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The 50 Year Old Trade Embargo Keeps A Barrier Between U.S. and Cuban Relations APRIL 2012




Discovery of Cigars Credited To Christopher Columbus


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Publishers' Letter

Premiere Issue Introduction

premiere isssue 2012


features cover


An A-List Atlanta socialite hits the nightlife with her bodyguard in tow at Havana Night Club featuring Sinan Cigars SouthBeach.




A few strategic tips to help you close the gap on your score with a chip shot that works without fail.


(l-r) Curtis Kaufman, Akbar Alam, and Sean Clinkscales - CigarLuxe Magazine Co-Publishers.


ow! That's the best word to describe the exhilarating feeling of having created this publication and it being in the hands of every person reading this right now.

First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to the premiere issue of CigarLuxe Magazine. CigarLuxe magazine is a lifestyle publication for cigar smokers at any level. Through our immense industry presence and involvement, we will be bringing you (our audience) captivating articles related to the cigar industry, sports, golf, travel, lifestyle tips and trends connected to the good life, and exclusive events presented by CigarLuxe Magazine.


and a goal that must be met. It has been a hard-long road, but worth every step. Our CigarLuxe Magazine team is filled with highly creative professionals who have pooled together and invested their talents and skills into this magnificent publication. Without their help, our vision could not have been completed. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

Keeping yourself happy with two of your favorite pastimes.




This Macallan and Highland Park malt scotch whiskey blend is nothing short of spectacular. That's just one of the family of scotches brought to you by The Edrington Group and Steven Long - Georgia's Scotch Key Account Manager.

Each issue we will strive to stimulate your mind and elevate your senses. "Welcome to the CigarLuxe Life."

40 CLIENT The Famous Grouse

Entering into a new endeavor is never an easy task. You must go in knowing that you will have long days and nights, moments of distress and high mountains to climb. There will be detractors on every front and obstacles on every side. With all this staring you in the face, you press forward because you have a purpose 4


JOB Ad Resizes


Akbar Alam Sean Clinkscales Curtis Kaufman

TRIM 10" x 12"

BLEED .25"

boss lady


This scintillating woman is brilliant, savvy, funny and can hang with the best of them at the "Boy's Club".


AD Victoria

JOB # FG-12003

PRODUCT Cigar Luxe


DATE 2/7/12


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CD: ACCOUNT: ACCT. DIRECTOR: Signatures required before releasing files.



cigars 44 WALL OF CUBA


An outdated trade restriction impedes U.S. progress in Cuba and keeps the most treasured cigars a prohibited commodity.


Cuba boasts many famous cigar brands, but you can go beyond the velvet curtain and find the perfect high-class cigar in the heart of Havana's Miramar District.


The lancero (the lancer) gets it name from being a long thin precision cigar. Cigarluxe Magazine has listed the top ten selling lancero's with precision taste.


cigar journey's


Ken Medernach takes you on his cigar travels and he goes nationwide as a FEMA Public Assistance Project Specialist.



Photos from events and our readers as they enjoy the CigarLuxe life and their cigars.

top 25

COPY EDITOR Stacey Slyter CREATIVE/MARKETING DIRECTOR Sean Clinkscales GRAPHIC DESIGN Sean Clinkscales Studios

contributors MATTEO SPERANZA is proud of his Italian heritage. Although he has spent several years in Italy for work and pleasure, he was born in the "Leaf Nation", beer drinking city of Toronto, Canada. He is a prolific writer and Cigar Aficionado who has immersed himself into Cuban cigars, culture and lifestyle for the past nine years. Very soon he will be running cigar and cultural tours to Cuba. You can read more of his adventures on his blog at:



Top selling lighters that have great form and function creating the perfect flame for a well-lit cigar.

PUBLISHERS Akbar Alam Sean Clinkscales Curtis Kaufman


CigarLuxe Magazine researched the top 25 selling brands nationwide.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Gabe Albarian Andres Boberg Sean Clinkscales Curtis Kaufman Erick London Ken Medernach Matteo Speranza John Styles Walt Thompson Andy Wrede Josh Zerkle Mike Bennett

JOSH ZERKLE is the Lead NFL Writer for Bleacher Report. He has contributed to Deadspin and, and was a co-founder of the NFL site Kissing Suzy Kolber. Josh worked as a financial analyst in South Carolina before writing on the internet full-time. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Ohio State and tweets like a mean mofo. He lives in Atlanta with his wife.

CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Steffano Morte www.steffano Brent Thacker Brent Thacker Photography on Facebook John Sands Cover Photography by Steffano Morte Cover Model - Melissa Ngo ADVERTISING EXECUTIVES Curtis Kaufman Christy Saxon CIRCULATION Prestige Marketing Solutions Contact CigarLuxe Magzine via email at |


has competitively played golf for over 30 years. During his amateur career he played for his native Sweden in international events. Before playing college golf for Valdosta State University, Andreas played on the Swedish Golf Tour for several years. During his college career, Andreas earned two All-American Honors and helped his team finish 4th at the NCAA Nationals Tournament. After graduating from college in 1999, Andreas has worked and given golf lessons at several golf courses in the north Atlanta area, including Atlanta Athletic Club, Country Club of the South, Horseshoe Bend Country Club. Andreas is currently working at St. Marlo Country Club.


She's not Irish, but Makana is fiesty and charming - and with a little bit of luck, you might find her smoking a Berger & Argenti cigar.

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Ken Medernach is a lifetime cigar smoker traveling nationwide as a Public Assistance Project Specialist for FEMA. Ken is a reinssance man, painter and published writer residing in Atlanta.

Visit write or call 800.626.1246

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Cigar History

In his driving passion to establish a shorter route to Asia, Christopher Columbus sailed into the vast unknown and became the Old World's first cigar aficionado. BY SEAN CLINKSCALES

t is widely known that Christopher Columbus is the man credited with discovering America, but do you know that he is also credited with the discovery of cigars? Both the Americas and cigars existed long before Columbus, and just as he did not create America, Columbus did not invent nor create cigars, either. He did, however observe the native Arawaks smoking a substance through a tube called "tobago" - hence the name tobacco. Columbus called this new land "Hispanola". We now know it as the Dominican Republic, a place where many fine premium cigars are made. Columbus and his sailors packed up some of their newly discovered tobacco and returned to Spain, where the methods of making cigars and pipes were readily perfected. The custom of smoking tobacco in cigars and pipes soon spread throughout Europe, and eventually throughout the world. The practice of smoking tobacco goes back as far as the ancient Mayan culture. The native North Americans used tobacco in ceremonies and for medicinal purposes, of course today Cigar smokers still use it for such purposes. Tobacco reached Spain in1556, and soon after France and the rest of Europe. Sir Francis 8


Drake introduced pipe smoking to Elizabethian age of England and by the 17th century the use of tobacco was pretty much world wide. The new Americans in the Jamestown Colony were quick to adopt tobacco as their principle cash crop. Tobacco growing spread not only in America but all over the world and is now grown in about 120 different countries. The best however is still grown in the same region where that great entrepreneurial discoverer Christopher Columbus found it. april 2012 |




Mad about Malbec


ad about malbec yet? If you're not now, you'll likely be a fan soon. This Argentine red has become a red-hot pour.

