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Claire Brudner December 2010

pg. 2: Oil Obsessed

pg.5: Shoe Shine

pg.9: Forever Young?

pg. 11: Jason’s Deli Review in Spanish

pg.13: Thirteen: a Narrative

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Oil is very vital to our lives this day and age, but we must ask ourselves how long this precious resource is going to last? To find out I have found the total amount left in the world, I found the usage rate,

Amout of Oil in the World in millions of barrels



1200 1000

Linear (Series1)

800 600 400 200 0 -2002000

and by applying it to the next fifty years, I found




that we will be running out of oil very soon. According to my calculations, by the year 2014 we will be out of oil! This year the world has 1155.61 million barrels of oil left. British Petroleum calculates that we have forty years left for oil usage, but they also say that we have 1,333 million barrels of oil left and yet, they claim this is enough to last forty years. In the year 2009 the world consumed 72.26 million barrels of oil and if the world consumes this much for the next forty years, the world will have used up almost double what British Petroleum claims we have left. The graph here shows that over time, we

I feel that we should be looking into alternative energies seeing that we only have four years left of oil usage according to my calculations. There are many different sources we can use such as solar power, which isn’t predicted to run out for millions of years, or wind energy, which the world actually has the power to generate. If the world invests in these powers now, we will be in much better shape when the earth is dried of oil. Whereas, if we are so focused on oil, by the time we run out of it, we will be hopelessly trying to find ways to commute and make up for the lack of all the things we use every day that use oil.

will have less and less oil. The slope here is most definitely negative and because this resource is limited, as the consumption rate continues to grow over the years, we will have nearly no oil and like my studies show the world will run out.

Also, we have had horrid oil spills recently, so this is just another thing showing us that oil isn’t helping us, just hurting us. So, in my personal opinion, I believe once we use up the oil, we should be ready to move on the new and alternative energies. We might as well embrace it because they’re better for the environment and are renewable resources.


Looking back on this project, I am glad to be aware

prepared for what the future holds for us in the oil

that we will be running out of oil soon. It will not

industry. Then, it can be looked upon as the past

come as a surprise crisis to me when the rest of the

and an event that, believe it or not, the world was

world finds out that the beloved black liquid is

actually prepared for and handled calmly and

running out. Hopefully, these studies can go to


show others that we need to step up and become


BY: Claire Brudner P1 You walk a busy street in New York City. The year is 1957 and you find yourself being stopped by a young boy wanting to shine your shoes. You look down

Some chemicals found in shoe shine are Toluene and Naphtha. They are both made of hydrocarbons and are used in many industrial products. Shoe shine, however,

at your scuffed up shoes and decide a shine wouldn’t

is a mixture, so these chemicals do not form one, they

hurt them, so you let the boy do his job. You don’t

remain able to separate.

consider what the shine is made of or how it reacts with


the leather of your shoes, all you know is that it gives your kicks an incredible glow that makes them look brand-new. So the question still stands, what is shoe polish made of and how does it react with leather to make it shinier? To begin, let’s go back in time. Ever since medieval times, there were substances similar to shoe polish that made leather shine. And products like it were made through the 1800s, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that it was sold as a major product in stores.

Carbon (C7) - 84.077g/mol = 37.0% Hydrogen (H5) - 5.0395g/mol = 2.2%

To make shoe shine, you must combine many waxes while they are melting at 185 degrees F. They add oils, fats, and distilled water to the mixture. Next, they include optional coloring.

Nitrogen (N3) - 42.0201g/mol = 18.5% Oxygen (O6) - 95.9964g/mol = 42.3% Toluene, like many other medicines and chemicals, begins with benzene. A single Hydrogen atom from this benzene molecule is replaced with CH3 and that forms the chemical. Another uses for Toluene is an inhalant drug, but that is very dangerous as it is intoxicating.


environment. The compounds in shoe shine many times are toxic and when they are released in to the air, it


creates a lot of waste. These chemicals are also a big perpetrator of the ozone at ground- level. But, the good news for us is, shoe shine is mostly mass produced overseas, so it’s bad for the Earth, but the effects aren’t extremely evident in America or Houston yet. Right now researchers are attempting to create a shoe shine made

Some elements present in this compound are Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Holmium. It was an amount of liquid mixtures that are highly flammable and

with animal fat, without toxic ingredients. This may take a while, but I think if it’s going to help our environment, it’s a project worth our time.

hydrocarbons. It’s more commonly used in things like lighter fluid and oven cleaner.

