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Vol-4 Issue-05

7-20 Apr 2012

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Don’t hate tears, they serve a purpose

Advertiser Feature

The nasolacrimal duct (sometimes called the tear duct) carries tears from the lacrimal sac into the nasal cavity. Obstruction of the tear duct, known as dacryostenosis, leads to the excess overflow of tears called epiphora. A congenital obstruction can cause cystic expansion of the duct and is called a dacrocystocele or Timo cyst. About Tear Ducts Lacrimal (or tear-producing) What are blocked tear ducts? glands secrete the watery part of tears. A blocked tear duct is a fairly common These glands are located under the and usually temporary browbone behind the problem that occurs in Many children are born upper eyelid, at the edge infants. Having blocked with an underdeveloped of the eye socket, and in tear ducts does not mean the lids. Tears keep the tear-duct system, a that you don’t make eyes lubricated and clean problem that can lead to tears. It actually means and contain antibodies tear-duct blockage, excess that the drainage system that protect against tearing, and infection. is blocked, so the tears infection. They drain that are made can’t Blocked tear ducts are out of the eyes through drain out, and the eye two openings (puncta, common in infants; as becomes flooded. or lacrimal ducts), one many as one third may be Blocked tear ducts on each of the upper and born with this condition. occur in up to 20 lower lids. Fortunately, more than percent of newborns. From these puncta, 90% of all cases resolve The condition can tears enter small tubes by the time kids are 1 affect just one eye or called canaliculi or year old with little or no both. For some babies, ducts, located at the treatment. blocked tear ducts aren’t inner corner of the immediately evident at eyelids, then pass into birth and may not be noticed until the the lacrimal sac, between the eyes and baby is a month old. the nose). What are the symptoms? From the lacrimal sacs, tears move When an infant has a blocked tear duct, down through the nasolacrimal duct the eye looks wet or tears may spill and drain into the back of the nose. over onto the cheek, even when he or That’s why you usually get a runny she is not crying. There is often mucoid nose when you cry — your eyes are material, a mucus-like substance, on producing excess tears, and your the edges of the eyelid. nose can’t handle the additional flow. What causes blocked tear ducts? When you blink, the motion forces the lacrimal sacs to compress, squeezing For most children born with a blocked tears out of them, away from the eyes, tear duct, there is only a small membrane and into the nasolacrimal duct.

blocking the opening, which opens spontaneously as the infant grows. Usually the membrane opens by 10 to 12 months of age. How is it treated? Since the majority of cases resolve without treatment, most doctors suggest waiting to see if the duct opens on its own. There is spontaneous remission in 95 percent of cases by age 1. In the meantime, doctors typically recommend keeping the eye clean, and may prescribe an antibiotic eye ointment to help reduce the discharge from the eye If the condition doesn’t resolve itself, a quick outpatient procedure, called a probe and irrigation is done. It’s performed under brief, general anesthesia so the child is comfortable. A small metal instrument is passed through the nasolacrimal duct to open the membrane. This procedure cures more than 90 percent of the cases that haven’t resolved on their own. In the rare situation that the probing doesn’t help, other measures, such as the placement of tubes, using a balloon instrument to stretch the opening, or surgery to create a new passage between the tear sac and the nose, can be done. But it’s usually not necessary. While there’s no debate about how to treat blocked tear ducts, there is some controversy about when to perform a procedure.

Dr Raja Shekar Y L is the Medical Director, Shekar Nethralaya

633, 100 feet Ring Road JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Bengaluru - 560078 Tel: 08026593210 fax: 08041209197 Ph:9980562020

Puttenahalli Lake needs your vote Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) is trying to raise money for the recently revived Puttenahalli lake through Mahindra Spark the Rise funding contest. The entry “PNLIT - Nurturing Puttenahalli Lake

We have inducted two teams of volunteers - PNLIT Mitra and PNLIT Young Rangers. We are happy to announce community gardening at the lake. Garden enthusiasts will be given a small plot of land on the lake bund in which to grow plants using organic manure. If you would like to join, please email puttenahalli.

back to its pristine glory” is to serve as a template for reviving lakes with active public participation. Your support in the December preliminary round of voting helped us win a grant of `4 lakh from Spark the Rise. In the grand finale, there are four prizes - `40 lakh for the winner, and `20 lakh each for three runner-ups. Winners are decided based on votes cast by both public and jury. Voting is open from 2nd to 15th April.

Citizen Reports

PNLIT is Bengaluru’s first citizen caretaker of a lake. The Trust is instrumental in giving a new lease of life to a lake, and making it home to over 50 species of birds. Why does PNLIT need funds? BBMP has officially handed over Puttenahalli lake to PNLIT for nurturing, for a period of three years

How to vote? * SMS ‘MHRISE P07’ to 54646. * Vote online at Click on our project ‘PNLIT - Nurturing Puttenahalli Lake back to its pristine glory’, and click on ‘vote’ button. from May 2011-2014. While BBMP restored the lake in 2010, PNLIT gets no government funding for day-today expenses of the lake. PNLIT also has some investment requirements and ideas to improve lake water quality, bird habitat etc. PNLIT has other eco-initiatives like promotion of cloth bags, waste management and nature walks. Usha Rajagopalan is a trustee of PNLIT.

Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 5

jayanagar jp nagar & BTM

Sarakki Lake too gets residents to champion its cause

We are pleased to announce a new voluntary, non-profit trust Sarakki Lake Area Improvement Trust (Regd). The Trust wil help restore and rejuvenate the once pristine Sarakki Lake (also known as Jaraganahalli Lake) which has fallen prey to unprecedented encroachment, pollution by entry of untreated sewage from surrounding layouts, uncontrolled growth of water hyacinth and the consequent disappearance of birds and fishes. We want to spread awareness of the consequences if Sarakki Lake were to disappear, work with the agencies responsible for restoration and rejuvenation and monitor the works. As a “neighbourhood watchdog” the trust will ensure effective measures to restore the lake and its surroundings.

Citizen Reports

The founder trustees and office bearers are experienced professionals from diverse fields and come from a wide cross section of the neighbouring communities. The trust Chairperson is R Jagannathan, Former DGP.