Stats tell the story. Dollar sales of Argentine malbec in the United States were up 147 percent in 2008 as compared to 2006, according to The Nielsen Company, a market research firm. The U.S. is Argentina's top export market for malbec. "Malbec is probably the hottest new wine category in the store," said Mike Baker of Chicago's Wine Discount Center. "The Argentines have succeeded with relative ease in making and marketing an exciting category." According to Baker, the wines are concentrated, full-bodied and soft, and they charm with balanced dark fruit, chocolate and light oak flavors. "The wines are popular because they taste good and they are priced right," he said. "Many tasty bottlings are under $20 and a handful is under $10." Tom Benezra of Sal's Beverage World stores describes Argentine malbec as a cross between cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel. "There is a somewhat wild and spicy side like red zinfandel yet it often displays a measure of elegance and 10


sophistication like a cabernet," he said. "The obvious raspberry and boysenberry fruit flavors with toasty spice make it easy for novice wine drinkers to enjoy, but its class and complexity can appeal to connoisseurs as well." Malbecs give you high quality at bargain prices and they are so food friendly. Serve with hearty food, such as beef stew, grilled steak, even sausage pizza. Efrain Madrigal of Sam's Wines and Spirits compares the surge in popularity of Argentine wines in general, and malbec in particular, to the Australian wine boom of the 1990s and early 2000s. But, he thinks the Argentines are operating at an advantage. "The lower-priced Argentine wines have much more depth and finesse than comparably priced Australian wines," he sad. "That is why I think they are attractive to a wider audience. Even the wine buff will find something to like in these lower-end examples."

Three Sheets


Madrigal said more expensive malbecs, those priced at $20 or higher, are as good as the best of California and Bordeaux.

s you walk through the doors, your senses are aroused by the intimate lighting and seductive décor. Warm, vibrant colors flow harmoniously throughout the 3,800 sq ft. venue – dramatic candelabras dripping with wax, plush red velvet curtains, and leather couches beckon you to let your inhibitions go. The private nooks and oversized chairs invite you to get lost or nestle up to the wooden bar and enjoy classic cocktails or small batch bourbons.

Malbec's stunning rise in popularity is all the more astounding given this red wine grape was long considered something of a B-grade actress in its native France. Except in Cahors, in southwest France, the grape was used for blending.

The idea behind the lounge was to create an upscale yet comfortable environment that caters to business executives and young professionals. A relaxed place where sophisticated clientele can feel at home, this venue appeals to those who appreciate Old Hollywood glamour.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato Bisque to creative items such as a Bourbon Coke Float, {three} sheets offers a range of bites at an approachable price.

Argentina came to the rescue. First planted there in the mid-19th Century, malbec proved a fruitful grower across throughout the country. Mendoza, a region running along the Andes at the country's western boundary, is particularly noted for its malbec.

{three} sheets features an array of signature cocktails including Acai Blueberry and Kraken Up. The drink menu also includes our take on the classics. If cocktails aren’t your thing, a distinguished wine list will feature a variety of choices by the glass and bottle. {three} sheets also houses a collection of scotch and bourbon aside boutique liquors that could become your new favorite.

The 3,800 square foot venue spotlights a range of musical acts during the week, and resident DJ Heather B spins Thursday through Saturday nights. Three Sheets is also home to a baby grand piano that will surely get some air-time as well. For all those cigar smokers, there is a humidor composed of popular cigar brands and designated cigar smoking areas that utilize an advanced air filtration system.

To go along with your imbibing, {three} sheets offers a collection of small plates that appeal to every taste. We have taken items people know and love and put the {three} sheets twist on them utilizing the freshest ingredients. From classics like New Zealand Lamb Lollipops or an Applewood Smoked Cheddar

If you decide relax downstairs in the lounge atmosphere, or party outside on the rooftop patio, you’re sure to have a night to remember at this super sexy restaurant.

Over the decades, malbec has steadily improved in quality and status to such a degree that Wines of Argentina declares on its Web site (winesofargentina. org): "The most emblematic Argentinian wine is made from this variety."

— Gabe Albarian

— Wendy Hsiao april 2012 |




Xikar Xi2 Double-Bladed Guillotine Cutter

TaylorMade RocketBallz R11-S


he follow-up to TaylorMade's highly successful white R11 and Burner SuperFast woods was officially unveiled today by TaylorMade and the name of the product line is certain to raise a few eyebrows: Rock-

More noticeable and interesting, however, is the sole slot. Although not the first company to incorporate a slot (Adams and Nike also have introduced clubs with a similar idea), the slot is designed to help the high-strength 455 steel face flex more at impact.

Although the moniker (originally conceived by the R&D team when they wrote the name on a prototype after gathering some impressive test data) is different, the technology goals of the clubs remain true to TaylorMade's focus on creating speed for golfers. Specifically, the fairway woods and hybrids each boast a slot in the sole designed to enhance the flexibility of the head and face.

Dr. Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade's chief technical officer, explained the slot was positioned in the sole because it is an area that is normally not very flexible due to the amount of weight positioned there. The other benefit, he said, is that golfers tend to make contact with fairway woods and hybrids low on the face. Placing the slot in the sole adds speed to those shots.


The clubs (which boast a slightly deeper face) are cast from stainless steel and feature a web-like crown structure that gets as thin as 0.4 millimeters. The weight saved from the crown is then used to create a center of gravity position that is low and forward to create a faster ball speed with low spin. 12


Lofts on the fairway wood (street price: $230) are 15, 17, 19, 21, 21 and 24 degrees while the hybrid (street price: $160) comes in 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees. A Tour version of the hybrid is available in 16.5, 18.5, 21,5 and 24.5 degrees.

