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ISSUE 52, VOLUME 4, APRIL 2014 36

ART 60 ARTronauts - Bashayer Al-Shamari


INTERVIEW 30 Dr. Fawzy Issa 36 Sarina Jain 46 Karim Chwikani and Nijoud AlHussaini 52 Khalid Hajjar 56 One-On-One with Kinda AlFaris


80 VIP Services At Layla Harmony Spa 82 Hair Care From Inside Out

62 Mohammed J. Abuhakmeh a.k.a. MONSTARIAM 72 Alfonso Escribano Fernandez 86 Nawaf Al-Gheraibah 92 Jawa Al-Ahmad 112 Chef Andrew Mitchell 118 Chef Faisal AlKhateeb


90 March Movie Releases 91 Top Music Charts 104 10 Books that Made into Movies in 2014

FASHION 124 Jungle Fever 126 ZOUCH Fashion 130 How to be a Style Icon 132 Wear Gladiator sandals and rock your walk 134 Fashion Update





94 Short Stories by Nadia AlHassan 98 Poems by Nada Faris 99 ‫ أح ُبها‬.. ‫أشيائُك اللئيم ُة‬.. 100 April 2014 Book Releases

FEATURE 16 Sorry! But I am just not Impressed... 19 Happiness 22 Celebrate You! 76 A Leap of Faith 79 Personalized Perfumes 96 History of the Movie Camera

102 The Spiritual Pathway to Individual Genius

NUTRITION 44 8 Tips For Eating Healthy During Menopause 50 The Raw Food Diet






116 Danish Bakery


40 Education in the Fitness Community 42 A Well-planned Fit Lifestyle


23 P.C.O Or Polycystic Ovaries 26 False Beliefs in the Era of Cosmetology 28 Are You Slow? May Be Your Thyroid Is Low! 32 Be a Savvy Birth Consumer - Part Two 34 Protecting Your Vision At Work


KIDS 162 Kids Pages


68 Tea with T 70 The City Guide 84 Know About Your Birthstone 101 CP Book Club by Nada Soliman 121 Life of a Diva 140 Events 150 From The Press 160 Say Cheez with CityPages 164 Horoscopes 166 Homework for GrownUps

TECHNOLOGY 106 Cool New Gadgets 108 TechUpdate 109 TechNews 110 ً‫ سنوات قريبا‬10 ‫خدمة يوتيوب لألطفال حتت‬

April, 2014


Dhari Al-Muhareb Editor-in-Chief

Jameel Arif

General Manager & Editor

Abeer Al-Abduljalil

Dear Readers…

Managing Editor

Wowee it’s already April which means that CityPages 52nd issue is officially here! We’re eternally thankful for the

Kinda Al-Faris

contributors, editors, and the readers, especially those who have been reading every issue religiously for the past

Executive Editor

Muhammed Altaf Sr. Sales Manager

Claudia Farias

Content Supervisor

Tanya Burns

51 months! We have grown in such tremendous ways it’s almost kinda shocking that we’re not even anywhere near done growing! Celebrating this, for the second time we all agreed to offer you a special cover and this time it's done by no other than everyone's favorite - Monstariam. Yes, we have an exclusive interview with this very talented artist and wait,

Creative Director

we are also offering all Monstariam fans an exclusive limited edition Monstariam Poster inside.

Graphic Designers Mohammed Syed Khaled Al-Enezi

One of my favorite interview this month was with the talented musician - Nawaf AlGheraibah who I knew from his

Contributing Team Abdullah Y. Shams AlDeen Mohammad Al-Sharrah Nadia Al-Hassan Abdulaziz Al-Khamis Nada Soliman Abdalla AlMuzaini Nada Faris Adnan Najeeb Al-Abbar Nour Al-Zaabi Ahmed Al-Ragum Nora Dashti Ali - DJ RAVEN Oussama T. Hussein ARTRONAUTS Reshmi Revi ASAMA Perfumes Saad AlMesikan BirthKuwait Sanaa Abdul Hamid Dalal Marafie Sandra Bakhamian Daniel Winston Sherihan A. Hassabo Dr. Nazia Nausheen Talah Alabdulaaly Faisal Al-Dhofari Yousef AlSaeed Khaled Al-Zawawi Zahra Ashkanani Layla Harmony Zahra Taqi Maha Al-Rashed Photography Team Abdulaziz AlSoraya Natalia Sitcai Abdulaziz AlShayaji Shahbaz Hussain Ahmad Emad Abdullah Hamadah Faith AlFahad Othman AlMishaan Bulk Distribution Team V. Rajan S. V. Gopal

childhood. We all knew at that time that he was specially gifted and would make it big. But, I was totally shocked to see him after all this years and was extremely happy to see his achievements. CityPages is the official Media Partner for the Premium Street Food Event in Kuwait and that is why we have featured Chef Faisal AlKhateeb and we were lucky to meet Chef Andrew Mitchell and interview him exclusively for our readers. Our technology and fashion segments have expanded this month with the addition of some amazing new members to the CityPages Family. Yousef AlSaeed and Saad AlMesikan will together bring you the latest updates and news from the technology world. Whereas, Dalal Marafie and Nora Dashti will bring you all the latest in latest fashion and jewelery trends from around the world.

Enjoy the issue and all the best.

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April, 2014


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Dear CityPages Readers,

Hello my Dear Ones!







I hope all of you will be enjoying the summer knock. It is back and is heading towards peak. Just like the weather CityPages has also come up in April with lot of hot and interesting topics. Along with other interesting features, you will find the coverage of Foodetory event where CityPages was the proud main media partner of the event. We have brought for you so many interesting things for you from this event. I have also focused this event in my regular segment and have selected two amazing businesses from this event. For the details just go through my page and you will find the worth. As Always, we support all Kuwaiti projects and businesses and would love to give them all the support and exposure they deserve. Just like all other issues this month’s CityPages has got lot of interesting features, articles and interviews for you. Just grab your copy from any one of our distribution points (So many they are) and go through the pages where every page, you will find worth reading. Like always we will be waiting for your valued feedback.




Ah, the Food issue is upon us and we are this year participating significantly as media sponsors. Although our Editor in Chief may not want to admit (he eats like a bird), we are very much in love with food, and boy do we attend many food tastings, launches of restaurants, and celebrate when various restaurants in Kuwait invite us, regularly I must say have proved detrimental on my waistline as is evident in all our IG live event coverage. We hope you are all attending the Foodtory event taking place at the Hilton Kuwait this month, featuring Kuwaiti Chefs Faisal Al Khateeb and International Chef Andrew Mitchell. We are also reviewing the Danish Bakery, iconic staple supplier of yummies. I’m happy to step away from the subject of food to something more close to my heart, literature, and who better to talk to about that than the brainy, beautiful Professor and author Mai Al-Nakib whom I had the great pleasure to interview at her lovely home (thanks Mai) regarding her recently published book The Hidden Light of Things. I have to say, I was nervous writing the article for obvious reasons, and I highly recommend picking up your copy of her book. We are also interviewing Khalid Hajjar, the CEO of Kayan Restaurants Company, and celebrating Smash Burgers second anniversary. Time really has gone by for this well loved hamburger chain. Happy Anniversary Smash Burger! We love May at CityPages, and hope you too have a wonderful month ahead.

Till next issue

Goodbye until the next issue.

Abeer M. Alabduljalil

Kinda Al Faris

Managing Editor

Executive Editor

CityPages accepts unsolicited ar ticles (1000 words or less) in English or Arabic. Submissions may be sent to:

in .rtf, .pdf, .doc, and .docx format. CityPages will notify the author upon acceptance but will not entertain inquiries. 14

April, 2014


Sorry! But I am just

NOT IMPRESSED... When it comes to impressing a woman, I have to say men who believe it is an effortless mission are very confused. As women might seem too easy to impress (given that we scream and jump up and down over things men will live without comprehending); a man might as well think “what can it possibly take to impress her?” NOT TRUE! It does take a lot. We have a whole different set of standards when it comes to choosing the man who will attach the word “MY” to any pronoun in order to introduce us to others. Here is where the conflict is born with the very first steps of the relationship; Grabbing Her Attention! And to put it in the simplest words, most men DO IT WRONG. Almost all myths and misconception about what impresses a woman do have an origin which is merely misunderstood.

Sherihan A. Hassabo Sherihan A. Hassabo is a passionate writer who started expressing her opinion about controversial subjects when she was 14. When she is not directing events, she likes to investigate the interesting relationships' controversy in our Eastern society. Every month, and from real life experience; Sherihan will share a story, an idea, opinion, or a simple advice for men and women to live happily ever after.



The Real Deal

Women die for the bad guy!

Part true but a little misunderstood. Women don’t want men to be literally “bad”. For example, men think that a woman’s heart fall off when they suddenly drives away a 160 km/minute going right and left all over the street like they have been captivated for 100 years and coincidently unleashed.

Women like a man with a “Confident” attitude towards life. YES, those who are (or at least seem) so sure of what they are doing & saying. And those who (or at least seem) don’t need to prove it to anyone.

A Stylish Woman = A Stylish Man

There is absolutely no doubt that a woman who cares about her own looks is, by default, oversees a man who doesn’t care about his. Yet, a “good-looking, neatly dressed man” does not mean we want to be walking beside a Paris runway model with a hat, blazer, no undershirt, bowtie, shorts, and yellow shoes. Oh, and let’s not forget the pink car parked outside!

The basic “code” that has always been and always will be in women’s “How to Choose a Man” book; is the WSP code (WATCH, SHOES, and PERFUME). Let me explain, if a woman meets a man for few minutes, an hour, or a whole day; the three things that would leave a long lasting impression in a man’s whole look are his watch, shoes, and perfume. Why? I have no idea! It is just the way we are made.

Women are on earth to hunt “brave” knights with shining armors

Inviting a lady out; good! Making her feel special; great! Poking everyone around trying to deliver the message that “I am the man and I can protect you”; stop! Picking up a fight everywhere you take a woman is so not impressive. And guess what? We can actually tell the difference between genuine and fake bravery.

A man doesn’t need to pretend he is a Medieval Knight who will dismember the air around a woman to make her feel safe. Women are seeking genuine bravery; being alert in emergency situations is attractive beyond description. It simply shows that he will be capable of protecting her from danger (when it does actually happen by the hands of fate!)

We do love to be reminded of being loved. Guilty as charged! But men took this fact so far believing that to make a woman happy is to make her know you love her; flowers, gifts, love songs, “I love you”, a flower, a gift, “I love you”, “I love you”, “I love you”...

Women appreciate men who give them attention, notice something that others wouldn’t, pay them a “non-cliché” compliment. Women hate a man who thinks an “I love you” (or even one million of them) is enough. At first we might like it, but when we discover that is all what a man has, it makes us feel like we are abducted by aliens, sedated, and every time we try to regain consciousness, the aliens spill some more “I love you” potion and make us go to sleep again!


WANTED: A 24/7 “Romantic” who serenades and preferably, comes with an “I love you” repetition button

If you want to impress her, show her you are smart and exceptionally intelligent in a specific area, argue with her on a controversial subject where she is “with” and you are “against”; try to convince her, be open to her ideas and opinions; LISTEN. You want to impress her, be a gentleman, and treat her like a lady, open doors and seats for her. You want to impress her, be a man with the true meanings this three letters word holds within.

April, 2014



‫السعادة‬ HAPPINESS

Before I start writing about how to be happy, please try to answer these two questions:

:‫ أجب عن هذين السؤالين‬، ‫قبل أن أبدأ بحديثي عن السعادة‬ ً ‫هل فع‬ ‫ال أنت شخص ترغب بوجود السعادة في حياتك؟‬ ‫هل إذا أعطاك أحد السعادة ستوافق عليها؟‬

Do you really what to be happy? If someone gave you the happiness would you accept it? If you answer was Yes for the two questions, then you can continue reading the article, if not then please forget it and continue browsing the magazine. Many people think that being happy is only if one is a millionaire or a successful person. Being happy is your decision, ask me when is the best time to be happy and I will say it is now. When you feel happy you will help other people in an indirect way to be happy.

‫ تجاهل هذه‬،‫ان كان جوابك بنعم وباصرار ممتاز أكمل المقالة وان كان ال‬ .‫المقالة وقم أوالً بتغيير قناعاتك ومعتقداتك عن السعادة‬ ‫تورث للسعداء فقط أو ألصحاب‬ ّ ‫يظن الكثير من األشخاص بأن السعادة‬ .‫ وهذا ظن خاطئ ومعتقد يظلم االنسان‬،‫النجاحات أو لألثرياء فقط‬ ‫السعادة قرار تقرره أنت اليوم لتشعر بالمشاعر التي تحبها لتعيش‬ ‫ السعادة جزء مهم في حياتك كن قدوة لآلخرين‬،‫حياتك كما تحب أنت‬ ‫لها وكن انعكاس السعادة لمن هم حولك فتعود عليك السعادة‬ .‫أضعافًا مضاعفة‬

If you do have any negative thoughts or believes in happiness try this simple and effective practice:

‫حولها الى ايجابية من خالل‬ ّ ‫ان كنت تحمل افكار سلبية تجاه السلبية‬ .. ‫تمرين بسيط‬

Take a paper and divide it into half, then on the right side write your negative thoughts about happiness, for example: (happiness is for rich people only). While on the left side write the positive thoughts about it such as (I am happy) or (I deserve to be happy). After that remove the negative thought and throw it away and start reading the new positive thoughts about happiness. Read it when you wake up, before you sleep, and during the day. You should do this for at least 21 days.

،‫اختر ورقه واقسمها بالمنتصف سجل على اليمين الفكرة السلبية‬ ‫ ( السعادة لألثرياء فقط) واليسار بالمقابل الفكرة االيجابية ( أنا‬:‫مثال‬ ‫ بعد ما تفرغ ذلك تخلص من الجزء السلبي واحتفظ‬،)‫سعيد مع نفسي‬ ‫ ليكن معك طوال الوقت ردد التوكيدات والمعتقدات‬،‫بالجزء االيجابي‬ ‫االيجابية عند االستيقاظ من النوم وقبل النوم وأثناء اليوم بمدة ال تقل‬ .‫ يوم وستندهش من التغيير الجميل والسعيد‬٢١ ‫عن‬

Happiness is a lovely amazing journey get ready for it.

‫ انت تملك القرار وانت تملك‬، ‫السعادة قرار ولتكن لك في الدنيا واآلخرة‬ ‫الحق والمسؤولية الكاملة‬ Nour AlZaabi

Nour holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Marketing and is a Member at The Kuwait Economic Society and British Council Entrepreneur Network in Kuwait. April, 2014



Celebrate YOU!


n his mini book, “The Secrets of Happiness”, Ben Renshaw says that ‘On average, by the age eighteen we will have been praised and encouraged 30,000 times – and most of this - by the time we are three. By contrast we will have been criticized and discouraged over 250,000 times.’ Its no wonder then that we are so focused on what goes wrong rather than what goes right!

Growing up, our parents and teachers mostly focus on our lowest scores, our mistakes and our failures. They do that believing that they are helping us improve! We then move on to our work and usually reviews from our bosses focus on where we are not good enough, what we have not finished and where we need to do better. Society measures our worth and success based on our accomplishment, what we have achieved and what we have finished. Society views mistakes as failures to be avoided. On the other hand, big successes are celebrated, but smaller, more personal ones will often get brushed aside as we move on to the next big thing.

it is because you took a risk and risks are essentially what move us forward in life. Also, rejecting a mistake means we are rejecting a part of our self; instead think of how this mistake helped you evolve and grow. Today, take a few minutes and think of your least celebrated success, and celebrate them! Don't wait for someone to recognize you but recognize yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and applaud YOU for a job well done. Honor yourself, mistakes, failures and all; remember that by doing so you are reframing success and failure and also building your self esteem! “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face” – Eleanor Roosevelt

As a coach, I see this trend with most of my clients, and my job is to help them undo it and stop the pattern. Part of how this process works is by helping my clients redefine and reconsider what is worth celebrating. We have been celebrating the traditional success for very long, these include the usual things from landing a job, a pay raise, to marriage, babies and running marathons. But what about the smaller achievements? The baby steps we take along the way to get to our bigger ones? When was the last time you celebrated ANYTHING you are proud of! This is what I would like you to do today, celebrate your baby steps! If it FEELS like an achievement to you, then by all means include it! And while you are at it, include overcoming challenges in your life, these count too and should also be celebrated. From experience, most people ignore three particular successes, which they should instead recognize and celebrate. These three are: 1. Baby steps taken towards reaching a BIG goal: We are so often focused on the big goal, on that end point that we fail to recognize the small steps we have taken that help us get there; we fail to recognize the small achievements that have paved the way to the big bang! How can you change this trend? You can ask yourself: “what smaller steps have I taken to move me closer to my goal?” 2. Success of personal value, not necessary valued by others. These are the small things that may be only you would celebrate, some successes that others might not care about. May be you have recently closed a debt, started working out, made it to an appointment on time; anything that makes YOU proud and happy. 3. Our failures and mistakes. Overcoming a mistake or a failure MUST and should be recognized and celebrated. If you have failed,

Zahra Taqi

Zahra is a Certified Professional Coach and the President of Milestones Coaching. She would love to hear back from you. So please feel free to drop her a line on her email: or find her on FB: http://www. or twitter: @MilestonesCoach


April, 2014


Dr.Latifa Al-Duwaisan Salmiya Clinic



Q1: What is P.C.O? A very common disease, it is hormonal imbalance in which mainly the male hormones are elevated and cause a lot of health problems. Q2: What do polycystic ovaries mean ? As the name suggests, ovaries contain multi cycle small cysts located along the center and edge of each ovary like it is shown in the picture. Q3: Why it happens and what are the causes of this problem? Exact cause of polycystic ovaries is unknown. There is strong evidence that it is a genetic disease and family role is there. Also obesity is a risk factor. Q 4: What are the signs and symptoms? - Menstrual periods are irregular (mainly delayed periods). - Excessive hair growth over the face and body. - Falling of scalp hair more in the frontal area. - Increase pimples (Acne) over face, chest, back and shoulders. - Gradual increase in body weight. - Difficulty in getting pregnant after marriage. Q5: I have polycystic ovaries. Does this mean that I will not have children if I get married? No my dear, polycystic ovaries doesn't mean infertility. There may be a delay in getting pregnant but treatment will be given to stimulate the ovulation and good results can be achieved if there is no other problem delaying the pregnancy other than P.C.O. Q6: I have P.C.O. and my doctor gave me contraceptive pills but I am still single. Will this affect my fertility? Contraceptive pills are a good choice of treatment for polycystic ovaries especially specific kinds which reduce the male hormones. Giving contraceptive pills to unmarried girls will not cause any harm and it will not affect fertility but of course it should be used under medical supervision and provided there are no contra indications. Q7: Why do people with P.C.O have difficulties losing weight?

There is a strong relation between the P.C.O and weight because of a condition called insulin resistance in which the body becomes resistant to the work of insulin (The hormone that regulates the burning of food especially the carbohydrates and glucose). Q8: Does this mean that P.C.O patient may develop Diabetes? Diabetes type II is one of the long term health problems in polycystic ovaries, this means P.C.O patient may developed Diabetes if she did not follow healthy life style and didn't reduce her weight. She may develop Gestational Diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy). Also P.C.O patient has an increased risk of developing Diabetes after the age of 45 years than non P.C.O. patient.

as this has a strong effect on the prognosis of this problem. If the patient is single, usually we will give birth control (contraceptive pills) for 6 months. If patient is married and she wants to get pregnant, we will give medications to induce the ovulation (induction of ovulation). Q13: This means that P.C.O. can be treated with medication, I mean no need for surgery? Usually yes, most of the patients can be treated medically and there is no need for surgery. However, in some cases like patients with severe polycystic ovaries, if they are not responding to medical treatment and especially if the patient is not getting pregnant, then laparoscopy will be done (a small incision in the abdomen is made and cyst is cauterized). We must tell the patient that she may develop the cyst again. Here I have to add one more thing, the big size ovarian cyst also needs surgery either to aspirate the cyst (remove the fluid) or to remove the cyst as a whole, this condition is completely different from the P.C.O.

Q9: So what food should be avoided in case of polycystic ovaries? P.C.O patients should reduce food containing unhealthy carbohydrates like sugar, white bread, white rice, they should also reduce food high in saturated fat like fatty meats, deep fried take away meals, and commercially baked products as well. Q14: Do you think Laser hair removal will be helpful in P.C.O? Laser hair removal is very effective in solving Q10: What is the best diet for P.C.O? the problem of excessive hair over face and In general, a healthy diet for P.C.O should body, but it should be done in a good medical contain a wide variety of nutritious foods. This centre. Before starting the laser hair removal, will give the body its nutrients and help you patient should be investigated to know the also not to be under stress and to enjoy the hormonal problems because there will be normal social life, but you should increase the a better response if the patient is taking vegetables and fish, sometimes eggs, lean treatment for P.C.O. and doing the laser rather meat and fruits. than doing laser alone. It should be noted that Laser hair removal will Q11: How can I be sure that I have P.C.O not solve other problems of P.C.O. I mean, how my doctor will diagnose my case? P.C.O patients will complain one or more of Is a common hormonal the above mentioned signs and symptoms P.C.O. disorder among women then the doctor will take blood samples to of reproductive age measure the level of the hormones which are associated with irregular related to the problems, usually we find that cycles. the male hormones are elevated after that the ultrasound is done this will show small Diagnosis Irregular menstrual multiple cysts in the ovaries. periods, acne, excessive hair over body and obesity. Q12: How this condition is treated? Clinically, by hormonal Treatment of this condition depends on tests and ultrasound. woman's stage of life (I mean the age and if she is single or married). Treatment By healthy life style, Also, before giving any medications we have hormonal therapy and to advise the patient to change her life style food supplements. especially start a healthy diet and exercise, April, 2014


False Beliefs in the Era of Cosmetology


espite great advances in Cosmetology in the last 10 years, a lot of women have misunderstandings regarding some cosmetic procedures. This is because of lack of medical knowledge. Therefore, the aim of this article is to clarify some of the misconceptions. Some women prefer washing their faces with water and avoid using facial washes. Facial wash is of great importance to clean the dirt and sebum. However, the choice of the wash will depend on the skin type, whether oily or dry skin. Acne prone individuals should use facial washes containing salicylic acid or glycolic acids to cause peeling effect. While for the patients with sensitive skin like those with Rosacea, it is preferred to use gentle cleanser like cataphyll. Sunscreens are very important especially in sunny countries. Some people prefer using sun block with higher SPF. For best protection, experts recommended using a minimum SPF of 15, applying the proper amount, and reapplying every 2 hours. Most of the studies proved that sun blocks with SPF more than 20 give almost the same effect. Moreover, there is a mistake that some ladies make; applying moisturizer before sun block usage. This will decrease sun block absorption and subsequently its action. It has been noticed that majority apply sunscreens on the face only and ignore other

Dr. Alaa Eltabbakh Dermatology and Venereology Clinic Specialized Boushahri Polyclinic Hotline: 66129444 Tel : 1888877 Ex:290 – 191


exposed area like hands and dĂŠcolletĂŠ area skin whitening. The market is flooded with resulting in premature aging of these areas. pills and injections containing glutathione and vitamin C. Despite the fact that these Over the last two decades, the use of materials theoretically may suppress melanin Botulinum Toxin in aesthetic enhancements synthesis, it has been found that these has dramatically increased. There is a belief products has no clinical effect regarding that frequent Botox injection will lead to changing skin color. Moreover, considerable increase in facial wrinkles. On the contrary, number of women in our countries use herbal it has been confirmed that frequent Botox mixture mixed with a potent corticosteroid to injection leads to prevention of progression of do whitening effect. The frequent application dynamic wrinkles in the upper half of the face of topical steroids cause serious side effect to static wrinkles. like skin atrophy, hair growth and Rosacea. Injectable fillers have become an important component of minimally invasive facial rejuvenation modalities. The softening of facial lines and augmentation of tissue volume using fillers allow physicians and patients an opportunity to recreate a natural appearance of youthfulness. Some patients believe that these procedures may lead to more skin laxity and wrinkles when its effects finish. It has been confirmed that the use of permanent fillers may cause some serious complications. Therefore, physicians should counsel patients about the risk and benefits of injectable substances.

Peeling of the face has been performed for many years. Ancient Egyptians used particles of Alabaster, mixed with milk and honey to abrade the facial skin to create tightening. Some patients consider skin peeling a harmful procedure and it cause thinning of the skin and subsequently its weakness. Cutaneous peeling done by different tools like chemical peeling, laser, dermabradion, stimulates collagen synthesis with clinically evident skin tightening, facial pigmentation clearance and wrinkles improvement.

Lots of patients ask about stem cell injection but actually this a wrong information as the There is an obsessive demand by patients in stem cells are only present in umbilical cord the Arab countries of the products that cause blood during delivery and also in fat cells and the use of stem cells in dermatology is still under investigations, but we actually inject platelet rich plasma (PRP) which boosts collagen production in skin and this gives radiance, firmness and is considered an antiaging procedure. Finally, anti-aging and wrinkle cream products have flooded the market over the past few years, often making false promises regarding potential facial rejuvenation outcomes. Most of these products are not approved by the U.S. food and drug administration nor are they supported with clinical prospective trials.

Baghdad Street – Building 38 same as Boushahri Seema Pharmacy, Opposite Suleiman Al-Luhaib Mosque - Tel : 1888877


April, 2014


Are You Slow?

May Be Your Thyroid Is Low!

Thyroid disease is among the most undiagnosed and misdiagnosed problems worldwide. It is lurking in the midst of millions of people, mostly among women over age 50 and a large cause for many feeling horrible. The thyroid gland may be small — but its job is very big. The butterfly-shaped gland, located in the lower part of your neck just below the Adam’s apple, not only regulates your metabolism — it's essential to maintaining a healthy body. The purpose of your thyroid gland is to make, store, and release thyroid hormones into your blood. These hormones affect almost every cell in your body, and help control your body’s functions. If you have too little thyroid hormone in your blood, your body slows down. This condition is called hypothyroidism or low thyroid. If you have too much thyroid hormone in your blood, your body speeds up. This condition is called hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism or low thyroid is much more common and presents with a wide range of signs and symptoms. Here are some more typical key signs and symptoms:


Fatigue, Debilitating Low Energy An inability to get started in the morning or getting out of bed can be one of the first signs. This is normally accompanied by lack of motivation and zest for life. The fatigue normally is not relieved and stays this way throughout the day. The thyroid is the main endocrine organ that regulates the metabolism through thyroid hormone. If it’s low, you are slow!


pains, but diffuse muscle and joint pain to a larger extreme could be Assuming a relatively normal diet and water intake, chronic due to low thyroid function. Thyroid hormone increases the ability of constipation and bowel disturbances could be a key sign that your muscle and joint tissue to remain loose and active. thyroid is under active. Since the thyroid increases the metabolism of the body, it also increases the ability of the gastrointestinal tract to function properly. When the thyroid is low, everything is slowing down. Poor Memory and Inability to Focus Thyroid hormone is responsible for maintaining proper brain function on a multitude of levels. When low, basic thinking is “foggy”, as if a veil Body-wide Muscle and Joint Pain As we get a little older, it is common to have a few more aches and of confusion is draped over you. Forgetting where you put your keys or not being able to get that word from your brain to your mouth could be an indicator.

Unexplained Depression Unfortunately, there are many people with depression; that if properly diagnosed could be helped by the proper use of thyroid hormone medication. The diagnosis of low thyroid remains elusive for so many with chronic depression. Know that there is always hope.

WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? Talk to your doctor and get diagnosed! Diagnosis of hypothyroidism is based on your symptoms and the results of blood tests that measure the level of TSH and sometimes the level of the thyroid hormone, thyroxin. In the past, doctors were not able to detect hypothyroidism until symptoms were fairly advanced. But by using the sensitive TSH test, doctors are able to diagnose thyroid disorders much earlier-often before you experience symptoms. Because the TSH test is the best screening test, your doctor will likely check TSH first and follow with a thyroid hormone test if needed. TSH tests also play an important role in managing hypothyroidism. They help your doctor determine the right dosage of medication, both initially and over time. In addition, TSH tests are used to help diagnose a condition called subclinical hypothyroidism, which usually causes no outward signs or symptoms. Dr. Nazia Nausheen

Dr. Nazia Nausheen is a Certified Medical Doctor. She also holds a Masters Degree in Business, Specializing in Sales and Marketing. Disseminates valuable information in her extensive medical seminars and workshops. Readers should look forward to her regular articles on women health and other general health related issues.

