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FAL L 2011


{ Open } verb * remove the covers or wrapping from

Director’s Letter

Last issue I made no secret of my less-than-love-affair with the

in your schedule to write, then you must set aside that time. Big,

summer season. Fall, on the other hand, and I are close, close

heartwarming dinners (page 29) with friends and family are an

friends. I love everything about fall...the smells, the sounds, tastes,

absolute imperative, as is decorating the heck out of our homes

colors, the clothes and especially the crisp air. I thought that

with pumpkins and cinnamon spice (page 19). Life is too short to

would make for an easy issue. Maybe it is because I have so much

spend the majority of it waiting to find time to enjoy it.

wrapped up in this season but putting together all of our content this time was a lot more intimdating than I expected. I wanted to make sure that this wonderful season was represented fully. So I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m a little nervous about this issue. I

That’s what fall always reminds me of. It’s one of those seasons that awakens all of the senses and reminds us that the world we live in shifts as quickly as the colors of the changing leaves.

hope you’ll love it. Lately, I’m learning more and more that time goes by way too quickly. I can’t believe we’re already in our third issue of The Violet. One year ago the idea for this project popped into my head and to realize that we’ve come this far is kind of mindboggling.

Camilla Salem

With my other work, this magazine, and a fast-approaching wedding the days seem to have been slipping away from me. And then our {Your Turn} question (page 72) really got me thinking that if there are things that we would like to add to our days to help us feel happier and more fulfilled, then certainly we should be incorporating them right now instead of waiting for a time when it’s more convenient. That means if you want to find time

FAL L 2011


Contributors meet the team behind this issue of the violet ! you will fall in love with them!





Jackie lives in New York’s Hudson Valley

Becky is a student living in a small pocket

Camilla is a 6’0 tall California native who

with her two dogs, Rocco and Suzette.

of English countryside. She divides her

enjoys food (a lot), yoga, creativity and day-

Known as “the resident paparazzi”, it was

time between reading in libraries, baking

dreaming. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s

no surprise that she’s ended up making

in kitchens and photographing seaside

department of Peace and Conflict Studies

her living as a photographer. Jackie likes

paths. She’d like to be a writer and a

and admits to having amassed an embar-

hiking, sushi and bad reality television

baker and a mother, someday. But right

rassingly large collection of,

and she is among the small percentage of

now she’s just trying to make sense of this

naturally she decided to start her own.

people in the world who actually enjoys

beautiful thing called life.

Blog: Champagne Bubbles

hanging out in airports.

Blog: Hummingbee Pens The Paperback

Blog: Exposed Brick




Ashlee Gadd is an aspiring writer & ama-

A curly-haired, library-loving girl split

Jasmine is a southern California na-

teur photographer residing in Sacramento,

between Ottawa (journalism school) and

tive living in Long Beach, CA, with her

California. When she’s not making lists

London (home). An apple lover, dinner

super-hot, hair stylist husband, Levi, and

and guzzling Go Girl energy drinks, you

party enthusiast & bedroom ballerina,

their kitties, Gretel and Lily. True to her

can find her at your local thrift store, yoga

Emily enjoys picnics, baking, 80’s post-

Gemini nature, she values independence

studio, or most likely, frozen yogurt shop.

punk and reading Hemingway. She loves

and likes to dabble in anything that strikes

She’s a self proclaimed joy-chooser, smile-

boys with glasses, John Hughes movies,

her fancy. She appreciates good food, good

creator, and truth-lover.

and listening to other people’s stories.

coffee, and good people.

Blog: Where My Heart Resides

Idols include Anne Shirley and Tina Fey.

Blog: An Experiment in Poverty

Blog: Say Anything




Claire was born and raised in San Fran-

Kenza is 16 year old with a passion for

Olivia is a student, dancer, and a Wildcare

cisco, and as a result, loves rain and fog.

Shakespeare and all things old fashioned.

volunteer, but her true passion is styling.

She sees the world in black and white

She finds herselfself looking at life through

She is obsessed with everything dance and

film and loves fashion, art, potstickers,

some seriously dramatic lenses and like

fashion and aspires to be a stylist. Born

and sparkly high heels. She can always be

so many teenagers considers herself well

and raised a hop, skip, and a bridge away

found on a horse, behind a camera, or in

beyond her years. She’d much rather be

from San Francisco, she is constantly in-

a vintage clothing store and she’s pretty

having steak frites with Badoit in France

spired by the metropolitan culture and the

sure she should have been born in the

than going a high school dance.

great outdoors.

1950’s. Blog: School of Style

Blog: My Treasure Trove.

Blog: School of Style




Originally from Utah, Stacey now calls

Molly Yeh is a writer and percussionist

Yodai is an aspiring photographer, who

Chicago home. She is married to her dream

living in New York City. She is a recent

never looses touch with his Japanese roots.

guy, Chris, and they live in a quaint 1906

graduate of The Juilliard School and assis-

In his life dominated by school and crew

apartment. She is obsessed with her Canon

tant editor of The Juilliard Journal. In her

practices, he found photography to be his

AE-1 film camera, loves taking public

free time, this Chicago-native enjoys tap

escape go. He loves the world seen though

transit, pretends to be a food critic, and

dancing, eating, yoga, rock climbing, and

the viewfinder of a camera, and secretly

compulsively buys books. Her dream is to

biking. Her refrigerator is home to

desires to be as tall as Camilla!

travel, travel, and then travel some more

approximately 50 mustards.

and have lots of cute squishy babies!!

Blog: My Name is Yeh.

Blog: Love and Photographs

FAL L 2011


FAL L 2011


{ Live } verb * remain alive

FAL L 2011

| 11

Do Something take advantage of the sights and smells of this cozy season By Emily Rack

Beat the fall blues.

Invest in something that makes you utterly

September and October are wonderful for

happy (whether it’s a massage, a new class,

me. Baking, fresh notebooks, pumpkins

a long run, or just time spent with your

galore and bright-eyed starts to the year.

dogs). Don’t let the Ugly Novembers get

By the time it gets to November, I’m fed

you down, and most of all try to surround

up with fall. The greyness gets to me.

yourself with the people you love.

I start to long for summer nights spent barbecuing outside, and trips to the beach. My bed starts to feel like the only place on earth. This is a phenomenon I like to call The Ugly Novembers (perhaps more commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder). I know I’m not the only one who suffers from the Ugly Novembers, and I’d like to share my tips for overcoming them. Wear bright colors, breathe fresh air, force yourself to get up early. Go on dates with your best girlfriends. Take a dance class (I prefer zumba!) that gets you moving and shaking. Have an honest-togoodness singing and dancing party in

Switch off your laptop and get outside. Go on a walk with the express purpose of crunching leaves under your boots! Collect the prettiest ones and press them into books with a few words about the day. Breathe the crisp air, notice the smell of bonfires and cedar, be at peace by yourself. Aim to be outside a little bit every day. It’s dangerously easy to get caught up indoors and in front of screens, especially in colder weather. Even a 10-minute technology hiatus is better than nothing.

your underwear. Three minutes of belting

Take advantage of beautiful seasonal produce. Farmers mar-

out ‘My Sharona’ in your skivvies will put

kets are the perfect place to shop for au-

you back on top. Give back to the com-

tumn foods. Carrots, beets, turnips, yams,

munity-- a little volunteer work helps put

leeks, onions, figs and apples are fabulous

everything in perspective. Try a herbal tea

seasonal flavors to incorporate into your

(peppermint, lemongrass) instead of cof-

cooking. Often grocery stores will have

fee, which may help you feel less sluggish.

deals on local fruits and vegetables, so

keep an eye out. Roast up some colorful

be darker than your go-to shade, but it’ll

loween costume (some ideas on page 52),

root veggies with some garlic, olive oil

bring warmth to almost every skin tone

make soups, have a bonfire complete with

(or avocado oil, which won’t burn in the

and complement your woolies! Some great

hot cocoa and s’mores, cover yourself in

oven!) and a pinch of sea salt for an easy

shades are Stila’s Black Cherry Lip Glaze or

cranberry body butter, and really get into

side dish or salad topper.

Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick.

the autumn mood. Now is the time to im-

Experiment with your style!

Buy new “school supplies.”

Cooler weather is the perfect time to try

To me, fall always feels like the fresh-

new looks. Layering is not only cute, but

est start to the year. Channel your inner

practical when it gets chillier out. Play

school girl and make your way to a

around with combining items you already

stationery shop (or check out the vast se-

have. Try a long sleeved top with a cute

lection on Etsy). Some pretty new papers,

waistcoat, a summer dress with a cardigan

a pencil case or a monogrammed notepad

or let some wooly socks peek out over

can really jumpstart you to get motivated

your boots. Wear a slim-cut pair of cor-

and organized. Use that first-day-of-school

duroy pants instead of your trusty jeans.

feeling to your best advantage.

