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Percentage Calculator Percentage Calculator As we know that in today's competitive world all the students try their best with their studies to gain maximum score or to achieve good percentage, because it is very necessary for them for their bright future. Only education with good percentage can provide us a good job. Mathematics is a kind of constructive subject in which students can score 100 percent marks but it requires good knowledge of basic and regular practice of math queries. Mathematics is a subject with variety of problems which are distributed in various branches like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus and vectors etc. We use to join an institute for increasing our skills in math, but it is not possible for everyone because of high fee structure. But now we have an extraordinary platform which is math solver on Internet, where we can learn the way of solving mathematics problems related to different branches under the proficient online math tutors.

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Algebra is the branch of mathematics which deals with numbers as well as variables. Algebra is a branch of mathematics in which have a group of operations with several relations to combine and manipulating mathematical entities like variables, constants, and arithmetic operators. Because of different level of complexity algebra is divided into different grades. Now we will go through the concepts of Algebra 2. It includes equations and inequalities, linear equations and functions, linear system and matrices, quadratic functions and factoring, polynomials and polynomial functions, rational expressions and radical functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions, counting methods and probability, data analysis and statistics, sequences and series, trigonometric ratios and functions and trigonometric graphs, identities and equations. Let's have an example of algebraic equation z + 12 = 20 Now we have a variable z and we have to find out the value of it. So it will become z = 20 - 12 ( by shifting 12 in right hand side ) z=8 Now we have the value of y and we can check our answer by using this value in equation. If this value stratifies the equation then our answer is correct.

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By using z = 8 in given equation z + 12 = 20 8 + 12 = 20 It means equation is satisfied, so our answer is correct. Percentage calculator is an online tool or program provided by various online Math Solver websites for solving queries related to percentage in a quick time. This tool takes the value of variables of percentage formula as input and provides the proper answer in the form of percentage to user. Percentage formula is as: Obtained value/ total value x 100

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