April, 2014


Dr. Fawzy Issa

Providing comprehensive orthopaedic care In the rough and rugged world of Orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Fawzy Issa stands out. He is dedicated to providing his patients with exceptional medical care as well as expertise in all facets of Orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Fawzy specializes in the management of conservative as well as operative sports injuries, using state-ofthe-art arthroscopic surgical techniques of the knee and shoulder. His expertise keeps him optimistic about athletes getting back on track with their training and sports activities. Here he tells CityPages the ins and outs of the Orthopaedic world. Kindly introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your education: My name is Dr. Fawzy Issa. I am a British/ Egyptian Orthopaedic surgeon. I graduated from medical school at Alexandria University in 1978. I completed my training in Orthopaedic surgery in Britain and practiced there for over 20 years. I was appointed as a consultant in Britain in 1992 after finishing one of the best programs of training in the world. I am also a Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons since 1986/1987. Why did you choose Orthopaedic as a specialization? I chose Orthopaedic surgery because of the following: 1.Innovation: This is one of the most innovative branches of Medicine and the progress in Orthopaedics in the last 30 years has been phenomenal. 2. It is full of biomechanics and 3D creativity 3. I liked hammering things since I was a kid (only kidding) 4.Orthopaedics is like Architecture and Sculpture and as one great architect says about great designs and work of arts: intelligence made visible, so good orthopaedic work can be visible with good x-ray and happy patient. What are some of the most common problems patients come to you with? Most of my practice is in: 1.Joint Replacement mainly Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement and Shoulder Replacement. I have done over 30

3,000 joint replacements. We do joint replacement which enables people to pray (Muslims) and allows greater range of movement (which is also beneficial to nonMuslims). 2.Revision Surgery: -I am one of the most experienced orthopaedic surgeons in Revision Arthroplasty for the knee and hip. -I designed my own hip revision system with excellent success rate (over 90%) which was one of the best results and nominated for a prize by British Orthopaedic Association in 2004. 3.Sports Medicine: -I do sport injuries repairing surgery to knee, shoulder, ankle and hip regions plus other joints and muscle injuries. -ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Reconstruction Surgery; one of the most common surgeries. We do it by using Quadriceps Tendon Graft which is the strongest graft and we used this technique for Judo Champion of Kuwait (Hussain El Mistry) and he was back to his game participating in an international tournament representing Kuwait successfully. -Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery especially impingement, rotator cuff tears, SLAP and Bankart repair. We have operated on some of the best international level sportsman in Kuwait e.g. Mohammed Al Bloshi; Champion of Javelin Throwers of Kuwait and managed to get him back to sports after successful Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery. -Ankle Arthroscopy including, posterior ankle arthroscopy e.g. Os Trigonium we

do it successfully and patient is back to full sporting activities within 2-3 months. What surgical and non-surgical options are available for patients? All depends up on the condition of patient e.g. ankle ligament injuries treated (95%) with conservative treatment. But, ACL injuries (anterior cruciate ligament) in most cases need arthroscopic surgery after brief physiotherapy course. What are the factors that are considered before deciding that surgical intervention is the only option? In some cases like ACL injury in sportsman or active young man, surgery i.e. ACL Arthroscopic Reconstruction is probably the best option as not doing the surgery will end in arthritis of the joint. However, other ligament injury and shoulder problems, failure of conservative treatment (physiotherapy, rest, and exercise) are indications for surgery. What misconceptions do people have about surgery? There are many misconceptions about surgery e.g. patients for total joint replacement think that it is the end and they will not walk again properly after surgery, which is not true as success rate is over 97% and in 75% of the cases they can pray as well (using special knee replacement and intensive physiotherapy). Another advantage of doing this surgery here in Kuwait is that we do it as good as in Europe or anywhere else in the world Before, patients had to go to UK or Germany

What are the routine clinical tests in for this surgery but now we have the expertise to do it right here in Kuwait with an added orthopaedic fields? Are MRI scans useful benefit of good long term follow up besides option? staying near your home. Routine tests are: 1. Clinical examination including listening to Can you share with us some of your patient himself. most unforgettable moments of your 2. Simple x-ray is important and rarely professional life? ultrasound. The most unforgettable moments in my 3. MRI is very important as the final professional career are: investigation especially if surgery is indicated. a.Passing my final FRCS examination in 1986. b. Successful first implantation of my design of Hip revision 1993. c. My happy and satisfied patients.

What advice do you have for students applying for Orthopaedics? Be honest, work hard, focus, and innovate. Your message for us at CityPages magazine: Thanks for the opportunity to explain some facts about Orthopaedic surgery.

What is the duration of a typical orthopaedic surgery and which is the longest surgery that you have performed? A typical surgery like Arthroscopy takes 1 hour or less without the ceremonies of anesthesia while more complex surgery can take up to 2 hours. Revision Replacement and Tumor Surgery takes from 2 hours to 6 hours depending upon the case. What are some of the latest techniques in Orthopaedic field? We already use the most up-to-date techniques as it happen globally which is usually evolutionary rather than revolutionary. In arthroscopic surgery, the innovative techniques usually make surgery simpler and quicker but for Joint replacement, we should not rush to the latest as some of them prove to be a failure after 5 year or so. The revolutionary techniques are not used in surgery but in non surgical treatment e.g. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections (10 years now) and we do it regularly at Taiba hospital. Stem cell injection is the newest and we will be the first one in Gulf region to have it, hopefully in April 2014. What are some of your hobbies? Hi-Fi and music. I was the publisher of Hi-Fi magazine (Hi-Fi plus) for first 3years as I am the one who started it. I also modify amplifiers, speakers (frustrated engineer). I am also a music collector, I have collected more than 12,000 records. Besides, I am also into sports. Tell us about some of your achievements: Providing my patients the best medical care or at least as good as anywhere in the world including surgery is my no.1 achievement. I have also designed Hip Revision System which has been nominated for a prize by BOA (British Orthopaedic Association) in 2004. What are your goals/plans for the future? The goal for now and in the future is the highest quality management of my orthopaedic patients and meeting their needs.

April, 2014


Be a Savvy Birth Consumer Part Two Do you want to get the most out of your birth experience? Be savvy. Understand the language used during birth and make informed decisions. While birth is a normal process and research shows that many of the routines at hospitals today are not necessarily beneficial and may even be harmful , the fact remains that birth today has become intervention-intensive and the majority of moms in Kuwait will likely experience one or more intervention during their birth. Most of the statistics for these interventions are not publicly available in Kuwait, so I will use the most recent statistics for women in America. The most recent Listening to Mothers Survey showed that the majority of women surveyed experienced one or more of the following interventions during labor: • Continuous electronic fetal monitoring (EFM)(93 percent) • Restrictions on eating (87 percent) • IV fluids (86 percent) • Restrictions on drinking (66 percent) • Episiotomy (35 percent) • Epidural anesthesia (63 percent) • Artificially ruptured membranes (55 percent) • Artificial oxytocin augmentation (53 percent) • Cesarean surgery (24 percent) What would those numbers look like in Kuwait? Perhaps some would be higher and some would be lower. The point is that you should be familiar with some technical medical terminology before you give birth. This is the second of two articles designed to empower moms to make informed decisions during birth. The previous article discussed Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM), Restrictions on Eating and IV Fluids, and Episiotomies. In this article we will discuss Artificial Induction or Augmentation (Syntocin), Epidurals, and Cesarean Surgery.

Artificial Induction or Augmentation (Syntocin): Oxytocin is the central hormone that orchestrates a normal birth. It is nicknamed the hormone of “love” and is essential to bonding, creating feelings of euphoria, and produces uterine contractions. More than 50% of moms give birth using synthetic oxytocin (Syntocin or Pitocin), either to induce the beginning of the labor or to augment their labor once it has already begun. While synthetic oxytocin and natural oxytocin are chemically identical, their effect on the body has significant differences. For example, natural oxytocin that is produced in the brain circulates in the cerebral-spinal fluid, whereas synthetic oxytocin is pumped into the veins and never crosses the blood-brain barrier. In addition, the body only produces enough oxytocin to meet its needs, where as synthetic oxytocin is pumped by steadily increasing amounts over a short period of time to much higher levels than what the body would naturally produce. Furthermore, while naturally produced oxytocin is responsible for creating the mothers powerful and rhythmic contractions that eventually birth her baby, it also has a softer side: oxytocin floods a mother's body, reaching its highest peaks during the most intense part of labor, and helping the mother move into an alternative state of mind ((elation) in order to cope with labor and filling her body with love and affection for her baby and partner. A whole series of feedback hormones are also triggered with the natural production of oxytocin, including endorphins (euphoria) and prolactin (for milk production) to prepare her for the final moments of birth and her initial encounters with her baby. This feedback process does not accompany artificial oxytocin. 32

Synthetic oxytocin, on the other hand, produces more intense contractions over a shorter period of time, without the softening effects of natural oxytocin or the benefits of endorphins. This does more than just change the quality of the contractions- making them more intense and painful for the poor mother. It also increases the mother and baby’s risks for harm, necessitating continuous fetal monitoring. These risks include postpartum hemorrhage through what is called uterine atony: essentially, synthetic oxytocin has a diminishing return of effectiveness by the end of labor, leaving the uterus soft and weak, unable to contract to stop postpartum bleeding; and fetal distress: the sudden-hard and fast-squeezing contractions produced by synthetic oxytocin induced contractions diminishes the baby’s placental oxygen supply more often and for longer periods of time than natural contractions creating disturbing fetal heart rate patterns and necessitating continuous fetal monitoring, vaccum/ forceps assisted deliver, and cesarean surgery. The best way to avoid the use of synthetic oxytocin in your labor is to wait for your labor to begin on it’s own and to use movement throughout your labor to keep your labor progressing, and use a doula or other support person throughout your labor.

Epidurals: I’m just going to skip other pain medication options and speak directly to the most commonly used pain medication: Epidurals. Epidurals are popular because they allow women to be awake and aware yet free from pain during labor and birth. They permit an exhausted woman to rest or sleep. And while their usual effect is to slow labor, the profound relaxation they offer can sometimes put a stalled labor back on track. They can be very effective.

cesareans should only be performed for medically indicated reasons. These include placenta previa, malformed or injured pelvis, severe pre-eclampsia, active genital herpes, advanced HIV, transverse (side-lying) baby, twins if the first baby is breech and triplets, certain birth defects, medical problems with the baby or mother (emergency or chronic), placental abruption, prolapsed cord, or uterine rupture. The following are NOT necessarily a medically indicated reason for a cesarean: prior cesarean, breech presentation, failure to progress, CPD (Cephalo-pelvic disproportion, or your baby's head is too big), twins if the first baby is presenting head down, large baby, fear, convenience, or wanting to give birth on a particular day.

Risks to the mother include: • 4xs higher risk of death than vaginal birth •20%-40% mothers after cesareans have post-operative complications - uterine, wound or urinary tract infections are the most common. • increased risk of serious infections such as pelvic abcess, septic shock and pelvic thromboembolism. • up to 1 in 10 have a surgical laceration in their uterus. • 6xs increase in postpartum depressions three months after surgery. • reduced fertility • increased risk of ectopic (outside of uterus) pregnancy • increased risk of unexplained still birth • increased risk of rupture of the uterus before or during labor, 2-4xs higher when subsequent labors are induced or augmented with pitocin. • risk of placental problems (placenta praevia or low-lying placenta; placental abruption where placenta separates early; placenta accreta, where placenta won't separate) increased by 2-4xs. • 7-15xs increased risk of emergency hysterectomy after birth for the above reasons • increased risk of bleeding after birth, severe anaemia, blood transfusion, repeat cesarean, and infection, for all the reasons mentioned.

But like all medical interventions, epidurals also have potential harms, including an increased risk of • a vacuum or forceps delivery • a drop in blood pressure, which may pose a risk to the baby • nausea and itching attributed to the narcotics in epidurals • difficulty with breastfeeding, linked to fentanyl, a common narcotic component in most epidurals • developing a life-threatening complication Risks to the baby include (for non-emergency cesareans): • breathing problems or difficulty swallowing • 5xs increased risk of needing intensive care treatment after birth • a baby who experiences a prolonged episode of abnormally slow • increased risk of prematurity; even with ultrasound scans, around fetal heart rate 10% of babies are born more than two weeks early • increased risk of breathing difficulties after birth: minor problems Still, labor is unpredictable, and you want to keep all your options around 6% compared to 3% vaginal delivery, even when born at term. available. Just be sure that you make your decision freely, not because you feel pressure or lack an alternative. Here are some ways to do that • with caesareans, 1.6% of babies require a machine for severe breathing difficulties compared to .3% of vaginal births. as well as minimize potential harms: Choose a care provider with a cesarean surgery rate of 15% or less. • Persistent pulmonary hypertension. of which 40%-60% of affected Studies show that in the hands of care providers with low rates, babies die, can affect up to 4 per 1,000 cesarean babies, compared epidurals do not increase cesarean odds. Choose a mother-friendly to .8 per 1,000 vaginal babies. birth environment. In most hospitals, confinement to bed, continuous • 1-2% risk of laceration (surgical cut) during the operation fetal monitoring, and restricting labor support companions such as • all future pregnancies have an increased risk of prematurity, low birth doulas, along with lack of amenities such as showers, deep tubs, and weight, poor condition at birth, and death, for the reasons mentioned birth balls make it difficult to cope with labor without an epidural. above. Where epidurals are the norm, nurses may not know how to support a laboring woman without one, and staff may actively promote their use. To decrease your risk of having an unnecessary cesarean surgery, And finally, delay an epidural until active, progressive labor (6-7 cm find a care provider with a low cesarean rate, let your labor begin on dilation) to reduce your risk of complications arising from epidurals. it’s own, move around and stay active during labor, work with a doula or other labor support, avoid unnecessary medical interventions, and push your baby out in an upright position.

Cesarean Surgery:

When the cesarean rate is between 10-15%, maternal mortality goes down and lives are saved. However, when a cesarean rate goes above 15%, there are no overall improvements for maternal or infant health outcomes. The risks of harm increase for both mother and baby, future pregnancies can be endangered, and health care resources are squandered on interventions that do not provide a positive net gain in health outcomes. The World Health Organization states that

Sarah Paksima

Sarah Paksima is a Board Member of BirthKuwait and a Doula, Childbirth Educator.

BirthKuwait is a non-profit organization operating as part of The Voluntary Health Association.For more information, visit their website: or Instagram: @birthkuwait

April, 2014


Protecting Your Vision At Work


nfortunately, eye safety at the workplace is too often overlooked and eye injuries are increasingly common. Many eye injuries experienced at work are due to wearing either the wrong kind of eye protection or no protection at all. Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries to the eye can result in partial to complete vision loss. Simply following the necessary precautions, most workplace-related eye injuries can be avoided.

eyewear and emergency eyewash stations. Our eyesight is precious. Regardless of whether you need prescription or non-prescription safety eyewear, the investment you make to protect your eyes and vision will pay dividends as you reduce your risk of sight-threatening injury.

Potential eye hazards can be found in nearly every industry, with the majority of injuries occurring in industrial engineering, manufacturing and construction jobs. Projectiles from dust, concrete, metal and other particles, chemical splashes and fumes, and radiation are potential eye hazards against which protection is needed. In fact, even health care workers, laboratory and janitorial staff are at risk of acquiring infectious diseases via ocular exposure at hospitals or laboratories. Some infectious diseases can be transmitted through the mucous membranes of the eyes as a result of direct exposure to blood splashes, respiratory droplets generated while coughing, or from touching the eyes with contaminated fingers. Proper eye and face protection should be used whenever there is a reasonable probability of injury to the eyes. The right kind of eye protection depends on the type of hazard, the circumstances of exposure, other protective equipment used and the person’s individual visual needs. Safety glasses are ideal for general working conditions where there may be dust and other flying particles. These are available with side protection as prescription and non-prescription glasses. Although these look like regular eyeglasses, the frame and lenses conform to a higher standard of impact resistance and offer significantly more eye protection. Goggles form a protective seal around the eyes and can easily be worn over regular prescription glasses. They provide protection against impact, dust, chemical splashes and ocular exposure to blood borne pathogens. For protection of a worker’s face, full face shields and helmets can be used along with safety glasses and goggles. Face shields and helmets need to be used in conjunction with safety glasses or goggles and not as the sole means of protection. Other types of safety eyewear, such as goggles with special filters, protect the eyes against optical radiation exposure. In an emergency seek medical attention immediately, especially if you have pain in the eye, blurred vision or vision loss. If chemicals or particles enter the eye, do not rub the eye or try to neutralize the chemical with other substances. Flush out the eye with clean running water until medical assistance is obtained. Do not remove any objects from the eye as this could worsen the injury. Also, do not rinse the eye when dealing with cuts and punctures. Instead, bandage any cuts around the eye to prevent contamination or infection. Gently apply a cold compress without putting any pressure on the eye to treat a blunt trauma injury such as a blow to the eye. To protect your eyes from injury, know the eye safety dangers at your workplace, eliminate hazards before starting work, use proper eye protection and keep your safety eyewear in good condition. In addition, employers should assess the eye safety hazards and take the necessary measures to ensure employees are adequately protected through compliance with regulations for protective 34

Erika Habig

Erika Habig is an optometrist and contact lens specialist at International Optique. She studied at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, Germany and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Optometry and Dispensing Optics. For more information contact International Optique. Tel: 25714007 – 97234787, –, Instagram: @intoptique

Sarina Jain is a certified fitness instructor and creator of Masala Bhangra workout; an Indiandance based fitness routine that combines high energy





Bollywood dance steps. She has been featured on ABC's ‘The View’, NBC's ‘Today Show’ and The Dr. Oz Show. Masala Bhangra is named one of the top five workouts in the United States and is practiced in over 20 countries globally, including Japan, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. CityPages had the wonderful opportunity to sit down and talk to Sarina about this Bhangra-style fitness routine, how it is different from other types of workouts and what difficulties she had to face during the early days. 36

The pioneer of bringing Indian dance to the fitness industry

April, 2014


Please tell us about yourself: I was born and raised in the US to two Indian parents that migrated to the states in the 70’s. Both mom and dad wanted to make sure that we kids would grow up with the best of what the west has to offer without forgetting the east. Dad made sure to send us to India every summer to spend time with our families, our grandparents and learn to appreciate what the Indian culture is all about. My father was our rock. He was this man that was our friend, yet protector. Dad would always tell us to be proud to be who you are and to respect the culture you come from and to stand on our own feet. Dad was a very proud Indian man living in the US. One day, my mom called to say, “he is not breathing anymore.” My father passed away to a massive cardiac arrest at the age of 47. So, to honor him and his existence and everything he told us to be proud of, I created Masala Bhangra. I wanted to tell him that not only am I proud to be an Indian woman living in the US but now I teach aspects of our culture through fitness.

Tell us about your education: I graduated from California State University Fullerton (CSUF) with a Communications degree.

She has made each year better and better and I can’t wait till next year. The friends that I have made in Kuwait are priceless.

What kind of music you play for the workout and how do you select it? I usually use Bhangra music with elements of Bollywood – I produce music now for the Masala Bhangra market. What I love is that people are familiar with Bollywood and Bhangra music.

We know that you have also ventured into launching your own fashion line, tell us more about it: Yes, I have launched my own merchandise line. I went from one teeshirt design in 2002 to now a full line of items. I like to create fashion where it is useful not only in a class but also you can sport the same tee-shirt wearing jeans! My merchandise has meaning behind it. I am particularly excited about the inspirational bracelets.

What are some of your other interests besides fitness?

I love different cultures. I love learning new languages. I love meeting What exactly is Masala Bhangra and how is it unique and new people. I love to travel. I love to cook!

different from other types of workouts?

It is an Indian-dance based fitness program designed for people of all ages and fitness levels who love to stay physically active. Specifically, it introduces high energy Bhangra and Bollywood dance movements in an easy-to-follow format, and is a mechanism by which thousands of people have lost weight, become physically active and energized! You get to channel your masculine side with Bhangra and channel the feminine grace with Bollywood. Masala Bhangra is a fresh and exciting addition to the world of yoga, fitness and dance.

What are some of your favorite places in Kuwait? Some of my favorite places are when the girls invite me to their homes. There is no place like home and to get that home feeling is beautiful. I love the Avenues. And I love this new market that Rana took me to this time. We had tea and breakfast. I am not able to think of the name of the place. But we were there early at 9am before the market opened up and it was just bliss.

What kind of food do you like and what is your opinion In how many countries is Masala Bhangra practiced as of about Kuwaiti food? now? When and how did it come to Kuwait? I am a pure vegetarian! I love Taboule – the Taboule that Rana’s

We are in over 20 different countries. My first time to Kuwait was 4 home makes! I enjoy eating Kuwaiti food as long as it is vegetarian! years ago and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

What has been most rewarding about launching Masala Bhangra? What makes it all worthwhile?

How is the response from Kuwait and where are the What makes it worthwhile is knowing that I make a profound participants from?

difference to someone's life. And that I matter. And that Masala The response has been fantastic. I have been coming to Kuwait Bhangra has changed so many peoples’ lives. It has brought every year since then and next year will be my 5th anniversary! communities together! It is an honor to work hard and see people come together to just want to live a long life! It truly has been What kind of difficulties you had to face during the early worthwhile!!!


Like any other entrepreneur, I faced the “will this work”, “will people What are some of your future plans? like this”, “will my friends support” – I also faced the difficulty that Sky is the limit for me! I have few projects that I am working on for I am a woman promoting a male folk dance and I have been very 2015! successful at it. I found my calling 15 years ago however, there will always be haters!

Your message for us at CityPages magazine: How often do you come to Kuwait and tell us about your I will share with you – I honor my culture and I hope my father is proud. current visit and what difference do you feel from your Deepak Chopra was proud and gave me the biggest compliment last visit? –“you have a gift, you energize people.” I started my career out of my

I come to Kuwait every year. This year, it was special. I honestly felt garage and today it is in over 20 different countries. I feel honored to like I found a home in Kuwait and that is thanks to Rana AlOmani! be living and making a difference to many lives. 38

April, 2014


in the Fitness Community


ith knowledge, comes great power doesn’t it? Well I believe so. I have been watching a big change in the health and fitness industry here in Kuwait. Although there are a lot of new local gyms popping up, it is great to see that there is a hunger for education. Gone are the days when you used to walk into a gym, get a personal trainer and just go through the motions. Today, you are able to receive information to better transform your life and reach the goals that you have set out. Recently, I have attended a Calisthenics workshop held here in Kuwait and to be frank, it was such a great experience to be able to have access to this kind of activity here in Kuwait, as opposed to travelling half way across the world to do the same. Soon to follow I attended an Olympic Lifting Coach course in which we received an enormous amount of information regarding lifting, and red flags to watch out for while showing people how to lift. And in a few weeks a Kettle Bell workshop is being offered for anyone interested, all here in Kuwait! Attending these workshops allowed the health and fitness professionals to create a sense of community, no longer should they feel like they must compete with one another, but rather learn from each other on how to better themselves. Rarely you get the opportunity to be able to bounce ideas off of like-minded people but it is workshops and courses like the ones being offered that have allowed for that. I chose not to write about a specific issue in health and fitness this month, because I was moved by what I had seen in the last month from the health and fitness industry here in Kuwait. I am taking the opportunity to applaud all the organizers, lecturers and attendees on their continuous efforts to improve their skills and stay on top of their game. Hats off to you!

Maha AlRashed

Maha AlRashed is a CHEK Certified Exercise Coach and a regular contributor for CityPages magazine.


W an e C d ar Yo e A ur b C ou on t Y fid ou en r H ce e in alt Us h !

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A well-planne A

merican author, Alan Lakein’s words reverberate throughout my daily grind. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

People often ask me how is it possible to fit in a workout session and to eat well whilst maintaining one’s crazy schedule of work, socializing and other responsibilities in good ol' Ktown. Well, one word sums it up really and that’s planning. Successful people get a lot done throughout their day by planning and wisely managing their time. Regardless of your stature in life, if there is a goal in mind that you’d like to achieve, the fundamental steps to get the ball rolling towards it is to plan for it. And being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle is no exception to this rule. I have met and trained many individuals of various backgrounds; students, moms and busy businessmen to name a few, all whom by following a couple of guidelines, were able to lead a healthy lifestyle and still maintain their commitments to their work and social obligations. #winning Here are 3 tips to help you be more committed towards your training and healthy lifestyle:

1/ The early bird catches the worm Or workout for that matter. ;) Again people often ask me when is an appropriate time to trainmorning, afternoon or in the evening time. To be honest, if you have a hectic schedule and the mornings are the only times you can train, would you forfeit that opportunity if you presume afternoon training sessions are more beneficial? We humans are governed by what is called a Circadian Rhythma sleep and alert cycle that helps regulate our body temp, blood pressure and metabolism. You can always “teach” and reset this cycle to benefit you and your fitness goal.


So for example, if you’re not a morning person and your morning sessions seem to be the only times you can train, using an alarm clock to help you wake up and get you out of bed is teaching and “resetting” your body’s cycle and Circadian Rhythm. Like everything, if you plan and constantly wake up early in the morning, you are essentially creating a habit for yourself to become a morning person. Coming back to our topic, fit in your training sessions wherever you can. If you have a lot of work and social obligations that usually see you being held up until late, then logically it makes sense for you to train in the mornings. Aside from morning workouts boosting your endorphin levels, research has shown that individuals who exercise early in the mornings tend to successfully stick to this fit habit for the long run.

2/ Good things come in small packages The same can be said about your food! There are countless articles that will tell you to eat 5 small meals a day. Then there are several more articles which advocate 3 good meals and 1 to 2 snacks. And then there’s intermittent fasting which states you should fast for a certain period of time in the day as it makes your body more insulin sensitive and thus priming your body for muscle growth and fat loss. Whatever your eating preference may be, you should always have great healthy grub on stand-by. Having healthy food options readily available cuts down the likelihood of you eating junk to quell your hunger pangs. Having healthy food options that are already portioncontrolled makes it all the more easier to stick to your mission of getting fit. Again this goes back to planning. I tend to cook huge batches of food a couple of times a week. I portion control them; everything is weighed and then placed in little containers. I then chuck the lot in the fridge and freezer and whenever I’m hungry I’ll take a container out and reheat it. This method is great as it cuts down the incidences of giving you the opportunity to snack on not so healthy food. Also as the food is prepped by yourself, you know you’re having a great nutritious meal

ed fit lifestyle that’s devoid of additives and preservatives.

3/ A happy, fun filled journey Your fitness journey should be a happy, fun and motivating one. If you’re planning your meals and training sessions and yet feel miserable and depressed, then perhaps you need to recheck and go over why it is causing such a negative experience as opposed to a positive one. Hence with all this planning going on, why not plan on giving yourself a weekly cheat meal? In Kuwait, the weekends are always very familyoriented and based on the feedback received from my clients, family gatherings tend to equate to a lavish spread of foods and other yummy edible delicacies. I understand and am aware it is no fun being the only one eating clean while everyone else partakes in such food fare. Hence, why not plan ahead and make your cheat meal one that you have at your family gathering? If you’re on a 5 meal a day and hence 35 meals a week, having ONE cheat meal while the rest of the 34 are clean isn’t going to set you back from your fitness goals. Moreover, psychologically it will benefit you as you’re giving yourself a break from your strict routine. Time it right with your workouts (I advocate eating your cheat meal post workout and preferably after a big muscle group, eg. Chowing down after a leg workout) and your body could actually benefit from it. Reshmi Revi Certified Professional Trainer

Reshmi Revi is the Deputy General Manager for MultiWorks Personal Training. She is also an IFBB Bikini Competitor and passionate about fitness! Follow her on Instagram @Q8MissFit

April, 2014



8 Tips For Eating Healthy During Menopause What To Eat & What To Avoid Women over the age of 40 to 50 go through menopause as a natural phase in their lives. Symptoms carried with menopause often make women dread it; however, new research and scientific evidence have unveiled the secret of good nutrition to overcome such symptoms. Knowing what to eat and avoiding certain types of food could help you to sail through menopause without any difficulties:

Hot flushes or sweating at night: Avoid stimulants such as for longer period of time. coffee, tea, chocolate and spicy foods. They're notorious for setting off hot flushes.

Mood swings: Many women report feeling depressed or anxious, which over time become difficult to handle. Therefore, increasing your intake of B vitamin, Omega 3 and tryptophan rich foods help to lift your mood and battle such symptoms. Examples of B vitamin rich food include: lean meat, poultry, liver, whole grains and lentils. Other examples of food rich in the amino acid tryptophan could be found in turkey, cottage cheese, oats and legumes. Last but not least try to integrate food packed in Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish, flaxseeds and walnuts. Fatigue: Avoid snacking on sugary foods – They cause a sharp

rise in your blood glucose followed by a sharp dip, which leaves you feeling tired and drained. Choose fresh fruit with a few nuts and opt for the healthy fats available in avocados, olive oil and fish.

Bloating: Trim on your salt intake. Food high in salt, retain water and make you feel bloated. Do not consume more than 2- 3 grams of salt a day and avoid the hidden sources of salt found in frozen, canned food and cold cut meat. Dry skin: To nourish your skin with the essential nutrients, consume

more of the foods rich in vitamin E found in nuts and oils (canola,olive and sunflower oil).

Protect your bone health: If women don’t consume enough vitamin D and calcium, they will be susceptible to develop osteoprosis on the long run. Osteporosis is known as the vulnerablilty to get fractures in your hips and bones. Thereby, increasing your intake of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and K helps you to sustain the integrity of your bones. Aim to get 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily and that’s equivalent to three servings a day, available in dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt and laban, sardines, almonds, broccoli and kale. Pump your intake of phytoestrogen rich food: Found in soya milk and soya flour, linseeds, tofu, tempeh and miso, pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, celery, and green beans. They contain a compound that mimics the estrogen structure, which would trick your body into having more estrogen than it actually does. That will diminish your discomfort level. In conclusion, despite the infuriating symptoms you might experience, there are always effective treatments and lifestyle adjustments available for you to consider. It’s true that nutrition plays an important role in alleviating those symptoms, but make sure to discuss with your doctor some other options. Rasha Barkoni

Weight gain: As we get older, we need to consume fewer calories.

Watch for your intake of fat and sugar and eat more of the complex carbohydrates, such as brown grains, wholewheat pasta, bread and rice. Also, increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables which will help you to keep your blood sugar stable and make you feel fuller

Rasha is a Dietitian graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada with 5 years of experience in (community, food service and clinical) nutrition both in Kuwait and Canada. She is keenly interested in women's health.

April, 2014


Karim Chwikani and Nijoud AlHussaini Visualizing and designing interiors - A collaborative experience Karim Chwikani and Nijoud AlHussaini are creative, competent, and diligent interior architects and founders of Fairmont Interiors, who have a relentless passion for art and design. Their ever-evolving style is underpinned by a subtly coordinated fusion of East meets West; clean lines and curvy edges combined with functionality, blended with charming warmth and sumptuous opulence. Their designs are synonymous of creativity, originality, elegance, style, innovation, modernity and sophistication. They have been involved in numerous projects such as Asnan Tower, Motor house in the Tilal complex, plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, and they have also worked on the interior design of the new Wataniya Telecom building with the Architect Fatouh AlAsfoor. Here CityPages speaks with Karim and Nijoud about their passion for interior architecture, guiding principles they follow during the design phase and their dream projects. To start – tell us a little of your backgrounds: KC - I am an Interior Architect. I did my major in Arts from Syrian University and later travelled to Canada to complete my degree from the Inter-Dec Academy Montreal. NH - I am also an Interior Architect. I have graduated from the Academy of Design Toronto (AODT).

