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28 July - 10 Aug 2012

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If there was a book that could make

Living in Bengaluru closer to a cup of tea, this is it, this is it!

A truly extraordinary effort, which details how we actually live in our city and how to interact with all the agencies who impact our lives. For the first time citizenship has been made the centrepiece and focus in a publication about Bengaluru. The book should be a prized possession of every citizen of this great city. --T.V.Mohandas Pai

With Q&As and step-by-step guides to make your life easier, Citizen Matters proudly brings to you Living in Bengaluru, 168 pages, `99 A book for you, the Bangalorean. Call 9845506477 to reserve a copy

Citizen Matters Vol-4 Issue-13, 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 KARENG/2009/28904. Published & printed by Meera K for Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. Printed at Lavanya Mudrana, 19, 15th cross, Vidyapeeta Circle, BSK I Stage, Bangalore 560060 Place of publication Oorvani Media, #98/1, MMR Plaza 1st Floor, Sarjapur Main Road, Jakkasandra, Koramangala 1st Block, Bangalore 560034. Editor Subramaniam Vincent.

EYE INJURIES – AN OVERVIEW Injuries to the eye can be caused by a variety of ways:

Wounded eye

Plaster patch on a wound eye

Mechanical Injury Chemical Injury Concussion or Contusion Injury Thermal Injury Radiation Injury Mechanical Injury It can be caused by a wide variety of ways which can range from a small corneal foreign body (can be particles of dust, emery, steel or iron particle, insect wing, etc.,) to a bad injury while working such as globe (eye ball) rupture with retained intra ocular foreign body. Birmungham Eye Trauma Terminology System Ocular Trauma classification group classifies trauma into Injury Closed globe injuries Contusion Lamellar Laceration

Open globe injuries Laceration Rupture Penetrating Injury Perforating Injury Intraocular FB

Advertiser Feature

Closed globe injuries can follow blunt trauma such as while playing sports (like basket ball, racket sports, baseball, cricket ball), injury by door handle,

Preventive measures to avoid an eye injury  o eye injury is simple. It has N to be considered dangerous and immediately attended to. Industrial workers should be  instructed to wear protective goggles compulsorily. Educating workers is very important on eye care. Goggles made of poly-carbonate  should be worn by people who get engaged in sports. For high speed sports such as skiing use ultra-violet absorbing goggles. Helmets and eye shades are  recommended for football and other contact sports. People with contact lenses also  require an additional protection. fall on an edge, blow to eye by fist, domestic violence, etc., Blunt trauma or concussion injury can affect any part of the eye. E.g.: Corneal abrasion, Lid Hematoma, blood in anterior chamber, cataract, retinal injury, fracture of orbital wall, and in the worst case, optic nerve avulsion leading to blindness. Open globe injuries can be secondary to blunt trauma i.e., with rupture of globe where inside to outside break in coats of eye ball.

 s soon as injury is noticed, place A a small bandage immediately and seek an eye doctor’s opinion. In case of blow to the eye, do  not assume injury is minor - it needs thorough evaluation by ophthalmologist. In case of chemical injury, it should be treated as ocular emergency. Protective glasses should be  worn especially by children while bursting crackers. Parents and teachers should be  educated not to allow children to play or fight with toys with sharp edges, or with sharp pencil or pen tips. by sharp object or flying objects, when industrial workers use grinding tools, lathe work, or hammer on a chisel, etc., These objects with a propelling force can be lodge inside the eye causing loss of eyesight too.

Dr. Rama Devi K. S. Senior Consultant Shekar Nethralaya

Open globe injuries can also be caused

633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

NIMHANS brings mental healthcare to BTM


IMHANS (National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro Sciences) has set up an urban community centre in BTM Layout, 1st stage. The centre addresses minor psychiatric problems through counselling or medication and also conducts various workshops to help professionals, college students, homemakers, families and couples. The idea is to help people handle stress related issues with better and effective communication.

The centre is open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm on all days except on Sundays and 2nd Saturday of every month. Phone no: 08026685948/ 9480829670. To avail the services you can either walk-in or take an appointment over phone. Address:1/B, 9th Main, 1st Stage, 1st Phase, BTM Layout Bangalore 560076

Building from inside. Pic: Abhishek Angad

counselling and workshops. After the initial counselling, if required, patients will be referred to doctors from NIMHANS headquarters at Hosur Road.

An IT professional recently attended a counselling session, to handle work related stress. He says, “The initial information was extremely useful and welcome. The service provided by the consultant was very beneficial.”

As of now, the centre does not charge for services and is free except for the workshops.

