Higher View Business - Issue 6

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SHARP TAKEOVER PLAN STALLS AT LAST MINUTE 夏普收购计划最后一秒搁置 Foxconn Taiwan has stalled plans for a A$7.6 billion takeover of Sharp, in what would be the largest acquisition of a Japanese consumer electronics company by an overseas buyer. Citing its need to review last-minute disclosures before committing, Foxconn’s hestitation marks a further blow for the Japanese consumer electronics giant which has already lost billions in recent years. 台湾富士康已暂缓其以76亿澳元的价格收购夏普的计划, 这本将成为日本消费电子产品公司被海外买家收购的最大 收购案。富士康在签约前夕提出需审查最后一刻的信息披 露,富士康的犹豫对于这个最近几年已亏损数十亿的日本 消费电子产品巨头来说是进一步的打击。

CHINA PLANS SECOND SPACE STATION 中国规划第二个宇宙空间站 China has announced its plans to launch a second experimental space station this year as part of the 20 space missions scheduled for 2016. According to the government’s China Manned Space Agency, the June launch of the Tiangong 2 space lab will be followed by the Shenzhou 11 as part of the series of crewed Chinese missions that began in 2003. 中国已宣布其今年将设立第二个实验空间站作为其2016年 20个太空任务计划中的一个。据中国载人航天工程局介 绍,6月发射天宫2号太空实验室后,紧接着就发射神舟11 号,这是2003年开始的中国载人航天任务系列中的一部分。 18 | HIGH ER VIEW BUSIN E S S

China’s Lenovo Group is planning to make a dent in the highly competitive smartphone market in July this year with the launch of its new smartphone which boasts “augmented reality” features. The unique selling-point will be developed under Google’s Project Tango, a highly responsive technology which will give the mobile device the ability to know where it is and how it moves through an area by combining 3D motion tracking with depth sensors. The phone is expected to strengthen Lenovo’s presence in mature markets such as North America, following last year’s slight decline.

中国联想集团正策划在今年7月通 过发布其以“扩增实境”为卖点 的新智能手机以求在竞争激烈的 智能手机市场引起关注。这一独 特的卖点将在谷歌Tango项目下 进行开发,Tango项目是一种高 度灵敏的技术,它可以通过结合 3D动作跟踪深度传感器,使得移 动设备具有感知其位置和穿过某 一区域时所用方式的能力。联想 集团期待在去年市场占有率有所 下降的情况下,这个新手机能够 强化联想在成熟市场如北美市场 的占有率。

BLACKMORES’ PROFITS SOAR 澳佳宝在中国利润飙升 Australian vitamin maker Blackmores has posted a near tripling of its interim dividend and more than doubled its net profit in the December half to $48.3 million on the back of Chinese demand. According to Blackmores chief executive Christine Holgate, the massive growth in the Chinese market is accelerating even faster now following nine successive quarters of strong growth.

澳大利亚维生素生产商澳佳宝已发 出通告称主要由于巨大的中国市场 需求,其中期股息增至近三倍,其 去年下半年的净利润增加一倍多至 4830万澳元。据澳佳宝首席执行官 克里斯汀霍尔根所说,在连续9个 季度的强劲增长势头后,现在中国 市场的大幅度增长甚至还在加速。 股东每股可享受2美元的中期股 息,这个数字几乎是去年的三倍。

CHINA TAKES AIM AT ‘WEIRD’ BUILDINGS 中国整治“怪异”建筑 China’s new guidelines for urban development have focused on eradicating the proliferation of ‘weird’ architecture, following condemnation of overly stylised buildings by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The guidelines stress that designs should complement the urban landscape and geography, and be an embodiment of China’s national character. The guidelines’ push for function over form has also taken particular aim at gated communities, with plans to ban new gated communities and recommendations to open up existing ones. 商道

中国国家主席习近平谴责城市建 筑风格求异过度后,中国城市发 展的新指南集中于根除“怪异” 建筑的扩散。这个指南强调建筑 设计应与城市景观和地形相得益 彰,体现中国的国家特色。指南 强调建筑应注重功能多过形式, 尤其对“大门紧闭”的封闭式社 区开刀,并计划禁止新的封闭性 社区建筑及考虑让现有封闭社区 开放的建议。