been woven together into planning and development, which means academic, student, and business affairs must all be at the table to create an enrollment strategy. If you could teach one class, what would it be? Why? An introductory fiction writing workshop. Creating, sharing, and critiquing your work among your peers has immediate and lifelong value.

You are an excellent story-teller. Explain. It’s a combination of my formal education which included lots of writing, reading, and listening, and a mind that sees things better when they come with a narrative. On a drive to work or cross country, I will

How does someone earn your trust? They are authentic in every setting and every encounter.

frequently create sketches around the pedestrians, motorists, and settings I encounter. 

What do your first 100 days look like as president? I think it’s a bit like what Huck and Jim experienced navigating the Mississippi River—at times adventurous,

“When you spend a significant

fascinating, and beautiful; at others, foggy, scary, and

amount of time with students

uncertain, as it should be. I am glad I got on at Dubuque.

who come to us with their

What does Clarke’s future look like to you?

hope for a brighter future; our

It will be as bright and resilient as the thinkers and doers we

colleagues who collaborate to

include in our design and decision-making. I expect Clarke’s presence and engagement in our community will be even

educate, support, and deliver

more indelible, and our reach and influence even more

on that hope; and our alumni,

expansive. I have never been more optimistic joining a new

donors and community who

institution than I have been in coming to Clarke.

commit additional time and

What made you decide to embrace social media as

resources, you get the full

a way to communicate?

picture, especially at a place

A colleague president at a Tier 1 Texas university encouraged me to start early, be consistent, and be

like Clarke that is notable for

compelling. I ultimately tweaked her advice to include

graduates who are career and

choosing one platform—Twitter—and honing my craft. Twitter challenges me to be concise, focused, and clever.

community ready when they

While social media has definitely broadened my network of

set off on the next leg of their

colleagues, it has also connected me with students, parents,

life’s journey.”

and community in ways that would otherwise not happen.

clarkeMAGAZINE | 7

Science and Art: A Perfect Pairing Collaboration between Clarke and 7 Hills Brewing Company Clarke University and 7 Hills Brewing Company collaborated to create a unique Clarke-branded brew to be unveiled at this year’s homecoming. The beer was served along with unique culinary delights developed by a Clarke Food Science student at a homecoming alumni social event.

and David Barba ’21. In addition, Food Science student Kyla Fangman ’19 developed food pairings for the beer as part of her senior Capstone project. As Pellino described her brand, Bad Habits, she said, “The five BVMs that founded Clarke University were a group of fearless doers who never backed down from a challenge. The group of sisters never had the best tools or technology, but they allowed their intuition, faith, and determination to lead them as they charged their way across the Atlantic and through the Dubuque fog. It was their fiery spirit and ‘bad habit’ of going against the grain that led them to continuously defy the odds. It’s this same spirit that brings all of us together and leads us as a community to continue their tradition of making a difference.” Gutierrez and his colleagues listened to each of the presentations, asked questions, and then deliberated to determine the winner to be Bad Habits. Gutierrez said, “Each brand possessed an element that we loved. With that said, we selected Mariah Pellino’s Bad Habits. The colors pop, the fire and spark are relevant to Clarke in so many ways, and we like to think of the BVMs as possessing some fire in their own spirits as they journeyed from Ireland to find their home in Dubuque. We think this brand will

Clarke Graphic Design students Nick Miller, Mariah Pellino, Maggie Christanson, and David Barba hold their branded beer bottles. Not pictured is Food Science graduating senior Kyla Fangman, who created food pairings for the beer as part of her senior Capstone project.

resonate with our alumni. Overall, Bad Habits displayed the most consistent branding and brand recognition.” The winning campaign was showcased and served at a homecoming social at 7 Hills Brewing Company on September 27 that also included live entertainment, appetizers, and beverages.