Since its launch in October 2011, the centre has got over 500 enquiries both through phone and direct

Abhishek Angad

Three months after the deadline, one of the units continues to function. Neighbouring residents continue to lose sleep over noise and dust pollution.


ne of the three stone cutting units in JP Nagar, ordered to be shut down in April, is still functioning. While KSPCB says BESCOM has been asked to cut power supply, BESCOM officials say they have not received any written order in this regard. The stone cutting unit is located in the Bank of Baroda colony in JP Nagar 7th Phase. KSPCB had earlier ordered all three units to shut down by 30th April.

Sadiq Ahmed, Senior Environmental Officer, KSPCB, reiterates that action has been taken. He says, “We have ordered BESCOM officials to cut electricity supply for the units still operating. Further action will be initiated soon.” However, Basavaraj, Junior Engineer at BESCOM S6 subdivision, JP Nagar, says that they have not received any letter from BESCOM. He says, “We need a written order to disconnect the supply.” Earlier, residents had complained to KSPCB about loud noise generated by the three stone cutting and polishing units - Ashwini, Alankar and Vijaya. Citizen Matters had reported this issue on 29th February. Mahendra Kumar, owner of Ashwini Granites that is still operating, says that he will take another three months to move to his new factory

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Stone cutting unit. Pic: Yogaraj S Mudalgi

Stone cutting units ignore KSPCB order

in Hosur. He adds, “Right now we are doing some finishing work from this unit and we have informed KSPCB about this.”

Abhishek Angad

Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 5

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM SEEK fest unleashes students’ creativity

The two decade old Kumaran School festival, SEEK (Students’ Editorial Entity of Kumarans) went on for three days this year, from July 19th to July 21st. The theme for this year’s fest was Excelsior 361o. The word literally means ‘ever upward’ and something that is excellent. SEEK plans and manages every aspect of the fest – right from designing the brochure, penning the anthem song, planning and innovating the various events to the actual execution of the events with utmost precision. The fest had around sixteen events altogether ranging from English debate, Pot-pourri, Tattooing, Vegetable Carving, Kannada Antakshari, Ekapatrabhinaya, Hindi Slogan Writing, Web Designing, Group Dance and Junk Modeling to Pantomime. Each event catered to different aspects of students’ talents. The festival attracted participants from 32 schools across Bangalore. Sumithra Singh H S is a faculty member at Kumarans ICSE section.

Volvo buses from B’ghata Road to Airport, again Bannerghatta Neighbourhood Association (BANA) had lobbied for the re-introduction of Volvo buses to Airport that used to ply earlier. After representation by our local MLA, M Krishnappa, also cochairman of BMTC, we have learnt that BMTC has introduced a new bus route to Bangalore International Airport (BIAL). On 28th, Saturday, at 9 am, the MLA will flag off the first bus to BIAL, near Royal Meenakshi Mall. We at BANA invite you to attend the event. Shankar Bharadwaj (Treasurer, BANA)

Awareness programmes on waste segregation Volunteers from Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) are organising awareness programmes on waste segregation for residents, housekeeping staff and domestic help, once a week. Segregating waste at source is the simplest thing to start with, simply sorting the garbage into wet and dry waste instead of throwing it into common trash is the first step. It is easier to store dry waste in apartments in the basements/ parking space. The volunteers, in individual houses, will arrange a place to store dry waste with the help of the area corporator. SWMRT Volunteers’ numbers: Koramangala: Wilma Rodrigues9880124921 Rajarajeshwari Nagar: Veena Rajappa9886086979, N S Ramakanth- 9341250158

Citizen Reports

HSR Layout/ Bannerghatta Road/ Bommanahalli: Marwan- 9945686274, Pinky Chandran- 9845888686 Jayanagar/ JP Nagar: Nalini Shekar - 7829777737, Hamsa- 9945168920 Any other place which is not listed above can contact the following: N S Ramakanth- 9341250158, Akshay Yadav- 9972315305 N S Ramakanth is a member of SWMRT.

Parking on the roads causes inconvenience As number of cars are increasing every day, car owners are resorting to parking their vehicles on the roads causing inconvenience to road users, residents and neighbours. Building owners while obtaining sanction for their construction plan for their residence indicate (in the construction plan) a garage will be built. Later they convert the space into living quarter and rent it out. This results in residents and tenants parking their cars on the road, causing trouble to the people around. The BBMP should take stern action against such offenders and charge a stipulated fee for parking their vehicles on public road. Shankar Narsipur