Pic: Manjunath M P

Individuals including Prof K S Bhat and Sudarshan G have helped immensely in setting up the trust.

We have noticed lorries entering the lake area and dumping debris thereby reducing lake area. With BDA now in charge of the lake, we have requested them to use stone blocks temporarily to prevent vehicles entering the area. Sarakki Lake is very large (68 acres as per a BBMP survey, 2009) and requires lot of work to rejuvenate. We request everybody to be a part of this community initiative. As a first step, we request you to keep a watch and report any harmful or illegal activities. Manjunath M P is a resident of Eshwara Layout.and works as an IT professional. He is the secretary of SLAIT.

Lawsuits spiral in L&T South City Builder L&T has filed a case in city Civil Court against all 2925 individual flat owners of L&T South City, off Bannerghatta road. The case is also against original owner of the land Dinesh Ranka and owners’ association SUGRUHA. It questions the validity of SUGRUHA, and says that a new association should be formed instead. Court has asked all 2925 flat owners to appear for the hearing on April 7th.

association can only be formed jointly by L&T, Ranka and all residents; SUGRUHA was formed only by residents with ulterior motives, and it cannot be recognised. SUGRUHA is not cooperating with L&T for forming new association and is hindering administration of the complex. L&T says that it can hand over the complex’s management only to the new association.

L&T, in their petition, says that

SUGRUHA has filed its objections

6 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05

in court saying that it had already filed a case last year asking that L&T be prevented from forming a new association and that L&T responded to this by filing this counter-case. Karnataka Apartment Owners Act mandates that association should be formed as soon as seven flats in a complex are sold. L&T has not followed this, and is also holding `20 crore deposit from residents without providing accounts of it, SUGRUHA says.

Navya P K

‘Samarthanam is a part of me’ He never let visual impairment come in the way of his endeavours. 41-year-old Mahantesh G Other than Cricket I like playing Chess, listening to music, news and sports commentaries. I enjoy traveling a lot. I always find a reason to get out. I am a big fan of Kannada movies. I have watched almost all Kannada movies released between 1973- 2000. I also love spending time with my wife and two children.


Kivadasannavar won the NDTV Sports Award, ‘Against The Odds’ (lifetime achievement) in February 2012. This JP Nagar resident cofounded Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled in 1997.

idea of neighbour creating a platform where visually challenged students had an opportunity to study further. That was Samarthanam.

What brought you to Bangalore?

Where do you see Samarthanam going from here?

My childhood was in Belgaum, I had no formal education there, as there were no schools for the blind. In 1981, my father brought me to Bangalore and I joined Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy in JP Nagar. Later I joined National College, completed my MA in English Literature. I also taught literature for a while at the Law College in Bangalore.

How did Samarthanam start?

Pic: Deepthi M S

local matters

I knew a number of people who helped and wanted to help others, who were willing to spend time and generously fund. That led to the

Personally, I am contented but the organisation has to grow and should reach out to the last disabled person. I want Samarthanam to be a pan-India organisation and reach all major cities and rural pockets of India. Now we are building a disabled friendly residential school building, which have no barricades, no obstacles, where they can move around easily. Samarthanam to me is not a profession; it is a part of me.

Deepthi M S

Quarries make 10000 residents around Bannerghatta suffer More than 100 granite factories and 10 quarries located in Jigani industrial area near Bannerghatta adversely affects the health of residents in the villages of Kallabalu, Mahanthalingapura, Krishnadoddi, Poojigana Palya, Ellammana doddi and in Bellar Bande. More than 10 thousand people in these villages suffer from respiratory disorders and other allergies due to dust from these granite factories. “So many villagers are suffering from bronchitis, tuberculosis, cough, allergy and other skin diseases due to inhalation of air polluted with dust,” says Shakunthala G, Assistant Medical Officer, Mahanthalingapura government hospital.

had shut down the factories but High Court permitted them to resume work. The quarrying and allied activities are supposed to be carried out in “safe zone”, that is a place where there are “no forests and no habitation.” But in Karnataka the safe zones have not yet been identified, Mahesh adds. Sankar C G is a student of Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. A quarry in Mahathalingappura, one of the ten quarries in Bannerghatta which cause respiratory disorder to the people. Pic: Sankar C G

The fumes rising from granite factories contain flouride that affects the lungs. Residents are also fearful of house collapse because of the tremors caused by quarrying. Krishnappa, panchayat secretary, Mahanthalingapura says that they had sent a request to the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board two months ago but no action has been taken yet. However Mahesh T, Environmental Officer, KSPCB says that the Board Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 7

check outs

Forget the Gobi Manchuri Do you want to taste authentic Chinese cuisine without the tadka? Here are some options you can check out in Jayanagar. Three Quarter Chinese at Jayanagar is a perfect place to hangout during weekends as it is a part of a set up that includes Amoeba bowling alley and games floor for children and grownups. The restaurant specialises in authentic Chinese and north Indian cuisines.

Mainland China is one restaurant which cannot be missed when it comes to Chinese cuisine. Mainland china has four outlets in the city. Its authentic taste is what leaves the customers coming back for more. Located right in the heart of Jayanagar, it has one of the tastiest Chinese dishes in Jayanagar.

