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from Left, Wonderland shoot. Out to sea, Double Denim


From above, what´s your body shape. Spring Beauty.

’m Cj and thank you for reading the very first edition of Très Chic. We are a fashion magazine, put together by a group of girls, ok there are a few guys, but they are mostly hanging round their model girlfriends – so 2010! We all live in Marbella and come from many different backgrounds yet share a common belief to see the beautiful art of the people and places all around us. so enjoy and take another one for your friend, I’m sure she’d appreciate it! Guys – this really is a girls mag, but great if you’re looking to buy her a present, she will LOVE you for it – we promise. Girls – we hope you will enjoy our interpretation of life on this beautiful part of the planet that we live on...through fashion photography, my specialty, taking you through a magical Alice in Wonderland enchantment (shot in a farm in Gaucín;), nautical shoot on the sea (the lovely Mediterranean) and the new fashion trend “double denim” shows you exactly how to wear it. We have New York bloggers sending us updates from the 2nd coolest city on earth plus the hottest places & styles in Marbella, of course! Don’t worry – next up is the latest make up tips from the catwalks to keep your eyeliner where it should be and only the latest colour on your luscious lips. Not sure what bikini style suits you best? Got it covered.and to get you into your new bikini we have tanning and exercise tips to tone & works I promise, I’ve been doing them in my studio every night whilst working to bring YOU the ultimate fashion, beauty & style magazine....would love to hear what you think.please send me a quick email thank you :) So let’s have some fun, after all, we’re all here together! Until June...

Cj Hadlow

TRÉS CHIC CONTENTS MAY 2010 CHIC FASHION 33 - GET THE CATWALK LOOK Trés Chic shows the latest in spring fashion from the catwalk 37 - OUT TO SEA NAUTICAL BLUES Fashion Shoot. 48 - WONDERLAND Alice, the Mad Hatter and a little white Rabbit take you on their fashion adventure. 66 - FASHION CUT OUTS Urban Spring, American Girl, Military Rocks 87 - DOUBLE DENIM. We share with your our favorite ways to wear denim this season

SPECIAL FEATURES 15 - TARAS WORLD Blog, Parties and People 20 - ANGELA Dating disasters, dating triumphs and thoughts on recent social events. 22 - FLORENCIA GALDOS Victoria Wood talks to Florencia about her thriving bikini line 26 - FASHION BLOGGERS Some of the worlds most viewed fashion bloggers show us their personal style 28 - BIG SMILES IN A SMALL WORLD The Small World boys talk to Victoria Wood about the opening of Tribeca 62 - LEGGINGS GET IT RIGHT! Lisa Jayne talks about how to wear Leggings and look amazing.


BEAUTY 77 - DOLL PINKS, NAIL IT & BE NUDE 81 - MY SCRAPBOOK Liza Mayne, shows you her 3 favourite products this month and more. 82 - CREATE THIS LOOK Sana from Woods hair salon show you how to create the must have looks this spring 100 - SUMMER BODY



66 - FADE TO BLACK Dani talks to Gemma about being one of the most respected fashion bloggers and her unique style. 72 - WHAT STYLE OF SWIMWEAR BEST SUITS YOUR BODY SHAPE, Lisa Jayne 74 - HAYLEY REED. Interior Designer 86 - Q & A by Lisa Jayne How to wear Denim this spring. 95 - A BROKEN LEG AND A CHIMNEY SWEEP by Annabel Milnes-Smith



Diary Tara’s fashion blog, parties

& people



tara x

ashion is how we express ourselves, how we want the world to see us. We have the ability to manipulate this image, use it to reflect how we feel each day, use it to portray how we want to gives us this power, power gives us attitude...and it’s attitude that rocks any outfit. These pages are snipets of my life...a diary of the places, people and fashion that surrounds me. I hope they will inspire you to use your own power of self expression, be creative with your identity. I love creating different looks and observing the reactions I get. My amazing job as PR for Suite Restaurant & Lounge affords me the opportunity to mix with a whole variety of people whose crazy style inspires me every day (& night)...all ages, cultures, styles & fashion philosophies together, every weekend, joining in the common desire to have fun, let go.....dream. “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” Ralph Lauren


Distressed explosions of black, grey, khaki & metal military has gone glam – try sequins under army parkas – a point of masculinity always takes an innocent girly outfit to a new level of seduction

double denim...the key is to mix up the colours of denim, add some brown leather, ruffles & golden skin

Belts skinny or fat

on the catwalk I just cant live without . . . 16


it’s the season to break the rules and enjoy your inner rebel


combine spots, stripes & florals


are still the easiest way to update your outfit; wear over dresses, cardi’s & jackets


my closet.


Poligono Gallery, Marbella

Tribeca 12

Just gets me a little bit excited...high walls, huge open room with shockingly thought provoking art... it radiates a pure creative energy that suggests Marbella is moving forward again. The industrial style room vibrated with the laid back selection of music by Zoe (Suite’s dj as well as talented artist) while the guests (an eclectic mix of artists, friends & followers of the unknown) enjoyed the unpretentious company & funky backdrop.

The night moved on to a crazy heady mix of drying paint, perfume & the beginning of something new…. Tribeca 12 opened its doors. Hayley, the perfect blend of cute yet ferocious, wore a backless stretchy mini dress and chunky silver shoe-boots offset by white blonde shiny hair….showing the rest of us the dress code for our new favourite hang out.

I wore a grey schoolgirl dress with oversized black buttons & black chained biker boots, while Natasha, always stylish and put together to perfection showed us that grey is serious yet utterly chic; silk harem pants with pale grey ankle strap shoes, sloppy grey top with structured black jacket, jewelled necklace & oversized clutch.

Ocean Club The first party of the summer, all white & silver, the colours of peace, unity & love...with goblets of champagne flowing and orgasmic fireworks we felt the love at OC! Goose down w h i t e bolero jackets, white & silver sequins, micro shorts & dresses with honey legs and silver glittered faces....even the men adorned a touch of silver sparkle.

Soon you will be wearing . . .

Dior, SPRING 10

Balmain, SPRING 10

mer, ust for sum verm a – gs lo C elled dded or jew zle look for stu az d g n eni sions for ev

Block heel Try Miu Miu inspired heels with attitude... femininity with a kick Cow girl cuteness use fringed leather to enrich the textures – bags & shoes are the easiest way Maxi dresses with flats & big jewellery for daytime, skyscraper wedges & belts for simple evening glamour ,just keep your maxi sheer and floaty


STAFF Publisher Alter Ego Promotions & Management SL Editor Cj Hadlow . T 622 227 006 Public Relations & Advertising Director George Shaw . T. 692 637 731 Beauty Director Liza Mayne Fashion Co-ordinator Danni Jones Photographer Cj Hadlow Administration Health & fitness Shawn McShea Editorials Victoria Wood Feature Editors Annabel Milnes-Smith Lisa-Jayne Angela Jodie Brown Sarah Ludbrook Frank Scott Tara Lorimer Elle Isaac

COVER LOOK Lace Body, Starlet â‚Ź75 Store Puerto Banus. T. 952 907 601 Photography by Cj Hadlow Make Up and Hair, Liza Mayne Model, Lydia Richards

Address: C.C Guadalmina Alta, 4, Local 81, San Pedo de Alcantara, 29678. Some opinions as expressed by some contributors to Très Chic do not necessarily represent the opinions of this magazine. Although every effort has been made to ensure that this magazines contents are correct we cannot accept responsibility for errors, omissions nor for goods, claims or services of advertisers.


a l e g n A Marbella. The High Life. La Dolce Vita. For a woman working, living, loving or just surviving on the coast there is certainly opportunity for many a good time and experiences which just don´t seem to happen “in Real Life” or to our UK counterparts. Some of my experiences during my five years here, good, bad and downright unusual have proved indelible on my memory and have certainly provided fodder for entertaining and hysterical anecdotes over cocktails with friends.

A girl living life here is certainly faced with as many challenges as she is good times.

So I want this article to be a monthly celebration of our shared experiences of Costa life. Mostly inspired because despite the amount of beautiful, intelligent and funny women I have had the pleasure of befriending during my time here, collectively we have all had our times of trouble. Over the next few issues what I hope to achieve is a feeling of unity and empathy between my article and my readers. In fact the hopeful response, readers, would be along the lines of “I´ve done that!” or “Well…if she did it, then I can do it too!” So this is one forum within Très Chic with the personal touch, where I will give you honest thoughts, recounts and philosophies on dat-

ing disasters, dating triumphs, social critiques and thoughts on recent social events. I am here on my best mission of Cos-

ta del Life yet. The summer months approach and my new role as your candid columnist has prompted me to meet my already blossoming reputation as a girl who lives life to the full in and


around Marbella…but this time I will be telling you all about it. Not only is there plenty in my recent past that should reassure you that you are not the only ones to meet with personal disasters and dilemmas but I plan to experience those experiences that you may want some honest feedback about. A few I have lined up already include the joys of speed-dating (¨joys” is meant ironically, I just know it will be a disaster!), SCUBA diving lessons with friends, my recounts of bar, restaurant and music events, ideal venues for people- watching and what there is to be seen, harassment free cocktail destinations with the girls, harrassmentFUL cocktail destinations with the girls and the exploration of that every elusive issue……are

there really good men and lasting relationships to be found on the coast?

Life here is sweet. I am sure that we can all appreciate. But at times it is good to share the good the bad and the downright confusing….I want

you readers to email in your own experiences of life on the Costa Del Sol. It is

a place of mixed fortunes and certainly random, fun experiences…and it is about time to share them! Look forward to hearing from you…until next issue! Ange xx


Fashion Designer



byVictoria Wood


he Designer: Meet Florencia Galdos, Argentinean-born designer of Vivarini. Florencia is as charming and beautiful as her designs and with a double degree (MBA & BA) under her belt and having studied jewellery making in Barcelona proves she is not just a pretty face. Florencia created and is the head of all that is Vivarini and for the past five years has developed the clothing company into a strong, successful and much-desired brand throughout Europe.

