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Making New Friends as an Adult

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With the Regional Leaders in Vascular Care!


Chemical Ablation (Varithena) is the only FDAapproved foam treatment used to treat varicose veins and venous insufficiency. It is a microfoam delivered in as few as 1-2 needle sticks. For most people, Varithena improves both physical symptoms related to varicose veins and their appearance. This fast, minimally invasive treatment is effective on almost all vein sizes with little to no downtime.

Radiofrequency Ablation (Venclose) uses heat energy in a minimally invasive fashion to close an offending vein. It is the most common method for vein therapy. During the treatment, the heat from the radiofrequency catheter is sent into the vein through a thin, flexible catheter. This cauterizes and closes the offending vein, thus shifting blood flow to a healthier system.



• Self-referrals are welcomed • Timely appointments • Experienced team • State-of-the-art technology • Comprehensive care

Trust the VIC Vascular Team for all your venous needs - from spider veins to varicose veins and more. Let our experienced and passionate team care for you! @VICVASCULAR | 423.602.2750


One of the latest therapies for the treatment of varicose veins is the VenaSeal Closure System, which improves blood flow and relieves symptoms by sealing - or closing - the diseased vein. The system delivers a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to the diseased vein. The adhesive permanently seals the vein, and blood is rerouted through nearby healthy veins. Patients often have no pain, very little downtime, and return to their daily life almost immediately.

Photographed at Ruby Falls

A convergence of financial knowledge and capabilities. Right here in Chattanooga. We’ve assembled a team of well-established and highly experienced financial professionals. It has given us the ability to address every aspect of our clients’ financial needs. And by limiting the number of clients we serve, it allows us to offer an uncommon level of service and maintain our unwavering focus on helping to create quality financial solutions.

This is what we bring to the table – and what will ultimately bring you to us. If you are an individual seeking seasoned financial guidance and the comfort of working with an experienced group of advisors who call Chattanooga home, we welcome the opportunity to sit down together. • 877-770-0009 • 423-510-8889 • 1200 Premier Drive, Suite 100 • Chattanooga, TN 37421

Back row from left to right: Evan Russell, Financial Advisor // Austin Cone, CFP® // Andy Burnett, CFA // Dennis Wolfe, CPA, CFP® Tony D’Andrea, CPA, CFP® // Front row from left to right: Briana Hazelwood, Client Svc. Assoc. // Wendy Railey, Client Svc. Assoc. Julie Elsea, Financial Advisor // Amy Bee, Client Svc. Mgr. // Lisa Listecki, Ops. Mgr. // Not Pictured: Deanise Barnes, Office Coordinator

Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Round Table Advisors is not a registered broker/ dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services.


“You are never too old to set new goals or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

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From all of us here at HealthScope® magazine, happy New Year! We hope your 2024 is filled with good health, happiness, and time spent with those you love. As we start this new year, we are pleased to provide the same informative, authentic content while featuring all new topics to enjoy and new locals to connect with. In the front, we continue to bring you trusted health and wellness information in our feature articles. Our feature “The ABCs of Heart Disease” provides helpful tips and insights to keep your heart healthy, while “Staying on Top of Cervical Health” shares steps you can take to promote your cervical health. Lastly, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” dives into the symptoms and reasons behind this disorder. This issue also contains two special sections: “Beautifully You!,” which highlights some of our area’s most accomplished and dedicated cosmetic professionals, and our “Annual Bone & Joint Section,” which provides a look into common issues that hinder daily activities and advanced treatments available to help. Many more must-read topics await inside, including inspiring stories from local women, a guide to goal-setting, tips for revitalizing

your home interior, nutritious recipes, Mike Kyser’s Pilates workout, and more. Adding to the knowledge for Cailey Mullinix the new year, area experts Easterly share their CO-PUBLISHER expertise regarding estate planning for singles and must-try trending jean cuts. Finally, don’t miss our interview with cover model Tasia Malakasis. A busy professional who finds meaningful moments in morning meditation, long walks, and homemade meals, Malakasis shares tips for prioritizing health and wellness while enjoying the journey it provides. As always, we hope that you find this issue of HealthScope® magazine to be informative and uplifting and that it will help you enjoy and embrace the journey of the new year to come. Happy reading,


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Medical Insights 22 The ABCs of Heart Disease What You Need to Know


28 Staying on Top of Cervical Health Preventative Measures to Prioritize 34 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Examining Exhaustion

Annual Bone & Joint Section 42 Same-Day Total Knee Replacement 44 Lateral Ankle Sprains



Personal Growth 48 Her Story Kimberly Wells

54 Personalized Progress A Guide to Goal-Setting

52 Estate Planning for Singles Preparing for the Future

56 Meet Our Model Tasia Malakasis



Beauty & Style 60 Trending Jean Cuts to Try Boutiques Showcase the Latest Styles Beautifully You!

Local Cosmetic Professionals Serving Their Clients

64 Yuliya Castleberg 66 Destiny Garcia 68 Janna Yother Curto 70 Dr. Eli Kim 72 Melody Richt 74 Let’s Get Minimal! Tips on Decluttering Your Makeup Collection 76 Feng Shui Exploring the Ancient Art of Home Design


Relationships Inspired Women Celebrating Women

82 Laura Brown & Sylvia Banks 83 Whitney Hood & Belinda Crisman 84 Marquita Ector & Bebe McLain 86 Mirabel Verdan & Sierra Liberty 88 Creating Social Connections Making New Friends as an Adult



Life Well Planned. We take pride in supporting the well-being of our clients by providing financial planning and investment strategies based on their specific goals.

First row, left to right: James Phillips, CFP®, Kellye Phillips, CFP®, Betsy Gibson, CFP®, Scott Chadwell, Greg Costello (Complex Manager), Debbie Brown, Mike Brown, Mary Loggins, CFP®

Second row, left to right: Emerson Brown, CFP®, Greg Reabold, Joe Johnson, Tyson Asay, CFP®, Chuck Corey, Robin Moldenhauer, Steve Carlson (Branch Operations Manager), Jennifer McIntyre

Third row, left to right: Tena Kellis, Barton Close, CFP®, John Grzesiak, CFP®, Darin Hurley, CFP®, Kyle Cooper, Michael Cooper, Brad Perkins, Bob Klose, CFP® Not pictured: Doyle Attaway, Walter Stamper

Downtown office 537 Market Street, Suite 105 Chattanooga, TN 37402 | 423.756.2371

clevelanD office 3780 Ocoee Place NW Cleveland, TN 37312 | 423.614.1720

Raymond James & Associates, Inc. | Member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. owns the certification marks CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and federally registered CFP® (with flame design) in the U.S., which it awards to individuals who successfully complete the CFP Board’s initial and ongoing certification requirements.

health & wellness magazine New Year 2024 • Vol. 35 Issue 3

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Annual Bone & Joint Section


Local Cosmetic Professionals Serving Their Clients RAINBOW RECIPES

Colorful Recipes to Make This Year PERSONALIZED PROGRESS

A Guide to Goal-Setting JEAN CUTS & HOW TO STYLE THEM


Making New Friends as an Adult

PLUS Learn More About Cover Model Tasia Malakasis!


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NE W Y E A R 2024 • $5. 95


Tasia Malakasis shares how mindfulness and movement have sparked joy in her health and wellness journey on page 56. Photo by Hacker Medias

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I have had sleep apnea for several years, and I recently heard that it can lead to atrial fibrillation (afib). Is there anything I can do to decrease the risk of developing afib?

A. Atrial fibrillation is a common clinical problem and the risk increases with age and in those with untreated sleep apnea. Additional risk factors for developing atrial fibrillation include being overweight (BMI >/=27) or obese (BMI>/=30), diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, lack of physical activity, and excessive alcohol use (>2 drinks daily for

males on average or >1 drink daily for females on average). Making sure you get regular physical activity (30 minutes daily), maintain a normal BMI (</=25), eat a healthy diet, and treat modifiable risk factors including blood pressure, elevated glucose, and abnormal lipids will all lower the risk of developing atrial fibrillation. Alison L. Bailey, MD

Q: I am an anxious mom of two young kids. I try not to be a ‘helicopter parent’, but it’s hard to sit back and let my kids do things on their own. I’m worried that I might end up negatively impacting their confidence or making them fearful … any suggestions? A. Parenting is hard! There are so many things for us moms in 2024 to be concerned about and worry about. So firstly, you aren’t alone, and here is the kicker: we can do everything in our power to ensure we have safe, healthy, and happy children and we will still make mistakes. We will still negatively impact our children sometimes. We are human. I think once we can understand that we aren’t perfect and we can’t control everything that happens, the second part of our lives can begin. Our kids will fall, they’ll get hurt,


and people will be mean to them, but as parents our job is to be there for them and be their safe space when these things happen. When you feel anxious, try taking a moment to check in with yourself and question if it’s your anxiety or if they’re actually in danger – which can often feel like the same feeling. Catie Lynch Shockey, LCSW

Q: My husband had a bit of a scare with a blood clot that formed in his leg earlier this year. He received treatment before it became a problem and is fine now, but I’m worried that it could happen again. Is there anything he can do to prevent future blood clots? Q: I have recently been dealing with fatigue and weight gain. I’m a bit worried because Hashimoto’s thyroiditis runs in my family, but my routine bloodwork hasn’t indicated any problems. Is there something else I should do? A. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune condition where the thyroid gland is attacked, leading to reduced function and eventually a dependence on thyroid hormone replacement. Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO-Ab) indicates a risk for Hashimoto’s, found in an estimated 16% of women and 8.5% of men. However, many individuals with positive TPO-antibodies have normal thyroid function and do not benefit from taking thyroid hormone. Such patients have a 2-3% yearly risk of requiring thyroid hormone, and will need to have their thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels measured each year. Pregnant women with positive TPO-Ab and normal thyroid function need extra monitoring during and after pregnancy. While attempts to prevent Hashimoto’s have had limited success, some data suggests selenium 100mcg twice daily may offer some benefit. Symptoms of fatigue and weight gain, if the TPO-Ab is negative and TSH is normal, are unrelated to thyroid dysfunction. Kathryn Dinh, MD

A. Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a significant vascular disease that can cause dangerous complications including deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism, which may lead to long-term disability or even death. If you have experienced VTE, the risks of developing recurring clots or further complications may be higher than those who have not experienced this condition. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to help prevent another episode of VTE or limit the risk of complications. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regularly exercising, and avoiding smoking are all steps that can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing new blood clots. Additionally, if your doctor prescribes blood-thinning medication, taking it as directed can help reduce the risk of further VTE occurrences. By working with your healthcare provider and following their recommendations, you can take steps to manage your VTE and prevent long-term complications. Chris LeSar, MD

Meet Our Experts

Alison L. Bailey, MD Chief of Cardiology, Centennial Heart at Parkridge

Kathryn Dinh, MD Endocrinologist, River City Endocrine

Chris LeSar, MD Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon, Vascular Institute of Chattanooga vascularinstitute

Catie Lynch Shockey, LCSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Roots Counseling Center rootscounseling

staff spotlight


Israel Franco, MD Children’s Hospital at Erlanger welcomes Israel Franco, MD – a pediatric urologist with more than 30 years of experience. Dr. Franco received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine before completing a residency in surgery at Pediatric Urology Associates in Valhalla, NY, and in pediatric urology and renal transplantation at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.