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

Give us proper sanitation facilities Residents of Arekere Gopal Reddy Layout have been facing severe troubles due to the sewage drain connected to clogged pipes from the Apollo Nursing Hostel located nearby. The drainage is filled with sewage and stinks horribly which is unbearable and unhealthy. They have also become a breeding ground for mosquitoes which during rainy season can make the residents vulnerable to dengue, malaria and other mosquito inflicted diseases. This has been a regular occurrence and the authorities do an ad hoc job and the problem returns after some time. Repeated complaints to all the concerned departments and authorities have failed to evoke any response. Concerned authorities should wake up from their deep slumber and come up with a solution before it’s too late. Siddharth Shekhar

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local matters

Meet JP Nagar’s swimming champ


he started swimming for fun. Now she has an entire wall adorned with medals. She won medals even while studying for the all important, class X exams in which she secured 90 percent. Meet Ashritha Bharadwaj, an exceptional 15-year-old from JP Nagar with big plans for the future.

You are just 15. Tell us how you got started with swimming. I started swimming when I was in class VI. I used to do it just as a hobby. But in 2007, I participated in a national aquatic championship in Goa and won a relay gold medal. That’s when I decided to take it up professionally.

You had a breakdown in 2010 after the Bangalore nationals. How did you recover? At the Bangalore 2010 Aquatic Championship, I lost a race and had a complete breakdown. During this time, I put on a lot of weight and was very depressed. My parents did explain but it was hard. That is when I sought counselling. Dr Chaitanya Shridhar who has a PhD in Sports Psychology, counselled me and I joined Nimma a gym to become fit again.

What are your plans?


I want to complete my MS and become a heart surgeon. I also want to do a course in sports psychology so that I can help upcoming sports enthusiasts in achieving their goals. And as for swimming, I will continue taking part in various competitions that come my way. I want to participate in the upcoming South Asian games.

Anisha Nair

Talking recycling and upcycling on a Sunday

Medals at National aquatic championship competitions: Ashritha Bhardwaj has won gold, silver and bronze medals in the 300 m, 1500 m, freestyle and relay swimming races at various cities in the country. She lives with her extremely supportive parents Nagesh and Srividya Bharadwaj in JP Nagar.

of leftover woollen threads and plastic flowers. Earrings made from old silk sarees and paper chips. Cute Indian breed puppies for adoption. NGOs like Toybank and Samarthanam were present with their collection boxes to accept old clothes, books, toys etc. The event was sponsored by Zopnow - Largest Online HyperMarket for daily needs. Zopnow promises you home-delivery on your orders, within 3 hours.


euse Recycle Mela was organised by Citizen Matters and Second To None, Sunday, July 15th, at BTM Layout. The flea market provided a platform for second hand goods and upcycled articles - bangles made out Got feedback on our articles? Give us a missed call at 080-300 88 615

Many visitors learnt and shared new ideas on living a sustainable and small eco-footprint life, at the Green Tips corner. The tip shared by Nithya, was adjudged the best and she wins a gift voucher from, an online toy rental portal. Her suggestion - “Going out on a holiday? Take the train, ditch the plane. We’ll have smaller carbon footprint, the romance of a train journey, some new friends and free lessons in geography and culture”!


Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

MTR oota Mavalli Tiffin Rooms has been synonymous with Karnataka food for decades. Even their newer, fancier outlets live up to the standards.


o this time, it’s Karnataka cuisine. While interviewing Sakuntala Narasimhan, a senior journalist, she said there is dearth of restaurants that serve authentic Karnataka food in the city. So Citizen Matters did some digging. Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, popularly known as MTR, is a vegetarian restaurant that started in Bangalore in 1924. It claims to have introduced the popular South-Indian breakfast item, Rava idli. The legend goes that during the world war II, there was grave rice shortage in India, MTR experimented with Semolina (Rava) instead of rice to prepare the idli batter. And it turned out to be a huge success! MTR re-branded itself as MTR 1924 and opened a branch in JP Nagar two years ago. It has a modern ambience with ample sunlight on the fifth floor. The menu has a variety of Karnataka snack options and all of it, are on the same lines as the ones served at the old

MTR. Dosa is served with a tiny bowl of ghee and chutney. Traditional breakfast like Mosaru Vade and idlis are a delight as usual. And sweets like Badam Halwa and Chandrahara is sure to take you back to the place. The lunch options are not much but good enough to grab a quick one. With the usual poori, rice served with sambhar, saagu and a sweet in the end. You can of course decide if you want to go for the full meals or mini, either way you will be a content soul. All in all, this place sure lives up to the standards of our favourite old MTR! Average cost for two is `300. Alcohol is not served here. MTR 1924: 44, Kutchi Bhavan, Opposite Mini Forest, 1st Main, JP Nagar 3rd Phase. Ph: 26586633

Anisha Nair

A slice of coastal cuisine ‘R estaurant at the end of the ORR’, was how Kanua was described to me. And unlike the Douglas Adams’ restaurant, food is the protagonist here.