The Brand: “Vivarini”, says Florencia, “is a Marbella brand, we started off here and our offices and workshops are based here. This is where we create all our pieces and where all the designing is done to develop the collections”. Vivarini started off just as beachwear but as the brand has grown as have their range and now they offer a full summer look from head to toe. Their collections have proved very popular here on the Costa Del Sol so much so that they are now opening their own flagship store in Marina Banus (Puerto Banus shopping centre opposite ‘It’s eclectic and romantic with lashEl Corte Ingles). Holiings of femininity ranging from baby daymakers, especially British love the brand, doll cute to ELEGANT GLAMOUR as do the Madrileños and bohemian chic.’ and Italians. Equally though the locals love Vivarini, there is something for everyone. The Style: It’s eclectic and romantic with lashings of femininity ranging from baby doll cute to elegant glamour and bohemian chic. You’ll find butterflies, flowers, pineapples, paisleys, pastels, roses and daisies. Oh and its all summer, summer, summer.



Granny’s h


The Creation: Florencia personally designs all the pieces from the patterns and prints to the lace edging, jewels or frills. Anything you may notice on any garment is all exclusive to Vivarini thanks to Florencia’s attention to detail. She has all the materials she uses manufactured in Europe using natural and intelligent fibres and mostly 100% cotton. You will not see the patterns from a Vivarini dress or bikini anywhere else, as the prints are exclusive. With one collection per year the Vivarini range is manufactured to order with twelve series (fabric or prints vary) and ten-twelve garments per series a lot of work goes into each collection and the results are stunning. Some pieces feature Swarowski crystals or semi-precious stones, which Florencia would hand-sew on by hand. The Collection 2010: The collection features three styles of bikini plus a tankini and prendisole, six styles of beach dress, maxi dresses, mini skirts, shorts, one piece swimwear, blouses, bustiers, wedge shoes and sandals, beach baskets, little girls’ swimwear and dresses and all in twelve beautiful different prints and patterns. The hats must get a special mention, they are oversized and gorgeous, inspired by the hat her Italian grandmother used to wear to protect her extremely pale and ‘prone to sunburn’ skin. The Press: Vivarini has proven to be extremely popular over the last five years and has seen a huge amount of big named magazine coverage including Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Hola, In Style, FHM, GQ, Ragazza, Telva, Woman, to name but a few. Last year they held a Swarowski crystallised fashion show at the Laguna Village opening party which was absolutely stunning and plan to do another one this year at Buddha Beach. The Stockists: Vivarini can be found throughout Italy, France and Spain (nationwide). Here on the Costa Del Sol, as of May 2010 Vivarini is exclusive to its flagship store in Marina Banus and the beach shop at Buddha Beach. For more information on them and to see

TRÈS CHIC fashion bloggers



fashion blog denim and strips make the perfect biker chic

we love this, nan’s fur and ripped rock chick tights

your space FASHION FIX

This month our favorite fashion bloggers around the globe are going to show you how they are wearing their

SPRING wardrobe.

Spring Denim

double denim


fashion blog

Denni “I am a stylist. I believe and trust in wearing as you feel to. I really like to feel free everytime I dress myself, and I think this way you show your real style and your essence. I enjoy the world of fashion and I take it onto my everyday life.”

we ♥ clogs


Gary Pepper Vintage “I would say my style is one part chic, three parts vintage. I own an online vintage store so I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful colours, textures and prints I see. I have a very quirky, ecclectic sense of style with an eye for colour and I like to change my look as many times as I can!”

Pretty in pink. Nicole´s wonderland

Chiara Ferragni

22 year old Student blogger and life lover from Milano I’m an italian girl from Milan and I’m mad about photography, fashion and life. I try to take a photo every day


SMALL WORLD BOYS Big smiles in a Small World by Victoria Wood

The business strategy – Think hard about where you would like to go, realize there isn’t such a place, then go and create it. And it works. The four boys from Small World Café just became five with their expansion into the nightclub industry. The new venture Tribeca 12 is just next door to their thriving restaurant adding to their revenue by opening more doors to their strong client base.

The boys in a nutshell:

Ali – 30, born in Saudi Arabia to Scottish/English parentage, moved to Spain at the tender age of 2. Went to school in Marbella, studied at Les Roche, with a year in Switzerland, London worked at the Met Bar. Currently, and as far as we know ladies he is single! John– 30, English born, holidayed here in Marbella as a child. He eventually gave up on becoming a pilot and so followed a similar path to Ali starting with Les Roche, went to Switzerland, also worked in the Met bar, London. Also believed to be single!


After find dressining gupthe studio´s box!!! Kamil – The baby Small one at only 23, Moroccan born, grew up in Casablanca but holidayed every summer here in Marbella. Has now lived here for 6 years, also studied at Les Roche and got involved by being one of Small World’s first and most loyal customers. Leo – 34. A political refugee from Argentina awarded Spanish nationalization. Tried out a few schools here in Marbella, studied in London and New York, traveled Central America and then settled down to start up business here with G. Vega Ceramics and now the Small/Tribeca ventures. Married to the lovely Constanza. Vic – 30. Brings the Swedish factor to the equation. Lived in Marbella since 1982. In 1990 lived in Belgium 3 yrs. Tried out Majorca, went to High School here in Marbella where he was allegedly bullied by an Argentinean refugee,

namely Leo. Then studied Art in England. Joined Ali & John in Switzerland for the 4th yr of Les Roche. Any day now Victor is going to become a first time parent with his lovely lady Gabi. He plans to take the first month off to be daddy unless of course she doesn’t sleep much in which case we may not see him until she is 5.

The Interview:

So boys, why the name Small World Cafe? ALI: It actually came from an online thread we started through the A Small World network asking people for ideas “Everybody said it wouldn’t on the name. One guy work, it’s a bad location, who suggested that, seeing as is going to go there? But look it is a small world after how wrong they were.” all, why not call the café that? So we did. Why, of all places, Marbella? ALI: Well we’ve all traveled a fair amount and this place is actually where we feel our roots are despite all being from different origins. How did you all come to be partners? ALI: Well, Vic and I started off with ideas; mine was a kind of elbowroom somewhere in Marbella. VIC: And I wanted to open a pizza place. ALI: But then we joined forces and came up

with the idea of Small World. JOHN: I came on board when working on another business plan here in Ronda but that fell through and having spoken to the guys decided I’d like to join in on this venture. KAMIL: I was one of the first clients in Small World and actually became part of the team only recently. LEO: Well, while the shit was hitting the fan in the town hall of Marbella and the Small World plans were held up in a legal battle and long queue of pending issues, the guys were hanging out a lot at my place literally waiting and going over ideas, so we brainstormed a lot and in the end I got involved too. It seemed like the natural thing to do! What is the concept of Small World? LEO: Small World was designed to be a place that we would want to hang out, serving food that we would choose to eat, but more importantly for all of us a place where we really could enjoy working. So the vibe is…? LEO: A non-pretentious place offering good value for money, a place where you want to hang out. We wanted it to be a melting pot of all our experiences blended into one place. What age range is the clientele? VIC: We originally aimed for our audience to be fairly young, but actually it naturally ranges through all age groups and no one feels uncomfortable there. The location, everyone told you it wouldn’t work right? LEO: (laughing) Everybody, everybody said it wouldn’t work, it’s a bad location, who is going to go there? But look how wrong they were. ALI: Yeah, we’d had a good feeling about the location from the beginning, it was the first thing we were sure of and after a lot of delays


with the centre being built it was worth the wait. The new nightclub, Tribeca 12, what is the name all about? LEO: Tribeca is the name of a very exclusive borough in New York, the 12 is because it is locales 1 and 2 which also coincides with the fact that Tribeca is the 12th most expensive zip code in the USA. (I later found out it actually stands for “triangle below Canal Street) Why a nightclub? VIC: Why not have a cool club that is linked to a restaurant, they do it everywhere? JOHN: We are more of a restaurant now at Small World than a bar so we want to focus on the food, the specials, raising the food standards and so feel like there is a place for a club nearby. LEO: We felt like it was another thing that was missing, that we wanted in our lives and so we went for it. We have another guy on board with us in Tribeca, Charlie, plus Kamil now too so we have a big, strong team and can handle a new venture. Give me a snapshot description of the Tribeca style & vibe… and why right next door to your other business? KAMIL: We wanted to steer away from the typical styles that seem to be famous in Marbella, the Arabic themes and Moroccan décor. It is done and overdone here. So we went for a mixture of all of our influences. JOHN: It is a mixture of all our traveling experiences and places we thought were cool along the way. LEO: It is a New York slash East London warehouse with a bit of chichi thrown in. (Namely velvet armchairs, padded walled

VIP section and the odd chandelier). VIC: Yeah (very excited here) and we have all the latest top of the range, state of the art equipment, lasers, LED lighting and the sound system is awesome. ALI: We have a license until 6am also which is great; maybe we will start opening Small World at 6am for breakfast! JOHN: It is not going to take anything away from Small World, in fact it will add to our client base. Both places will draw in crowds of their own accord and will then lead those people to the other venue. It Is going to open more doors if anything. The music? LEO & VIC: Very varied but mainly decent House, Indie-rock nights, R&B and hip hop, nights, themed nights such as Wednesday night might be live music. JOHN: Local bands may audition! LEO: And we will adapt to the demand of course. Plus we are going to be showing the world cup on a big screen, which is another thing we wanted! VIC: Don’t forget to add that it will be shown on a big plasma HIGH DEFINITION screen. (Very important apparently) How do you cope with this much testosterone when making business decisions? Cause I am seriously blushing here! Is there a leader of the gang? LEO: No, we have to remain humble, which for me is extremely hard (laughs) and to feel comfortable with each other, to be peaceful and calm and nice to each other is more important to us than the success. We don’t plan on taking over the world; we aren’t opening loads of Small Worlds. We want to get on and be happy and enjoy life above all else. We will make the sacrifice that we may not make as much money so long as we make sure we have a good time. And so far this philosophy is working perfectly for all of us. And finally…what are you doing tonight? JOHN: I’ll probably go out. LEO: Sitting on my couch. VIC: Working. ALI: Working. KAMIL: Who knows? Let’s see where the night takes me! Carlos Rodriguez another partner of Tribeca was unavailble at the time of the interview.