MBA, RRT, RCP CHI Memorial celebrates Angela Stiggins, market vice president of operations and administrator for CHI Memorial Hospital Georgia, who has been elected to the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) board of trustees. GHA promotes the health and welfare of the public through the development of better hospital care for all Georgia’s citizens.


Julie Hill, MAE, IMH-E

Jane White, MA, BCBA, LBA Siskin Children’s Institute is pleased to announce that Jane White has been promoted to the position of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services director. As a founding member of the ABA team, White has been a pivotal part of the success of the program and previously served as the ABA regional manager.



Sunny Thibodeaux, FNP-C

Destiny Garcia, RN

Alchemy MedSpa & Wellness Center is excited to welcome nurse practitioner Sunny Thibodeaux to the team. With more than 25 years of nursing experience, including 15 years spent in emergency medicine, Thibodeaux brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice.


Lane Zhang, MD Parkridge Health System welcomes cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Lane Zhang to Centennial Heart at Parkridge. Dr. Zhang completed his medical degree at the Emory University School of Medicine. He also completed fellowships in cardiovascular disease and clinical cardiac electrophysiology at Albany Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, respectively.

Angela Stiggins,


Siskin Children’s Institute is thrilled to announce the appointment of Julie Hill as the home and community-based early intervention (HCBEI) director. Hill earned her master’s degree in interdisciplinary early childhood education from Western Kentucky University before joining the HCBEI team at Siskin in 2012.



Alchemy MedSpa & Wellness Center is pleased to announce the addition of Destiny Garcia, RN, to their practice. As an aesthetic injector specializing in injectables and skincare, Garcia has been trained by Allergan Aesthetics, Galderma, Revance Aesthetics, Prollenium, and InMode. She is currently working toward a master’s degree as a nurse practitioner.


Amber Anderson, NP Tennova Neurology – Cleveland has added Amber Anderson, NP to the neurology services team. Anderson received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from South College in Knoxville as well as a Master of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama before completing a neurology residency for advanced practice providers at Duke University Medical Center.

213 Chickamauga Avenue Rossville, Georgia 706.866.3033

B rody J ewelers

Celebrating 87 Years of Selling the Finest Designer Jewelry

health & wellness calendar


The Heart Ball raises critical funds for the American Heart Association while celebrating the work of this life-saving organization. The event begins at 6 p.m. at The Chattanoogan Hotel. Attendees can look forward to a social reception, silent and live auction, dinner and engaging program, and live entertainment and dancing. chattheartball



Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon Weekend

The countdown has begun to the Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon Weekend. Each of the five events – the marathon, half marathon, team relay, Chattanooga 5K, and kids fun run – will highlight the natural beauty of the Scenic City with an innovative running course. An expo at the First Horizon Pavilion and other fun activities are also in store. Funds raised through the Chattanooga Marathon will be utilized to fund the greatest needs at Erlanger.



National Wear Red Day®

During American Heart Month, National Wear Red Day® raises awareness about cardiovascular disease and helps save lives. Show your support for the American Heart Association’s campaign by wearing red, donating, spreading the word, and most importantly, knowing your risk and creating lasting change for a healthier heart.


Bubbles of Fun Run, 5K + 10K

Get ready for Austin Hatcher Foundation’s fourth annual Bubbles of Fun Run! Participants have their choice between a one-mile fun run,


Chattanooga Heart Ball

5K, and 10K, with funds supporting a brighter future for families faced with pediatric cancer. There will be bubbles blown as participants cross the start and finish lines, and families are invited to come out to support, walk, or run!


Cupid’s Chase 5K

The 16th annual Cupid’s Chase 5K invites runners, walkers, and rollers (baby strollers and wheelchairs included) to participate and support housing and employment for people with disabilities. Presented by Community Options, the race will begin at 10 a.m. at the Marsh Pavilion at 2829 Amnicola Highway. chase5kchattanooga


For the Good

Volunteers in Medicine Chattanooga’s For the Good benefit aims to uplift those in need with generosity. Hosted at the Chattanooga Marriott, the luncheon will begin at 11:30 a.m. with a silent auction. Auction items will include bundled offerings from local boutiques, attractions, dining, and more, and proceeds will support VIM’s mission to provide primary care to the uninsured.


Possibilities Luncheon

In its 21st year, Siskin Hospital’s Possibilities Luncheon will feature retired U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans as keynote speaker. This community-

wide fundraiser benefits Siskin Hospital’s Charitable Scholarship Fund to help patients to discover life beyond disability. The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Chattanooga Convention Center.


Dalton Heart Ball


Rump Run


Strides of March

The Farm in Rocky Face, Georgia, will once again host the American Heart Association’s annual Dalton Heart Ball. The event begins at 5:30 p.m. with a social reception to be followed by live and silent auctions, an engaging program, and live entertainment and dancing. Heart Ball supporters raise critical funds to ensure the work of the AHA continues.

Join the Greater Chattanooga Colon Cancer Foundation in its fight against colon cancer by registering for the 12th annual Rump Run. The closed course for this timed 5K and one-mile fun walk is located at Enterprise South Nature Park. The 5K begins at 9 a.m., with an awards ceremony to follow at 10 a.m. A Kids’ Zone will also be set up beginning at 8 a.m.

Save the date for the 29th annual Strides of March, presented by Cempa Community Care. Strides of March serves as an opportunity for the community to come together to honor lives lost to HIV while celebrating the progress made in defeating this virus.



The Moth Ball® by CityScope®


Believe Bash

Chattanooga’s ultimate girls’ night out is returning April 25! Pull out your prom, bridesmaid, or any old dress taking up residence in your closet, and join The Moth Ball® by CityScope® for an incredible evening of food, fun, and fashions from the past. This event is for women, about women, to benefit women, and this year proceeds will benefit Love’s Arm.

Save the date for Erlanger Health System Foundation’s signature event, the Believe Bash. The 8th annual black-tie gala will showcase the theme “Paris: The City of Lights” at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Guests will enjoy dinner, dancing, a live auction, and more while raising essential funds to support the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.


numbers to know


Habit formation takes time, but the good news is it’s not an all-or-nothing process. While forming a new habit does take an average of 66 days, research shows that missing the occasional opportunity to maintain the habit doesn’t seriously impair the habit formation process. To stay on track, the National Library of Medicine recommends these tips: • Choose a simple, daily action to work towards a specific goal. • Decide when and where your chosen action will take place. • Create a habit-tracking sheet to monitor your progress.

Getting Grateful Regular gratitude journaling has been shown to increase long-term happiness and well-being by over 10%. For increased selfesteem, better sleep, and improved relationships, set aside five minutes a day to write about what makes you thankful.


Research suggests that reading for 15-30 minutes a day supports healthy brain functioning and can reduce stress up to 68%.

10-20 minutes is the ideal nap length

Shorter naps in the 10 to 20 minute range can boost alertness, improve mood, and reduce fatigue without causing adverse effects like grogginess or nighttime sleep problems such as insomnia.

SKIP THE MASTER’S BSN to DNP Program Become an advanced practice nurse and earn a doctor of nursing practice at the same time. Our BSN to DNP program mentors bachelor’s degree-level graduates, as they gain the necessary RN experience, through an advanced nursing practice emphasis of their choice. Options include: • DNP/MBA • Lifestyle Medicine • Nurse Educator • Nurse Practitioner (emphases include Acute Care–Adult/Gerontology, Primary Care–Adult/Gerontology, Family, and Psychiatric Mental Health) Call or visit online to find out how to get started.

1.800.SOUTHERN •





medical insights THE ABCS OF HEART DISEASE



The ABCs of Heart Disease


ach year, February is designated as American Heart Month – a time to raise awareness about heart disease and focus on improving overall health. In honor of this year’s Heart Month, we’re sharing important information and helpful tips, with insights from cardiologists Dr. Aaron Soufer of The Chattanooga Heart Institute and Dr. Patrick Stevens of Erlanger Cardiology. By Rinn Smith

What is Heart Disease? In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The term “heart disease” is an umbrella term that describes several types of cardiovascular conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart attacks, and more. Common Types of Heart Disease Include: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). CAD is the most common type of heart disease in the U.S., affecting 1 in 20 adults over the age of 20. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). PAD occurs when narrowed arteries impede blood flow to the body’s extremities (most commonly the legs). Carotid Artery Disease. Carotid artery disease is responsible for up to a third of all strokes and occurs when the carotid arteries become narrowed.

Common Complications from Heart Disease Include: Heart Attack. Roughly 805,000 people experience heart attacks in the U.S. each year, and about 200,000 of them will have already had at least one other heart attack. Arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is an irregularity in the heartbeat which causes it to be too fast, too slow, or abnormal. The most common arrhythmia in the U.S. is atrial fibrillation, which occurs when the two chambers of the heart are out of sync. Heart Failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot properly circulate blood to the other organs. Roughly 6.2 million adults in the U.S. have heart failure, according to the CDC.



Remember The ABCs of Heart Health: Aspirin. In some cases, aspirin can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. Before adding aspirin to your heart health routine, be sure to speak with your physician to determine if this is a good idea for you and take it as directed. Blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, increases your risk of heart attack and stroke more than any other factor. If you have high blood pressure, speak with a medical professional to create a treatment plan. Eating a healthy diet and staying physically active are two simple ways to promote healthy blood pressure. Cholesterol. Your body needs some cholesterol, but it can build up in your arteries and lead to heart disease if you have too much of it. Dietary changes and working with a physician can help address this. Don’t smoke. Because smoking raises blood pressure, it greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you do smoke, it is never too late to quit and there are plenty of resources available to help.