You can have these with neer dose, Mangalorean Rotti or what is popularly known as kori rotti, sannas or rotis.

The menu is inspired by coastal and Konkani cuisine. Kanua is the name of a rice variety that is now extinct. The menu says that this is their attempt at rediscovering, recreating and reviving lost cultural history. And this, they do. The menu starts off with Kokum juice. An item largely relegated to Malnad Melas and health drink category. Kanua serves a very glamourised yam by deep frying yam chips and serving it with a tamarind dipping sauce (Soorna Kachri). Konkani household staple Biskoot Rotti is also served. For





MTR pics: Anisha Nair. Neer Dose: Wikimedia Commons.

Potato-based, fiery Batate Waagh, spinach and raw papaya-based Vaali Ambat are some options for vegetarians.

recommended item is Kaane Tawa fry. There is also the Goan favourite, pomfret-based, Maanji Recheado. Their prawn biriyani is also very popular. Although they do not serve seafood during monsoon, since it is the breeding season for fish. Kanua Ghee roast, made of chicken cooked in more than generous amounts of ghee, has to be the most recommended item on the menu. Not for cholesterol watchers.

For desserts, there is a traditional array. Pattoli, coconut and jaggery steamed in a turmeric leaf and Raagi Manni or Millet souffle if you will, are popular. They do not serve liquor. But if you carry your own poison, they will serve it with corkage charges. All this cultural history does not come cheap. It costs `1500 for two people. No.6/2, Kasavanhalli, Sarjapur Main Road . Tel: 65374471

Padmalatha Ravi

Citizen Matters reviews the restaurants anonymously and pays for the meals.

8 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

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Check outs

Looking for that ‘one-of-a-kind’ outfit? he wedding and festival season is about to kick off. Be it a wedding reception or Ganesh Chaturthi, people want to show off their personal styles. Uniqueness is the key here. Copycat designs aren’t popular. Enter, designer wear. The unique and innovative designs, not available in the regular shops, are becoming a trend. And this is not limited to young people alone. People are ready to pay huge sums for unique outfits.

some bling, it is only in the form of subtle shimmery laces or aari work (freestyle embroidery) on their outfits. Jute and wool threadworks are also in vogue. Threadworks on dupattas are much in demand. It makes dupattas heavier and makes the outfit quite grand.

Bling and shimmer are also outdated. Even if people want

The men’s fashion world has a lot of creams and pastels this season. Sherwanis with cream, soft orange and brown are the all-occasion colours. Maroons and bottle-greens are popular for weddings! Dhoti pants with knee length Sherwanis is another trend picking up. And grooms go for these pants for that different look.

Debasmita Ghosh, a resident of Koramangala believes that the designer clothes are custom-made to fit. “There is a brand value attached to these clothes and they are definitively exclusive and one-of-a-kind,” she adds. Bright colours like yellows, orange and hot pinks are the choice of the season. Then of course the classic festive colours, reds and greens. Dull pastel colours are out of fashion and women prefer brighter colours.

Khwaish boutique, says, “We have Anarkali dresses with long jackets, that are in demand this season. These anarkalis are so long that the pants are barely visible.”

Left cou , middle rtes y: n : Desig eem aku ns in BF mar .comW 2012 . Sh by N rew ani eema K - Ha ndic umar. P rafts ic India


The Anarkali is back in fashion. But now they come with jackets. Long or short, sleeveless, embroidered jackets are worn with the dresses, with simple dupattas. Lehengas also come with light embroidery work and light bling. Pavithra Dattakumar, owner of

Pavithra adds that even though big showrooms stock some designer wear, there will be many similar kind of outfits. “But not with (boutiques). You have only one unique dress and (you can) get according to your requirements and choice,” she says. Price of these designer-wear starts from `2000.

