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CHOMP: Marvel Edition San Francisco State Circle K Newsletter November 2013 | Issue 2

Happy holidays, SFSU CKI! With winter and finals decending upon us, the next few weeks will be hectic. However, I hope that you will be able to squeeze in some time to attend some of the great events we have coming up! (What's better than serving during the season of giving?) Thank you all for all the hard work you have done so far, and I want you to know that I am incredibly proud of all of you and the fantastic job you've done so far! I wish you all the best of luck with finals, and a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Barbie Huang PRESIDENT 2013-2014

In service, Barbie Huang

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What is Circle K International? Circle K is an international collegiate service organization sponsored by the Kiwanis Family. Circle K functions on its three tenets: Service, Leadership, and Fellowship.



First of, Circle K is a service organization. At the core of our members’ hearts is Service. Our concept of service is the unselfish devotion of our time in helping the community around us.



In order to provide our community with the best volunteers possible, we teach our members Leadership skills. In order to instill a strong sense of leadership Circle K provides our members with valuable resources and tools.



Circle K provides our members with lifelong friends, bonds, and companions even after graduation.

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About Our Club: > SFSU Circle K > Golden Gate Division > Cali-Nev-Ha District

Join Circle K now! Meetings every Thursday at 5:30 in HSS153

District Service Initiative Speak Out: Anti-Bullying

What is it? The 2013-2014 District Service Initiative (DSI) is Speak Out: Anti-Bullying. The focus of this year’s DSI is to educate Circle K members about the prominence of bullying through schools, workplaces, and social networking sites. The District aims to train the community on how to identify this problem and how to assist its victims. The Goal is to raise awareness about this issue and end the cycle of abuse! For more information visit:

On Sale NOW! More info at: Â

Support Circle K SFSU in our effort to raise funds for anti-bullying efforts by purchasing the club shirt. Half the profit will go to an anti-bullying organization the other half will go to the club

Past Events: November MON







1 – Fall Training Conference

2 – Fall Training Conference

3 – Fall Training Conference





8 – Improv Comedy Social

9 – Food Bank

10 – Kiwanis Takeover

11 – Esoccer





16 – UCB Pageant K

17 – Myathenia Gravis Walk





22 – DVC New member Banquet Installation

25 – City Hall Tree Decorating





23 – 24 Thanksgiving Food Drive/November DCM 30

I had such a wonderful time at FTC. It was wonderful to meet so many people from California, Nevada and Hawaii who also enjoying giving back to their community. I enjoyed the watching clubs perform their skits. It showed their creativity and their unique talents. I hope new members go to this event next year because they will learn so much about CKI, meet so many amazing people and enjoy a special installation into the CKI family. -Lauren Neuroth

Did you go to a CKI event? Then you should Submit an Article/Paragraph About your experience, What you enjoyed, What you did, How you felt? Just talk about the event to show other members/non CKI people what we do as an organization! Send submissions to:

I will love you forever if you do -Erick Jason ’13-’14 Newsletter Chair


Join our General Meetings for more updates!

#wow #muchevent More information here:

Renew the Zoo More information here:

Project Valentine More information here:

More information here: More information here:

Where: UCLA When: Jan. 11 $12.50 entrance due to BARBIE Dec. 12

Member of the Month: October

Frances Asha 1. My second name is Diandra. 2. My first pet was a cat named MingMing. 3. I’ve performed a couple of hula shows in Hawaii. 4. I really like beaches. 5. I’m a Jordapino. 6. One of my favorite books is Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl. 7. I play chess pretty well. 8. I love Daughter, especially Landfill. 9. I'm an alto. 10. I’ve got plans to travel the world with my friends Jovi and Nicky sometime

Live to Serve Love to Serve a Kiwanis family member 8360 RED OAK STREET SUITE 201, RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA 91730 UXA

SFSU CKI Newsletter - November Issue  
SFSU CKI Newsletter - November Issue  

The November Issue for SFSU Circle K international.