Risk Factors For Heart Disease High blood pressure High blood cholesterol levels Smoking Diabetes Obesity Sedentary lifestyle Excessive alcohol consumption

What should I do if I have a family history of heart disease? “The basics of maintaining a healthy diet and adequate physical activity should be followed. Other important factors would be to stay on top of regular general practitioner visits to have blood pressure checked, cholesterol and blood sugar levels checked when appropriate, and avoid tobacco products. It’s important to clarify which type of cardiac disease runs in the family, as certain issues may be less common and are treated differently.” – Dr. Soufer What are the risks of unhealthy cholesterol levels? “Elevated cholesterol levels over time can lead to deposits of cholesterol building up in blood vessels throughout the body including in the heart, brain, and legs. These can lead to devastating medical problems such as heart attack, stroke, and peripheral artery disease (responsible for amputations when severe). Much like elevated blood pressure, there is no sign of a problem with elevated cholesterol until we see the downstream problem, so checking levels is very important.” – Dr. Stevens


D rt

i s e as e


Patrick Stevens, MD Cardiologist, Erlanger Cardiology

He a


What should I do if I have high blood pressure? “When blood pressure is significantly elevated, people may experience symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, or vision changes. However, the vast majority of the time there will be no symptoms to point toward a problem. This is why establishing with a good primary care provider to check blood pressure several times per year is so important. Elevated blood pressure, even in early adulthood, can lead to problems in later decades and should be taken seriously at any age.” – Dr. Stevens What can I do about high blood pressure and cholesterol? “Control of blood pressure and cholesterol is aided by dietary modifications, increase in physical activity, and adherence to prescribed medications if necessary. Foods that can help with blood pressure include diets high in fiber and low in salt. Mediterranean and plant-based diets often help keep proper balance in cholesterol levels. Sometimes blood pressure and cholesterol cannot be controlled with lifestyle habits alone, at which point medications are often necessary.” – Dr. Soufer

Aaron Soufer, MD Cardiologist, The Chattanooga Heart Institute

Is there anything else I can do to keep my heart healthy? “I would overall recommend starting healthy habits early in life and maintaining those over decades to see the most profound long-term benefits. The beneficial effects of healthy lifestyle habits – and the detrimental effects of poor lifestyle habits – are cumulative, and it’s best not to have to scramble to make those changes after irreversible effects on the cardiovascular system have already occurred.” – Dr. Soufer “Whenever possible, avoid processed foods and minimize the intake of added sugars in your diet, including sodas. Be aware of the amount of daily calories in your diet. Most nutritional information uses 2,000 calories per day as a reasonable amount to maintain weight, but depending on age, gender, and body size, these numbers may be different. If you are trying to lose weight, then cutting caloric intake down from 2,000 calories daily will be key to maintaining weight loss.” – Dr. Stevens

John Sterner was ranked by Forbes as the #1 Financial Security Professional in TN and #38 nationwide. Al Waldrop was ranked #3 in TN on the Best-in-State list.


N O RT H W E S T E R N M U T UA L P R I VAT E C L I E N T G R O U P Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) and its subsidiaries in Milwaukee, WI. Sterner Financial is a marketing name for doing business as representatives of Northwestern Mutual. Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group is a select group of NM advisors and representatives. Sterner Financial and Northwestern Mutual Private Client Group are not a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, insurance agency, federal savings bank or other legal entity. Ranking Published 7/26/23. Data as of 12/31/22. No compensation provided for ranking. Licensing fees apply to use Forbes logo. Research and ranking provided by SHOOK Research, LLC. Rankings and recognitions are no guarantee of future investment success.

Did you know that blood pressure rates in Hamilton County are 30% higher than the national average? With support of crucial community partners, the American Heart Association aims to change that. Launched in 2021, the American Heart Association's Hypertension Control Initiative was established to help create more awareness and improve blood pressure control rates in our community. In collaboration with local clinics and City of Chattanooga community health centers, we introduced Target BP and our self-monitored Blood Pressure Loaner Kit program. Creating more access to evidence-based guidelines and removing barriers is a key step to creating longer, healthier lives. To learn more, visit


Hypertension Control Initiative locally sponsored by

Staying on Top of Cervical Health


oughly 11,500 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States, and cervical cancer accounts for about 4,000 deaths annually. Luckily, there are a number of ways to reduce your risk and manage your cervical health. In honor of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, we spoke with Dr. Jordan Staton of Galen Obstetrics & Gynecology to share important information about protecting yourself and your loved ones from this disease. By Rinn Smith

What is Cervical Cancer? Cervical cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that originates in the cervix. Cervical cancer may not cause any symptoms when it first begins to develop, but as the cancer progresses it can begin to cause: • Vaginal bleeding not related to menstruation • Menstrual bleeding that is abnormally heavy or long lasting • Changes in vaginal discharge • Pelvic pain or pain resulting from intercourse Cervical cancer is often treated with surgery to remove the cancer as a first line of defense, but additional options include chemotherapy, targeted medicines, and radiation therapy. If left untreated, cervical cancer can continue to spread into surrounding tissues and cause further complications.


Jordan Staton, MD, FACOG Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Galen Medical Group




What Causes Cervical Cancer?

Are there any risk factors for cervical cancer that women should know about?

Most cases of cervical cancer are caused by the human papillomavirus, which is a common infection transmitted through sexual contact. When exposed to HPV, the body’s immune system will typically prevent severe complications. Unfortunately, the virus can survive for years in some cases, which contributes to the process that transforms cervical cells into cancer cells. The best way to reduce this risk is to get vaccinated against HPV and follow up with routine screening tests.

“We can’t always predict which women will develop cervical cancer, but there are a few risk factors that can make it more likely. Smoking is one of the main risks that can be controlled by the patient. Other risks include problems with the immune system such as HIV and certain medications that reduce the body’s ability to fight infection.” – Dr. Staton

Screening Options for Cervical Cancer

When should women begin scheduling Pap smears and how often should they be tested?

Pap Smear: A Pap smear, also known as a Pap test, involves collecting cells from the cervix and is usually done during routine pelvic exams to screen for cervical cancer cells. Even if you feel perfectly healthy, it is important to keep up with routine testing. If cancer cells do begin to develop in the cervix, you have more options for treatment and a higher chance of avoiding complications when the cancer is detected in its early stages. HPV Test: HPV testing involves collecting cells from the cervix to check for the presence of the virus and is only approved for use on cells from the cervix. Your doctor will likely recommend HPV testing after you reach 30 years of age or if abnormal cells are detected during a Pap smear.

“Routine screening should start at age 21, regardless of whether or not women are sexually active or pregnant. The American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology recommends Pap smears every three years up to age 30, then Pap smears with additional HPV screening every five years until age 65. Women with a history of abnormal Pap smears or other risk factors will need to be screened more frequently, as will women who have unusual symptoms such as abnormal bleeding or discharge. Even if you don’t need cervical cancer screening every year, I still encourage annual visits to review your women’s health concerns and pelvic exams to check on your other reproductive organs.” – Dr. Staton


Vaccination The HPV vaccine helps prevent cervical cancer by limiting the chances of HPV surviving in your cervix after exposure to the virus. Though HPV is transmitted through sexual contact, the vaccine is most effective when administered before there is any contact with the virus. For this reason, doctors typically recommend vaccinating against HPV at the age of 9-12 up to 26. The vaccination is not recommended for anyone older than 26, but adults who are under the age of 45 and have not already been vaccinated can choose to receive the vaccine after weighing the pros and cons with their physicians. While the HPV vaccine is highly effective at preventing HPV infection, it does not entirely eliminate the possibility of developing cervical cancer. Even if you have received the vaccine, it is important to stay on top of routine Pap smears as recommended by your physician.

Is there anything else you think more women should know about cervical health? “Cervical cancer is preventable with regular screening and close attention to follow up for any abnormal results. Make a plan to see a gynecologist you trust and you will be empowered to make decisions about your cervical health.” – Dr. Staton



Ch r


atigue Syn F dr ic n o o


e all know that good sleep is important for healthy brain and body function, but what happens when you still feel exhausted after a full night of rest? This is the frustrating reality of living with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), a somewhat mysterious disorder that can negatively impact every aspect of a person’s well-being. Here, we spoke with Dr. Matthew McClanahan of Center for Insight Medicine to learn more.

By Rinn Smith


Matthew McClanahan, DO, MA Founder, Medical Director Center for Insight Medicine

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Chronic fatigue is a serious condition characterized by extreme tiredness that doesn’t improve with bed rest and tends to worsen with mental or physical activity. While the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is still unknown, scientists have a working list of potential causes, including: • Infections: In some cases, people develop symptoms of CFS after contracting viral or bacterial illnesses. • Family history: In some cases, members of the same family have developed chronic fatigue syndrome. Researchers believe that a combination of genetics

and lived experiences might explain this, but have not yet identified a specific gene or environmental factor. • Traumatic experiences: CFS symptoms can develop in the aftermath of an extremely stressful event, such as an injury, illness, or a period of significant emotional distress, or years later as a result of childhood adversity.

What does Chronic Fatigue Feel Like? Everyone has occasional days of feeling unmotivated, extra sleepy, or just generally “out of it,” which is known as acute fatigue. Typically, the cause of acute fatigue is easy to identify – lack of adequate

sleep, a stressful schedule, or overexertion, to name a few. On the other hand, according to Dr. McClanahan, symptoms of chronic fatigue are a bit more complicated. “Chronic fatigue symptoms are more pervasive than just having a bad night of sleep and feeling some low energy the next day,” he explains. “Typically, there is some kind of non-specific physical symptomology like muscle aches, brain fog, and mood disturbance. CFS is frequently found alongside a prior history of seemingly unrelated conditions like persistent lower back or neck pain, irritable bowel or bladder syndromes, anxiety or depression, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and other conditions that also do not have a definitive, identifiable cause.”



