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One eve nin g durin g th e month of October th e students of Cha minad e a lon g with th eil pa rents gathered in the sc hool yard to honor Our Lad y of th e Rosar y with th e recita tion .of the rosa r y, a serm on and b enedi ctio n . In hi s sermo n Fa ther Di ckson e m phasized th e fact that " we" a re th e Church 's so luti o n to th e modern evil o f sec ul a ri sm , a nd th a t we should sprea d Chri stia n pa ttern s over the world by good exa mpl e ra th er th a n by word s alon e. S'lcra -

* Th e stud ents a long with the facult y celebrated as an a nnual event, th e Feast o f Fa th er Cham inade. Th e day ho nors th e founder of th e Society of Mary a nd the patron o f ou r school. Th e week-lo ng celebration of novena pra yers, classroom discussion s, radio ta lk s, a nd Pageant was clima xed by a Sol emn Hi gh l\bss ce lebra ted o n the las t day of th e wee k.

The final scene of the Pageant .

.'\ novel event was recorded in the annals of [h e school this yea r, for unlik e oth er years the Freshm en had th e ir o wn individu al r etrea t. In the co urse of th e three da ys of praye r and medita tion , Fa the r l)a ul Kelley, th e retreat master, stressed the use of th e sa cra ments, especiall y Confess ion a nd Holy Communio n . H e al so emphasized th e importance of Sa nctifyin g Gra ce to th e individu al and th e necessity o f p er formin g da il y duti es to the best of o ne's a bilit y. By receiving Our L ord in the Blessed Sacra me nt on th e las t da y of th e r etreat , each Freshm a n pledged him se lf to fo ll o w with more con victi o n th e Ca tho li c wa y of li fe . • eshmen discus. one of the conference. wilh Father Kelley .


Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949