How did you discover your love for interior architecture? Is it something you felt drawn to from a young age? KC - I was into art and design since I was a child. But my father used to say that Arts is not a financially rewarding career. So, I was looking for the closest thing or a career where I could fulfill my interest in art and at the same time make a good career out of it and I found Interior Design as the best match. NH - I loved art too since I was a kid and used to see my father working on it. I took it from there and then continued by studying this field.

How did you decide to open your own firm? When I first came to Kuwait for a visit around 12 years ago, I contacted a company called BrainStorm, to gain some experience and to know more about the work scene in Kuwait. I met them and they hired me. I met my partner Nijoud there, who was also working with them. We worked together for a couple of years and then decided to open our own company called Fairmont Interiors around 6 years ago. 46

April, 2014


Describe your style, like a good friend of yours would types of music all over the world. I love Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, etc. describe it:

I have to say that I have a slight obsession with curviness, organic NH - I listen to everything and I am open to all genres of music. It movement, and neat style of design. Each of my project is treated like depends on the mood. a canvas which reflects my creativity while integrating the ceilings, floorings, furniture, and materials to create a master piece. My style Do you read architecture magazines? varies from Nijoud’s style but we both complement each other at the Yes, but with the new technology of iPhone and iPad, we do not read end. much of actual magazines as everything is available on iPads. It is faster and readily available all the time.

What guiding principles do you follow during the design phase?

Our philosophy is to make a relation between the 3 most important elements; ceiling, flooring, and walls. If there is no relation between these three with regard to the materials used or design then that doesn't work. We work hard in making a solid relation between these 3 elements for all of our projects.

Please describe an evolution in your work, from your first projects to the present day:

KC - I noticed in myself that earlier I was a little bit afraid to express myself fully with my designs but now I feel more confident. I was afraid to include lots of curves in my designs and also because the client did not accept it as they did not like very atavistic designs but the good thing is that my partner always balances me with my design. What are the common misconceptions that people have NH - Yes, because he studied art and is more into sculpturing, about the work you do? freehand, etc. Also as a personality, he is more of a risk taking type The only misconception is that people consider Interior Design as and I am more of the systematic type going with the rules. only wall painting or wall covering, or the flooring only. But in reality, it’s the integration of all this together that completes the role of an Tell us about some of your major design projects: interior architect. Some of our major projects are: Asnan Tower, Motor house in the Tilal complex, plenty of restaurants and coffee shops, and we also worked What kind of music do you listen to at the moment? on the interior design of the new Wataniya Telecom building with the KC - I like classical music because classical music is the source of all Architect Fatouh AlAsfoor. 48

abstract designs. NH - While he was saying Mosque, I was thinking of the same. Besides, I would also love to design a complete hotel.

Is there any designer and/or architect from the past, you appreciate a lot? KC - Zaha Hadid NH - Philippe Starck

What advice would you give someone wanting to break into this career? KC - Enjoy your time. Make sure not to do it as a job. If you have a doubt of even 1% of what you are presenting, don't present it. Believe in yourself. NH - Yes, if you are representing something that you didn't like and suddenly if you see it built or made, you will regret it every time you pass by that place.

AND JUST FOR FUN‌ First in the office or last to leave? KC - Last to leave but not the first in. NH - First in the office and first to leave. Tea or coffee? KC - Tea. NH - Coffee.

Which project has given you the most satisfaction? Almost each project satisfies in one or the other way. However, if I am given more time I could add lots of more touches. But as time is a problem in Kuwait, we are not given sufficient time to work on a project compared to Canada where we usually get a lot of time to work on a project. Interior Design is like a piece of art and working on it depends on our mood and we cannot finish it like a job. We have to imagine, get the inspiration and then design. In general, we are quite satisfied from all our projects so far. But if we have to name one project, we would say Beverly Hills Medical Center as it was very challenging and involved lots of movement in it and not many contractors would do it.

What is your dream project? KC - A very modern mosque. Because most of the mosques are designed in a very traditional way and I would like to use modern and

Fast food or Fine Dining? KC - Fine Dining NH - Fine Dining Of course! The lift or the stairs? KC - Lift.... I don't want to lie and say stairs. NH - Lift.... It's so easy in Kuwait to find lifts everywhere. Out after work or straight home to bed? KC - With our work, we do not get enough time with our families so whenever I have any extra time I try to spend it with my family and kid. Even if I have to go somewhere, I rather take them with me. NH - Yes, the same applies to me too.

April, 2014


The Raw Food

Hello lovely readers:

1. Include a salad with your lunches and dinners (it should cover at least half your plate)

I am sure you may have heard of the ‘Raw Food Diet’ at some point in time. The raw food movement has been quite popular on the internet and also been widely covered in print forms. If you haven’t heard already, it basically involves eating food in its natural form i.e. no cooking involved. As a rule of thumb if you can't eat a food in its raw form then it doesn’t fit the 'Raw Food Diet'. The reason behind it being, that cooking our food, reduces or kills all its nutrients and therefore to receive the nutrient benefit from the food we eat, it has to be in its most natural form. The main emphasis of this diet is to base your meals on unprocessed, nutrient dense, raw food.

2. Carry carrot sticks or celery sticks with you to work to snack on

Even though the raw food diet is overwhelmingly based on plant foods, it eliminates a perfectly healthy food group, beans and lentils since they can't be eaten in its raw form. In addition, biotin present in eggs is only bioavailable once cooked, not when eaten in its raw form. Similarly cooking tomatoes allows us to better absorb the antioxidant lycopene which has been linked to protect against certain cancers and heart diseases. Lastly, promoting unpasteurized / raw milk in the raw food diet also means promoting incidence of bacteria contamination. This may also be true if eating raw meats while on the raw food diet. I think in life, everything should be enjoyed in moderation which is why I tend to be flexible when it comes to food. Having said that, I believe you need to have a good balance between raw and cooked food (e.g. steaming, broiling, and stir – frying; not deep frying). Many foods can be eaten raw and are more nutritious in that form. Therefore, in my opinion trying to achieve a balance between raw and cooked food when planning your meals will truly benefit your health. It will also add a variety of texture, colors and flavors to your everyday meals. My recommendations are as follows: 50

3. Eat at least 2 pieces of fruit each day 4. Mix fruit and vegetable together to make your favorite summer salad 5. Eat a handful of nuts & seeds if hungry between meals 6. Blend your favorite fruit and vegetables together (e.g. green smoothie) Benefit of incorporating raw foods in your diet: - Nutrients intact - Reduces risk of diseases such as cancer - Feel more energetic - Great for your bowels - Helps your organs such as your liver function at it best - Helps with maintaining a healthy weight Sanaa Abdul Hamid

Sanaa holds Masters of Clinical Dietetics from University of Queensland, Australia and is a Clinical Dietitian at Hadi Hospital. Sanaa is a also a blogger and very active on Instagram. Read more from Sanaa at: Blog: , Instagram: Sanaa_dietitian

360 Mall: 2530 9930 Discovery Mall: 2291 3653 Souq Sharq: 2226 1772 Arjan, Al Bedaa: 2226 3137 Airport: 2431 2314 The Avenues: 22200513 - 22200515


Smashing it deliciously! A CEO is the person who leads his company to its highest potential. He should be a visionary, focused, dedicated and persevering. These are the qualities that Khalid Hajjar, CEO of Kayan Restaurants, is born with. He believes he is born for F&B industry but he didn’t leave it to that and gained experience from ‘field to fork’. His illustrious résumé includes time served as Regional General Manager at Al- Homaizi Food Industries, Regional Manager-MENA-Organic Division at Alyasra Foods, Commercial Director at The Gift Co., Senior Commercial Manger at Organic Farm Foods, Regional Director of Operations at Delicious Foods Company, Executive Director at Tripac Limited, and Farm Director at Tripac trading & Investment Co. Limited. CityPages sat down with Khalid to talk about why Smashburger was an instant hit, how and why did he choose to bring the concept to Kuwait and what are their future plans.

Please introduce yourself to our readers: My Name is Khalid Hajjar. I was born and raised in London, although my family is originally from Syria. I love what I do, I love food and I would like to think I am slightly off-center!

Tell us about your education: I was at boarding school from the age of seven and I loved it. University was at University of London where I studied Middle Eastern History.

Can you tell us about your previous work experiences? My first job after university was working as a farmer in Jordan; growing bananas for the local market and a range of fresh vegetables and herbs for export to the top UK supermarkets. I spent 10 years in the field and it was amazing. After that, missing home, I went back to the UK as Commercial Manager for Organic Farm Foods where we supplied all the major UK supermarkets with fresh organic fruits and vegetables. I was there for 3 years and learnt a lot with regards to supply chain, category management and the food industry as a whole. I then moved to Walkers Chocolates where I was the GM for their Food Gifting division. We focused on all major UK retailers such as Debenhams, Next, Marks and Spencer etc. We supplied said retailers with a range of gift items centered on food.

While at Walkers, I was approached by Alyasra Food Company here in Kuwait. The role was to set up an Organic Food division within the company. I started the division from scratch, and brought some amazing brands into Kuwait. It was a great 3 and a half years experience and an even better introduction to Kuwait and the GCC. My next move was to Al-Homaizi Food Industries where I was the GM for Al Rifai for the entire Middle East. I spent a year in this role which gave me good insight into GCC retail. I left mid-2011 to setup and start Kayan Restaurants from ground-zero.

What or who inspired you to food and beverage field? I was born for this industry. From my first day on the farm I knew my career was going to be F&B related. Basically, I am in a very unique position since I am vertically integrated within the F&B industry. I have full experience from ‘field to fork’; which is quite rare. From planting of the seed, all the way to eating the final product and all parts in between; I love food - this is not just a job but my passion.

Can you tell us a bit about the Kayan Restaurants Company and how it came about? Kayan Restaurants’ businesses are in the increasing popular fastcasual dining sector of the market. Our aim is to sell great food with friendly service in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Kayan Restaurants was born after having a coffee with Mr. Yousef Al Essa, April, 2014


now the Chairman of Kayan Restaurants, whilst discussing the idea of a F&B company. The discussion quickly led to reality and following another two meetings the deal was done. After that I was focused on what brand(s) we should bring to Kuwait.

Tell us more about Smashburger. How and why did you choose to bring the concept to Kuwait? Not long ago, people ate lots of ordinary burgers. These burgers were perfectly acceptable. They were inexpensive, quick and satisfied an immediate hunger. But there was something missing - the need for something satisfying and real, something basic and good, something affordable and fresh - a place with a great atmosphere and a real burger soul. Smashburger was born to carry the torch for the modern burger lover. Where smash, sizzle and savor means a dedication to creating the best ‘smashed to order’ burger. Kayan Restaurants looked at a number of concepts in various segments of F&B. We decided we really wanted something new and up and coming within the Fast Casual segment which we felt would resonate much more in Kuwait. We were not actually looking for a burger concept as we felt this was a particularly competitive space already in Kuwait. We liked the name; it was memorable and we loved the menu. For me, that was one of the major deciding factors. Most other burger concepts were just that - burgers and not much else. Smashburger, as we saw it, captured more occasions with the fact it had chicken, hot dogs, real salads, & kids items. Smashburger is simply more rounded with a broader appeal and a better burger.

How many stores are currently operating? Total 4, at The Village in Abu Al Hasaniya, Mishref Co-Op, Sarah Complex (Mahboulah Exit 209), and our newest location, Salmiya on Salem Al Mubarak St. However, you can order us to your home through Talabat or by calling any one of the stores.


What’s your favorite menu item? Ummmm… that’s hard. I would have to say it’s a big-size CYO [Create Your Own] burger on a pretzel bun, cheddar cheese, Smash sauce, mayo, haystack onions and avocado... Ooof, now I’m hungry.

What is a typical day for you like? Busy Mornings in the office managing suppliers, in-stock opportunities and marketing follow-ups. During the afternoons and evenings I am in the stores making sure our guests are happy and enjoying at the restaurants.

What are your 3 keys to success? Hard work, focus, and passion – oh, and you absolutely must enjoy what you do!

What do you do for fun? Xbox, eat out, and basically be social – not necessarily in that order.

Tell us about your proudest moment so far: That was when we opened the doors to our first Smashburger branch at The Village in Abu Hasaniya. Seeing all those customers enjoy and comment on how great the food is… well, that was just fantastic.

What are some of your hobbies? I love football and am an avid fan of Liverpool FC. I love horse riding and trying new foods.

Your favorite quote: “After a time, you may find that ‘having’ is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as ‘wanting’. – Spock. It is not logical, but it is often true.

What’s your release?



Movies and or Xbox while I’m on the couch… but I will be honest and tell you, nothing chills me out more than sitting outside one of our Smashburgers (our outdoor seating is uber cool) with a Smashburger, sweet potato fries, an Oreo-shake and jamming to the playlist we have bumping from our stellar sound systems.

Tell us about your future plans: Well, we hope to bring Smashburger to the rest of the GCC, starting with Dubai. We also hope to launch a new and exciting concept also, within the Fast Casual segment.

Your message on the occasion of the 2nd anniversary of Smashburger: We’ve spent two years serving Kuwait and have loved every moment of it. Our handcrafted burgers are smashed, seared, and seasoned to order using 100% Halal Certified Angus beef of which we are extremely proud. We are committed to bringing Kuwait fresh, quality products they will savor for more years to come. We thank everyone for their continued support which in turn, makes us work even harder to be as good as we can be at what we do.

Your message for us at CityPages magazine: I would like to thank CityPages for this opportunity and for your continued support. CityPages speaks to the people we want in our restaurants… yes, you reading this… we want you! For smashing times, Smashburger is the place to be. April, 2014


and Mai Al-Nakib, author of The Hidden Light of Objects

Writing this interview is poignant for me, and I’m thinking, where does one begin when it comes to Mai, for our paths have converged in many instances for she and I share more than this article together. We share precious memories of a time gone past that few have had the pleasure to experience, memories of a different Kuwait than to the one we live in now, of a Kuwait we both remember fondly. Mai and I attended high school together. We shared the same Kuwait; sat in the same classrooms, shared many of the same friends and have a unique bond through these joint experiences. Sitting down with her these many years later to discuss her book The Hidden light of Objects was a uniquely surreal experience in many ways. For one, the subject matter of the book itself makes reference to these shared memories, so is it happenstance relevancy to this interview or Mai’s book achieving what it is set out to do, to invoke our own memories. The Hidden Light of Things is a collection of stories that are loosely connected. “Each story was initially written as a standalone” but by about the third or fourth story, Mai noticed certain recurring words, images and characters being revisited. These stories eventually became connected, even more so after inserting first person narration vignettes at the beginning of each story, narrated by the same first person set in the same time. Mainly set in the Middle East; Kuwait, Lebanon Palestine but even as far as US, Greece and Japan, all of these various short stories however are connected to the Middle East. The intention was to explore how objects that people own or encounter which can retain a sort of ‘life’ and which trigger memories, of certain times gone past, or feelings relating to this object in times past. Her research into memory, because it’s a interest of hers, the idea of remembering, memory how does it turn us into who, and what we are is what led her to writing the short stories which led to the culmination of this book. 56

April, 2014


Mai a graduate of Brown University, is an Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Kuwait University, and has always been obsessed with writing, filling diaries upon diaries since her days in Elementary school. However, after teaching and doing academic writing for a while, she felt it was time to turn her attention to Fiction, and began with the short stories thinking that they would be a good way to ease into writing a novel. She came to find that short stories take just as much effort “ a condensed and difficult form” as would a full novel, and is now well prepared to write her second. She started in 2006 and stopped, then concentrated on finishing the task during a year’s sabbatical from the University. Once the final draft was finished in 2012, she sent it to Bloomsbury UK’s branch in Qatar, which is currently sponsored with the Qatar Foundation as the Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation, who after receiving their go ahead from their UK headquarters, offered her a publishing contract, and consequently produced the book. The rest is what makes history, putting Kuwaiti authors on the map, encouraging each and every one of us to simply follow their heart. Mai has done just that, yet the implication of her success is a much grander feat than just telling her stories. Her success is a valuable gift to our society, and will add to the richness of the culture we are building. Mai held her first book launch and reading at CAP Gallery to a full house of attendees, to great acclaim by both her peers and strangers. The Hidden Light of Things can be purchased on She is based in Kuwait and is currently working on her second novel.


Coaching Session




Nutritional Consultation

Fo r m o re i n fo r m a t i o n c a l l u s o n


e m a i l : m a h a @ w h o l i s t i c- h e a l t h . o rg

w e b s i t e : w w w. w h o l i s t i c- h e a l t h . o rg April, 2014


Bashayer Al-Shamari An ARTronaut


ashayer Al-Shamari is an upcoming social artist and one of the earliest member artists of Kuwait-based ARTronauts, a group of art enthusiasts from various schools and colleges in Kuwait and the region who create innovative, cultural, social and environmental art based on social design.

At just 23 years, Bashayer holds a Diploma in Graphic Design from Kuwait's Box Hill College and is currently furthering her education at the American University of Kuwait while also freelancing as a graphic designer. Inspired by visual creativity, she contributed to the design process of the ARTronauts brand identity and designing printed collateral in collaboration with other members. She is an active team player and has a unique ability to translate briefs and concepts into creative representations. One of her most celebrated works is a 3D artwork titled 'Pixellated', which was first exhibited at the REUSE 0.5 forum in 2012 where it was accorded the first place in category of 'Best artwork'. Bashayer collected discarded egg crates to laboriously patch them together to create 3D pixel art. Each section of the crate was meticulously and strategically hand painted by Bashayer using oil colours. The entire process entailed much trial and error over a duration of two months. When the crates were patched together, each painted section took new meaning and collectively lent the impression of a portrait of late pop star Michael Jackson. Following the success of this maiden project, Bashayer set on the challenge of creating a similar pixellated portrait of renowned Egyptian singer Um Khalthom. Both artworks have been exhibited and drawn acclaim at a list of art competitions and exhibitions such as MOMA, FA Gallery, 360 Mall, West Elm - The Avenues, Yarmouk Park, and the Kuwait Scientific Center. Bashayer's creative philosophy revolves around lending new 60

meaning and unconventional form to everyday concepts and items as well as injecting a strong social message in the final artwork. She also blends conventional art techniques with cultural icons and technologicalsymbolism. For instance her pixellated series take the everyday item of an egg crate and use it as a structure and background to create a leading cultural icon. Truly from trash to treasure! Each artwork also pays tribute to the era of digital art and pixels with a twist by composing each pixel as a hand-painted 3D form to represent classical painting and sculpture. Carrying forth her commitment to contribute to local communities, Bashayer has also lent her talent and support to local charities such as K'S PATH, an animal welfare organization, to design artwork for their fundraiser golf tournament. Currently, Bashayer is working on a series of new Pixel art using different recycled and used materials hoping to bring a change in the environment through the medium of art by raising awareness in the community with the ARTronauts team. Moreover, the team will be participating in MOMA for a recycle exhibition and REUSE 0.6 in December 2013.

April, 2014



Mohammed J. Abuhakmeh is a creative and unique graffiti artist, who has been painting visually striking street art for the last 18 years. Founder of Monstariam and Rock Paper Scissors expresses his love for illustration and creating awesomeness. CityPages had a pleasure to interview Mohammed about his staggering works, inspirations and life as a graffiti artist. 62

April, 2014


Photograph by: Paparazzi Studio @paparazzistudio Editing by: Monstariam

Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us about your education:

Hi, I am Mohammed J. Abuhakmeh. I go by the name ‘Monster’ which was given to me by an eight year old girl a while back. I am the founder of Monstariam and Rock Paper Scissors. I have been in the field for 18 years. I love to imagine and create awesomeness.

When and where did you start?

When I was 13 and the day I ran out of paper, I started attacking walls.

Do you have a pseudonym, handle, or a name? And what does it mean?

My pseudonym is ‘Monstar’. I am a huge guy, more like a friendly giant who does not like the taste of children but kids love calling me monster.

Graffiti has always been a form of dissent. How did you get into it and what made you decide to voice your message through the medium of graffiti? Back in the old days, there was no social media so I had to display it on bigger mediums in order to share my work with the public.

How did your family feel about what you were 64


My parents thought I was crazy. They still do but they support me all the way.

What types of things inspire you and influence your art? History and life experiences.

These days, about what percentage of your time is devoted to art? 90 percent.

When you do work, do you sketch first or do you just let it flow?

I plan out everything I execute but sometimes you need to go with the flow.

Are you generally satisfied with your finished piece?

90 percent of the time. My biggest satisfaction is when I see smiles on the people’s faces passing by.

Are there any particular cultures that have influenced your aesthetic?

All of them.

April, 2014


Photograph by: Paparazzi Studio @paparazzistudio Editing by: Monstariam

Do you prefer working with others? Or would you rather paint alone? I am a strong believer in joining forces with other artists as this is the only method of gaining experience.

It’s still going to take time for it to go public. It’s hard to do it illegally when your name starts growing. Kuwait is too small to hide so it’s better to just ask before you spray paint someone’s property.

What do you think about the commercialization of graffiti?

Bigger walls.

I believe if you can make a living out of it then why not. If you want me to do your wall at home email me at mo@

Who are the other artists that have had an influence on you throughout your creative life?

How has your work evolved in the past few years?

Soul Bass, Hannah Barbara, Disney, Ashley Woods, Igon Shell, and my parents.

What do you see as the future of graffiti in Kuwait?

Leave me a blank page so I can draw on it, please!

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April, 2014


Photograph by: Paparazzi Studio @paparazzistudio Editing by: Monstariam


was going to write a bit about my experiences working and studying in the animal medical field, but I had a thought I wanted to expand on.

The photo I attached with my first article sparked a bit of controversy because of what I was wearing: A sleeveless dress that was shorter in the front than in the back. Let me preface by saying that I pay no heed to the thoughts of others when it comes to their thoughts of me, because I don’t believe it is any of my business nor do I have the energy to deal with petty drama. I remember I was once walking into Cocoa Room in a long loose sweater with a scoop neck paired with tights and boots when a woman said – in Arabic, since I don’t look Arabic – to her friend, “It would’ve been better if she had left her house naked!” to which I replied – in Arabic for shock effect - something along the lines of: What is it to you what I wear? Why don’t you find something better to talk about? Except it was not nearly expressed so nicely. However, I am more concerned with the fact that we as women have surrendered our power and given others the authority to dictate our everyday habits: more specifically in this case, wardrobe choices. Living in a patriarchal society, women are placed under a lens of scrutiny where they are constantly under attack for their traditional garb. For example, Laura Bush in her 2001 speech convinced US citizens to 68

support the war in Afghanistan to save the “women of cover.” In 2010, France placed a ban on wearing the niqab in public places. The first thing a police officer will look at when a woman comes in to confess to being sexually attacked is her outfit. Women are constantly made to be targets of attack based on their clothing choices and also they are often the ones harboring responsibility for blame, which perpetuates a vicious cycle of “blaming the victim”, thus rendering them powerless. Building upon this, the inability to grant women power automatically means that we have displaced it elsewhere: onto men. The beauty of traditional Arab society is that power comes from the bottom up, meaning women generally hold the power. Yes, women have always been seen as vulnerable but we find strength through it. We have always been able to coerce men to find comfort in our independent choices thus allowing us to act as we find fit. While there is an element of permission in this concept there is still the exertion of free will, which I believe is lacking in our current society. The pressure to impress men in contemporary Arab culture, without the ability for independent thought, has played a large role in the paradigm shift. We have become cyborgs manufactured by incomplete ideals of previous generations. Where has our self worth gone? Why are we living for men by men? We have allowed our lives to be molded by the hands of mothers, grasped firmly by the fingers of fathers, and blindfolded by weavings of malicious tongues. We emphasize principles manufactured without empathy or logic that berate free will for a certain gender. Women have lost their voice, their responsibility, their independence and therefore have lost selfworth. Without self worth, we allow ourselves to become victims of abuse. We want to

breed daughters who are able to stand confidently in their capabilities and sons who understand their value and respect them. Telling the people you surround yourself with that they have the capacity to make their own decisions will automatically give them a sense of responsibility and duty and will hold them accountable for their choices. Society frequently blames women for decisions that they had no power in making which inadvertently means that the leaders of our patriarchal society should have been responsible. On the other hand, women need to be self-aware and reclaim their power without ill-driven manipulation. Why was the focus of my last article my outfit? Have I been degraded to nothing more than just an image? A photograph of a girl on a beach in a dress with a cup of coffee, laughing, was morphed from an embodiment of a free spirited woman into a shameful misconstruction of who I really am. If people think that I should feel ashamed for how I chose to portray myself, then I think there’s a problem with our interpretation of societal norms. I think our focus has shifted. I think we have lost sight of what is important in life – our people are jaded, entitled, angry, and need something to talk about. We live in an era of war torn catastrophes, economical crisis, and scientific and literary renaissance: there is a lot to talk about. Exchange ideas! Stop allowing men or women voluntarily silenced by men to dictate your lives and have the intelligence and rationale to take it by the reins. Have respect for your culture, but don’t use it as a means to be victimized and free of responsibility. You are worth more than that. *Please note, the purpose of this article isn’t blaming anyone solely for the reason women have surrendered power. In actuality, it was mostly women who were attacking my choices, not the men.

By Tamara Qabazard

April, 2014



By boat or helicopter, let’s discover one of the most beautiful private islands in the Mediterranean: Tagomago Island. Just half a mile east of Ibiza and less than 100 miles off the coast of Spain, enjoy absolute privacy and luxury all in one idyllic place. Rented per week or for an unforgettable event this island can be all yours. This 98 acre Balearic beauty is surrounded by turquoise waters and unique nature. On the west coast is a bay with a private mooring and a beach bar, Ibiza’s cosmopolitan bounty lies just a quick, half-mile boat ride away to the west, and the incomparable beaches of Formentera are just a few miles further to the south.

The Lighthouse

The Villa of Tagomago

The only mansion on the island is situated right in the middle: a villa with five suites all with en-suite bathrooms, spacious living and dining areas as well as a complete professional kitchen. It offers accommodation for ten guests. That’s not all; the villa is surrounded by magnificently spacious terraces with breathtaking views in all directions. Swimming pool, sauna, spa, fitness area, jogging track and walking paths all these are available for you to relax and enjoy to the maximum your vacation. Allow yourself to be pampered by the friendly staff housed in a separate building. So what do you think of living in this paradise for a week?

The Lighthouse was built in 1906 and is still a landmark for sailors today. Up to the historical lighthouse, Bird-watchers will thrill to the sight of many unique Mediterranean species, such as the Eleanora’s Falcon.

Tagomago Beach Club Tagomago Activities:

From marine sports to trekking and bird watching, a lot of activities are prepared to keep you entertained and amused. The western side of the island offers perfect diving and swimming beaches. An impressive underwater world is waiting for the diving lovers: shoals of barracudas, small fishes and even sharks invade the sea from May to September. Navigate across the deep blue water of Tagomago with jet ski or boats. Sailing trips and boat courses can be organized on request to make your holidays even more exciting. What about a helicopter ride over Tagomago and Ibiza? The island's own helicopter will take you to a fly over this piece of paradise.

The Tagomago Toys

There are also a selection of ‘Toys’ on the island that guarantee an adrenaline rush for the more daring: a Mangusta yacht, refurbished throughout to include plush cream soft furnishings creating a luxurious area for relaxation, the Mangusta 108 Yacht is a maxi open with absolutely stunning lines which, skims the waves at dizzying 40 knots at full throttle. There are two Jet Ski available, two boats, a Boston whaler 320 and an own helicopter. In only 5 minutes you reach the jet set island Ibiza with its parties, restaurants and culture, and in less than 30 minutes the beautiful beaches and turquoise waters of Formentera can be reached by motor.

Longing for a jetset beach club on Ibiza? Only five minutes away from the island, you can reach the Tagomago Beach Club by boat - the place to be. Sip a cocktail at the beach bar, while the barbecue fires up, enjoy the famous Ibiza sunset- perfect for relaxing and leisure. And if you want to meet some VIPs, from politicians to celebrities, this is where you will find them!

When should you travel?

Between May and October, daily temperatures vary between 22 and 29 °C, and rain and clouds are rare. June to September is the best time to travel and spend the most beautiful and exciting holidays and benefit from the light blue water ( water temperatures between 22°C and 25°C)

How to get there?

International flight to Ibiza. Short journey by car and boat transfer from the harbours at Pou des Lleó or Santa Eulalia to Tagomago. Tagomago can also be reached with private yachts. In the bay on the west coast is a mooring or by direct helicopter transfer from Ibiza Airport to Tagomago’s own helipad.


Depending on season: From EUR 100,000 to 250,000 per week (plus tax). Additional charge over Christmas and Easter holidays. Rates include accommodation for up to 10 adults in 5 suites including board. Also included is a staff of 4 for the entire stay, helicopter transfers from and to the airport on Ibiza on date of arrival and departure. April, 2014


LUXENTER a love story Luxenter is a well known brand in Kuwait market, having a very interesting and inspiring story behind it. Luxenter is not only a brand but it is a true story of love, passion, dedication and struggle. Carmen Lizarriturri is that inspirational lady who is behind this brand and whose devotion and commitment for making Luxenter a world known brand can motivate anyone around the globe. There was a time in the life of Carmen when she was to choose the path of struggle or to quit from the business which she and her husband had started. She unlike ordinary people went on to choose the difficult one and tasted the success at the end. Now every employee of this company has a zest for the best. A few days ago Alfonso Escribano Fernandez, the export manager of Luxenter, was in Kuwait for the launch of its most recent collection. Like Carmen, Alfonso also has a great fervor towards Luxenter. CityPages was lucky to catch him during his visit and got the understanding about the evolution, development, progress and the future plans regarding Luxenter.

