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visual arts

All the works in this presentation were produced and photographed by me. The pictures have been digitally edited to fit the colours and lightening with the originals. If possible, please see it in full screen. Clarice Goulart October 2012

Le Mat Noir digital manipulation of oil on paper printing 2012

Anxiety [details] acrylic, oil pastel and collage on paper 60x42cm 2012

The cage was open but the birds didn’t know were to fly graphite, coloring pencil and collage on paper 30x42cm 2012

These pieces are part of the series Fear, Sadness, Anxiety, where I explored how the physicality of emotions could be graphically translated.

After creating this drawing I experimented “embodying� it, by using the creatures that compose the chimera and their positions to inspire movements and states in my own body. The title is about the somatic openness suggested by this experiment.

The Opener Chimera soft pastels and coloring pencils on paper 30x42cm 2012

I made this picture as a selfportrait that would show all sides of me, including the shadow.

True Body Map oil pastels and tempera on paper 30x42cm 2012

I saw this collage in my mind as a sequence of pictures passing in front/over me during an Authentic Movement session – a somatic practice where a person moves, closed eyes, with a witness. There was no music but I could listen Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie N.1 while I moved. The tittle is a reference to the homonimous movie by Mario Peixoto. I intend to produce a short film with this picture.

Limite acrylic, ink, coloring pencils and collage on paper aprox. 120x50cm 2011/2012

Dreams of swimming away acrylic, watercolor, coloring pencil, marker and collage on paper and canvas 30x40cm 2012

I really enjoy the shapes that can be found and created by the human body, how it moves as a whole and how internal landscapes can be seen in these shapes and movements.

C’est quoi, un homme? acrylic, ink, tempera and collage on paper 30x42cm 2011

Qu’est que c’est, une femme? acrylic, ink, tempera and collage on paper 30x42cm 2011

La ultima noche digital manipulation of graphite on paper 2010

Contact Jam digital manipulation of graphite on paper 2010

Contact Circle

[experiments with copies of Contact Jam] collage, oil on glass 2010

Naked Jam ink on paper 31,5x18cm 2011

Not her place acrylic, collage and ink on paper 21x18,5cm 2012

If I could guide you in the dark digital manipulation of graphite on paper 2012 [2008]

JambesGenoux digital collage of ink on paper 2012 [2008]

Love ends [detail] markers, ink and collage on paper 21x30cm 2010

When I dance my body is drawing through space and I enjoy myself graphically. When I draw, all of me is dancing in the shapes created by my hand. It’s all story-telling about being human and I can’t know what is next. Drawing and dancing are just the same. Untitled digital manipulation of graphite on paper 2010

Arms and Spine coloring pencil on paper 21x25cm 2012

Untitled oil on canvas 25x25cm 2012

These three oil paintings are part of my first series of canvas, made without any technical guidance. Angels Gate was the first one I did with no previous concept, by offering colors and discovering the picture.

Angels Gate oil on canvas 50x60cm 2012

Untitled oil on canvas 25x25cm 2012

Untitled ink on paper 10x17cm 2011




is qu

i es cet hom

q me



q ur? l a to M a i s


ombe d



h om



qui tom be d e s c

Tombe digital manipulation of ink on paper 21x30cm text: Pâle Septembre, Camille 2011

Someone I don’t know digital manipulation of graphite on paper 2010

Untitled wire 18x20x10cm 2011


wire and clay 2011 aprox. 20x12x7cm

This sculpture is part of a critical installation produced with Bruno Alves and Daniel Terra about ESDI, the design school were we studied.

A Voz da Rua The Street Voice urban interventions about homelessness 2010

The Street Voice was my graduation project at ESDI. The starting point was the observation that while post-modern society seems to develop towards being a dialogical society, some complex social issues remain invisible. This leaded me to the question “How to invite people to discuss topics that seem to be avoided or ignored?”. In Rio de Janeiro homelessness is an extremelly visible fenomena, but the discution about it – specially the causes, not the “solutions” – is practically restricted to social scientists.

During my 2 urban interventions I talked to passers-by and recorded what they had to say about the pieces and homelessness. The edited videos were used to compose a mosaic that was available in the web for a year. The videos are still available at

A Voz da Rua The Street Voice video mosaic on website 2010

Danke Shรถn!

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