Make use of accessories like tights, scarves, hats, socks, cute gloves and hairbands! These details are versatile and can give your style a cozy fall update. Even easier? Dab on a wine-colored lipgloss. It may

merse yourself in your favorite fall things. Maybe it’s kitschy to have your whole house smell like pumpkin pie, but there’s no better time to do it.

Really dive into fall! Wear something knitted, eat something pumpkin-y, rake piles of leaves, light cinnamon candles, decide on your Hal-

FAL L 2011

| 13

Decorate Thriftily, Live Fully by stacey sargent

Do you wish you could make your home look like the ones you see on decorating blogs, interior design magazines, and the pins you

Thrift Stores and Garage Sales:

drool over on Pinterest? I am pretty sure we all do, but there’s

your local thrift stores and getting up early on Saturdays to hunt

a catch. How do we make our abodes places of envy without

those garage sales. You might not find anything the first few

spending all of our savings or maxing out our credit cards? Well,

times, but don’t give up ‘cause it will be worth it when you find

I am here to tell you that you can do just that. It may take a little

the perfect dresser for a mere $50!! What to look out for: dress-

imagination, a lot of time, and maybe a swear jar or two, but you

ers, end tables, coffee tables, wooden chairs, mirrors, frames,

can make your home Pinterest-worthy.

lamps, artwork, and decorative vintage books. Tip: Remember to

I’ve been helping others decorate on a budget for a few years now, so I am going to share the tricks and secrets I’ve stashed away. I’ve learned most of these secrets from having moved three times in the last three years and having to decorate each new

This is where the time aspect comes to play. Start frequenting

look beyond the dings and ugly 80’s wood. Wood glue and paint go a LONG way! Also, don’t be afraid to barter. It never hurts to ask if you can get a deal on something or a price reduction for buying multiple items. Most likely, they will give you a great deal.

place along the way. I truly believe that you can give your place a


facelift on any budget - be it $5,000, $1,000, or just $150. If you

I have a serious love-hate relationship with Ikea. I love all they

use your money wisely, you can make a huge difference in what

offer but hate assembling it and having a home look like it came

your place looks and feels like. Here are a few of my tips for you!

from Ikea. The trick is to buy items that are universal and don’t scream, “Hi, I’m plastic, and my name is Ikea.” Steer clear from

where to shop and what to buy :

their furniture, dressers especially. Their furniture prices are actually a lot higher than what you can find at a thrift store, and after

Use What You Already Have:

spending five hours putting it together yourself, it still won’t last

What’s the biggest mistake people make when redecorating? They

more than a year. What to buy at Ikea: frames, rugs (best deals on

don’t take advantage of what they already have. They are sick of

rugs!), pillows, sheets, drapes (I get all my drapes here), lamps,

it and think it has had its time, but that’s not true! Gather all you

artwork, and accessories.

decorating goods from around the house (frames, side tables, artwork, lamps, etc), and put them all in one place. Now really look at what you have. The frames can be reused; just put some-

when in doubt, stick to the four elements:

thing new in them like vintage wallpaper or cool paper you got

Not sure where to start, or you have only a few hundred dollars

at the stationary store for five cents! Repaint (or spray paint) your

for your whole re-do?? Buy the things that make the most differ-

old coffee tables and side tables, and give them new hardware…

ence and cost the least. The following are my four favorite decora-

good as new!! Put new lampshades on your lamps, and spray

tive elements that make a huge difference in a room.

paint them a funky color - boom! They’re amazing again! Lastly, put them in a new place in your house. You have already started


redecorating, and you’ve spent very little on painting and supplies.

Nothing makes a house pop like walls with great pictures and

Can’t find a new life for something you already have? List it on

artwork. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. I love to

Craigslist, and use the money to buy something new or new to

buy prints on Etsy that cost less than ten dollars. Invest in some


frames, and print your own photographs. Nothing makes a gal-

FAL L 2011

| 15

lery wall like tons of gorgeous black and white photos. Hang

ing new things. It’s about making this a lifestyle and loving every

that crazy piece you found at the thrift store for five dollars. Or

minute of it.

better yet, make your own. Buy some paint, and brush three huge stripes on a large canvas - boom, artwork! Whatever you do, just don’t forget the walls.

Lastly, there really are no rules. I really, truly believe that there are no rules when it comes to decorating your place. It is just that - YOUR place. You can decide if everything matches or if nothing


matches at all. If it is something you like, and you are confident

I love rugs! I literally want to buy a new rug every single day.

in your decorating, then it will look like a million bucks. Have

They make a huge impact in the room and instantly make it feel

fun with it, and put your personality into it. If you’re fun and

decorated. Rugs can cost a serious fortune, but I’ve found that the

bubbly and love loud things, hunt for things that reflect that, and

best deals are at Ikea and You can score a killer

splash them all over your house. If you’re more calm and love

rug for under $150!! Not every room needs a rug, but if you feel

neutrals, that’s fine too! You don’t need to use every color in the

like your room is missing something, buy a rug, and you’ll be set!

rainbow to make a statement. Use pattern and texture to give

Pillows: I am a firm believer that you can never own too many pillows. My husband would disagree, but, really, an amazing pillow can hide any hideous couch or chair or bring pops of color to a boring room. Pier 1 Imports, Target, Ikea, and HomeGoods are the best places to buy affordable pillows. Throw them around the room, and your house will look a million times better!

Lamps and Books: Okay, so this element is technically two things, but I pair them together so often that they are pretty much one in the same. I think a room can look really outdated by old lamps. Easy fix - get rid of that scary lampshade, spray paint the base, and you have a new lamp. Not salvageable? Go buy some new ones. Once again thrift stores, Ikea, Target, and HomeGoods are my favorite places to buy lamps. My favorite trick for side tables and dressers is to place a lamp with, or on top of, three or four vintage books. Look for hardcover books with cute covers. I have found all of mine at garage sales and thrift stores for pennies. You can also try Amazon. I promise if you follow a few of these tips, or at least one, it will make a huge impact in your home! It might be just a facelift, but it’s still a start and will make you and your guests fill like you did a whole lot more than you really did! Don’t forget that decorating is a work in progress and is never really done, but that’s the fun of it. You are always tweaking, moving things around, and add-

your place some interest. Stay true to your style and personality to create a look that’s all your own!

FAL L 2011

| 17

{ Create } verb * bring (something) into existence

FAL L 2011

| 19

CREATE: make things

Here are 4 Fall crafts that will help you

artistic heart desires. With an easy swipe

for fall. Grab a few mason jars and glass

celebrate the season to the fullest!

of a wet paper towel, you can change up

containers, and ta-da! Your house will

your design as often as you like!

smell like you’ve been baking all day. Add

Pumpkin Place cards Dress up your table with fall’s favorite

Mini Pumpkin Candle Holder

accessory: mini pumpkins! Stamp your

If you’re looking for a creative way to

guests’ names on gift tags or small pieces

display your fall candles, look no further!

of cardstock and attach to the stem with

Grab a knife and carve a deep hole in the

thin string. These place cards double as

center of a mini pumpkin. These candle

dinner favors; your guests will love to take

holders look great on accent tables, or

them home!

lined up on the sidewalk leading to your

chalk pumpkins

front door on Halloween!

Are you carving challenged? Fear not!

Scented pinecones

Grab a can of chalkboard paint, tape the

Nothing will make your house smell like

stem, and spray your pumpkin a spooky

fall faster than spice scented pinecones. At

shade of black. Once dry, draw yourself a

just $5 a bag at your local craft store, this

jack-o-lantern, ghost, cat, or whatever your

is the quickest way to decorate your house

a few cinnamon sticks and old wine corks for an extra decorative touch. – AG

These crafts will take you through all the way through the fall season! They are great for Halloween and Thanksgiving festivities!

FAL L 2011

| 21


by jasmine l . h . myers

When I think of autumn, I think of cozy

because they don’t need water! They’ll also

way, this simple centerpiece is an easy way

dinners at home with my family, trips

“live” a long time… since they’re already

to fill your home with the autumn spirit.

to the pumpkin patch, and baking warm


treats. For me, fall is the time to appreciate simple pleasures like a cup of hot apple cider or a brisk walk on a cool day. There’s beauty in simplicity just as there’s beauty in the death of falling leaves. That’s

To create your gourd bud vases, simply


drill a hole through the neck of the gourd,

Power Drill

about half way down. Look for gourds

Billy Ball Craspedia, broomc orn, and Scabiosa seed pods

with flat bottoms and straight necks. I filled my vases with Billy Ball Craspe-

what I tried to keep in mind as I created

dia, broom corn, and Scabiosa seed pods

this fall centerpiece.