— Erick London


ou may find it hard to believe, but one of the most commonly asked questions I’ve come across revolves around cutting cigars. Thinking back to my early days of cigar smoking, I can completely understand why this would be a common question. Over and over again, I would clip my cigars and wonder why I had so much trouble with them coming unwrapped. It wasn’t until later that I discovered I was taking far too much material away when clipping. The result of this was the complete removal of the cap, which allowed the final wrap of the cigar to come loose and begin to unwind. Once I was aware that my issue was user error and not just a cheap cutter, I began to correct the mistake and look into the wide world of cutters. After jumping from style to style, I finally found one that I feel suites me best. Just because I prefer one cutter over all the others, that doesn’t mean you will as well. Each type of cutter has some good and bad points about it. Depending on your preference in cut, you may find that the downside of one cutter isn’t a problem, while the downside

of another may be a deal beaker. Here we looked at the Xikar double-bladed guillotine cutter. Made of high-quality 440 stainless steel, these blades boast a Rockwell C rating of 57—the hardest and sharpest you can buy! The cutter's body retains the classic Xikar shape in a lightweight nylon-fiberglass composite. All Xikar Xi cutters will accommodate up to a 58-ring cigar. Before using any cutter, I generally recommend that you first moisten the cigar slightly. To do this, wet your lips and place the cigar in your mouth. Pull down on the foot of the cigar so this the cap rotates upward and drags across your upper lip. I find that this adds enough moisture to make the tobacco slightly pliable but prevents the head of the cigar from becoming soaked and slobbery. While wetting the cap may make cutting your cigars a little easier, it is strongly suggested that you refrain from this practice when borrowing a cutter from a friend or using the community cutter at your local cigar shop.

— Walt Thompson april 2012 |




Ulysse Nardin Executive

Ball Camera


esearchers at the Technische Universität in Berlin have come up with an ingenious Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera. The concept device is a throwable multi-sensor camera about the size of a cantaloupe that snaps a single, instant 360-degree panorama. Taking a panoramic shot in the traditional way is a slightly complicated affair, as you need to manually rotate the camera about its own axis. While you’re spending all this time moving, an object in your shot may have moved since you took your last frame, causing ghosting in the final panorama. The ball camera avoids this whole process by simultaneously firing off 36 fixed-focus two-megapixel mobile phone camera modules once it reaches the highest point of its flight. The device is equipped with an accelerometer that keeps track of the 14


ball's acceleration. So the ball captures images once reaches its maximum arc because it is almost at a stand still as its velocity and the gravity acting on it are at equilibrium. The entire camera is packed into a 3D-printed ball-shaped enclosure that is padded with foam, so it’ll probably survive a landing if you can’t catch it. Once you have it in hand again, you can take the images off the device via USB, and you can view the photos in their full Google-street-view-esque 360-degree glory using a special “spherical panoramic viewer.” The Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera will be available for consumer purchase sometime in the Winter of 2012.

— John Styles


his is it, call off the search, I have found my offical ‘black-tie’ watch! Although I have always been somewhat of an admirer of the Dual Time collection from Ulysse Nardin, it wasn’t until they introduced the Executive Dual Time that I really fell in love.

presses the plus and minus pushers at the 8 and 10 o’clock position they instantly adjust the hour hand to a different time zone while the home time indicator located at 9 o’clock continues its 24 hour cycle. This complication is not only delightful to behold it is also incredibly useful.

What’s Changed? Although the classic styling of the Dual Time series has been retained it is the incorporation of that super sleek material ceramic into the design that has really caught my attention. Ceramic is best known for its scratchproof and durable qualities, having found previous uses in medicine and Formula 1 racing, and if used correctly can really set off a piece with its glossy finish. Such is the case with the Executive Dual Time which catches the eye and then mesmerizes you with its subtlety.

The Final Word This stunning look watch certainly won’t suit all tastes (or budgets) but for me I think Ulysse Nardin has really hit the nail on the head. I love the combination of the stainless steel with the smooth ceramic finish and the design of the dial lends the watch some character, which I find is often missing in evening wear watches attempting to maintain a low profile.

Not Just A Pretty Face As the name suggests the Executive Dual Time is animated by Ulysse Nardine’s patented Dual Time system. When the wearer

As previously mentioned the watch is certainly not small at 43mm, but then again, why would you want to hide away something as breathtaking as this?

— Sean Clinkscales april 2012 |



2012 Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake


he very first Shelby car was introduced there in 1962, as well as the 1968 and 2008 Shelby GT500KR and the 2006 Shelby Hertz GT-H. This year, we’re returning with one of the most powerful and important Shelby's ever built. According to the company, the Shelby GT500 Super Snake will pack the most horsepower ever from an American muscle car introduced at the show, 800 to be exact. The car is legal in all 50 states and owners will be able to use pump gas. Among the many upgrades used to make this kind of power is a Shelby/ Kenne Bell supercharger, which, not surprisingly, voids any remaining powertrain warranty from Ford. Other goodies include: • Borla exhaust system • Forged Shelby / Baer brakes with six-piston calipers • Fiberglass hood with classic Shelby design and pins • Ford Racing handling pack that includes dynamic ad justable dampers, lower springs, tuned stabilizer bars and front strut brace The base price for a 2012 Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake is $82,894 according to Shelby American’s Web site, including the cost of a donor Ford Mustang GT. The 800-horsepower supercharger option is an extra $1500 on its own, but we suspect you’ll want to budget a total of closer to $100,000 for a few more Shelby-optional cooling and suspension modifications with that 16


kind of power. Customers (and dreamers) can build their own Super Snake at 2012 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake using a 5.4-liter V8 engine that produces 550 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque to a whopping 750 horsepower and 590 pound-feet. Wait, We thought you said 800 horsepower ? We did, but it’ll cost you a little extra. The base 2012 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake SS ($ 82.894) “Only” gets you a Black Shelby / Ford Racing Whipple supercharger, and 750 horsepower. It’ll be another $ 1.500 for the Shelby / Kenne Bell blower That gets you to 800 horsepower. However if you cans afford $ 83,000, what’s another $ 1.500? It’s a very rare thing Pls 50 horses That costs little. While you’re at it, Consider the Shelby High Performance Cooling System ($ 2.995), and Perhaps A Few other goodies, and (a $ 2.199 an interior upgrade will from unique probably include seats and steering wheel). The interior 2012 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake space of the car compartment is decorated with nav systems, musical infotainment console in unison with weather forecast device along with a speedometer, and an odometer. There are other car accessories like sun visors, windshield screens plus wipers, clutches and floor mats have made the car more luxurious. The retractable car seats with reclining features provide maximum comfort.