Hi and welcome to Kuwait! Is this your first visit to Kuwait? Thank you, I am honored to be here once again. This is my 4th visit to Kuwait. I had come at the opening of our store a year and a half ago and then came around 2 times later to monitor the progress and support our outlet. The purpose of this visit is to introduce our new and latest collection.

Can you tell us about the history of the brand and how and when was it established?

Carmen Lizarriturri 72

Luxenter is actually the story of a very brave woman who alone with very young kids established the company in mid 70s. It is a family business. It actually started from Africa by Carmen Lizarriturri and her husband JosĂŠ Antonio who was a professional hunter. They started exporting raw materials such as ivory, malachite, ebony and other African products to Spain. The first collection of gold jewelry with elephant hair was launched by them in 1975. One fateful day in 1976, the jeep that was driving JosĂŠ Antonio to base camp stepped on a mine and he died. Carmen, alone with two children decided to take control of her destiny, realizing the project that they begun to build: Luxenter and opened the first Luxenter store at Claudio Coello Street, in Madrid in the same year.



The creation of a Luxenter jewel starts by analysing all international fashion trends and searching for worthy materials to create our pieces. The intention of our designers is to create fashion without losing the authenticity of eternal jewelery. Luxenter jewelery does not perish over time. It is timeless. Our jewels are characterised by all the values they possess and care with which they were created. Each precious piece is given an African name in memory of Luxenter's roots: Jose Antonio Moreno.

Is the family still involved in the business? The mother is handling the business as the President of Luxenter. In 1999 Carmen’s life-long dream became true as her two children Iván and Mencía joined her in her project and created their first silver collection. Ivan is the CEO and Mencia handles the creative aspects mainly.

Who is your target customer and target market? We offer branded products at an affordable price. We do not offer gold; we offer silver mainly with great designs. From the past few years we have also included the steel collection which is even lower priced. Our customers are 30-40 year old working women who want affordable branded jewelery for everyday wear.

Why silver, why not gold? Carmen Lizarriturri with her two children her two children Iván and Mencía

How did the brand evolve then? In 1978 Luxenter partnered with Mr. Struck, a French manufacturer for Cartier. With this partnership, Luxenter improved the manufacturing process of its jewelry, while focusing its activities in this sector. In 1980 a new jewelry collection in gold was launched with gemstones, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. In 2000, the European expansion of Luxenter began with the opening of the first stores in Germany, Austria and in Andorra. In 2001 Africa gets born, a collection of steel that reflects a comeback to the origins of Luxenter, with the desire of trying new materials that can provide unprecedented creative freedom. Luxenter also began its expansion into the Middle East with the opening of its first store in Kuwait.

What makes Luxenter special and unique? Our specialty is the combination of high-quality designs and the Spanish craftwork tradition. Luxenter believes in R&D for the searching of new materials and production improvements, which permit us to have manufacturing trade secrets that are essential for the success and quality of our pieces. At Luxenter, we carefully control the entire developing and manufacturing process of our jewellry, from the sketch to the moment a Luxenter’s jewel case is opened; we want our customers to have a unique experience.

Where is the factory based?

The creativity that we have with different big stones fits best with silver and the size of some items that we have if was made on gold, it would turn out to be very expensive. Gold is also not the brand concept. Also at the time we started the business, the gold prices started rising up and there was a demand from jewelers in Spain and Europe for cheaper items. We are very successful with the business and after we started several other companies started offering similar products.

Tell us about your range and what age groups you cater to? We have a wide range of different collections for women from 20 years onwards. We also have a collection for kids from 5 to 12 years. Our men’s collection combines modern and timeless designs with Kudu Horn, Giraffe Hair, onyx that means a return to the origins of the brand. As novelty, this line has been built with matt leather, a material that provides masculinity and elegance for the modern man. Men´s collection wants to capture the values of strength, fighting spirit and overcoming with, which we identify.

In how many countries does Luxenter exist and how many stores does it have? Luxenter is one of the biggest jewelry distribution group of Spain. The brand is available in 35 countries with over 2000 sales points (including multi-brand stores, mall spaces and franchise stores) and around 15 mono brand stores.

Which are some of your strongest markets? The first one is the Spain of course and then the second is France and followed by Middle-East which is strongly growing markets for us.

How has been the response from Kuwait market?

The factory is based in Spain and we also work with factories based in The response has been very good. It's almost year and a half since Asia, from Thailand and China but all the design is done from Spain. the store was opened here and we are very happy with the progress. We have 1 mono brand store and 4 sales points. Once the market condition recommends expansion, we will open more mono brand Tell us about your design philosophy: stores. The target market here is very educated and aware of what we Each jewel brings together craftsmanship knowledge of high-quality are offering, which is very important. Spanish jewelery with the latest international design trends. 74

What are the hot selling items in Kuwait? Well, we sell a lot of bracelets and they are very popular here. What stones do you use? We use a mix of semi-precious and synthetic stones but we do most of them at our factory with our unique designs.

When did you join Luxenter? I joined the brand 5 years ago. I came from the jewelery industry but my background is in Law as I have a Law degree and I worked as a lawyer in the beginning of my career but then I started my international career with jewelery. First of all, it is family owned business and the values of the brand were very strong for me. It was a very young company, the kids were in their early thirties. The entire team at Luxenter was very active and we had the world to discover.

What is your role?

I take care of the entire export and international business, except France which is directly handled by the owner herself as she was emotionally involved in France from the beginning.

What are your future plans at Luxenter?

Product wise, we will introduce watches to the line. We already have finalised a collection of watches that we will launch soon. We have around 10 designs that will be initially introduced.

Tell us about some of your charity and CSR works: We do some charity projects in Africa. We have a special bracelet designed by 10 different Spanish designers for a tribe in Kenya and the proceeds will go for providing water facilities in this region. Shares of social work have always been present in Luxenter, our entrepreneurship advocates to share our achievements with associations and solidarity campaigns. Other CSR projects we work with are: -Menudos corazones. -Fundaci贸n Recal. -Rastrillo Nuevo Futuro. -Solidarity ring. April, 2014


Hello everyone! I’m so happy to have this opportunity to be able to introduce myself and become known amongst the community here in Kuwait. I will give you a little background story about myself and try not to bore you too much. I graduated in late 2013 with a major in Business and Management. I worked as a commis chef to help sustain my lifestyle and general costs involved in being a student in pursuit of a degree. By: Daniel Winston


ith a declining economy in my country, which is Ireland, there was little to no opportunities for me to take advantage of using my major in Business. Little to my knowledge, this would become a blessing in disguise. I was forced to find what I really wanted to do with my life and not just conform to what was expected when my college days had ended – ‘get a regular job and pay your taxes’. While growing up I moved to many different schools and always had an interest in writing. When I considered both these factors, I then decided to take a teaching course in the English language, facilitated by the University of Cambridge. Having now both of these qualifications I decided to take the offer made by my friend from early childhood days (Hassan) of moving to Kuwait and making a life here for myself. Hassan is a friend I’m lucky to still have since the age of 8. This friendship allowed for the trust behind his invitation of moving to Kuwait. And so, here I am. Before making the move, when I suggested the idea of moving to the Middle East to people back home, they thought I was crazy for the simple fact; I wouldn’t adapt to the social and cultural norms. to adapt?”. On my connecting flight, I sat at the gate awaiting my flight for Kuwait. As I sat there, it began to fill up with men and women dressed in their jilbaabs and dishdashas. I had already noticed some looks from different family groups, as my white Irish skin was the most distinct in the crowd. Within a flash, I was now a part of the ‘minority’. This was the point where all doubts I had associated with making my move to Kuwait began playing like a record going around and around in my mind.

The negative whispers became louder and louder causing my heart to race. It felt like my heart could be seen pounding right out of my chest with every beat. Meanwhile of course, families already from the Gulf region sat calmly as they ate their lunch waiting to board their flight home.

On the flight to Turkey I sat next to another Irish man. We chatted endlessly for the duration of the flight. He had been to the MiddleEast before and I’ve always been appreciative of the advice elderly people had to offer. When I “what if I really was crazy and the people back asked for what advice he could offer me upon home were right?, what if I didn’t know what I my move to Kuwait, he put it quite simply – was getting myself into, what if I don’t succeed in finding a job, what if I’ve to return home and “Leave Ireland in Ireland and don’t compare, face all the people who said I wouldn’t be able just soak up everything as you go”. 76

I began to play his advice like a sound track over the negative dialogue in my mind and start remembering all the reasons I was on this journey. Deep down, I was growing tired of the western social norms and was in need of a change. I knew there was something to be discovered and all that was needed, was courage. Reading multiple books and seeking other alternative ways of thinking, I was now in the driving seat for what I was to believe, and no longer to rely on words from all the wrong people. I was on a mission to go see the world for myself. On my first day here in Kuwait, I was greeted by Hassan's family over a traditional dish of fish and rice. What struck me at first was the lack of furniture.

I was asked to sit down by folding my legs and join in on the feast. I began to notice how flexible their legs were in comparison as I struggled to adjust comfortably to eat my portion of the meal. I could also make sense of how beneficial these simple cultural differences are and would help the body in a ‘healthy’ sense. What I admired mostly about these differences was to fully appreciate how these ways have been practiced for generations and generations. My next observation was that there didn’t seem to be any need for knives and forks. The family members including all the children had a technique which made me look like a complete amateur as I made a mess having rice fall everywhere through the gaps of my fingers. The grandfather made it clear - if I was to be invited back again I was to bring a knife and fork! The younger kids were also laughing in the background as I struggle to adapt to this ‘new way of eating’. As time passed, I began noticing how much rice I was eating and by mid-way through my second month I had already gained 6kgs in weight. I was in desperate need of joining a gym, but this wasn’t the case, the eating was to continue as we waited for winter.

writing each letter and tried my best to pronounce it correctly. I still struggle with particular For those who don’t already know, it rains sounds but I’m sure in time I will learn. Inshallah! consistently in Ireland and so when moving to Kuwait I was looking forward to having So my invitation is this – if you have doubts about what it is that you want to do, go see for a change in climate, which meant looking yourself and make your own mistakes if necessary. Also if you’re looking to learn a new forward to having the sun shine. language, keep in mind that there will always be barriers, begin seeking the right perceptive On the flip side, I noticed how much the cousins and other relations of Hassan’s which suits you and everything will change. became hysterically excited whenever it began to rain. This as you could imagine was the complete opposite to my way of thinking. When I addressed the differences they laughed and told me, “Don’t worry you will get your sun, just wait for the summer, you’ll be crying to go home”. This was said back in December, it’s now March and I must say, I’m loving the weather, but I’m also worried that if this is only March, how my Irish skin will survive when the summer begins to set in. I tried practicing Arabic before making my trip here but it was simply too hard. As it’s known for Arabic to be the second hardest language to learn for an English native speaker after the Chinese language. Keeping this in mind, I knew patience was a virtue if I was to commit to learning a whole new language. After my daily work of teaching at a private institute here, I would often take trips to the desert to see the uncles and cousins I had become to know more. Through many discussions on the depth and history of the Arabian culture I was offered a new perspective on the Arabic language, which to this day has made me excel in its day to day use. Hassan's uncle explained in detail how each letter was like a picture, a form of Art, which made a specific sound. By having this new perspective all doubts of learning the Arabic language had diminished and I now see it as an art, and myself as the artist. The goal now was to become an improved artist pretending I was painting a picture every time I would write the alphabet. Every day I practiced April, 2014


‫اﻟﻤﺬاق اﻟﻬﻨﺪي ا ﺻﻴﻞ‬ THE REAL INDIAN TASTE



á«©ªL ∫ƒe - 2á©£b - ¿ÉØ«c 1 QhódG ójó÷G ¿ÉØ«c 24914081 - 24914082 :¿ƒØ∏J

∑QÉÑŸG ⁄É°S ´QÉ°T - á«ŸÉ°ùdG 4 QhódG ¢ùcÉe ¥ƒa 25721717 - 25721818 :¿ƒØ∏J

¢SƒHódG ´QÉ°T - π«ë«ëØdG 16 QhódG ô°†NC’G êÈdG 25456100 - 25456969 :¿ƒØ∏J

ôØîŸG ´QÉ°T - á«fGhôØdG »æWƒdG ∂æÑdG ¥ƒa 24726164 - 24725558 :¿ƒØ∏J


ith the advent of customized user products, people around the world try to make their lifestyle the way they like. Personalized perfume is one of them. A personalized perfume is one that is made for special purpose only for a fraction of people or even for an individual person. These include certain engraving, custom perfume bottle designs, individual’s name, some sentiments, wishes or even something that is memorable for a group of people. Higher level of customization includes unique bottle design and most important personalized perfumes have their unique fragrance. Most commonly, some engraving or some piece of writing is done on demand. The purpose is to provide something that surpasses a regular, ordinary perfume bottle. For example, an anniversary gift may have some sentiments on the perfume bottle for your loved one. Some birthday gift can have some wishes or the name of the person on the perfume bottle. It proves to be a memorable gift or possession for somebody. Nowadays, all the major perfume and cosmetic brands offer quite enhanced level of personalized perfumes with a little cost above the base price. The cost of a personalized perfume may vary depending upon the mode of customization required by the customer. These brands mainly offer unique fragrance, especially formulated for a unique perfume. There fragrances are formulated for customers to meet the kind of personality they have. One may not find a fragrance that exactly represents his personality. A Personalized perfume is actually brought to existence for such passionate people. Major ingredients of a fragrance are provided at test levels that are used to formulate a special fragrance. Once tested, these ingredients can be mixed according to those formulations, which give a person a fragrance, not to be forgotten. These perfumes are made to exactly correspond to the personality of the individual using it.

The other purpose of formulating these perfumes is to be fit in a set of certain requirements. Some personal perfumes are made that are exclusive of properties of an ordinary perfume. For example, one may don’t like to have alcohol content in their fragrance, hence they demand a perfume having an alternative content without being an inch back in the quality of original perfume. Personalized perfumes are also made for that purpose. Like that, one may be allergic of certain ingredients contained in a perfume he likes; he will then require a custom perfume formulated for him. There are certainly other purposes of personal perfumes also. A customer may also demand a fragrance that will last long for an environment he is used to be in. There are several companies that manufacture these custom fragrances with collaboration of famous perfume brands like Gucci, Adidas, Blue, Versace etc. There are certain multinational companies that demand formulation of a perfume to fit in the requirements of their product, for example, Ferrari etc. Sometimes some personal perfumes are made for a specific occasion, like wedding perfumes, party perfumes, appetizing fragrances, boutique fragrances etc. Personalized perfumes although cost a bit higher but they are an extensive tool to reflect your personality in the way you like. ASAMA Perfumes

The creative method gave ASAMA Perfumes the time and the opportunity to craft fragrances while working with the highest quality ingredients in a bottle and using Arabic and Western scents as a unique concept point for the fragrances. They welcome your comments at Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @ASAMAPerfumes

April, 2014






Layla Harmony Spa is very well known for some specific services such as:

Hot Stone Massage Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body. The use of hot stones for healing dates back to ancient times. Hot stone massage is beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. It is a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage for both body and mind. The heat helps tight muscles release.

VIP SERVICES AT LAYLA HARMONY SPA What happens during a Hot Stone Massage? Before you arrive, the massage therapist sanitizes and heat stones of various sizes, shapes and weights using water (ranging from 130-145 degrees Fahrenheit). It is started with hot shower to remove dead cells and dilate the pores. During the massage, the therapist will remove the heated stones from the water and place them on specific points along your body (most often the spine), or in the palms of your hand, or even between your toes. When you lie face up, stones may be placed on your belly, chest and face. A towel or sheet is normally placed between you and the stones. The warm stones will help the muscles relax and allow the therapist to more easily perform deep tissue manipulations. In addition, the therapist uses traditional strokes of Swedish massage while holding heated stones. The massage therapist may also put down the stones and use his or her hand to directly massage the skin. Specific essential oils with many different kinds of flavors (depending upon the condition for which massage is being taken) are usually incorporated into the massage treatment. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another. You should let the therapist know if the stones are too warm or the pressure is too strong. Benefits of Hot Stone Massage • Promotes deep muscle and tissue relaxation • Alleviates stress • Relieves pain • Improves circulation • Promotes overall health and well-being. 80

Are there any medical reasons why someone should not get a Hot Stone Massage? If you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes or are under a clinical practitioner's care, consult your practitioner before receiving a hot stone massage. Health conditions that can be treated with Hot Stone Massage • Muscular aches and pains • Back Pain • Arthritis • Stress, Anxiety • Circulatory problems • Insomnia • Depression

Specific Facial Treatments

Gold facial treatment starts with a good cleansing.

Gold Facial Mask The latest discovery in the aesthetic field is known as the gold facial mask. People choose facials containing real gold flakes in their hunt for everlasting beauty. This treatment quickly became famous and is in demand for it has the power to whiten, moisturize, minimize pores, control oil, tone, lift, and restore elasticity. The main benefit of gold that is used through skin care products is the ability of gold to increase blood flow of the skin. It has magical proprieties of youth and vitality, very well at firming and tightening the skin. Gold stimulates collagen and elastic production; activate the regeneration and speeding cellular processes. It makes the skin look younger. It is also useful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Peeling We should exfoliate the skin to debouch or unblock the pores and facilitate the penetration of the active principles included in our special products. Effectuate a good massage with specific products which contain an active ingredient designed for mature and aged skin. Collagen-elastin-peptides-ceramidehyaluronic acid royal jelly. It is anti bacterial and anti microbial which makes it perfect for pulling out toxins and impurities from the skin. This treatment can be done for brides as well. April, 2014


Hair Care from Inside Out Everyone has fallen prey to HAIR problems at some point in their lives regardless of what length, color or texture they possess but if you are looking to achieve healthy and lustrous locks, simply washing & conditioning your hair will not be enough. Sometimes we treat our hair with all the treatments that are out there, not knowing the underlying problem of our scalp and hair. This is why a proper analysis is important prior to any treatment. Regeneration of hair is influenced by many factors: • Age • Sex • Illness • Nutrition & Diet • Health & Lifestyle • Hereditary factors • Physical Stress • Environmental factors


Healthy Scalp means Health Hair Treating the Scalp is effective for hair fall, thinning hair, dehydrated scalp, over-active oily scalp, dandruff, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. This treatment targets on clearing excess sebum, exfoliate debris of dead cells and environmental residues that clog and suffocate the hair follicles causing scalp disorders. In combination with hi-end equipments that act as hair follicle stimulator supports deep penetrations of effective nourishing ingredients, antioxidant botanicals and herbal extracts into the root delivering maximum benefit from the treatment.

Benefits of Scalp Treatments nExfoliates dead skin cells nPromotes blood circulation nIncrease Oxygen supply nActivates dormant hair follicles nStrengthens hair shaft nControl premature greying nSoothes itchy irritated scalp nCreates a healthy scalp environment to supports hair growth

In order to benefit from the scalp treatments, a minimum course our hair is composed of and is highly responsible for the resilience, of session depending on the intensity of the scalp disorder is strength and elasticity to the hair structure inside and out. recommended along with after-care products that are essential as Most of the hair products contain Keratin as a potent ingredient in maintenance. order to regain your hair to its natural health, shiner and softer. The If your hair is dull, dry, frizzy and breaking or the hair cuticles are only decision making process is to choose between the basic and the rough & splitting, your hair is in need for a Hair (Spa) Treatment. intensive course of treatment. In order to reverse the adverse effects of chemical or the regular Basic Hair Treatments are professionally formulated to target blowout procedures Hair Treatments targets on 3 main things: the hair strands to instantly repair, strengthen, hydrate and protect your hair. This treatment involves a concentrated ampoule along with a conditioning mask which penetrates deeply into the hair fibres 1. Replenishes your hair with the lost protein (keratin) and helps to restructure the hair. Depending on the condition of your 2. Renews strength and elasticity hair one treatment might just do the trick for instant results but for long term effects you need to undertake a couple of sessions. Basic 3. Restructures & Strengthens the hair fiber treatments are also opted by those who love to maintain their tresses on a monthly basis. Our hair naturally contains 10% of water that lubricates our hair to Intensive Hair Treatments are a prescriptive range of treatments permit elasticity and flexibility along with minor percentage of lipids, that are formulated to permanently repair damage caused by color, pigments, and minerals. Keratin, a fibrous protein is what 90% of straightening, perming, sun & pollution or the regular use of hair equipments. nBRAZILIAN Keratin Therapy *Formaldehyde Free nNANOMAX Keratin Infusion System nCollagen Therapy nDNA Repair & Renew (Japanese) Therapy

Basic Hair Care Tips: 1. Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb every night Anisaa New LaFem Salon & Beauty Co.

Anisaa is an Aesthetic Consultant and Trainer with New Lafem Salon & Beauty Co. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram at: @lafemsalonq8

April, 2014




By: Oussama T. Hussein Adorning a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone gem will bring the wearer with good luck and protection. Monthly birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. What is the Birth stone for April? The following old poem provides the answer! And this page provides some information about the meaning of the April gem stone, the color, symbolism and significance of this lovely birth stone: "She who from April dates her years, Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears For vain repentance flow." Properties of Diamond

Zodiac Sign

For those who were born in the month of April, Diamond is the traditional birthstone. The April birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Diamond is associated - enhancing relationships and increasing inner strength. The traditional metaphysical properties for the April birthstone Diamond are balance, clarity and abundance. The healing properties of the April birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to brain diseases, pituitary glands. The Diamond is also used to draw out toxins and therefore was used as a remedy for poison.

The twelve Zodiac signs are an astrological version of birthstones in addition to the twelve calendar months. The April birthstone of the Diamond is considered to be the birthstone for Aries (The sign of the Ram) and relate to those born between March 21 - April 20. The Zodiac sign of Aries also responds to Bloodstone, Topaz, Sapphire, Jasper, and Aquamarine.

Where are Diamonds found? Diamond is found in the following countries: Australia, Ghana, Zaire, Russia, USA and Brazil.

Color of the Diamonds The traditional color associated with the Diamond is white, or colorless, and is strongly favored as a popular gem in jewelry. The April birthstone Diamond is categorised into the following: Colorless, Nearly Colorless, Faintly Tinted (usually yellow), Lightly Tinted (usually yellow) and Tinted (usually yellow but may progress to brownish).

Tropical Zodiac

Definition of Diamond Definition of Diamond, the April birth stone: The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word "adamas" which means "hardest metal" which reflects the property of the stone. The diamond is a precious stone or gem excelling in brilliancy and beautiful play of prismatic colors, and remarkable for its extreme hardness. This gem is a member of the Diamond (Carbon) family. It is the hardest substance known. Diamond as found in nature (called a rough diamond) is cut, for use in jewelry, into various forms with many reflecting facets, by which its brilliancy is much increased. The crystal structure of the Diamond, the April birthstone, is isometric.






21 January – 19 February



20 February – 21 March



22 March – 20 April



21 April – 21 May



22 May – 21 June



21 June – 22 July



23 July – 22 August


23 August – 22 September



23 September – 23 October



24 October – 21 November



22 November – 21 December



22 December – 21 January



TIME CONTROL Start turning back time now With the Power of Matrixyl速 3000 & Silymarin

Discover the latest Luxurious Premium line of TIME CONTROL Powered by the extraordinary combination of Matrixyl速 3000 and Milk thistle oil* in the TIME CONTROL range, is at once preventative and regenerating. Matrixyl速 3000 contains peptides that stimulate cell metabolism and synthesizes collagen production. Silymarin, a component of the milk thistle has strong anti-oxidative effect and protects skin from the effects of free radicals. The premium ingredients activate cell performance and speeds up cell regeneration. Skin connective tissue is supported and collagen fibers stay supple. Skin appears radiant, firmer, toned and wrinkles are smoother. The efficacy of ingredients is scientifically validated & recommended by the Society for Dermopharmacy.

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Nawaf Al-Gheraibah is a brilliant, innovative multi-instrumentalist, musician, and a composer who put his heart and soul into his music. Music played a big part in his early years as he watched his dad playing guitar and oud, so there was a certain inevitability to his career path. He feels completing his MA in Musical Composition at the University of Southampton, UK enlightened him to a great extent. Nawaf discusses with CityPages the paths that led him to where he is today. He explains in detail about his projects reflecting how he has developed considerable versatility over the years.

Please introduce yourself to our readers: It is really hard to talk about myself, all I can say is I am a simple human, earth lover, musician, composer and a music producer. Tell us about your education: I have graduated from The Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait, and recently completed my MA in Musical Composition at the University of Southampton, UK.


April, 2014


Do you remember the earliest instance when you thought that music was for you?

How and when did you start your experiences with different cultures during recording company - Alien Records? your search for the true form of music?

I used to love watching my dad play the guitar & oud as a child, he was a big influence on me musically.

Alien Records was established in 2003, I started small inside a basement studio I had built in our house eventually evolving in to a larger production at our offices in Salmiya. I dismantled the company in 2007; when I started to feel that the music I was creating wasn’t true to my inner aesthetic, and the music business was making me feel redundant.

What was the first instrument that you played? (1980s - CASIO - VL - TONE - VL - 1) sounds like a big thing, but in fact it is a tiny electric keyboard. What kind of early music education did you get? I started learning music education in high school. How did you feel when you received the scholarship to learn music abroad? I was happy I guess … it was a turning point in my music career, as studying music in the UK was very challenging and to satisfy the professors over there was a challenge that opened my mind and ears to newer music and arts. 88

During my travels, I became exposed to a lot of underground music, ethnic music, and fusion music. I started to learn new instruments, like the Didgeridoo, the Chinese Guzheng, the Tabla, the Flute, the Sitar, & the Pan Drum, to name a few. All music stems from the same core: human emotion; I found it really prevalent in the folk music I encountered. I enjoyed the rawness of music when it’s completely organic and you can really hear the human expression. Today music is over What made you feel or brought a change digitalized; it can be brash and out of sync within and made you search for a different with the earthy music created by real humans form of music that you could better with real instruments. express yourself with? When I first started as a musician, it was classical music which dominated me, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy etc. I also enjoyed a variety of older music, like jazz, and rock. But it wasn’t till I started traveling after Alien Records and began to explore new forms of spiritual/ethnic or contemporary music out that I began to find my niche. Tell





What changes did the journey bring to your music understanding? It helped me grow, meeting different people, different cultures introduced new forms of music into my thought process, which really helped me evolve my art.

How would you better describe your style and of music?

I’d rather not categorize my music because I don't consciously force myself into one form of music or another. When I create music, I tend to be open to all forms of music, whether it is jazz, classical, rock and folk but if I really had to categorize myself, I guess I would be considered as world fusion. Most musicians usually undergo some life changing incidents that bring an overall change within them. Did you have any similar experience? When I closed down Alien Records and started exploring the world more, it was such an experience to just drop everything, pack my bags and go. I felt alive and the experience really helped me evolve and understand what music really meant to me. Tell us about BIJA? How was your experience introducing a new form of music to the local audience? To be honest, it was nerve wrecking but thankfully the project was well accepted and enjoyed by the audience. I was really lucky to have the support of Bayt Lothan, at the time

What kind of challenges do you face in most people couldn’t understand what I was trying to put together with “Bija” and without introducing your kind of music in Kuwait? Bayt Lothan’s support I wouldn’t have been How has the trend changed according to able to present my music. you? Many challenges have arisen up that would SAMSARA is considered to be a big need a whole new interview to discuss about, success. What according to you was and sadly it has not changed a bit, the only different in it that made the difference? thing I see good now is younger musicians Bigger venue, bigger band, & a longer here in Kuwait starting to have faith and concert. The Samsara album was basically the continuation of my first album Bija; It believe that things would eventually change, completed my initial project and evolved my so they are taking greater risks and trying for original thesis in Bija to an amazing two hour more. experience. That and the complete support from GUST and CAMCO GLOBAL, without them I wouldn’t have been able to handle the Your message for us at CityPages scale of the event. magazine: My music is my message to anyone and everyone but if I have to say anything then To keep making music. to musicians never give up, practice, enjoy and share your art. To the public, enjoy life, take things easy, love and respect, life is a Where do you get your inspiration for big canvas, or a music sheet. We are the ones making music? putting colors and music notes in it. So let it My wife. be a breathtaking art piece! What are your future plans?

April, 2014


APRIL Movie Releases BEARS

Director: Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill

Director: Anthony Guillermo del Toro Director: Russo, Joe Russo

Director: Keith Scholey, Adam Chapman

Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, Frank Grillo

Genres: Documentary

Genres: Adventure, Action, Superhero

Synopsis: Bears follows two mother

Synopsis: After the cataclysmic events

bears as they impart life lessons to their impressionable young cubs. Bears showcases a year in the life of two mother bears as they impart life lessons to their impressionable young cubs. Set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, their journey begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. The world outside is exciting—but risky—as the cubs’ playful descent down the mountain carries with it a looming threat of avalanches. As the season changes from spring to summer, the brown bear families must work together to find food—ultimately feasting at a plentiful salmon run—while staying safe from predators, including an ever-present wolf pack.

in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague comes under attack, Steve becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue that threatens to put the world at risk. Joining forces with the Black Widow, Captain America struggles to expose the ever-widening conspiracy while fighting off professional assassins sent to silence him at every turn. When the full scope of the villainous plot is revealed, Captain America and the Black Widow enlist the help of a new ally, the Falcon. However, they soon find themselves up against an unexpected and formidable enemy—the Winter Soldier.



Director: Ivan Reitman




Director: Carlos Saldanha

Director:Nick James Wan Director: Cassavetes

Director: Randall Wallace

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Jamie, Foxx, Rodrigo Santoro, Andy Garcia

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kate Upton, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney

Starring: Kelly Reilly, Greg Kinnear, Connor Corum, Margo Martindale, Thomas Haden Church, Jon Ted

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Sequel

Genres: Drama, Comedy

Genres: Family, Drama, True Story

Synopsis: RIO 2 finds Jewel (Anne

Synopsis: After realizing she is not her

Synopsis: The true story of a small-

Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their

boyfriend's primary lover, a woman teams up with his wife and plots mutual revenge.

three kids leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. They encounter a menagerie of characters who are born to be wild.