(they’re what is left over after the flower

You can create one too for your next

What you’ll need:

has died and all the petals have fallen).

family dinner! All you need are a few

You can keep your arrangement minimal-

gourds, a drill, and some “flowers.” The

ist like I did with a pretty, moss-covered

blossoms I chose are actually at the end of

branch, or you can dress it up with color-

their bloom, which adds to the simplicity

ful leaves, pumpkins, and candles. Either

Any other items for decoration

FAL L 2011

| 23

{ Nurture } verb * care for and encourage the growth or development of

NURTURE: reviews

BOOK – Color: A Natural History of the

Playlist - Autumn chill

MOVIE – Dirt! The Movie


Cool down from this past Hot Hot

Dirt. It’s a lot more complex than we give

Victoria Finlay takes us around the world

Summer with this calming playlist. These

it credit for. This documentary (currently

to ancient sources of natural colors. We

chill tracks are perfect for cozying up with

available on Netflix instantly) highlights

discover surprising chemical processes

a hot cup of apple cider (pg 32) and a

one of the earth’s most precious resources.

from stones to insects to mummies that

fuzzy blanket after a day of adventures in

More than a typical eco-documentary film,

were transformed into precious pigments

the crisp fall air. Note: best enjoyed with

Dirt! The Movie takes a look at soil from a

for paint, dyes, and varnish. For exam-

homemade chocolate truffles (pg 35).

societal, cultural and environmental angle.

ple, did you know that red is made from cochineal beetles? She takes us on a search for the origins of yellow and even asks

One of the most interesting facts I learned •

Faster – Matt Nathanson

Somewhere A Clock is Ticking – Snow Patrol

why pencils were painted yellow. The color blue brought her to Afghanistan in 2000, where she was the first woman ever to tour a 7,000-year-old lapis lazuli mine,

World Spins Madly On – The Weepies

Paradise – Coldplay

Hardest of Hearts – Florence + The Machine

and one of the last Westerners to see the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan. Wondrous social customs, surprising science, and world politics are captured in the enrapturing book of color. Who knew nonfiction could be so delicious?

grade : a

Need You now – Lady Antebellum

Chocolate – Snow Patrol

Satellite Heart – Anya Marina

I belong to you – Muse

Gabriel and the Vagabond – Foy Vance

Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine

was that Adam, in Hebrew, translates to dirt or clay while Eve means life, which is a rather symbolic indicator at the importance of this resource in the grand scheme of things. A wide range of people are interviewed throughout the movie including farmers, activists, professors, and even a wine expert who actually tastes the dirt in each vineyard he visits. Though the film is slightly too long and there are some rather corny moments, the passion displayed by the participants of the film for something so basic is contagious and certainly worth watching.

grade : b+

FAL L 2011

| 25

Be Well quench your thirst: water and why you should definitely be drinking more of it. By Camilla Salem

Drink more water.

to go). Our two favorites are: Sigg bottles that are made out of aluminum and are

We all hear this advice inevitably from

fairly damage resistant. You can even de-

someone on a daily basis. We all know

sign your own bottles! Life Factory bottles

it’s good advice and we probably should

are made with glass and have a silicone

adhere to it. And yet, somehow we all

casing. These bottles are completely non-

struggle to incorporate this into our eve-

toxic and the glass bottle is easy to clean,

ryday lives.

leaving no aftertaste in your water.

But why is it so important? Well, to start, our bodies are made up of approximately

Replace bad habits with a good one.

60% water, meaning that without it, there

Every time you feel the need to bite your

is no way we would survive. Drinking

nails or snack on something, take a sip of

water hydrates and flushes toxins out

water instead. You’ll begin to notice that

of our vital organs. Water also carries

you’re drinking a lot more than you used

nutrients to our cells. It’s even been linked


to weight loss! Even the slightest amount of dehydration can result in significant

make drinking water an indulgence

fatigue throughout the day (which is often

Instead of thinking of it as something you

countered with sugary soft drinks or

have to do, think of it as something that is

highly caffeinated beverages).

really amazing for your body that makes

So, how much should we be drinking? The Mayo Clinic suggests that men should

you feel good. Changing your mentality about hydration is an important step.

drink approximately 3 liters of water each

Fancy up your water.

day, while women need at least 2.2 liters,

Add flavor combinations to your water to

which is well above the old 8 x 8 rule

make it more interesting.

(eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day).

Try these –

Here are some tricks to get yourself hydrated:

invest in a good water bottle

Sliced lemons and mint leaves Apples and oranges Sliced strawberries and nectarines Cucumber and lemon...the possibilities are endless and delicious!

Not only is PET plastic (the soft plastic used for bottled water) horrible for the environment and your health, but it is a huge waste of money when the stuff that comes out of your tap is usually good enough (if it’s not, invest a little more money in a Brita filter and you’ll be good

FAL L 2011

| 27

{ Nourish } verb * Provide with food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition

FAL L 2011

| 29

Fall Meal

Warmth, richness, bold colors and bright flavors – that’s what our meal this issue

smokier by using almonds and adding a

colder outside, we decided to be a little

pinch of pimenton (smoked paprika). They

bit bad with this dish. And it was so, so

is all about. Comfort food doesn’t always

start off this meal the right way by getting

good. Gruyere, thyme and black pepper

have to be heavy to do its job and this

your palette all fired up for the bounty to

take the potatoes to the next level and a

spread is sure to leave you cozy and ready


little bit of cream and butter never hurt

to cuddle. Celebrate the change in seasons with a big, festive meal that highlights all of the uniqueness of fall – but you won’t find any pumpkin here! We like to think out of the box!

the menu:

Stuffed Sweet Peppers Sweet peppers are at their most flavorful during fall and this warm and colorful dish highlights their flavor in all the right ways. Stuffed with ground beef, brown rice, and some grated vegetables, this dish is loaded with colorful deliciousness. Yum

Spicy Rosemary Roasted Almonds

factor = through the roof. Seriously.

Ina makes these with cashews, but we

Potato Gratin

took our appetizer a little healthier and

Okay, because it’s fall and it’s getting

anybody. We baked our gratin in a cast iron pan and fought over who got to nibble at the crispy edges.

FAL L 2011

| 31

Frisee Salad with Gorgonzola, Pears, Shallots and a Lemony Vinaigrette We do the green salad thing a lot. But this slight shift we made was loaded with flavors that complemented each other really well. Prepare your palette for a whole lot of flavor.

Apple Cider with Orange and Cinnamon End the night with the flavors of fall. This cider will warm you from the inside out and the kick of orange adds some brightness to the beverage.

Baked Apples with Walnuts Take advantage of your loot from your apple picking adventures and savor the sweetness of this fall superstar. Baked with a dash of cinnamon, brown sugar, butter and walnuts this is a great (and light!) end to a heartwarming meal.

FAL L 2011

| 33

From Scratch

trick or sweets! this halloween try your hand at making your own sweet treats

Caramel corn This sweet and crunchy concoction has the perfect combination of texture and flavor. It’s a cinch to whip up and trust us when we say fresh caramel corn is one of the most addicting things on this planet.

“buried potatoes” They kind of look like white truffles that you dig up somewhere in the Italian countryside and they definitely score huge decadent points. Coconutty and almost tooth-achningly sweet, these little ‘taters will certainly be fought over.

truffles Rich, velvety and seriously decadent, these homemade truffles are quite indulgence. The fun part is choosing the toppings, covering your hands in chocolate and getting a little messy. They last for quite a while, too! Note: extra good when refrigerated.

peanut brittle Not only is this buttery delight going to seriously impress your buddies, but it’s super fun to make. Upon the addition of the baking soda, the whole pot of hot candy foams up like some kind of a witch’s potion, and as you stir it all together, you might just start to laugh menacingly.

FAL L 2011

| 35

Recipes Spicy Rosemary Roasted Almonds

Stuff peppers with meat mixture. Any

Juice of half a lemon

leftover meat, roll into meatballs. In a very

2 cups unsalted roasted almonds 4 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped 1 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper 1/4 - 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 1/4 tsp smoked paprika

large ceramic or pyrex baking dish arrange

1/2 tsp salt 1/4 pepper

peppers (and meatballs) in a single layer.

Arrange frisee, pears, shallots and cheese

Pour tomato sauce over peppers and bake

in a large dish. Drizzle olive oil and lemon

in oven for approximately 90 minutes or

juice over salad and sprinkle with salt and

until peppers are soft and cooked through.