— Timothy Lee april 2012 |




Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara


t's a relief to disappear into the quiet desert, away from

to represent Bedouin life. Visit the spa for its hammam and

the building site that is Abu Dhabi, its organised shrubs

invigorating ice cave, trek across the Empty Quarter by foot,

and mirrored malls. Just 90 minutes away, a 240km-drive

camel or 4x4 (the adrenaline junkies' hit) and jump from

south into the Liwa dunes, is Anantara's new resort, Qasr

poolside mezze snacks to French fine-dining or traditional

Al Sarab, an enormous magic-kingdom sand castle, sculpted

Emirati banquets in an outdoor tent. Get there via car, or by

into smooth towers and turrets peppered with torches and

helicopter like regular guest President Sheikh Khalifa and his

lanterns straight from an Indiana Jones storyboard. It's new


good airplane? An adventurer like yourself

despite an ugly fountain in the pool and fleets of silly white 4x4s

When to go

guarding the main entrance, it's a stunning and sexy place with

October to May for bearable heat. The Al Dhafra Camel Festival

outstanding desert views (a refreshing and impressive change

takes place in January.

state of the art skydiving equipment. Your safety and comfort

One of 29 one-bedroom villas with private plunge pools.

are their highest priority, so there is no cutting corners at their

automatically deploy your reserve (spare) parachute in the unlikely event that your main parachute is not deployed. At Atlanta Skydiving Center your skydive is made from 14,000 feet! The HIGHEST most exciting SKYDIVE available, out of the safest aircraft serving Georgia!


and 206 rooms. Don't be put off by its size - in fact, it's ideal:

Qasr al Sarab Desert Resort:

Qasr Al Sarab works for business-plus-activity group trips as it

00 971 2 886 2088; Doubles from 1,508

does for honeymooners or families without any party getting

dirham (about $178/night)

Atlanta Skydiving Center has consistently been highlighted as If you have never skydived before and are not certified, you will be making a tandem jump. All of their student rigs are

on each others' nerves. The earthy toned decor is slick and

top of the line, and are equipped with the safest, most reliable

mellow with a big push on UAE heritage, introducing artefacts,


Automatic Activation Device (AAD) available. This device will

Atlanta Skydiving Center. Their professional

Room to book personal touch, regardless of the hotel's huge 2km expanse


and there is no better place to do it than

instructors have no less than five years experience and use only

from samey sea-and-beach).

a library, boutique and paintings from 60 artists commissioned


ho would want to jump out of a perfectly

(October 2009) but the sandstorms have softened it up and

Anantara's Thai-inspired conviviality adds a pampering and

Atlanta Skydiving Center

— Gabe Albarian

the best place to skydive in Georgia. There facility and team has been used for the National Skydiving League and used by 20th Century Fox for the movie Point Break.

— Sean Clinkscales april 2012 |


Photography by Steffano Morte

Featuring The South Beach Cigar

a sinan cigar exclusively at scottish tobacco



Our socialite Melissa is ready for her night out on the town with a South Beach cigar in hand. DRESS: BCBGMAXAZRIA - CARI OFF-THESHOULDER DRESS

april 2012 |


"Tiny" the bodyguard multi-tasks as he escorts Melissa out of the limo while warding off paparazzi. SUIT: BROOKS BROTHERS 22


april 2012 |


"Tiny" lights Melissa's cigar as she enjoys the scene in Havana Club. (below) Our body guard gets a moment to relax and enjoy a SouthBeach Cigar with the beauty.

Melissa enjoys a glass of wine and her SouthBeach cigar. Sinan Cigars SouthBeach Torpedo Wrapper: Nicaraguan Sun Grown Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican Nicaraguan This very limited edition cigar was created by La Aurora to be a medium to full body cigar with notes of intricate spice that accompany notes of leather and coffee. With a beautiful bouquet of floral notes that accent and end in black currant. This cigar is a rare find. 24


april 2012 |


Model/Actress Melissa Ngo Photography Steffano Morte Styling Melissa Ngo Hair and Makeup Melissa Ngo Production Sean Clinkscales Location The Havana Club Limo Hines Funeral Home Cigars The South Beach Cigar provided by Sinan Cigars exclusively at Scottish Tobacco



april 2012 |


Our bodyguard is back on the job as paparazzi attempts to get some final shots of our A-List socialite as she enters the limo to her next destination. 28


april 2012 |


The soul of a city in a


This limited edition cigar is sold exclusively at:

Scottish Tobacco

2625 Piedmont Rd, NE #52A Atlanta, GA 30324 404.237.0525




april 2012 |





What is chipping? A chip shot is a short shot which travels close to the ground. When the ball travels through the air it carries very little backspin, so it will release and roll a lot when it hits the ground, making it much more predictable than his brother Pitch, and cousin Flop. The chip shot is most often used when your ball is on the closely mowed area near the putting green and the area between the ball and the hole is fairly flat. CIGARLUXE MAGAZINE | april 2012

Helpful hints If a chip shot is done correctly, the shaft of the club will never point directly towards your body. In the set up position, the shaft will point slightly in front of your body (remember that the ball goes back, and the hands go front). Obviously, in the backswing, the shaft will point well in front of your body, and in the follow through, the shaft will point behind you with the face of the club head looking towards sky. Hit a chip shot and hold your finish. If the shaft is pointing towards your body, even ever so slightly, chances are your hands are too active during the shot.


ou have just hit what you think is a great approach to a green. Suddenly the wind picks up and you find your ball short of the green, forcing you to chip. If you follow these simple tips, chances are you will improve your chipping and saving your score.


the back shoulder goes up. The difficult part is to keep the rest of your body still. Most golfers who come to me confused about chipping, wants to help the ball in the air by trying to “scoop” it with their dominant hand. Remember to keep your weight steady on your front foot throughout the swing. The chip shot, much like a putt, requires only the shoulders to move. Hips and hands are not used when playing a chip shot.