The project kicked off when Graphic Design students presented their work to the owner of 7 Hills Brewing

Fangman said, “For the food pairing, Professor of Chemistry

Company, Clarke alumnus Keith Gutierrez ’03, along with

Sunil Malapati and I chose five different foods that had one

members of his creative staff, for review as part of a class

major flavor characteristic (example: sweet). Each food was

competition. In addition to naming and branding their beer

sampled with the beer and a ‘0-10’ scale was used to record

and creating a label for the large bomber beer bottles, the

how well the two paired together. The main focus was to

students created coasters, pint glasses, decorative storage

keep the flavor of the dish equivalent to the flavor of the beer.

boxes, table tents, and other unique extras. Students named

The flavor of one shouldn’t dominate the flavor of the other.

their beers: Sister Encoded; Bad Habits; Cuttie's Kick; and

For example, we paired the Bad Habits beer with a Brie and

Eliza Kelly Delinquents.

hot sauce dish. Both are heavy, filling, and rich. But the flavors are mild, so neither flavor overpowers the other. The goal was

The Graphic Design students involved in the presentation

to create a perfect balance so people could enjoy the beer

were Nick Miller ’21, Mariah Pellino ’21, Maggie Christianson ’21,

and food together as a pair.”

clarkeMAGAZINE | 8

Clarke Associate Professor of Graphic Design Eric Wold said, "The whole idea behind this project was to collaborate between Clarke’s Graphic Design and Food Science students in partnership with 7 Hills Brewing Company. It truly was an effort that required a lot of juggling to make all the elements align. We wanted to unveil the winning beer at the alumni event to embody Clarke's heritage through the spirit of our treasured alumni. This particular beer is a honey gold wild ale, part of 7 Hills' Foeder Series, and it has been fermented in oak barrels for one year." Gutierrez concluded the event by saying, "I would like to compliment all the students who presented their beer branding and were involved in part of this project. It's not easy to turn around a full rebrand of a product in a week, and these students presented very professionally, with solid persuasive arguments for each of their brands. Each brand had something that stood out, from fun pop culture, to brilliant word-smithing, to consistent branding, to a cartoon, graffiti vibe which appeals to the craft beer connoisseurs. In addition, the food pairings couldn’t have been better." 

Mariah Pellino’s branding “Bad Habits” won the branding competition.


If you are interested in learning more about establishing a charitable legacy through the Clarke Lives Endearment Campaign, please contact Courtney Leonard at (563)588-6585 or visit

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SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2019

clarkeMAGAZINE | 10

Thanks for ! s u th i w g n ti a r celeb






Front Row - Cara (Clark) LaPlaca '99, President Thom Chesney, Ph.D., and Morgan Bradford '12. Back Row - Brock Helms '96, Sandy Sirvid-Twedt '01, and Alex Wilharm '11,





Everyone has a story. The Humans of Clarke campaign is a social media movement that works to connect the Clarke community. Through sharing student stories on Facebook and Instagram, we help all those within Clarke’s network feel more connected while providing an avenue for individuals to become known. View more student stories:

Hattie Frana

HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY ’19 I was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome in the summer of 2009 after a referral to a geneticist and a blood test to confirm karyotype. I am from Calmar, Iowa, but had to spend time in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Rochester, Minnesota, seeing geneticists, cardiologists, audiologists, and orthopedics. I had several x-rays of my spine which showed mild scoliosis. I was bullied in elementary and middle school because I did not fit in with the other children. I am only 4 feet 11 inches tall, and was always much shorter than my classmates. I also did not understand the jokes they tried to make even if I was the brunt of that joke. I had to take growth hormone injections which limited my ability to enjoy sleepovers – because of the medicine, I had to stay close to home. During middle school and high school, I had issues with math classes which eventually led to my second diagnosis of a Nonverbal Learning Disorder. This disorder affects my communication and social skills which makes it hard to interact and take directions from others. I have to tell people that I take most directions literally and can’t detect sarcasm as easily as others. None of this has stopped me from graduating close to the top of my high school class and graduating from Clarke with honors. I am going to law school at University of Iowa in Iowa City. After graduating with my J.D., I want to practice law as an immigration and children’s rights lawyer.