Symptoms of CFS commonly include: • Sensitivity to light • Headaches • Sensitive lymph nodes • Feelings of weakness • Muscle and joint pain • Difficulty concentrating • Insomnia • Forgetfulness • Mood swings • Confusion • Low-grade fever • Depression

Diagnosis There is currently no specific test to diagnose CFS, and the wide range of symptoms further complicates the matter. Symptoms of CFS mimic a number of other conditions like sleep disorders, anemia, diabetes, and thyroid disorders, so diagnosis involves ruling out other conditions first. “There’s a saying in medicine that ‘common things are common’. If somebody comes in with progressive fatigue, you don’t immediately think of some rare autoimmune disease or cancer,” Dr. McClanahan explains. “For example, if you’re a young woman who is menstruating, the first step may be to check your blood counts to make sure you’re not anemic.” 36

After ruling out other possible causes for your fatigue, your doctor can diagnose you with chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, this process can put added stress on people with CFS. “Often, when tests come back normal, there is a dramatic increase in symptom vigilance and doubt - of the symptoms, what they might mean, if the doctors are missing something terrible - and all of these fear thoughts can send the brain into a threat response, or freeze state, which can actually worsen the ‘wired and tired’ CFS symptoms.” Dr. McClanahan recommends having open and honest communication with your provider, which includes asking for reassurance if needed. He adds, “Very serious conditions can often be quickly ruled out with routine labwork, but patient persistence may also be needed.” To help the process, there are a few things you can bring to your appointment: • A list of all medical providers that you’ve seen or are currently seeing • A comprehensive list of your symptoms including when they started, how often they occur, what makes them worse, and how your daily life is impacted by the symptoms • A description of your best and worst days with the condition • A list of all current medications and supplements • A friend or loved one to support you, particularly if you are experiencing brain fog or memory issues



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Treatment Because there is no pathological cause for CFS, traditional treatment has focused on relieving the most disruptive symptoms a person is experiencing. Pain relievers can be used to address the aches and pains, and medications to regulate blood pressure or heart rhythms can help people who feel nauseous or faint when they sit or stand up. “There’s not an exact focus, like an under-functioning thyroid gland or some other issue to treat. However, significant improvements can still be made and, in some cases, CFS can be fully resolved,” Dr. McClanahan says. “I work in the world of what’s called psychophysiological disorders. I view chronic fatigue syndrome as a product of a mind-body interaction. Our nervous systems have fight, flight, and freeze responses, and I believe chronic fatigue is essentially a brain that has moved into what we call a freeze state due to a threat overload in the nervous system.” The human mind can perceive threats, real or imagined, and react accordingly to cause physical symp-

toms in the body. This can be terribly frustrating for patients with CFS, but it is important to remember that while the origin of the condition may be in the brain, the symptoms that develop as a result are very real – this is not just “in your head.” With this in mind, Dr. McClanahan works from the inside out to identify stressors and triggers that worsen the symptoms of CFS with the hope of restoring some balance to the nervous system. “Since there is nothing pathologically wrong, we can remove all fear of cancer or other serious concerns, know that symptoms are not indicating bodily damage, and instead consider them as overly sensitive false alarms that need to be slowly desensitized through gentle re-exposure to the activities we’ve avoided. When we do this, we help our brain to feel balanced and safe, which can resolve the symptoms. This work is often challenging and requires an insightful and compassionate patient-practitioner alliance, but there is most certainly hope for recovery, rather than only settling for coping.”

If you or a loved one suspect that you may be experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome, be sure to address your concerns with a physician. While this condition can be quite frustrating, there are treatments available that can significantly improve your quality of life.


d e p m u R w o l Yel Warbler

One of the many species of birds that make Tennessee their winter home is the Yellow-Rumped Warbler. During this season, they are pale brown and distinguishable with their bright yellow rump and yellow on their sides. The best foods for them this time of year are sunflower hearts, suets, peanuts, mealworms, and even sugar water from hummingbird feeders. All of these items, and more, can be found at your Chattanooga Wild Birds Unlimited store.

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THE TRUSTED CHOICE Getting over a major medical crisis isn’t easy, but a trusted provider can help ease the burden. At our hospital, we create rehabilitation programs that are specifically designed for each patient’s needs, using advanced technology and innovative treatments to maximize recovery. It’s why so many people and their caregivers choose us. And why we are the trusted choice of a growing number of medical professionals. ©2021:Encompass Health Corporation:MyTurn

This February, in celebration of American Heart Month and the American Heart Association’s 100th birthday, the Association is urging every family in the U.S. to join the Nation of Lifesavers by learning CPR.








Bone & Joint

Bones and joints are vital to your health and day-to-day activities. Read on to learn about conditions that can hinder healthy movement and the advanced solutions available to help. By Rachel Studebaker



Same-Day Total Knee Replacement This joint replacement surgery is now possible in an outpatient setting.

Understanding Total Knee Replacement When the knee becomes severely damaged, often by an injury or condition such as arthritis, it can become difficult if not impossible to perform even the simplest activities such as walking. If conservative methods are no longer helpful in managing limited mobility and pain, total knee replacement surgery may be recommended to provide relief and restore function. Joint replacements are considered one of the most reliable treatments in medicine, with nearly 800,000 total knee replacements performed each year in the United States. Recent advancements have made total knee replacement surgery possible in an outpatient setting, allowing patients to safely return home the same day. An Expert Weighs In “There are numerous benefits to same-day total joint replacement in appropriately selected patients. Many patients appreciate the ability to begin recovery in the comfort of their own home. Today, surgical techniques are less invasive, pain medications and anesthesia are more effective and durable with fewer side effects, and preoperative education better prepares patients for the total joint journey. Although there will always be some patients who need inpatient care after their total knee or hip replacement, those who are willing and deemed medically appropriate for the outpatient approach may experience a faster recovery, reduced out-ofpocket expenses, and generally report a higher degree of satisfaction with the entire experience.” Timothy Ballard, MD Fellowship-Trained Total Joint Replacement Surgeon, Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics


What to Expect Prior to surgery, patients will receive local and general anesthesia to effectively manage their pain. The procedure will take one to two hours, during which a surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and replace it with a metal and plastic knee implant. Afterward, patients will remain in a recovery room until they wake up. They will then be discharged to return home with their designated caregiver. Benefits Outpatient orthopedic surgery offers patients many benefits including the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques that spare healthy tissue surrounding the joint. It can also spare the high costs associated with overnight hospital stays, reduce the risk of infection, and cut down on delays and waiting times. With same-day total knee replacement, patients can take immediate control of their recovery as they heal and enjoy the restored function of their knee. Candidates for total knee replacement can consult with their doctor to determine whether a same-day procedure is right for them.


Lateral Ankle Sprains Recovery from this common injury can be aided by conservative care.

Understanding Ankle Sprains The ankle is a hinge joint surrounded by ligaments that provides stability and movement to the foot. A sprain occurs when these ligaments are forced beyond their normal range of motion, caused by a sudden twisting, turning, or rolling of the ankle to one side. Acute ankle sprains can range in severity, from a mild strain to a complete tear. Ankle sprains are incredibly common, affecting 2 million people in the United States each year and accounting for up to 40% of all sports injuries. More than three-quarters of all acute ankle sprains are lateral, referring to the ligaments located on the outer side of the ankle. Symptoms Signs of a lateral ankle sprain may include: • Pain, especially when bearing weight • Swelling and/or bruising around the outside of the ankle • Tenderness to touch • Stiffness in the ankle joint • Difficulty standing or walking on the affected foot An Expert Weighs In “Previous injury is the biggest predictor of future injury. Make sure to take the time to retrain the nervous system and soft tissues after injury to decrease the incidence of future complications.” Callie Lance, DC, MS, CCSP, ART Owner/Chiropractic Physician, Chattanooga Sports Chiropractic Institute, PLLC


Treatment and Outlook The recovery stage is important, as an untreated ankle sprain can cause chronic instability problems and recurrent sprains. A medical evaluation can determine the extent of the sprain and appropriate treatment. Surgery is rarely required for ankle sprains; instead, conservative care involving rest and rehabilitation is recommended. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation should be applied immediately after the sprain and during the healing process, while over-the-counter pain medication can help ease any discomfort. Rehabilitative exercises can help strengthen and restore the ankle’s function as it heals. While recovery time depends on the injury’s severity and ranges from a few weeks to a few months, proper care will ensure you return to regular activities with a strong, healed ankle.

SERVICES Chiropractic Manipulations Cupping Therapy Dry Needling Therapy Rehabilitation Exercises Extremity Manipulations Soft Tissue Therapy Strength Programming Individualized and One-on-One Treatment

12 0 0 M O U N TA I N C R E E K R OA D , S U I T E 170 , C H AT TA N O O G A , T N 374 0 5 4 2 3 . 815 .14 3 3 | C H AT TA N O O G A S P O R T S C H I R O . C O M







personal growth HER STORY



Her Story Kimberly Wells On Rebuilding the Life of Her Dreams


I believe it is never too late to follow your dreams and begin living life to the fullest. My story is living proof that regardless of the trials and tribulations you have lived through, or the obstacles that come your way, you can have a beautiful life and your dreams can come true.

I am a survivor of domestic violence.

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, one in three women have experienced domestic violence by an intimate partner. I met my abuser in college as a confident young woman full of hopes and dreams, but within a few years, I didn’t even recognize myself. As a victim, I lost perspective and hunkered down to simply survive. We eventually married. From the outside we were the picture-perfect family: two beautiful children, a beautiful home, leaders in our church, volunteers in our community, and

successful careers – we had it all. No one could have ever imagined the horror that was happening behind closed doors. Fifteen years into this abusive marriage, I was beaten so badly that my spleen ruptured. I begged God on the operating table to let me live so that my children wouldn’t be left alone with my husband. They were only six and three at the time. I recovered and returned home – like so many other battered women, I was afraid of losing my children if I left, and that was his constant threat.

Photos Courtesy of Kimberly Wells



However, five years later, on my daughter’s birthday, I took a stand and fled from home. I was so scared and did not know what to do, but as I was driving, I saw two police cars. Something clicked, and I flagged them down. Seeing my bruises and recognizing the signs of abuse, the officers followed me back to my home and arrested my husband, my abuser. This was my first step to a new life. That one action started a domino effect that would change my life and the lives of my children forever. I began the healing journey of rebuilding my life and discovering who I was and how I wanted my life to be moving forward. I found a trauma therapist and attended a women’s group. I built healthy friendships and a support system. I wanted to live a life of meaning and purpose. I discovered after years of healing that I did not want this story to define my life. I learned the importance of positive thinking. I sought out


life coaches who taught me the tools I needed to create the life of my dreams. I learned to set clear goals and take action steps. I read books, went on retreats, and made vision boards. By implementing these strategies into my life and having accountability, I started believing in myself. I began to attract all the wonderful things I wanted. Today, I have a loving husband, a successful career helping women, a beautiful home, thriving children, and a happy and harmonious family. I have beautiful grandchildren that I am so proud of. I have wonderful friends. I am in awe of how far I have come, and I am so full of gratitude. After having such success in my own life, I began helping my friends and other women set goals and action steps. We started getting together for vision board parties in my free time. They began asking me when I planned on becoming a life coach, and I thought, “why not?”

Becoming a certified life coach for women has been the most rewarding career I could have ever imagined. My company, Kimberly Wells Coaching, has grown from fun Sunday mornings at the dining room table with friends to a successful career working with women around the country. I have created a simple framework to help women of all ages and backgrounds discover what they want out of life, take simple steps to overcome blocks, and learn how to set and achieve their goals in order to live successful, happier, and more meaningful lives. Empowering women is my passion. A friend once described me as “a woman of heart and intellect that brings the wisdom of her own well-worn journey to help other women find their freedom and voice.” What an honor and joy it is to share my journey and to be a part of other women’s journeys. Beautiful things happen when you take the first step ... the first step can lead to the life of your dreams and beyond - it did for me!