Marbella. The High Life. La Dolce Vita. For a woman working, living, loving or just surviving on the coast there is certainly opportunity for many a good time and experiences which just don´t seem to happen “in Real Life” or to our UK counterparts. Some of my experiences during my five years here, good, bad and downright unusual have proved indelible on my memory and have certainly provided fodder for entertaining and hysterical anecdotes over cocktails with friends. A girl living life here is certainly faced with as many challenges as she is good times.


hello! So I want this article to be a monthly celebration of our shared experiences of Costa life. Mostly inspired because despite the amount of beautiful, intelligent and funny women I have had the pleasure of befriending during my time here, collectively we have all had our times of trouble. Over the next few issues what I hope to achieve is a feeling of unity and empathy between my article and my readers. In fact the hopeful response, readers, would be along the lines of “I´ve done that!” or “Well…ifIdeas she did it, then I can do it too!” Diseño


a l e g n A e




Not only is there plenty in my recent past that should reassure you that you are not the only ones to meet with personal disasters and dilemmas but I plan to experience those experiences that you may want some honest feedback about. A few I have lined up already include the joys of speed-dating (¨joys” is meant ironically, I just know it will be a disaster!), SCUBA diving lessons with friends, my recounts of bar, restaurant and music events, ideal venues for people- watching and what there is to be seen, harassment free cocktail destinations with the girls, harrassmentFUL cocktail destinations with the girls and the exploration of that every elusive issue……are there really good men and lasting relationships to be found on the coast?

we are diseño ideas

web design - internet - seo marketing (+34) 773 692 So this is952 one forum within Alter Ego with the personal touch, where I will (+34) 630 331 317give you honest thoughts, recounts and philosophies on dating disasters, dating triumphs, social critiques and thoughts on recent social events. I am here on my

best mission of Costa del Life yet. The summer months approach and my new role as your candid columnist has prompted me to meet my already blossoming reputation as a girl who lives life to the full in and around Marbella…but this time I will be telling you all about it.

Life here is sweet. I am sure that we can all appreciate. But at times it is good to share the good the bad and the downright confusing….I want you readers to email in your own experiences of life on the Costa Del Sol. It is a place of mixed fortunes and certainlyerandom,tfun experiences…and it is about time to share them! Look forward to hearing from you…until next w issue! Ange xx












Chic spring report 2010






to avoid looking too washed out.” VERSACE

Dani Jones, fashion Coordinator TOMMY HILFIGER


“Pair with metallic accessories

Candy Floss SUM

Romantic, evocative and oh-so-wearable the Pastel trend is one that compliments all that is gentle and effeminate. Like Sweet smelling roses in shades of the Lilac, Spearmint, Baby-blue, pale Yellow and the softest of pinks, it is perfectly easy to lower our guard with this, Springs most charming and delicious confection. The look is perfectly executed by Burberry Prosum, in swathes ruched chiffon, and deliciously championed by Versace, Christian Dior, and Luella. A veritable bag of sugared almonds should your inspiration be, wear it with body conscious shapes, tough leather edge and as much draping as you can muster!



spring´s pastel shades


From 1950’s pin-up shorts, floral or denim cut-off’s there are a wealth of emerging trends in the short world. To summarise the denim cut-offs are a no brainier, and lets face it, were all toying with cutting off our fav jeans. That love-worn look and feel is the aspiration and with a slight fray or roll this is a perfect flexible look. More challenging shapes are the cycling short trends or leather shorts, more thought required to style but lots can be achieved with a crisp white tee and some dainty flats. Delivered by Tommy Hilfiger, Chloe and Valantino shorts are the easiest route in to Summer. The most wearable of the pack is the tailored Bermuda, coming just above the knee and suitable for the office or drinks with the Girls, the leg is back, so time to pay some attention to those pins!





“Shorts are a must have this



this season´s fashion essential

season, leather high waisted to

denim knicker-skimming”

CJ Hadlow, Editor



if it´s not on show its not



worth wearing

w o h s n o e i r e g n i L “wear with layers of sheer

chiffon, or a touch of lace”



Underwear is the new outerwear they say, and as we all are feeling better that we can shed the layers this Spring, it is set to be quite a revealing Summer. Whether applied in the hint at delicate lace or boned bra cups this daring trend can be watered down to suit your level of playfulness. Steer clear of dark raunchy colours and look to the Pastel trend for influence in palette. Sophia Kokosalaki, Bottega Veneta and YSL show us how to dare to bare and with Christopher Kane’s lead we learn how to gently cover up with sheer chif layers or tulle. With transparency at the fore, let it be your personality that shines from such tempting Spring exposure.


Dani Jones, fashion Coordinator

Tunic, Nina B €119. Wedges Nina B, €99. White Trousers, Fashion Villa €169

OUT TO SEA NAUTICAL BLUES Photography By Cj Hadlow

This Page. Floral Dress Starlet €65 Stripe Cardigan, Motek €59. Shoes Starlet €75. Opposite Page. Stripe Jacket, Motek €59. Vest Top, Starlet €249. Denim Shorts, Fashion Villa, €229.

This Page. Strip red and white top, LOVE2SHOP €40. White Skirt, Starlet €55. Gold fish earings, LOVE2SHOP €58 . Opposite Page. Blue & White Stripe shirt, Fashion Villa €159. Red Lether belt, Fashion Villa €159.

This Page. Red Maxi Dress, Elle Morgan €96. Bracelet Motek €35. Opposite Page. Blue with gold detail on shoulder, LOVE2SHOP, €155. White Jeans, LOVE2SHOP €85

This Page. Maxi Dress, Nina B €239, Necklace stylists own Opposite Page. Navy cardigan, Fashion Villa €95. Blue spotted dress, Starlet €65. White Glasses, Motek €27. White Belt, Fashion Villa €159.

CREDITS. Photography by CJ Hadlow. Make-Up and Hair, Liza Mayne. Stylist, Dani Jones Model, Belinda Gutierrez Tobe. Grand Soleil, Peter Sundberg (Boat for sale, enquires please contact Peter +34 670 63 16 46) Camera Crew, Maybug productions.

Strip Dress, Starlet. Watch, NinaB. Gold shoes â‚Ź75

Wonder Photography by Cj Hadlow


Vest Top, Nina B €75. Trousers, Starlet €150. Shoes models own. Dress, Ella Singh available at Fashion Villa €1,200

`Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’

This Page Purple Dress, Ella Singh available at Fashion Villa €590. Necklace stylists own. Oppersite Page Pink Lace Body, LOVE2SHOP €27

This Page Blue Lace dress, Nina B €95. Opposite Page Beige Cardigan, Nina B €155. Lace Bra Top, Nina B €55. White and Black lace detail skirt, Starlet €55. Black sequin headband, Starlet €32,50. Necklace Stylist own.

“for I can’t understand it myself to begin with; and being so many different sizes in a day is very confusing.”

“Now, I give you fair warning,” shouted the Queen, stamping on the ground as she spoke; “either you or your head must be off, and that in about half no time! Take your choice!”

Heart Necklace pendant worn by the Queen of Hearts, Elle Morgan €89. Alice wears White layered dress, Starlet €95. Blue cardigan, Elle Morgan €89. Pearl Ring, Elle Morgan €75. Blue Lace gloves , H&M €2

This Page White Dress and Silver sequinned dress, Motek €249. Bracelets by Starlet, Large Silver €100, medium silver €50, pink €40, Thin Silvers €15 each. Opposite Page. Purple Silk Dress, Nina B €105. Lace Leggings (worn as shrug) Nina B, €49.

The Hatter opened his eyes very wide on hearing this; but all he said was, “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?�

This Page. Alice wears, Beige lace detailed dress, LOVE2 SHOP €35. Bracelet, LOVE2SHOP €20. Necklace, LOVE2SHOP, €20. Opposite Page. As worn by the Mad Hatter, Vest Top, Nina B €75. Trousers, Starlet €150. Shoes models own. Alice Wears, Ella Singh available at Fashion Villa €1,600

Pink detailed dress, Motek €189. Bracelet, Starlet €100. Heart Pendant, Elle Morgan €48.

CREDITS. Photography by CJ Hadlow. Make-Up and Hair, Liza Mayne. Stylist, Dani Jones Models: Alice, Michelle Brown Leon Mad Hatter, Queen & Rabbit, Pascal Craymer. Special Thanks, Victoria Wood, Ruth Jones, Yvonne and George Shaw.



