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Small-Scale Research Project- extra help and advice The catalogue Sources you could consult: Internet Books Magazines (look at references in books to find these) Newspapers (look at references in books to find these) TV interviews & documentaries Radio interviews & documentaries DVD extras/ the DVDs themselves/ your notes on the films Primary research and your individual analysis of film extracts Exhibitions/ displays/catalogues of any nature All of these need to be appropriately referenced and laid out so they are as neat/clear as possible. REMEMBER- you need to look at a wide variety of sources and write logical, analytical, focused justifications why they are useful to you. Don’t forget- that you need to provide a short paragraph highlighting Unused sources, the reasons for which are also well justified. Presentation Script Include: • Relevant clips from your films to back-up the points that you make. • Constant reference to catalogue item numbers (therefore you will need to use your catalogue to construct your pres. script) • Bullet points, short quotes, examples etc. that make the whole script easy to read and logical in its flow. If you get stuck, think about what your main thrust is- and use examples from the films to help you. You may also wish to refer to critics who endorse what you say. See past examples for what to do/ what not to do.

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