Stores Khwaish Boutique: Prakruthi Investments #6, Maruthi Mansion, Opp Forum Mall, Bhuvanappa Layout, Hosur Main Road, Koramangala. Ph: 9886026039 Neema Kumar design studio: No.59/101 A, NR Maharaja Palace & BDA Complex, HSR Layout. Ph: 66496271 Samiksha Design studio: No.569, Next To State Bank Of Hyderabad, 11th Main Road, 38th Cross, Jayanagar 5th Block. Ph: 22449569 Shrishti by Latha Puttanna: No 102, Lalbagh, Siddapura, 2nd Cross, 1st Block, Jayanagar. 26567349 Khanate Studio Line: No.898/1, Opp To IBP Petrol Bunk, 80 Feet Road, 6th Block, Koramangala. Ph: 9880733308

Khwaish-designer store. Pic: Khwaish Got feedback on our articles? Give us a missed call at 080-300 88 615

Anisha Nair

Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 9

citizen impact

Green Heart Driver’s License launched Your driving license now has an option to pledge your organs after death. Citizen lobbying has helped Karnataka become the first state in the country to start this initiative.


egional Transport Office, Electronic City and Gift Your Organ Foundation (GYOF) launched Organ Donor option on the Driver’s license . The Deputy Chief Minister, R Ashoka unveiled the ‘Green Heart Driver’s License’ on July 23rd. The GYOF, after it made detailed presentations to the Health Department and the Transport Department, was appointed to manage the implementation of the organ donation option in the license, along with the various RTO offices in Karnataka.

Raj Sethia, Director Projects, Gift Your Organ Foundation receiving the first 'green heart'

GYOF had been working with the driver's license. Pic courtesy: Gift Your Organ Foundation Department of Health and Family cards are being issued in Karnataka the Driving License card of those Welfare and the Department alone, GYOF felt this platform is consenting to the pledge. a great way to of Transport, The project is being piloted at the reach out and Government of Electronic City RTO office. After educate the Karnataka for the the success of the pilot project, With less than one public about past few months. which has been funded by Biocon organ donation. In late June, the organ donor in-aLtd (a global biopharmaceutical State Government million in India and In the pilot company), the project will be sanctioned this pilot over three million project, those extended to other RTO offices project. deaths since 2005 due applying for in Bangalore and then the rest driverʼs license of Karnataka. All Driver’s license to non-availability of With less than one will be provided applicants will be given the option organs, there is a great organ donor ininformation on of pledging their organs by filing a-million in India need to educate the organ donation. in the Pledge Form at the time of and over three public about organ There will also be applying for their driver’s license. million deaths since donation. educative posters Those who choose to pledge their 2005 due to nonand video films organs, will have a ‘green heart’ and availability of organs, at the RTO. An a red ‘Organ Donor’ sticker put on there is a great need organ donor their driver’s license. to educate the public about organ donation. Given that every month sticker (indicated by a green heart Dr P Satish Chandra, Chairman, more than one lakh driver’s license shaped symbol) will be printed on Zonal Co-ordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantations (ZCCK), was glad that this initiative was introduced by the Gift Your Organ Foundation and has promised all support to the Gift Your Organ Foundation on behalf of ZCCK. The pilot project has been sponsored by Biocon Ltd and the hospitality partner for the event was Lalit Ashok.

Newsdesk 10 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

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Citizens worried over attacks by mentally unsound In the last two months, two people were attacked in South Bangalore. The first incident took place in BTM Layout 1st stage where a woman was attacked by an intoxicated man and the recent attack on an elderly man, in Jayanagar 4th T block by a man, suspected to be mentally unsound. In both cases, lodging police FIRs was an uphill task. On 18th July midnight, Suman’s (name changed upon request) family in Jayanagar woke up to loud screams of her father-in-law. He had heard some noise and had gone outside to investigate. Suman says, “My father-in-law mistook him (the intruder) for a thief and went outside his room. On confrontation, the culprit hit my father-in-law with a wooden club on his right ear.”

the scuffle. The family objected to this and rephrased the complaint. The police claim that they have filed an FIR. However, Suman’s family does not have a copy of this. Citizen Matters spoke to S K Umesh, Inspector, Jayanagar Police Station about the case. He says that the case has been booked under IPC section 324 on 24th July and says the delay was caused by victim’s family.He also added the accused had been handed to an NGO.

Another attack, another delay in FIR Dr Amritha Karnik, a Mumbai resident, was in Bangalore on 27th June. In the evening, while she was out shopping with her mother-inlaw, a man attacked her with a knife,

When Suman called the police for help, she says they told her - since the culprit is mentally deranged, simply scaring him away would do. Suman had to persuade the police to come down to the house. The family was initially reluctant to file a complaint but when the police insisted, they agreed. But they say that the constable who took down the details, made it sound like the victim confronted the accused without any provocation and hence

