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Civil – Military Fusion Centre CLOSURE OF THE CIVIL MILITARY FUSION CENTRE (CFC) KEY DATES: The CFC will close 30 November 2013. Below is a listing of the remaining CFC publications scheduled for delivery through the end of November:     

05 November Afghanistan Bi-weekly Review 12 November Complex Coverage Bi-weekly Review 08 November CFC Thematic: “Polio in Afghanistan and Pakistan” 15 November CFC Thematic: “Foreign Fighters in Syria” 22 November CFC Thematic: “Libyan Oil Crisis”

PORTAL ACCESS: From 30 November, CFC product development, web-posting, email distribution and request for information (RFI) support will no longer be available to CFC subscribers or anonymous users. The CFC’s knowledge sharing portal should remain online during 2014 allowing access to historical material. THE CFC JOURNEY: Between 2008 and 2013, first as an experiment and subsequently as an operational capability, NATO’s CFC has facilitated the exchange of knowledge between civilian and military actors working on complex crises to enhance their sense of shared awareness. CFC desk officers have researched, written and published weekly news reports, hundreds of RFI responses, and a sizeable collection of in-depth thematic reports covering issues pertaining to governance and rule of law, security, economic development, socio-cultural development and humanitarian relief in crisis-affected areas around the world. In doing so, they helped in collective crisis management and in the exchanging of information to help build trust and confidence among otherwise unconnected people and organisations. THANK YOU! The CFC is grateful to the robust following of over 8,000 subscribers from nongovernmental organisations, international organisations, academia, think tanks, military and governmental agencies. The CFC has also enjoyed the support of over 50,000 anonymous readers who have visited CIMICWEB each month. On behalf of all of the CFC team, thank you for your readership and support over the years. Joergen Jessen, CFC Director Contact us at:

CFC Closure Message  
CFC Closure Message  

CFC Closure Announcement