Potato Gratin

Baked Apples with walnuts (serves 5)

15 small heirloom sweet peppers (or 8

6 russet potatoes, peeled and sliced thinly 6 oz shredded gruyere 4 oz shredded cheddar 1/3 cup shredded parmesan 5 sprigs fresh thyme 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp salt 4 tbsp butter 2 tbsp heavy cream

regular sized bell peppers)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Butter a cast

with walnuts, brown sugar, and a pinch

1 large clove of garlic, grated 3 lbs good ground beef 3 cups cooked brown rice 1/3 cup chopped parsley 1 carrot, grated 1 medium yellow onion, grated 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp black pepper 1 egg

iron pan or a ceramic baking dish. Ar-

of cinnamon. Top each apple with 1 tbsp

range a layer of sliced potatoes, sprinkle

of broken up butter. Bake in a 350 degree

with thyme, salt, pepper, and cheese.

oven, for about 45 minutes or until soft.

Continue this layering pattern until the

Serve warm (and with ice cream)!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix everything together in a bowl and spread evenly over a baking sheat. Place mixture in oven until nuts are warmed through.

Stuffed Sweet Peppers (serves 10)

Tomato Sauce 1 1/2 28oz cans whole tomatoes 2 tsp salt or to taste 3 cloves garlic, grated.

pan or dish is filled. Throughout the gratin place random chunks of butter. Sprinkle the entire gratin with the parmesan cheese and more black pepper and drizzle heavy cream over it as well. Bake for at least one hour until potatoes are soft and cheese is brown and bubbly.

Make tomato sauce by cooking down whole tomatoes, grated garlic and salt for

(serves 4)

approximately 15 minutes. Set aside.

1 head of frisee, washed and torn apart 1 shallot, sliced 2 pears, sliced

and seeds from peppers and set aside. In a large bowl combine the remaining ingredients and mix together well with hands.

apple would work well)

5 tbsp butter 5 tsp chopped walnuts 2 1/2 tsp brown sugar cinnamon Arrange apples on a baking tray or a pyrex baking dish. For each apple, stuff

Apple Cider with orange and cinnamon 2 quarts unfiltered apple cider 1 cup water 2 cinnamon sticks 1 orange, sliced Heat all together in a large pot. Serve in

Frisee Salad with Gorgonzola, Pears, Shallots and a Lemony Vinaigrette

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Remove caps

5 gala apples, washed and cored (any

sliced or crumbled gorgonzola

4 tbsp olive oil


Caramel Corn 4 tbsp butter, plus more for baking sheet 1/2 cup corn kernels, popped in a tablespoon of canola oil

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1/8 teaspoon of salt 2 tbsp water Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Butter a large

rimmed baking sheet. Place popcorn in a

a baking dish. Cover with plastic wrap

large bowl. In a small saucepan, bring but-

and refrigerate until mixture is very cold

ter, sugar, salt, and water to a boil, stirring

and set (about 2 hours). Melt remaining

constantly. Drizzle popcorn with sugar

chocolate in the top of a double boiler.

syrup and toss. Spread popocorn evenly

Let cool to room temperature. Line two

onto buttered baking sheet. Bake until

baking sheets with parchment paper. Set

golden and shiny. Let cool.

aside. Scoop ganache and drop onto one of

“Buried Potatoes” 1 1/2 cups unsweetened coconut flakes 1 3/4 cups confectioners’ sugar 3 tbsp heavy cream 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Place coconut flakes in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Transfer

prepared baking sheets. Chill 10 minutes. Coat the palm of one of your hands with melted chocolate. Roll balls, one at a time, between your palms until evenly coated with chocolate. Roll in one of the toppings and set aside. Repeat with remaining truffles. Chill until ready to serve. (These are even better the next day).

coconut to a bowl, add 1 1/2 cups of the confectioners’ sugar, heavy cream, vanilla,

Peanut Brittle

and mix well. Spoon out about 1 tbsp ball. Repeat with the rest of the mixture

1 tbsp unsalted butter, plus more for pan 2 1/2 cups dry roasted salted peanuts 1 cup sugar

and set aside to rest for one hour. Com-

1 cup light corn syrup

bine cocoa and remaining confectioners’

1 tbsp baking soda

sugar in a small bowl. Dredge each ball in

Butter a large baking pan. Set aside. Com-

mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and store

bine peanuts, sugar, and corn syrup in a

in refrigerator.

medium sauce pan. Set over medium-high

coconut mixture and roll it into a 1 inch

Truffles 34 oz semisweet chocolate, finely chopped 3/4 cup heavy cream 1 cup unsalted butter 1 1/2 tbsp Cointreau cocoa powder coconut flakes chopped almonds powdered sugar Place 28 oz chocolate and the cream in the top of a double boiler or a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water.

heat and bring to a boil stirring constantly. Insert a candy thermometer. Continue boiling, without stirring until termperature reaches 250 degrees. When sugar begins to brown, stir nuts gently to make sure everything is cooking evenly. Remove saucepan from heat and stir in the butter and baking soda. The mixture will begin to foam up, so mix quickly. Pour onto the prepared baking pan. As soon as candy is cool enough, stretch the brittle as thinly as possible. Allow the britle to cool completely and then break apart.

Stir until melted. Remove from heat. Add butter and Cointreau an stir. Pour into

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Macaroni & Cheese cozying up during fall never tasted so good... By Molly Yeh

Macaroni and cheese: the edible form of a safety blanket, the most comforting of all comfort foods. It’s homey, warming, and a wonderful accompaniment to those chilly Fall nights when staying in is a lot more appealing than going out. Endless amounts of emotional nourishment may be its only health benefit, but that’s ok, because who doesn’t deserve a little splurge once in a while? What began as a simple pasta dish, has since taken on a life of its own. With countless variations and entire restaurants devoted to the stuff, don’t be surprised if you come across mac and cheese on a stick, as a pizza topping, in a sandwich, or with politically inspired pasta shapes. Though its origins are unclear, it’s likely that the first person to top their pasta with copious amounts of cheese was Italian. And a total genius. What we do know is that Thomas Jefferson acquired a macaroni pasta machine on a trip to Paris, and then served macaroni and cheese at the White House in 1802. Prior to this, immigrants from Europe probably brought over dried pasta and topped it with cheese, making an exact date of America’s introduction to mac and cheese difficult to pinpoint. In 1824, Thomas Jefferson’s cousin, Mary Randolph,

published The Virginia Housewife, which has a recipe for macaroni and cheese that consists of baking layers of macaroni, cheese, and butter, in a casserole dish. Around that time in France, the chef Antonin Carême developed the Mother Sauces, which includes the basis for many macs today: béchamel. A béchamel is a white cream sauce that is made by thickening milk with a roux, which is simply fat and flour. This gives the dish a very smooth, creamy texture, and does not necessitate baking. Another common way of making modern-day mac doesn’t involve a béchamel, but a custard. Using eggs in a baked dish binds everything together in a fluffy, almost soufflé-like way. In 1937, during the Great Depression, Kraft Foods introduced their dried version that, with its easy preparation and low cost of 19 cents, was a hit. Its popularity continued to grow during WWII when meat became a commodity and working women


without a dish of baked macaroni and

were looking for easy ways to make a fill-

In Canada, “KD,” short for “Kraft Dinner,”

cheese. Usually made with eggs to form a

ing dinner. It’s been said that during this

is what the locals call mac and cheese--

custard, other common ingredients include

time the dish became accepted as a main

even if it’s not Kraft! It’s commonly eaten

sour cream, heavy cream, Velveeta cheese,

meal, as opposed to a side dish.

with a dollop of ketchup.

and Worcestershire sauce.

Kraft’s boxed dinner, or its frozen counter-

Käsespätzle, or cheesy spätzle, are what

In the Caribbean, macaroni pie is a custard

part (Stouffer’s, introduced in the 1950s),

Germans take comfort in: tiny egg dump-

macaroni and cheese that is prepared us-

is probably what many of us grew up on.

lings that are boiled and sautéed in butter

ing evaporated milk, and then baked and

But we can’t forget the world of richer,

before getting a generous sprinkling of

served in squares. A defining feature is the

more indulgent mac and cheeses that use

Emmentaler cheese and green onions.

shape of pasta that’s used--macaroni that is

béchamel, custards, creamed soups, or a host of different toppings to up the flavor ante... but thankfully, we have National Macaroni Day every year on July 7 to help us out.

much longer, almost like hollow spaghetti. Potatoes and onions are added to cheese and tube-shaped pasta to make Switzer-


land’s version, Älpermagronen.