Now, we may have our chemicals, but what causes the chemical reaction to take place? When you rub on object against another, you create friction. This idea is pretty commonly known, but who would’ve thought that friction could create a chemical reaction that would make your shoes look shiny and new? What happens is when you rub the waxy shoe shine onto the leather surface of your shoes, it creates friction and the substance liquefies, filling in any scratches or marks on your shoes. Then, when you buff them, the same process takes place.

So, shoe shine: it’s been around forever, making sure our shoes have a nice gleam, but will we be able to use it for much longer. I guess we’ll find out. Although it is a very useful chemical, the effects it has on our environment are some that may never be undone. It might be something the world will have to sacrifice ultimately, if decided it’s too much for the Earth to take. But if it leaves or stays around we should just be glad we had it

Although shoe shine is useful and has been used

for a while, because everyone likes a shiny shoe.

for many years, the production of it is horrible for the


called cosmetic surgery. With all the advancements that have been made in this field, there are now multiple procedures you can undergo such as a face lift, breast implants, a tummy tuck, and Botox. Although these procedures are very, very expensive, many women invest in them. The average cosmetic

Many American women will stop at nothing to preserve their beauty and youth By: Claire Brudner

You’ve flipped through Glamour Magazine and seen women pace up and down the makeup

surgeon makes $390,000 a year! That’s more than 1000 dollars a day! That’s quite a bit of business. But, a survey was taken and the results may change one’s mind about getting cosmetic surgery. Do you think cosmetic surgery makes women look better?

aisle at Walgreen’s. In this day and age, there is so much pressure to preserve your youth that thousands of women across America are resolving


to unnatural ways.

no sometimes

Over time, it can become an obsession. There is no such thing as timeless beauty anymore; people don’t age gracefully. They must use

Millions of women take care of themselves without

alternative resources such as cosmetic surgery to

cosmetic surgery or special makeup. They age naturally

look and feel the way they want to.

and whatever kind of wrinkles they get don’t matter

“Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl.” is the catchy and alluring slogan of Covergirl Cosmetics. This company provides many anti-aging and

because it is what it is. But, those women are commonly accused of “letting themselves go”. Its peer pressure for forty year old women. It’s really just becoming how women judge each other.

wrinkle smoothing creams. In fact, one product, Almay Smart Shade made $210,000,000 in one year alone! This product which is made to appear younger makes more money every year than many average American salaries put together. This just goes to show how obsessed women truly are. Another unnatural way woman convinces themselves they are still young and beautiful is

“Cosmetic surgery is terrifying. It never looks good. Those women look weird. They look in the mirror and they think they look great, but they don’t see what we see. I think it’s hideous. They scare small children.” Says model, Jerry Hall. He states that many people do not think cosmetic surgery improves the looks of the people who undergo it. So, they might want to consider if they think it will turn out well. So the question is, can you remain young forever? In your mind you can, and in 6

your heart you can. And physically? Well, apparently

time worrying about less petty things, and then it’s

Americans are trying, but it may be possible that id they

possible that they would have less worry lines.

spent less time worrying about how they look and more

One of the many products women use to look younger and more beautiful in their minds


precios son de noventa y nueve centavos a siete dólares y veinte centavos nueve y muy razonables. Jason’s Deli tiene una variedad mucho más que la mayoría de los restaurantes. ¡Es muy buena para las familias! Por: Claire Brudner “¡Bienvenidos a Jason’s Deli!” dice el camarero. Jason’s Deli es un delicatesen muy atractivo. Jason’s Deli está al lado de Starbucks y The

¡La comida es muy buena! Tiene los espaguetis, la sopa do cebollas, la ensalada, y la papa el horno. Los espaguetis son muy deliciosos. Es muy sólido y tiene muchas hierbas buenas. La sopa de cebolla es muy caliente y picante. Es una

Kolache Factory. Está en Shepherd plaza en

buena opción. La ensalada está da la barra de

Westheimer. Está en River Oaks. El número del

ensaladas. La ensalada fue mi selección y fue muy

restaurante es siete, uno, tres…cinco, dos,

fresca y crujiente. Y, por último, la papa al horno

cero…seis, siete, dos, ocho. Estàn abierto lunes a

tiene queso y mantequilla.

domingo. Tienen una variedad de comida para todos tipos de personas.

