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r o y a M e h t m o r F

Here are four of a long list of reasons why

I love Goodyear!


our employees

Each month, I have the opportunity to greet our new employees as the first guest speaker during their orientation. I provide a brief overview of the city council and our roles as policy makers. What I really enjoy is meeting the employees one-on-one. I am eager to learn about their life experiences and various career paths. With it being such a small world, it is easy to find a connection with each of our newest team members.

It doesn’t matter whether employees at the city are new or have been here for years, we all strive to work progressively and offer exceptional customer service by learning from experiences and listening to our community. As our city continues to grow, we hope to preserve the small town feel that we all love and identify new opportunities for all of you.



each neighborhood

The growing options for living in our great city is what makes it special. As we continue to welcome diverse options to build a home, it is impressive to see that quality remains high across the city. Each home brings a special characteristic to Goodyear. What makes me truly proud to represent our city is the pride our residents take in their homes each day. Whether you are raising a family, retired, or still determining your future, thank you for choosing Goodyear as your home!


our business community Our business community, small and large, provides a special component to our city and we thank you for locating in Goodyear! At only 11 percent built out, we have opportunities for even more growth, but we already have an abundance of industries represented in our city. We have healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, aviation, retail, tech, insurance, education, entertainment and much more! Each business provides a benefit to us all, whether it be a job or a service, and we appreciate all that you do for our community and for the region.


all of you!

Most of all, I am continuously impressed by all of our city volunteers and the amount of community involvement. Whether you are interested in the city’s engagement opportunities such as LEAD, Citizens’ Police Academy, and CERT or serve on a board or commission, we are grateful for your time. There is no question that these programs and opportunities are a commitment of your time, and we truly value your input and willingness to learn about your city.

I would also like to commend you for asking questions and voicing your opinion about various subjects discussed or the projects constructed throughout the city. Although we may not always provide the outcome that you had hoped for, we hear you and thank you for your participation.

I find it difficult to plan a vacation,

because I would rather stay right here at home in Goodyear. These are just a few of the reasons I love our city;

however, the list is endless.









July 2019


What we love about Goodyear VICE MAYOR BILL STIPP It’s our residents! A widely diverse collection of people who settled in our community from all over the country, making Goodyear the great city it is. Our residents are passionate and show it through their volunteerism, participation in community events and support of our recreational programs. Our diversity has built a city we are all proud to be part of.

COUNCILMEMBER JOE PIZZILLO I love that Goodyear is a beautiful and diverse city, comprised of vibrant neighborhoods. These neighborhoods create a generous and caring community, with wonderful people who are eager to step up and assist their neighbors and fellow residents.

COUNCILMEMBER SHERI LAURITANO I love Goodyear because it is a great city full of wonderful people who call it home. Goodyear is surrounded by natural beauty, from the Estrella Mountains to our parks, open spaces and trails. I love Goodyear because it is more than a city, it is home.

COUNCILMEMBER WALLY CAMPBELL Goodyear is an amazing city that offers our residents pristine neighborhoods and beautiful parks surrounded by the natural beauty of the Estrella Mountains. I love that our residents have pride in our community, and I am so proud of the world class service provided by the dedicated members of the Goodyear Police and Fire Departments.


COUNCILMEMBER BRANNON HAMPTON There are many things that I enjoy about the great city of Goodyear. I enjoy the many recreational activities in the city. I enjoy raising my family in a friendly community with great schools. I enjoy a safe and well-maintained community. Finally, I enjoy the tremendous growth, both economically and residentially, within the city. I love Goodyear.


Photo courtesey of Matt Young Photography, LLC

Goodyear’s name inspires me daily. Every time it is spoken, it is a declaration and a blessing for a good year! While many Valley neighbors were named for people or places, Goodyear reflects the enterprising spirit that helped shape the destiny of the West Valley. Past, present and future — Goodyear lives up to its name!

July 2019


#GoodyearLife Camelback Rd Cotton Ln

When you really want to show your Goodyear pride, what do you do? Take a selfie, of course, at one of the iconic spots in the city! Share it with some of your closest, and not so close, friends on Facebook and Instagram. Goodyear is filled with historic, iconic and fun places. These are just a few top selfie spots in the city.