MLK 50, and gave eye exams to underserved children in the Memphis School System. Also, I traveled to Costa Rica with my philosophy class, which allowed me to interact with more people who spoke Spanish which will be relevant to my career as an immigration attorney. My biggest involvement at Clarke was with Peace, Betterment, and Justice Club (PB&J), where I learned invaluable communication and advocacy skills which will greatly help me as an attorney. I served as secretary and president for one year each. In the PB&J Club, I set up meetings to focus on social advocacy issues and provided service opportunities such as teams for Into the Streets, which I participated in three times. Clarke provided me with so many opportunities to grow. One of these opportunities that stands out was an internship with Reynolds and Kenline L.L.P. I got to watch jury selection, create my own exhibit for a focus group, watch two other focus groups, and make sure all of the files made it into the

At Clarke, I was involved in music for campus mass. I was also

online system by scanning the paper versions. Clarke also put

part of both Scholars and Phi Sigma Tao Honor Society. I was

me in touch with Americorp, which challenged me to even

a small faith sharing group leader and was involved with two

better my communication skills with those who work on a

campus ministry mission trips, one to Milwaukee, Wisconsin,

professional level while feeding my drive to help children.

and one to Memphis, Tennessee. During our Memphis

I was able to help children learn how to read every day,

trip, we helped refugee children, prepared a church for

which made me happy.

clarkeMAGAZINE | 12

Josh Sanchez

BU SI N ESS A D MI N I STR ATI ON & SPORT MANAGEMENT ’20 Motivation is key for me. Knowing I’m the first in my family to go to college really motivates me. I want to get good grades and graduate to make an impact on my family. In the past my family and I were homeless for a period of time. So now, ultimately, getting a good job and being able to take care of my parents is really important to me. My work ethic has become very strong. My brothers are hard workers and they have been amazing examples for me. I take pride in being a student athlete. Being in college is rough, and being a dedicated student athlete is very challenging. I balance my time between academics, sports, and working outside of campus, and am so thankful for the support of my coach and team. When I was a child, I struggled reading easy material. Fast forward to high school, I was in a program called an IEP, which helped me obtain special help in my academic life. As I got older, I made it a goal to not need this program. By the end of my junior year of high school, I was off the IEP. I was very excited to be a regular student with advanced level classes. Looking back at my struggles gives me strength to continue achieving greatness and working hard to keep a positive mindset.

anything I do. On the personal side of being at Clarke, I found the true Josh Sanchez by finding faith and love with the people that I surround myself with. Also, Clarke showed me how to have fun with all the campus events during the week. My favorite memory at Clarke was the final game of the World Series in 2016, when the Cubs took the title from Cleveland Indians. During the whole game, everyone in Mary Jo was going insane because the Cubs were getting closer to a world championship. Once the game ended with the third out, everyone in Mary Jo went into the hallway to celebrate by yelling, going crazy, and (my favorite) running up and down the hallways rejoicing with excitement. This celebration went on at least one hour after the game finished. I laughed so hard that I cried with tears of joy, because at that moment I

Clarke has prepared me for the future on the professional

knew that God wanted me to find Clarke with the purpose to

side by giving me all the knowledge to be successful with

impact anyone that I come in contact with by my positivity. 

! e t a d e th e Sav

#clarkeday MARCH 26, 2020 clarkeMAGAZINE | 13


KICKED OFF AUGUST 31 Clarke University entered a new era on Saturday, August 31,

Central Methodist, 4-6 last season, countered and took

with the institution’s first-ever football game. Kick-off was at

control of the game with five unanswered touchdowns,

11 a.m. at Dubuque Senior High School's Dalzell Field where

including a 40-yard interception return to take a 35-6

the excitement level was palpable. Clarke partners with the

halftime lead. Clarke was plagued by 10 penalties for 195

Dubuque Community School District for use of their field.

yards. In comparison, the Pride totaled 164 yards total offense.

Commemorative tickets were provided at the Dalzell Field ticket window on game-day. Additionally, the game was televised live on ESPN3.

Unfortunately, Clarke lost 49-19 before an enthusiastic crowd in temperatures hovering in the low 70s. Head Coach Miguel Regalado took on this role in June 2017. He was formerly the offensive coordinator at Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas. Regalado spent the entirety of his first year recruiting student-athletes to Clarke University. His inaugural recruiting class of 49 was unveiled in the spring semester of 2018. Regalado built his coaching staff throughout the 2018-19 academic year and increased his roster size to 88 this year. Regalado said, “I'd like to thank ALL of Clarke University for putting on a first class show on August 31 for our inaugural football game. It's rare to look into an NAIA crowd at a football game and see 2,300 fans. It's also a testament to how hard everyone at Clarke worked. I could not be more fortunate to be a part of the Pride family. Our young men learned a lot from their first college football game, and I was extremely

President Thom Chesney was asked to do the honor of the

proud of their effort. We look forward to learning from and

first coin toss. He shared, “It was breathtaking during the

correcting our mistakes moving forward as we strive to put a

coin toss at midfield to look at the stands packed to capacity

better product on the field each and every week.”

with avid fans decked in navy and gold Clarke Pride spirit wear. Their energy was matched by the players who showed few signs of first game jitters, but many indications of great things to come.”