If after reading the following recipes you are still in the mood for some good

No traditional Southern dinner is complete

old store-bought mac, make sure it’s the

FAL L 2011

| 39

frozen kind. The boxed and dried mac and

truffle oil

involve unknown additives. So back away

cheeses have all sorts of unidentifiable in-

sriracha, jalapeños, chili flakes {any

from that box of Kraft.

gredients that would be mighty difficult to

kind of heat!}

pronounce. It is more likely that a frozen

crushed Ritz crackers

variety has friendly ingredients. The only


common ingredient in a frozen mac that


may not be recognized at first is annatto, a


natural food coloring. Although it probably

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups dried pasta or the pasta from a box of store- bought macaroni and cheesesave the packet of powdered cheese for another use, like bird feed, or as a popcorn



Following are four contrasting recipes for

1 1/2 tablespoons butter

homemade macaroni and cheese. Us-

2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

ing spices, fruits, meats, and inspiration

3/4 cups milk (skim is preferable)

from all over the world, we’ve given your

3 portions, or about 2 oz, of individually

ordinary mac a facelift. Equally fitting in

wrapped cheese (such as mini Babybels or

the realms of entree or side dish, these are

Cabot Serious Snacks), chopped

sure to win over any cheese lover. They’re

salt + pepper to taste, and any other sea-

Amy’s Macaroni and Cheese Made with Organic

all based with a béchamel, which isn’t as

sonings that strike your fancy


difficult as the fancy term might suggest.

Perfectly textured noodles swimming

Once you’ve mastered that basic, don’t feel

in pool of yummy cheddar cheese? Yes,

tied to these recipes; experiment with dif-


ferent cheeses, mix-ins, and pasta shapes.

doesn’t appear in our pantries, fear not-annatto is simply the yellow or orangey pulp from an achiote tree. Aside from that, many frozen macs consist of just the basics: cheese, butter, milk, flour, salt, and pasta. In a blind tasting, these two came out on top:

The possibilities, like the comforts these and

provide, are endless.

Directions: Bring water to a boil and add the pasta. In a small saucepan set over medium heat, melt the butter and then add the flour, whisking constantly until combined. Add milk and continue to whisk for a few

Blake’s Mac and Cheese with Veggies

minutes until the mixture thickens. Add

The organic veggies add great flavor and a

cheese, and whisk until melted. Remove

bit of nutrition, while the organic bowtie

from heat, add seasonings, drain pasta,

pasta is a fun variation.

and combine. Enjoy!

DRESS UP YOUR DISH Whether you’re reviving that store-bought box in the back of your freezer, or using the quick and easy recipe on the next page, any mac can be transformed with a mix-in or two. Here are some ideas that go past the usual cut up hot dog: •

crushed garlic


a fried egg

homemade ketchup

chopped fresh tomatoes

Quick + Easy Mac + Cheese This recipe takes the same amount of time to make as any store-bought variety and uses common household ingredients. It’s twice as good as store-bought and doesn’t

“Macaroni and cheese: the edible form of a safety blanket.”

until combined. Continue whisking and

3 oz fontina, chopped

add the milk. Once the milk becomes

4 oz jarlsburg, chopped

thick and boils, add the pasta. Stir gently

1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons grated parmesan

for five minutes. Add the gruyere, brie,

1 teaspoon sugar

and pancetta, and stir until cheese is melt-

1 teaspoon chili pepper flakes

ed. Stir in the paprika, cayenne, nutmeg,

2 teaspoons coriander seeds, toasted and

allspice, salt, and pepper. Remove from


heat and add the chopped apple, leaving

2 teaspoons cumin

about a quarter cup for the topping. Pour

3 teaspoons curry powder

the mixture into a greased 8-inch square

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

casserole dish. Sprinkle on the walnuts,

1/2 teaspoon cayenne

the rest of the apple, and then the parme-

1/4 teaspoon paprika

Brie Mac + Cheese with Apples, Pancetta, and Walnuts

san. Bake until the top is browned, about

salt + pepper to taste

25 minutes. Cool for five minutes, and

1 cup dried cranberries

It’s apple season... spare an apple for what


1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs

is bound to be a dinner party favorite? Directions: Ingredients:

Preheat oven to 375. Prepare pasta accord-

3 tablespoons butter

ing to the directions on the box, except

1/4 of an onion, chopped

remove it from heat one minute before the

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

directions say. Strain and rinse with cold

3 cups skim milk

water, set it aside.

1/2 lb dried pipe rigate or medium shells

In a large saucepan set over medium heat,

4 oz gruyere, chopped

sautĂŠ the onions with the butter until the

4 oz brie, chopped

onions are transparent. Add the flour and

1/4 cup cooked pancetta, chopped

whisk constantly until combined. Continue

1/4 teaspoon paprika

whisking and add the milk. Once the milk

1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg a pinch of allspice salt + pepper to taste 1 large granny smith apple, chopped 1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts 3 tablespoons grated parmesan Directions: Preheat oven to 375. In a large saucepan set over medium heat, sautĂŠ the onions with the butter until the onions are transparent. Add the flour and whisk constantly

Indian-Spiced Mac + Cheese with Cranberries This fresh take on macaroni and cheese goes down with a slow burn and a touch of sweetness.

becomes thick, add the mozzarella, fontina, jarlsburg, and 1/4 cup of parmesan, and stir until melted. Add the sugar and all of the seasonings. Remove from heat and add the cranberries. Combine the cheese sauce with the pasta and transfer


to a greased 8-inch square casserole dish.

1/2 lb dried orecchiette or medium shells

Top evenly with panko breadcrumbs, the

3 tablespoons butter

remaining parmesan, and a sprinkle of salt

1/4 of an onion, chopped

and pepper. Bake until the top is browned,

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

about 25 minutes. Cool for five minutes,

3 cups skim milk

and enjoy!

4 oz mozzarella, chopped

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Directions: Preheat oven to 375. Prepare pasta according to the directions on the box, except remove it from heat one minute before the directions say. Strain and rinse with cold water, set it aside. Cook bacon on the stove until crispy. Chop it and set it aside, reserving 4 tablespoons of the fatty juices from the pan. Transfer the fatty juices to a large saucepan set over medium heat and add the flour, whisk-

Fried Smokey Bacon Mac + Cheese

ing constantly until combined. Continue whisking and add the milk. Once the milk

We really mean it when we say that eve-

becomes thick, add the cheese. When the

ryone deserves a caloric splurge once in a

cheese melts, add the seasonings. Stir in


the shells and the bacon, and transfer to a greased 8-inch square casserole dish. Bake


for 25 minutes.

12 oz applewood smoked bacon

Refrigerate overnight.

1/2 lb dried medium shells

To fry, heat vegetable oil to 360. Arrange

1/4 cup all-purpose flour

three separate bowls: one with flour, one

2 1/2 cups skim milk

with the eggs + water, one with panko

12 oz smoked gouda, chopped

breadcrumbs + seasonings. Divide the mac

4 oz pepper jack, chopped

and cheese into 12 equal portions. Coat

1/4 cup grated parmesan

with flour, egg, and then breadcrumbs.

1 1/4 teaspoon paprika

With a slotted spoon, carefully lower into

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

oil, and fry until brown and crispy. Re-

1/2 teaspoon thyme

move from pan and let excess oil drip off.

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

Serve with marinara sauce or ketchup.

salt + pepper to taste For frying: vegetable oil, enough to fill 2 1/2 inches in a large saucepan 1 1/2 cups panko breadcrumbs 1/2 teaspoon each: garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper 1 cup all-purpose flour 3 large eggs 2 teaspoons water

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{ Play} verb * engage in activity for enjoyment

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A Haunted, Homemade Halloween by emily rack Somewhere between college Halloween keggers and face-painted toddlers bobbing for apples lies a certain kind of Halloween party. Specifically a costume cocktail party with quirky outfits, fun snacks, and a crafty, homemade feel. We wanted to mix some of the kitschy, cliché Halloween traditions with our favorite things about the autumn harvest (think: apple cider and pumpkin spice everything!) for a get together sure to make everyone smile. We’ve hunted down some amazing Halloween crafts, cocktail recipes, costume how-to’s and decorating ideas to help you have a spooky and special night. Don’t forget the ghost stories and pumpkin carving!

Decorations A big candy buffet is an amazing focal point for a Halloween party, and makes great favors to bring home! Who says grown ups can’t trick or treat too? Stock a variety of mismatched apothecary jars, cake stands and glass vases with everyone’s favourite Halloween treats for maximum happiness and sugar highs. Our choices? Dark chocolate almonds, salted caramel apples, candy corn, Reese’s peanut butter

or treaters’ and don’t forget the candy

tablecloths or elaborate place settings.