Indian School Rd


303 W Thomas Rd Litchfield Rd

Top 10 Selfie Spots McDowell Rd

Skate Park Goodyear Community Park 3151 N. Litchfield Road

Goodyear Ballpark 1933 S. Ballpark Way Flite Water Tower Phoenix-Goodyear Airport 1658 S. Litchfield Road Goodyear BMX Raceway 5660 Roeser Road Estrella Star Tower 8614 S. Estrella Parkway Estrella Mountain Regional Park 14805 W. Vineyard Avenue Estrella Lakeside Amphitheater 10300 S. Estrella Parkway Pump Track Foothills Community Park 12795 S. Estrella Parkway 6

Bullard Rd Pkwy

Yuma Rd


Goodyear Community Pool Mural Loma Linda Park 430 E. Loma Linda Boulevard

W Van Buren St Cotton Ln

Kick Ass Hot Sauce Welcome Sign 700 N. Bullard Avenue


W Lower Buckeye Rd



W Vineyard


This map is for informational purposes only and may not be accurate for navigation purposes.

Splash of Color Showcases Goodyear As Goodyear grows, so is an eye-catching city program. There are five traffic cabinets in the city that are wrapped in colorful art as part of an Arts and Culture pilot program. With such positive feedback, traffic cabinet artwork will be brightening up more intersections. Those locations and artists will be determined later this year.

Nathan Butt Litchfield Road/Celebrate Life Way

In the meantime, check out the current artwork!

My family has lived in Goodyear since 1911. I love this city and enjoy creating images to promote the lifestyle of the community. I love the sense of belonging to a vibrant community with similar values, progressive yet thoughtful of our past and planning for

our future.

Bonnie Lewis, Goodyear artist

I hope that the cabinets will allow people to recall various

Becca Farmer Indian School Road/141st Avenue

memories that they may have had in the area and give them a sense of pride. I also hope a certain level of surprise and appreciation comes from seeing art at a stop light; kind of a reward for not picking up the phone waiting for the light to

” coffee H T

Anthony Galto, Goodyear artist

LAST TUESDAY of month 7:00-8:30pm


turn green.

Lecture Series

Anthony Galto Litchfield Road/Western Avenue

Total Wine Classroom 1416 N. Litchfield Road, 85395

Our FREE “Hot Coffee” Art Lecture Series provides an opportunity to learn and discuss topics on a variety of aspects of Arts & Culture.

Upcoming lectures include artists, arts professionals, historians, and educators that help shape the arts in the Valley. No reservations required!



Carson Grier Litchfield Road/Avalon Drive

Designing Costumes for the AZ Opera Kathleen Trott, Costume Shop Manager

Ms. Trott, resident Costume Designer and Shop Manager of the Marlu Allan and Scott Stallard Costume Shop for Arizona Opera will explain the evolution of costume making.


Goodyear Arts & Culture Commission

Bonnie Lewis/Catitude Arts Mural Mentoring Team Indian School Road/144th Avenue

July 2019


Goodyear’s social followers weigh in on what makes them most proud to be part of the city.

Thank you to all involved in making Goodyear safe enjoyable for all, city of Goodyear, Mayor G. Lord, Parks and Recreation, G.Y.P.D and G.Y. Fire Department. You are appreciated for all you do. — geostr81

— Ann David Kudray

Solid infrastructure, planning for (inevitable) growth and BIKE LANES! Commuting by bike is a breeze here! — Chris Dold

How clean and beautiful it is which leads the people to be happier...nicer. — Whitney Simone

What Do You Love About Goodyear?

What do you love about Goodyear? Share your favorite thing about the city!


New businesses


Friendly people


Parks 22% Schools 13% Source: June 2019 Twitter poll

You can also share your storm photos with the city at

Goodyear residents have captured some amazing photos of monsoon storms over the years. But always remember, safety first. Goodyear shares photos and videos from residents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep you updated on storm activities. Use the hashtag #GYSTORM

Photo courtesey of Mike Olbinski Photography

See it. Snap it. Share it.

— Marilynne P. Chapman

— Aubrie Wyatt Jones

— Anthony Ramey

Use the hashtag

The weather and the landscape. Wide clean streets!

Everything is new; exciting time to see it all come together.


We have the best fire, police and EMTs. Thank you for being there when things go wrong.