If you are attacked by a mentally unsound or drunken person 1. Most important, find a lawyer before you go to police because cases become really complicated. 2. IPC sections applicable 84, 85, 308, 325 and sometimes 307 When is the attacker liable to be punished If the accused is not able to prove that at the time of committing crime that there was a temporary insanity caused by illness, or s/he was intoxicated due to voluntary alcohol or drug use

cm special One was stabbed by an inebriated person and the other clubbed by a mentally deranged person. The victims and their families had to brush up on law to figure out the next steps. without any provocation. Amritha’s arm was injured in the attack and the attacker fled. Amritha says, a constable from Tilak Nagar Police Station limits dropped in at midnight,at the hospital, to persuade her to not register a complaint. Under pressure, from her family and friends, the FIR was eventually lodged at MICO Layout police station, in whose jurisdiction the crime was committed. The criminal was eventually caught and booked under IPC section 324. Amritha is unhappy about this. She adds, “That was a sure attempt to murder -- (as per) IPC 307. The man wanted to stab me on my neck but somehow I blocked it and my right arm was stabbed.” The police say, “Sometimes the intention and gravity of injury also matters. We have to investigate further to book a case under 307.”

The accused has been kept under supervision in an NGO, as he is not in a position to even talk... Cases like this are time consuming”, says S K Umesh. File pic.

When is the attacker not liable to be punished If he/she is proved an ‘idiot’ or mentally challenged, or a lunatic (permanent), or a proven case of temporary insanity caused by illness, or a proven case of temporary intoxication due to alcohol or drug administered to him/her without his/her knowledge or against his/ her will.

Compiled from the inputs from Vijay Kumar, Independent Lawyer, Karnataka High Court.

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What the law says Legal professionals in the city says that the police ought to register a case at the first instance and follow the strict guidelines to deal with mentally ill suspects. Bangalore based high court lawyer, Vijay Kumar Y H, who handles criminal cases, suggests two options if the police is reluctant to do so. He says, “People may approach a magistrate court and lodge a private complaint. This will enable them to get an update on the status of investigation or one can file a writ petition in the high court for a proper investigation.”

Abhishek Angad

Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Tips to prevent dengue, chikungunya Dengue fever, also known bonecrusher disease is characterised by severe headache, muscle and joint pain, fever, rash and sometimes even gastritis. This is transmitted by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses. The

symptoms generally appear only after 3-14 days after the infective bite. The more severe form of dengue is the dengue haemorrhagic fever, which can lead to death.

can reduce with just paracetamol and that antibiotics have no role in treating dengue and chikungunya.

Treatment and blood tests Prevention • Wear full sleeved clothes • Discard small collections of water in coconut shells, broken bottles and so on • Mesh your doors and windows • Use mosquito repellants and sprays • Clean water containers at least once a week and fill with fresh water • Cover water storage tanks with an air tight lid • Clean refrigerator and air cooler trays regularly

In the case of dengue, if there is a platelet count drop, then patients are admitted to a hospital for platelet transfusion.

Aedes aegypti mosquito. Transmitter of dengue and chikungunuya. Pic: Wikimedia commons.

Chikungunya is also transmitted by the Aedes mosquito and is characterised by fever and joint pains. This illness is not known to be fatal but the joint pain could get severe, lasting for anywhere between six months to one year. Most doctors do not recommend a test for chikungunya as there is no specific treatment for this. Dr Purnima Parthasarathy, Consultant and Head, Infectious Diseases, Manipal Hospital, says the fever

Dengue symptoms • High fever • Severe headache • Pain in the back of the eyes • Body aches & joint pains • Nausea or vomiting • Skin rash Chikungunya symptons • High fever • Severe pain, swelling in joints • Skin rash Both diseases are spread by Aedes aegypti mosquito, a day-biter

Pick friends for your garden T

here are many benefits to companion planting. They act as natural insect repellents, shade and windbreaks; providing necessary nutrients to the soil and other plants and reducing the need for external fertilisers. Another advantage is you can make optimal

Pic: VS

Cucumber: This is a good to plant with corn and beans. Plant cucumber with sunflower for a great duet! Cucumber also does well with peas, beetroot, Beans: All beans radish, and carrot. Chlorophyll conversations enrich the soil with vinita suryanarayanan Radish is a good nitrogen fixed from deterrent against the air. Generally, cucumber beetles. Dill planted they are good company for carrot, with cucumbers helps by attracting celery, corn, eggplant, peas, potato, beneficial predators. Keep potato beets, radish, and cucumber. away from cucumber. Keep beans away from the alliums (flowers). Lettuce: Does well with beet, bush bean, pole bean, cabbage, carrot, Basil: Planted with tomato improves cucumber, onion, and radish. It growth and flavour. Basil is also said grows happily in the shade under to repel flies and mosquitoes. young sunflowers. Carrot: These are friends with peas, Potato: The following may be onion and tomato. One drawback planted with potato: bush bean, with tomato and carrot when cabbage, carrot, celery, corn. planted together: tomato plants can stunt the growth of the carrots Tomato: an be grown with cabbage, but the latter will still retain a good onion, radish, garlic and carrot. flavour. Keep dill away from carrot. use of available space by growing plants of differing heights. Some examples of companion planting in your vegetable garden:

12 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

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Cover credits: Shivakeshava M Errata

Vol 4- issue 12 dated 14th July. Article on women’s toilet: Pic credit was missed out. The photograph was taken by Ankita Mehta.