What Club to use? I recommend finding a club with a fair amount of loft that you like and trust, and use it as often as possible. I have always had a good relationship with my 9-iron, so when my approach shot misses the green, I will usually rely on her to help solve the situation. I encourage you to experiment with different clubs, to find one that fits you best. It doesn’t’ matter what club that is, but I recommend something between a 7-iron and a pitching wedge. Set up The most important thing to remember when you set up to hit a chip shot is: Front-Back-Front. When you set up to hit a chip shot, most of your weight goes on the front foot, golf ball goes towards the back of your stance, and the hands are leaning

forward ahead of the golf ball (enough so an extension of the shaft will point to the side of your body). Stand fairly close to the ball and tilt your back from your hips, much like you would do when you set up to hit a putt. Depending what club you use, I recommend gripping down on it as to make it more like the length of your putter. To get better depth perception and feel, I encourage my students to line up their feet and shoulders aimed slightly open. That being said, always remember to align the club head square to your intended target. Swing Hitting a chip shot is the easy part. All you have to do is to rotate your shoulders back and forth. Front shoulder goes down, and

Those are the principles of successfully hitting the chip shot, which I highly recommended you use when you have a good lie and the terrain is flat. If your ball is in the rough, or you have to negotiate severe undulations, you may be forced to use a different approach. I will cover that technique in future articles. Mr. Andres Boberg has a wealth of knowledge and experience having played competitively for over 30 years. During his amateur career he played for his native Sweden in international events. Andres earned two All-American Honors and helped his team finish 4th at the NCAA National Tournament during his college career at Valdosta State University. Mr. Boberg has worked and given golf instructions at several golf courses in the north Atlanta area, including Atlanta Athletic Club, Country Club of the South and Horseshoe Bend Country Club. He is currently the Head Golf Professional St. Marlo Country Club in Duluth, Georgia.

april 2012 |




olf and cigars go together perfectly: you’ve got hours outdoors, you can ash your cigar anywhere without getting dirty looks (except for the greens), and compared to the rest of society, golf courses generally provide cigarfriendly environments. And there are plenty of entrepreneurs looking to cash in on this match made in heaven with all kinds of specialty golf cigar gadgets ranging from cigar tees to hold your cigar to golf bag humidors. But we’re here to tell you that dropping a 20 spot on that cigar cutter/divot repair tool or any other gadget is completely unnecessary. If you follow these four tips, you will have a more enjoyable cigar experience on the course without having to buy anything that average Stogie Guys doesn’t already own. Sadly, we have no tips to offer that will improve your golf game. What to smoke? The golf course is no place for small cigars. Courses can get pretty crowded on the weekends, so you have nothing but time. Grab something at least as long as a toro (6 inches). The golf course is perfect for churchills or – if a smaller ring gauge is more to your liking – a lonsdale. Remember your cigar may sit unsmoked for a while as you four-putt, throw your putter in the sand trap, and then retrieve it and find that your stogie went out. Larger cigars have a higher tolerance for relighting than small ones. How to light your cigar? While golf courses are perfect for smoking a stogie, the wind that never seems to be blowing at your back can make lighting a cigar awfully difficult. If blocking 34


the wind with your hand doesn’t get the job done, you may want to try using a hat to block the breeze. As always, a torch is preferable to matches. Finally, while toasting the edges is still the best way to light your cigar, on the golf course you might skip that step if just keeping the flame lit proves difficult. If you do light the cigar without first toasting the edges, be sure to give your stogie a few big puffs immediately after lighting it to make sure it is completely lit. Where to put your cigar? While you swing you probably will need to put the cigar down, but with no ashtrays there may not be an obvious place to put it. Plenty of places hawk special “cigar tees” but really all you need is a flat non-flammable surface: golf carts, tee box markers, or even carefully balanced on a wood (with head-cover removed) in your bag. The most abundant cigar holder of all also works well: the grass next to your ball (as long as it isn’t wet or dusty). But remember, like your sand wedge, you should leave your cigar on the green (not on the fringe or in the ruff) while putting so you don’t forget it in the excitement of that 40 foot eagle putt. Of course the easiest way to not forget your smoke is by leaving it in your mouth. How many cigars to bring? The standard is one for every nine holes, but if you have a bunch of slow-playing old ladies ahead of you, this may leave you with a few hours without a cigar on the back nine. So maybe three is really the ideal number. Also, make sure the cigars don’t get damaged in your bag. A simple leather case will work perfectly. april 2012 |


THIS "KID" ROCKS NICKNAMED "THE KID" BY HIS EDRINGTON GROUP PIERS - STEVEN LONG IS THE YOUNGEST MALE IN HIS POSITION AND REPRESENTS HIS BRANDS IN ROCKSTAR FASHION STORY BY CURTIS KAUFMAN • PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN SANDS It's 7:00 in the evening on the Wednesday after Valentine's Day in Atlanta, Georgia and it's wet and frightfully chilly after it's been such a warm day. My daily ritual as of late is to check the weather on my iPhone so I know how many layers I need to wear and carry so I won't catch pneumonia in this rollercoaster of a winter. I'm anticipating shaking off the slight chill in my bones with a healthy dram of The Famous Grouse single malt scotch whisky that I know Steven will have in-toe. It's now 7:09 and I'm a little ancy. My taste-buds are excited to indulge in the round and smooth, mild sherry sweetness and hint of peat of The Famous Grouse. I don't profess to be a scotch connoisseur, but I know a damn good scotch when I taste one. I'm about to give my iPhone a swipe just as Steven enters through the wooden doors of Aficionado where we agreed to conduct his interview. We’ve been trying complete his interview for the past several weeks, but our schedules have never quite matched up. He is only a few minutes late, but he still apologizes for his tardiness. I sincerely tell him not to worry about it - I know he's been a very busy man. As the Key Scotch Account Manager for the Edrington Group USA in Georgia, he has been working hard to build his brands in the area. His work ethic - sometimes it's 18 hours a day between the field and office - and his eagerness to succeed mark him as someone to keep an eye on. The Edrington Group only hires the cream of the crop. The Edrington Group is a major private group in the Scotch whisky industry with a number of specialist operations covering every facet of Scotch whisky distilling, blending and bottling. Steven Long is the Scotch Key Account Manager in Georgia for The Edrington Group - USA. 36


The company's foundation reaches back to the mid-nineteenth century when the company was founded in Glasgow by the