The ambience is posh and the hospitality is good. Golden Fried Babycorn and Chicken Taipei are the most sought-after starters here. The restaurant serves buffet lunch at `350 without alcohol. “The best of all the buffets I have had in Bangalore. This place is an absolute delight right from the moment you walk-in and the menu is great”, says Shashank Srinivas, a customer. Wallet factor: `1000 for two (without alcohol)

It has a varied range of flawless Chinese vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Popular

Noble House is one of the best known Chinese restaurants in Jayanagar. While the signage on the outside is quite jarring, the interiors are done up beautifully in bamboo and dark wood. The ambience is quite upmarket and a refreshing alternative to Jayanagar’s regular eating options. It specialises in Chinese and Thai cuisines. The hospitality makes you come back and of course the food too. Dumplings, soups, noodles, crab and lamb dishes are a must-try here. Wallet factor: `700 for two (without alcohol)

option for business meetings. Wallet factor: Approx `1400 for two (without alcohol) Canton Bar and Restaurant is a good place to spend quality time with friends and family. It serves great Chinese food. The must-eat at this place would be Chicken Manchow and Pepper Chicken Balls. Canton also serves alcohol. The ambience is quite right for an evening chat or a get together. It serves very nice pork delicacies. The Pork Roast and Garlic Pork go well with chilled beer. The prices are nominal. This place is also ideal for business meetings and fun filled lunch/dinner. Wallet factor: `250-700 for two (without alcohol)

items include: Prawn and chicken Szechuan, Ginseng Chicken and some exotic sea food as well. Mainland China serves buffet lunch as well for `495 + tax (Mon-Fri) and `595 + tax (Sat-Sun). They have an assorted selection of desserts, including Chocolate brownie, fresh fruits, Strawberry Mousse, Cakes, Vanilla, Mango and Chocolate icecreams with chocolate sauce, nuts and raisins as add-ons. Mainland China is a good luncheon

8 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05

Three Quarter Chinese: 22nd Cross, Cosmopolitan Club, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Ph: 30412940 ext: 336 Noble House: 197/F, 1st Floor, 8th ‘B’ Main, 27th Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar. Ph: 080 26541554 Canton Bar and Restaurant: 28/29, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-11, Ph no: 080-600-00-600, 26630353 Mainland China: 5th Block, 9th Main Road, 40th Cross, 4th Block Shopping Complex, Jayanagar, Bangalore– 560041. Ph: 26532525

Nagashree gururaj


Doggie Day care in Bengaluru Dogs, cats, rabbits and even hamsters can find a friendly daycare or hostel while you are away at work or on a holiday. Are you at your workplace worrying about your pet left alone at home? Or having nightmares of seeing your dog caged in with no proper food while you are out on a holiday? There are pet care centres in Bengaluru that promise to take good care of your pets while you are away. Set in a green open place with trees around and free of confined places is Pet Space, located on Sarjapura Road. One rule that is strictly followed at Pet Space is ‘no leash’ for pets. All pets based on their temperament test results are put into a playgroup that suits them. These temperament tests are done at the time of check-in. Pet Space has an option of daycare and longer boarding facilities for dogs and cats. Pets get to follow the diet they are accustomed to. It costs about `350 -425 per day depending on size of the dog and food. If your dog is fond of water, then Paw and Claw is the right place. Spread over 5000 sq ft of area, Paw and Claw also provides a dog pool. They give importance to the physical fitness of pets. Their routine involves a mid-day walk for dogs. Owners who request specific diets for their dogs are asked to provide them. They also provide daycare and longer term boarding for dogs. Rates are `350 per day and `250 per session in the swimming pool. If you are looking out for boarding spaces for your cats or rabbits along with your dogs, then PetStepin’ is the place. They have facilities for day care and long stays for dogs, cats

Pic: Petspace Pic: Petstepin

Pic: Petstepin

and small pets like hamsters. The dogs are left open to play around all day, cats are kept in individual kennels with toys and are let out for a couple of hours. They have a menu on board but are open to accommodate specific diet as per the owners requirements. The prices ranges from `300-450 a night, depending on breed and age of dogs. `350 a night for cats. `100 per night for small pets. Day care costs `200-350. If the idea of leaving your pets with other dogs is not comfortable, then Anvis can make arrangements for a foster home stay for your pets. Foster homes are selected by Anvis after careful consideration of their knowledge in taking care of pets. To avail this facility, one has to register as a member of Anvis. Depending

upon your dog’s temperament, suitable foster homes are made available for a short period of stay. Prices vary. Pet Space: Near Wipro Corporate Office, Between HP petrol bunk and Indian Oil petrol bunk, Off Sarjapur Road. Ph: 9900-020-364, 9900-142-117 Paw and Claw: #27/3, Chikka Bellandur, Sarjapur road. Ph: 9845207866, 8884571185 PetStepin’: 38, Rustam Bagh, HAL Airport Road (Behind Manipal Hospital) +91 97422 79644, +91 98865 84925 Anvis: Ph: 9972524880, 9060923349

Deepthi M S

Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 9

SAKALA Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act

Government’s guarantee not just promise? WHAT’S NEW

Pic: Abhishek Angad

Sakala may not be faster than Bangalore One, but the government guarantees that your job will be done. Here’s how. The pilot launch of the Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act 2011 (Sakala) in Jayanagar saw only 31 applications filed. The pilot was on between March 1st to March 31st at the Jayanagar Revenue office. The number 31, however contradicts the government figure of 72, 505 applications for the same period. This office covers four BBMP wards (168-171). An official at the revenue office on condition of anonymity explained why the numbers were so low. “Here we have minimum three days to deliver services. People prefer availing Bangalore One services as their delivery model is quicker,” he said. The Act has been implemented in the entire state from April 2nd.

What is the Act for? The Act is to help citizens get government services without hassles and on time, and to hold government officials accountable. It covers all government bodies,

In every DO office, there will be a board displaying information on services and how to apply for them. On submitting the application, you will get an acknowledgement slip with date of delivery of service, and an acknowledgement (GSC) number. You will get an SMS once your request is processed. If your application is incomplete, the acknowledgment will mention this and not give a date of delivery. If the application is rejected later, DO has to record the reason for that. You can check your application status using GSC number at http:// or by calling the helpline 44554455. In case of delay, you can file complaint at the helpline or mail public sector companies and nongovernment bodies funded by government.

What are the services covered under the Act? The Act covers 151 services under 11 departments. These include issue of khatas, ration cards, permission for holding protests etc. Check the procedure for getting different services at kgsc1/gsc_home.aspx.

Who are authorities under the Act? Designated Officers (DOs): Specific officers designated for providing each services. Competent Officers (COs): Officers whom you can appeal to if DO does not provide the service. Appellate Authority (AA): Deputy Secretary or above who can take action if the CO does not respond. For different services, different time

10 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05

limits are set for DOs to deliver it, and for COs and AAs to dispose the appeals. For example, if you want to get a driver’s license, the DO for this is the RTO / Assistant RTO. If they do not issue license within the deadline of 30 days, you can complain to Deputy Commissioner of Transport (DCT) who is the CO for this service. If the DCT does not dispose your appeal within his 15day deadline, you can complain to Joint Commissioner of Transport (JCT), who is the AA. JCT has to respond to your appeal in 30 days.