By Lisa-Jayne

eggings are a fabulous key piece to add to any capsule wardrobe, they are like a good fitting pair of jeans. You can wear leggings with anything from long smart tops, tunics, dresses, long casual T shirts and knits. They are comfortable, flattering and sexy if worn with the right thing. Leggings can take you from day to night just by changing your accessories or shoes. This season, leggings will be available with


zips, buttons and ruched hems , think twice however, before grabbing a pair of floral leggings that could visually add pounds to your legs. Think of your height, size and shape and decide if they will flatter your body shape and disguise any areas you don’t like. One rule of thumb, always ensure you cover your bottom! This season, with leggings, go for a great tunic that skims the body, shows your curves while defining waist and covers your bottom, or your favourite summer dress, mid thigh or knee length, that flatters your body showing off your best assets and finish off with heels, pumps or shoe boots for a lovely girly look

this summer. At what age should you stop wearing leggings? Whatever your age leggings work, you will know yourself when the times up but most importantly it’s what you wear with them that counts. You don’t want to look frumpy, think glamour or sophistication. Go for a layered look, long tunic with a short cardigan accentuating your best features and to create the tall slim image elongating your body and wear heels if you’re short or pumps if you can without looking frumpy. Colours are important too, plain tops look more expensive than patterned tunics. I think confidence is the bottom line to wearing leggings, you need to feel confident in anything you wear, if you don’t then don’t wear it! Those of you who are on the larger size or you know that you just can’t wear them, then don’t worry. Go for opaque tights or wear your favourite jeans, you want your legs to look their best. Opaque tights do give a better silhouette and look fabulous with boots in winter or heels or flat pumps for the summer time. If you have short legs and long body you must balance out your proportions and make your legs look longer with heels or wedges, making sure you’re not wearing a top or dress which is too long. Leggings are great, you can now buy jeggins the jean style fabric leggings, these are fabulous, I wore a pair all winter which went with everything. For the summer, I am hoping white or pastel coloured ones will be available. Look great with heels, boots or sandals! Enjoy your leggings, confidence is everything – look good and feel great, ready for the day ahead.

Dellal dress £29.99, Acid wash leggings £19.99, Jagger platforms £69.99

Fade To Black is fast becoming one of the most followed fashion blogs on the web. Benefiting like others from the exposure through street-style websites such as (where over 50,000 members post different looks to be rated by others and guests on the site), it has had almost 150, 000 hits to date and has been awarded numerous online awards (including “Blogger of the Month” by another popular street-style site, weardrobe. com) since it´s start in 2009. The blog name itself is inspired by that of the Metallica album, which creator Gemma Rowlands says “actually described the way I was feeling at the time, before I started the blog”. It follows her day to day work and social life, documenting her own designs and shopping choices whilst working as a graphic designer in the menswear department for clothing company ROCAWEAR in New York. “Don´t get me wrong menswear is cool,


“In love with gypsy nation vintage”

but my main passion is womenswear. Before starting my blog I felt like I was drowning creatively because I really wanted to be designing for a women´s brand. So I thought if I can´t be in womenswear then I´ll create my own space in the industry by making my blog!” So, not to sound too cheesy but, the rest is history! Gemma has become well known in the blogging world for her unique style - mixing designer, high street and vintage, along with her trademark brightly coloured lips and nails! She desribes her style as “a mix between rock and hippie chic”, through her love of both eras. “I love piling on the boho jewellry, but at the same time I love to wear black leather and leopard print... so lets just say my style is hippierock chic for now!” So basically you may be wondering why we love Gemma so much? Well, not only does she have a wicked and unique sense of style and creativity, and an awesome personality to boot - she also went to school here in San Pedro! So she can technically pass as more of a costa local than most - including me!

So please check out Gemma´s blog or catch up with her again in Alter Ego next month. PS. a recommendation from me - check out her awesome hand-made and self designed “big fat clutch bags” that come in faux leather or suede! *beautiful*!xx

“These Shots were taken after work, when we had that random day of 88 degrees and I was able to wear a tank and still be good! ...oh well.. it’ll be back!”


Motek, Belt

one shoulder dress €139


dress €89

Love2Shop, assesories

Shoes €158

Urban Spring STARLET, Clutch Bag €59

MANGO Handbag €32


ZARA Straw Hat €15,95 Scarf

Nudity is the big story this season with a delectable array of lattes, caramel, bisque and corals, there has never been such a versatile or edible trend. Swathes of chiffon and drapes of tulle are the fabric du jour with cut and drape the focus. Steer away from figure hugging cuts and make fluidity the way-to-wear. Loose trousers tapered to the ankle in biscuit & crisp white, or mixed with powder blues and grey for a new urban spin. With uber tailored suiting or pretty, dreamy mini’s the look allows interpretation with a choice of Nude ice-cream colours & confections. You will feel like a kid in a sweetie shop with all the ways to play with this look.


NINA B Tassel Wedges €109

STARLET, Belt €40 NINA B Blue Linen Dress €109 Floral Dress Floral Top

“Pair up a corset top with a tied up boyfriend shirt”

LOVE2SHOP White lace Top €248 Denim Waitcoat Cowboy Boot


MOTEK Tassel Top


MANGO Handbag €49

The freshest way to wear denim this Spring is top to toe in contrasting hues, mix up the textures, rolled up or undone, the look is tempting & simple style step. Teamed with tan Leather straps or bold belts, the look can be broken up, or softened with a feminine & illustrious maxi, or wistful pretty shift. Fraying and uncontrived, honest and unadorned, the all American Girl is alluring with a seemingly effortless poise. Lightly tousled hair & a feeling of being out-west, the look is best performed with the least amount of effort. A slug of milk and a sunset is all you need to perfect this wearable trend. Waistcoat MOTEK Sequin Dress, €59 Necklace

LOVE2SHOP Belt €68


Military Rocks


Eagle Belt €35


Snake Top €59


Shorts €25,95

This Season the chicest way to rock your Spring wardrobe is by a collision of Military and all that’s Patriotic, a fierce blend of power & ethnicity, guaranteed to make you stand to attention. Think utilitarian Army Jackets with sequined cargo pants, snake skin with washed out Khaki, Micro leather, with over sized shirting & cinched in waists. Balmania keeps a united front, with bold military embellishments, sequin carnage & the ever-reigning power-shoulder. A healthy splattering of Metallics in Khaki, Gunmetal and petrol blue for the brave & for the meek and mild 2010 soldier? You can serve off-duty with a utilitarian jacket, and sand colour-combo. Mix ultra-feminine with metal plating or tough textures for the warrioress look, and always, with a subtle nod to your County! Brooch,


Miss SixtyShoes €139 STARLET,

Clutch €70 STARLET,

Shoes €150

70 Leather Bag

WHAT STYLE OF SWIMWEAR BEST SUITS YOUR BODY SHAPE by lisa -jayne This years’ swimwear is fantastic, a huge variety of styles and shapes coming through, with themes that include nautical, floral, polka dot and animal prints, all of which will fit in with your Spring/ Summer wardrobe collection. We all love to look good and feel great on the beach, but if you get it wrong with your chosen bikini, you’ll spend the rest of your holidays wishing you looked like the lovely beach babe that got it so right. The secret to looking good is to be confident in your own body and to pick the right swimwear that is correct for your body shape. This is the time to enjoy the sun and not feel the need to cover up. My advice would be; go for good QUALITY, GOOD FITTING SWIMWEAR and take the time to pick the right style, like you do your underwear. An ill fitting bra is uncomfortable and not a pretty sight. This applies to swimwear too, you don’t want to wear pants that ride up, while taking


PRIMARK £7.00, Zebra foil triangle bikini.

that much deserved stroll along the beach or you bend over and fall out of your top! We all have different shaped bodies and we all come in different sizes so you need to decide what body shape you are and how best to show off your curves and flaunt that fabulous body this summer. Whatever your shape and size go out there and hit the beach in confidence and feel a million dollars. The use of colour can bring out your personality. For more information go to or contact Lisa at

Top heavy body

Fuller bust and narrow hips and bum This body shape best suits a good fitting under-wired bra style bikini top which supports and spreads out the bust evenly giving great support and gives the illusion of a elongated tummy as the bust is sitting in the right place. You will go for wider straps as they can support the weight of the bust but can still be fashionable you don’t want to end up with dipped shoulder when you’re older The pant can be a classic brief style or boy pant that covers the bum A lovely frill pant or swim skirt will be great to balance out the body You can go for pattern of plain swimwear be adventurous.

Pear Shape

Wider bottom half with a smaller top half This is the average body shape. Draw the attention to your upper body with a fabulous bikini top like a halter neck or even a striped strapless bikini top is good as it gives width to the upper half. Lots of contrasting coloured bikinis are coming through; the darker colours can make you appear smaller. Go for a lower cut leg to give coverage, you don’t want to emphasize your bottom area.

Hour glass

Curvy top and bottom area with a defined waist A halter neck bikini top is great to show off and support your bust best and to have an under-wired cup for the bigger busted A hot-pant with a belt is great to show off your hip area and helps define the waist. Some swimsuits have panels down the front which hold you in and again show off your curvaceous body giving a great silhouette.


The person with minimal curves, smallish bust. Straight up and down A cut out swimsuit is great for creating curves; this style of swimsuit is bang on trend this summer A strapless swimsuit or bikini is great for emphasizing your upper body, adding width to shoulder area and opens up your neck area showing off your great features. The bigger busted go for a halter neck style as this supports and looks fabulous. Pants with a high leg are good as they elongate your legs and tieside pants add features to your hip area.


character named after her it would be something like ‘Little Miss Dynamite’.

Please meet Miss Hayley Reed.

Interior designer.