They’re inexpensive, widely available and far outstretch their value. Pull them over

Decorating for a Halloween party can be a little tricky. Stores are crammed full of

tables, bookshelves, railings and bar carts to use as creepy coverings.

plastic, glow-in-the-dark, automated creepy crawlies and decorations, and it’s easy to

Small mason jars (250mls) work well

spend a lot of money on tacky accessories

for making candle holders or lanterns.

you’ll only have up for a night or two. We

Simply wrap a little orange tissue around

wanted our party to focus on crafts, col-

the jar, and secure with twine, ribbon, or

our, and a homemade feel. Here are some

even attach festive felt pumpkins. Drop

tips for decorating a get together that will

in your favorite autumn-scented tea lights

charm friends and encompass everything

and soon your party will have a gorgeous

there is to love about the holiday.


or containers you have around the house

Cobwebs make a great base for table set-

Paper mache skulls are available at most

too. Provide cute paper bags for your ‘trick

tings, bars and candy buffets instead of

craft stores this time of year. They’re

cups and Reese’s pieces, stove-popped popcorn, sour patch kids and jelly pumpkins (or you can fill them with your own homemade candy on page 34!). Guests will get a kick out of filling their little treat bags to go. Glassware is easy to find at secondhand stores and usually inexpensive. You can always use large mason jars

from the ceiling, doorways or entrance. You can even pile them on tables and around your candy buffet like we did. They’re adorable, crafty and will make your guests ooh and ahh. Not only that, but you can reuse them for parties all fall. Our gorgeous pom poms came from PrettywithSprinkles, who makes them in every imaginable color, even ‘candy corn’! Bunting (fabric or paper) is another adorable way to get crafty for your party. Hang these little flags above tables, on bare walls, and even outside your house to make everything cozier. They are all over Etsy or if you’re feeling creative, check out this Halloween bunting tutorial. Bunting is fabulous since you can pack it away and reuse for years! Even better? Make yours double-sided so you can keep them up all the time. Invitations are a great way to get people excited before the party even begins. easy to decorate and are spooky scattering about the house. Simply brush on cream acrylic paint for a classic look, get fancy with layering newspaper, or even try painting elaborate sugar skull designs. Have them peek out at your guests from

Make your own with heavy card stock, stamps or stickers. We loved the idea of “Eat, Drink and Be Scary!” for a cocktail party, but your message is up to you. Our runner-up idea was “Keep Calm and Scary On!”

behind candy jars, amongst snacks and perching on banisters. Mini pumpkins and gourds add an element of autumn harvest to the atmosphere and keep it from being tacky. Cluster them with paper skulls, lanterns or around floral arrangements. Tissue paper pom poms add a whole new dimension to your party as they swing

favorite blooms by adding a few drops of red food coloring to their water a couple days before your party. We used sunflowers, which looked incredibly festive with the red dye creeping along the petals. For an extra fall element, grab some stems of the changing fall leaves from around your

Cupcake toppers are another way to add

neighbourhood and use as filler in your

a little jazz to your dessert table. Try your


hand at DIY with toothpicks and scrapbooking paper, but on our pumpkin spice muffins, we used the Boo Kit (that comes with liners, sprinkles and toothpick toppers). We also adore this witchy option. Don’t forget some the flowers! Put a spooky Halloween twist on some of your

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Cocktails It is generally best to serve a few different cocktails you can pre-prepare so you won’t be running back and forth with drink orders all night long. Make sure you have a few different options, and of course some non-alcoholic beverages. These drink ideas are diverse, fruity, fun, and they all taste great without the booze too. Serve in glass mason jars with orange striped paper straws and black name tags cut out of chalkboard labels (we chose to make bat shapes). Nobody will misplace their drink and you’ll get major bar-tending kudos for presentation! Autumn Harvest Cocktail

2 parts apple cider 2 parts ginger ale 1 part bourbon Splash of cinnamon Shnapps Mix the apple cider, bourbon and Shnapps together and keep in the fridge until ready to serve. Add the ginger ale before serv-

Berries of choice

ing, and pour into glasses (over crushed

2 parts pomegranate/acai/ blueberry juice

ice if you fancy!) Garnish with a sprinkle

1 part soda water

of cinnamon and slice of apple for an

1 part gin

extra cosy touch.

Squeeze of lemon juice

Halloween Sunset Cocktail

2 parts Orangina 2 parts cranberry juice 1 part vodka (try lemon-infused for a super citrusy twist)

Muddle a few berries at the bottom of your glass by crushing with a spoon. Mix all other ingredients together, pour into glass and garnish with raspberries. Sweet, tart and simple.

Add the vodka, and cranberry juice to

Other cocktail ideas:

your glass first, and carefully pour the

Gin & Skele-tonics

Orangina over it. The two layers should

Monstrous Mojitos

remain slightly separate, making a pretty

Bloodthirsty Marys

sunset effect before serving.

Pina Ghoul-adas

Witching Hour Cocktail

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Easy Halloween Snacks

1/4 cup minced red onion

1/3 cup of goat cheese

Serve these easy, tasty treats with a

2 tbsp fresh lime juice

1 clove garlic

Halloween spin along with your cocktails.

2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

Juice of half a lemon

They can all be made in advance and

1 or 2 cloves of minced garlic

Salt and pepper

refrigerated or quickly whipped up on the

1/2 a diced plum tomato

This dip is low fat, full of healthy ingredi-

morning of the party.

Salt and pepper

ents and the perfect colour for Halloween

Put all ingredients except diced tomato

festivities. Whiz up the garlic in a food

Yeti Meat and Eyes of Newt

into a food processor and blend until quite

processor until minced finely. Add the red

We used prosciutto, Hungarian salami and

smooth. Lemon, salt, pepper and garlic

pepper, lemon juice and beans and pulse

garlic-stuffed manzanilla olives for this

can all be adjusted according to prefer-

until they’re at your preferred consistency.

platter. Any cold cuts or olive varieties will

ence; guacamole is super accommodating.

You can serve this perfectly smooth or a

work, and will pair extremely well with a

Gently stir in your tomato before serving,

little bit chunky. Either way it’s delicious.

cheese plate. Make sure you set out tooth-

and add a drizzle of olive oil.

Scoop into a bowl and stir in your salt and

picks for the olives!

pepper until it tastes just right. Roasted Red Pepper and White Bean Dip

Ghoulish Guacamole

1 can of white cannelini beans

Bat Wings and Monster Feet

2 ripe avocados

1 roasted red pepper (about 1 cup)

The “bat wing” chips are simply blue corn

tortilla chips, which are widely available and add a creepy spin to your traditional appetizer. The monster feet tortilla chips are homemade and only take a few minutes. Use a cookie cutter to cut out foot shapes from green spinach tortillas. Spritz with a little olive oil spray, place on a baking tray (careful not to overlap) and broil for a few minutes each side until slightly golden. Pumpkin Spice Muffins with Cream Cheese Icing (adapted from The Pioneer Woman)

Muffins: 1 cup of all-purpose flour 1/2 cup of sugar 2 teaspoons of baking powder 2 teaspoons of cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg 4 tablespoons of cubed salted butter 1 cup of pumpkin puree (the 100% pumpkin kind, not pie filling!) 1/2 cup of evaporated milk 1 egg 2 teaspoons of vanilla Makes 12. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Sift all dry ingredients into a bowl, and mix in butter until it’s completely combined. In another

1 1/2 cups of powdered sugar

a cool, dry place until ready for dip-

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

ping. Melt all caramels and 2 tablespoons

Blend all ingredients together, and spread

of water over a medium heat, watching

(or pipe!) onto the muffins as long as

closely and stirring often. Add a pinch of

they’re cool. Decorate with sprinkles,

salt when the caramel has become even

ghosts and pumpkin toppers.

and smooth, and take off the heat. Dip ap-

bowl, mix together pumpkin, evaporated

ples into the mixture one by one, rotating

milk, egg, and vanilla. Pour the wet mix-

Salted Caramel Apples

ture into the dry mixture and gently stir

10 apples (Granny Smith work best)

until it’s incorporated. Spoon batter into

10 popsicle sticks

12 cupcake liners and bake for 25 minutes.

1 bag of caramels

Let them cool before icing with cream

2 tablespoons of water

cheese frosting.

Sea salt 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips (op-


1/4 cup of softened butter 4 ounces of cream cheese

tional) Begin by inserting popsicle sticks into the apples about halfway. Keep apples in

to remove excess caramel, and scraping the bottoms with a knife. Sprinkle each apple with a little coarse sea salt, place onto a sheet of wax or parchment paper, and refrigerate. When caramel has set, melt 1 cup of semisweet chocolate chips in a double boiler (or in the microwave), and dip just the base of the apples into the melted chocolate. Place back into the fridge until ready to serve.