What if I do not get an acknowledgement or the service itself? You can file an appeal with the CO within 30 days of default/denial of service; appeal does not require any payment. You have to fill a form and submit information about your application.

What relief can you get? CO will acknowledge your application, hold hearings and get the service delivered. He will also give compensation within 30 days of your appeal. Compensation is Rs 20 per day of default of service, at maximum of Rs 500 per application. This amount will later be recovered from DO. Only if DOs are habitual offenders will their lapses be recorded in service records.

What if my appeal is rejected or I do not get a satisfactory order? You can file a second appeal with the Appellate Authority (AA) within 30 days of CO’s order, with a self attested copy of the CO order and copy of documents mentioned in the appeal. AAs may hold hearings, get compensation levied from them, order departmental enquiries, or even appoint another officer to investigate the issue.

Navya P K

WHO’S SIDE IS BBMP ON? A traders’ initiative to rebuild Shivajinagar’s gutted-Russell Market after the February 25th fire mishap has led to a standoff between them and BBMP. BBMP has sent an eviction notice to Russell Market traders citing dilapidated conditions. Though the fire weakened the market structure initially, renovation seems to have restored strength. To rebuild the structure, traders employed a third party, KK Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. All the affected traders contributed funds along with money received from the government. Work has started on the ground floor and the full restructuring of gutted first floor will begin. The construction company claims to have extended the life of the structure by 100 years.

Foul play suspected? The origin of the fire on February 25th, though reported as short circuit, is rumoured to be be a case of arson. The reason: an unconfirmed report that BBMP was anyways planning to evict the shopkeepers to make way for a multi-level parking complex. Traders fear that the fire was an arson caused by BBMP’s plans, to force them to vacate. However, local corporator, Shakeel Ahmed (Congress, Bharathinagar), denied rumours of BBMP plans to evict the market for a parking complex. “Russell market was never meant to be rebuilt for parking. There are plans to construct a parking lot but it is on the opposite side of the market, for which a sum of Rs.40 crores has been approved by the central government.”

Pic: Abhishek Angad. after the fire. BESCOM cut electricity for the entire market just after the fire, forcing the traders to use kerosene or gas lanterns and emergency lights. BESCOM however wants a letter from

BBMP to restore power Russel market regulars supply. A BESCOM pitch in official, under condition Kaveri Sinhji, CEO of a cultural consulting of anonymity, says, company, is a regular visitor to the market. “BBMP has to send us She decided to start a postcard campaign to a request for restoring aid fire victims. The process started a day the supply for the part of market unburnt.” So after the mishap. far there is no proposal Photographs of the market (before the from BBMP to restore fire), is available for sale for Rs 100 in the supply. the form of postcards. The postcards also hostility from include a cartoon from well known cartoonist Despite BBMP, the traders feel Paul Fernandes. Postcards worth Rs 11000 confident of their have been sold so far. Log on to www. local corporator and for details.

KK Infrastructure has also asked Civil Aid, a Bengaluru based organisation that verifies structural quality of buildings. BBMP has also setup a committee to look into the issue of fire and the building’s stability, says K R Niranjan, Special Commissioner (Project, Resource & Finance)BBMP. “Until then Russell Market will continue to work as it is. We are also awaiting Civil Aid’s report on the stability of Russell Market”, says Niranjan.

russel market crisis

He does however disagrees with BBMP officials’ plans to evict shopkeepers and says, “Russell Market attracts buyers from all over Bangalore and eviction is not a solution.” The situation is further complicated by BBMP’s unwillingness to cooperate with traders wanting to continue with their business, after the fire. BBMP has now locked up the public toilets in the market, which the traders find a problem.

Power supply not restored Over 400 of the shops open for business now, have had no power

MLA’s support. Pervez Ahmed, SecretaryRussell Markets Union said, “We have got full support from our Corporator, Shakeel Ahmed and MLA, Roshan Baig and therefore we will be able to start our work again. Negotiations are continuing with BBMP and we hope that electricity will be restored soon.”

abhishek angad

Cover credits: Cover credits Russel Market shops gutted after fire. Pic: Abhishek Angad. Inset: Russel Market scene. Pic: M S Gopal Collage: pics courtesy: Kaveri Singhji

Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 11

for your Info

Steroids: bane or boon? pains and inflammatory Ask a person who would have died health matters conditions, injectible for of an adverse drug reaction if not for Col (Retd) Dr Mukul Saxena brain tumours or head injury, steroids, what does S/he thinks of for inhalation as in cases of steroids. The answer would be, it is a of use of any other drugs / history asthma, nasal mucosal inflammation, boon. of diabetes, any lingering infection sinuses, airway, chronic lung diseases Ask a man whose wife, suffering from which may flare up, or symptoms of and so on. arthritis and on long term steroid ulcer disease like pain in upper In a layman’s mind, there is always medication, dies due to a perforated abdomen, related to meals, history a debate about pros and cons of bleeding peptic ulcer: what does of vomiting, history of bleeding with steroids. Some of the he thinks of vomiting or passing dark coloured important side-effects steroids. The stools . noted in literature include answer would f In children, there are a few situations effects on endocrine glands be – a curse. where steroids are advised. They have causing insulin resistant Steroids or reduced the morbidity and mortality diabetes, hypothyroidism anabolic significantly in children afflicted with and hypogonadism. steroids have leukemia, asthma, rheumatic diseases, Other adverse effects been in the and other inflammatory disorders. include osteoporosis, and news for all However one needs to watch for sideaggravation of peptic the wrong Pic: Wikimedia Commons effects like mood changes, increased ulcer disease. It is known reasons, hunger, problems falling or stay to cause gastrointestinal bleeding. A especially with sports people and asleep, nightmares, acting withdrawn, major side-effect is, it decreases the doping scandals. Most drugs used in weight gain, pain (such as muscle immune reaction. To sum up: sports are anabolic steroids or their cramps), indigestion, growth of body derivatives. f Steroids if used judiciously have a hair and red/flushed cheeks. great beneficial effect. Steroids are used in various forms: f Should never be used without being applied in cases of skin diseases, f If the doctor is prescribing steroids prescribed by a doctor. administered orally for arthritis, joint then you must inform the physician

Pay your property tax for 2012-13

BBMP has started property tax payment collection for 2012-13. Application forms for tax payment are available at all offices for a fee of Rs 5. Garbage cess should be calculated and paid along with property tax. TAX RATES & REBATES • No revision in rates. No change in self-declared tax and building depreciation.