After discovering her boyfriend is married, a woman (Cameron Diaz) tries to get her ruined life back on track. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realizes they have much in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge on their cheating, lying, three-timing SOB.


The film stars Greg Kinnear as Todd Burpo and co-stars Kelly Reilly as Sonja Burpo, the real-life couple whose son Colton (newcomer Connor Corum) claims to have visited Heaven during a near death experience. Colton recounts the details of his amazing journey with childlike innocence and speaks matter-of-factly about things that happened before his birth ... things he couldn't possibly know. Todd and his family are then challenged to examine the meaning from this remarkable event.


Director: Ellie Kanner

Director: Camille Delamarre

Starring: Jonathan Banks, Teri Polo, Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Jonathan Bennett, Dennis Farina

Starring: Paul Walker, David Belle, Catalina Denis, RZA, Carlo Rota, Bruce Ramsay

Genres: Sports, Comedy, Football

Genres: Comedy

Genres: Crime, Action, Thriller

Genres: Drama, Adventure

Genres: Thriller, Horror, Supernatural

Synopsis: In the criminal underworld of

Synopsis: God is saddened at the


Detroit, the streets are overrun with violence

wickedness of mankind and sends a great

and drugs and the hand of corruption reaches

flood to destroy all life on Earth, but instructs

Cleveland Browns must fight to land the

Synopsis: A dysfunctional writers’ group

number 1 draft pick.

melts down when their newest member

On the day of the NFL Draft, general manager

(Kaley Cuoco) finds overnight success.

into the lives of everyone; well almost

Director: Darren Aronofsky

town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son’s extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world.

Starring: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella, Denis Leary, Chadwick Boseman, Timothy Simons Synopsis: The general manager of the

Starring: Ray Winstone, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth

Noah, a man "righteous in his generation," to

Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner) has the

everyone. For Lino (David Belle) every day is

opportunity to save football in Cleveland when

a fight to live an honest life. But when a drug

he trades for the number one pick. He must

lord kidnaps his girlfriend, Lino is forced to

quickly decide what he's willing to sacrifice in

team up with Damien Collier (Paul Walker), an

his family and representatives of all animals

pursuit of perfection as the lines between his

undercover cop who’s been tracking this king

from the massive flood waters

personal and professional life become blurred

pin's involvement in something even more

on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with dreams of playing in the NFL. 90


sinister – a plot to devastate the entire city..

build a wooden ark and save a remnant of life from the Flood. Noah builds the ark and saves

Director: John Pogue Starring: Jared Harris, Erin Richards, Olivia Cooke, Rory Fleck-Byrne, Sam Claflin, John Pogue Tells the story of an unorthodox professor (Jared Harris) who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist. Based on the theory that paranormal activity is caused by human negative energy, the rogue scientists perform a series of tests on a young patient, pushing her to the edge of sanity. As frightening occurrences begin to take place with shocking and gruesome consequences, the group quickly realizes they have triggered a force more terrifying and evil than they ever could have imagined.



Pharrell Williams


John Legend

All Of Me


Sweater Weather


We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow





Beyonce Knowles

Bound 2


Ellie Goulding



Partition Burn


Love More

Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj


Story Of My Life




Doin' What She Likes

One Direction

Dark Horse


Talk Dirty


Best Day Of My Life


Hold On We're Going Home

Let It Go


Counting Stars


Wake Me Up!


The Man




Not A Bad Thing


Hey Brother




Let Her Go


A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera

Say Something


Drink To That All Night


Can't Remember To Forget You


Mine Would Be You


This Is How We Roll


Play It Again

Florida Georgia Line & Luke Bryan

Stay The Night




Pitbull & Ke$ha



Young Girls


Chris Brown & Lil Wayne




Katy Perry


Jason Derulo & 2 Chainz


Idina Menzel

9 10

Aloe Blacc Bastille

Shakira & Rihanna

Zedd & Hayley Williams

Drunk In Love Beyonce & Jay-Z


Kanye West American Authors OneRepublic

Martin Garrix Passenger

Blake Shelton

Coldplay Bruno Mars

Drake Avicii

Justin Timberlake



Blake Shelton

La La La

Naughty Boy & Sam Smith Avicii

Jerrod Niemann Luke Bryan

The Monster

Eminem & Rihanna

Not A Bad Thing Justin Timberlake

April, 2014


Jawa Generating change through literature

Photograph by: Moonlight Studio

Jawa Al Ahmad is an optimistic and imaginative Kuwaiti debut author of ‘Fay’. Her first romantic fiction, ‘Fay’, follows the story of two young sisters as they take a trip to their aunt’s lake house where certain events and people force them to rethink some of their decisions in life. Jawa writes with a rare mix of wisdom and ease. In her hands difficult truths feel simple and heartache is somehow totally delicious. In the below interview with CityPages, Jawa shares her thoughts on her debut novel, about her writing process and the inspirations she draws from her regular traveling.


Al-Ahmad Please introduce yourself to our It’s hard for me to answer that one because I right for you and not what you’re expected always thought of “Fay” as a message instead to do. That includes when you decide to get readers: My name is Jawa Al Ahmad, I am twenty-five years old and I have an unnatural obsession with colors of the ocean. I also like to write!

Tell us about your education: My family travelled a lot when I was younger so I spent most of my years bouncing from culture to culture. I think that played a huge role in my versatile education. While Arabic is my native language, I went to American schools and so English has and still is my first and strongest language. My university years were divided between the United States and Kuwait where I studied advertising both at the University of North Texas and at the American University of Kuwait, where I eventually graduated from.

At what age did you start writing? I don’t recall, but I know that it was at a very young age so I guess I should say as long as I remember? I definitely started reading at a very young age and it is probably my favorite thing to do in the world.

of a story, but if I had to describe it I would say it follows two young sisters as they take a trip to their aunt’s lake house where certain events and people force them to rethink some of their decisions in life.

Is the lake in the novel symbolic? Very much so. In fact, this is a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read the book, as the lake never existed. It represented an alternate universe where the characters could form their own rules and what their lives looked like when they did so.

Are you working on any other books currently? Maybe.

Who is your literary inspiration? I don’t have one specific person; I’m more inspired by individual novels. Some of them include the works of Yukio Mishima, Toni Morrison, and Ernest Hemingway.

Who is to blame regarding the relationship of Sara and Mishary? Sara, Mishary, and their parents.

Where is this novel available for readers to buy?

At the time when people are after Jarir Bookstore and a few other places that materialistic things, do you find Fay’s are listed on my Instagram account (@jn_ decision appropriate? It might not be appropriate but I think it’s very understandable. Marriage can sometimes feel like a transaction in Kuwait and it can become very easy to get sucked into that kind of mentality.

What was the inspiration behind writing such a romantic novel? Living in the Middle East. I think we need more romance and less rules.

married and to whom.


What is your message for the people who want to write? There’s a difference between wanting to write

The pictorial quality of the novel is and having to write. I’ve wanted to write for fabulous, were you under any poetic twenty years and then one day that changed influence while writing this novel? and I went from wanting to needing. It’ll be I actually wrote the entire novel on a trip to

a moment or an event and when it happens,

so incredibly beautiful I found myself trying to match its beauty in ‘Fay’.

How will you compare “Fay” with Paris. I took a train through France, Holland use it. “Pride and Prejudice”? and Germany last winter and everything was This is the first time that comparison has been made and I’m surprised at how I didn’t notice it before! I guess both novels dealt a lot with marriage and society and the changes that were taking place at the time.

Your message for us at CityPages magazine:

According to you what is the most important thing while making a Your magazine is wonderful and I really decision regarding marriage? enjoyed answering your questions! Thank

How would you like to describe the This is a tough one, but if I had to choose one you for this interview and for supporting a plot of “Fay”? important thing it would be to choose what’s local writer. April, 2014


His True Love

“Lina,what’s the matter?’

She looked sad and confused. She sat there in silence and not a word was muttered. Abdullah loved her, he really did but sometimes it was so hard to understand her. “Abdullah, I can’t be with you,” she said. “I just can’t.” He took her hand and held it, she needed to be held. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sand beneath his skin felt like silk. The water was so clear and to him, the day was perfect. Even though Lina said she couldn’t be with him but he knew she was lying. She was scared and so was he. The thing is was, she couldn’t marry him and he couldn’t marry her. However, he wasn’t ready to accept reality. For a while, he wanted to be lost in a world where everything would go his way. He couldn’t face the truth yet, not yet. “What if you beg your mom, Lina, try,” he said. Perhaps, if she tried to beg her parents, then maybe they would change their mind. But then again, this was the real world and not his ideal world that he longed for. hers again. He was never going to hear the sweet sound of her laugh or the way she would pout when she was upset. He was never going Her parents refused to let her marry him. They wanted somebody to look into her light brown eyes. That was it. more handsome, richer and a man who carried a well-known family He did see her again. 10 years later. She still looked the same, with name. To them, he wasn’t good enough. But to her, he was more than a few lines on her face, she had aged beautifully. She didn’t see him good enough. But, it wasn’t in her hands. She had no control over it. though. But he watched her walk out of the shop with her 3 beautiful Abdullah wanted to cry. He could feel his eyes water up and he knew children and he could feel his heart ache again. He was married, he that in any minute, the tears would escape. And, his heart would had children but he wasn’t married to the love of his life. He watched break into a million pieces. They were making her marry somebody her walk out of the shop and he felt like he was twenty-three again else. Every time he thought about it, he could feel the anger rush on the beach where he last saw her. through his body. Somebody else was going to take her away from He closed his eyes and he pictured the life that they could have had him. She was his and the thought about not having her was making and the stabbing pain he felt in his heart was something he could him ache all over. never forget. Lina gazed into his big, brown and sad eyes and her heart ached.

“Lina, I’ll find a better job, I’ll make more money. I’ll do anything. Please, just convince your parents,” he cried.

“What if..” he sighed as he watched Lina walk out the shop.

“Abdullah,” his pregnant wife called out. He turned towards his wife’s He kissed her forehead and he knew he was losing her. As he closed direction and knew that the past will always be the past. But, he would his eyes he felt like his whole world was falling down around him. never let go of the thought of what his life could have been like. Because, it was. She was his world. “Good-bye Lina,” he whispered to himself as he took his wife’s hand They both knew that it was the last time that they would ever be and headed to the car. together. He held her close and when it was time for her to go, he couldn’t let go. She buried her face into his t-shirt and cried, again. Nadia AlHassan She wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the man of her dreams. He was the only person that made her feel safe and happy. But it was time, it was time to say goodbye. He watched her disappear into the distance. She was gone. He sat for hours, numb. He was never going to see that beautiful face of 94

Nadia Al-Hassan is a student in Ireland, studying Journalism. She is passionate about writing stories and poetry. Nadia loves helping people with her stories. She believes that words are beautiful and powerful.

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April, 2014


Abdulaziz AlKhamis Abdulaziz is a Kuwaiti Film Maker, Visual Artist and a Script Writer. He graduated from the UK, with a passion to mix art and visuals.

History of the Movie Camera

Photography by: @abdullah_hamadah at @seventyseven_kw studio

The first patented film camera was designed in England by Frenchman Louis Le Prince in 1888. He built and patented an earlier 16 lens camera in 1887 at his workshop in Leeds. The first 8 lenses would be triggered in rapid succession by an electromagnetic shutter on the sensitive film; the film would then be moved forward allowing the other 8 lenses to operate on the film. After much trial and error, he was finally able to develop a single lens camera in 1888, which he used to shoot the first sequences of moving film in the world, including the Roundhay Garden Scene and Leeds Bridge. According to Adolphe Le Prince, who assisted his father at Leeds,Roundhay Garden was shot at 12 frame/s andLeeds Bridge at 20 frame/s.[2] His camera still exists with the National Media Museum inBradford. He shot the film on celluloid with 1他 inch width.


Louis Le Prince's pioneeringsingle-lens Cine Camera-Projector MkII, the first film camera in the world. Kept in the Science Museum, London, 1930).

Another early pioneer was the British inventor William Friese-Greene. He began to experiment with the use of oiled paper as a medium for displaying motion pictures in 1885 and by 1887 he was experimenting with the use of celluloid. In 1889, Friese-Greene took out a patent for a 'chronophotographic' camera. This was capable of taking up to ten photographs per second using perforated celluloid film. A report on the camera was published in the British Photographic Newson February 28, 1890.He gave a public demonstration in 1890 of his device, but the low frame rate combined with the device's apparent unreliability made an unfavourable impression.

Charles Kayser of the Edison lab seated behind the Kinetograph. Portability was not among the camera's virtues.

Mass-market Due to the work of Le Prince, Friese-Greene, Edison and the Lumière brothers, the movie camera had become a practical reality by the mid 1890s. The first firms were soon established for the manufacture of movie camera, including Birt Acres, Eugene Augustin Lauste, Dickson, Pathé frères, Prestwich, Newman & Guardia, de Bedts, Gaumont-Démény, Schneider, Schimpf, Akeley, Debrie, Bell & Howell, Leonard-Mitchell, Ertel, Ernemann, Eclair, Stachow, Universal, Institute, Wall, Lytax, and many others.

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The Aeroscope was built and patented in England in the period 19091911 by Polish inventor Kazimierz Prószynski.[10] Aeroscope was the first successful hand-held operated film camera. The cameraman did not have to turn the crank to advance the film, as in all cameras of that time, so he could operate the camera with both hands, holding the camera and controlling the focus. This made it possible to film with the Aeroscope in difficult circumstances including from the air and for military purposes. The first all-metal cine camera was the Bell & Howell Standard of 1911-12. One of the most complicated models was the MitchellTechnicolor Beam Splitting Three-Strip Camera of 1932. With it, three colour separation originals are obtained behind a purple, a green, and a red light filter, the latter being part of one of the three different raw materials in use. In 1923 Eastman Kodak introduced a 16mm film stock, principally as a lower cost alternative to 35mm and several camera makers launched models to take advantage of the new market of amateur movie-makers. Thought initially to be of inferior quality to 35mm, 16mm cameras continue to be manufactured today by the likes of Bolex, Arriand Aaton many in the Super 16mm and Ultra 16mm formats. The most popular 35 mm cameras in use today are Arri/Arriflex, Moviecam (now owned by the Arri Group), and Panavision models. For very high speed filming, PhotoSonics are used.

The Aeroscope (1910) was the first handheld movie camera.

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They Built A Mall

frenzied and total, to encompass my thoughts, and wipe

They built a mall in the city and dreamt.

them clean, so I can start again without guilt, without torment,

A world in cement emerged

and write what they want me to write

disguising cages as sages in cubicles,

on a kaleidoscopic surface,

will surely follow, and the gossip

crushing books and pens

gleaming wet, absent of any trace

fodder bubbled with suspicion, “What’s

and mixing them with gravel

you've left.

their relation?” – she turned to activism.


Vagabonds in Silhouettes

She said of the model, “She’s dumb,

You stole the fulcrum.

to make the edifice of the future office of the Vice President of Consumer Affairs. They built a city in the mall and wept. A world, once multilayered,

how come she quotes Deleuze

now bereft of depth.

without a degree?” To prove her point,

Mother Teresa is

Its people ploughing hard

she – who scorned the tenure of the body –

wreathing in her grave.

into an abyss of self-hatred

published in Marie Claire, views on

Should I tell her

and future death, absent of consent.

beauty she’d borrowed from

you impersonate

Western philosophy. But the

her good graces to get

model gathered devotees, so she

your way? Play fair;

They built a mall, and lost their own city,

carved stupidity on designer plates,

Stop smiling.

don’t act it.

so they built another,

“No grace in ignorance, no space for

crossing their fingers

brainless babes”, wrapped around

in the direction of Mecca.

her own head and waist, “Can you

is caught in a ring

see it now?” but no one saw,

spitting blows from

and none would care

God knows where. Yet,

that a model might or

whispers echo in shadows


Retract your accusations. My name

might not genuinely know

as vagabonds in silhouettes.

They won’t let me

poststructural debates. Being


utter the words that bounce

and becoming, two steps away from

like molecules,

advertising one’s rhizomatous

so I have to slice and censor

avatar. Are you aware of amount of

truth, but you persist, like a long

local rising stars? To prove

dizzying drop of water,

her altruism, and lack of motive – for

staining transparent glass,

there had been plenty before and more

safe,” a prayer, thickens the air, dense with your warm breath.

insisting I take notice, but I shrug, as I do when

Nada Faris

I compromise my craft for fear of losing life, and raise my palms for a flood of water, a rush, a terrible torrent, 98

Nada Faris is a Kuwaiti who writes poetry, articles, and fiction in English. Her latest book, Before Young Adult Fiction, is a collection of short, award-winning articles, poems, and short stories that shaped her writing voice. Reach her at: or @nadafaris

Photo by Greg Bal

‫أشياؤك اللئيمة‬ ‫أحبها‪...‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫المنهكة‬ ‫كتُ بك‬ ‫َ‬ ‫يحتضر كل ليلة‬ ‫سريرك الـ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫كأم خذلها اهلل‬ ‫ٌ‬ ‫أحالمك الثكلى ٍ‬ ‫و حقيبتُ َ‬ ‫ك الـ م ّلت الترحال‪..‬‬ ‫أحبها‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫األرض بال اكتراث‬ ‫أحذيتُ ك الملقاةُ على‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫كجثة خائن‪..‬‬ ‫َ‬ ‫المنهك من فرط البرد‬ ‫قهوتك‬ ‫وفنجان‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫والغربة القابعة في عينيك‬ ‫حين صدفةً ‪ ،‬تضحك‪..‬‬ ‫بصمت فاضح‬ ‫صو ُر النساء الالتي مر ّرن على ل ّيلك‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫وسائد‬ ‫دمع على‬ ‫ورائحة‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫َ‬ ‫وشت بك‪...‬‬ ‫ْ‬

‫ُ‬ ‫األثقل من كل الكالم‬ ‫صمتُ ك‬ ‫صوتك األمرد يعتلي صخب األغاني‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫حد اإلسراف‬ ‫أكاذيبك‬ ‫المستهلكة ّ‬ ‫في حين‬ ‫الود رأسي‪:‬‬ ‫أهزُّ أنا بكل‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫أن أكْ ّم ْل‪..‬‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫صد ُق ْ‬ ‫ك‪!..‬‬ ‫أنا ُأ ِّ‬

‫إتقانك في سرد قصص لم تحدث‬ ‫تكررها من فرط اليأس‬ ‫َ‬ ‫مل‬ ‫وانتقاؤك العشوائي ُ‬ ‫لج ٍ‬ ‫من فرط سذاجتها‬ ‫كطفلة‬ ‫أحفَ ُظها أنا‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫عن ظهر قلب‬ ‫أحفظ ْ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ك‪...‬‬ ‫كما‬

‫أحبه‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫إصرا ُرك على أن اهلل كان ألمثالك من الحزانى‬ ‫والسكارى‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫أم تلوكها الوحدة‬ ‫أحاديثك المكررةُ عن ٍ‬ ‫وي َل ُ‬ ‫قلب َ‬ ‫ك الحنين إلى ِع ْطر َشعرها‬ ‫وك ُ‬ ‫الخطيئة‬ ‫أب تفانى في‬ ‫عن ٍ‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫ب آخر‬ ‫عن حبيبة تركْ َتها على صدر ُح ٍ‬ ‫ورحلت‪..‬‬

‫أحبه‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫َ‬ ‫بنفسك‬ ‫نفسك‬ ‫انشغال‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫وحيدها‪..‬‬ ‫مليك الحياة و‬ ‫وكأنك‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫و أنت لو تدري‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫مليك قلبي و وحيده‬ ‫َ‬ ‫أجلك‬ ‫وحتى قلبي من‬ ‫أحببتُ ه‪..‬‬

‫أحبه‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫مسن ينام على ِّ‬ ‫مدينة شاحبة‬ ‫كف‬ ‫نهر‬ ‫ٌ‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫أحبها‪...‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ثث أسرارك‬ ‫تُلقي فيه أنت ُج َ‬ ‫السيجارةُ السجينة بين أصابعك‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫الملوحة ذاكرتك‪..‬‬ ‫ينبش الليل بكل‬ ‫شفتيك تئن حين‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫َ‬ ‫واالستسالم الذي يعتريها حين هي بين‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫األنوثة‬ ‫وانأ بكامل‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫وأحبه‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫أح ُل ْم‪..‬‬ ‫تغمر كل قصا ِئدك‬ ‫أحبها‪ ،‬الفوضى التي‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫كطقوس نومك‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫كحدائق أنفاسك‬ ‫كمذاق الحرية في عينيك‪..‬‬ ‫ِ‬ ‫أحبها‪..‬‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ادعاءات َ‬ ‫ُك بأن الرجولةَ َصنْ عةَ من فقدوا الحب‬ ‫والوطن‪..‬‬ ‫تماديك على الحياة والقدر‬ ‫كشراع مركبة تغرق‬ ‫وانكساراتك‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫أمام فتات أحالمك‪..‬‬ ‫أحبه‪..‬‬ ‫َ‬ ‫لفجر لم يحمل حمامًا‬ ‫انتقادك‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫بصيف‬ ‫وشتاء لم يأتي‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫بفرج‬ ‫وسماء لم تأتي‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫و وطن لم ُيخ ّلف إال الموت‪..‬‬ ‫أحبه‪...‬‬ ‫ُ‬


‫‪Tassnim Hassoun‬‬

‫‪Tassnim is an accounts specialist. She has been writing poetry and short stories‬‬ ‫‪since she was twelve and currently is in the process of writing a book, needless‬‬ ‫‪to say she loves reading.‬‬ ‫‪Additionally Tassnim is a gym and nutrition junky.‬‬

‫‪April, 2014‬‬

APRIL Book Releases

From literary masters to the Queen of suspense, there is something for everyone this spring. Two pieces of nonfiction explore life (birth stories) and death (the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide). Which book from this list are you excited to explore?

Can't and Won't Lydia Davis

Can't and Won't is the fifth collection of stories by Lydia Davis. The collection includes typical stories, but also poems, letters of complaint to fake companies and short prose. This is a literary selection that is receiving pre-publication buzz. Davis won the Man Booker Prize in 2013 with one of her earlier collections.

I've Got You Under My Skin Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark needs no introduction. Her psychological suspense novels have entertained and terrified a generation of readers. In her latest, I've Got You Under My Skin, a New York City ER doctor is murdered in front of his son on a playground. Five years later, the killer still has not been caught and his widow is a TV producer who has just been given the OK to produce a show on cold cases. Each episode will bring together survivors of crimes to reenact and reexamine what happened. What happens, though, if one of the players is guilty?

Love & Treasure

Ayelet Waldman

April is Holocaust Remembrance Month. If you want a novel to mark the month that is a different kind of story, try Ayelet Waldman's Love & Treasure. Love & Treasure is the story of the Hungarian Gold Train of 1945, which was filled with loot from World War II, much of which was taken by American soldiers. Years later, an American soldier gives his granddaughter a piece of jewelry that leads to a world of shady art dealers, stories of people who lost everything in the war, and revelations about her grandfather's guilt.

You Hide that you Hate Me and I Hide that I Know'

Frog Music

Emma Donoghue

Emma Donoghue, best known for Room, has written a literary crime novel in Frog Music. Frog Music explores a real life unsolved murder from the 1860s in California. The woman murdered wore pants and hunted frogs. The book is told from the perspective of her burlesque dancer friend who was with Jenny the night she was murdered and is determined to find the killer. Frog Music is a page turning mystery, but is also full of well researched historical details.

Labor Day: True Birth Stories Teju Today's Best Women Writers

Labor Day: True Birth Stories by Today's Best Women Writers is a collection of essays from authors such as Julia Glass, Lauren Groff and Cheryl Strayed. Thirty women recount their labor stories. There are those determined to give birth naturally, those who love their epidurals, long births, short births, and even a birth in a car. The quality of the essays is mixed, but this is still a collection to keep in mind as a Mother's Day gift for young moms.

Worst. Person. Ever

Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland's protagonist, Neal, has no redeemable qualities. The plot, which involves launching a nuclear bomb over the Pacific ocean to clear plastic debris and a human apocalypse, is its own bundle of crazy. The novel, however, is one that reviewers are describing as laugh out loud funny.


Lauren Oliver

Philip Gourevitch

Philip Gourevitch's 1998 book, We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families, detailed the 1994 Rwandan genocide. On the twentieth anniversary of the genocide, Gourevitch has written an account of Rwanda since 1994. You Hide that you Hate Me and I Hide that I Know is a journalistic investigation, travelogue and narrative about how the country has rebuilt and the ongoing struggle in neighboring Congo 100

Lauren Oliver returns with another young adult thriller that adults can also enjoy. Panic is the name of a game that teenagers (seniors in high school) began playing because there was nothing else to do in summer in the small town. The novel follows two characters involved in the game, a girl who never thought she would play but suddenly has a reason to want to win, and a boy with a secret that he thinks will propel him to victory. Along the way, they form alliances and confront the possibility of love. The movie rights to this novel have already been sold.


Until I Find You Next Month...

One of my favorite American authors is John Irving Irving achieved critical and popular praise after the international success of The World According to Garp in 1978. Some of his books were best sellers such as The Cider House Rules (1985) and A Prayer for Owen Meany (1989). Five of his novels have been adapted to films. He won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999 for his script The Cider House Rules. He wrote popular novels such as Last Night in Twisted River (2009), The Fourth Hand (2001) and In One Person (2012). Until I Find You (2005) is a story of Jack Burns's life, fame and the story of his parents. When he was four years old he traveled with his mother who was a tattoo artist to several ports in the north of Europe in search of his father, who always seems to be a step ahead of them. However, he doesn't leave a city without leaving a trail behind him; a new tattoo on a different part of his body by an artist from that specific city. After a while they gave up, Jack got older and became an actor. His life was full of fame and strange relationships with women who are older than him but, Jack always lived in the shadow of his father. He was not sure if the picture his mother drew of his father was true or if it was only his character based on her point of view. After, when his mother died and he started having these wonders, he decided to set off for a second journey to try and find his estranged father. A melancholy tale of deception, Until I Find You is also a swaggering comic novel, a giant tapestry of life’s hopes. It is a masterpiece to compare with John Irving’s great novels as well as other great novelists, and restates the author’s claim to be considered the most glorious, comic, moving novelist at work today.

Next month I will cover one of the best classic books of all times. It is still widely read until today. It is The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. It is not just a book that talks about politics; it is a book that talks about ways of life.

Nada Soliman

Meet Nada, our team member is simply a book savvy. Every month Nada picks her favourite book and shares with you its review. Please feel free to contact Nada to discuss your opinion or ask her opinion on your favourite book or author.

April, 2014


The Spiritual Pathway to

Individual Genius There’s a famous phrase that goes like this: “There’s a fine line between insanity and genius.” and it sounds wrong, because we all know that there is a big difference between being smart and being stupid… But when taken to extremes, is madness the same as genius? Or do we only see madmen and geniuses as people who are similar to each other, because we do not understand them? How can we, the normal people, understand the crazy ones whose thoughts are on a completely different frequency? Or the geniuses who have reached the heights of knowledge through proper experience and meditation? The answers, in my opinion, lie within our view of both parties and their behavior. We tend to alienate what we do not comprehend, and we attack it, even when it doesn’t deserve to be attacked. We simply see the world from our point of view: In a utilitarian and pragmatic way; we only consider what we approve of as correct. And what we do not, we consider to be false. And here’s the problem. Once we see the world from a lunatic’s or a geniuses’ perspective, we might follow them immediately. We simply see them both as the same because we do not know how to detect which traits are attributed to whom. We lack understanding. To properly understand geniuses, we need to approach the world of the genius to also accept his mentality. We have to become the crazy person we see in the genius to fathom his mindset. But first, who is the genius?


Who is the Genius? A genius is, in summary, a cynic who gave up the usual hedonism of the normal human to pursue an authentic life of his own, and he does this to see the world from the angle that it should be seen from. A genius’ life is not easy at all. It’s hard, because a genius is a master of self-control, and a master of all the ways of the world. In other words, he actually sees the wheel of things works, and thus, he is the only one who might understand how the world truly functions. When we look at a genius, we see many features in him, and the most conspicuous and distinctive four features can be summed up as: The hermit life, a doubter of everything, the exceptional and special individual, the thinker, and the moral one. A genius is a very dedicated figure. He shapes and molds himself throughout the ages to become the person he aims to be. A genius is simply a man or woman of excellent values, and of very high intellect.

good, and helps those who are suffering to see the light-shed angles of life, to relieve them of their suffering, and for them to stop hurting their victims. A genius understands that there is no use for revenge and the conduct of unethical deeds, so he forgives all people for all of their errors no matter how big, to help them see the light of truth; that important light that can change even the blackest of hearts. The application of knowledge; A genius is not only a thinker, but an engineer and a problem solver. The genius tries to solve all the questions that occur to him using his own theories and methods which he obtained in his meditations, and that is, normally, how people measure the genius of geniuses; how efficient are their answers in solving problems. The genius, using his understanding of the world, always proposes solutions to the problems (questions) at hand, and then measures them on a large scale in society to see which solutions work without contradictions. And those solutions are usually the most revolutionary, and the most useful in making the world a better place for all of us.

