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similar dimensions, and the roofs of all four structures were flat rather than vaulted based on the absence of vault stones, probably indicates contemporaneity as well as a wish for stylistic homogeneity (Ruppert 1952:117, 118, 128, 157-162). Since no demonstrably early building at Chichén Itzá lacks a corbelled vault, whereas flat ceilings became the norm in Late Postclassic (Decadent) Yucatán, most likely buildings at Chichén Itzá that lack vaults are late in the sequence. No building at Chichén with a flat ceiling is demonstrably early in the history of the site.

at the time of the construction of the Temple

The Temple of the Initial Series, which also lacked a vaulted roof, is almost certainly one of the latest buildings at Chichén Itzá. The atlantean columns upon which perches the Initial Series lintel are probably reused from the south block of rooms of the courtyard south of the House of the Phalli. Originally positioned like the large atlantean columns of structure 5C15, their removal may indicate that this group of rooms bad fallen into disuse

upon which it rests, an example of poor design

Temple of the Initial Series (5C4)

of the Initial Series. In their present position, they awkwardly press against the door jambs, rather than standing free in a triple doorway as they normally would. Some of the jamb stones themselves might be reused column capitals from structure 5C11 nearby, to judge from similar dimensions, or the blocks may have been carved for both structures at the same time. Other reused stones occur in the wall masonry of both the Initial Series Temples. The Temple of the Initial Series itself is much too small for the substructure similar to the misuse of the atlantean columns in the doorway. Undoubtedly the sculptured lintel originally was not set in this building, the atlantean columns probably were used first somewhere else, and some of the jamb stones perhaps originated from a nearby structure. Cumulatively this is among the best circumstantial evidence for dating a building in an outlying group at Chichén Itzá.

Initial Series Lintel on Large Atlanteans


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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán