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27 - WILBUR WRIGHT 6 Eagles win 27-6 as va unted Pil o t allack was sto pped co ld I~y hard -ch.a rgl ng Ea~ l e li ne . . . Ali -C Ity Bobble Koe plll ck ~ m ac h ed over ri o-h t e nd for fir st T.D . . . . .-\. blocked Lem~ning punt by Koe pnick se t up a Buller to Koep ni ck tou chdown pass ... Raiff intercepted pa ss and raced 59 ytls. before beIng stopped ... Angerer registe red a no th er T. D. afte r sca mpe rin g 25 yds . ... Angere r ree led o[f 60 yds. for final to uchd o wlI . . . Rese rves pla yed second ha l[ . . . Ta ngema n a nd Spa hn were sta ndouts .. . Bill Monahan , All -C it y guard, manned hi s position well.

47 - IRONTON 7 9,000 wa tch spirited Eag le team ma ssa cre hig hl y rated .Iro nto n Tigers in fir st Hom eco me ga me .. . E nd Joe Tangeman co nsta ntl ), harrassed fin e puntin g of John Shelton . . . Pete Kathman an d Johll Breite nstein bullwarks of stre ng th . . . :'Ialon e), sped 55 ),ds. for a T.D. after gatbering up a partia ll )' blocked PUIll . . . Eagles rack up three touchdowns in as man)' pl a),s from scrimma ge ... Ange rer. Butler, Koep ni ck, figure heavil y in sco r IIlg . . . Koe pn ick est a bl ished b im se l f as a passe r .. . Pe rkin s made fina l T.D. Butler

lronton .

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53 - STIVERS 7 Eag les sw,lInp T igers 53-7 . . . Raifr recovered goa l lin e fumble of Koe pni ck for first T.D . . . . Angerer swive lhipped 65 )'ds. [or next T.D. . . . Koepnick ca pped 72 yd. T. D . march w ith a twe lve r d . ja unt [or the score . . . New la nd lecovers fumbl e selli ng up a Butl e r [0 Koepni ck to uchdo wn pa ss . . . Tigers sco re . . . New land repea ted th e perfo r ma nce [or th e Green a nd ''''hite . . . Koe pni ck sped 64 yds. for a lloth er six pointel . . . Raj[f smashed 3 ~ yd s. for still a noth e r score . .. A P e rkin s to Spahn aerial resulted in final T .D . ... Newland , Buller, R aiff, Koep nick backfield stand outs . . . Line p layed usua l vicious ga me. Ralff leaves Ihem biting Ihe du.I In Slive~ b~awl as Brennan and Kothman I:harged ahead.

44 - ROOSEVEL T 0 5,000 peopl e sa l in a stea d y downpour as Eagles claw Tedd ies 33-0 d espite a sea of mud ... Bobbie Koepnick smashed over [rom th e 10 for first T.D . .. . Jim R a iff bulldozed his way from six for first of his two six-po inters . . . Angerer sma sh ed over from two fo r 3rd T.D .. .. Tangeman b locked Tedd ie punt ... R a ifE reeled off 42 yds. [or th e sco re ... Kinder snagged pa ss from Perkin s and sw ivel hipped 15 yds. for final T.D . . . . Coch I-an , Parker, Tangema n buIllI'arks of stre ngth on the lin e. Koepnick puis on sleam and leave. Harrell far behind In Roosevelt encounter.

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  
Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949  

Chaminade High School Yearbook 1949