HAYLEY REED by Victoria Wood

She breezed in to the café looking effortlessly gorgeous in skinny jeans, heels and T-Shirt, sporting a big smile and her beloved accessory Kingston, a black and white French bulldog, you know the ones with the goggly eyes and nasal issues that somehow still manage to be cute? He couldn’t be more different to his owner, young, blonde, stylish and beautiful, who at a mere five foot nothing in stature certainly isn’t short of personality, intelligence, business savvy, determination or success. If there were a


So where did Miss Reed originate? I was born and raised in Poole, Dorset. I went to school there until I was 17. My parents moved over here when I was 14 so when I heard that a boys’ boarding school was recruiting girl guinea pigs I jumped at the chance and stayed in the UK to finish school. It was great, I got to do army training, shooting guns and getting dirty, plus the dynamics of an all boys school were challenging but a lot of fun. So after training to be an honorary boy, where did you go from there? Well, the parental wish would have been to go to University, but I realised that I wasn’t ready to choose my career path at 17 so I decided to head over here to Marbella to join my family, learn a third language (already fluent in French) and get some life experience. My first job was PA for a well-known radio personality, Maurice Boland. I’d call up prospective guests for his talk show and persuade them to come on. Then I was a location scout for

Mundo Studios production. My Spanish wasn’t coming on as quick as I’d liked so then I blagged a job in a travel agency and learnt Spanish in 6 months. Then I started working for an interior design company. Were your parents an influence on your career path? Mum and Dad were a great team, Dad would design and build the houses, Mum designed the interiors and it really worked. They had full trust in each other’s abilities and never questioned anything, but then no one questions my mum (laughs). I had been around this for many years and learned a lot, the more I got involved the “When I heard that a boys’ boarding school more I develwas recruiting girl guinea pigs I jumped at oped a passion the chance. It was great, I got to do for it. This , shooting guns and getting dirty” got stronger working for this company where I realised how difficult it was to deliver on time here to a high standard. I was really dissatisfied at not giving 100% on the jobs, it just wasn’t a representation of my work ethic, plus the clients would look to me for answers





n. o i t a r i insp

oom r g n i dinn

and I had no control over the results. Another two girls working there felt the same - we could do a much better job. So we did. We opened our own company Ambience Home Design with a tiny budget and big balls! How old were you at this point? Nineteen, very young to be starting your own company but I was ready for the challenge. We started off small but quickly grew into a successful high-end interior design company. Our third partner left after a year and so Andrea and I continued as equal partners and we blossomed into a great team. So did you find time to be a teenager or did you have to grow up fast? I was ready to get out there and make money, although the hours were really long and I spent nights in the office sometimes, I loved the challenge and was only satisfied by doing the best job possible. You don’t get anywhere unless you give it your all. So I did, and I loved it and the results and reputation we developed. There wasn’t much time for fun (she smiles a cheeky grin) but I am making up for it now! So, being a female in business in Spain do you think your looks help or hinder you? Well, being a small blonde thing does have its benefits but on the contrary I found that because of how I look people would not take me seriously business wise until I proved that I knew my stuff and that I was strong and confident. I had to be tough. And that authentic sounding Andaluz accent must help, right?


Yeah that’s a bit of a shocker for some, they see me coming and think ‘guiri’, but I can lay it on thick like the best of them! Not just speaking but knowing the language is so important if you are in business over here. So, Ambience became very successful. What next? It went well for a long time;

I’d done a job in St. Lucia, which was great. We had branched out successfully in London. But then things started to change for me, along with my Dad being sick and wanting to support my family, I felt like my path needed a new direction, plus the hard work and stress was affecting me physically. So I decided to leave Ambience and move on. I have been doing a few projects here and in Lon-

don and am growing with the business now getting more involved in building and architecture as well interiors. The possibilities are endless if you create the spaces you are later going to fill. So you are recreating your parents’ style of working except doing it alone! You really are Miss Dynamite! (Laughs) Well I don’t do things by halves and I picked up a lot from both parents. This is a great learning point in my life, I’m expanding my skills and really happy about it! Any plans for the immediate future? Spending more time with my family, I am going to meet my little sister on her travels soon too. We have had a tough past year with my Dad being sick but families only get stronger when they are tested, we pulled together and got through the hard stuff and now appreciate each other, life and love all the more for it. There’s always something positive to come out of something bad. I am involved in quite a few commercial projects here too so let’s just say I am keeping very busy and happy. One more thing, what could we find Miss Reed up to around here on a weekend? Well, sometimes I just like to hang out with friends, go out for dinner or stay in and maybe play a few games of poker, watch movies and relax. But if I feel like going out on the town I would probably head to Tribeca 12, Terra Blues or maybe Old Town Marbella, for a few drinks and a bit of jumping around! A good balance is a healthy one.

TRÈS CHIC Beauty & Health

Its a sense of make-up for the coming season that looks ‘effortless’. Less is more - It’s not about lots of make-up but more about the impact you can create. Last season was all about the constructed looks, lots of smokey eyes and well defined lips. This season is all about one single product that stands out..

Doll Pinks

Flutter: For the hottest lips, make sure they are well prepped

and moisture. The pout is all about perfection, but stick to your natural lip line. Blot and repeat until you have a wicked long-lasting colour. Rememeber ‘Go Bright’ try MAC lipstick in show orchid. Make eye appear bigger by adding either natural or dramatic lashes to finish of the look, MAC Lash2.

Nail it

If there was ever a time to play with nail art, now is the time! With hot springs favorites, from full-on prints; bow, kisses and cartoon designs to natural nudes and pastel colours... Nothing is a No-No this season and texture such as nail jewels and glitter is just another way to add to fabulous nails. Keep colour long lasting by adding on a top coat every other day. Try MAC Overlacquer – its fast drying and has a high gloss finish.

Be Nude

Makeup is one the best ways to emphasize the natural beauty of a woman. Being ‘nude’ has never been so sexy, with such simplistic look, focus on giving the cheeks a pinch of colour. If your pale-skinned, rather warm up the face than over bronzing it!! Peach and pinkie bronzers work well, try MAC Blushcreme in Lilicent. and has a high gloss finish.

CREDITS. Photography by CJ Hadlow. Make-Up and Hair, Liza Mayne. Model, Diana Mikita


Liza Mayne has been a professional , international make up artist for the past 5 years. She is well known in the UK, Spain and South Africa, for her creative and artistic skills within the makeup world. Liza has brought forth her experiances to help create an easy to use guide for the every day girl.

High Lighter

Benefit – High Beam According to, it’s

Flawless Foundation TIPS

1. Apply foundation to clean skin.

(demologica micro daily exfoliant)

2. Foundation should always be the same tone as your skin - test this on your jaw line. 3. Dont forget to blend out foundation evenly and down the neck - making sure there are no visable lines. For a professional finish try applying with a foundation brush, (bobbie brown)

“The celebrity make up artist’s secret...this satiny pink highlighter creates a young, radiant, fresh complexion on all skin tones”

you can either use it to highlight a certain area or mix a small amount into your foundation and blend all over your complexion... the soft-focus lustre it creates is both alluring and sexy!

my top 3 products this month . . .

Lipsticks –

MACS HOT shades Its summer, so many colour come to mind! So have fun with it!! Try MAC’s ‘show orchid’ – it is my favourite shade for this summer – its bright, vibrant and a great way to draw attention to the month and adds the wow factor to a simple natural look!!

Liza x


MAC – Studio Sculpt Foundation Its a fabulous creamy, gel-based foundation that provides a natural stain finish coverage for day and can easily be built up for night to a higher coverage. Its hydrating formula instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and lush. It the perfect foundation for summer as it’s long-lasting, spf 15 and water-resistant. Remember

‘Less is more’.



Anna Lisa Rosati


“I love this look, I would happily wear it to an event or to work.”


Curls are very big this summer weather it be a natural curl, tight ringlets or loose curls, This look isn’t about to go out of style anytime soon

3 steps to create this look. when curling your hair.

Sanna reccomends:

STEP 1 Always use a protector whether it be serum , or heat protecting spray before applying ANY heated hair tools.



Blake Lively

Sienna Miller

Whitney Port

Jessica Lowndes

STEP 2 Never leave the heated tool on your hair for too long, if the curl is too tight, frizzy or even a little flyaway rub serum in your hands like moisturiser and run through the mid legnths and ends of your hair. Wrappin the hair around your finger, This will lock the frizzyness into place and have a bit more control. STEP 3 IF you have any peices of hair that you want tucked away use a thin pin grip to slide it out of place, or even tuck one side behind the ear to give your curls a bit of an edge. (REDKEN QUICK DRY 18, INSTANT FINISHING SPRAY)


The humble plait is back and looks set to be the must-have look for longer hair this spring. Forget the lanky Pippi Longstocking-style braids of old, the latest looks are modern, sexy and ultra feminine. And you don’t need to be primary school age to wear them well either

Cheryl Cole

Drew Barrymore

3 steps to create this look.


Take sections of your hair and pin back, you can leave some hair down to give the tossled summer look.


Always make sure the clips are tight into place, and that you are using a leave in spray to help the hair looking glossy and shiney whilst up.

Nicole Richie

Mary Kate Olsen


To acheive more shine with this look you can have a intense chemistry treatment or a vegetable colour by Redken, Helping you hair look and feel good whilst up.

French Plait

Sanna is available Monday to Sataurday at Wood´s hair salon. She is available for womens partys, weddings or special events. T. 636651914



I love my jeans I wear them all year round but want to invest in a good pair or go for a new denim piece that will take me through to the autumn The denim look is back, washed out and distressed looking. This season there is so much to choose from, jeans, waistcoats, shorts, jumpsuits and denim skirts. The denim waistcoat is a great key piece for this season, layer over your favourite printed or plain T shirt and team with a short floral skirt. Great for weekend walks along the beach. Denim shorts look great with a silky vest and a sequined style jacket or cardigan or wear a floral blouse and soft knit cardigan for the pretty girl look. Or go for shorts with a vest and military style jacket, combining casual with dressy. Another look that can take you from day to night teamed with a shoe boots or gladiator heels. The denim jump suit is back and worn with ankle sandals is a great outfit for the summer.