Why I Love Good yea r Video Contest

What’s your favorite thing about Goodyear? What makes you proud to be part of the city? In two minutes or less, share why you love Goodyear in the Why I Love Goodyear Video Contest. The top video will be played at a City Council meeting and the winner receives a prize package worth $250. To enter: Create a fun video, in two minutes or less, to show and tell why you love Goodyear

Prize package includes gift cards and items to local hot spots, including:

Post your video on Facebook or Instagram Post must include #GoodyearLife for contest submission Contest deadline is Friday, Aug. 2

Goodyear Ballpark


S&S Tire & Auto Service Center

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company

Fry’s Food Stores McDonald’s

and more!

Why I Love Good yea r Coloring Contest Kids, we want to hear from you! What makes the city of Goodyear awesome? Enter the Why I Love Goodyear Coloring Contest for a chance to see your artwork on a billboard! Grab the markers, crayons and paint brushes and showcase your creativity illustrating what you love about Goodyear. To enter: Through a hand-drawn picture, show why you love Goodyear Artwork should be on an 11 inch wide x 6 inch tall white paper and include a title for the artwork

The winning artwork will be displayed on billboards along I-10 in Goodyear.

Must include: name, age (must be 17 years old or younger), address and telephone number with entry Submit artwork & entry information by mail or in-person: Goodyear City Hall Attn: Why I Love Goodyear Year Coloring Contest 190 N. Litchfield Rd. Goodyear, AZ 85338 Contest deadline is Friday, Aug. 2 July 2019


Vision to Reality Building a Vibrant “Heart” of the City For decades now, it’s what our growing community has been asking for. A dynamic place we can proudly call the “heart” of our city. A gathering place for family and friends to enjoy festivals, concerts and parades. And now, I’m delighted to share that we’re closer than ever to making this vision a reality. The city of Goodyear is partnering with Globe Corporation to build Goodyear Civic Square at Estrella Falls, which is expected to open in 2022. Globe is donating land to the city, located north of McDowell Road and west of Harkins Theater near 150th Drive, to build the civic square. The total site is 47-acres. Goodyear Civic Square will be at the center and will include a city hall, library, twoacre park/gathering place, and upscale Class A office space. Globe is confident that if they build much needed office space, jobs will follow, which will bring more people to the area during the day. More people means more businesses that we’re all hungry for, helping to further develop our growing city.

JULIE ARENDALL, CITY MANAGER I hope you’re as thrilled as I am to see this project come to life! Stay up to date on the project by visiting


Growing Goodyear It’s no secret, we want more in Goodyear. More restaurants, more shopping, more entertainment. But have you ever wondered… Why do some restaurants and shops end up in Goodyear and others don’t? Much of the development and timing of construction is out of the city’s control. Private property owners have the right to request rezoning, develop and sell their land as they deem appropriate. When the city approves how a property is zoned, it cannot be selective about which types of business operations open in that area. For example, if a property is zoned to allow for

restaurants, the city cannot limit a chain restaurant from opening versus a non-chain restaurant. City standards are driven by the council’s priority of maintaining a high-quality community for all of our residents and business partners. However, it is the city’s role to ensure the projects align with the city’s vision and meet our development standards. In addition, the city’s Economic Development team strives to attract the businesses our residents are asking for by showcasing why Goodyear is the best option for business growth.

“We love living in Goodyear, and we love the fact that we can share our passion of art with all of our Goodyear friends, family, and neighbors. There’s plenty of restaurants, shopping, and a fantastic movie theater nearby. But, a painting studio like Our Creative Escape is just what Goodyear needed. We’re so happy to be here.”

Why Businesses Love Goodyear

Tom and Kim Mraz, owners of Our Creative Escape

“Being right next to the I-10, the 303 and the 101, we are literally a 10 minute drive from just about anywhere! Just as important as location, is the support we have received from so many areas of the city. That includes Economic Development, Zoning, Planning, Parks and Rec, Goodyear PD and Fire, the City Manager and Mayor are all huge supporters of ours and it definitely feels like we have friends all over the city. The local support makes Goodyear feel like home.” Peter Egyed, owner of CrossFit Fury July 2019


Avoid Distracted Driving

IT’S THE LAW #justdrive

How many times have you driven behind someone who was clearly distracted while Did you know, driving? Or maybe more than worse, how many 3,000 people died times have you in car crashes texted while driving?

involving distracted drivers in 2017?

