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Technical Data Principal Dimensions



Length overall (incl. platform)

69' 7"

21,20 m.

Length of hull

63' 5"

19,33 m.


17" 9"

5,40 m.

5 3


1,60 m.

Displacement, lightship

68.343 lbs.

31 t.

Displacement, full load

81.571 lbs.


Fuel capacity

1056,7 gallons

4.000 It.

Fresh water capacity

264,29 gallons

1.000 It.

Draft (incl. props]


Deck Details Upper Deck

Engines & Performance 2 x CAT 930 HP

2300 rpm

Maximum Speed

up to 30 knots

Cruising speed Range


Main Deck

up to 28 knots up to 425 nautical miles

Summary of Main Standard Equipment 20 K + 8 KW generators with sound shield Bowthruster

Inside, the 68" fly feels m u c h larger than its size. Extensive use of g l a s s brings daylight

Hydraulic platform

and views in, keeping the guests connected with the environment at a l l times. The yacht

Full airconditioning including crew cabin and mess

has k cabins including the large m a s t e r cabin and 4 heads.

Hydraulic paserella Bose lifestyle 48 sound system in salon 32" LCD TV in salon

Lower Deck

32" LCD Master TV with Bose 3.2.1. system

The natural light, the contemporary furniture and open spaces create a modern sanctuary

Radar, GPS, Chartplotter, VHF, Autopilot; dual station

far f r o m the stuffiness of traditional yacht interiors.


Ice maker Bimini top Dish washer Teak laid bathing platform and cockpit * Every attempt has been made to give accurate information, but performance and range figures are estimates given as a guide only. Dirt or growth on the hull, tuning of the engines, size, make of engines fitted, damage to propellers, the temperature of the air and water, the weight of fuel, water, stores, number of people, propeller

The designer achieved an o p t i m u m balance of f o r m and function in 68' fly: the full size gourmet galley and the abundant storage space are just s m a l l details that make a big

pitch, quality of fuel and other matters, can all affect a boats performance and range. For these and other reasons we give no performance, range or other guarantees and neither such guarantees nor anything contained herein constitutes an offer of contract or any representation or agreement, or may otherwise be relied upon. The individual specification for each vessel will be agreed as part of the sales contract between the purchaser and Numarine or an authorized Numarine dealer. Dealers and distributors are independently owned and operated entities, and therefore Numarine dealers and distributors are not owned by Numarine or any subsidiaries or other related entity of this company nor are they their agents. Therefore they have absolutely no authority to commit Numarine, or any subsidiary or other related entities of Numarine to any pledge, contract or agreement in any form or by any means unless first accepted in writing by Numarine. Specifications may be changed at any time without notice or liability.

difference on daily life on a yacht. For the ultimate privacy of the owner and the guests, the c r e w gets a separate entrance to their cabins and comfortably arranged c r e w mess, a novelty for a yacht of this size.

Numarine Denizcilik Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. Gebze Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi İnönü M a h a l l e s i , Balçık Yolu, Gebze 4 U 0 0 İstanbul, Turkey T e l : +90 (262) 751 06 82 pbx Fax: +90 (262) 751 06 91 English Speaking S a l e s Hotline +90 533 385 49 88 s a l e s r a n u m a n n e . c o m

68' fly


Being on the sea is usually about c o m p r o m i s e s , as is almost everything else in the w o r l d ; you want spacious cabins and public areas but you

The 68" fly is the product of N u m a r i n e i s collaboration with the extremely s u c c e s s f u l yacht designer Tony Castro.

also want speed and performance. You want to relax and be pampered but you also want privacy.

The award-winning designer maintained the t r a d e m a r k N u m a n n e grace and modernity while giving a new, more mature and angular look to the yacht.

You want to s k i p p e r your own yacht but you also enjoy the convenience of a competent crew. The 68" fly has been designed to provide best of both w o r l d s for yacht lovers. It delivers the space and comforts associated with m u c h larger yachts with the performance and sportiness of the

The flybridge is spacious and comfortable as are the sunbathing area at the bow and the dining area at the stern.

55" series. It can be comfortably handled and maneuvered by the owner or can be trusted to a skilled c r e w who retire into their own m e s s once

The yacht is designed to offer comfortable cruising at high speeds. And speed it delivers; powered by twin CAT

the yacht is safely moored. Simply put, the 68" fly is a yacht that delivers.

engines of 1150 hp each, the estimated m a x i m u m speed of the 68" fly w i l l reach 33 knots making it the fastest flybridge yacht in the N u m a n n e range.