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Thank you and goodbye Cub Scout Day at CJ’13 BY MEGAN LAMOTHE AND MURRAY MELDRUM

On Wednesday, when everything was starting to fall into a normal routine here at CJ’13, the gates of Camp Woods opened for 450 Cub Scouts and their leaders. As the Cubs eagerly poured off their buses and walked down to the main stage you could feel their excitement to be at such a large Scouting event. Music played as Cubs and their leaders danced up and down the field and waited for the opening ceremonies to begin. Soon beach balls were added to the mix giving a similar feel to the Opening Ceremonies the Scouts had on Saturday. When all the groups had arrived and put on their brand new CJ’13 neckers, the ceremonies could begin. The ceremony began with a song called “Cub Scout Day” which called for everyone to sing along. They introduced each Cub Pack, revealing that there were Cubs from as far away as Hay Lakes, Yellowknife, and Richmond, Ontario. The Cubs then assembled into a large circle only to be interrupted by the Grinch (Andrew Price, Chief Commissioner) and CindyLou-Who (Kaylee Galipeau, National Youth Commissioner). The Grinch then wanted to make some purple stew, so with the help of the 450 Cubs he made a large purple stew. The excited Cubs then assembled into their rotation groups to experience all the amazing things we have going on at CJ’13. Soon, the Cubs dispersed throughout Camp Woods to attend their assigned activities. The activities ranged from a tour of the camp, to a low ropes course. The part that many of the Cubs loved was badge trading. All of the Cubs were given one badge each at the beginning of the day. After walking around and trading all day, some of them had a hand full of badges! After a day of experiencing all the fun CJ’13 has to offer, the Cubs gathered at the main stage for one last time for their Closing Ceremonies. In the 32 degree weather the Cubs were grateful when the Whoville staff came out with water guns to spray the crowd. At one point Albert appeared to take a group photo with all 450 Cubs in attendance. Some Cubs were a little more hesitant than others but the majority of them took a photo with Albert. To officially start the Closing, the Cubs gathered in a giant circle again to listen to and sing “Cub Scout Day.” Afterwards they were lead in a grand howl. Finally, as a last farewell, the whole group sang Ging Gang Goolie. A fun afternoon was had by all the Cubs, and they are looking forward to their next jamboree opportunity – possibly as Scouts at the 2017 Canadian Jamboree in Nova Scotia.

July 12, 2013

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Tomorrow’s Weather The Weather Rock is predicted to be mostly dry and approximately 20 degrees celsius. There is a 100% chance of extinction for Saturday July 13. Sunrise: 5:32am Sunset: 9:51pm

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Badges for Healing

Charging with Crusaders

There is much preparation and anticipation that goes along with an event such as CJ’13. Meet Nicholas Whitten, age 13, from 1st Topsail Scouts in Newfoundland. For almost 2 years Nicholas worked on fundraising with his group in order to attend CJ’13. So when Nicholas began to complain of stomach pain on the night of the final equipment check, two days before the troop was scheduled to leave for the jamboree, it could have been a safe assumption to think that last minute nerves were just beginning to set in. Unfortunately for Nicholas though, this was not the case. After a trip to the doctor, Nicholas ended up being scheduled to have his appendix removed the next night. The following morning, at 6:00 in the morning, his troop left for CJ. As disappointed as this unfortunate Scout was, he was able to stay positive. Nicholas did make one request though, that his father, Kerry Whitten, and group take his badges to CJ’13 and trade them for him, to guarantee him some unique souvenirs. If you want to help this Scout end up with a great collection of badges and add some to yours, head over to Tribattlesaurus Subcamp HQ to find out where you can trade badges. From everyone at CJ’13, get well soon Nicholas!

For a dinosaur themed camp, I found it weird at first to add a medieval like program to the list of events. However, after a few minutes in the upper program field, I saw myself and Scouts alike storming the walls of a castle and jousting for the love of the fair maiden. One of the places that stood out was the Archery activity lead by Scouter Ray. This Scouter has been loving and teaching archery since 1973, and is now an Archery Ranger Master Instructor - which is the highest title I have seen at camp so far. He told me that, “archery builds self confidence, concentration and helps with self development.” The kids walk out of archery with a sense of accomplishment whether they missed completely or hit a bullseye. After I finished staring at the size of the zip line and climbing wall they had put up for this jamboree I walked on over to the Catapults at the far side of the field and sat down with a group from Alberta. 1st Silver Okotoks and their members Even Nisi, Thomas Wiggins and Elliot Rohmann told me about the struggle they had to face while building a catapult. First they had to build the catapult, which all the members agreed “was the hardest part.” The challenge was to hit three targets with their newly-built catapult, flinging tennis balls as ammo – the greatest medieval invention ever. After successfully hitting three targets, they had to disassemble the catapult they just used to crush the enemy. All the Scouts I talked to recommended this station due to the balance of challenge and fun it presents to all who pass by. Sylvan Crusades taught me even if the camp is dinosaur themed, you can still have fun at a medieval program, and I hope to see all Scouts storming that castle wall.