Roberston family. Today it is one of the largest companies in the Scotch whiskey industry. Edrington continues to operate with the Robertson family values of Integrity, Independence, Involvement and Innovation. The Robertson family was also responsible for founding Highland Distillers back in 1887 and in autumn 1999, Edrington acquired Highland along with its powerful brands The Famous Grouse, The Macallan and Highland Park. These are distributed throughout the world through a series of distribution networks and partnerships. In February 2008, Edrington acquired a major shareholding in Brugal & Co, the leading producer of golden rum in the Dominican Republic. This agreement diversifies the Group's drinks portfolio outside of Scotch whisky for the first time and gives it access to one of the fastest growing spirit categories globally. In April 2010, the Group acquired the Cutty Sark brand from Berry Bros & Rudd, with whom it has enjoyed a long trading relationship. As Steven settles into the building, I see that his hands are full of bulging bags. "I come barring gifts." He sets his bag of goodies on an open table and begins to pull out a few bottles, glasses and other trinkets. I see a bottle of The Black Grouse, Brugal Anejo Reserva and Macallan Cask Strength, but not The Famous Grouse. "Where's The Famous Grouse?" You can't help but hear the waif-like disappointment in my voice. I was like a toddler who had just dropped his ice cream cone on a scorching summer day. "Pour yourself a dram of The Black Grouse. I promise you - you won't be disappointed." Steven is the type of guy that has the confidence, swagger and charm that can get mix in any crowd. I sensed that april 2012 |


CL: What's the size of the Edrington Group? SL: It’s a small company with approximately 1100 employees worldwide yet one of the biggest players in the scotch and spirits industry. We represent Macallan, Highland Park, Brugal Caribbean Rum, The Famous Grouse, The Black Grouse and Cutty Sark. We've got a really great portfolio.

CL: What's your favorite spirit out of your very expansive portfolio?

CL: What product line do you want to most promote in the U.S.?

SL: To be honest they are all have unique taste and have there own history. I truly enjoy all of them and being able to showcase them in the United States.

SL: The Famous Grouse and Black Grouse are the spirits I'd really like the states to familiarize themselves with and enjoy. The Famous Grouse and Black Grouse are the number one selling scotches in Scotland. The great thing about The Famous Grouse is its price point for the tasty blend that you get.

on our first encounter and I'm all but drowned in it as he consoles me with his suggestion. To his credit, I'm definitely not disappointed at all. When The Black Grouse hits my tongue, there is an immediate rush of sweetness and smokiness in the nose with a brown sugar highlight. With that first taste, the brown sugar caramelizes to produce toffee and oaky flavours. The mouth is neutral and light on the palate, with a medium oaky finish. This is a whisky that places itself right in line to be a good first introduction to peated whiskies, particularly for someone who drinks primarily blends. The nice balance of smokey and sweet in The Black Grouse will definitely will appeal to a wide range of whisky consumers. There are a handful of patrons and they come around the table to get a taste as well. As glasses are filled and heads slightly tilt back to allow the spirit to hit their palates, there is a unanimous nod of acceptance. “Good,” reverberates around the room. I sense though that it was more than just “good” to the men in this lounge. It sounded like a typical poker face statement made in bravado fashion. After I take another nip from my glass, I inform him that we need to take some photos for the piece. He's not thrilled but takes it all in stride. “My sister is really photogenic – me, not so much. I got the healthy dose of the charisma,” he says with a calm, wistful laugh. “It won't take long,” I faintly promise him. Thankfully it doesn't. At the last click of the camera shutter we get right into the Q & A. CIGARLUXE: First off what made you get in the spirit industry? STEVEN LONG: I knew since I was a little kid that the spirits industry was the career path for me. There is a generational legacy in spirits with my family. It started with my grandfather who owned a few packing stores to my father who works for a major distributor in the industry. Now I'm a Scotch Key Account Manager with the Edrington Group. 38


Speyside to visit the Macallan distillery and the Orkney Island distillery and to see the Highland Park operations. I also visited the Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic for Brugal rum. I must say being able to travel and see all these countries has been an experience of a life time and. It really gives a better perspective in understanding how to educate people on the spirits.

Steven enjoying his time at The Famous Grouse experience at the Glenturret Distillery in Perthshire.

CL: I thoroughly enjoy The Famous Grouse and was equally compelled by The Black Grouse. How do you go about getting people educated on your spirits? SL: Tasting events are extremely productive because it allows me to educate a large group of consumers at one time on the spirits in a relaxed setting. I truly like exposing the world to some of the finest spirits in the world. Georgia is one the fastest growing scotch markets in the world. CL: What role do cigars play in your life and work?

CL: You look pretty young you don’t look like the typical sales rep for scotch. How old are you? Where did you graduate from? SL: I'm 28. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Education. That was a major factor in the Edrington Group bringing me on board – the fact that I could quickly and deeply understand the sociology behind the brands. I am the youngest male in my position with the company. My associates in the Edrington Group call me “The Kid”, but don’t let the name fool you. Like I said - I've grown up in this industry; it's in my blood so I know what it takes to be successful. Now I don't proclaim to know everything. I mean you really learn something new everyday about this industry. My bosses have helped me tremendously and taken me under their wing. I have a huge amount of respect for them (my bosses) and I'm very passionate about my company. CL: Have you visited Scotland and been to the distilleries? SL: I have been to Scotland. I visited the Glenturret Distillery for The Famous Grouse Experience in Perthshire. I went to

Cigars are a nostalgic experience for me. It reminds me of my family life growing up around spirits. I remember the aromas that permeated the area as family and friends talked and laughed together. Cigars and scotch are truly a perfect blend for taking time out for yourself. CL: You just said that cigars and scotch are a perfect blend and most cigar lovers do enjoy scotch with a cigar. Why choose one of your spirits? SL: Macallan is easily recognizable and its one of the best single malts in the world, but people may not know Highland Park won best spirit in the world multiple times. All of the scotches in our portfolio are an excellent experience for whisky-loving cigar smoker. The Brugal rum, which is the number one rum in the Caribbean, also goes great with cigars. CL: Would you consider this the best Job in the world? SL: I could have not said it any better. I am truly humbled because I love what I do and truly love drinking the spirits in

The Edrington Group portfolio. Jobs are jobs - it’s a lifestyle for me. The brands I represent have been around for hundreds of years - I just want to keep making them the best in the world. CL: What types of people have you in encountered while working in the spirit industry? SL: Truly great people that have enjoyed drinking the fine spirits that I represent. I most enjoy new people who have not tried scotch because I get to introduced them to the best line up in the industry. CL: Are you single? SL: Yes at the moment. There's no special girl, no relationship. Eventually I would like to have a wife and family as a part of my life. Right now it's all about the brands. CL: Can people contact you and learn more on your line up? SL: Absolutely. I'm on Facebook under Steven Long. Any questions - please look me up and contact me. CL: What's your favorite state? SL: Very easy - Georgia my friend.