Sending or getting a text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. That’s the equivalent of driving blind at 55 miles per hour for the length of an entire football field. It’s also a mental distraction. Goodyear Police suggest following these steps for a safer driving experience: Need to text? Pull off the roadway and park your car in a safe location. Designate a passenger as your “designated texter.” Don’t get on social media while driving, not to mention sending emails or watching videos.

Arizona recently passed new distracted driving laws, meaning you can’t hold your electronic devices while driving.

Too tempting? Put your cell phone out of reach while

Three ways to be distracted while driving:

Be mindful of these distractions while driving:

Visual — taking your eyes off the road Manual — taking your hands off the wheel Cognitive — taking your mind off of driving

Cell phones, dashboard

Eating, drinking, reading a

touchscreens and other

map, personal grooming, or

in-vehicle technologies.

reaching for objects.

Coffee with a Cop Wednesday, August 7

8-9:30 a.m. Starbucks

1375 N. Litchfield Rd. #100 Join us for an informal get together and enjoy a cup of coffee! A great way

to meet some of your Goodyear police officers, chat about concerns, share ideas, and ask questions you may have. 12

behind the wheel.

Putting the Fireworks Away After the Holiday It’s okay to buy and use certain fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, but after July 6, fireworks are banned. If you have some leftover, it is important to dispose of them properly. 1. Soak. Completely submerge fireworks in a bucket of water. Allow to soak overnight. 2. Wrap. Double wrap soaked fireworks in plastic wrap or plastic bags so they do not dry out.

Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash

3. Dispose. Place wrapped bags in the trash.

Have a safe & happy summer!

Being safe around water is as easy as A–B–C







Adult Supervision

layers of protection

and coast guard approved lifejackets

Drowning is 100 percent preventable July 2019


David Lopez

Goodyear Public Works Department How long you’ve worked for the city? Six-and-a-half years. What do you do? I’m in water reclamation. I oversee other operators and the city’s wastewater operations. We completely treat the wastewater coming into the facility to make sure it’s safe before we put the water back in the aquifer. Favorite thing about working for the city? The other operators on my team. See how employees are making life better in Goodyear by watching On the Job with Julie:

Click on the GY@Work playlist

Favorite Core Value? Initiative. What do you like to do in your spare time? Spend time with my family.

Fast Facts Childhood nickname: Davey/Davey Boy Favorite kind of music: I like any music, but my favorite is heavy metal Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys If I won $1 million dollars: I’d pay off my house and save the rest Favorite ice cream: Chocolate

Help Make Goodyear Even Better! Are you ready for the next U.S. Census in 2020? For the first time ever, you can complete the survey online. The census is important to ensure an accurate population count for our growing city. Here’s two big ways our community could benefit.


Starting April 1, 2020

Money For new roads, schools, emergency services and more.

A voice Higher census count = More representatives in Congress.


You’ll get a postcard with instructions on how to take the census online. If you don’t want to complete the census online, you can complete it over the phone, in-person or by mail.

Your Information Is Secure & Private

By law, the Census Bureau cannot share your answers by name with others, including welfare agencies, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Internal Revenue Service, courts, police and the military.

What’s That in Goodyear? Celebrating Me Time Body Spa, Tanning & More 13291 W McDowell Road, Suite E6 Now Open!

Philly Pretzel Factory 650 North Estrella Parkway, Suite A5 Now Open!


InFocus Magazine Goodyear Communications Questions or comments, email: (l to r): Joe Pizzillo, Wally Campbell, Vice Mayor Bill Stipp, Mayor Georgia Lord, Sheri Lauritano, Laura Kaino, and Brannon Hampton. July 2019


ECRWSS Postal Customer 190 N. Litchfield Rd. Goodyear AZ 85338 623-932-3910

See it. Snap it. Share it.

Whether it’s a rainbow over the Estrellas, a family outing at the park, or simply enjoying your favorite coffee spot in Goodyear, snap a photo and share it. Post it using #GoodyearLife. Goodyear shares photos and videos from residents on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow the city on social media for community pics, business buzz and special events! Use the hashtag #GoodyearLife

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