A little activism, a little politics T

he High Court has ruled in favour of the citizens. The stay order essentially says ‘hear them out,’ to the State and BDA. For the moment, the order comes as relief to thousands of Koramangala residents who have fought a prolonged battle for almost a year and a little too late for the numerous trees that were surreptitiously cut even before the project formally took off. The `119 crores project at four junctions – Jakkasandra (flyover), Koramangala 80 feet road (underpass), Krupanidhi College (underpass) and St John’s hospital-Koramangala 100 feet road junction (flyover and underpass), kicked off without a single Koramangala resident’s consent. People of Bengaluru are used to the high handed way most of the infrastructure projects are implemented. The protests, be it against Metro or Sankey road’s widening, have largely been ignored by the powers of corridor. For months, the Koramangala residents screamed hoarse about the impracticality of the entire project. They dug up documents that showed lack of

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planning, distortion of facts and bore the brunt of official apathy. The then BDA commissioner, and CM both assured citizens of a fair hearing; only, the residents woke up to dug up roads and cut trees in the morning. Most of government action happened at midnight. Fed up, the residents hired security guards to keep watch. With this verdict, Koramangala residents have had their way. Persistence is just one aspect that paid off. Some political clout in the form of MP Rajeev Chandrashekar’s backing, did go a long way in the fight. For years activists and concerned citizens have pushed for area sabhas, to ensure citizen participation but the power to take local decisions is still lying exclusively with elected representatives and bureaucrats. Of course, even the watered down area sabha bill hasn’t seen the light of the day. It is a shame that citizens have to hold dharnas and ask the courts to intervene to be heard in a democracy. The hope though is that this will set a precedent of a new kind, where the government realises that residents won’t take it quietly.

Padmalatha Ravi

Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 13


Treating Bengaluru to books for decades Sapna Book House has been a household name in Bengaluru for almost two decades now. How are they managing to survive and grow in the e-commerce era?

Pic: Abhishek Angad


n 1967, Suresh Shah, a Gujarati, started Sapna Book House in Majestic, in a 100 square feet space. Today the same book store is set up in a multi-storeyed building in Gandhinagar. It has been mentioned in Limca Book of Records and India Book of Records as India’s largest book mall. This year, Sapna opened its eighth book store in Karnataka and the sixth in Bangalore, on Residency Road. This is at a time when bookstores like ‘Crossword’ shut down one of its stores in the city. This may be attributed to the age of e-commerce and digitalisation. Citizen Matters spoke to Suresh Shah’s eldest son, Nitin Shah, Managing Director, Sapna Book House, about their growth, survival strategies and future plans.

How did Sapna come into existence? My father, Suresh Shah could not continue his education after SSLC due to lack of funds. He joined a book shop to earn some money. Later he was promoted as Assistant Manager and sent to Chennai, followed by managerial post in Bangalore. In 1967, he started Sapna Book House in Bangalore. It was a concept visualised by my mother Bhanumati Shah. As you know sapna means dream. She always persuaded my father to dream big.

Can you give a glimpse of Sapna’s journey? The first store was in a rented space of around 100 square feet in Majestic. It stayed there for a few years. I joined in 1981 and planned to expand our book

“I have travelled to other south Indian states, and the acceptance is most visible in Bangalore. Of all southern states, Karnataka is the most tolerant. Sapna and Bangalore has grown together, and Bangalore is my first love.” store, along with my brothers. We took a bigger mall opposite present Tribhuvan Theatre in Gandhinagar, and we slowly started growing. It was in 2006 that we expanded to ‘Sapna Book Mall’, and as per Limca and India Book of Records it is India’s largest book mall. Today we have six book stores in Bangalore, one in Mysore and one in Mangalore.

E-commerce companies like Flipkart are luring customers with huge discounts and flexibility in payments. How do you manage your sales? I feel that they just want to build

14 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

their base because I see no reason for anyone to sell at loss. But it does not affect our sales. Firstly we have all variety of books for different age groups. Secondly, we complement our online business with the stock available in our brick-and-mortar store (Sapna Book House). Thirdly, with an Indian population of around 120 crore (to shop at bookstores)- seeing and choosing has its own charm.