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Boss Lady

FOXY BROWN SHE SHARES THE FIRST NAME OF ACTRESS PAM GRIER AND THE LAST NAME OF TITLE CHARACTER THAT CATAPULATED GRIER TO POP CULTURE ICON. THAT JUST MAKES THE SCINTILLATING MS. PAM BROWN MUCH MORE ALLURING. STORY BY CURTIS KAUFMAN • PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN SANDS I've known Pam for a couple of years now. She's a regular at Sinan Lounge - the private membership lounge inside of Scottish Tobacco. You can find her at other haunts like Three Sheets and Beluga. She's quick witted and a very funny lady (says she get's it from her dad).

CL: Are you attracted to men who smoke?

I sat down with her for a few ticks to find out how she became a cigar aficionado.

Pam: A nice bottle of red wine and when its cold outside I go with some baileys .

Pam: Only if they have a spare cigar to share (laughs). CL: What do you like to drink with a good cigar?

CL: What made you smoke cigars? CL: What type of car fits you if money was not a option? Pam: I was hanging with my male friends and they where smoking. I felt like I could not act like a crab. I tried one, liked it and I haven’t look back.

Pam: The Audi Rx 8 spider its just sexy I would park it and roll the windows down and just smoke a nice cigar in it.

CL: How many years have you smoke cigars now?

CL: What's your favorite restaurant?

Pam: Its been four years I am now a senior a true pro.

Pam: I have to say lawrys in Chicago it’s a steak and seafood house. Cigarluxe: Who do you work for and what is your job title?

CL: Ok so you are now a pro what type of places do you go to enjoy smoking and being the Boss lady ? Pam: I love going to a lounge and smoking and meeting new people kick back and smoke a couple of cigars . The funny thing you never know who you would meet when you go place. CL: Are you intimidated by male smokers? Pam: No in the slightest. Most of the men seem to accept it and kinda of adds on to my charm. CL: What is your favorite cigar?

"Boss Lady" Pam Brown is the Executive Call Center Manager for Prestige Risk Management.



Pam: I have so many cigars that I love, but the Oliva V lancero is one of my favorites and really like Camacho Corojo Diadema — just to name a couple .

Pam: I work for Prestige Risk Management and I mange call center operations. CL: So what college did you attend? Pam: I graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Business Administration. The funny thing is I use my major unlike most people. CL: Typical work day? Pam: crazy lol no really it’s a lot of meeting dealing with employee relations and client concerns. CL: What organization do you support? Pam: They're actually several; United Way, Children's at Scottish Rite - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Susan G. april 2012 |


Komen for the Cure. I have a lot respect for these groups — they mean a lot. CL: how many times a week do you smoke? Pam: Two times a week. CL: What's your guilty pleasures? Pam: Dr. Pepper and strawberry blonde ice cream and a nice bottle of old English 40 oz. CL: Old English really? Pam: (laughs) No, just wanted keep your on your toes. CL: Thanks for making sure I was paying attention and thanks for the interview. Pam: My pleasure. If you would like to be considered for our "Boss Lady" feature or would like to see someone featured, please send all submissions to CigarLuxe Magazine/Boss Lady, 2430 Meadow Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315. Or email them to: with Subject Line: Boss Lady, To order additional copies of CigarLuxe Magazine, call 800.626.1246 or go online to



Honduras and Nicaragua are also mass manufactures of cigars. Some Cuban refugees make cigars in the U.S. and advertise them as "Cuban" cigars, using the argument that the cigars are made by Cubans. It remains illegal for US residents to purchase or import Cuban cigars regardless of where they are in the world, although they are readily available across the northern border in Canada and the southern border in Mexico. While Cuban cigars are smuggled into the USA and sold at high prices, counterfeiting is rife; it has been said that 95% of Cuban cigars sold in the USA are counterfeit. Although Cuban cigars cannot legally be imported into the USA, the advent of the Internet has made it much easier for people in the United States to purchase cigars online from other countries, especially when shipped without bands. Cuban cigars are openly advertised in some European tourist regions, catering to the American market, even though it is illegal to advertise tobacco in most European regions.


The embargo against Cuba may have made some strategic sense during the years of the Cold War, but that course of thinking vanished some 20 years ago with the end of the Soviet Union. It has isolated the United States from other countries and reduced U.S. influence within Cuba. It has cost the United States billions of dollars in potential exports and restricted the freedom of American's to travel in Cuba and do business there. It is just a failure by any measure and completely out of step with global trends towards more trade and foreign investment and economic integration. Keeping the embargo in place is

really just a political statement that we don't approve of the government in Cuba. “Wait a minute. Why after all these years should we give them benefits of trade relationships – more tourists and everything like that, when they are not going to change their system whatsoever?” questions Ray Walser from The Heritage Foundation, Washington DC. That rationale does not stop the United States from dealing with China, but Walser says that is another issue: “The same standards that apply for China do not apply for Cuba. Cuba has a communist regime that has [a] state un-dynamic model – it is a very weak engine. China has a big economic engine.” The rhetoric is reminiscent of what Steven Colbert said in one of his programs: “Cuba represents everything against, folks. It is a totalitarian, repressive, communist state that – unlike China – can't lend us money." The criticism towards Cuba for violating human rights not without reason. However, the harshest criticism comes from a nation that is slammed worldwide for breaching human rights at its Guantanamo Bay prison, which it is still renting in Cuba. “Let’s lift the embargo, move more products there, more Americans will be able to spread their influence there. I think




n February 7, 1962, United States President John F. Kennedy imposed a trade embargo on Cuba to sanction Fidel Castro's communist government. According to Pierre Salinger, then Kennedy's press secretary, the president ordered him on the evening of February 6 to obtain 1,200 H. Upmann brand petit corona Cuban cigars; upon Salinger's arrival with the cigars the following morning, Kennedy signed the executive order which put the embargo into effect.[47] Richard Goodwin, a White House assistant to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, revealed in a 2000 New York Times article that in early 1962 JFK told him, "We tried to exempt cigars, but the cigar manufacturers in Tampa objected." The embargo was the way the United States punished the Castro regime for seizing power in 1959. The crux of the idea was to was to let Castro’s regime wear out and prompt people to revolt against it. 50 years went by and that never happened. What the blockade did do was prohibit U.S. residents from legally purchasing Cuban cigars and American manufacturers from importing Cuban Tobacco. As a result, Cuba was deprived of its 44


major customer for tobacco and American cigar manufacturers had to find an alternative source of tobacco or go out of business. It totally wiped out the vast share Americans had in the Cuban economy. “It has given the Castro regime a handy excuse for the failures of its socialist experiment. It is hurting the very Cuban people that we claim to be helping,” says Daniel Griswold from the CATO Institute based in Washington DC. In the United States, authentic Cuban-made cigars are seen as "forbidden fruit" for Americans to purchase. Upon the expropriation of private property in Cuba, many former Cuban cigar manufacturers moved to other countries (primarily the Dominican Republic) to continue production. The Dominican Republic's production of tobacco grew significantly as a result After reallocation, most Cuban manufacturers continued to use their known company name, seed, and harvesting technique while Cuba tobacco, Cuba's state tobacco monopoly after the Revolution, independently continued production of cigars using the former private company names. As a result, cigar name brands like Romeo y Julieta, Gloria Cubana, Montecristo among others, exist in both Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