Clarke Athletic Director Curt Long said, “There was a sea of blue and gold throughout Dalzell at that first home game. I looked up from field level and saw both the lower and upper decks full, and there was standing-room-only from the

The visiting Eagles, of Fayette, Missouri, won the opening coin

concession stand area all the way to the front gate. It was an

toss and deferred, giving the Pride the ball. Clarke responded

inspiring start for a new program, with support from families,

with a four-play, 65-yard drive highlighted by quarterback Tim

alumni, and the campus and Dubuque communities. We

Evitt’s 26-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Max Steffen.

know playing in this conference is going to be a challenge

clarkeMAGAZINE | 14


each Saturday as we develop our talent and experience level, but the work ethic and spirit among the group is


there. The players and coaches represent our university very well.”


Clarke competes in the NAIA's Heart of America Athletic


Conference and their 2019 schedule included 11 dates against HEART foes, including six home games. The six home games were August 31 against Central Methodist, September 14 against Evangel University,




16 2

1 3


October 19 against Peru State College, November 2 against





September 28 against MidAmerica Nazarene University, Culver-Stockton College, and the home schedule closed



1 2


out on November 9 with William Penn University. Clarke couldn’t be prouder of the first season of football with this young team of student-athletes.

At the time of print publication, the Clarke University Pride

The Clarke University Board of Trustees voted to add

held a record of 2-6, beating Peru State University and

football to its intercollegiate lineup in January of 2015. 

Graceland University.

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Jason Harmon Named Vice President for Enrollment Management “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the next Vice President for Enrollment Management and join a community dedicated to contributing to the common good. I look forward to collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and Biology students Brynn Schubert '21 and Emma Liddicoat '21

community partners to ensure we

conducting research using equipment in the biology lab.

are offering educational opportunities that meet the needs of those we serve, both in our local community and beyond,” said Harmon.

Clarke Biology Students Awarded Funding for Glaucoma Research This summer, Biology majors Emma Liddicoat ’21 and Brynn Schubert ’21 were awarded funding for their project “MMP28Protein Expression and Localization in Prostaglandin Analog Treated Human Ocular Cells” from the R. J. McElroy Student/Faculty Research Selection Committee on behalf of the Iowa College Foundation. The students will work alongside their faculty sponsors, Assistant Professors of Biology Dr. Laura Hecker and Dr. Shaun Bowman. Together, they will study the amount and location of a protein, MMP28, in human ocular cells following treatment

Harmon joins the Clarke University community after successfully serving as the Vice President of Enrollment Management at Marian University in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for the past several years. He provided leadership to the admission, athletics, financial aid, and marketing and communication offices. During his time at Marian, the university experienced a significant increase in traditional undergraduate enrollment, including the largest firstyear class in the school’s history, which also contributed to a record number of residential students. Harmon’s collaboration with other departments such as academic affairs, advising, business office, diversity and inclusion, and registrar led to a significant increase in first-year student retention.

with prostaglandin analogs (drugs typically used in the

Prior to Marian University, he was at Aurora University in

management of glaucoma). They are especially interested in

Aurora, Illinois, for 18 years in a variety of roles including

determining if the expression of MMP28 changes following

Director of the Orchard Center, Director of Graduate

prostaglandin analog exposure, as this might provide

Enrollment, Director of Enrollment at the Aurora University’s

insight on the mechanism by which these drugs treat the

Woodstock Center, and Director of Enrollment at Aurora

symptoms associated with glaucoma.

University’s George Williams College campus in

The students will present their research findings and

Williams Bay, Wisconsin.

discuss their project at a symposium at Wartburg College

Harmon earned both his Bachelor’s in Business

in May 2020. Clarke University has been in partnership with

Administration and Master of Business Administration in

the McElroy Trust since 1984. Most recently, Josh Prindle ’18

Leadership from Aurora University. He is currently pursuing

received a McElroy Trust Graduate Fellowship. 

his Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership from Creighton University. 


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Clarke University Magazine - Fall 2019