Kimberly Wells Chattanooga



Estate Planning for Singles No matter your life circumstances, estate planning provides an important opportunity to prepare yourself and your loved ones for the future. Here, we talk with Evan Russell, a financial advisor with Raymond James Round Table Advisors, to understand this process and some specific needs that unmarried individuals might have. By Tory Irmeger

Documentation Demystified Put simply, estate planning is a process of collecting comprehensive, legally valid documents that outline your wishes for the management of your home, assets, and personal healthcare. From initial assessments and consultations to document drafting and signing, this process can take a few months to complete. Maintaining an effective filing system can be a big help as you begin this process. “Keeping documents like property deeds, marriage certificates, and business agreements organized and accessible is crucial for a comprehensive estate plan,” says Russell. He also advises keeping track of login information, so you and your advisors can tackle estate planning without the added stress of forgotten passwords.


There is no perfect age at which to begin this process, Russell says. “When you start accumulating assets such as real estate or investments, it’s important to consider what happens to these assets after you are gone.” Without a valid will delegating your wishes, there is a risk that the probate court will make decisions regarding your estate that you wouldn’t want. Estate planning allows you to control this process, and in lack of a surviving spouse, it’s important to identify trustworthy individuals who will oversee the management and distribution of your estate. Russell recommends choosing someone who is organized and financially responsible, “while also considering factors such as proximity and emotional resilience to effectively navigate the complexities of estate administration.”

Minimize Additional Costs While estate planning might require some fees for drafting documents and notarization, this prevents greater expenses down the road. “Without an estate plan, potential costs may arise from taxes, probate, legal disputes among heirs, and guardianship proceedings for incapacitated individuals,” says Russell. The probate process can take several months, and legal expenses can amass quickly in the absence of a valid will. Having a current, valid estate plan will relieve the pressure of this process. It’s important to update your documentation to align with changing life circumstances, Russell says, and “to communicate your intentions clearly to avoid potential disputes.”

“When you start accumulating assets such as real estate or investments, it’s important to consider what happens to these assets after you are gone.”

Set Up for Success Another major advantage of estate planning is that you are able to make decisions that can support your loved ones and dependents in your absence. “Creating a trust,” Russell says, “offers the opportunity to guide how your assets are used after your passing, especially when beneficiaries are of a younger age.” Russell notes that properly structured life insurance policies can also help provide financial security for designated beneficiaries. It's advisable to name both primary and contingent beneficiaries, which could include friends, family members, or charities you’d like to support. Keep in mind that this can be revised down the line, so if you’re unsure, go ahead and list someone as a beneficiary and update it as necessary. Estate planning will also include healthcare directives, which dictate your wishes for medical treatments. This is especially important for unmarried individuals, as there may not be family members readily authorized to assist in care. Healthcare planning may include budgeting for potential long-term care treatments and designating individuals to make medical decisions if you are unable to make them for yourself. This ensures that your potential medical needs are met and relieves some of the strain put on your loved ones to make difficult choices. The good news is that no one has to tackle this process alone. Russell adds, “Consulting with professionals can help navigate these complexities and ensure your estate plan aligns with your evolving needs and intentions.”

Evan Russell Financial Advisor, Round Table Advisors Raymond James

Raymond James and its advisors do not offer tax or legal advice. Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services are offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Round Table Advisors is not a registered broker/ dealer and is independent of Raymond James Financial Services.



Personalized Progress A Guide to Goal-Setting

Resolutions are pesky things – we struggle to keep them, but we aren’t ready to quit them. Here, we chat with Dr. Shayla Toombs-Withers, founder of Essence of Health Wellness Clinic, for some insight and tips about setting goals that stick. By Tory Irmeger












1. Find Your “Why”

3. Find a Support System

It comes as no surprise that some of the most common New Year’s resolutions relate to improving some aspect of physical or mental health. Perhaps you’d like to try a new fitness program, learn to cook, or spend more time developing friendships. Whatever the case, it’s crucial to understand the motivation behind a goal. Health coach Dr. Toombs-Withers says, “First ask yourself, ‘Why is achieving this goal important to me? What will happen if I don’t achieve this goal? What will happen if I do?’’’ Putting these thoughts into words helps solidify your intentions so you can continue to work towards your goal even if it becomes challenging.

As you plan to reach your goal, consider who you’ll turn to for support. “A support system can include family members, friends, online groups, coworkers, and groups with similar interests,” says Dr. Toombs-Withers. By surrounding yourself with other like-minded individuals, you can contribute to a community with ongoing encouragement and inspiration. Even if you don’t immediately have access to a community like this, don’t be afraid to seek it out. Chances are, someone else is looking for the same support system as you. “If you’re feeling shy, you don’t have to talk to others initially,” Dr. Toombs-Withers says, “Just seeing others achieving goals can be helpful for you too.”

2. Personalize Your Plan If you’re not sure where to begin, remember that self-improvement looks different for everyone. Oftentimes, we think of “health” as a particular lifestyle, diet, and body size, and we get discouraged when our efforts don’t produce this result. But Dr. Toombs-Withers reminds us the most effective goals are personalized to our unique needs. “I often remind individuals that we were not all meant to be the same size,” she says, “Instead, the goal should be living a healthful life, feeling your best, being able to enjoy what life has to offer, and not feeling burdened by illness and disease.” With that in mind, be curious and find what works for you!

4. Reevaluate and Revise Once you’ve started reaching towards your goal, examine your daily habits and decide if they can help you or hinder you in this process. Dr. Toombs-Withers shares that creating a plan you’ll stick to involves considering various factors, including nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and stress management. Increased exercise, for example, can improve your quality of sleep, or going for a walk with a friend can strengthen your emotional well-being. Revise your plan as necessary, keeping in mind how improving one area of your life can often invite change into another. “Remember,” Dr. Toombs-Withers encourages, “progress is more important than perfection.”

Shayla Toombs-Withers, DO Essence of Health Wellness Clinic



Tasia Malakasis Photo by Hacker Medias / Shot on Location at Kinley Chattanooga

For Tasia Malakasis, chief executive officer at CO.LAB, health and wellness can be a journey that sparks joy. From morning meditation to self-care through cooking and long walks with loved ones, Malakasis works mindfulness and movement into the rhythms of each new day – all while investing in others at work and at home. Here, Malakasis showcases the importance of mindset and how health and wellness so often involve the heart behind it all. What is your approach to wellness? How has that changed over time?

comforts. It is also the basis for me for good body care.

I have a regular meditation and daily journaling practice. Consequently, I am also a big fan of the mental game being as important, if not more important, as the action game. I don’t have a regular workout practice, and my standard response is that “my life is my workout.” I am very active, but my activities are based more on the joy they spark than the size of the muscles they will create. My husband and I do a 4.5-5 mile “urban hike” regularly from our home in Southside to the Northshore across the walking bridge and back home. We also love the Riverwalk for walking and biking. Chattanooga offers so many opportunities to be outside and we are grateful to live in a city like this with combined urban outings, mountains, and water!

What are the traits you most value in yourself?

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

In addition to my meditation practices, I also find that being in the kitchen is a self-care activity for me. I am a trained “cook” - both professionally and from osmosis with my grandmother in her kitchen - and I believe that food heals and soothes and


I believe in people, and my heart grows when I see people accomplish things beyond their previous beliefs. I think big and encourage others to do so as well. What are some of your current goals and what are you doing to work toward them?

I am pushing myself in very new ways these days. I am on my third career and am loving the challenges and rewards at CO.LAB. Additionally, I am a brand-new fund manager as CO.LAB is raising a fund to support startups. I am fortunate to have been invested in, and now I am on the other side of the table helping others scale their businesses. For most of these startups, their venture isn’t just a job - they truly believe they can and are changing the world! What a privilege to be a part of that! How do you approach emotional well-being?

Meditation is at the heart of it, but it also involves being kind to myself. We can all be harsh

self-critics, and I am not at all immune to that. So, self-care for me means unplugging at times. At work, if time allows, I will make sure to take a mental health walk or even take some of my calls or meetings as a “walk and talk.” Being outside is a natural healer for me. And I love my Sundays in the kitchen! What does your daily routine look like?

I meditate before I step out of bed, then try to hold that calm for as long as I can during the day. I normally bring my lunch to work, try to get outside if I can during my day, and then come home to cook for my husband and myself. If I haven’t done the prep work for dinner before I leave for work, then we will walk to one of our favorite restaurants in the neighborhood. Then we settle in for some shared entertainment - a show, a documentary, or a game of tile rummy and some background jazz! How do you encourage health and wellness within your family?

I do so with good food, good times around the table, and as much love and encouragement as I can distribute in our communications.

What do you find the most rewarding?

Watching others succeed (in big and in little ways!)



B E A U T I F U L LY Y O U !









Trending Jean Cuts to Try A tried-and-true wardrobe staple, jeans come in all shapes and sizes. From waist height and pant length to hems and pocket shapes, the cut of these classic pants makes all the difference when it comes to the latest fashions. Here, check out three trending jean cuts styled by local boutiques. Photography by David and Drew Photography

Lisa Fritschen Hemline

CROPPED Ani Yacoubian Riggs Yacoubian Tailors

Michelle Langston Pearl Ivy


The Insider Crop Step Fray by MOTHER Denim, modeled by Claire Fritschen “We love these frayed hem jeans by MOTHER Denim! Pair it with a sneaker for running errands or a cute top for date night.” – Lisa Fritschen

HIGH-RISE Farrah Boot Crop by AG, modeled by Ginger Dizon “I love high-rise jeans because they are figure flattering, and they accommodate so many body types! The waistband hits at the smallest part of your natural waist, giving that cinched-in look. Style with a shorter top or tuck one in to show off those curves.” – Ani Yacoubian Riggs

CARGO The Petra by Joe’s Jeans, modeled by Katie Langston “Cargo jeans are trending and we're loving the style. Pair the cargos with a fitted sweater, oversized boyfriend shirt, or a stylish t-shirt and blazer. Wear boots, flats, or tennis shoes – all are great choices.” – Michelle Langston


soldiers and sailors memorial auditorium

March 18th, 2024 Scan HERE for more info or, text “SCOPE” to 20357 to receive a link to the event page

Msg and data rates apply. Do not text and drive.





Beautifully You!

Highly skilled and compassionate, there is a lot to know about the surgeons, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurse injectors, licensed aestheticians, and other professionals who have dedicated much of their lives to serving their clients. What follows are several of our area’s most accomplished cosmetic professionals who are serving their clients with exceptional quality services.


Beautifu lly You!