• Pay by 30th May 2012. After that, additional interest of 2% for every month of delay. • Get a rebate of 5% by paying the full amount by 30th April. WHERE TO PAY • All BBMP offices and Bangalore One centers on all working days. Payment hours are from 9 am to 12.30 pm, and from 3 pm to 7 pm. Locate your Bangalore One centre here: http:// b1centres.aspx

• You can pay in two half-yearly installments. The first installment is due without interest by 30th May 2012 and the second without interest by 29th November 2012.

are legalised under ‘Sakrama rule’. (Editor’s note: Readers, Sakrama Bill not yet approved by Governor of Karnataka)


• Pay by cheques/DD/pay order or by credit/debit cards.

• Those who have already declared tax for 2008-2009, can use their credit/debit cards to pay tax online on BBMP website. For 2011-12 and 2012-13, pay at: For 2009-10 and 2010-11, pay at: B REGISTER/SAKRAMA • All property owners with property in B Register (temporary Khata) and those who have not yet obtained a Khata can also pay tax in the nearest office. • Owners of properties in revenue layouts and apartments can pay self-declared tax in B Register in the nearest office until those sites

12 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05


• If tax amount is less than Rs 1,000, it can be paid by cash. • Those who pay by DD/pay order for amounts above Rs 15,000 will be given acknowledgement receipt immediately. For cheque payments, receipt will be given after cheque realisation. If cheque amount is less than Rs 15,000, acknowledgment will be given immediately. NEWS DESK This article was compiled with information from a BBMP release. For detailed guide, see: http:// property%20tax

Namma Bengaluru awards this weekend Mary Issac from Jayanagar started Child Fund Association in 1982. providing children shelter and support. She has also helped several families by sponsoring fees, books, uniforms and clothes. Mary is one of the 47 nominations for this year’s Namma Bengaluru Awards.

that can be sold.

Mary Issac

Namma Bengaluru Awards were constituted by Namma Bengaluru Foundation, convened by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, MP, to honour such unsung heroes and institutions for their exemplary work towards society. Nomination were collected under six different categories; groups and organisations, citizens, public officials, public institutions, social entrepreneurs and elected representatives. NGOs, Residents Welfare Associations, educational institutions, NGOs, Public Officials, Social Entrepreneurs, Elected representatives are among the nominees. Out of the shortlisted candidates, a select few will be awarded on 7th April in a glittering ceremony at National College Grounds in Basavanagudi. On being nominated Mary says, “If I win I could use the prize money on the education of children. I am helping 12 girls doing SSLC and they need money to go to college including fees, bus pass etc.” SAAHAS, an NGO has been nominated under Social Entrepreneurs category from Jayanagar. It is focusses on zero waste projects in Bangalore. It collects used packaging like the tetra paks, recycle them into products

Other nominees Citizens Dr Narpat Solanki Fr. Anthony Sebastian Uday Vijayan G Manohar Row Auto Shivakumar Dr Meenakshi Bharat Dr B S Venkatesh Dr B Ramana Rao Meena K Jain


Lata Krishnarao Shrishail S I Krishna Murthy

Public Institutions Lokayukta Bangalore One Bangalore Traffic Police

Social Entrepreneurs Harish Hande Pavithra Y S Daily Dump

Public Officials

Elected Representatives

Vidya shankar U V Singh P Manivannan Sudhindra Rao Lakshmamma

Krishna Byre Gowda Rajendra R Shoba Karandlaje Suresh Kumar

Wilma Rodrigues, Director, SAAHAS says she is “delighted to learn that there is an acknowledgement and acceptance of waste management problems and solutions.”

Wilma Rodrigues

Another nominee is Jayanagar based Dream-a Dream. This organisation helps develop life skills in disadvantaged urban children and youth. “Getting nominated in Namma Bengaluru Awards 2011 was a very proud moment for us. We are strongly focussed on upliftment of urban youth and this will definitely help us,” says Vishal Talreja, Co-founder and Director, Dream-a-Dream. KAS Officer, H M Mujeeb Ahmed is the Chief Executive officer of the Roerich & Devaki Rani Roerich Estate Board. Nominated in the Public Official category, this Koramangala resident enjoys a clean record and has been a role model for colleagues and subordinates. A very delighted Ahmed says, “remaining honest is the ardent duty of any public servant. It is an one in a lakh opportunity to be a public servant and I am happy that I am able to keep my hands clean.” Another public official from Jayanagar, Dr P R Krishna Prasad, Scientist, Head of University of Agricultural sciences, Bangalore is also a nominee. He has developed and improved varieties of wheat, rice, sugarcane, brinjal. Filmmaker and environmentalist, Suresh Heblikar from Jayanagar has made two dozen short films and documentaries on solar energy, wildlife, lakes, Western Ghats, and conservation. He is also the founder of Eco Watch, an organisation aimed at protecting the fast disappearing forests and water resources. Heblikar has been nominated under Citizen Category. He says, “It increases my responsibility, makes me feel more committed towards the society. “ Shanti Raghavan who founded Koramangala based Enable India, which trains and counsels people Shanti Raghavan with disability, is another nominee. She works with corporates and helps a large number disabled find employment opportunities.

