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Casey Brown Critical Evaluation. •

My media product is a music magazine for people who like to DJ and are into a variety of DJ music genres e.g. oldskool, reggae, dnb, jungle, rave, happy hardcore, house and Break-beat. My media product is fairly conventional. I would say my front cover, contents page and double page spread are quite simple and would be seen in shops along with other DJ magazines. My front cover uses one main image, a smaller picture, a lure, a banner, a website, a masthead, main sells etc. not only does it feature music and where the latest parties and DJ nights are, it informs readers what vinyl’s are best to buy and gives a step-by-step guide on how to be the best disc jockey. For my contents page, I have blended some pictures together and have gained my inspiration from DJ magazine. My double page spread is an interview with the featured artist on the front cover.

My media product represents my social group because it features a DJ artist on the front and includes a list of the sorts of music they would be listening too. It represents social groups that would DJ in their spare time or at parties or for people who just like to listen to the music on their own or with friends. It includes old music and new up and coming music. Therefore, I think people of any age could read my magazine. But I would say mostly younger people would want to read it. The artist comes across as friendly and fun. She is playing music on the front cover and is smiling. In the article Jazz does not give much away but it is still interesting and I think it inspires people to play music if that is what they want to do. Also, she tells people where they can find her playing her music and comes across as someone who appreciates and respects her fans. The artist can also sympathise with people first starting out as she says, “I started out in my brother’s studio after school.” My audience feedback questionnaire results said they wanted a variety of genres but mainly oldskool. This is what I included and I was happy about this as I wanted to feature that music before I did the questionnaire. I asked relevant questions and found the answers very helpful. When I asked friends and family

what they thought of my finished magazine, one person said, “It’s good but needs to be more organised and musical.” I then asked someone else what could I do to improve my magazine? Their response was, “you could use more colour and make it look slightly more professional.” I have taken these responses into account and hopefully will improve further with my next media project. I think I could have spent slightly more time on the contents page and dps but I am happy with my front cover and have done a design and layout I am happy with. Seeing everyone else’s magazines when we did the presentations has made me more determined to improve my photo-shop skills which at times I struggle with. However, I think I have made improvements since the start of the year and hope to continue to do so. I think the photos represent good music and having a good time! They are the best photos I have taken so far. Jazz is dressed quite casually on the front cover in a hoody and jeans. I have done this to show her in a relaxed and approachable manner. And plus, she is only practising music in the studio, so full make up and dressy clothes would look silly and in-appropriate. I think fans could identify with her. I think she has a good image. •

I would definitely put my magazine on newsagent’s shelves rather than do an online magazine because not everyone has the internet. I would much prefer the thought of someone walking into a shop and spotting my magazine in the middle of all the other ones and buying it. There is lots of competition and I would want my magazine to stand out and appeal to people in shops rather than on the internet. I would love my magazine to be published by IPS. I have researched it and it is very popular and the biggest in the UK so I feel maybe my magazine is not mainstream enough to be published by them. IPC Media is a leading UK consumer magazine publisher. Almost two in every three UK women and over 44% of UK men read an IPC magazine. That’s over 26 million UK adults. I mainly got my inspiration for my magazine from DJ magazine. The publisher is James Robertson. The magazine is not the most mainstream as I had not heard about it until I started doing work on my magazine. Personally, I would not go with Another magazine I got my inspiration from is mixmag. This magazine is more mainstream and popular then DJ mag. It features dance music and the cover price is £4.20. It is published

by Development Hell Ltd. I think I would get my magazine published by this company as it would be the right magazine for them to take on. Their total average net circulation per issue is 30159 which is very impressive. •

I think the audience for my magazine would be people who like to go out and have a good time, enjoy music you can mix and dance too(old and new) and their age range would probably be about 17-30. My readers would stand for peace and unity. They are the sorts of people that would rather love everyone at a party, then get drunk and get into fights. It’s all about peace and when you’re not chilling and listening to music, you’re partying and listening to music. I hope my magazine represents all these things .My readers would like to go to hall parties and dance in a muddy field like there’s no tomorrow, come rain or shine. They would be into shops like Free-spirit, Just Add Water etc or maybe even some vintage shops. But I think music is more important to them than image, even though the two go hand in hand. I think my magazine features more music and the pictures focus on the music and not so much on fashion. My readers would spend their time catching up with friends, socialising, downloading music, drinking, partying, going to festivals and mixing. They are generally fun loving people. I think most of their money would go on their social life and buying new vinyl’s, which at times can be very expensive and readers may feel like their money is going down the drain. However, my magazine encourages people to play music that they love either as a job or just as a hobby. I think they would most admire DJ legends, great songs and people who believe in having fun. The person would definitely be very chilled and easygoing. I, myself, would buy my magazine or one like it as I am interested in the music and have friends that like to DJ in their spare time.

The unique selling point of my magazine (USP) is definitely the main image on the front cover. I would say the second thing would be the main sell, which is an interview with the artist. I think people who are interested in the music, would also be interested in the artist that plays it. Other features are a step-by-step guide in how to DJ, where the top parties and DJ nights are and which vinyl’s are best to buy for your budget. Also, there is a bright, eye catching lure which offers a free

vinyl which is very appealing. I asked my friend, who likes this music, to comment on my front cover and say what would attract her to buy the magazine. Her answer was, “I like the fact you have listed what music will be included in the magazine so I know if it is my thing or not.” I would say that is a good point because even though my picture gives away that it is a DJ magazine as Jazz is playing on the decks with headphones on, the magazine still needs to be clear about what music it is actually representing and advertising. Another friend said, “It is clear and to the point. The title is effective because it stands for something and is only one word.” Also, at £2.00 it is not very expensive so would hopefully make people buy it even if they had never heard of it, because it is a fair price, along with everything else. If it was £4.50-£5.00, they may not be so keen to give it a go. •

I have improved my photography skills, widened my imagination, improved my photo-shop skills etc. However, I think I need to improve on time management and meeting deadlines. I know how to integrate text with pictures and have learnt I need to make everything go together because of the house style e.g. the front cover, contents page and dps need to look like they are all part of the same magazine. I would like to develop my photo-shop skills further and improve on the quality of my work.

I think my music magazine is much better than my preliminary task. It is less basic and looks more like an actual magazine. Asking the right questions in a questionnaire is vital to get the right audience feedback. They have to be relevant and appropriate. I have listened to my audience and taken their views into account. In conclusion, I feel my magazine has improved and the dps, contents page and front cover all go together. However, if I did it again, I would have organised my time better and made my magazine look more skilled and professional.

Casey Brown  

imagination, improved my photo-shop skills etc. However, I think I need to improve on time management and meeting deadlines. I know how to i...