Customizing Care


n her work as a nurse for more than five years and in the field of aesthetics for almost two years, Yuliya Castleberg understands that quality care and custom treatment plans yield the best results. “I listen to what the client’s needs and expectations are,” she says. “Once I know what changes they desire to see in their appearance, we create a customized plan that gets reevaluated at each session.” Castleberg works closely with her clients to ensure they feel beautiful from the inside out while they are in her care. “I have a caring and nurturing personality, pay great attention to detail, and strive to consistently give 100% of myself to my work and my clients,” she says. “I want to have clients for life and offer them more natural, least invasive, and most innovative treatment options that produce the best results in aging reversal. Also, I desire to raise an awareness that health looks beautiful on everyone.”

Yuliya Castleberg, B SN A LCHE M Y MED SPA & W ELLN E SS CEN TER


What influenced you to pursue your career? It all started with my passion for health and wellness and my desire to be useful to my clients with my knowledge and

expertise in this area. Later on, I realized that health and beauty are intertwined in such a perfect way. This realization led me to explore the world of aesthetics and natural ways of rejuvenation.


What does your day-to-day look like? I get to provide a diverse range of services to my clients, including everything from health and wellness coaching and

rejuvenating facial massage to PRP and PRF injections.


What’s the key to making a great first impression? Smiling, being respectful and genuine, and lastly, being yourself!


What is one of your happiest professional moments? Becoming a health coach and a nurse with a background in counseling. This combination is a powerful tool that allows

me to provide the best care for my clients.

Yuliya’s facial massage is the best gift you can give to yourself and your face. Her expertise is like none other. Yuliya has magical hands that not only feel the tightness of every muscle but also release the stress and tension you didn’t know you had. I am so thankful that this unique facial massage is offered in Chattanooga. I will definitely be going back for many more.” - E. Vakhlyueva 64


What is your best advice for clients? I stick with my two favorite quotes: “A healthy and beautiful outside starts from the inside” by Robert Urich and “Our bodies

are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners” by William Shakespeare.


ABOUT ME MY CREDENTIALS Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree: The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga – Chattanooga, TN Certifications: Plasmolifting PRP Technology in Aesthetic Medicine and Trichology, Esthetic Skin Institute Advanced Platelet Rich Plasma - Plasma Gel 3D, Esthetic Skin Institute VITFACEMASSAGE Facial Massage, Art of Massage Academy BLS ACLS PALS Specialties: PRP Therapy for Face and Hair PRF/Plasma Gel 3D Rejuvenating Facial Massage with Lymph Drainage Health & Wellness Coaching

CONNECT 423.654.7630 200 Manufacturers Rd., Ste. 105 Chattanooga, TN 37405 For a full list of services offered:

ALCHEMYMEDSPACHATT.COM @alchemychatt @alchemychatt

Beautifu lly You!

Enhancing Natural Beauty


n her work as an aesthetic injector, Destiny Garcia takes extra care to create treatment plans that reflect the unique goals of her clients. “Before I begin to pull any products or touch the patient’s face, I sit down with my patient and discuss what they came in for and their aesthetic goals,” she says. “To create a treatment plan for someone, there are many factors you must consider first, such as their ethnicity, gender, age, and so much more. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in aesthetics.” With a detailed understanding of her client’s goals, Garcia formulates personalized plans to help them reach their dream results. “My philosophy is rooted in a passionate commitment to deliver an extraordinary experience,” Garcia explains. “When my patients enter the door, they know they get my undivided attention. I want to genuinely listen to my patient’s concerns, enhance their natural beauty, and create a plan that leaves them walking out with more confidence and self-assurance.”

I have been going to Destiny for almost two years now, and I am so thrilled that I found someone to be my injector. She is a perfectionist, and I love that about her. She is so incredibly talented, and I would recommend anyone to go to her! She is so knowledgeable about what she is doing and it shows through her work. I literally cannot say enough good things about Destiny.” –A. Macy 66



What influenced you to pursue your career?


What would you consider to be your main strengths?


What’s the key to making a great first impression?


What is your best advice for clients?

A combination of factors influenced my decision to pursue a career as an aesthetic injector. The recent burnout I experienced from COVID-19 after graduating pushed me to seek a job that not only allowed me to utilize my medical knowledge but also provided a welcome respite from the hospital. I came across the aesthetic industry, and the idea of helping individuals enhance their natural beauty and regain their selfconfidence immediately sparked my interest.

My biggest strength is being one of the only Spanish-speaking injectors in the area. Throughout my nursing career, the Spanishspeaking population has been tremendously underserved. I am glad that I am the person who can help break the barrier between the aesthetic industry and Spanish-speaking patients.

I believe the key to making a great first impression is a positive attitude and getting to know your client, not only on a medical basis but also on a personal basis. One of the most important things in my career is the relationship and trust I build with my patients. When a client sits in my chair, the first thing I ask them is how they are doing and how their week was. I want them to know that this is so much more than just a medical treatment. This is a friendship and a bond being built.

The best advice I can give to any of my clients is DO YOUR RESEARCH! Many people go chasing a sale instead of researching their injector properly. When choosing an injector, you need to ask them questions. What are their credentials? Are they participating in continuous educational courses? Does their work align with your goals? It is crucial to ask the right questions to ensure you make an informed decision.



MY CREDENTIALS Nursing Degree: Dalton State College – Dalton, Georgia Specialties: Aesthetic Injections

CONNECT 423.654.7630 200 Manufacturers Rd., Ste. 105 Chattanooga, TN 37405 For a full list of services offered:

ALCHEMYMEDSPACHATT.COM @alchemychatt @alchemychatt

Beautifu lly You!

Ensuring Positive Outcomes


ith a dedication to quality treatment plans and an emphasis on maximizing her clients’ comfort, Janna Yother Curto understands what it takes to reach her clients’ goals. “Comfort is key!” Curto says. “I always try to match my client’s energy whether they are looking for a quiet, relaxed appointment or would rather socialize about skincare or their current binge-worthy TV shows during the service. I want my clients to feel confident and know they have a safe place within my treatment room.” In addition to creating a welcoming atmosphere, Curto is passionate about choosing the best procedures for her clients. “Choosing the right procedure yields from having the client’s end goal in mind coupled with my extensive knowledge about services provided,” she explains. “I pride myself in being extremely detail-oriented. I will always keep in mind the client’s goal and work tediously to ensure they have a positive outcome.”

I was completely new to my medical aesthetics journey when I began seeing Janna. From the beginning, Janna made me feel completely comfortable. Her permanent makeup brow work is absolutely incredible, and the end result is always stunning and natural looking. I always look forward to my sessions with Janna, and I can’t imagine trusting anyone else with my aesthetic needs!” – S. Lowy 68



What influenced you to pursue your career?


What does your day-to-day look like?


What is one of your happiest professional moments?


How do you develop a plan for each client?


What’s the most rewarding part of your profession?

I was in search of a profession that could utilize my artistic ability in a positive way while also allowing me a creative outlet. I fell in love with cosmetic tattooing and found it paired beautifully with skin-enhancing modalities within the medical aesthetics world.

Having the knowledge to offer such a wide variety of services allows each day to vary greatly from the one before, which contributes to such an exciting and creative career! The variable that stays consistent on a daily basis is getting to enjoy time with the clients I am so lucky to have.

Being able to provide a sense of normalcy to a client struggling with hair loss. I was able to give a client a new set of semipermanent brows and renewed confidence after years of struggling to draw them on every day.

I love to have an in-person consultation before beginning any treatment plan. This allows me to understand the client’s main concerns and address them accordingly. I like to offer multiple options that will achieve results catering to the client’s budget and comfort level. I will always be honest when it comes to whether or not I believe a service is compatible with the client’s desires.

Seeing a new client return as a familiar face within my treatment room brings me so much joy and is the most rewarding part of my day. I place a high value in holding trust with my clients and love that I can use the abilities I’ve been blessed with to instill confidence in others.



MY CREDENTIALS Exercise Science Degree: Tennessee Tech University – Cookeville, TN Certifications: Licensed Aesthetician, TN Board of Cosmetology Licensed Tattoo Artist, TN Department of Health Recognitions: Top 5 Nominee, Chattanooga Best of the Best Microblading 2023 Top 10 Nominee, Chattanooga Best of the Best Esthetician Services 2022, 2021 Specialties: Permanent Makeup Combination Brows Anti-Aging Treatments

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Providing Holistic Care


he cornerstone of Dr. Eli Kim’s practice is a combination of holistic care and a dedication to patient experience. “This philosophy is interwoven into every aspect of care,” he says, “ensuring patients not only receive exceptional dermatological treatment but also experience a journey they’ll want to rave about.” With each patient, Dr. Kim’s goal is to provide personalized treatment, ensuring compassionate care and respect for each unique need. “My philosophy centers on providing personalized, compassionate care that respects and responds to each patient’s unique needs,” Dr. Kim explains. “It’s about creating a trust-based relationship where patients feel heard, valued, and genuinely cared for throughout their dermatological journey.”

My appointment with Dr. Kim was nothing short of professional and thorough! The whole staff is kind and welcoming. I highly recommend this office to anybody looking for a top-notch skin doctor who knows what he’s talking about!” -Tiffany G.


Dr. Eli Kim, MD CLE A R DER M


What influenced you to pursue your career?


What’s the most rewarding part of your profession?

A personal experience with my brother’s traumatic brain injury introduced me to the impact that compassionate healthcare can have on families, steering me toward medicine and, ultimately, dermatology. My artistic background in graphical imaging, combined with a natural skill for hands-on tasks, further reinforced my decision.

The most rewarding aspect is witnessing the joy and relief on my patients’ faces – whether it’s from resolving a troubling skin condition, clearing them of cancer, or helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. These moments are profoundly gratifying.


What’s the key to making a great first impression?

A warm smile and attentive listening are the cornerstones of a great first impression. It’s about instilling confidence through my own assurance and making every patient feel valued from the moment they step into the clinic.


How do you choose the right treatment for your clients?

The selection of the right treatment is a meticulous process involving a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s medical history, current skin condition, whether it is skin cancer, a cyst or something else, and desired outcomes. This personalized approach ensures that each treatment plan is as unique as the individual receiving it.


What is your best advice for clients?

My advice is to remember the importance of annual skin checks, especially for those with a history of sunburns, tanning bed use, or a family history of skin cancer. Early detection is key in dermatology.



MY CREDENTIALS Doctor of Medicine: Loma Linda School of Medicine – Loma Linda, CA Specialties: Dermatologyfocused Family Medicine

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Beautifu lly You!

Connecting with Clients


n the field of aesthetics for over 20 years, Melody Richt knows the importance of truly connecting with her clients. “My philosophy has evolved into building meaningful relationships,” Richt says. “It’s more than skin deep; it’s about connections, friendships, and a mutual journey towards beautiful and healthy skin.” Richt understands that each client is unique. When it comes to creating treatment plans and choosing procedures, she focuses on creating custom plans to help her clients reach and maintain long-term goals. “Every client is wonderfully unique,” she explains, “and with the insights gained from the Visia skin analysis, I’m able to personalize each skincare journey, ensuring their individual needs are met with precision and care.”