¡Las porciones eran grandes y yo tenía El aparcamiento es muy difícil y torpe. Para el exterior, el restaurante es muy divertido. Al príncipe, el restaurante parece limpio y popular. El restaurante tiene cinco habitaciones y cuarenta y cinco mesas. Es muy apretado. No hay sala de desperra. Tiene un ambiente de un delicatesen de Nueva York. Hay televisores, letreros de neón, y fotos de blanco y negro. La música en el fondo es muy calmada and tranquiló. El menú es bonito, colorido, y apetitoso. Es muy fácil de entender y da mucha selección. Los

sobras! Pero, la comida fue preparada rápidamente. Sólo tardó nueve minutes en cinco comidas. Por último, pero no menos, el servicio. Fue satisfactorio, pero no sorprendente. Fue rápido: sólo tardó nueve minutes para nosotros de ser atendidos, pero el camarero no era sociable y sólo vino a nuestra mesa una vez. En conclusión, hay que ir a Jason’s Deli porque incluso si el servició no es muy bueno, la comida es Buena y es un lugar divertido para estar can tus amigos, familias, o compañeros de trabajo. 8

America. I took Holland’s beauty for advantage while I had it as my view every day. I didn’t realize how truly gorgeous Holland was until I left home By: Claire Brudner

and came to America.

Kadisha Davidson came from Holland. This is her true immigration story and one that may change your mind about how lucky you are to have both parents in one household and in one country. My mom leaned in the doorway of my room. She stared at me with sorry eyes as she said “We’re moving, Kadisha.” “Mama, you’re

Kadisha Davidson 2010 Don’t get me wrong, America was nice. It

kidding…right?” I replied, the words spilling out of

was extremely busy. Time goes faster in America,

my mouth without my control. “No Kadisha. Pack

I’m sure of it. We lived in California. My mama

your things.”

told me we lived there because of her friend. I

You see, I didn’t want to leave Holland. I was forced. If it would’ve been my decision, we would’ve stayed one happy family in The Netherlands. That’s what stinks about being a kid:

didn’t care where we were living in America; I just wanted to be home. I did not forgive my mother for, as I put it, “ruining my life” for years and years. I remember that when I told my friends I

you don’t get to make the decisions. I did not see

was leaving Holland they didn’t believe me. They

this coming at all. Had I honestly been oblivious of

thought I was joking! Why on earth would I joke

my parents fighting for months? I had always

about that?! They insisted that I would come back

thought of my parents as a couple. As a child, that’s

the next year as much as I insisted that my new life

how you always see your parents, right? As madly

would be in America. But, to their surprise, the next

in love? I wasn’t aware you could fall out of love,

year came around, and I hadn’t returned.

but apparently there was a legal term for it: divorce. School in America was a living hell for me; Holland was my home and it was a beautiful

a nightmare. I dreaded it with a passion. Kids made

place. There was greenery or small towns and

fun of me for my foreign language and m thick

markets everywhere you looked and there was

accent. On top of that, I had to take ESL classes:

absolutely no odor that escaped from the exhaust of

English Second Language. And you can believe me;

motor vehicles. Everybody road bikes. Everything

it did not help my popularity status.

about Holland felt more like a community than 9

I was a very bright student in Holland. You

Only one thing kept me in America. His

see, in The Netherlands, you choose a career path at

name was Joe Davidson. Somehow, when I met

a much younger age. You actually took something

him, things just clicked. Little did I know that soon

like an American SAT in the sixth grade. Soon, I

enough, this man would steal my heart and start and

began to think Americans were stupid. They yelled

family with me. Who would’ve thought we’d have

things at me very slowly…I guess they thought I

four beautiful Hawaiian, Japanese, Dutch,

would read their lips like I was deaf, but their plan

Indonesian children?

had one little fault: I didn’t understand English. The kids tormented me. They were really

Now, we visit Holland every other year. I enjoy it while I can. I have tried hard to teach my

horrible, so I had to stay with my brothers. My

husband Dutch and have successfully raised my

brothers became my best and only friends as we

children speaking it. I like my life in Houston,

continued our adventure here in America. I tried to

Texas. It’s nothing like Holland, but it’ll do. I have

keep in touch with my friends by letter. Letters took

thought of moving back…numerous times, but now

exactly a week to get from here to Holland or vice

I have a thirteen year old daughter and I would

versa if there weren’t any issues, so as you could

never do to her what my mother did to me when I

imagine…the letters became few and far in

was thirteen.

between. All I wanted was to return home, but my mother refused and I had no choice but to try and do the most difficult thing I would ever do: try to make friends in eighth grade. By high school I was the “it girl”. I had become a cheerleader, made lots of friends, and was speaking fluent English. Everybody now admired my “cool accent” and my “Dutch looks”. They all loved me. The boys, the girls, and even the teachers! It was really strange how quickly my life turned around. But, Holland still had my heart and

Hilversun, Holland 2007

even after college, I wanted nothing more than to return.


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