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Costumes The choosing of a perfect Halloween costume is one that perplexes me every year. There are so many options...funny or sexy, pop culture or classic, couples or solo. Not something so obscure that people spend the whole night asking “wait, what are you?” but not so popular that you’re wearing the same guise as half the other girls in the room. For me, a costume has to strike a balance of cute (but not verging into the realm of Halloween skankiness), original, and easy to put together. As amazing as it would be to spend weeks sewing, knitting, dyeing and paper-macheing a fabulous ensemble, chances are some of us will be a little lost for time and resort to the night-before-Halloween costume panic. Never fear! These costumes are perfect for busy girls because they can be thrown together using items you might have already laying around the house. Last-minute costumes are no excuse not to be creative, and this year hopefully none of us will have to resort to cat ears and a black tee. Whether you’re at a big Halloween bash, trick or treating, having a scary movie marathon or handing out candy, these cute, quirky costumes are sure to be a big hit (and you’ll never believe how easy they are). 80’s Prom Queen

What you’ll need: A dollar store tiara (or make one yourself out of construction paper), a prom dress (your mom’s, your cousin’s, even yours! Bright colours work best for this idea), heels, white fabric or paper towel, tape, a marker, bright lipstick

and eyeshadow, a hair elastic (or crimper

paper towel. Staple or tape into a loop,

red scarf/bandana/napkin, swipe of red

if you’re feeling fancy).

and add your message in bright, bold let-

lipstick, bobby pins, a hair elastic, and a

tering (ours says “PROM QUEEN ‘83!”).

wrench or other tool of choice.

Pull hair into a ponytail at the top of your

Start by putting hair in a high bun, and

head, and move it off to one side before

Slip on your tiara, prom dress, kitten heels

securing. If you have a crimping iron,

and don’t forget your “Oh. My. Gosh.”

use it on every other section of your hair

face. You won! Congratulations prom

before putting it up. Backcomb to your


heart’s desire. Couples option: the prom king, of course! Slather on a bright lipstick (we used

A tux (bonus points if it’s powder blue),

Sephora’s Love Test 11) and line only your

mullet, crown, sash and corsage (for you!)

bottom lashes with a constrasting colour

is all he’ll need.

leave out a small section at the front (whichever side your part is heaviest). Divide the section into two pieces, and one at a time twist the pieces into ropes and wind them up towards your scalp. Pin into curls at your forehead, one tucked behind the other. Finish off the look with a red scarf knotted jauntily at the top of your head.

(we used Urban Decay’s Shattered). We love the fuschia-turqouise combination,

Rosie the Riveter:

but any neon shades will rock.

What you’ll need: a military-style or den-

Make yourself a sash with either fabric or

im shirt (rolled at the sleeves, of course),

Rosie’s makeup is natural apart from her pin-up bright red lipstick. Try Mac’s “Ruby Woo” for a matte look that will last hours.

FAL L 2011

| 53

Any sort of pant-boot combination works

above the eyes, making sure to add doll-

on the bottom (and will keep you warm

like lash strokes on the cheeks. After that,

on chilly October nights!) For an extra au-

get creative! Add swirls, stars, and hearts

thentic look, slip on your toughest boots,

and squiggles in any colours wherever you

grab a wrench, and channel some fierce

please. Your shapes will stand out more if

girl power.

you line them in black.

Couples option: Bob the Builder! A yellow

Arrange a black scarf or piece of fabric

construction hat, plaid shirt and toolbelt

over your hair like a veil, and secure

will do the trick.

with bobby pins. Crumple tissue paper into flower shapes (make sure you leave a

Painted Sugar Skull Girl

“stem” part to attach bobby pins to), and

What you’ll need: face paints (water-based

pin them onto one side of the head scarf.

ones won’t clog your pores), black scarf/

Real flowers would also look beautiful, but

fabric, black clothing, colourful tissue

run the risk of wilting through the night.

paper, bobby pins. Bundle up into gypsy-esque layers, black This day of the dead costume is super easy

boots and practice being mysterious.

and makes a big impact. Start by putting on whatever black clothes you plan on

Couples idea: the great thing about this

wearing. Anything works, but black lace

is that anyone can be painted as a sugar

and long skirts are best. Make sure to

skull. If you’re having Halloween with

cover your clothes while you paint your

your girlfriends, this would be an amazing


group costume. No two would be the exactly the same, and you can infinitely vary

If you can’t get face paints, you can cer-

the detailing and colours.

tainly use eyeshadows and a black eyeliner if you don’t mind scrubbing it off later.

Make sure to check The Violet Blog for even more tricks and treats leading up to

Start with a white base all over the face

this haunted holiday!

including eyes and mouth. When that’s dry, sponge your chosen colors all around the eyes and chin. Define the shapes by lining them in the same color with a brush. Add a black cobweb shape starting at the bridge of the nose and extending out onto the forehead using the brush. While that’s drying, trace black lines from the corners of the mouth out to the ears. Add crossing lines all along the mouth. Wing out black paint from underneath and

FAL L 2011

| 55

{ Embellish } verb * make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features

Slightly Supertitious photography by yodai yasunaga styled by olivia moskowitz text by camilla salem and olivia moskowitz

FAL L 2011

| 57

horse shoes This look perfectly encapsulates the essence of fall. A cozy blazer and a classic white button down paired with some tall boots allow for a comfortable yet structured outfit. This look can be carried from the stables to the bustling city streets.

FAL L 2011

| 59

evil eyes it’s one thing to catch someones eye, but quite another to keep it. The smoky eye is nothing new, and at times can be taken too far. Black eyeliner, a sweep of dark shadow, and hint of blush to balance out the edge will have all eyes on yours.

gypsy A scarf wrapped around your head like a turban, excessive jewelry and a mysterious and perhaps mischevous grin carry this look to the next level. In this world, less is not more. Load up on the accessories and don’t forget your tarot cards.

FAL L 2011

| 61

spilled salt It is said that throwing salt over your shoulder will ward off dark spirits, but sometimes it’s fun to channel your inner demon. Make a little black magic with an all over black look that is oh so chic with a touch of wickedness. Wear classic pieces, like a blazer, to keep the look sophisticated

broken mirrors Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all? Shock your mirror with unexpected, vibrant hues. Brighten chilly fall days with colors such as coral, ruby, and plum that can make any look stand out.

FAL L 2011

| 63

walking under ladders Be bold and be a woman. Lacy, feminine dresses are best complemented by harder, edgier pieces like a leather jacket and boots. This look is a head turner so be sure to hold yours up high and walk strong.

dreamcatcher As a fast-moving, and even slightly controversial trend in the fashion world, Native American inspired prints are scattered throughout mega stores all over the place. We really appreciate the geometric beauty of these prints and we wear them with the utmost reverence and respect. This poncho, paired with a comfortable, loose-fitting top, and jeans evokes a bohemian quality.

FAL L 2011

| 65

bad luck comes in threes Throw the rules out the window and wear as many prints as you can together. The mismatching prints end up complementing one another wonderfully and you look like a rockstar. Don’t over think it, just go with your gut.

FAL L 2011

| 67

{ Muse } verb * be absorbed in thought

FAL L 2011

| 69

A Very Vintage Soul a personal essay by becky macnaughton

I began collecting vintage-wares a few years ago. It started with books, I suppose. My love of literature meant that creating a shelf out of just antique spines was a real and enticing goal. And then, somehow, this little act of mine slipped through to clothing, then to storage, and now, all I really dream about is that future home décor: a mix of modern simplicity and old, aged tradition. Since this collection began (and right now, I confess: it is modest), I have noticed a few things. And it’s all to do with learning. You see I was never really one for history books. The serifs and glyphs of blocked out text just didn’t do it for me. The scenes they portrayed of the times important to my ancestors were not real; they did not have personality. But objects? They do. The little springed clasp on my 1950s yellow pinstriped suitcase does. It makes a tiny sound as it pops into place, and sometimes it’s temperamental; it allows just a certain weight of clothes to slip between its joints. And in doing so, it reminds me of the need to ration and resource. My heirloom clock pendant speaks to me too. Slumping to one side, its little broken fastening whispers the idea that the paths we so often take need alterations, that they may just swerve and tilt a little bit. These objects, they invoke all sorts of sounds and smells and associations and orchestrate a whole series of emotions. They are, I suppose, the characters in life’s little story. If you were to give me a copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, an old one where the cover is peeling and you can just about see the bound threads, I’ll feel what its very first reader felt. It’ll be shock, disbelief, and utter embarrassment. I’ll understand what it was like to live in a censored world where artistic expression was stifled, and things, certain worldly things, were just not talked about. If you cinch in my waist with a full-skirted gown of the same period, I’ll understand more about oppression and gender roles than any lecturer could teach. The importance of looking after oneself would be bestowed upon me, as would a sense of the objectified. I, in that little transaction, would become just as much object as owner. These are brash generalizations of the ways vintage teaches me a society’s history. But what I really gain in these moments, as I

step into the ruche organza of a gown or drink from a particular chipped cup, is an affinity with the past. It is empowering to know, as I scatter these things around my bedroom or lay them beside each other in a drawer, that there is a whole wealth of people behind me who have touched these objects. That these things have come to know certain situations, that they have lived them somehow and will guide me and enlighten me on how to approach those of the future. Family heirlooms are the best I have found for this: the knowledge and the wisdom that are passed on, which act as charms or omens or signifiers, are heightened by a gene pattern. So I use them. My aunt’s hips I adorn in that fullskirted gown; my mother’s waist I cinch with a belt; my grandmother’s hair I curl and cut and style just so - naturally. These women, those living now and their great, great predecessors before them, have not only bestowed upon me these looks, these natural fleshes and structures of bone, but they have given me their adorning style. I am inspired, to the very fabric of my being, by these women and the standards they have kept. And, you see,