Melody has been my go-to facialist for 11 years! I trust her expertise and wisdom for all things skin care. She goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals and I would not go to anyone else.” - Vikki W.




What influenced you to pursue your career?


What’s the key to making a great first impression?

My journey into skincare began as a teenager when I discovered my passion for it. Realizing that I could turn this passion into a career was a defining moment for me, and I immediately sought out the best educational path to bring this dream to life.

Being genuinely in tune and listening to individual concerns sets the foundation for a trusting and lasting relationship with each client.


What would you consider to be your main strengths?

My forte lies in meticulously assessing skincare needs and devising tailored plans. This approach ensures my clients not only achieve but also maintain radiant and healthy skin.


What is your best advice for clients?

Regularly use medical-grade skincare products, broad-spectrum mineral-based sunscreens, and choose safe, effective lasers and devices, like those meticulously chosen at Clear Beauty, as well as an experienced, qualified laser specialist.


What is your philosophy when it comes to the care of your clients?

Over 20 years, my philosophy has evolved into building meaningful relationships that are results driven. It’s more than skin deep; it’s about connections, friendships, and a mutual journey towards beauty and well-being.



MY CREDENTIALS Associate of Science Degree: Cleveland State Community College Cleveland, TN Certifications: Board-Certified Micropigmentation Artist, Southern Institute of Permanent Cosmetics Licensed Aesthetician, East Tennessee School of Cosmetology/ Aesthetics Specialties: Medical Aesthetics Cosmetic Lasers Laser Hair Removal Laser Resurfacing Radio Frequency Broadband Light Energy Microneedling Correction of Sun Damaged Skin Anti-Aging Procedures

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Let’s Get Minimal! Tips on Decluttering Your Makeup Collection

Applying makeup should be uplifting and stressfree. If you’re looking to streamline your makeup routine and reduce clutter, a minimal makeup collection will help you get the most out of your cosmetics. Read on for tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best with less. By Gray Bennett

Follow the Travel Case Rule A minimal makeup collection should be able to fit neatly in a standard-sized travel makeup case. If your case looks cluttered or overcrowded, your collection might be ready for a refresh. Find Your Signature Look You know your features and preferences best. Pare down special-occasion makeup, and focus on keeping a smaller collection of your favorite everyday essentials.

Ditch Expired Makeup Old cosmetics lack effectiveness, harbor bacteria, and are likely to irritate the skin. Here are some guidelines for how long your favorite products last before you should throw them out:

Love It or Leave It

Foundation and Concealer One Year

“Just okay” products aren’t worth keeping. When you stick with products you love, you’ll save time on your routine and love your results.

Cream Products Six Months to One Year

Prioritize Multi-Function Products

Powder Products 12 to 18 Months

A cream blush doubles as the perfect lip color, while a neutral highlighter can stand in for shimmery eyeshadow. Products with added benefits such as SPF protection and shine control are also great for boosting your minimal routine. Use Fewer Tools No need to rummage through your makeup bag for another sponge or specialized brush. Keep one or two versatile brushes in your collection, and allow clean hands to replace any unnecessary makeup tools.


Mascara Four to Six Months Lipstick Eight Months to One Year Lip Gloss 12 to 18 Months



Feng Shu i Exploring the Ancient Art of Home Design


eng shui, meaning “the way of wind and water,” is a Taoist philosophy for arranging objects and buildings to achieve harmony in an environment. There are traditional and Western schools of feng shui with varying practices, but whatever approach you choose assures a design process imbued with mindfulness. Thankfully, this art of design doesn’t require expensive furniture or massive square footage. In fact, those with rental properties, smaller accommodations, and awkward floor plans can especially benefit from feng shui-inspired design to make the most out of spatial and financial limitations. By Tory Irmeger


Find Your Flow

Feng shui is rooted in the idea of how energy flows throughout the home. You’ll already have a grasp on this if you feel comfort when entering a cozy living room or dread when entering a cluttered office space. It may be helpful to walk through your home as if seeing it through the eyes of a guest. What immediately draws your eye when you enter a room? As you pass through the house, how do you differentiate between the spheres of work, personal care, dining, and rest? Asking these questions will help you understand what elements in your home might need to be shifted for more efficiency and fluidity.

Feng shui is guided by the philosophy of yin and yang: opposite yet complementary elements. A combination of shapes can invite balance, such as round mirrors and rectangular photo frames. Colors also play a major role here, whether it be wall paint, furnishings, light fixtures, art accents, rugs, or blankets. Feng shui color theory is based on how colors manifest in nature, so blues are often associated with water, yellows and browns with earth, and reds with fire and energy. You can mix and match with this color theory to promote relaxation, productivity, or passion in each sphere of the home.

Furnish With Care

Furnishings play a major role in adjusting the atmosphere of a room. A well-placed seating vignette can be inviting, while a bulky armoire might overpower a narrow hallway. Structures that disrupt flow are generally frowned upon, such as protruding corners and entryway staircases. When these elements are unavoidable, you can add houseplants, mirrors, wall hangings, or curtains to soften any unsightly edges. It may take some creativity to work within a limited space, but small details can make a big difference. For instance, consider a soft ottoman or a circular coffee table instead of a rectangular one to prevent tripping over tight corners. Perfecting Placement

While feng shui practitioners do advise against clutter, this philosophy doesn’t require minimalistic décor. Think instead about the purpose objects serve in your life and how their placement highlights this purpose. This is an opportunity to let your personality shine through the way you direct attention to given spots in the room. A shelf can display neat stacks of books alongside mementos and asymmetrical shapes. Or, functional features can highlight simplicity, like textured rugs, statement lighting, or metallic accents against earth-toned furnishings. If you’d like the living room to be used for visiting and conversation, be cautious of placing a TV in a central spot; family photos or an art gallery wall might make a more appropriate focal point. A Balancing Act

Natural Materials

Wood – Vitality Bamboo Wicker Houseplants Green or blue décor Metal – Precision Vases and frames Fixtures and handles Chimes Gray or white accents Water – Flexibility Fountains Glass and mirrors Artwork depicting water Black or dark blue décor Fire – Passion Candles Light fixtures Fireplaces Red or purple accents Earth – Stability Clay or terra cotta pots Salt lamps Stones or crystals Yellow or brown décor

Once you’ve settled on a layout for your room, it’s time to curate the mood by incorporating décor and textures.



SAVE THE DATE! APRIL 25, 2024 | 7-9 P.M.

AN E VENT FOR WOMEN, AB OU T WOMEN, TO BENEFIT WOMEN Dust off that old wedding dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, or any dress that’s been taking up residence in your closet and join us in making a positive impact on the lives of women in our community.
















relationships INSPIRED






inspired by


“Your gift for restoring purpose and beauty extends to

You are someone who truly inspires me in every aspect of life, and I admire the person you are. Your kindness and inner beauty radiate from you effortlessly. Whether helping someone in need, offering a listening ear, or performing random acts of kindness for others, your generous spirit knows no bounds. You give your time, love, and attention to those who need it. You have shown me that true fulfillment comes from giving, and your actions have taught me the importance of making a difference in the lives of those around us. Your creativity is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether through your art or re-purposing discarded items, your ability to envision and create (and recreate) is awe-inspiring. Your gift for restoring purpose and beauty extends to the lives you touch as well. The world is more beautiful because of your creative touch on things and people. As a role model, you are the definition of a servant leader. I admire your integrity, humility, and unwavering values. You have taught me the importance of staying true to oneself, regardless of the circumstances. The way you live out your faith and values in daily life has shown me how to be a noble woman, wife, mother, and friend! Thank you for being an exceptional inspiration in my life. Your generosity, encouragement, and unwavering belief in me have touched my heart in countless ways. You inspire me to be the best version of myself.

the lives you touch as well. The world is more beautiful because of your creative touch on things and people.”








inspired by

“You taught me how to handle the position of principal with grace and integrity, and you’ve been a living example of a lifelong learner.”




Belinda, You have known me my whole life and watched me grow into the person I am today! As my very own elementary school principal, you were kind, fair, and loving. Once elementary school was over, you always kept up with where I was and what I was doing, like you do for all of your students. I remember the encouraging words you gave me when you found out I was going into education. Every time you had the opportunity to stop in and check on me once I had my own classroom, you did. Then, when I decided to take the leap into school leadership, it was your hand again that I knew I could rely on. Through every “no” and “not yet” that I got, it was your encouraging words and spirit that pushed me to keep putting myself out there and moving forward. Now that my “yes” has finally come to be a principal just like you, it is your number that is the first one I call for guidance and advice, and thankfully you always answer. You taught me how to handle the position with grace and integrity, and you’ve been a living example of a lifelong learner. It is from you that I learned how to build a positive school culture and make a school feel like a family. I am the lucky one who gets to put my gratitude in words for everyone to read, but I know so many other students, parents, teachers, co-workers, and school leaders are all impacted by you!






inspired by

“You are the ultimate entrepreneur and philanthropist, always giving back to the community...”




Bebe, Nine years ago, I reunited with a childhood friend – that friend was you! When my sister and I created our fashion blog, you were one of the first people to jump on board to help support, spread the word, and encourage us on our journey. Thank you isn’t enough to say to you for all the motivation you pour onto me and the community. From being an amazing mom to your children to being a bonus mom to many others, you have a nurturing soul that isn’t taught in a handbook. You have created businesses and opportunities that have opened doors for others looking to expand their work ethic and change their lives. You are the ultimate entrepreneur and philanthropist, always giving back to the community by hosting back-to-school giveaways, giving free haircuts for kids, and helping clean churches during the pandemic. Many times people don’t see their own light or give themselves the credit they deserve. You have always spoken that life into others, sometimes not even giving yourself the same credit back. If you see something someone is doing in the community, you always make sure to spread the word and repost the good news. You are always giving people their flowers! I know because you do it for me, so there is no way I wouldn’t do the same for you. You are amazing! Keep doing what you do, and keep letting that big ole light of yours shine. You are more than deserving of what’s coming your way!




Growing Your Business Maximizing Your Return on Investment A FULL-SERVICE DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY


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ith a proven approach, our clients’ sales conversions have exceeded the industry average by more than 400%. Sales conversions relative to ad spending have exceeded 250x.

Contact us today at 423.227.1692 to learn what smarter marketing can do for your business.

