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No.1 Women’s Magazine in UK and Europe

Launched in April 2001, GLAMOUR has become the fastest selling women’s magazine to hit the UK market in more than 25 years

“Already hailed as a publishing phenomenon and the winner of a fistful of awards, including the accolade of best women’s magazine in Britain, GLAMOUR just keeps getting better! The editorial team continues to deliver its winning formula of feel-good attainability mixed with glossy high-end values. The magazine has consistently retained its edge, which is why it continues to be the must-have women’s glossy” Editor – Jo Elvin

“GLAMOUR continues to uniquely provide readers and advertisers alike with upmarket, high-quality and stylish content, delivered in a realistic and inclusive way. No competitor title has managed to replicate GLAMOUR’s success. We offer our advertising partners an unrivalled environment, designed to showcase top designer brands alongside high-street retailers, motor manufacturers, food and drink companies… in fact GLAMOUR appeals to any advertising category that wants to communicate with our high-spending and aspirational readership” Publishing Director – Simon Kippin


544,653 Subscriptions over 63,000 (more than the competition) Leading the way - GLAMOUR was launched in April 2001 and within a year it became market leader, where it remains to this day

Source: ABC Jan-Jun ‘07



NB. Figures are Total ABCs






+ 21%

+ 64%

+ 106%

+ 330%

+ 168%

+ 205%

+ 93,701 copies

+ 211,948 copies

+ 280,159 copies

+ 417,848 copies

+ 341,351 copies

+ 365,954 copies Source: ABC Jan-Jun ‘07

BRAND POWER Extends beyond the UK… read by 5.9 million women each month




Launched 2001 Launched 2005 Circulation 544,653# Circulation 176,516*


Launched 2006 Circulation 60,400*



Launched 2001 Circulation 471,794 *

Launched 2003 Circulation 138,771+

Launched 2004 Circulation 334,587+



Launched 1939 Circulation 2,301,687 *


HUNGARY Launched 2004 Circulation 55,680*

Launched 2004 680,000^^^

Launched 2001 Circulation 104,106 ^^


Launched 1992 Circulation 288,664+


Launched 1998 Circulation 111,000^^

LATIN AMERICA Launched 1998 Circulation 201,628^^


Launched 2002 Circulation 258,544 ^


Launched 2006 Circulation 35,000^^

Launched 2004 Circulation 96,776 *

Source: ABC Jan-Jun 07#/ABC Jul-Dec 06*/Jan-Dec 06+/Jul05-Jun06^/Publisher’s statement^^/Publisher’s stated print run^^^

LOYAL READERSHIP GLAMOUR has a readership of 1,189,000 (+4% year on year)

347,000 ABC1 women aged 25-44 (+12% year on year)

513,000 ABC1 women aged 18-34 (+3% year on year)


7 times a month and read for 2 hours Source: NRS Jan –Jun 07/NRS Jul 05-Jun 06/21 st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR readers)

READERSHIP Yr on Yr % change +3%


-6% +17% +4%

+43% +30%







Source: NRS Jan-Jun 07/Jan-Jun 06




*NRS Jul 06-Jun 07/Jul 05-Jun 06

READERSHIP The GLAMOUR reader is ABC1C2 aged 18-34 Average age


75% ABC1 32% AB Average personal income

Source: NRS Jan-Dec 06/21st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR readers)


*Personal income based on those in full-time employment

READERSHIP The ultimate target…

Exclusive –

35% don’t read the competition

Loyal – buy

10 issues per year on average

Primary readership –


Source: NRS Jan-Dec 06/21st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR Readers)

GLAMOUR’S TONE OF VOICE Unapologetically upbeat Glamorous Entertaining Fun Glossy Beautiful Smart Individual GLAMOUR has had more than 3,000 press mentions since it’s launch!