A few little things to keep in mind as you preserve, restore and, I hope, accumulate: ❖ Keep it in the family, so to speak. Family attics and garages are absolute treasure troves for vintage souls. Because they chronicle personal, ancestral histories, they are a perfect excuse for family bonding. There’s no better way to learn about your loved ones than a meander through their life’s little relics, and with their own voice as a narrative. ❖ Remember to keep what you want and need in mind. It’s easy to get carried away with these things–just as easy in-store as it is online, and vice-versa--so try to buy pieces only because they speak to you. There’s nothing worse than taking home a sack full of half-loved things, for them to end up relegated; unseen and unworn.

❖ Do try and try again. Where possible, try on your item.

It’s the quickest way to make a decision and saves hours of mulling it over and returning to the shop week after week. Whilst it’s on, it’s easier to notice any repairs that may or may not need immediate attention, and will focus your eye to any blemishes or snags. If you’re still in two minds about it whilst it’s on, it’s probably a safe bet to discard and move forward.

it does not stop at aesthetics. Their morals, their old-fashioned

❖ Don’t be frightened or intimidated to ask, especially if you‘re in

scruples, and their traditional hobbies have been kept, preserved

I believe these things to be the greatest gifts I’ve found. And it’s

doubt about the age or origin of an item. The likelihood is that the vendor is a kindred spirit, and just as enthusiastic about vintage as you are. They want to see their pieces go to a happy and appreciative home. They are also independent and will value your custom above any main-stream, chain store. This means they’ll be a little kinder, and a little more accommodating to your queries.

funny that in recycling and reusing these objects and traditions

❖ Don’t rely on the printed word when it comes to sizes. More

of the times before mine, I feel the most original. I feel that

often than not there are discrepancies between what, say, a midcentury size ten was, and what it translates to today. Similarly, when buying online, an American size ten is very, very different to a British one. For this reason, most internet retailers will display numerical measurements for the bust, waist and hips of a garment. It’s important to remember, though, that these are usually taken when the garment is flat, and therefore need doubling.

in my heart. I admire their time’s chivalry, their chastity, and their respect, just as much as the objects I collect and exhibit.

these set me apart from the monotony of this 21st century world. The beauty of it, of course, is that if this act of delving deep and learning of the past ever found itself a trend, it would still stand itself unique against the grain. And that’s a good enough reason to start, right?

❖ Cease to buy when you get desperate. It’s perfectly okay–and Join me, won’t you?

believe me, sometimes healthier–to come home empty handed. You will not always find something you love. But persevere, frequent those haunts, and you’ll find a gem amongst that old-aged rubble.

FAL L 2011

| 71

Your Turn we asked you: if you had one extra hour a day, how would you spend it?

I’d spend it outside. Fall, to me, is the perfect season to spend outside as much as possible, taking walks with no purpose but to hear and see and feel. There’s nothing like being bundled into an adorable coat and scarf that have been gathering dust at the back of your closet for the past few months and feeling the nip of the air on your face. Fall is also about the sounds of the season change - leaves crunching and the cold breeze blowing, and the trees waving their branches in the wind. Fall is when the light starts changing - the sun rises later, so you have a better chance of catching the change as you’re out and about, and the golden hour before is sets is the perfect time just to be outside and breathe it all in. – Irene, Blog: Goodnight, Dear Void

Dance dance and dance some more. and then maybe a long bath. – Rachel, Blog: Roots and Wings

If I had an extra hour every day I would spend it reading poetry and prose. I debated for a little while because several ideas came to mind: yoga, meditation, cooking more from scratch, spending more time outside. I decided on reading poetry because it is something that greatly enriches a day, even with less than a full hour to devote to it, yet unlike some of the other things I thought of I rarely do it. – Lisa, Blog: To Be Mindful of Beauty At first, this question had me stumped. I have several hobbies and things I like to do, and I am always looking for new things to try. However, when I really thought about what I would do with the gift of an hour to dedicate to anything I wanted, I realized that I would love to spend it writing. At this point, other activities that I do for fun find ways to squeeze themselves into my day. I can always read a page or two of a book, even if I don’t have an hour to dedicate to it. I can always justify going for a run, because it is healthy and important to exercise. However, I have a hard time making the time to sit down and create. If I had a free hour, I would use it to focus on writing without interruptions. – Lorren, Blog: The Story Girl

I would Pull my recipe books out and pick some favorites to try in the kitchen...everyone has recipe books, how often do we take time to get creative and try a new one? – Becca, Blog: Becca and Devin

Do Something that Scares You By Ashlee Gadd

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to

a number of months. I was spending 12

control of my life again. I needed to stop

work in a cubicle. Naïve as the average

hours a day staring at a computer screen,

investing forty hours a week in someone

child, I always pictured myself wear-

and losing all sense of creative inspiration.

else’s dream, and invest those hours into

ing high heels and pearls to work, where

Everything became a have-to instead of a

my own dream.

I would have my very own, personally

want-to. Editing photos became a chore,

decorated, glamorous cube. You know,

writing became a burden, and I began

where my boyfriend could send me flow-

to dread going to work in the morning. I

ers and stuff, like in the movies.

was so disappointed with the work I was

My ten-year-old self would probably be devastated to learn that cubicle life has become the bane of my existence, even at a job that I truly enjoy. The mundane repetitiveness of sitting in the same chair at the same desk under the same fluorescent lights for eight hours a day can really crush a person’s spirit over time. See: Office Space. About three months ago, I hit my breaking point. On top of my full-time cubicle job, I had been writing and pursuing a passion for photography on the side for

producing, and started to feel mediocre in all aspects of my life. Everything I did was

Was I ready to give up my full-time paycheck? Not exactly. Ready to pay my own taxes? Definitely not. But somehow, I knew deep down that is was now or never. No looking back. No regrets.

forced, and a C+ effort at best. I couldn’t

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. Some-

get past it, and I couldn’t get better. I was

times I’m scared of failing. Sometimes I’m

just...stuck. Stuck in mediocrity. Which for

scared that I won’t make any money, or

me, is basically synonymous with failure.

that people will judge the decision I’ve

It all came down to this: something had

made. But truthfully, I’ve always been

to go. I either had to stop writing, stop

more scared of missed opportunities.

pursuing photography, or quit my full-

Opportunities to be great. To be happy.

time job.

To inspire others. I can’t be certain, but I

Gulp. While none of those options seemed viable at first, the answer suddenly became

think my ten-year-old self would be pretty proud of who I’ve become.

clear as day. I needed to branch out on my own, start my own business, and take

FAL L 2011

| 73

{ Close } verb * bring or come to an end

FAL L 2011

| 75

Back Story

Candy making was something that I’ve

like a cross between someone’s liver and

been legitimately afraid of for a long time

rubber.) It tasted something like that as

(talk about doing something I’m scared


of!). My fear stems from the fact that temperatures reach scorching levels and the sticky stringy bits seem to fly everywhere. But I took on this task with full force and conquered my fear of molten candy. Okay, the truth is, it was still pretty scary, but it may have had more to do with the fact that I took on way too many different types of candy in one day.

Overall the day was a huge learning experience. A chocolate fight may or may not have occurred while making truffles and I was buzzing from eating so much sugar for a few hours. But do you know what I realized? This is what this magazine is all about...stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new just because we feel like creating a new memory. Heck,

Enter The Epic Marshmallow Disaster. I

that is what life is all about!

wish I could provide you with a picture so you could see how truly terrible this turned out (imagine something that looks

It’s also kind of a great excuse to eat a buttload of candy :). – CS

Left: Peanut brittle – we could hardly keep our hands off of this stuff. Talk about a sugar high!

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn. Elizabeth Lawrence

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The Violet | Fall 2011  
The Violet | Fall 2011  

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