You also publish Kannada books. How did you end up doing this, being a Gujarati? We started publication of Kannada books way back in 1994, since I first met Dr Shivaram Karanth, a Kannada writer and Jnanapith Awardee. I somehow started liking his ideas, beliefs, and we started publishing his books in Kannada. We started with his 3-4 titles, and later published all his titles. We slowly grew in this field and today we have around 18,000 titles. We are the number one Kannada publisher in the state. We publish two titles a day.

AbhisheK Angad

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16 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

1st Nadasurabhi Karnataka Vaibhava - 3 Day Festival of Music A unique initiative to highlight the contribution of Karnataka to the field of Carnatic music exclusively through leading artists from the state. Saralaya Sisters (17th), D.Balakrishna and Vamshidhar on Veena – Venu (18th), T.S.Sathyavathi (19th) 17-19 Aug, The Indian Heritage Academy Hall - 6th Block, Koramangala 8 Wed Kamala (K), 90 mins 9 Thu, 10 Fri, Mooru Hejje Mooru Loka (K), 105 mins 11 Sat, Nantu – Adu Heegu Unto (K), 100 mins (also at 3.30 pm) 12 Sun, Robinson and Crusoe (E), 80 mins (also at 3.30 pm) 14 Tue, 15 Wed, Namma Metro (K), 70 mins Rangashankara, 8th Cross, Nt To Post Off, JP Nagar, Phase II, Ph: 2649 3982.

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Birds leave the fashion to the males Peacocks are prettier than peahens and male sparrows more handsome than the females. Why is this so? Nature Feature

Deepa Mohan Similarly, compare the bright colours of the male Purple-rumped Sunbird with his much duller mate: Perhaps you may not have noticed these two birds...but here’s a bird that’s making a strong comeback after almost disappearing...the House Sparrow. Here are both the male and female, together. The only exception to this, in the common birds of our city, is the Asian Koel, where the male is black, and the female is mottled black-andwhite.


n the bird world, the ladies prefer not to be highly coloured, and leave the fashion and the flaunting to their menfolk! It seems to be the general rule (with a few exceptions, of course) that the female of the species is always duller, and less brightly coloured than the male. A beautiful bird that can often be seen in Lalbagh is the male Asian Paradise

There are several theories as to the reasons for this; one is that the females prefer to look at bright As you can see, this is a spectacular plumage on the males rather than bird, and it definitely catches the on themselves (contrast this with attention of the observer as it flies human beings!). Another is that when around, flaunting that ribbon of a the females are flying to and from tail! The female is far less dressy. the nest, their dull feathers make it more difficult for predators to see them and raid the nests. Brightness of the colours is supposed to indicate the health and vitality of the male, so that the offspring may be healthier, and better able Pic:s: Deepa Mohan to survive. Flycatcher.

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Contact Information: Phone: 988 676 1007 Email: Vol-4 Issue-13 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

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last word

Oh no! There’s a veggie on my plate! Does your child pick mustard out of dal? Do you constantly sneak in vegetables into the child’s food? Or do you say ‘eat what’s on your plate?’ You are not alone in this all-out veggie war.


re you a sneaky mum? The type who cannot think of kneading atta without mashing dal or spinach into it? Or pasta sauce without pureeing carrots? If you do, chances are that like me you live with a fussy eater. Food in our house, at least for the brat, comes with hidden ingredients. Veggies and greens are boiled and mashed to get into the atta, parathas are stuffed with whatever can behave itself inside a paratha without peeking, pasta sauces

(even store bought ones) are revved up with pureed veggies, the list goes on... I am not the only one with a fusspot of course. A colleague mentions how her daughter started out by picking onions from the dal and is now on to the mustard. Well mine picks tomatoes.

confessionS of a second time mom

Reshmi Chakraborty

The boy is six and half now and after years of cajoling, explaining, making broccoli trees and finally taking the ‘eat what’s on your plate or none at all’ route and failing, I’ve decided that being sneaky is the way to go. At least for now.

18 CITIZEN MATTERS 28 July - 10 Aug 2012 Vol-4 Issue-13

It isn’t just us of course. There’s even a book called The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids’ Favorite Meals by Missy Chase Lapine. A recent Facebook discussion pointed to a book on how French families raise their kids to eat everything (French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billion), including passing on a piece of Roquefort cheese to a nine month old, saying no to snacking and never sitting down to a meal without dressing the table in all its finery, candles et al. As a mom I’ve tried to find my compromise. When the boy says no to cauliflower, unlike earlier I don’t cajole or glower. I know it’ll get into his food some way or the other.

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Citizen matters 28july2012 Jpnagar edition  

Citizen matters 28july2012 Jpnagar edition

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