Abhishek Angad

Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 13

Summer camp listings ART & Science

Shemrock Preschool & DaycarE: Theme activities, field day out, grand carnival, amazing races & personality development, 23 Apr-1st May, Mon-Fri, 10am-1pm, Age 2-10 From 1st Std, Near Brigade Millennium. JP Nagar 7th phase- Ph: 9686200112/ 2525. Helping hands: Classes for under performers, Starts: May 1st, JP Nagar 5th Phase. Ph:9880647825

Shri Sai Mind Care

Near GNR Kalyana Mantapa, 18th main,

Jayanagar 4T block, Bangalore

Abacus Vedic Maths Handwriting Calligraphy Phonics Music

Languages Rangoli Drawing Arts & Crafts Chess Tution

Memory Techniques Dance Mehendi class Chocolate making

Mobile: 93797 63375 Summer camp starting 5th April

Kids Home: Dance, music, drawing, craft, fort making, painting, without gas cooking. Puppet shows, puppet making; Starts: 2nd week Apr Mon-Fri Age-From 3years; 5th phase JP Nagar, Ph:66815301 UC Mas mental arithmetic system and curve: Abacus, Handwriting improvement. Starts: 16th Apr 9.30am11.30am Mon-Fri Age-4.5-13, Fees:2000, AV Education Society, J.P Nagar 5th Phase, Ph: 9901077668, 9901077668 Time Kids: Drawing, painting, music, dance, aerobic, indoor toy play, storytelling; Starts: 9th Apr- May end, 9.30a.m to

Continued in pg 17 >>

HEALTH & Nutrition


SRINIVASA DENTAL CARE CENTRE Dr. VISHWAS # 383, 8th main, 7th cross, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore- 76. Ph:41201345, 9845195605. Multi specialist Dental clinic & Implant Centre.

BUILDERS/DEVELOPERS Manjunatha Architectural Plan, Structure Design, Sanction Plan, Vaastu Plan, Estimate & Constuction Of Bldgs Shop #1, 5th Main, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Near SBI. Call Mune Gowda 9845416748, 9844468507, 3297645

CHILDRENS DENTAL CLINIC DR. NERAJA RAJU Consultant Pedodontist. For appointment : 9845195605, 41201345. Address: # 383, 8th main, 7th cross, Mico Layout, BTM 2nd stage, Bangalore-76

education INTENSIVE COACHING ACCA/CA/CIMA/CS/ICFAI/ ICWA & MBA With Latest Corporate Case Studies. Contact: Lalitha Group, #5,Behind Smart,19th Cross, 24th Main, JP Nagar 5th Phase, Bangalore-78. Ph:080-26490907, 9742167094, 9902888485, 9448117457

LAVANYA REAL ESTATE 2 & 3 BHK Flat for Rent / Sale in BTM Layout, Bannerghatta Road, J.P. Nagar, Jayanagar & Koramangala. Contact: 9916706389, 9611444944. Email:

Others BANGALORE TIMBER & PLYWOODS All Types OF Plywoods & Laminates. Dealers In : Teak, Honne, Sall, Neem, Beach, Silver, Round Logs & Cut Sizes. # 647, 16/2/3, Arekere Gate, Near BPL Bus Stop, Bannerghatta Road. Call: 9845604013, 26583501

HERBAL PEST CONTROL SERVICES FOR ANT, Cockroach, Bedbug, Termite, Rat etc. 100% Safe & Effective. No Smell/Stain. 2BHK Rs. 450. We also do Annual Maintenance Contract: Rs 1200/ year only! Call: 9972711444/ 8971223206.

Bangalore’s own interactive newsmagazine

Citizen Matters


Subramaniam Vincent Meera K Padmalatha Ravi JOURNALISM TEAM

Taxi services * Tution classes * Music & dance classes * Competitive exam coaching * Catering * Plumbers * Electricians * Real estate * Pet walking * Personal Fitness

place your ads & classifieds Call Ramachandran Ph: 99016-85368

Taxi services * Tution classes * Music & dance classes * Competitive exam coaching * Catering * Plumbers * Electricians * Real estate * Pet walking * Personal Fitness...Citizen Matters Classifieds reach over 36000 homes

to place your ads & classifieds - CALL 9901685368

Navya P K Anisha Nair Abhishek Angad MKTG/CIRCULATION Raghavendra 98455 06477 Satvik Kaushik 9886754908 Vasanth 9620920820 ADVT SALES Ramachandran P 9901 685368 Srikant Sahu 9916235626 Design/Production Shivakeshava M Founded by Meera K Subramaniam Vincent ©Oorvani Media Pvt Ltd. Ph: 080 — 41737584

see & do Talks



Her master’s voice; women and the gramophone records An audio-visual lecture presentation on by Vikram Sampath 13 Apr, 6.30 pm Bangalore international centre, TERI complex,4th main, 2nd cross, Domlur II stage, rsvp 98865 99675

Dignity 17th Anniversary: Celebrate the celebrities Amitasana Das Prabhu speaks on bhakti. Followed by Light classical music by Manasi Prasad. 3 Pm 8 Apr, Pramilabai Mane BBMP School, VijayanagarMagadi Road. Ph: 4219 8395

74th Sree Ramavnavami Celebrations 7 Apr Sanjay Subrahmanyan 8 Apr U Srinivas & U Rajesh ( Mandolin) 9 Apr H K Venkatram-G Ravikiran-Ashwin Anand ( Venu Veena Violin) 10 Apr Rudrapatnam Brothers 11 Apr Papanasam Ashok Ramani 12 Apr O S Arun 13 Apr Abhishek Raghuram 14 Apr Mysore Nagaraj & Manjunath (violin) 15 Apr Ajoy Chakravarthy 16 Apr Lalgudi G J R Krishnan & Vijayalakshmi 17 Apr Pattabhirama Pandit 18 Apr Saralaya Sisters 19 Apr N Vijay Siva/Dr Hemalatha/ Poongulam Subrahmanyam/ Anirudha Athreya 20 Apr Sikkil Gurucharan 21 Apr 6:30 pm Mysore Manjunath & Ronu Majumdar (Carnatichindustani Jugalbandi) 22 Apr Ranjani & Gayathri 6.30 pm (till May 6), Fort High School Ground

Meet Jack Canfield live in Bangalore Sat 14 apr 4pm, Christ university auditorium, hosur road