GLAMOUR BRAND POWER GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards (June)

60% of readers followed the coverage of the awards

19% of those who followed the coverage voted in the awards National GLAMOUR Week (September) Topshop trebled their sales in one day as a result! Oasis requested more GLAMOUR magazines be sold in the area 21st Century Woman: A GLAMOUR Report GLAMOUR reveals valuable insights into the lives of modern women

Source: GLAMOUR survey 2005

FASHION EDITORIAL “GLAMOUR seamlessly combines fashion at all levels, whether its source be designer or high street, making it both aspirational and accessible to its readers. GLAMOUR is the ultimate shopping guide” Vanessa Gillingham Fashion Director GLAMOUR has featured

633 pp

of fashion in the past year Source: NMR Apr 06-Mar 07

THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY PHOTOGRAPHERS Robert Erdmann, Pamela Hanson, Walter Chin, Coliena Rentmeester, Catrine Wessell, Nick Haddow, Kelly Ryerson, James Houston, Robin Derrick, Kenneth Willardt, Chris Sterman, David Burton, John Scarisbrick, Mike Thomas

THE FASHION TEAM Vanessa Gillingham – Fashion Director Emer Dewar – Senior Fashion Editor Sarah Clark – Fashion Editor Karen Preston – Shopping Editor Rosie Vogel – Bookings Editor Des Lewis – Senior Fashion Assistant

FASHION 76% of GLAMOUR readers really enjoy shopping for clothes (index 212) Elle (203), Company (196), InStyle (188), Cosmopolitan (186), New Woman (181), Marie Claire (180)

67% of GLAMOUR readers feel they have to keep up with the latest trends

83% agree “accessories are an important part of my wardrobe”

Source: 21st Century Woman (GLAMOUR Readers)/TGI (Jul 05-Jun 06)

FASHION 96% agree magazines influence them to buy fashion. That’s more than twice the effect of other types of advertising media

81% of readers shop for clothing and 55% shop for accessories at least once a month GLAMOUR readers individually spend on average

£1,886 per year on clothing, shoes and accessories. That’s collectively almost

£2.3 billion per year

Source: 21st Century Woman (GLAMOUR Readers)/NRS Jan-Dec 06

BEAUTY EDITORIAL "No-one knows beauty like GLAMOUR. If the GLAMOUR team doesn't believe in it, love it, it doesn't go in. Our readers really care about beauty and it's our job to care even more. That's why GLAMOUR devotes more pages to beauty coverage than any other women's magazine. Charlotte Anne Fidler, Creative Director

The Beauty Team:

Charlotte Anne Fidler – Creative Director Alessandra Steinherr – Beauty Director Vicki Norton – Beauty Editor Evie Leatham – Junior Beauty Writer Tammy Tinker – Beauty Assistant

GLAMOUR has featured 311 pages of beauty editorial in the last year – this is more than any other women’s monthly (InStyle 299pp, Marie Claire 249pp, Cosmopolitan 229pp, Vogue 205pp, Elle 191pp, New Woman 147pp, Company 125pp)

Source: NMR July 06 – June 07

BEAUTY 90% agree beauty is an essential part of the whole fashion look Loyal but experimental readers‌ ‌

64% usually stick to their favourite

brands, but the same proportion also like to experiment with new brands and products

76% are concerned about their looks fading as they get older

Source: 21st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR Readers)

BEAUTY 89% believe it is important to invest in skincare GLAMOUR readers spend on average

ÂŁ1,162 per year on beauty 42% of GLAMOUR readers shop for beauty products at least once a fortnight

Source: 21st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR Readers)

RESPONSIVE READERS 94% will act if they see something they like in GLAMOUR: 25% of readers will go and buy it 11% will save up for it 58% will find out more about it

72% have bought something as a direct result of seeing it in GLAMOUR

Source: 21st Century Woman 2006 (GLAMOUR Readers)

IN SUMMARY GLAMOUR is Condé Nast’s first ever big-selling and premium brand – the only magazine to offer quality and quantity Editorial excellence The ultimate shopping guide Giving clients and readers the best

Glamour Magazine  

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