Thanks for Reading! BY ZACH DALLAS

Dear Newsasaurus Readers, On behalf of the entire Newsasaurus team, I’d like to thank you all for reading our newspaper - we all had a blast producing it. I want to send a special thank you to the Newsasaurus writers and photographers. Without them you wouldn’t be holding this awesome publication. Also, thank you to those readers who sent articles and pictures to us. We didn’t get a chance to publish all of them, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t good. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! In the week following CJ’13 a special online edition of the Newsasaurus will be posted to the CJ’13 Blog ( ). This issue will cover the closing ceremony and departures, in addition to recapping the entire CJ’13 experience. You can also find digital copies of all editions of the Newsasaurus on the CJ Blog.


The Newsasaurus


Closing Ceremony, tonight at 7pm at the Main Stage! Musical guest: The Abrams Brothers.

Boots & Salutes

Boots Boots to those who are still using the ground as their trash can. Salutes Salutes to Scouter Rene of 101st Toronto, who sends late-rising Scouts to pick up garbage around Camp Woods – helping to keep our camp clean.


On Monday and Wednesday evening, representatives from TELUS presented an Indaba session entitled Cyber Wise. The session covered topics such as cyber bullying, smartphones, social media, online gaming, and texting. The TELUS representatives explained essential security tips for people both with and without kids. These tips included how to create a secure password, how to avoid viruses and malware, how to avoid hackers, and how to stop a cyber bully. The presentation is available online in more detail at

Birth Announcement

Birth announcement from Quelsaurus? Subcamp! We are very happy to announce that we are now proud parents of a new baby dinosaur of the Quelsaurus species. Time of hatching was Monday, July 8, 2013 at 10:34 p.m. Baby is floating happily in the nest, munching on more eggshell and waiting for brothers and sisters to hatch. We wish to thank all subcamp Scouts for their help in gently rolling the egg daily and the frogs for providing the video surveillance system.

Scouting Spirit

The 1st Bolton Scouts were excited to be coming to CJ’13. When they arrived the first priority was to locate their troop gear that had been shipped to the CJ site. Unfortunately there had been a mix up with the shipping company and their gear was nowhere to be found. In true Scouting Spirit, their neighboring units opened their arms and welcomed them to use their equipment. A special thanks goes out to the 1st Port Moody, the 21st Anders Red Deer, and the 7th Aldershot Scout troops for exemplifying BP’s vision of what it means to be a Scout.

A Day at the Beach BY CARL WIEBE

Even though Sunday was a bit cloudy I was still able to see and enjoy the numerous Scouts enjoying the Atlantis Waterfront Program. Much fun could be had by attending the beach party (after a long walk to get there), paddling around the waterfront in a canoe or kayak, or learning how to become a sailor with their sailing program. I was able to interview Scouter Sean (in charge of the event) and he filled me on their wonder-staff of 25 OOS members, including 19 Venturer Scouts. Sean says he enjoys seeing youth teaching youth and learning how to relax and take a break. “Water craft is a program where you can relax and have fun in the water.” he says. Many kids were doing just that while I was running around the waterfront. As I checked out what every station had to offer, I ran into the 40th Edmonton Ismaili Scouts. The group consisting of Zafir Samnani, Zul Hassanali, Adam Danji, Arshil Ahmed and Amah Makhani talked to me about what they hoped to learn from the Sailing Program. “Whatever the instructor says.” was the most common response I got from the boys, who were very excited to learn different knots and techniques used in sailing. They felt the Sailing station was “a bit hectic” but that was to be expected from such a popular program. If you are feeling up to the challenge, grab your bathing suit and jump head first into the fresh water of Sylvan Lake.


The Newsasaurus


The Newsasaurus


The Newsasaurus

Badges for Ethan BY CARL WIEBE

My friend Olivia Takaoka found me today and asked if I knew about this campaign called “Badges for Ethan.” She saw a small poster down at Atlantis HQ and she instantly wanted to raise awareness for this cause. Ethan is a young Beaver from 1st Fairfield Colony in the Frasier Valley Council in British Columbia. Ethan suffers from a rare form of cancer and is in need of help. Ethan doesn’t want money. All he wants are badges for his campfire blanket from Scouts all over Canada. I was not able to find out who started this program, but I was happy to donate one of my CJ’13 PR and Media badges. You can find more information at Atlantis HQ, but the details are quiet limited. If you see one of these signs around raising awareness, the least you can do is donate one badge and do a good turn for someone in need. From everyone at CJ’13, get well soon Ethan!

