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TheLuxuryTrainsisoneofIndia'sLargestLuxuryTrainOperator,andalsooneofthelargest Cons ol i da t or s&GS A' sf orPa l a c eonWheel s , Roy a l Ra j a s t ha nonWheel s&Dec c a nOdy s s e y . Wea l s ooper a t eL ux ur yT r a i nsl i k eT heI ndi a nMa ha r a j a&S pl endoroft heS out h.


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uroffic esa r es t r a t eg i c a l l yl oc a t eda l l a r oundt hewor l dwi t hi n: US A, UK, E ur ope, S wi t z er l a nd, Ca na da , Aus t r a l i a , Ne wZ ea l a nda ndI ndi a . Y ourJ our ne yt oI ndi abeg i nswi t h. . . . .

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El l or aCaves Aj ant aCaves Ci t yPal ace( Udai pur ) LakePi chol a( Udai pur ) Rant hambor eNat i onalPar k

TajMahal Agr aFor t( Agr a) Fat ehpurSi kr i( Agr a) AmberFor t( Jai pur ) JaiMahalPal ace( Jai pur )

Tour2( Del hiToMumbai ) :Del hi-Agr a-Jai pur-SawaiMadhopur -Udai pur-El l or a-Aj ant a-Mumbai 2011


05Oct-12Oct201 1


19Oct-26Oct201 1


02Nov-09Nov201 1


16Nov-23Nov201 1


30Nov-07Dec201 1

1 1Apr-18Apr2012


Rat esPerPer sonPerNi ght( Sept ember2011t oApr i l2012) OccupancyType Si l verCl ass

Gol dCl ass

Pl at i num Cl ass

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US$1 1 10


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Tour1( Mumbait oDel hi ) :Mumbai-El l or a-Aj ant a-Udai pur-Sawai Madhopur-Agr a-Jai pur-Del hi 2011


28Sep-05Oct201 1


12Oct-19Oct201 1


26Oct-02Nov201 1


09Nov-16Nov201 1


23Nov-30Nov201 1

04Apr-1 1Apr2012

21Dec-28Dec201 1 *Ter msandcondi t i onsasappl i cabl e

TheLuxur yTr ai ns 42,Fi r stFl oor ,RegalBui l di ng( East ) ,ConnaughtCi r cusNew Del hi 110001-I NDI A Phone:+911142866600|Fax:+911123348003|Emai l :t l t quer y@t hel uxur yt r ai ns. com |Web:www. t hel uxur yt r ai ns. com

www. t hei ndi anmahar aj a. co. i n www. r oyal r aj ast hanonwheel s. co. i n www. t hegol denchar i ot . co. i n www. t l t t our s. com

The Indian Maharaja  
The Indian Maharaja