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inspired by


“With everything that you juggle, you make it

Words truly cannot even begin to describe the amazing person you are, but I’m going to try. You are a woman who wears many hats - a devoted daughter, a loyal friend, a supportive sister, a loving wife, a fierce follower of Christ, and an amazing CEO of your small business. With everything that you juggle, you make it look effortless. You triumphantly walk through life with such confidence and grace. You inspire my faith and motivate me to pursue more of Jesus. You have helped propel my career in the dog training industry and allowed me to achieve things I never thought possible. Most importantly, you are someone who has been there for me during monumental milestones, like my quarter-of-a-century birthday and the most soul-crushing heartbreak I’ve experienced. Although I have not known you long, I would love to have you in my life for not only the monumental milestones, but also the mundane moments. I am so proud to be your friend and witness the person you are becoming. It is an honor to know you and have you in my life. I love you greatly, my sweet friend.

look effortless. You triumphantly walk through life with such confidence and grace.”










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Creating Social Connections Making New Friends as an Adult


hether you're starting fresh in a new city or looking to expand your existing social circle, making friends as an adult can seem like a tricky balancing act. Busy schedules vie for our time, and new friendships require a significant amount of intention. Thankfully, the meaningful friendships you desire aren't as far away as you might think. Here, we look at some of the best ways to find and keep new friendships as an adult.

By Gray Bennett


Making Introductions Instead of putting pressure on yourself to form deep friendships fast, embrace making new acquaintances first. This mindset shift can help increase your confidence, and even if your new acquaintance isn’t a future best friend, studies show that maintaining “weak” social ties with others can still significantly increase our day-to-day happiness. Here’s a list of ways you can strike up a great conversation with a new pal: Common Ground. Find something to comment on or ask about that you have in common with someone else. For example, you might ask someone

in line at a coffee shop about their favorite order. Use Humor. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Making a joke or funny comment is a great way to break the ice with a new friend. Give a Compliment. Spread some kindness with a genuine compliment. You never know when you might make someone’s day with a few kind words. Show You Care. Most people enjoy being asked about their passions and hobbies. Ask someone to tell you more about what they love to do, and let them know you care with active listening and follow-up questions.

Finding a Community Local clubs, classes, and volunteer opportunities offer consistency and shared experiences that guarantee you’ll be able to start making new friends quickly. Here’s a list of places to get connected: • Language learning classes • Book clubs • Exercise classes • Educational seminars • Creative workshops • Makers’ spaces • Sports teams • Trivia nights • Hiking groups • Community gardening groups

• Religious organizations • Nonprofit organizations

Keeping in Touch Consistency is key when it comes to deepening and maintaining new friendships. Regular catch-ups and check-ins build trust, and research shows that it takes at least 60 hours of quality time to solidify a friendship. Here are some tips for keeping in touch with new friends: Communicate Expectations. Let your new friends know when you are anticipating an especially busy week, and be honest when you need to prioritize other com-

mitments. Good communication makes all the difference. Send a Message. Small, thoughtful gestures like a kind text message or a handwritten card are great ways to keep in touch with friends. Keep it simple, and let your friends know that you care about them. Activity Stacking. Going to walk the dog, pick up lunch, or run a quick errand? “Stack” your activity by inviting a friend to join you. Plan Ahead. For those with especially busy schedules, planning is a must. Find the gaps in your calendar, and commit to spending quality time with friends.




food & fitness RAINBOW RECIPES


Rainbow Recipes Nutritious Recipes for the New Year


ating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to ensure you get all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs to thrive. From red tomatoes and yellow bell peppers to leafy greens and blueberries, brightly colored produce offers a host of health benefits such as improved vision, decreased inflammation, reduced risk of chronic diseases, and a strengthened immune system. Here, locals share their favorite recipes for eating the rainbow.

“I always gravitate towards foods with lots of different flavors and textures. This bowl has a little bit of spice, sweetness, and acidity topped with the richness of avocado with beans and tofu to keep you full. This is always a favorite at Cashew when we serve it as a daily special.” – Bailey Cole



Cashew’s Caribbean Bowl YIELDS 2-3 SERVINGS

For the tofu seasoning: • 3 Tbsp. cornstarch • 2 tsp. paprika • 1 tsp. cayenne pepper • 1 tsp. onion powder • ½ tsp. salt • 250g firm tofu, pressed and cubed For the tofu sauce: • 1½ Tbsp. cornstarch • cup and 1½ Tbsp. water, separated • Juice of 2 limes • 2 Tbsp. tamari or soy sauce • 1 Tbsp. oil • 2 cloves garlic, minced • 2 Tbsp. rice wine vinegar • 1 tsp. paprika For assembly: • Rice • Baked plantains • Purple cabbage, shredded • Black beans • Cilantro • Avocado slices • Pineapple salsa For the tofu: Combine all ingredients for the tofu seasoning and stir to combine. Toss tofu in seasoning and bake at 375° for 5-10 minutes. While tofu bakes, make cornstarch slurry with excess cornstarch and 1½ tablespoons of water. Combine cornstarch slurry with remaining ingredients for tofu sauce. Toss baked tofu in tofu sauce, and bake an additional 10-15 minutes until tofu reaches desired crispiness. To assemble: Place a bed of rice into desired bowls. Top with chili-lime tofu, baked plantains, purple cabbage, black beans, cilantro, avocado slices, and pineapple salsa to taste. Enjoy!




Danielle Brasel’s Super Kale & Roasted Beet Salad YIELDS 1 SERVING

• ½ cup cooked quinoa • 2 cups kale, chopped • Olive oil, to taste • ½ avocado • ¼ cup carrots, shredded

Chopped Colorful Veggie Salad

• ¼ cup almonds, sliced


• 1 roasted beet, color of your choice

• Vinegar, flavor of your choice, to taste • Feta cheese, for topping Prepare your quinoa according to package instructions. Place kale into a mixing bowl. Drizzle with olive oil and massage the oil into the kale. This will help soften the kale and alleviate bitterness. Slice and dice the avocado and the beet. Transfer the kale to a serving bowl. Top with quinoa, avocado, beet, carrots, and almonds. Drizzle with vinegar of your choice. Top with feta cheese.

“Whether you are looking to eat light or you simply enjoy eating the rainbow, this superfood salad will fuel your body with essential vitamins and minerals. I deeply believe in the power of food for our health, and this delightful salad is something you can feel good about eating. I enjoy strawberry vinegar with this salad!”

This salad recipe is bursting with flavor, crisp vegetables, and almost all the colors of the rainbow! • 2 cups packed kale or spinach, chopped • 1½ cups thawed frozen corn • 1 cup chopped tomatoes (about 2 medium tomatoes) • 1 cup peeled, chopped cucumber • ½ cup shelled, thawed frozen edamame • ½ cup chopped red onion (about ½ medium red onion) • 1 avocado, diced • 2 Tbsp. lime juice • 1 Tbsp. olive oil • Pepper, to taste

1. In a large bowl, combine the kale, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, red onion, and avocado. 2. In a small bowl, whisk together the lime juice and oil. Toss with the kale mixture and season to taste. Nutritional Information Calories 156 | Total Fat 8.4g | Sodium 16mg | Total Carbohydrate 19g | Dietary Fiber 5g | Sugars 4g | Protein 5g Source: American Heart Association



Mike Kyser’s

Mini Mat Pilates Workout “Pilates gave me back my life and body. I just want to help as many people as I can using the tools I have. Repeat these exercises 8-10 times or for as long as you can maintain good form. Really work with your breath!” Mike Kyser, Chattanooga Pilates Company

Photos Courtesy of Mike Kyser


Single Leg Stretch Lay on your mat and curl your neck and shoulders towards your chest, curving the spine into a C-shape. Extend the left leg, pulling your right knee into your chest. Place your right hand on your right ankle and left hand below the right knee. Smoothly switch legs, inhaling as you pull a leg towards you and exhaling as you switch. For a more challenging exercise, lower the extended leg closer to the ground so long as you can keep your lower back anchored to the mat.

The 100 Lay on your back with your arms down by your side and legs bent with feet flat on the floor. Exhale and tighten your core while lifting the arms 6-8 inches above the ground, keeping your palms down. Begin to pump the arms up and down, timing your breath to inhale for five pumps and exhale for five pumps. Repeat this cycle for a maximum of 10 times (100 pumping motions). If you feel any neck strain, keep your head on the mat for this exercise. For an added challenge, lift your knees until they form a 90-degree angle, lift your shoulders off the mat, and curl your chin into your chest for the duration of the exercise. You can also extend your legs, hovering them off the ground for an even more advanced variation.



Double Leg Stretch

Rolling Like a Ball

Lay on your mat and pull both knees to your chest, cupping your hands around your ankles. Curl the head and shoulders away from the mat, pointing your nose to your knees. On the inhale, extend your legs long and extend your arms to your ears, making your body into a V-shape. Exhale and pull back into the starting position. Keep your heels together and toes apart. For a more challenging exercise, lower your arms and legs closer to the floor in a wider V-shape.

Begin in a seat with your knees curled to your chest. Tuck your chin and lift your feet a few inches above the ground, keeping the heels close to the glutes. With your hands cupping your shins, use your abdominal muscles to roll back and forth from your starting position to the base of your shoulder blades. Roll down on the inhale and come back up to a balanced position on the exhale. To modify, hold your starting position and slowly roll a few inches back and forth, building up towards a larger movement.

Spine Stretch Forward Begin by sitting up straight with your legs extended, feet flexed and as wide as the width of your mat. Extend your arms and keep them parallel for the duration of the exercise. Inhale, allowing the spine to lengthen while tucking chin to chest. On the exhale, stretch your upper body forward as if leaning over an imaginary beach ball. Lock your pelvis in place so the sit bones stay in contact with the mat. Inhale to roll upright, actively pushing the legs and heels into the mat.


Join us to hear Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans’ amazing story of how she determined to keep LIVING.

Gretchen Evans is one of the most decorated female veterans in U.S. history. During her 27 years of service, she became a paratrooper, senior military intelligence analyst, and achieved the highest enlisted rank in the U.S. Army Command Sergeant Major. In 2006, she was responsible for all security personnel in Afghanistan, overseeing 30,000 troops, when a mortar blast threw her headfirst into a concrete bunker and nearly ended it all. The blast not only left her with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and 95% hearing loss, but it stole her purpose. Evans fought her way back when she found her “rope team” - a group of other survivors who, much like members of a rock climbing team, were committed to stand firm and hold each other up. She went on to found Unbroken, the first totally disabled team to compete on Bear Grylls “World’s Toughest Race.” She wrote her own book in 2018 and later had her story featured in the 2020 best seller What’s Within You. In 2022, she was selected as the winner of the prestigious ESPY/Pat Tillman Award for Service. Today she travels the globe, sharing her amazing story of choosing to LIVE life beyond disability with courage, hope, and humor.

be inspired by her story

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 11:30 a.m. Chattanooga Convention Center

Tickets: $125 per seat $1500 per table Reserve at or 423.634.1208.

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