The process of becoming a Genius. There are certain steps that each person has to take to become a genius. Those steps are: Following the ways of the Hermit; A genius doesn’t like to surround himself with others, he only makes use of the company of others to see his reflection onto people, or to teach them of his thoughts and studies. A genius seeks to be alone, and to abstain himself from the pleasures of the world to focus on what he considers to be important. To focus on the classical goals of life; to fully understand our vague lives, and help others to achieve that certain understanding. A genius also prefers taking the road less traveled, which is the one paved with obstacles and hardships, so he can become as strong as a mountain. When a hermit achieves strong willpower, and when he becomes determined he can never be swayed to the ways of evil, nor can he lose to his sentiments. His zeal will never atrophy. Doubt as a method of acquiring knowledge; A genius, in his way of acquiring knowledge, discards all beliefs he originally had, and then uses logic and the basic sciences to critique his former thoughts or to come up with new ones. Nothing is ever completely true, although when something is formally critiqued and methodically proven, it gets relied on. Then, and only then can the genius acquire knowledge. And that knowledge is not absolute, nor will it ever be; in fact, it is smeared with doubt, as David Hume would say: “All knowledge degenerates into probability.” Truth, to a genius, is only an opinion that is heavily supported by plenty of evidences, and cannot be refuted so easily (or may not be refuted at all). All thoughts are efficiently formulated in a way that they age pretty well within the genius’ mind, so that he doesn’t allow experiences to deter his ‘facts’ so effortlessly. Morality is the pinnacle of genius; A true genius knows that sympathy is key in behaving one’s self. A person who is good to others is good to himself, and may he only then learn from others. It becomes obvious shortly after seeing the people who treat others badly that those wrongdoers are ignorant and uncompassionate. They are selfish and they simply do not comprehend the feelings of others. A genius will reach out to others, no matter how ‘stupid’ they are considered, and no matter how wicked or sinister. A genius finds a way in the end to change those with evil in their hearts to

Would one desire to become a Genius? We may think that a genius is gratified with the pleasure of fame or wealth he obtains after helping the world, but it is a fact that geniuses refuse both fame and wealth. In fact, they despise it. They may accept, however, the support to further investigate in the troubles of life to solve them, or to develop the sciences and polish them. Besides that, the life of a genius is not fun nor is it happy. But is the genius at a loss? He doesn’t strive for happiness but for truth and meaning, and happiness is just meaning for the escapists and the nihilists. A genius embarks on meditation for the sake of knowing more, to find truth in the end. There is no appetite like that of curiosity, and the genius knows exactly how to satisfy that. “Ignorance is bliss” is often heard from geniuses because ignorant people, even if lacking in direction and generally unhappy, do not see the bleak and gloomy depth within epistemology and the metaphysics, and that is for sure. These fields are often crushing, and they may break the genius in half if he had not such a strong will, and that’s why they approach it with utmost care. A genius may in the end pluck up the courage to search for more, in hopes of finding the answers — if there existed answers. And in this way, a genius’s way is desired, and for a plethora of reasons. The genius gets to see the world from his own eyes, and not by what is conventionally seen. A genius can create his own happiness and his own unique meaning of life, without following others blindly. A genius experiences the finest of arts, and that is such a great pleasure. And so, for these reasons, anyone would strive to be a genius. Who wouldn’t, when we live in a society that does not tolerate anyone? A genius is the only line of defense against the proletarian and the capitalist forces, and for such, we should all aim to be geniuses. For the sake of the planet, and for the sake of humanity.

Adnan Najeeb Al-Abbar Adnan is studying Theoretical Physics at the College of Sciences and Technology in Kuwait University. His hobbies include Anime, manga, heavy metal, jazz, gaming, writing, and reading. In writing field he is into reviews, critiques, essays, plays, and short short-stories.

April, 2014



Books that Made into Movies in 2014 Every year there are many, many movies based on new and old books. Readers love to say "the book was better," but often we are still drawn to the film adaptations of our favorite reads, hoping to catch the magic in a new way. Here are the biggest movies based on books that are scheduled for release in 2014.



The Maze Runner

Fifty Shades of Grey

Gone Girl


Divergent is the first book in a teenage dystopian trilogy by Veronica Roth. It takes place in a future Chicago, and involves factions on fighting teenagers, so it can't help but draw comparisons with The Hunger Games. There is a lot of hype around this movie. The third and final book in the trilogy was released in the fall of 2013, creating even more anticipation. The movie was recently released on March 21, 2014.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner was released in 2009. It is the first book in a young adult dystopian trilogy, although it is slightly different in feel than Divergent or Hunger Games. It is a science fiction thriller about teenagers living in an unsolvable maze full of horrible creatures. The movie adaptation will be released September 19, 2014.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James was a surprise runaway bestseller that made erotica more mainstream. There has been a lot of speculation about a movie adaptation, but even though the studio has announced a release date, the leading roles are still not filled. Fans can look for the movie to hit theaters August 1, 2014.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was one of the biggest thrillers of 2012 (and one of the best books of the year, in our opinion). With memorable characters, a ton of suspense, and book sales that have kept it on bestsellers lists for over a year, it is no surprise that this one is being turned into a movie. Reese Witherspoon is producing and Ben Affleck will star. The movie will be released October 3, 2014.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed was released in 2012 and became very popular when it was chosen for Oprah's Book Club 2.0. Wild is the true story of Strayed's experience hiking the Pacific Crest Trail after her mother died and her marriage fell apart. Reese Witherspoon will play Strayed in the movie.

This is Where I Leave You

The Monuments Men

The Fault in Our Stars



This is Where I Leave You is the story of a man whose wife leaves him in a public and humiliating way and then whose father dies. While he sits shiva for his father, he must spend seven days and nights with his dysfunctional family. Jason Bateman and Tina Fey will star in the adaptation of this comedy, which is set for release on September 12, 2014.

The nonfiction book, The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel and Bret Witter, was released in 2009 and tells the story of a group of museum directors, art curators and art historians who risked their lives during World War II to save pieces of art that Hitler planned to destroy. An all-star cast is making this a much talked about movie. The movie release date is February 7, 2014.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was one of our Best Books of 2012. This young adult novel is a love story about two sixteen year olds with cancer. It is a well written and moving story that fans hope will translate well onto the big screen. The movie release date is June 6, 2014.

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is the true story of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic track star who survived a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean during World War II, spent more than a month on a raft and was eventually captured by the Japanese military, who held him as a prisoner of war for two and a half years. The 2010 nonfiction book is already an acclaimed bestseller, and the film adaptation of Hillenbrand's earlier book, Seabiscuit, was a big success on screen as well. Angelina Jolie will direct the movie, which is scheduled for release December 25, 2014.

Following in the footsteps of other successful book into movie franchises such as Harry Potter and Twilight, the last book in the Hunger Gamesseries will be split into two movies. Mockingjay continues to follow Katniss Everdeen and the rebellion against the Capitol. Mockingjay: Part 1 is set for release November 21, 2014.

April, 2014


to add to your wishlist

A rubber band machine gun, philanthropic soccer ball and more amazing must-haves

LEM series by Daniel Becker These lamps mimic the structures of quasicrystals, so-called “impossible crystals” because they have symmetries scientists didn’t think could exist. But they do! And you can hang a model of one on your wall

Rubber Band Machine Gun Our favorite specs this month come from a fully automatic rubber band shooter. We’ll let them do the talking. Barrels: 16. Shots: 672. Speed: 14 shots per second. Range: 26 feet.

Swanson Tool Savage GripLine The GripLine is the first tape measure that can hold onto round objects. The extra-long tip gives it the reach to latch onto pipes up to two inches in diameter.


DC Comics Batman Eternal Leading up to the 75th anniversary of Batman, DC is launching a weekly comic book during the month of April featuring a wide cast of Gotham characters. The series will have the “nuttiest, craziest” Batman stories yet, according to the lead writer, Scott Snyder.

Orbit Let’s say, hypothetically, that you want to create a universe. Well, with Orbit, an orbital simulator, you can build solar systems on any Android device. Choose the size and speed of each spatial body and let gravity do the rest.

PowerAll This external battery can recharge your phone and jump-start your car. When full, it will bring a car battery back to life 20 times or charge a smartphone four times. That’s what we call “dual-purpose.

Philips SlimStyle 60W-equivalent An act banning the production of 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs went into effect in January. So expect to see more LED bulbs hit stores, like the SlimStyle, which doesn’t need a heat sink. No heat sink means a lower price than other alternatives.

One World Futbol When you buy a One World Futbol, another is donated to a nonprofit working with a disadvantaged community. Plus, it’s a great ball. Because of a special valve, it doesn’t need a pump and will never go flat. Score!

Nike Kobe 9 Elite

Michelin Premier A/S

Kobe’s latest sneaker is all about agility: A one-piece upper and a carbon fiber heel reduce the weight typically associated with a high-top.

The Premier A/S tire doesn’t lose its traction as quickly as others do: As it wears, more than 150 new grooves appear along its shoulder to take up the job of directing rain away. April, 2014


pCell technology, wireless re-invented pCell (PersonalCell) is a new wireless technology that capable of speed up the wireless connections to hundreds of times faster, even in a heavy use. Unlike the old cell towers, It uses the pWave radio signals. The new technology transmits tiny pCells dedicated to each device instead of sharing a cell with many devices.That means users will not share the bandwidth. The old problem like slow connection, latency, poor video and voice quality will be gone. This technology will give each device its own pCell so it can get the full spectrum capacity, no matter where you are as long as there is coverage you will get the full speed. No more dead zones or interference like what happens when your device switch from a tower cell to another. pWave antenna will cover you wherever you go.

Yousif Alsaeed

Yousif holds a BSc. in Information Technology & Computing Degree and is a Teacher and Software Developer. He loves sharing the latest technology news and gadgets with people. Yousif believes that behind everything in the tech-world is a great story. He spends most of his time reading technology blogs and self development. Saad


A burger lover who works as a Computer Technician during the day. Saad has a curious mind that likes to discover everything new that's related to computers, hardware, gadgets and technology. You'll most probably find him holding a burger while playing with a new gadget. He is 27 years old, loves Mixed Martial Arts. Music is what keeps him going especially Rock & Roll.


‫ (الخلية الشخصية) هي عبارة عن تقنية السلكية جديدة لها القدرة‬pCell ‫ حتى مع اإلستخدام‬،‫على تسريع اإلتصاالت الالسلكية مئات المرات‬ ‫ على عكس أبراج اإلتصاالت التقليدية فهي تستعمل موجات‬.‫المكثف‬ ‫ هذه التقنية الحديثة تبث مجموعة من الخاليا الشخصية‬.pWave ‫راديو‬ .‫الصغيرة لكل جهاز على حده بدال من مشاركة الخلية بين عدة أجهزة‬ ‫ المشاكل القديمة‬.‫وهذا يعني أن المستخدمين لن يتشاركوا الموجة‬ ‫ رداءة الصوت والفيديو‬،‫ سرعة اإلستجابة من الخادم‬،‫مثل بطئ اإلتصال‬ ‫ هذه التقنية ستعطي كل جهاز خلية اتصال خاصة به وبكامل‬.‫ستنتهي‬ ‫نطاقها بغض النظر عن مكانك طالما كانت هناك تغطية ستحصل‬ ‫ لن يكون هناك ضعف في إشارة االستقبال أو‬.‫على السرعة الكاملة‬ ‫تداخل في الموجات كما يحصل عندما يتنقل جهازك من برج اتصال إلى‬ .‫ ستقوم بتغطية اتصالك أينما كنت‬pWave .‫آخر‬

Google reveals Android Wear OS. This version of Android OS is specially designed to works on wearable devices (watches , bracelet .. etc). Health & fitness are the keys of marketing beside other features. The OS will shows your speed, distance and all other important information while doing your favorites sport. In addition to that, Android Wear OS can communicate with your smartphone (Android & iOS) to show you any notification and reminders. By the end of this year, we expect "Fossil" to introduce its first ever smart-watch! Can it beats tech giants in this category?

The virtual reality and Sony`s “Project Morpheus” Sony immerse it self with in the virtual reality world with “Project Morpheus”. This head mounted device will have a 1080p monitor with 90 degree view, motion sensors and gyroscope for more precise interaction. Because the popularity of PlayStaton 4, Sony will use it to launch this project. To make this project a reality, Sony been working on it for more than 3 years to make it as simple as possible. All you need to do is just plug-and-play, and enjoy the “VR” world with a 3D surround sound.

Be carful, governments are reading your emails. When you accept the “Terms Of Service” while you create an email account, you authorise the service provider to read, access and search your emails. Why!? To protect the safety of the company and its employees, customers and the public or even when the law demand it. If you have a concern about your email privacy, read the “Terms Of Service” very well before you “click" the agree button.

“Threema” Made In Switzerland. Swiss chocolate, Swiss lakes, Swiss army knives and now a Swiss App. Threema is a true end-to-end encryption messaging service. All servers are hosted in Switzerland for maximum privacy. Why we love this App!? 1- No need to sync your contact list “Optional”. 2- No need to register a phone number. 3- In-App passcode. The App cost 1.99$ and its for both iOS & Android.

April, 2014


‫أعلن مؤسس موقع الفيسبوك للتواصل االجتماعي " مارك " رسميا ً عن شراءه لتطبيق " الوتساب‬ ‫" بقيمة ‪ 16‬مليار دوالر‪ .‬حيث حقق تطبيق الوتساب نجاحًا ملحوظًا في السنوات األخيره ‪ .‬تأسس "‬ ‫الوتساب" في عام ‪ 2009‬من قبل “برياني أكتون” و “جين كوم” الذين كانوا يعملوا في موقع ياهو‬ ‫سابقًا ‪ .‬وكلنا يعلم بأنه تطبيق لتبادل الرسائل الفورية المجانية ومشاركة الصور ومقاطع الفيديو‬ ‫بين مستخدمين البرنامج ويمكن تحميله على جميع االجهزة الذكية مثل " االيفون" و " بالك بيري" و "‬ ‫االندرويد" و " نوكيا "‪.‬‬ ‫لكن الذي يميز "الوتساب "عن غيره من مواقع التواصل االجتماعي وباقي التطبيقات بأنهم كانوا‬ ‫رافضين نهائيًا بيع االعالنات على التطبيق وكان قرارهم بفرض رسوم بسيطة بمبلغ ‪ 0.99‬دوالر سنويًا‬ ‫على أن يبيعوا اعالنات تجارية ‪.‬‬ ‫لكن مبدئيًا يوجد بعض التغيرات الجديدة منذ شراء "مارك " لتطبيق " الوتساب " ‪ ،‬حيث بدأ‬ ‫مستخدمي موقع الفيسبوك عن ابداء سعادتهم الشديدة حول خاصية الغاء " آخر ظهور ‪-Last seen‬‬ ‫" ‪ ،‬وبعدها قامت باضافة ميزة جديدة على التطبيق وهي اخفاء صورة الملف الشخصي ‪ .‬و يمكنك‬ ‫التحكم بهذه الخاصية من خالل اعدادت الحساب ‪ Account settings‬وتستطيع االختيار من ثالثة خيارات‬ ‫للتحكم بخصوصيتك مث ً‬ ‫ال ‪ " :‬الجميع‪ " - Everyone‬أو " جهات االتصال ‪ " – My contacts‬أو "ال أحد " ‪. - Nobody‬‬ ‫من وجهة نظري الى اآلن التطور البسيط الذي أصدره “مارك” يبدو متقدمًا ويحفظ خصوصية‬ ‫المستخدمين من ناحية أخرى ‪ ،‬لكن الى االن النعلم ماهو التطور الجديد الذي يخبأه لنا " مارك " لكن‬ ‫ثقتنا به والتطور الذي أحدثه خالل الفترة الماضية تجعلنا نثق به ‪.‬‬

‫‪Faisal Ben Dhofari‬‬ ‫‪General manager / Owner‬‬ ‫‪Click integrated Media Solutions‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


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‫مــــــــــــــوزع مـــعـــتـــمـــد‬ ‫‪Authorised Distributor‬‬

Mixing and matching flavors to make new combinations Best known as the star of Fatafeat TV show, Sawa Bil Matbakh, during which he makes dishes that you can cook along with in real time, Andrew Mitchell is a passionate, creative and innovative chef and restaurateur. In person Chef Andrew is just as enthusiastic about cooking as he comes across on his TV show. With 21 countries in the region watched his programs week after week on Fatafeat, there’s no way to fake the personality or technical skills that are crucial for a celebrity chef. Andrew is intensely driven to push the boundaries of what food can be while keeping it simple, but for all his innovations he thinks of himself as an ordinary guy. In this exclusive interview with CityPages, Chef Andrew Mitchell talks about his favorite ingredients, culinary experiences and his must-do-next-list.

Tell us about your culinary training experience: I studied Culinary Arts at Liaison College in Toronto, Canada.

Where was your first job and how was the experience?

It was in a 5 star hotel as a commis chef in Toronto and the experience was eye opening to the business, I spent the first 2 What is your favorite restaurant in Kuwait and in months washing dishes and then a few more months peeling onions and potatoes. the world?

I’ve never been to Kuwait before but one of my favorite restaurants in the world is a little place in Florence called Trattoria Marione.


What do you feel are your biggest strengths? My creativity with ingredients, willing to explore new things and my ability to match flavors comes naturally.

April, 2014


If you had not become a chef, what would you have done? Maybe a lawyer I guess.

As a chef, how do you stay healthy? I try to eat a well balanced diet and walk for minimum an hour a day or swim when I have the chance.

You have achieved so much so quickly. Tell me three things on your must-do-next-list: I’ve travelled a lot but wish to see more of the world and learn more things about cuisines from different cultures. I want to start a family and last but not the least, open a small bistro attached to my very own boutique hotel.

What is your favorite dish? Macaroni and Cheese!!!

Do you find it a challenge to constantly innovate? Not really, there are so many ingredients, flavors and techniques to work with. I truly believe that the possibilities are endless‌

For those just starting off, what items do you recommend people have in their pantry? The basics such as different oils, herbs and spices and with a good selection of those 3 things you can virtually make almost anything once you add fresh proteins, dairy and vegetables.

What is your favorite ingredient? Favorite spice? I love garlic and cheese and my favorite spice is cumin.

You have a lot going on. What do you do to relax? I cook for my closest friends or travel and dine out for a change to actually taste


other people’s creations. I also love reading on the beach.

How was your experience with the TV Shows? It’s great; it was always a learning experience that never stops. I really enjoyed filming my last season of Sawa Bil Matbakh and look forward to Season 2.

What is the difference between cooking live on the TV and otherwise? On TV you can’t make mistakes or you need to start over, because the new format of the show was in real time! Otherwise it’s more like freestyle cooking.

How do you spend your spare time? Working!!! These days I don’t have much spare time because I started a Food and Beverage consulting company called Optimum Retail Consultancies Services in Dubai and we are working with clients all over the GCC and Levant areas.

What is the most memorable meal you have ever eaten? Probably this meal I had at a little Bistro in Geneva, It was so many little portions and each one was better than the one before!

What advice would you give to home chefs who are inspired by your style of cookery? Never stop creating and trying new things and always write down the recipe of what you created so that if it is really good, you will be able to make it again.

Your message for CityPages Magazine:



Thanks for interviewing me and best of luck with all your upcoming issues.

April, 2014


Danish Bakery Where everything is baked on-site, fresh everyday from the finest natural ingredients

Danish Bakery was founded in the year 1991 as a family business by May Girly, and started up with a small shop in Al-Yarmouk area in Salem Al-Ali complex. At the start Danish Bakery was only offering essentially cakes and some types of sweets. Quality was given an important consideration and this trait laid the success stone for Danish Bakery.

zeal for improvement with every day. Today, 23 years later, Danish Bakery has become a strong reference for quality baked goods and meals.

The vision of Danish Bakery is to be the leading authentic bakery, café and catering company focused on a niche market in Kuwait, with After the opening it was only a short time span when the people the aim of expanding the presence in the Gulf Corporation Council started recognizing this amazing new addition in the town and then (GCC) region. the demand increased considerably. To have cohesion between demands and supply the team of Danish Bakery and the variety of Having a mission of hiring and training new talents to provide high sweets were increased at the same time and the items like stuffed quality products and services, providing anticipative customer care fatayer and pizzas were especially noticed by the customers in the and exceeding the customers’ expectations while maximizing ROI (Return on Investment) of shareholders value, Danish Bakery is always new baking chart. in search of new people who want to do something extraordinary in But it did not stop here rather the customers were looking for some their lives. That is the reason every single staff member of Danish more innovative additions like catering and other new recipes. Again Bakery is highly motivated and passionate about his work. their demand and desires were honored and new recipes with new Danish Bakery provides take away of a large variety of sweets and look and taste were added in the menu. salty meals in a contemporary and relaxing environment. Persistent in the attention to guests’ requests and feedback, Danish Bakery evolved to become an inescapable stop for good food and A dine-in section and concise menu in selective locations is also service in Kuwait. This was all because of the continuous effort and available for the taste lovers. 116

They have a team of talented people who are specialized in catering services for corporate events and private occasions such as weddings and their efficient service always add a precious value to any occasion. The Bakery’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the use of “High Quality Ingredients” prepared with a home-made touch and 100% natural ingredients. The outlet is positioned in the mid to high market segment and targets families, corporate groups from surrounding areas as well as corporate and social events. R. Al Sharif is of the view “The best bakery in town is definitely the Danish Bakery. Everything I've tasted from it is heavenly and worth trying”. Danish Bakery always believes in connecting with society and for the convenience of people can be reached through following social media tools; WWW Tweeter@danish_bakery Facebook Danish Bakery Kuwait Instagram danishbakery

April, 2014


Chef Faisal AlKhateeb Demystifying recipes and explaining the underlying science of cooking Food is the most common necessity of people. We eat not only because we need it but mostly there is joy that we can find by doing it. With the busy schedule or just relaxing with lives, restaurants boomed because of the previous reasons. Let’s face the fact, we love eating and though most of us may want to cook our own food but are not very talented at preparing it. Well, don’t be disappointed for Chef Faisal is the right person for all those willing to learn cooking. He is not only nationally recognized as a restaurant consultant and product developer for food manufacturers but also provides cooking lessons. He specializes in providing restaurant development services, such as recipe and menu development, nutritional labeling, and food styling. Recently, CityPages had a chance to meet the incredibly talented Chef Faisal. Here he tells us how and when he decided to take cooking as a career, his inspirations and his achievements. When and how did you decide to to create a dish with whatever is available, I Please tell us would do it fast and the outcome will be good, achievements so far: undertake this career? Actually it happened by coincidence. I always used to cook for friends and family gatherings but after the liberation when we had the satellite TV revolution, I started seeing the international cooking shows and got inspired seeing them and thought that I wanted to take this as a career. It got serious when a friend of mine who wanted me to cook and also wanted to pay me for that. I actually never did it for money but when he insisted and then it started getting serious. I then took some courses in Italy and during my yearly visits to the UK, I always attended short classes.

perfect, or excellent. It cannot go bad.

If you had not become a chef, what would you have done? A football player.



My biggest achievement was when I started giving cooking classes in Arabic about two and a half years ago. Although I am not the first one but what I do different is that I don't only cook in front of the students, I actually involve them with me. Even the students who have never been to a kitchen, I make them cut, cook, and decorate a plate with me.

As a Chef, how do you stay healthy? Don't go overboard with your food and always go to the gym.

For those just starting off, what items do you recommend people should have in their pantry?

Who would you say have been your Always have 2 of everything. Always have a backup plan. If you have a fridge, put 2. biggest influences along the way? Freezer, put two. Always go for a gas oven,

What’s your favorite restaurant in No. 1 is my wife but also all my wonderful you will never go wrong and always go big. Kuwait and in the world? friends who always honestly criticize my Don't try to cook for a large number of people In Kuwait, there are a lot of good restaurants. I usually don't go for full menus but I have a favorite dish at several restaurants. For example if I have to go for burgers, Johnny Rockets is my favorite. It's a typical fresh burger. There is no mistake in their burgers but at other places, you will find either the meat is OK, the bun is not or otherwise. If asked in the world, the first name that comes to my mind is the Entrecote.

Who do you consider as your mentor? Jimmy Oliver.

What do you feel are your biggest strengths? The biggest strength or the gift that I have is that if I open the fridge and you ask me 118

cooking and help me perfect my cooking.

in a small kitchen.

What is your favorite ingredient? You’ve achieved so much so quickly. Tell me three things on your must-do- Favorite spice? next-list: Timing is my favorite ingredient. For spice,

1. Get more professional training 2. A TV Show 3. Write a Cookbook

What is your favorite dish? Steak. You will never go wrong with it. I love red meat. A nice steak with fresh vegetables and any kind of sauce. I just love it. Even if it's with a chocolate sauce.

I love Black Pepper! I am actually known as Mr. Black Pepper by my friends.

What is one common misconception people have about chefs that you’d like to clarify? I would like to clarify that the chef is not only a cook. Don't think this job is easy. It's a very hard job. Just the process of thinking of creating a new dish or mixing flavors takes lots of time and energy and then try at least 3 times to perfect it. Some people think that

you are just cooking pasta. All you do it boil the pasta but boiling in the right way is what matters. So, in short it's a very hard job.

What’s the most unusual meat you’ve ever eaten? Ostrich, then the Deer or the Gazelle, and then the Wagyu beef. Although the Wagyu beef is very expensive but to me the Ostrich is the most delicious - if cooked in the right way.

Your advice to the new chefs just starting their career: I would always say go simple. For example if you are preparing a curry, don't mix a lot of things. Don't mix lot of flavors. Go bizarre, mix flavors. If you are young, go and study it professionally. Don't wait.

What is your perspective CityPages magazine?


Photograph by: Paparazzi Studio @paparazzistudio

Keep supporting Kuwaitis. Support all Kuwaitis from any field. We are very happy and proud to have such a magazine in Kuwait and hope you all the best and keep going and keep supporting us. Enjoy Life! Be Happy!

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MOBIUM ELITE v2 YOU JUST MIGHT RUN OUT OF ROAD Adaptive running. Now featuring EverFit technology in the mid-foot for a more secure fit. Mobium expands and contracts with your foot to keep you moving forward. Mobium Elite’s Tech System* adapts to your foot’s expansion and contraction to encourage mid-foot striking and efficiency. MOBIUM BAND

The more force applied the more spring it returns.


Changes in length, height and proportion along with your foot’s natural movement.


Provide cushioning, protection and flexibility exactly where you need it most.


Upper lockdown technology secures the mid-foot and heel without inhibiting the foot's natural movement. *PCT Patent Pending


Al Luxury Center 22270258 The Avenues Mall 22200511



by: Abeer AlAbduljalil Photography by: @alsayeghstudio

Every woman has an inner Diva and all women deserve to have a fabulous Life & Style. A Life of a Diva is about you ladies and your perfect lifestyle! Always have a positive outlook and be always outfitted for success… This month our Diva “Abeer Alabduljalil” visited the premium street food event in Kuwait "Foodetory" & choose two of amazing projects for her beautiful divas! April, 2014


Pink Tent

provides the best experience for people who attempt to celebrate their occassions like gatherings, birthday parties, baby showers or any other event, offering a full package of services including tents, candles , roses , sofas and many more. Founders of the company are Ali Almousawi and Noora Albarjas are glad to offer you an unforgettable day with your special ones. Contacts: Since 2012 @pink_tent_kw

Le Carnaval

A small project with huge amount of art! Owned by Nancy Ahmed who started the project not only because she likes to bake cakes but also because she's in love with arts. Le Carnaval is a successful home business since 2010. Le Carnaval can make any design of cake depending on the customer's desire. The serve all events from family gathering cakes, birthdays and also wedding cakes. Contacts: Insta: @le_carnaval Tel: 55158185


Exclusive Photos from the making of #foodetory

April, 2014


Talah Al Abdulaaly Talah is a 23 years young and an avid fashion lover. Her heart lies in fashion, and everything that comes with it. She enjoys writing about it, buying it, styling it, and the list goes on. Living in London, one of the worlds fashion hot spots, for around 5 years gave her the chance to channel her passion even more. She met people from the industry, worked closely with a designer, gained some styling experience, and most importantly, got to be inspired from the ever so urban street style almost everywhere she went.

I recently took a short holiday to Sri Lanka, and it gave me jungle fever- in the fashion sense. Being around so much greenery, the blue Indian ocean, and exotic animals forced me to go boho chic. Having sun kissed skin also helped feed my inner bohemian; always the best part! I bought so many harem pants and tie dye shirts, not to mention one oh so very gorgeous silk Sari- which I am planning to wear as a Dara’a for Ramadan! So I sported beaded accessories, major gold arm parties, bright lipsticks, gladiator sandals, harem pants, and breezy maxis the whole trip. I’m even still trying to rid myself of the holiday mood, mentally and fashion wise! Even after my short trip ended, I still feel like rocking my bohemian/tribal look. Although tribal was more of a trend for summer 2014 than boho chic, some designers did emphasize boho, and some mixed both. And as we all know, bright pops of color and loud prints are always in for summer, but the way they were used to bring out these trends this year really made things interesting on the runway. On the runway, boho chic is breezy and easy to wear. It emphasizes simple lines and light materials. Tribal is a bit more loud and intense, with a lot of accessorizing and bright prints. Etro and Anna Sui turned boho chic into utter sophistication, with simple color pallets and fine prints. Emilio Pucci and Emporio Armani were all about fringing this season, with a somewhat dark color palette and sexy gladiators to complete the boho chic look. When it comes to tribal trends on the runway, designers such as Givenchy and Valentino were breathtaking-- tribal fashion at its best in my opinion. Loud colors and gorgeous lines and some summer layering made it the ultimate high fashion tribal wear. Hermes and Marc Jacobs brought some of the jungle to the city with straight androgynous lines and khaki and beige


colors. Celine and Prada combined a little bit of boho and tribal; their cuts remained feminine, yet modern and played with patterns and color clashing more than anything. I am definitely excited to do some more experimenting with my boho/ tribal look and come up with different ways to emphasize the trend but still keep my personal style; which I think is the most important thing because a personal touch to any trend screams individuality. Don’t hate me for saying this, but summer fashion always makes me secretly happy we have super long summers in Kuwait even though it’s too hot to function. The gorgeous clothes make up for it! April, 2014







6 8

7 9

1. John Varvatos linen shirt 70k.d 2. H&M shirt 9k.d 3. H&M denim blazer 27k.d 4. H&M denim shorts 9k.d 5. Public School shorts 55k.d 6. Givenchy slip-ons 185k.d 7. Dolce & Gabbana sandals 155k.d 8. Sain Laurent sandals 320k.d 9. Bottega Veneta sandals 185k.d 126


In 2001 PRADA fashion group took over CAR SHOE which was established back in 1963. The famous italian shoe makers got positioned with the high-end fashion brands in few years after the PRADA takeover. In the time being CAR SHOE uses exotic leather to manufacture some of their lines with a selling price that can reach 500+ Kuwaiti Dinar. Harvey Nichols Kuwait carries CAR SHOE, you can check them out.

