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This magical lights display is a highlight of the season, invoking oohs and ahhs as viewers walk the 1.2-kilometre loop around Lafarge Lake. It’s one of the largest free outdoor light displays in the Lower Mainland, featuring over 100,000 lights in multiple themed zones, from the popular caterpillar tunnel to the woodland creatures perched in a tree house. Watch as delight spreads across the children’s faces! Also take part in free events organized by Coquitlam’s Park Spark team, including crafty workshops, carolling and scavenger hunts. Be awestruck by the launch of the Winter Lights Display on Nov. 25. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get outdoors with friends and family for some free, uplifting entertainment. Available to view through January.

CITY PARKS Coquitlam is a bustling city on the edge of wilderness and pocketed with incredible urban parks. This city is a destination for runners, hikers, mountain bikers and wildlife enthusiasts, whether you’re exploring the local trails or adventuring deep into the mountainous forest. The city itself is home to more than 80 parks, with playgrounds voted among the best in Metro Vancouver, unique offerings such as disc golf and sand volleyball, and spray parks filled with the sounds of laughter during the summer months. To find the perfect park with everything you’re looking for—whether it be tennis courts, fishing locations, bike skills parks or hiking trails— visit More information about hiking and running is available on pages 26 – 27. For tips on the best spray parks and playgrounds, turn to page 33.

Mundy Park

Dog Parks

Como Lake Park

Dogs are part of the family, and in Coquitlam they’ve got room to run. A number of off-leash areas are available throughout the city, and many trails throughout Mundy Park are off leash from dawn to 10 a.m.

OFF-LEASH DOG AREAS: Bramble Park, 2775 Panorama Dr.

Miller Park, 900 Oakview St.

Glen Park, 1149 Westwood St.

Mundy Park, 501 Mariner Way

Leigh Park, 1254 Soball St.

Ridge Park, 1685 Parkway Blvd.

Leigh Park

2017 Coquitlam Travel & Experience Guide


2017 Coquitlam Travel and Experience Guide  
2017 Coquitlam Travel and Experience Guide