Scrabble workshop “playing professional scrabble” Facilitated by Satish Srinivasan,professional scrabble player Tue 17 apr - sat 21 apr, Just books 3rd block koramangala, near sevasadan institute


Dare 2 drive - corporate edition First ever corporate TSD rally in Bangalore.Get your car and navigator ready to go on a drive of your lifetime! www.thrillerlife. com 21-22 apr Greenscraps: Nature journaling workshop Conducted by Sangeeta Kadur. Call 98868 12598 Starts 7.30 Am, april 30, lalbagh


Documentary Film festival 7 Apr, 5:00 pm Pink Saris 7 Apr, 5:30 pm Sahitya Sanje Lectures On D V Gundappa 7 Apr, 7 pm Love In India Apr 8, 11 am Kahan Kahan Se Guzre Suchitra Centre for Film & Drama, Banashankari


Rangashankara Plays 7 Sat, 8 Sun: Bombay Talkies (E) (also at 3.30 pm on sun) 10 tue, 11 Wed: Gundaayana (K) 12 Thu, 13 fri: This Eng 14 Sat: The devil’s tree (E) (kids above 5) 15 Sun: Narigaligeke Kodilla (K) (also at 3.30 pm) (kids above 5 years) 17 Tue to 20 fri and 11 am on 21 sat: Boy with a suitcase (E) 21 Sat, 22 sun: Yen hucchuri...Yaak hingadtiri… kannada (also at 3.30 pm on sun)

16 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05

Ramanavami Concerts, Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali 7 Apr – G Ravikiran 8 Apr – Seeta Kalyana

followed by Dance by Divya Bhushan 10 Apr Veena – R.K Padmanabha 11 Apr – Kalavathy Avadhooth 12 Apr – Prince Rama Ravi Varma 13 Apr – Ranjani Gayatri 14 Apr – Dance – Ramu Kunnigal 15 Apr – Rama Pattabhisheka and Rathotsava #492/A, Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali Road, 8th block Jayanagar, Nadasurabhi concerts Kasturirangan ( Vocal) disciple of T N Seshagopalan with B Raghuram, B C Manjunath, Sukanya Ramgopal 15 Apr , 4:15 pm, Heritage Academy Hall, Koramangala Ramanavami celebrations: V Sankaranarayanan (vocal) 7 Apr, Sri Rama Seva mandali, Koramangala Vocal Concert by Mambalam Sisters ( Vijayalakshmi & Chitra) 7 Apr, Indranagar Sangeetha Sabha (Purandara Bhavan) Other venues with music concerts: Sri Ramanavami Music Festival, Sheshadripuram College Premises Sri Rama Navami Sangeetotsava, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar

Poster women captured in a book Feet up, eyes glued to television, magazine in hand, house in a mess and she is in her own world of relaxation. From “Right to leisure” a poster by NGO Asmita. Feet up, eyes glued to television, magazine in hand, house in a mess and she is in her own world of relaxation. The “Right to leisure” poster was brought out by Asmita, an Andhra Pradesh based NGO. Those gathered for the launch of ‘Our pictures, Our Words’ book published by Zubaan, could relate very well to the poster. The pink poster is one of the hundreds of other pictures in the book - Our Pictures, Our words by Laxmi Murthy and Rajashri Dasgupta, published by Zubaan. The book was launched on March 31st at Jaaga – KH road. The event was organised by Network of Women in Media, Bangalore (NWMB), Jaaga and Zubaan publishers. The book

is a compilation of pictures, posters and graffiti of the various women’s movements across India. The book launch was followed by a panel discussion on Feminism and its relevance in today’s India. The panelists included Laxmi Murthy, Ammu Joseph, independent journalist, Maithreyi Krishna Raj – former Professor and Director, Research Centre for Women’s Studies at SNDT Women’s University and part of the Women’s Movement since 1975, Padmalatha Ravi, Associate Editor, Citizen Matters, and Subramaniam Vincent, Cofounder, India Together and Citizen Matters.

Anisha Nair

Running your way to health! 32 runs will take place across the city in 32 months! On the occasion of world health day, Bangalore Schools Sports Foundation will hold its first 3-mile run on April 7th in association with Wellness India. It is organised to promote health and sports from a grassroot level. The run will start from Kanteerava stadium from 7 am. The registration starts at 5.30 am and felicitation would start from 8.15 am. The categories for the 3-mile run are - Childrens Run, Family Run, Corporate Run and Community Run. Citizen Matters is the media partner for the event.

Summer camp listings 12.30p.m, Age-1.5-8, JP Nagar 2nd phase, Ph:65681711 Just 4 U summer camp: Drawing. Painting, dance, shlokas; Starts: Apr 7th, 9.30a.m-12.00p.m, BTM 2nd stage, Bannerghatta road, Ph: 26687473, 9874787260 Summer camp karate classes: Karate, stick training, 8.30am-10am, Mon-sat, Age groups: 5+, Fees: 500, JP Nagar, Bannerghatta road, Ph: 9343727928, Kidz N Brainz: Art & craft, accountancy, abacus & vedic maths; Starts Apr 1st week,

EVENTS & Happenings

9.30am – 11.30am, Age: 1st std, Mico layout BTM 2nd stage, Ph:9845049119 Fevicryal art & craft camp: Art & Craft, Music & movements, field trips, Start: 5-29 Apr, 9.30am-1.30pm Mon-Fri Fees: 2300-2900. BTM 2nd stage Ph: 9902815643, 26680441.E mail: r2w.btmlayout@yahoo. com Indian art & dance: Revisit epic Ramayana. age, 3-6, Science innovaton lab age: 7+, 6-19 Apr; Workshop in calligraphy age: 8+, 6-21 Apr; Fusion fun camp Age: 3+, 2-13may Start: 6-29 Apr, 9.30a.m-12.30p.m,