By Lisa-Jayne

Always look to show off your curves so draw in waist with a fabulous belt. I believe accessories finish any outfit. Watch the cut of your jeans, you need to wear a shape and style that suits your body shape. There is a huge choice on the market. Boot cut is best for most of us as it elongates your legs and can be worn with boots or heels. The skinny is great with heels if you are slim and have good legs. If you have a large bottom or wide hips go for minimal pocket detailing as these draw attention to your problem area. Watch out for the height of the rise you don’t want to show your underwear and a low rise can cause a slight tummy bulge, so go for a mid rise. Sometimes go up a size on the waist helps. Distressed jeans teamed with a t shirt or blouse in flesh colours with an embellished jacket, will be fabulous with metallic sandals for day or the new shoe boots for evening. You could be adventurous and roll up the hem of your jeans for a casual look.

Denim shirt dress, Twenty8Twelve availble at Nina B â‚Ź136

This Page Maxi Dress, NinaB €239. Clogs, ZARA €89. Necklace models own. Opposite Page White denim jacket, NinaB €329. Blue layered dress, LOVE2SHOP €135. Black studded belt, Twenty8Twelve availble at Nina B €129

This Page Skull detailed top, Motek €40. White Jeans, LOVE2SHOP €85. Black leather diamonte cuffs, Motek €25 each. Opposite Page Pink Jeans, NinaB €165. Purpel Studded clogs, NinaB €109. Bracelets, LOVE2SHOP €27 each.

CREDITS. Photography by CJ Hadlow. Make-Up and Hair, Liza Mayne. Stylist, Dani Jones Models: Lydia Richards.

Grey cropped top, Twenty8Twelve availble at NinaB €65. Leggings, Starlet €70. Black studded belt, Starlet €40. Black Cuff bracelet, Motek €25


The epic journey of a london socialite’s fresh beginning on the costa del sol

arch 23rd 2003 saw the beginning of the most extraordinary adventure with many events occurring over the following 7 years, that even the most vivid of imaginations, simply could not have made up. My new start emanated from a telephone call, from a dear friend of mine, former ‘Blues and Royals’ Cavalry officer Michael Corry Reid, who felt it was time to get the partying blond as far away from London as possible and start a new life in sunnier climbs. I was instructed to book myself on a flight to Malaga for a weeks stay and find myself a job. Many would think this would be a relatively easy

task. Wrong. I had only set foot in Marbella, once, when I was merely 8 years old. I knew one or two people who I had lost touch with many years earlier; knew absolutely nothing about the Costa del Sol, let alone speak a word of Spanish; although I did tentatively or rather ambitiously undertake a Spanish course in Chelsea, which sadly fell by the wayside within a few short weeks. On arriving at Malaga airport among the throng of some rather unsavoury characters, I duly called the one of my two contacts there who I believed were picking me up from the airport. Wrong. She thought I was flying in the following day. This gave me a good hour before she arrived to contemplate what on earth spurred me on to this, one may


think courageous step, although at the time I thought a remarkably stupid one. The following day suited and booted with attaché case in hand I began the bewildering challenge. First port of call was The Cache Club; a concierge Company. I felt like the new kid at her first day at boarding school. Terrified. I was duly shown into the boardroom where the interrogation, or so I thought at the time, began. This was the first of some thirty meetings I had over the week, through exhaustive research prior to my departure, of the principal companies that I felt may be suited to my new career. In England I operated as journalist and Public relations consultant. However, this was a whole new ball game. Over the following next few days, traipsing the pavements in search of the dream job but not getting within an inch of it, I became despondent and by Friday decided I had given it my best chance; it was time to call it a day and settle down for a long liquid lunch with the second of my contacts and start preparing for my return to blighty. Having had more than enough of liquid refreshment and feeling relieved that my ordeal was nearing an end; I really had tried every avenue and felt proud of my efforts, my mobile rang. It was the Cache Club asking to see me again in the next half an hour. Uh oh, I was in big trouble. You hardly go and see a prospective new employer having almost drunk a restaurant dry. A bucket load of espressos later, I boldly marched into the office and was offered the job of public relations consultant and events organiser for the Company. Oh boy, it is one thing arriving in a foreign country looking for a job; it was quite literally terrifying, landing one. Having co-ordinated and reported on hundreds of events over the years, I thought this new job would be a cinch. Wrong again. My first event for the Cache Club involved the launch of a Champagne House I brought in, called ‘Chez Victor.’ Victor is an old friend but despite some initial worries about organising his launch event in Marbella, of which I still knew very little about, I trusted my instincts to carry it off without a hitch. Wrong again. Victor and his wife Sue arrived at Malaga, on time.

However some dim-witted luggage carrier at Heathrow decided that the numerous cases of champagne should be shipped on a later flight. Many may think no problem. It was a massive one. The timing of the launch was 5.30pm to coincide with the Hotel sommeliers and restaurateurs timetables. The champagne was due to arrive at Malaga at 7.30pm. The event was being held in Puerto Banus. Disaster. I managed to contact all those invitees to inform them of the delay. All were fine; my reputation was intact. Nothing else could go wrong or could it? It did. The caterers pulled out at the eleventh hour. There was no other solution but a rather rapid DIY job. It worked. Chez Victor was launched with great aplomb but that was not the end of this bubbly tail. Sadly the cost and unseen or unknown complications of shipping it to Spain was untenable. Now should I have been in Spain for a couple of years, rather than a couple of months, I may have actually considered looking into the fundamentals of shipping. This was a very early lesson I was to learn that Spain was perhaps not the easiest country to operate from. That I have now realised has to be the understatement of the decade. I spent a very happy 10 months working for the Cache Club but I think may be the Directors ruled the day they employed me. Unlike most other companies on the Costa del Sol they did not believe in the traditional siesta and the lunch break was strictly from 1-2pm. Now this seriously ruffled my feathers. Day one I adhered to this, day two I thought that I would start as I meant to carry on as I did with my legendary lunches in London. The second day, one started at 2pm and I just managed to catch the Directors before they left for the day at 7pm. Needless to say after some months they realised that something had to be done to stop this loose canon who was rapidly becoming ‘the Pied Piper of the lunchtime brigade. They brought in a signing in/signing out book. I on learning about this, literally and quite cockily blew my stack. I decided to retaliate, since I have

The caterers pulled out at the eleventh hour. There was no other solution but a rather rapid DIY job


not had tabs like that kept on me since I was a youngster at boarding school and it certainly was not, in my eyes, going to be a mundane performance I was going to repeat. Day one with my partner in crime from the Club in tow, we signed out as Edina and Patsy travelling to Sloane Street to imbibe in copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot. Time signed out 1pm, time back ‘Anyone’s guess. Day two Patsy and Edina visiting Harrods. Time out, no idea, time back – sometime the following week. The book was binned shortly afterwards. Following my stint spent as a full-time employee, an experience I had not undergone for some fourteen years, it was time to start working for myself again.. It was also a serious time for reflection. Do I stay or leave? A frightening prospect on both accounts. I knew I had the professional background to carry it off, but certainly not the contacts. I decided it was time to toast what little success I had there, pack my bags and return to my roots. Wrong. Prior to my departure and having sent what little belongings I had back to the UK, I was invited to a dinner party through a friend of mine, by a lovely girl called Harriet, who bizarrely happened to be a female chimney sweep. That evening was not only going to change my Spanish perspective but indeed my future. Having only talked to her for some half an hour, she asked me if I would consider co-ordinating her PR. I jumped at the chance. My first freelance assignment in this foreign land before I departed across the water. I duly wrote an article with accompanying photographs and sent it to the media contacts I had forged over the last few months. Job done. Caught flight and arrived home to lick my wounds. Once back, I had a change of heart and decided to give it one more go. I was determined not to be defeated but deep down was, once again, absolutely terrified about round two. I need not have worried. Whilst I was away, Harriet had quite literally been catapulted to the status of local celebrity, thanks to my efforts. Radio, television, magazines and newspapers were all vying for an interview with her. They

were also intrigued as to the identity of the person who had created this ‘chimchimcheroo’ phenomenon. From that moment on, there was no turning back. I was now regarded as a discerning professional PR and journalist on the Costa del Sol. From now on it would all be plain sailing, wrong again. Broken leg followed by job number two. With somewhat renewed confidence and having spent a blissful day on the beach with a new found friend – things were really beginning to look up, I popped into Puerto Banus to pick up the Sunday newspapers. Whilst strolling towards the taxi rank, disaster struck. One minute I was upright, the next halfway down a manhole due to a somewhat dodgy and misplaced cover. Screaming in agony, an ambulance was duly called and this young wee lass was, with lights blazing on my way, to the first of many visits to the Costa del Sol Hospital. Great. Broken leg, not a word of Spanish and completely alone. There was only one thing for it. Call up my one other recently made friend, who I had gleaned form the short space of time I had spent with her, spoke excellent Spanish. This was to prove another, if not traumatic at the time, turning point in my life. Lorraine Powell was on her way back from a blissful dinner at La Meridiana, followed by dancing at La Notte when she received a call from this quite hysterical English girl who she barely knew. True to form as I have realised since that day, she dropped everything and came to my rescue. Some 7 hours later, I was ensconced in her home with my leg up to my hip in plaster, with a serious case of negligence winging its way to the Port Authority. The only upside to this incident was that it was the beginning of a rock solid friendship with Lorraine (although she may not have agreed at the time). She not only propelled me into the echelons of Marbella society but effectively established my continuing existence on the Costa del Sol. Back to the business in hand, despite being completely incapacitated, it was time for my next assignment. This was the launch of Elliots Nightclub. All was going precisely to plan; this is when I should have wor-

I was determined not to be defeated but deep down was, once again, absolutely terrified about round two


Simon Cowell one of my interviewees.

