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CongraLLil ar ions are h ere exte nded to the Hon or Men of Cham inacle. T h roug hout every period of their four years of high school, they have mainta ined a scholastic average o f n in ety or ove r a nc! a charac ter r a ting of n inety-five. JEROME WEIS


T hese seventeen sen io rs have been e nroll ed in to the Mari a n Ch a pter of the Nation a l H o no r Soc iety beca use of the ir lea dership, Jn l t!a ti ve, charac ter a ncl scll o l astic ra t i ng. T h ey h a ve parli ci pated in two o r mo re acti vilies a nd h ave m a int a in ed a nin ety ch aracter r a tin g and a n eig h ty-five o r be tter average during t heir fou r yea rs of stu dy. Ch a min ac!e loo ks to th ese high sch oo l leaders o f tod ay to be lea d ers of me n in th e wo rlel o f to mo rrow.




row - James Fis her . OUo Geering. Roy Horvath. Paul Koller. 3rd . row - Lawrence Keele. Jim Raiff. Ray Stoll. Nelson Wolf. 2nd. row - L e e Butle r. Robert Koepnick. Bill Brennan. 1st. row - Louis Brun s. Larry Staub. John Holler. Jeronl e Weis. Missing - Don Zimmerle. Tom Laufersw e iler .

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  
Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949