<< from pg 14 Mon-Fri Fees: 2300-2900, BTM Layout 2nd stage Ph: 26782703, 9880956343. Summer Carnival: Magic school, dance, picnic day, cultural programme, stage show. Start: 9th-29 Apr & 7th -27th may 10am-1pm, Mon-Fri, Age groups: 2-14 Fees: 2300-2900, Little Millennium, 5th block Jayanagar, Ph: 22444888, 9845063940. Summer Fun @ Eurokids: Story time, creative time, Music & movement etc, Age: 3-10, MCHS layout BTM 2nd stage, Ph: 8453340248

Continued in pg 18 >>

Vol-4 Issue-05 7-20 Apr 2012 CITIZEN MATTERS 17

last word

The basics of babyproofing I was at a baby store and in walked a pair of newly minted parents buying everything that the “helpful” store staff pointed to them. Socket covers? Door slammers? latches? Bring it on. Baby monitor? But of course. Do you even need to ask? Diaper pail? Umm...looks cool...ok we will think about that one. I had to restrain the urge to run and shake the lovely pair out of their baby buying stupor. Because that was me six and half years back, visiting stores armed with a list, courtesy baby books, baby websites and friends, all made, manufactured and living in US. And though I never went to the extent of buying a

diaper pail, I was rather diligent with

confessionS of a second time mom

Reshmi Chakraborty the baby proofing bit and did come close to picking up a safety gate for my single level home, where with a hop, skip and jump you can reach the kitchen from the dining table and the dining table from the living room couch. It wasn’t my fault though. Read up on baby proofing on the net and you will know what I mean. The more you read, the more dangerous your house starts to seem. Even potentially harmless things like soft couches and curtains hold sinister possibilities. As for table corners, stairs, doors and balconies, those are to babies what haunted houses are to most adults. Best avoided. Reading up is rather scary, especially for the first time parent who is

Summer Camp Listings << from pg 17 Global Art workshop: Free workshop, creativity for children, 5-15 yrs, April 13th (Friday). Basavanagudi, near National College. Registration closes 10th Apr. Call Preetha @9620234312. Summer Camp at Ninos Pre School: Arts & Crafts, Story Telling, Pot Painting, Drawing, Water Painting, Music & Movement, Public Speaking, 2-5 yrs & 5 yrs+,Fees Rs. 2000 2nd Stage BTM Layout, Bangalore 560076, 91 80 40917477, Ph: 9845579609 Rangashankara AHA Summer Express: Workshops: Music by Bombay Jayashri, Acting, Filmmaking, Visual Arts, Theatre workshops by Anurupa Roy, Shaili Sathyu and Hamsa Moily. Registrations open, write to 9 Apr to 6th May, Rangashankara, JP Nagar

Natyalaya Summer camp workshop: Dance, Music, Fitness, art classes etc, 30th Apr to 26th May, 10.30am to 2 pm, Age 4-14 Fees :5000, At JP Nagar & Jayanagar, Ph: 26581888,9243378678


Special Summer camp Karate: Karate. Age groups: 5+, Kitturu Rani Stadium, 3rd block Jayanagar, Ph:9880352165. Yisa Summer Camp: Yoga, dance, clay modeling, drawing, painting, etc, and Sports: cricket, basketball, swimming etc. 5th Apr15th May, Age : 5 -16, Mahatma Childrens Home, JP Nagar. Srinivas: 9880567144 KSLTA-Tennis Coaching camp: Age 4-18, also for Adults, 45 days from April 09th, 2012; certified coaches. Conducted at Cubbon Park & Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Niranjan Ramesh, chief coach: 9901893601. Abdul Huq Rabbani, Manager, KSLTA, Ph: 22861010

18 CITIZEN MATTERS 7-20 Apr 2012 Vol-4 Issue-05

surrounded by equally novice friends and family members who throw their hands up in the air and say, “We had kids 30 years ago. You do what you think is best.” The first time I was text bookishly diligent about baby proofing the house. I got corner cushions to cover pointy table sides, anti door slammers, wardrobe latches and the mandatory socket covers. I looked around my home and suddenly everything was a potential threat. From the iron (which IS a threat) to the sketchpen cap and the house plants. The baby was rather respectful about my babyproofing tactics in the initial days. Until one day I discovered him trying to shove the corner cushion into his mouth. So this time, I have just lifted everything to a height that baby number two is unlikely to reach in the next one or two years. Some things have surely come in handy this time around too, like the wardrobe latch, perfect for low cabinets that hold baby’s favourite things -- cutlery or cleaning sprays. Now if you find a way to childproof the shoerack, do let me know that.

Horse Riding Stables: Apr 30-May 25 (Second batch), JP nagar 7th Phase Opp to Brigade Millenium, Ph: 9611352885 Bulldog Tennis Academy: Summer Camp 4-14 yrs, International Tennis Federation approved Play&Stay, off Kanakapura Road. Tel:99000 95604 BTM Roller Skating Club: Sarts: 9th Apr-3rd May & 7th May- 31st May, 7am9am, 3pm-5pm, Address: BTM 2nd stage, Ph: 9945175788, 9611018988 Gerry Martin’s wildlife workshops: At Sarjapur Road. Fun-filled outings at Western Ghats and Wildlife sanctuaries. Start:3-4 May, 10-11 May & 24-25 May. Ph:9886169698. This listing is a free service from Citizen Matters. More listings & details online at: http:// genre/Summer%20Camp.

Just in

Mayor salary to double In a city council meeting on March 29th, corporators decided to increase their salaries. The state government’s sanction is now awaited. Revised remuneration


Mayor - ` 40,000 (from 20,000); Deputy Mayor - `30,000 (from 15,000); Councillors `25,000 (from 7500); Retired councillors - `20,000. Meanwhile, Chairman of BBMP Accounts Committee, A L Shivakumar, exposed discrepancies in the BBMP’s accounts department after an inspection on March 26th. A BBMP release noted the following: * Employees paid off loan amounts, yet installments were deducted from their

salaries. Syndicate Bank returned the money. The DDs were lying around for four months and no action was taken.

* Many letters and documents have been lying pending in the office’s receiving section for 6-7 months; some for over a year.

citizen matters 7 april 2012 jpnagar edition  
citizen matters 7 april 2012 jpnagar edition  

citizen matters 7 april 2012 jpnagar edition