Michael Corry Reid

Lorraine Powell

my business partner Julia Mulgrew

Harriet, Chimney Sweep

Motcomb Taken at The ith a dear Street Party w c Prain Eri friend of ours aptain. C he known as ‘T

ried. I was winging my way down to Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro with six car loads of press following me and 250 confirmed guests for the night. Surely nothing could go wrong? Wrong! As my friend, who was kindly driving me, rounded the corner to reach the establishment, there was a plethora of ambulances, fire engines, Guardia Civil and the National Police. I rapidly requested that she puts her foot on the gas and drive by. Fortunately I was the only person, at that time, to know the exact location. Thank heavens you could not see the signage because of the blazing emergency lights. I duly deposited the car loads of press at another bar round the corner, with some quite ridiculous excuse that we were providing drinks for them there, prior to the launch (they believed me) and I shut the door and double-backed to the disaster zone. Owner Paul Charles who is somewhat of a sun worshipper looked like he had just stepped out of his coffin. It took me some time to get a modicum of sense out of him. I then heard the whole story. It was now my turn to turn a whiter shade of pale. With everything ready to go and Paul satisfied that everything was going according to plan, he had returned home to change into black tie. He was called back shortly afterwards to be told that a dim-witted caterer wanted to test if the gas was working, so stuck a lit newspaper up the flue. This caused the most almighty explosion and literally blew the doors off. Paul said there was nothing for it but to cancel. “Not on your life”, I told him. “I don’t care what it takes, this launch is going ahead.” Sometime later, with guests arriving in their droves with a rapid clean-up having taken place, in conjunction with some serious negotiations with the local authorities (I won’t go into exact details as to what changed hands that evening), the Club duly opened, a mere twenty minutes late, with the guests none the wiser as to what had occurred earlier. Needless to say, I secured countless column inches following that with the simple heading ‘Elliots opens with a bang’. What more could a media and pr girl wish for? From that moment, there was, quite literally, no turning back. God Bless Marbella.



equals Exfoliation. Patchy skin s and she bru y bod y Dr . tan patchy ks pic est saf exfoliating gloves are the

s your tan Do not moisturise, unles ly tanners instructs you to. Only app isturiser mo , ch to skin that is dry to tou or dilute n ski the on r can leave a barrie the tanning formula.


’re wearing To avoid looking like you try bending es, ch pat ow elb knee and r you tan them as you smooth on


d glossy for as To keep your tan fresh an Spend some long as possible, love it. ry day. eve lf rse time moisturising you s and body ter but g din ten Invest in tan-ex washes.

4 ACCESSORIES, top €24, bottom €24

MISS SELFRIDGE, LANCASTER Morning and evening bronze toner. €27,30 CLARINS Self Taning instent tan €27,30


CHIC Fitness We will be focusing on different muscle groups and different areas of the body. This month we are going to concentrate on the buttocks and thighs. Please follow all the excercises in a slow and controlled pace. Always warm up by doing some aerobic activity , like jogging on the spot or jumping jacks, for 10 mins. Cool down after by doing some light excerise and stretches. I will be showing you stretching exercise throughout the coming issues. By Sean McShea, contact: 633 250 235

LUNGES Muscles worked; quadriceps (front thigh), gluteals (buttocks). 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg. Stand with your feet about 6 inches apart and your toes pointed straight ahead, in their natural position, for balance , rest your hands on your hips.

Don’t let your forward knee extend beyond your toes.

step forward with your left foot as far as possible, bending your right knee as you do. In a controlled move, continue the lunge until your right knee almost touches the floor., and then slowly return to the starting position. Do one set, then repeat with the opposite leg. Don’t let your forward knee extend beyond your toes.

BENT – LEG EXTENSIONS Muscles worked; hamstrings (back of thighs), gluteals ( buttocks). 3 sets of 15 reps on each leg. Get down on all fours, with your arms fully extended, elbows locked, and your head and neck aligned with your spine. 2. extend one leg, bent at a 90- degree angle, with your foot flexed, until your thigh is parallel to the ground, as shown. Return to the starting position. Do one set, then repeat with the other leg.

use your buttocks muscles, not momentum, to raise your leg.

SQUATS Muscles worked; quadriceps (front thigh) gluteals (buttocks) 3 sets of 15 reps. Stand with you feet shoulder-width apart. Tighten your abdomen and stand straight, looking directly ahead, focusing on a point so that your head and back are straight throughout the entire exercise. 2. slowly lower yourself into a squat position by bending your leg at the knee. Descend to a position where your thighs are parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position. Repeat.

As you bend, keep your knees in direct line with your feet.


CHIC Advertorial

Alter Ego is a fresh and dynamic production company offering innovative, tailor-designed photographic projects and creative services to clients ranging from fashion and media professionals, to brides and grooms looking for a personalised and original way of capturing their special day. Based on Andalucia’s Costa del Sol and offering services throughout the whole of Spain, Alter Ego works closely with each individual client to find the perfect photo shoot location whether it be an idyllic beachside setting or dramatic cliff top, a rustic finca in the Spanish countryside, the charming cobbled streets of a traditional white village, or an urban shoot location in one of Spain’s many great cities. Alter Ego´s continuously expanding portfolio of clients includes fashion brands and boutiques which source Alter Ego’s expertise to create cutting-edge advertising campaigns, marketing material and brochures using a team of leading industry professionals. Similarly, Alter Ego is the “I felt that what was needed in the area was an INVENTIVE and driving force behind many FASTIDIOUS production company which used only the very best magazine front covers and edmakeup artists, stylists, photographers and, of course, models.” itorial fashion spreads shot in the studio or on location and featured across a range of leading publications. We also work closely with fashion stores, promiAlter Ego works closely with fashion boutiques, nent venues and event promoters hosting catbrands and a variety of companies to create an acwalks shows who are looking to add a profescurate representation of their individual concept sional touch of imagination and glamour to their and the services or goods they are offering. event. Many boutiques, for example, are restricted to Last, but by no means least, a passion at Alter Ego using advertising images which have been supis about capturing the most memorable moments plied by the brands they stock. Alter Ego invites of weddings, special occasions and unforgettable clients to develop a complete and comprehensive events. Our team work thoroughly yet discreetly set of marketing or advertising images showcasto capture the main limelight as well as the more ing the multiple brands which are relevant to their candid, or spontaneous, moments of any special current or seasonal stock. Corporate image and event. branding can also be built in to the overall shoot Advertising Campaigns & Marketing concept. Material: The finished result is a unique and wholly indi-




CHIC Advertorial vidual set of professional images which can be used for advertising, glossy brochures, online purposes and across a range of marketing material. Various factors such as studio shooting or the most suitable location will be discussed with the client. In addition, a complete team – including models, makeup and hair artists, stylist, art director, various photographers – can be supplied if required.

Fashion Shows: Alter Ego’s synergy with the fashion industry blends naturally into the world of fashion shows, Marbella and the Costa del Sol being home to many fine boutiques and leading international brands hosting regular catwalk events. No matter how large or small a fashion show, there are many factors to take into account when hosting a professional event – and Alter Ego’s progressive fashion show service offers to take care of the individual elements or of the Alter Ego´s stylists and entire event. makeup artists, as well as Of upmost imbeing firmly established portance of on the Costa del Sol, course are the models, Alter have worked regularly in Ego uses only a GLAMOROUS selection of what DESTINATIONS includwe consider to ing London, New York and be the best and most professionCape Town. al models available. Our service is completely flexible and tailor-designed to suit every budget and style – but here are a few more elements to the fashion show service we offer: Photographer Videographer Makeup artists (who also specialise in eye-catching face crystals and full body-painting) Stylists &/ art director Choreographer Dressing room assistants DJs / singers / saxophonists On stage accessories eg, smoke machines To see more of Alter Ego´s work please visit

From top, behind the scenes at this months ´Wonderland´shoot, advertising campaigns, fashion at Puente Romano Hotel, behind the scenes at Agent Provocateur catwalk.

bridge the gap between luncheon and dinner, which in fashionable circles might not be served until 8 o’clock at night. Afternoon Teas are a delicious and simple way to satisfy hungry kids after school. It is also a great way to entertain friends and family.

All-in-one Victoria Sponge Cake:

SARAH´S KITCHEN Afternoon Tea Welcome to my new home cooking column. I am looking forward to presenting you with some of my home cooked dishes over the course of the next few months. My name is Sarah Ludbrook and I have lived in San Pedro for the past twelve years. My home is a rambling old house that I have renovated myself, along with my restraunteur husband Michael and son Harry. The kitchen is the centre of all the goings on in my home, hence why I love to spend time baking for my family. I absolutely love to cook food in a traditional way using tried and tested home recipes. Over the coming months I will share with you some of my favourite dishes to enjoy with your family and friends. Afternoon Tea We have been enjoying this delightful past time since Edwardian times. Afternoon tea is said to have originated with Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford. In the early 1800’s she started the idea of having tea in the late afternoon to


Ingredients: 8oz/ 225g Soft margarine 8oz/ 225g Caster sugar 4 Eggs 8oz/ 225g Self-raising flour 2 tsp Baking powder For filling and topping: 4 tablespoons of raspberry or strawberry jam A dusting of Caster sugar Pre-heat oven to 180˚C/ 350˚F gas mark 4. Grease and line 2 x 8inch (20cm) sandwich tins with greaseproof paper. Measure margarine, sugar, eggs, flour and baking powder into a mixer bowl and beat well until thoroughly blended (this can be done by hand, but is hard work!) Divide the mixture equally between this and level out. Pop into heated oven for 25mins or until risen (when finished the top of the cake should ‘spring back’ when lightly pressed with a finger. Leave to cool, then turn out of tin, peel off paper and place on a wire rack. When completely cool, spread with jam then sandwich, and sprinkle the top with caster sugar to serve. This cake will last in a tin for up to one week!