Chief Scouts at CJ’13

Important Message for OOS!

All OOS are reminded to check the departures list located at Whoville HQ, to ensure all travel information is correct.

Centrosaurus Subcamp BY MEGAN LAMOTHE

In the big field at the top of camp there lays a team of dinosaurs known as the Centrosaurus. The staff can be spotted in their bright yellow shirts and their cheerful faces. These dinosaurs are so friendly that in their HQ they have a designated and “smile-zone” for the Scouts who are missing home and just need a kind face in a crowd of 6,500. The lack of trees makes this Subcamp easier for Scouts to interact with other groups. The lack of trees also make this Subcamp the perfect for sleeping since they don’t have to deal with roots under their tents. There are many unique troops staying at this camp such as the Islamic and Taiwanese groups. All of these Troops have great stories and some fantastic badges to swap. You can check out all the badges on their badge board located at Centrosaurus’ headquarters. You could even check them out on your way from having a shower, as they are located right next door.


There are many different awards in Scouting, but none are as highly regarded as the Chief Scout’s Award. Designed to challenge and educate, this award is the highest attainable award in the Scout program. On Wednesday July 10th at 6pm, close to 200 Scouts were recognized for completing their Chief Scout award at a special ceremony hosted by the National Youth Commissioner, Kaylee Galipeau, and the Chief Commissioner, Andrew Price. Congratulations to all Scouts who completed their Chief Scout’s Award this year!


The Newsasaurus

Dinos for Sale!

There are a lot of great souvenirs that you can take home as a reminder of the week you spent at CJ’13; but how would you like you take home your very own dinosaur statue? Well, thanks to the folks at the Triceratops subcamp that’s exactly what could happen! These two large dinosaurs are yours to either buy or trade for - all you’ll have to do is take them away! If interested, go visit the folks at the Triceratops HQ for more information. But hurry, there are only two to be had!

Remembering the Fallen BY MURRAY MELDRUM

In 1995, Dennis Orgar bought an American flag that was flown of the USS Arizona. Since 2005, Dennis has been passing the flag around to American Scout groups for a night. Every group that borrows the flag makes an entry in a logbook. Dennis was inspired to start the project after four troopers and a reporter were killed in Iraq, to help Americans remember the lives of the troops who sacrificed their lives for their country. He hopes that in a few years, after the logbook is full, the flag can be flown over the USS Missouri to remind the troops onboard that people remember the veterans and are grateful for the troops. He is also starting a similar project with a Canadian flag. When that logbook is full, he wants it to be sent to Canadian bases overseas. The focus of these two projects is to help people remember the veterans. In his words, “War has taught us a lot of things, but unless we carry it forward, we lose it.” Dennis is looking for American Scout groups to continue the project. If you are from an American Scout group, and are interested in the program, please contact Dennis Orgar on the CJ’13 Communications Team.

At the Quartermaster’s Store... BY ALEXANDRA SHORE

There are many hard working OOS members at CJ’13, and while some of the work going on is really evident, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Meet the Quartermasters, also known as QM, a team made up of 14 people working hard to ensure that you have all the supplies you need to make your week at camp enjoyable. Arriving at CJ on July 1st, almost a week before camp even began; they quickly got hard to work organizing gear, restocking any supplies that were running low, and making sure that incoming equipment got where it needed to be. Because of this most of the Quartermasters’ work is done even before camp starts, but that doesn’t mean they have a week off. Between running into town to get more supplies and mountains of paper work, the QM team has to be able to stay calm and patient enough to deal with problems in an effective way, helping whichever troop, leader, or OOS is in need of assistance. Everything from replacing empty propane tanks, to buying 5,000 cotton balls or 360 kg of flour – even a pink butterfly wind chime – the QM team has it covered. So be sure to give the Quartermasters a high-5 and say a big thanks if you see them!



Scouts Canada wishes to thank its lead supporters and donors for CJ’13

Jamboree Title Sponsor ($50,000+)

This initiative is supported by the Government of Canada through Heritage Canada and Western Economic Diversification Canada

Pathfinder Sponsor ($25,000-$49,999)


Adventure Sponsor ($15,000-$24,999)

David Huestis

Supporting Sponsor ($5,000-$14,999)

Charitable Donors (All Donations)


The Newsasaurus - July 12  

The official newspaper of the 12th Canadian Scout Jamboree in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

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