Zouch is about men's fashion, giving insight on what, how and when to wear. Think of Zouch as your personal fashion consultant. This page relates to all men of all ages as a helping tool to dress with style and edge. Find your own individual style as we push boundaries for you. Rest assured we will keep you updated with all the latest fashion news, men's trends and lots more. Instagram: @zouchfashion Twitter: @zouchfashion Facebook: April, 2014




Shine Bright like a

Diamond Diamond is a girl best friend. We can notice that jewelry are part of human culture and they produced it since they start using clothes they used all the available materials such as bones, stones, feather, animal skins and shells until we reach the modern luxury jewelry style that we called FINE JEWELLRY. We can see now that fine jewelry are driven the trends and red carpet. Fine jewelry satisfied women that like to purchase expensive pieces to themselves and they are happy while spending money because fine jewelry do not change season on season like some other expensive pieces. You will spend the same amount of money on a pair of shoes, handbag or dress and on a piece of jewelry but the jewelry will last longer and with higher values.

Luxury meet fashion 2014 (CUFF) Cuffs nowadays are catching all eyes and becoming the next hit. It is a must have for this season. It is perfect for summer. U can call it ARM candy. U needs to get it and add charm to you hand and arm. It is a powerful jewelry piece in summer 2014. It is simple and elegant. Sizes of the cuffs depend on your hand and arm sizes so that it will not be bulk or huge. The up arm/arm/hand cuff change and decorate the outfit it's designed to wrap elegant and beauty around the hand/arm. It is so alike from most designers and celebrities. U can get the look from many brands such as Alexander Mcqueen, Ana Khouri, Chloe, Balmain, Herve Van Der Straeten I love their summer 2014 cuff collections.

Nora Dashti

Nora is a young Fashion Designer, addicted to jewelry, fashion and style. For her Best is yet to come!

April, 2014


How to Be a

Style Icon

I came across this interesting quote the other day that read “Fashion is what you are offered four times a year, style is what you pick.” This got me interested to further analyze the idea of a Fashionista versus a Style Icon. As far as my observation goes a fashionista is a person who follows trends obsessively, particularly high fashion and strives continually to adapt to the latest IT styles. Style icons on the other hand are total risk-takers. People may love or hate their styles but they will not ignore them; leading to the question, what exactly are the ingredients needed for one to qualify as a style icon in today’s age of ever changing trends? Is it having timeless style or the ability to influence a style or being radically unique regardless of fashion boundaries? From my point of view being a style icon is not about constantly trying to one-up everyone else with your avant-garde fashion sense, instead it is about knowing how to keep everything “offbeat”. So how do you work that?

1.Discover Your Signature Look Change is good, but if you keep changing then you can’t be a style icon to somebody. Understand your own look or vibe e.g urban chic, modern classic, contemporary cool, quirky elegant, boho babe, retro glam, showstopper etc.

2.Avoid Blending In If you want to stand out then be different, people will get inspired and follow your footsteps. Let your wardrobe reveal your fashion personality. Observe which celebrity's styles you are drawn to and the combinations you like. Pick a look and put your own spin on it. This is where the risk factor can be experimented with.

3.Avoid Following Trends Stick with the basics that you know work for you but make use of trends by adding accessories that reflect the color schemes or themes of the season. Therefore use seasonal trends as a complementing tool for your wardrobe instead of totally revamping your whole look. The exception to this rule can be where a trend happens to really suit 130

your personal style and looks good on you, then by all means go for it!

4.Perfect the Art of Accessorizing When you creatively accessorize you can wear your versatile basics without being boring. Clothing itself can be a tool for personal expression, but it’s often the finishing touches that really let your passions and quirks shine through.

5.Apply the Remix Formula Mixing colors, textures and even trends bring depth to any closet by instantly increasing the versatility of an outfit and adding in the fun factor. Clash your pieces with panache.

6.Break the Rules Over the years we have been told about hundreds of fashion do’s and don’ts in order to keep our style selections in check. Truth is fashion rules simply tend to be passed down from generation to generation. Dare to be a rule rebellion by pulling off unconventional looks in a “tastefully innovative” manner.

7.Invest in Vintage Pieces - When

fashion meets a previous era the result is a stylish mix of heritage, craftsmanship and quality which is a solid investment. Wearing vintage provides an opportunity to sport beautifully made clothes that are individual, a piece of history and above all aesthetically unique.

8.Switch up the Beauty Routine Hairstyles show your sassy side the easiest. So cut out your favorite celeb do from that magazine and head on over to the salon. Get a makeup makeover. Sample several different products and play with a variety of color schemes to find what works best for you. Be inspired by an era even.

9.Know Your Body Shape Body shape is all about proportion and fashion is all about dressing those unique proportions to look their very best. Shop for clothes that fit and flatter and know which ones to embrace and which to avoid.

10.Strut It Confidence is key. Wear what makes you feel good. If that means wearing couture items with edgy T-shirts and sneakers then do it. Take the snobbishness out of fashion. Make your own mark on what you wear and carry it off elegantly and effortlessly.

The art of dressing preppy and matching everything is not vital for a style icon. It is in fact to possess this special something that makes your style completely your own regardless of the fashion rules. Achieving the aura of a fashion icon requires an immaculate sense of looking at fashion as a form of art and self -expression combined with the knowledge of what is commercially trendy. Therefore to be marked onto the style icons list, it takes way more individuality and cutting-edge creativity than merely just having a closetful of the latest Chanel’s and Louboutins. So who would you include on your greatest style icons list ? April, 2014


Wear Gladiator sandals and rock your walk

The gladiator sandals are back again as a fashion trend for this summer, they really look nice with a nice summer dress. They come in different styles ankle-high, mid_calf, and knee_high, and they can come in flats or high heels. They absolutely the perfect sandals for your wardrobe. The rules for wearing Gladiator Sandals: 1. Gladiator sandals with many straps make your feet look wide and your legs look short. 2. if you have a chubby legs don't think of wearing knee-high gladiator sandals with pants, its better to wear it with skirts or dresses. 3. choose the better style that suits your foot shape. 4. flat gladiators which ends just before the ankle or wrap around just above it looks good on most women. 5. if your leg is wide than its better to choose ankle gladiators in nude colors which makes it similar to your skin tone, because that makes your legs look slimmer and longer. 6. if you are wearing mid-calf or knee-high gladiator sandals don't overdo the clothing and accessories.

finally you can find and buy the gladiator sandals in many online shopping sites and here are some of them: 1. 2. 3. 4. 132

Dalal Marafie

is a young Fashion Designer and always seeking new challenges in the world of fashion, PR and Social Media. She is also an online shopping expert, so get your shopping list ready and keep up with latest fashion trends.

April, 2014




April, 2014


Spring blossoms at Giordano with a new collection now in store


Spring/Summer 2014 COLLECTION

April, 2014




Enjoy an invigorating, blueberry bursting experience! The Body Shop’s original and iconic body butter now available in uplifting Blueberry The Body Shop has announced the launch of its new Special Edition Blueberry range, packed with Community Fair Trade ingredients.


Once winter is over; the ‘watchman tree’ prepares to offer up its beautiful almond. A fine and delicious, firm and velvety oblong figure is revealed… Now is the time to discover which Almond product will help you redefine your spring figure.

April, 2014


At The Exclusive Launch Of Jihan Alame’s New Jewellery Collection At Harvey Nichols

At The Public Launch Of Sirbb Circuit’ – Kuwait’s Newest Karting Facility


At Medusa Tree New Collection Launch

At The Versace New Collection Launch

April, 2014


flat White DISCOVER the rich, intense flavours of our Mocha Italia blend, Carefully combined with velvety smooth milk.


At The Luxenter New Collection Launch

At the Ingie Paris Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Launch

April, 2014




At The Flower Bazaar By Argana Resorts and Hotels

At The Official Opening Of PANERAI Boutique

April, 2014


At The Athnain Magazine's 3 Issue Launch

At The Just Cavalli New Collection Launch


At The Just Abaya Expo

At The KSPATH'S 1st Charity Yoga Festival

April, 2014





For more details please visit any of our stores or contact us on 148




‫‪At The Official Opening of MAT Store‬‬

‫" مؤمتر كويت األول لعالج اجللطة القلبية بالقسطرة " مؤمتر النخبة بتنظيم مستشفى دار الشفاء وشركة ‪ Astra Zenece‬األول في الكويت‬


‫‪April, 2014‬‬


Madame Mantis embodies an inspiring vision of the future, present and past, Diet Care launches 14 with its uniquely nutritional programs designed masterpieces that matches every an lifestyle Claire's Inc. To “Roar” reflecting innovative, With Katy Perry sophisticated lifestyle.

Diet Care, Kuwait’s leading provider of health and nutritional programs and services launched its new diet plan packages. The packages feature around ten different nutritional programs for those seeking weight loss or weight management. The fourteen programs namely Medicare, Slim Down, Sports, Maternity, Lifestyle, Weigh up, 5ive a week, Select, Lite ,The Family, Consultation and 3 specialised programs for youth that are specific to each user's dietary needs, whether looking for general weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. Youth can select from 3 customized plans namely “Youthful”, which provides youth with nutrients to keep their energy levels high, “School Youthbox” which help students focus and learn better and “Youthsome” which help youth stay on track and maintain the positive results achieved. Commenting on the new diet plans, Sarah Dimashkieh, Director of Clinical Operations, Diet Care said: “We have spent the last several months redefining our brand and customer experience and are excited to expand and launch these ten new plans. These new meal plans make it easier for customers to reach their health goals.” "We want to empower customers with the tools and guidance they need to better manage their health, live a happier and more balanced life, and have the freedom to enjoy all of the things they love. With healthy habits, we can reduce the risk of obesity and many chronic diseases among children, adolescents and adult in our society. At Diet Care we are proud to offer a resource that will help people make smart choices every day." Diet Care understands that different people have different requirements and these programs can make the difference between individuals deciding to commit to a weight loss or diet program. Diet Care also has a number of consultants who will guide individuals on their nutritional needs and intakes. The new diet plans are available throughout the three Diet care branches and 16 boutiques across Kuwait.


Claire's Inc., one of the world’s leading retailers of fun, fashionable accessories for young women and girls, announced today the “Katy Perry PRISM Collection,” an assortment of jewelry and fashion accessories designed in collaboration with Perry. The collection is exclusive to Claire’s and will debut to coincide with the start of Perry’s PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR in May 2014 and her latest album PRISM. “Claire’s will be the perfect destination for accessories inspired by my new album, PRISM”, said Katy Perry. “I specifically curated these collections to make sure you’re show-ready for my PRISMATIC WORLD TOUR, coming to a city near you.” Included in the exclusive “Katy Perry PRISM Collection” will be limited edition items, seasonal novelty pieces, collectables and product inspired by the lyrics and titles of Perry's greatest hits. Regular updates in the Katy Perry Collection will keep the assortment fresh, giving the Claire’s girl a new way to amp up her look and express her individuality each season. “Katy aligns perfectly with our brand mission and resonates with our friends and customers around the world,” said Jim Fielding, Chief Executive Officer of Claire’s Inc. “We are thrilled, humbled and honored to embark on this adventure with her. She is the perfect partner for our brand.” Perry will be involved in all aspects of the design process, working directly with Claire’s internal design team. The product will celebrate both the music and message of PRISM and is inspired by her many fans around the world. The exclusive collection will launch in Claire's stores worldwide and at in May 2014 with the collaboration continuing through 2016.

Madame Mantis, the exquisite concept furniture store specialized in bringing uniquely designed pieces of furniture, accents, fashion accessories, and jewelry, from designers around the world, recently made its grand opening in Al Mutawaa Mall located at Shuwaikh Industrial area. The store includes a wide range of exquisite masterpieces which are designed according to the highest quality standards delivered by the most talented, well-known and emerging designers from the US, Canada, Europe, Sweden, Netherlands, London, Italy, Spain and Germany such as, the One-of-a-kind “Head Trip Sculpture” by Kelly Wearstler, adorned with various crystals and gems in jewelry bezel settings, and hand-toweled Venetian plaster. Other outstanding items include the beautifully painted “White Lies Table” marble table by Nick Ross, and the prickly “Silkie Sculpture” by Jennifer Maestre, made entirely from colored pencil ends and inspired from the fascinating sea urchins. The store management expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the level of interaction with the designs displayed, and the increasing number of people who are interested in such unique and limited designer pieces ranging from contemporary and modern designs to classic and vintage ones. Madame Mantis is a concept created by Nasser Abdulrahman Al Eisa, a designer, and Abdulrahman Barrak Al Babtain, a businessman, who felt that a new perspective in art and design should be introduced in Kuwait and the Middle East. Providing customers with unique and elegant pieces is the mission of Madame Mantis Concept Store. In addition, to endorse and encourage young local designers to grow their brands locally and internationally.

Beyond Connectivity Conference Hosted by SAMENA Council Facilitates Discussion on Telecom Sector’s Role in Fostering Economic Growth & Sustainable Development

“SAVAGE SOLITUDE” Oysho has ventured onto paradisiacal deserted beaches of coppery sand dotted with charcoal grey rocks for its new summer 14 campaign.

Gulf Bank Sponsored Special Events To Celebrate Mother’s Day

The first day of the Beyond Connectivity 2014 conference by the South Asia, Middle East, North Africa region’s SAMENA Telecommunication Council kicked off on 16th March at The Regency Hotel in Kuwait, in line with the theme ‘Fostering Economic Growth: Evolving Telecoms & ICT Landscape’. The event is being held under the auspices of H.E. Mr. Mohammad AlTaani, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and CEO of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), Jordan. On the opening day of the conference, a panel comprising of prominent telecom industry leaders from the Middle East gathered to shed light on several topics including tax reduction policies imposed on telecom operators, infrastructure sharing, pricing and fair competition. Discussions on the second day of the conference will focus upon issues related to diversification of revenue streams with regard to OTTs, development of strategies to overcome spectrum challenges and regional perspective of Net Neutrality. Speaking about SAMENA Council’s continuing interest in organizing meetings that facilitate strategic dialogue between stakeholders, Bocar A. BA, CEO, SAMENA Telecommunications Council said, “The SAMENA Council has always been keen on providing a common platform for governments and telecom leaders to engage, have a dialogue with each other and cooperate on the full scope of subjects that affect the telecom sector including the impact of technology convergence. The Leaders Roundtable (SALT) is the latest example of one such initiative that we announced, to establish permanent channels of communication between governments and operators’ leaders. The Beyond Connectivity 2014 conference is another step forward in looking ahead to the evolving landscape of telecoms and ICT segment in the Middle East, in line with the rapid emergence of next generation technologies”. “Several key insights that are of significant importance to the telecom sector, were examined, analysed and brought to the forefront as a result of the panel discussions. Recent steps taken by the Kuwait government and its parliament to discuss the establishment of a telecoms regulatory body in the country also point to the ongoing transformation of the regional telecom landscape and the implications of this initiative was also a topic of discussion at Beyond Connectivity,” he added.

The firm has left behind the city and short breaks to white sand and turquoise sea destinations, opting instead for wilder, bolder designs that are totally at one with nature. Karmen Pedaru is the model chosen to portray a daring, self-confident woman in harmony with nature, who this summer is eager to get away from it all and rediscover herself on a rocky beach of dark-tone sand. Featuring garments inspired by the Mediterranean in a host of prints and nautical tones, Oysho’s latest designs include a fabulous choice of maxi dresses, swimsuits and bikinis teamed with all the accessories you could wish for: bracelets, sarong towels and straw baskets are some of this summer’s must-haves. The campaign reflects a wide variety of tones and hues and a photo shoot that starts with a chilly sunrise on a rugged cliff and ends with a balmy evening with stunning views of the setting sun. Marvel at the sea in splendid solitude, in tune with nature and reveling in each of these garments, designed to make any woman feel comfortable and feminine. Shot on the island of Fuerteventura, Savage Solitude closes with stunning black and white images that portray an amazing timeless atmosphere. Oysho has taken on the challenge of depicting a far more real, updated and adult woman in a setting that fully reflects the tone of this campaign. Never before have setting and collection been so in tune, reflecting a sense of simplicity and functionality that are the hallmarks of this brand: hair worn loose and flowing, a dress that looks and feels fabulous and teamed with a bikini that is perfect for wearing anywhere, anytime this summer.

Gulf Bank sponsored the Mother’s Day Children’s Piano concert organized by the Young Musicians Program team, which was held at the Crown Plaza – Afrah Ballroom on Mother’s Day, 21 March, 2014 from 6pm 9pm. The concert was led by 23 piano students and supported by seven orchestra members, who gave an outstanding musical performance to an attentive audience. A dedicated team from Gulf Bank was also at the event to give away flowers and chocolates to all the mothers present on this special day. Gulf Bank’s support for the Young Musicians Program is an important part of the Bank’s broad commitment to encouraging young people to develop their talents to the maximum of their abilities. In a further celebration of Mother’s Day, Gulf Bank also hosted a private viewing for its Priority Banking clients at Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store in The Grand Avenue Prestige District on 18 March, 2014. Over 100 of the Bank’s clients attended, where they enjoyed an exclusive presentation of Tiffany’s latest jewelry collection, as well as a timely opportunity to purchase the perfect Mother’s Day gift on this special occasion. To find out more about any of Gulf Bank’s products and services, visit one of Gulf Bank’s 57 branches; call the Customer Contact Center on 1805805 for assistance and guidance, or log on to, Gulf Bank’s bilingual website.

‫) للعام‬1( ‫كاريبو كوفي حتقق املركز‬ ‫) على التوالي في خدمة العمالء‬4( ‫) على‬2( ‫في قطاع املقاهي واملركز‬ ‫مستوى الكويت للمرة الثانية‬

‫ الرائدة‬Caribou Coffee(( ‫حققت كاريبو كوفي‬ ‫في مجال تقدمي مشروبات القهوة واألطعمة‬ ‫اخلفيفة إجنازين جديدين في مسيرة النجاحات‬ ‫املتواصلة متثال بفوزها في املركز األول للعام‬ ‫الرابع على التوالي في قطاع الكوفي شوب على‬ ‫مستوى الكويت في مجال تقدمي اخلدمات املتميزة‬ ‫للمستهلكني واملركز الثاني للمرة الثانية على‬ 16 ‫التوالي كأفضل شركة تخدم عمالئها في‬ .‫قطاعا ً على مستوى البالد‬ ‫وحصدت الشركة التي تعد عضو من مشاريع‬ ‫مجموعة الساير هذين املركزين املتميزين من‬ )‫خالل استطالع أجرته شركة (سيرفس هيرو‬ ‫املتخصصة في مجال استطالعات الرأي‬ .‫املوضوعية واحليادية‬ ‫ويضاف هذان اإلجنازان اجلديدان إلى سجل كاريبو‬ ‫كوفي احلافل بعدد كبير من النجاحات املتميزة‬ ‫في محافل عدة نتيجة التزامها نحو عمالئها‬ ‫بالتطوير املستمر ملنتجاتها وتقديرا لثقة‬ ‫املستهلكني املتزايدة بها ووالئهم ملنتجاتها‬ .‫املتنوعة التي ترضي جميع األذواق والرغبات‬ ‫ويضع هذان النجاحان املتميزان على عاتق كاريبو‬ ‫كوفي مسؤولية أكبر من حيث احملافظة على‬ ‫جودة اخلدمات املقدمة للمستهلكني والتطوير‬ ‫لرواد احملالت املنتشرة في شتى مناطق الكويت‬ ‫ومجمعاتها على املستوى الراقي للمنتجات‬ ‫املقدمة لهم في جو مفعم بالراحة واألناقة‬ .‫والهدوء‬ ‫وتعرب كاريبو كوفي بهذا الصدد عن الشكر‬ ‫والتقدير جلميع عمالئها الذين عبروا عن امتنانهم‬ ‫للشركة وثقتهم باخلدمات التي تقدمها فصوتوا‬ ‫لها لتكون متقدمة على جميع الشركات التي‬ ‫تقدم خدمات مشابهة على مستوى الكويت ومبا‬ ‫يؤكد حرص جميع العاملني في كاريبو كوفي على‬ ‫التميز في العطاء وتقدمي أفضل اخلدمات جلميع‬ .‫رواد احملالت وزوارها‬

April, 2014



KidZania Highlights Environmental Awareness during Earth Hour ‘Lights out’

EVOKE – Mesmerising fragrances for him and for her by Ajmal

ADIDAS = PHARRELL WILLIAMS ‫ندوة تثقيفية ألطباء وخبراء األسنان‬ ‫في مستشفى رويال حياة‬

KidZania Kuwait, the exciting family entertainment center, joined global communities and institutions around the world to observe Earth Hour, an international movement that advocates reducing energy by switching off all non-essential lights across the planet for one hour. On March 29, 2014, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the children’s metropolis dimmed the lights of its external and internal façades and around the ticketing counters, symbolically joining hands with like-minded communities worldwide. Earth Hour is just one of the many activities in KidZania’s campaign known as Kids for a Greener World. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage children to learn more about their environment, share ideas on creating a healthier planet, and pledge their allegiance to creating a greener world. Fernando Medroa, Vice President, Leisure & Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co., commented: “As a global brand that inspires and empowers children to be their best selves, KidZania believes children can have a very positive impact on the earth, regardless of their age. Earth Hour was observed at the children’s metropolis in order to highlight energy wastage and encourage kids to take personal responsibility in making the world a more sustainable place.” KidZania’s Kids for a Greener World campaign runs until May 10, 2014. Throughout this period children in Kuwait can enjoy and learn from a wide range of environmentally-friendly activities, thus empowering future generations to improve their environment.

adidas announced a long term partnership with Oscar nominated, Grammy Award winning super star Pharrell Williams. The first adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams products will debut in the Summer of 2014. This is also the first time adidas has partnered with a designer who owns their own textile company. adidas will collaborate with Williams' Bionic Yarn coming from The Vortex Project; an initiative with Parley for the Oceans to turn plastic debris from the oceans into yarn and fabric. Bionic Yarn will be used in some of Pharrell's upcoming adidas Originals products. "Working with an iconic brand like adidas is such an incredible opportunity. From the classic track suit, to growing up in Virginia wearing Stan Smiths, adidas has been a staple in my life. Their pieces are timeless. This is an exciting partnership for both me and for Bionic Yarn." Pharrell Williams adidas welcomes Pharrell into its family and is looking forward to a long lasting relationship with this extraordinary artist. "I am truly thrilled to work with Pharrell. He is a pop-culture icon that never fails to inspire, not just through his musical talent and craft, but through his many other interests. He is the perfect fit for the multi-faceted company that is adidas." Dirk Schoenberger, Global Creative Director, adidas Sport Style Division.

Some call it intuition, others call it sixth sense. We all have it and can use it to create a lasting romantic relationship. When our sixth sense is in full gear it’s like one of those timeless moments between two people when nothing else in the world matters and no one else exists. Ajmal’s in-depth understanding of the intricate rich history of perfumery enables the brand to keep their finger on the consumer pulse and stay on top of key trends in the fragrance industry enabling them to cater to the consumers ever changing needs. Continuing their expertise in creating exceptional and captivating perfumes, the creators of multi award winning fragrances, Ajmal, introduces an articulate blend of fragrance that are sophisticated and unique Evoke for Him and Her. His vision – Translating the male persona in one bottle of infused scents, elegant yet hypnotic, this fragrance opens through bergamot, green apple and lavender. In sync with passionate heart notes of cardamom, juniper and orris this harmonious balance is complemented with dry down notes of long enduring sandalwood and musk. Her vision - Deeply feminine and with a touch of a woman’s sensuality, this scent weaves a delicious web of contrasts. At the top the fragrance bursts open with pink pepper and fragrant bergamot. Passionate heart notes of intensely seductive rose and lusciously tempting jasmine and orris ignite desire, and are enveloped in an enthralling dry down of patchouli, heady vanilla and moss.

‫نظمت مستشفى رويال حياة ندوة تثقيفية يوم‬ ‫ ضمت خبراء‬٢٠١٤ ‫ مارس‬١٣ ‫اخلميس الواقع في‬ ‫وأطباء أسنان و تقنيني في مجال صحة الفم‬ ‫إضافة الى ممثلني عن املستشفيات والعيادات‬ .‫اخلاصة والعامة‬ ‫تقدم احلضور مجموعة من املتحدثني البارزين‬ ‫ وتخلل الندوة العديد من املواضيع‬، ‫في هذا اجملال‬ ‫املرتبطة بصحة الفم والعالجات الوقائية‬ ‫احلديثة والتقنيات والتكنولوجيات واملعدات التي‬ ‫من شأنها أن تضيف لهذا القطاع املزيد من‬ ‫اخلدمات اإلستثنائية واألساليب الطبية املتطورة‬ ‫التي تخدم املرضى وتساهم في حفاظهم على‬ .‫مستوى صحي أفضل‬ ‫كما أستفاض احلضور مبناقشة أحدث أساليب‬ ‫عالج األسنان حتت التخدير الكامل والنتائج‬ ‫ حيث‬،‫املميزة التي وصل اليها الطب في هذا اجملال‬ ‫أصبح من املمكن ضمان أفضل النتائج والتوقعات‬ ‫عند عالج أسنان األطفال وذوي اإلحتياجات اخلاصة‬ .‫بفضل هذه التقنية اآلمنة واملتطورة‬ ‫تخلل الندوة التي تلتها مأدبة غذاء على شرف‬ ‫احلضور نصف ساعة من األسئلة واألجوبة التي‬ ‫لم تخلو من املواضيع الطبية الشيقة التي‬ ‫قد تخصص لها مستشفى رويال حياة ندوات‬ ‫مخصصة لها في املستقبل القريب لتعزيز دورها‬ ‫التثقيفي والتعليمي املتقدم في القطاع الصحي‬ ‫ومواكبة أحدث الطرق والتقنيات في اخلدمات‬ .‫الطبية والعالجات كافة‬

April, 2014


Online shopping is on the rise in Kuwait: MasterCard Study

Kuwait UniversityCBA hosts INJAZKuwait’s ‘Business Leaders Campaign’ seminar

INJAZ-Kuwait successfully held a ‘Business Leaders Campaign’ (BLC) Program, holding its first speakers session at Kuwait University - College of Business Administration, on 24 March, 2014. The BLC program is a 5-part speaker series at universities organized by INJAZ Kuwait, whereby leaders from across different industries are invited to speak on different themes and engage with the students. The focus of this session was ‘Banking and Finance: Industry Leaders in Kuwait’ where prominent figures from the banking industry spoke to over 100 university students from the College of Business Administration. Speakers at this session were Salma Hajjaj, GM of HR, Gulf Bank; Saleh Al Ateeqi, CEO of Boubyan Capital; and Bader Al-Sumait, CEO Global Investment. Commenting on the launch of this campaign, Rana Al-Nibari, CEO of INJAZ-Kuwait said, “The BLC program has been developed with the aim of inspiring students to pursue a professional career post-graduation by exposing them to success stories, experiences and an overview of the challenges and opportunities of each industry. Through this program and the valuable contributions the speakers make, students are being exposed to the reality of different industries and career options currently available in the market. The sessions also open doors of opportunity for internships within the different participating companies.” Mrs. Salma Al-Hajjaj, General Manager Human Resources at Gulf Bank and speaker at the Business Leaders program first session, said: “I am very proud, both personally and as a representative of Gulf Bank, to be with you on this important day. Mentoring programs such as these are just one of the initiatives that Gulf Bank has undertaken with INJAZ, and we do so because we strongly feel it is our responsibility, as an organization that is part of the local community, to encourage the development and education of our youth to help build a successful future for Kuwait." The session was concluded with an open discussion engaging both speakers and students, and was followed by an exhibition where sponsors of the event displayed their services and products in separate booths, allowing students the chance to apply for a job or internship opportunity with the companies. INJAZ- Kuwait reached over 27,000 students since 2005, through more than 1200 volunteers at over 70 schools and universities. INJAZKuwait will continue to empower youth through different means and channels, fulfilling its pledge to this ambitious segment of society.


‘Kids for a Greener World’ Campaign Kicks-off at KidZania New welcome to Yahoo Maktoob: revamp of Kuwait homepage brings modern, elegant, intuitive design KidZania Kuwait, the exciting kid-sized metropolis, is pleased to announce the start of its ‘Kids for a Greener World’ campaign. Running from 27 March to 10 May, the campaign draws inspiration from one of the KidZania core values, the ‘Right To Care’, and will run across 15 other KidZania cities worldwide. Designed with the kids’ desire for a cleaner and greener planet, this exciting initiative invites children to participate in informative and funfilled activities. These include arts and crafts, discovering innovative methods of conserving energy and water, and finding creative uses for recycled materials. ‘Kids for a Greener World’ will be split into three exciting themes: Plants Week, Environmental Awareness Week and Recycling Week. Each theme features an exclusive line-up of entertainment and educational events. As part of the initiative, KidZania will also organize beach clean-ups, in addition to observing Earth Hour; an international movement that advocates reducing energy by switching off all non-essential lights across the planet for one hour. The various establishments within the children’s city will focus on unleashing kids’ imagination while honing their skills and enhancing their knowledge on environmental issues. The aim is to motivate them to adopt greener practices as a way of life, aiding them in becoming responsible citizens. During their visit to KidZania Kuwait, parents are invited to watch children develop their creativity during the ‘Greener World’ experience. Parents can also relax in the Parents Lounge, which provides a quiet reading area, cinema screen, refreshments from the Starbucks Store, and free Wi-Fi Internet access while their children enjoy the safe and stimulating activities on offer. Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Fernando Medroa, Vice President of Leisure and Entertainment at M.H. Alshaya Co., said: “At KidZania, we believe that creating a better world starts with taking better care of our planet. The ‘Kids for a Greener World’ initiative is a strong educational tool that unites children to work towards improving their environment.” KidZania Kuwait officially opened its doors to children on 17 June, 2013, and is now welcoming hundreds of visitors every day to the city of education and entertainment, located in The Mall - The Avenues.