My favourite Gabbages & Roses tablecloth

hes Tea Sandwic into 3 this Scrumptious loaf (approx 18 slices) If cut f crusts. rget to cut of brown sliced

Lg don,t fo ed sandwiches, , frozen & us will make 18 breadcrumbs to in e ad m (these can be later) umber inate in bowl Essential Cuc y sliced, mar el fin & lt. ed el r pe d pepper & sa half cucumbe alt vinegar an m or r de ci with 3tbs of d & cut into 3 buttered brea Layer in your e ely chopped Special Chees rated), half fin (g r da ed ch e ur ion, 2 tbs of 220 grms mat opped red on ch y el fin lf red pepper, ha read on bread. gether and sp mayo, mix to ed Salmon ascarpone Luxury Smok lmon, 60grs m sa ed sp ok sm d p nutmeg, 1d 110grs choppe pepper, half ts te hi d w re of tte p ts bu on cheese, half gether spread ional) mix to whiskey (opt bread.

“I absolutely love to cook food in a traditional way using tried and tested home recipes.�

Billy, Our rescued labradoodle.




he French would love us to believe that Henessy (pronounced Mo-ett not Mo-ay by Dom Perignon invented champagne in the way because he was Dutch) as it gave the late 1690’s There is no evidence Cherry Blaire´s´eldest work experience in of this at all and they rely on a French Paris a few years back. document written in 1718 by an anonFor a lot less money Cava can be very good ymous author, probably Alistair Campbell, which as can sparkling wine from New Zealand, claimed ‘vin mousseux’ was established 20 years earCalifornia (where Louis Roederer produces lier. Anyway it could not have been before 1690 as Quartet) and indeed other parts of France the French did not have bottles capable of withstandwhere it is known as Crémant. ing the pressure of champagne, which is equal to that of the rear tyre of a double decker Lon“To the mall and th don bus. Nor did they have a cork. The e park Where we love till ‘tis English had both, in fact champagne dark was not only available in England much Then sparkling cham paign,(sic) earlier than that, but was so popular that Pu ts an en d to dramatists and poets wrote about it. For their reign, example Sir George Etherege wrote It quickly recovers about it in his 1667 ´Man of Mode´. Poor languishing lover s, However I come not to bury Rheims Ma ke s us fro lic but to praise it. It is also incumbent and gay, upon us to support Louis Vuitton Moet And drowns all so

rrow; But, alas, We relapse again on the morrow.”


AMERICAN Hard Rock Cafe, Puerto Banus


Jacks, Puerto Banus 952813625 Yanx, Nueva Andalucia 952818861 TGI Fridays, Puerto Banus 952815993 Tony Roma’s, Marbella 952765533

Khans, Puerto Banus 952814371 Khans 2, Marbella 951319161 Little India, Calahonda 952931829 Mumtaz, Puerto Banus 952812090


Saffron, Marbella 952830146

Asador Criollo Grill, Cancelada 952784463

Taj, Estepona 952880288

Asador Guadalimina 952883003

Taj Mahal, Nueva Andalucia 952814719

El Carnicero, San Pedro 952867599


El Coto, San Pedro 952786688 El Gaucho, Sotogrande 956795528

Alminar, Estepona 952809500 Amanhavis, Benahavis 952856026

Arete, Marbella El Rancho del Puerto, Banus 952777334 Buenos Aires South, Marbella 952816252 Auld Dubliner, Marbella 952779297 952886338 Grill Del Puerto, Puerto


Clerico, Marbella 952765683 Tango, Puerto Banus 952812358

Banus, 952811686

Marbella Club Grill, Banus 952822211

Baboo Lounge & Restaurant Benalmadena, 902102675 Beach Club Restaurant Grill Marbella, 902343410


Old Town Grill, Marbella 952867306

Nestor, Puerto Banus 952929020

Puente Romano Beach Club Marbella 952820900

Valderrama, Sotogrande 956791200


Boulevard, Marbella 952860583


Indian Dreams, Marbella 952820096

Brunings, Alcantara 952786156

Red Pepper, Puerto Banus 952812148

Jaipur Purple, Estepona 952888353

Bubbles, Puerto Banus 606070979

Beach House, Marbella 952839458

Buddha Beach, Marbella 952813882 Calima, Marbella 952764252 Casa Mono, Marbella 952774578 Casanis, Marbella 952900450 Chic Brunch & Cafe, Nueva Andalucia, 952929411 Deli-icious, Nueva Andalucia 952907876

El Bolero, Cadiz 956613030 El Campanario, Estepona 952880126 El Corzo, Cadiz 952771700 El Lago, Marbella 952832371 El Mirador, Estepona 952809500 El Olivo, Marbella 952830500

Don Leone, Marbella 952811716

El Patio De Los Perfumes, Marbella 952828650

Don Quijote, Marbella 952834748

EL Relicario, San Pedro 952788686

Pan Y Mermelada, Marbella 952829308

EL Restaurante Del Casino Marbella, 952814000

El Rincon de Gvadalpin Nueva Andalucia, 952929001 Fabiola, Sotogrande 956695114 Galeria San Pedro, San Pedro 952780927 Hotel Marbella Club Buffet Marbella, 952822211 Ivy, Marbella 952831989 Khala, Marbella 952899600 La Biznaga, San Pedro 951275750 La Cabana Del Mar Estepona, 952809500 La Cantina Del Golf Benahavis, 951318815

Recession?...don’t happy!

In addition to our regular lunchtime menu we are currently offering a very special ¨Daily Menu¨ with your own choice of 2 courses for just 17.50€ (excludes Sunday) during the evening enjoy wonderful Ocean-front dining - 3 exquisite courses from only 24.50€ (available Sunday - Thursday)

...naturally our a la carte menu is always available...

El Oceano ...where else!!

A7 (CN-340), Km. 199, Miraflores Beach, Mijas Costa - Tel. 952 587 550

La Esencia, Marbella 952831303

Los Bandidos, Puerto Banus 952815915

La Fonda De Marbella Marbella, 952903288

Marbella Club Beach Club Marbella, 952822211

La Hacienda, Marbella 952831267

Messina, Marbella 952864895

La Loggia, Benahavis 952889150

Montecarlo, Estepona 951273994

La Menorah, Estepona 952792734

Nikki Beach, Marbella 952836239

La Terraza, Guadalmina 952882211

Ocean Club, Marbella 952908137

La Veranda, Marbella 952889150

Ocho, Fuengirola 952460232

La Veranda Lobby Bar Estepona, 952809500

Oyarbide, Marbella 952772461

Lee’s Bistro, Marbella 952928610

Passion Cafe, San Pedro 952781583

Los Arcos, Marbella 952762000

Polo House, Marbella 952900380

Polynesian’s Rest & Cocktail Bar, Puerto Banus 952816100 Puente Romano Beach Club Marbella, 952820900 Puro Beach, Estepona 952316699 Roca Tranquila, Fuengirola 952196067 Rojo, Marbella 952227486 Salsa Marinera, Puerto Banus 952816940 Schilo, Marbella 952937800 Sentidos, Marbella 952765732 Shiraz, Marbella 952778334

“Paradise is closer than you think” Open every day for Lunch and Dinner Reservations & Bookings Tel: 952 587 550 Fax: 952 587 637

Exquisite cuisine...from a salad to a lobster, impeccably presented in our Ocean front paradise...a more impressive place to dine would be hard to imagine... The famous “Waterfront Terrace”... where lunch can last forever




¨Elegance is a questio of personality, more th one’s clothing.¨ Jean-Paul Gaultier


¨I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.¨ Ralph Lauren

the boUtiqUe beach clUb bUddha beach

is back for a sizzling third season

located only a short walk froM the jet set Marina of pUerto banUs, bUddha beach has becoMe the favoUrite beach clUb for celebrities, residents and visitors who enjoy the relaxed, bespoke location . following

alexander o' neil last year we have soMe sUperb acts live in concert this sUMMer, check oUt oUr web site for the latest events schedUles! the Unforgettable perforMance by

Back for a Sizzling Summer Join

us for the

Boutique Beach cluB experience

Spring Special Set Menu â‚Ź15 (Monday - Friday)

e n e t h g i l n E e Th r Fo

. . w d Fe

2010 lIve concerts at BUDDha Beach f or

More inforMation and bookings or for groUp booking and party inforMation pLease caLL :

(0034) 95 281 3882


(0034) 661 623 623

Check web site for our full

Puerto Banus

2010 events Calendar ThurSdayS - LiMeLighT 2010 WorLd Cup MaTCheS - Live 28Th May - hoT pink & WhiTe parTy 29Th May - Love JuiCe parTy 11Th June - SuMMer opening parTy 18Th June - aSCoT LadieS day

U ntil 31 st M ay L imited

17th July


31st July






the DrIfters

to inclUde sUperb

- B ook

b Uddha b each b Uffet

now to avoid disappointment

6/7/8th Aug

manolo & lIto

21st Aug

rose royce

B uddha B each - u rB . v iLLa m arina , n ueva a ndaLucia , m arBeLLa , m aLaga v isit

our weB site at www .B uddha B each B anus . com


emaiL : info @B uddha B each B anus . com

TRÈS CHIC Until June . . .

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