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TAC tid bi ts CITE has a strong partnership with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). One of our key contributions to TAC's technical projects is participation on a number of TAC councils and committees through CITE appointees. In this TAC Tidbits, our appointees share updates about their committees from the Spring 2019 TAC Technical Meetings in Ottawa.


CITE Vice President & President, Salvini Consulting Inc. The Chief Engineers’ Council (CEC) met on Saturday and Sunday to share hot topics focused on resilience and climate change, to hear updates from the related Committees, and to make some key decisions about projects within the organization. Presentations to the group included: • • • • •

Vision Zero: A Canadian Overview by Craig Milligan, Fireseeds North Mitigation strategies for hostile vehicles by Ashley Curtis, City of Toronto Best Practices for Pothole Repairs in Canada by Dave Hein, Applied Research Associates Special Roads Chapter for the Geometric Design Guide by Henning Buch Strategic Opportunities for Integrating Health and Transportation by Jim Chapman, Urban Design 4 Health

In Council business, the CEC, in addition to all of the other Councils and Committees, was asked to provide feedback on TAC’s proposal to change the structure of the Councils and Committees. Under the new structure, the CEC would become a Chief Engineers’ Panel maintaining its role of approving technical products, but would not have any Councils reporting directly to the group; rather, the six new Councils would report to the board and members of the Panel would be encouraged to sit on one or two Councils. After hearing the updates and requests from the related Committees, the CEC approved two key projects that CITE has been actively involved in developing: the Road Safety Webinar Series and the project around Decorative Crosswalks.

Urban Transportation Council KATE WHITFIELD

Senior Associate Engineer/Planner, Alta Planning + Design - Canada, Inc. The Urban Transportation Council meeting started with a presentation by Louis-Paul Tardiff from Transport Canada on Urban Mobility Measurement. I acknowledge my own bias to certain topics but when Transport Canada started speaking about cargo bikes as a competitiveness issue for our country, my ears perked up. That, and a federal/provincial/territorial task force who developed a model for biking to and from work known as the Utilization Bikeability Diagnostic tool. Of course, other Transport Canada work of note is covered by the five theme areas: Canadian Centre on Transportation Data Quarterly Report; the Urban Mobility Scorecard; Service Area Analytics; O-D routing analytics; and Targeted Analysis (i.e., the National Trade Corridors Fund). In other news, two TAC projects were presented for final approval: Strategic Opportunities for Integrating Transportation and Health and Understanding Goods Movement. Watch for updates to the TAC library as these documents roll out. Looking to the future, TAC is revising the pool-funded project development process and its council and committee structure.



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Transportation Talk - Spring 2019  

From the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, Canada's community of transportation professionals. cite7.org

Transportation Talk - Spring 2019  

From the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, Canada's community of transportation professionals. cite7.org

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