Yahoo Maktoob announced the launch of its revamped homepage with an elegant, personal, intuitive design for both its English and Arabic editions in the Middle East and Africa region. The new Yahoo Maktoob experience is a smart design that is intuitive, functional and optimized for easy, everyday consumption, and is fast and consistent across PC, tablet, and smartphone. Dawn Airey, Senior Vice President, Yahoo EMEA, who was in the region for the launch, said, “Since our homepage is our front door -this is of course, the next natural place for us to focus as we continue our commitment to great design. We know our users want fresh information fast, in a way that gives them choice and control, yet maintains some elements of what’s familiar to them. That’s exactly what we are sharing today with the new Yahoo Maktoob experience. Whether you are browsing the top stories; checking your email; posting pictures, checking the weather or even finding out what the stars have in store for you. All your daily habits are within easy reach on one page.” She added, “The award-winning Weather App and the refresh of Flickr and Yahoo Mail are further examples of how we are reimagining Yahoo, always keeping the user at the center of what we do.” Yahoo Maktoob also announced a partnership with leading producer of original video content in Saudi Arabia, UTURN. Starting in April, Yahoo Maktoob will launch a UTURN channel under its video platform Yahoo Screen, featuring UTURN’s new productions throughout 2014, including leading comedy series, a library of UTURN’s best video content, as well as exclusive content that includes behind the scenes videos. This partnership extends UTURN’s reach to Yahoo Maktoob’s large user base of 60 million monthly users across the Middle East region, and is the latest addition to its premium video offering.

Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Kuwait, according to the 2014 Online Shopping Behaviour Study conducted by MasterCard. Over 32 per cent of those surveyed indicated they access the internet for online shopping, of which more than 90 per cent said they were highly satisfied with their online shopping experience. The Online Shopping Behavior Survey, which measures consumers’ propensity to shop online, was conducted at the end of last year and was based on interviews with 3000 respondents from 6 markets across the Middle East. Consumers said they spend the most amount of money on travel related products and services, financial websites, hotels, followed by airlines and clothing. Aaron Oliver, head of emerging payments – Middle East and Africa, MasterCard said: “Well-developed internet infrastructure and the availability of secure online payment options means companies can expand their online presence to grow their business and diversify their customer base. For consumers, online shopping is convenient, fast and safe. When you consider the benefits, it is not surprising that more people are going online to make purchases.” “The growth of online shopping trends in Kuwait sheds light on the priorities of the technologysavvy new age consumer, who now enjoys the convenience, speed, value for money and safety of their transactions while shopping online,” added Oliver. According to the study, around half of the respondents made at least one online purchase last year, a noteworthy increase from nearly 25 per cent in 2012. More than 30 per cent of the respondents identified Amazon, the global e-commerce site, frequented for books, CDs, DVDs, gadgets and more as the most commonly visited website for online shopping. and Cinescape have emerged as the next two most popular websites for online shopping in Kuwait. That said, whereas websites offering travel related products and services, hotels, and online gaming have seen a gradual but steady increase in visitors since 2011, music concerts or performing arts tickets, personal care and beauty-care brands, and international news websites have witnessed a downward trajectory compared to previous years. Kuwaiti consumers were clear about what factors sway their online purchasing decision, citing security of payment facility, reputation of website and convenient payment methods as the more important considerations when making an online purchase. When asked how online shopping could be improved in future, 49 per cent of shoppers stated this could be done by ensuring transactions are secure. Ease of transactions and enhancing payment security also emerged as popular suggestions.

Address of Hospitality and Original Taste

24747789 - 24747798 :‫ تلفون‬.‫ الدور السابع‬- ‫ برج امللتقى‬,‫ دوار املخفر‬:‫الفروانية‬

Farwaniya: Police Station Roundabout, AlMultaqa Tower, 7th Floor. Tel: 24847789 - 24747798


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Bustan Mall

AL Kout Mall

Safat Tower





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Airport Sheikh Saad Al Abdallah

For your delivery call: 2 575 88 50

SIRBB Circuit now open to public

Memac Ogilvy wins big at Dubai Lynx Awards 2014

Starbucks Celebrates the Launch of Origin Espresso

Memac Ogilvy last night showed off its creative muscles by winning 46 awards at this year’s Dubai Lynx Awards, the Oscars of the advertising and communications industry in the Middle East. The winning included 2 Grand Prix, 14 Gold, 23 Silver and 7 Bronze awards on top of the 72 shortlists and underpinned an amazing night for the agency as its Chairman and CEO, Edmond Moutran, received the prestigious Dubai Lynx Advertising Person 2014 Award. The evening was capped by the unprecedented feat of winning both the Network of the Year and the company’s Dubai office was named Agency of the Year.

Stonegrill Kuwait The Hottest Concept In Dining Opens A Second Branch For A Unique Cooking Experience On A Volcanic Stone

“2014 caps a remarkable journey for us,” said Mr Moutran. “We started life 30 years ago this year, with one client and four staff. Today, we have shown once again that we are the region’s most creative communications agency. I could not be more proud of everyone at Memac Ogilvy.” The night’s big winners were “Mobilizing the 12th Man” campaign from Memac Ogilvy Label Tunisia which won two grand prix as well as 4 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze trophies. Memac Ogilvy Dubai campaign for UN Women – Autocomplete Truth – was also recognized with nearly thirteen awards in ten different categories. The gala evening also included a special award for Memac Ogilvy as Eddie Moutran received the Dubai Lynx Advertising Person 2014 accolade. This honorary award, selected by the organizers of Dubai Lynx, is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to advancing the reputation and profile of the communications industry in the MENA region. Commenting on the honor, Mr Moutran said: “Dubai Lynx is the guardian of creativity in the Middle East and I am deeply honored to receive this award from them. I follow humbly in the footsteps of those who have received this award before me.” “Our industry has changed beyond recognition since I founded Memac 30 years ago in Bahrain,” he continued. “I am proud to have played a small part in putting the creative talent this region possess on the global map and showing the world that great ideas are great ideas wherever they originate. I’d also like to thank all of the talented staff, and our incredibly supportive clients. This honor is as much theirs as it is mine”

Meat lovers can now enjoy dining at Stonegrill’s second branch located at Menus Complex, Abu Halifa. The second branch offers a cozy lounge setup and an outdoor area for diners to enjoy. The first successful branch is located at the Omniya Center Salmiya which was established in 2009. Stonegrill aims to expand Kuwait food lovers to discover the unique concept of a food system that has captured the interest of diners around the world. It is a place where diners grill the main meal on a super heated natural volcanic stone at 400°C. These non-toxic, non-porous stones can maintain a prime cooking temperature for nearly 30-40 minutes. As a result diners get a freshly grilled, healthy and nutritious meal with a sensational taste, unique to Stonegrill. Stonegrill offers the concept of YOU GRILL-WE GRILL. It is an option for Stonegrill’s Professional Chefs to cook your meal. Diners have a variety of choices from steaks, chicken and shrimp to grill. The menu also offers a wide selection of soups, salads, hot and cold appetizers, light meals down to the desserts menu. Indeed, Stonegrill offers a unique dining experience and worth a visit!

Following the success of its soft launch in October - where hundreds of people attended to witness some of the largest car, motorbike, and drifting parades seen in Kuwait – SIRBB Circuit finally opens its gates for public bookings and walk-ins. In the few months since its launch, SIRBB Circuit has become Kuwait’s premier motorsports destination and gathering point, and the center to most major motor-related events and activities. In under 4 months, SIRBB was host to Road Rush 2013 - a women’s only kart racing event – in addition to Gulf Run’s 2013 24-Hour Karting Endurance Race, the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro launch, the Lamborghini Huracan private viewing, the Porsche Open Day, the Classic Car Festival, the Classic Pickup Festival, as well as a multitude of corporate events and weekly local car club meetings and gatherings. SIRBB Circuit is the GCC’s newest karting facility, built on modern, state-of-the-art grounds. A truly unique spot in Kuwait, SIRBB Circuit lies at the heart of motor city in Shuwaikh Industrial, right next to the Historical Vintage & Classic Cars Museum and opposite Alghanim Motors – at the intersection of the Jahra and Airport Roads. Under the auspices and generous support of His Highness Sheikh Nasser Al Mohamad Al Sabah, SIRBB Circuit is hoping to become the new hub for automobile enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, and to celebrate all things motor, with a host of experiences already in motion like karting, drift rides and the exclusive Ariel Atom. With more surprises to be rolled out over the course of the year, SIRBB Circuit is a place where Kuwaitis and expats alike can finally live their love for motorsports, right here in their hometown. For more information and bookings, visit www.

Marking the start of a wonderful spring season, Starbucks celebrated the launch of the all new Starbucks Origin Espresso, a concept that brings coffee lovers a choice of espresso in their favorite Starbucks beverages. Starbucks introduced the Guatemala Antigua as the first choice of Origin Espresso: a premium, medium roast, Latin American coffee, hand selected by Starbucks’ master brewers offering customers the ultimate coffee taste experience. “Offering the all new Origin Espresso concept, stems from our commitment to sharing great coffee with our customers. It also allows us to help them discover new ones, giving them a choice for their favourite coffee drink. The first Origin Espresso choice is the Guatemala Antigua. Customers now have a choice of espresso in their beverages and can enjoy a unique and different taste to our signature Espresso Roast by choosing the Guatemala Antigua,” says Rana Shaheen, the Starbucks regional communications and CSR manager for the MENA region. With the introduction of the Origin Espresso concept, customers can anticipate different Origin Espresso choices throughout the year, helping them discover exciting new coffees from around the world. The Guatemala Antigua comes from a small number of farms in the Antigua Valley in southern Guatemala, an area widely regarded as a region growing some of the world’s finest coffees. It is an elegant, complex coffee that offers great depth; its refined acidity is balanced with a subtle cocoa powder texture and soft spice flavours making it a luxurious alternative for Starbucks’ customers. Espresso lovers’ favourite drink is smoother with a softer taste, giving them a more elegant experience!

April, 2014


Elmo And Big Bird From Sesame Street Surprise Baroue Customers!

‫مجموعة البابطني أطلقت إنفينيتي‬ ‫ اجلديدة التي حطمت‬Q50 2014 ‫قيود امللل بفئة السيارات الفاخرة‬

Infunity Entertainment Center arranged a special celebration for Mothers' Day that included competitions, games and prizes.

Alghanim Industries Holds Marketing Master Class for Students at ACK

In line with Alghanim Industries’ vision to support and promote education in Kuwait, one of the company’s senior management team has recently joined marketing students at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK), to present a case study on the company’s marketing operations. Dari Al-Bader, Sr. Director - Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Mergers & Acquisitions, presented the case study as part of ACK’s program to bring ‘real life’ marketing scenarios into the classroom, using professionals from local companies. Alghanim Industries was chosen for its commitment to international marketing standards, diverse business sectors, long history and vast experience in Kuwait, combined with its experienced and respected senior management team. Mr. Al-Bader began with an overview of Alghanim Industries and provided a brief introduction to ones of its businesses, Kirby Building Systems, which manufactures pre-engineered steel buildings. He then focused on Kirby’s entry into the Indian market in 1999, and its subsequent branding and marketing strategies. Mr. Al-Bader included a range of subjects in his presentation, including the role of market research, market positioning and the importance of the ‘4 Ps’ (price, product, promotion and placement). The presentation gave the audience, which consisted of third and fourth year marketing students, along with ACK faculty members, real perspectives about the approach to marketing within an industrial business, and showed how the theory learned in the classroom can be utilized in the corporate world upon graduation. The presentation was enthusiastically received by both students and faculty members. Marcelle de la Roche, Instructor - ACK School of Business, commented on Mr. Al-Bader’s presentation, saying, “We appreciate Mr. Dari AlBader presenting to our students. The Alghanim Industries case study directly supports the work done by the marketing students on profiling international markets. Mr. Dari demonstrated the theoretical aspects of market research, market segmentation and the 4 P’s of marketing, in an interesting and engaging manner. Our students were engrossed and loved hearing from a young pioneer in the market.” Alghanim Industries plans to hold similar events at local universities in the near future.


‫أعلنت شركة عبداحملسن عبدالعزيز البابطني‬ ‫الوكيل احلصري لسيارات إنفينيتي في الكويت‬ ‫ سيدان الفخمة‬Q50 ‫عن إطالق سيارة إنفينيتي‬ ‫املدمجة بتصميم جذاب وأداء الفت في الكويت‬ ‫وذلك خالل املؤمتر الصحفي الذي مت عقده في‬ ‫معرض إنفينيتي البابطني بحضور كل من السيد‬ ‫"صالح البابطني" الرئيس التنفيذي جملموعة‬ ‫البابطني والسيد "ناصر البابطني" عضو مجلس‬ "‫إدارة مجموعة البابطني والسيد "محمد شلبي‬ ‫رئيس عمليات اجملموعة باإلضافة إلى عدد من‬ ‫ ومن جانب الضيوف‬،‫مدراء مجموعة البابطني‬ ‫حضر السيد "ناصر وتار" الرئيس التنفيذي نيسان‬ ‫ والسيد "كامرون كوين" مديرعام تسويق‬،‫اخلليج‬ "‫ومبيعات نيسان اخلليج والسيد "سام قباني‬ ‫ هذا‬،‫مدير أول تسويق ومبيعات نيسان اخلليج‬ ‫باإلضافة إلى لفيف من أهل الصحافة واإلعالم‬ ‫ حيث استضافت شركة عبداحملسن‬،‫في الكويت‬ ‫عبدالعزيز البابطني خالل املؤمتر فريق إنفينيتي ريد‬ ‫ الذي زار الكويت مؤخرا ً واستعرض‬1 ‫بل للفورموال‬ ً ‫ في شوارع الكويت مقدما‬1 ‫سيارات الفورموال‬ ‫ وكان هذا احلدث الرياضي‬،‫عروض متنوعة وممتعة‬ .‫برعاية مجموعة البابطني‬ ‫ومن جهته فقد رحب السيد محمد شلبي رئيس‬ ‫ بضيوف اجملموعة‬،‫العمليات في مجموعة البابطني‬ ‫ ومن‬،1 ‫من فريق إنفينيتي رد بول للفورموال‬ ‫ وأعرب عن سعادته‬،‫اإلعالميني املشاركني باملؤمتر‬ ‫ التي تتميز بأحدث التقنيات‬Q50 ‫بإطالق إنفينيتي‬ ‫ والتي تتمتع‬،‫على مستوى االتصال والتخصيص‬ ‫بأعلى قدرات االتصال املتوفرة بأي سيارة حيث‬ ‫متكن السائق من استخدام نظام الهاتف الذكي‬ .‫بسهولة فور دخوله للسيارة‬ ‫وختم حديثه متمنيا ً التوفيق للجميع وبقضاء‬ .‫وقت ممتع خالل احلفل‬

Baroue – Let’s Play! played host to two celebrities from the US over the weekend! On the occasion of the Mothers' Day and in honors for all mothers, Infunity Entertainment Center, located at the 360 MALL, organized a distinguished celebration presented by the famous celebrity Mohamed Al Shuaibi. The celebration was attended by a huge audience of kids and mothers. The festival included several entertainment activities and programs full of fun & joy reflecting the mothers' role in spreading happiness and smiles for kids. It also included several competitions in which the winning participants received gifts and prizes. The participating children enjoyed the celebration through lots of activities such as games and face painting. The festival was concluded by the distribution of flowers to all the mother attendees. It’s worthy to mention that Infunity is always keen and interested to have the contribution and participation of all the family members in all the prominent occasions and activities, given the strong belief of the Center in the importance of its role in such social and entertaining events, and the devotion of all possible capabilities of the center to translate these events into full success and overwhelming pleasure for attendees.

On Friday, the 4th of April and Saturday, 5th of April, Elmo and Big Bird, from the famed Sesame Street children’s educational program, visited Baroue Avenues for a ‘meet & greet’ with children and their parents. In Kuwait, for the “Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music” live performance, brought to you by EVENTmania, Elmo and Big Bird surprised customers with a cameo appearance which resulted in a palpable excitement throughout the mall. People from all over rushed in to Baroue to have their pictures taken with Elmo and Big Bird, sing along with them and just have a wonderful time. “To see in person Elmo and Big Bird is a once in a lifetime experience” said Ragheb Khourshid, Baroue’s Marketing Manger “And that’s exactly what we aim to do at Baroue, present our customers with a once in a lifetime experience that is both memorable and exciting”. Baroue is the Platinum Sponsor of “Sesame Street Live – Elmo Makes Music”, brought to you by EVENTmania; if you purchase your tickets from Baroue Avenues, you’ll enjoy an immediate 15% discount off of the published ticket price for the live show at the Ice Skating Rink – Kuwait City on the 24th, 25th and 26th of April, 2014.



Engineered with interconnected channels of moving air, the lightweight and flexible Reebok JETFUSE offers maximum cushioning where you need it, when you need it, for wherever you want to go. Learn more at


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Monthly in CityPages Magazine

Dalal AlDughaishem

website: email: Twitter & flicker & instagram: @saycheeez_photo phone number (only whats app ): 55062262

Dalal is a professional photographer specializing in Kids and Babies Photography. Contact us if you wish to feature your Kids brand in CityPages magazine.


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SHAPES QUIZ 1. What 2D shape has 3 sides? 2. How many square faces does a cube have? 3. What do you call a perfectly round 3D shape that looks like a ball? 4. How many sides does an octagon have? 5. What 2D shape has 5 sides? 6. How many triangular faces does a square pyramid have? 7. What shape is the base of a cylinder? 8. How many sets of parallel sides does a parallelogram have? 9. What 2D shape has 6 sides? 10. How many sides does a decagon have?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.


= = = = = = = = = = = =

ANSWERS: 1.A triangle, 2.6, 3.A sphere, 4.8, 5.A pentagon, 6.4,

7.A circle, 8.2, 9.A hexagon, 10.10



Interesting Animal Facts

1. What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all? 2. What starts with a 'P', ends with an 'E' and has thousands of letters? 3. What has two hands, a round face, always runs, but stays in place? 4. What do you get if you milk a cow after an earthquake? 5. I travel the world and I am drunk constantly. Who am I? 6. I run but never walk, I murmur but never talk,I go but never stop. What am I? 7. What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty? 8. If you throw a white rock into the Red Sea, what does it become? 9. What always goes to sleep with his shoes on? 10. If there are three oranges and you take away two, how many

•A lobster's blood isn't red like ours. It's light blue. (It has copper in it, not iron. Iron makes blood red.) •Cats are amazing at twitching and turning their ears in all kinds of directions. Here's why: Cats have 32 muscles working each ear. Humans only have six. •Lots of starfish have two tummies — one inside like yours and a second one they can push outside their mouth to trap big chunks of food. When they're done eating, starfish pull this second tummy back inside. •What's inside a camel's hump? Most people think water, but they're wrong. It's fat. This gives camels energy if they run out of food. •Sharks don't have any bones. They have softer, more bendable stuff called cartilage. •The tentacles of the giant Arctic jellyfish can grow to 120 feet — that's as long as 100 small cars lined up bumper to bumper! •There are more chickens in the world than any other kind of bird.

will you have?

•Sharks' big fierce teeth aren't really teeth — they're scales, like the scales on the outside of most fish.

11. He has married many but has never been married. Who is he?

•Elephants have four knees. So do camels.

12. What shoes should you wear when your basement is flooded?

•Whoever named Koala bears got it wrong. They aren't bears at all. They're marsupials, just like a kangaroo.

ANSWERS: 1. The shadow of an elephant, 2. The Post Office, 3. A clock, 4. Milk shake, 5. Water, 6. A river, 7. A blackboard, 8. Wet, 9. A horse, 10. Two. Cause you took two, 11. A priest, 12. Pumps 162

Jumbled Words

•Armadillos can walk under water. •There are more than 1,000 kinds of bats in the world.

March, 2014


Horoscopes Daring and confidence color your mood under the aspects in the first two weeks of April. A Lunar Eclipse on April 15 finds your faith in yourself at an all-time high. At times you may feel as though you're flying without a net and compelled to extend the boundaries of your comfort zone. Mars is still retrograde and so any meetings that take place on or around April 23 should be considered risky business, although they hold the possibility of a big payoff. The month ends with a Solar Eclipse in business-minded Taurus. Once again a prospective opportunity seems like a gamble, but in reality it could be the solid investment you've been waiting for.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

The first week of April may feel as though the world is gunning for you. It isn't, so stay cool and hang in there until after April 8. Romantic complications should clear up and tempers should cool. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on April 15 could reignite partner or love problems. Don't overreact. It isn't as personal or hostile as it may seem. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 could bring you monetary opportunities if you can act with reserve while everyone else is crazed. Patience is hard, but it could be your best friend this month.


VIRGO (March 21 - April 19)

Watch the bank balance and spending in the first week of April. You aren't usually a compulsive shopper, but a friend might drag you along, to your dismay. Keep your own needs foremost in mind. Money matters also surface during the Full Moon of April 15. Accommodating others can be as costly in time as in money. Make your own suggestions and see if that helps. The Solar Eclipse that comes with the April 28 New Moon can spark you to think and live on a bigger, perhaps slightly grander scale. You can do this in a practical, affordable way.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Group involvement and social activities could eat up your life in the first week, but you might want that. Your time should free up after April 8 or April 9. The urge to start new things might be overwhelming all month, however. Those urges might turn to the wild, crazy, or even kinky side by the April 15 Full Moon. Not too reckless, not too expensive fun will do no harm, and the mood will pass. Make the most of that April 28 New Moon and Solar Eclipse. No matter how crazed the outside world gets, focus on your wellbeing and creative desires.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

It's the classic tug of war between home and office in the first week. Your attention and best efforts may be spent at work, where activity is increasing and your energies are already focused. Use home for rest and recovery, to be improved and refreshed little by little. You'll be in high gear at work by the April 15 Full Moon, all to your benefit if you don't burn out or oppress co-workers. Keep those revelatory, confessional discussions among friends and out of the workplace. While work demands continue, your partner is the lucky one at the April 28 New Moon. Be happy.




(May 21 - June 20)

(September 23 - October 22)

(January 20 - February 18)

The first week could be a social madhouse, with way more ideas and attractive plans than any mere human can manage. Pace yourself and maybe prioritize. Your mind may be racing on April 7, but by April 9 things should slow down. The Full Moon on April 15 lights up your desire for more fun and games. Do what you can to resist needless risks and big gambles. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 is a more subdued and subtle time. Keep your actions organized and don't go off wild and scattered and end up being your own worst enemy.

People may give you grief in the first week, but they really just want your attention. You don't have to indulge anyone's silliness, so be amused rather than angry. Besides, you can wear out all of them. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse shine for you on April 15 even if people behave as though the show is for them. It isn't. (Well, maybe it's also for your partner.) It's a strong, serious New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) on April 28 that can help you straighten out a money or property issue and leave you in a more stable, solid place.

People will expect you to be the grownup in the room from about April 4 until April 8. There's no lack of money concerns (or ideas to remedy them) to go around. Be a good example, take care of yourself and your needs, and encourage others to follow your lead. The Full Moon (and Lunar Eclipse) on April 15 takes you to faraway places, if only in fiction, and relaxing time with good friends. You've all earned a break. The New Moon on April 28 gives you another chance to awaken the desire to expand your horizons. Perception is everything.




(June 21 - July 22)

(October 23 - November 21)

(March 21 - April 19)

The first week could bring an emotional roller-coaster ride. Your mind will recover before your heart does, but things should be smoother and less frantic by April 9. The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse could impact your career and public ambitions, if you have any. If not, others may still think you do. Don't let it bother you. Do something big and good for yourself - you deserve it. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 could give you a big boost in the direction of your choice. Remember that there are short-term and long-term goals.

You have control in the first week of April, if you don't get lazy. People want to see what you're doing and will follow your lead. Be careful with this. Friends and family may try to run away with you under the influence of the Full Moon on April 15. You have all the charm and tact you need to make whatever escape appeals to you (or not). As for the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28, you have the chance to do something brilliant for a big audience or set yourself up for a big career change.

(April 20 - May 20)

People could keep you hopping at the end of the first week. Plans may fall apart or maybe you will just be shamelessly overbooked. Don't worry if a few things fall between the cracks. The April 15 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse can be good for returning focus to you and your need for more downtime. Be calm and let others run themselves ragged. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 are all yours. Let a dream or inspiration simmer and perk back up to the surface of your consciousness. Remember and use this all through the year.


LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Think about yourself a bit more and let the world solve its own problems, especially around April 7 and April 8. You're a lot stronger and more energetic than you realize, so don't waste it on frustration and restlessness. Clean up something in the daily work routine around the Full Moon on April 15 and come out feeling like you're living in a bright new world. (You could spring a big surprise on someone and get away with it now, too.) The April 28 New Moon packs one last personal wallop. Be safe, healthy, smart, and willing to listen to a partner.

You're cleverer by far during the first week of the month, and people will be magnetically drawn to what you say and do. Some of this brilliance could result in extra money, so make the most of it. The Full Moon on April 15 could render you extra charming. This could also help you attract someone with a problem you can easily solve, and thus improve your own finances. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on April 28 may send the world into a mild tizzy, but you'll get another opportunity to consolidate whatever advantages you've gained this month.

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April, 2014



2.Name the 2013-criminally convicted owner of AC Milan? 3.How is the year 2013 shown in Roman numerals? 4.Which two significant celebrations, one global, the other one USA, coincided for the first time in 125 years? 5.The video for what 2013 Miley Cyrus big hit song provoked substantial debate about female rights, nudity and exploitation? 6.Meaning 'precious', what was named Bao Bao in the USA in 2013: Michelle Obama's perfume; Justin Bieber's album; Britney Spear's baby; or Smithsonian Zoo's baby panda? 7.Which nation surpassed Japan in 2013 to become the world's 3rd largest smartphone market behind China (1st) and the USA (2nd)? 8.Which team in 2013 became the first to win the US Baseball World Series three times in the 21st century?

I have a right to follow my tastes in the adornment of my person and my house. In this sentence, adornment means: 1. establishment 2. entitlement 3. ascension 4. decoration

ANSWER: 4.) an adornment is some ornament or accent that makes a person or thing look more attractive. You might check out your hair in the mirror before a party and decide it needs an adornment — a hat or a glittery barrette.

1.'Mersin 2013' was Turkey's hosting of the '(which Sea?) Games' - a 24-nation mini-Olympics established in 1951 "... to bring together the Muslim and European countries..."?

Test Your Vocabulary

Tinsel draped on a Christmas tree is an adornment, and so are the fuzzy dice hanging on your car's rear view mirror. Lipstick is an adornment, and so is a polka dotted bow tie, since they both dress a person up a little bit. Another way to use adornment is to mean the act or process of decorating: "The adornment of the high school gym had transformed it into a winter wonderland." The Latin root is adornare, "equip or embellish."

2013 General Knowledge Quiz

9.According to Forbes, who at 2013, since 2004, has been the longest-listed black billionaire?

13.Which acronymic country won the (soccer) 2013 Gulf Cup of Nations? 14.Name the five main male members of the Monty Python comedy team which reformed end-2013? 15.Sony corporation patented what 'smart' product in 2013 to compete with other wearable technology such as spectacles and watches: Ring; Cap; Shoe; or Wig? 16.Where did Edward Snowden first go after his leaking of US classified documents: Hong Kong; Russia; Ecuador; or Switzerland? 17.Name the Australian fast bowler who ravaged England in the 2013-14 Ashes series? 18.US Cornell University produced what human body part using 3-D printing/ collagen technology in February 2013: Fingernail; Ear; Nose; or Kneecap? 19.The 2013 Oscars were the (what number?) Academy Awards: 17th; 42nd; 85th; or 121st? 20.Name the UK ex-husband and wife political pair convicted and imprisoned in 2013 for perverting the course of justice relating to a speeding penalty in 2003? 21.Aside from the home nation in the second test, which was the only other team to beat the British and Irish Lions on their 2013 tour of Australia: Melbourne Rebels; Brumbies; Queensland Reds; or New South Wales Waratahs? 22.Atlas, Ariane, Changzheng ('Long March'), and Soyuz were types of what launched in 2013: Perfumes; Mega-Restaurants; Space Rockets; or Pet-Dating Websites? 23.Name the Belgian who at Wimbledon in 2013 became the first player to beat Rafael Nadal in the first round of a major tournament? 24.Name the Canadian winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature for her work as "...master of the modern short story..."? 25.A $15bn project intended to become by 2030 Africa's main technology/ commerce hub - Konza Techno City - began on a 5,000 acre site in which country? ANSWERS: 1.Mediterranean, 2.Silvio Berlusconi, 3.MMXIII, 4.Hannukah and Thanksgiving, 5.Wrecking Ball, 6.Smithsonian Zoo's baby panda, 7.India, 8.Boston Red Sox, 9.Oprah Winfrey, 10.Iran, 11.Cyprus, 12.Pope Benedict XVI (resigned - lenient quizmasters may acceptable The Pope), 13.UAE (United Arab Emirates), 14. John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, 15.Wig,16. Hong Kong, 17.Mitchell Johnson, 18.Ear, 19.85th, 20.Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce, 21.Brumbies, 22.Space Rockets, 23.Steve Darcis, 24.Alice Munroe, 25.Kenya


A girl, a boy, and a dog start walking down a road. They start at the same time, from the same point, in the same direction. The boy walks at 5 km/h, the girl at 6 km/h. The dog runs from boy to girl and back again with a constant speed of 10 km/h. The dog does not slow down on the turn. How far does the dog travel in 1 hour?


12.Who did something in Feb 2013 that no one had done voluntarily since 1294?

Girl, Boy, and the Dog

10km. Because the dog's speed is 10 km/h.

11.Which nation received a â‚Ź10bn EU bailout in Mar 2013, conditional on closing its Laiki Bank and a levy on major investors in its eponymous national bank

Where the boy and girl are has no effect on answering this puzzle.

10.Hassan Rouhani was elected president of which country in 2013?

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