A Young Fidel Castro

april 2012 |


Raul Castro is also first secretary of the Communist Party, the only political party on the island. Over the past year Cuba has opened up more of its largely state-controlled economy, expanding self-employment in sectors such as hairdressing and watch repairs. Now over half a million people are allowed to engage in small private enterprises, helping boost their income considerably beyond the average state salary of just $20 (£13) a month.

it is our best hope for having influence in Cuba when that wonderful day comes when the Castro regime falls,” says Daniel Griswold from the CATO Institute based in Washington DC. But for the United States to lift the embargo there needs to be a pragmatic reason. Ideological ones have proved unsustainable.

“There is a really strong economic interest. People I see are afraid that their markets are going to be exploited and if we don’t take care of them or, if we do not jump in, Europe is just going to fill in for us, and that is not in our interest. And then there is the question of oil, and that is a new thing as well”, comments Delia Boylan Lloyd, a journalist.

Many restaurants and food stalls are already privately operated. Larger, privately run restaurants have also been permitted as Cuba attempts to slim-down the state payroll, and cut costs. The goal is to transfer up to 40% of the workforce into the private sector by 2015, where they'll pay taxes for the first time. Many moves - such as a decision to allow Cubans to buy and sell property - were approved during a rare Communist Party

simply. photography.

Russian and Spanish companies are indeed queuing up to help Cuba exploit its huge offshore oil reserves. Cuba's current President, Raul Castro, has said that a series of unprecedented economic reforms on the Communist-run island are being implemented "as they congress last April. That congress, Raul Castro said, was the "defining event". It endorsed what's referred to here as the "updating" or "modernisation" of Cuba's economy, described as critical to securing the long-term future of the socialist revolution. It looks as though U.S. foreign policy has relied too heavily on economic sanctions as a tool to influence other governments. Sanctions seemed to reach a high water mark in the late 1990s, but since then the U.S. government has not been quite so quick to pull the trigger.

should be", and would be completed "without haste" in an effort to avoid mistakes. He was speaking during a brief - and rare - encounter with journalists at the end of a visit by Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "This is an internal matter of the party, to improve it," he said. "It needs a lot of improving in many senses, to adapt to the times we live in." 46


Thanks in part to an active business community, lawmakers became more sensitive to the economic cost of sanctions in terms of lost export and investment opportunities. It has also become increasingly clear that sanctions rarely achieve their stated objective. The Cuban embargo is one of the more obvious examples of that failure. Hopefully in the very near future, the sanctions will be lifted and the American cigar aficionado will be able to enjoy the many pleasures of Cuba, including the treasured Cuban grown cigar. april 2012 |



La Iglesia de Jesus de Miramar. 48



igar smoking and the Etiquette behind it is like religion for some people and Cuba is the Mecca. Almost the entire affluent world knows the famous cigar brands; Montecristo, Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba. Many cigar smokers use them as an emblem or badge, especially with the Cohiba. It would signify the best of the best. There is however a rather small number of experienced cigar smokers who look beyond the band or brand and search for that perfect blend and disregard the commercialism to go for the pure pleasure of smoking that perfect cigar. In Havana, there are many hotels with a cigar store/lounge and a few cigar factories with a store selling cigars and accessories the most famous being the Partagas store below the factory. It has one of the most popular lounges where people from all over the world congregate. The store sells more cigars than any of the other venues in the city. The store, as in almost all the others, has a roller set up with his or her table rolling cigars for everyone to see. In this particular case the roller is a lovely woman who everyone calls “La China”. I will talk about La China another day, now I want to take you to the other side of Havana, in the Miramar district. Miramar is known to be the ritzy part of Havana with its wide, well-kept boulevards and huge mansions. There are a few hotels along the ocean in this part of the city one of them being the Hotel Comodoro at 3rd Ave. and 84th street. This hotel has a cigar shop in the main entrance. The roller in this shop is named Crisanto. I’m not the only person familiar with his cigars. People from all over the world are familiar with these rollers and everyone has their favourite. I happen to really enjoy his blend and I know I’m not alone. I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful man back in 2005 in Havana. I was visiting various cigar shops in the city with my best Cuban friend and cigar guru, Orlens. One of the stops was the Comodoro Hotel in Miramar, Havana. At that time the cigar shop used to be in the lane where all the stores are located. It was cozier at the other shop but you had to know it was there. The current location right at the entrance to the hotel is a lot more visable and therefore higher sales. I remembered him being a very gentle, soft spoken man, much the way he is today. I met him again a couple of years later when he was doing a tour in Toronto, Canada. Since that time I try to visit everytime

"La China"- cigar roller for the Partagas store. april 2012 |


Crisanto - roller for the Hotel Comodoro "Casa del Tabaco".

I go to Cuba. Sometimes he's there and sometimes I happen to miss him. On one of those missed occasions he was home resting after an operation to his knee. He's doing well now and still rolling some of the best cigars on the island. Crisanto started rolling cigars in 1960, he's been rollin for 51 years. His career started at the H.Upmann factory when it used be behind the Partagas factory on Calle Amistad. He worked at the Upmann factory until 1987 where by the time he had finished, had begun teaching other would-be rollers. In 1987 he began working at the Rey del Mundo factory which is now closed and until 1991 at the Romeo y Julieta which in both cases was Production Manager & General Manager. The Rey del Mundo factory will soon house the Partagas factory rollers while Partagas undergoes a long overdue renovation. The store will remain open. In 1991 until 1998 Crisanto worked at the Partagas factory as Production Manager. After 1998 he worked at various cigar shops like he does now but hasn't moved from the Comodoro since 2001. He's currently married to his second wife. Has 3 boys and 1 girl with his first wife. The daughter started sorting cigars at the Partagas factory and currently holds that position at La Corona factory. He has visited the world, from Hong Kong to Canada and continues to be an ambassador for Cuban tobacco 50


La Partagas Factory.

Hotel Comodoro "Casa del Tabaco".

and cigars. If I don't see him on one of my trips soon, he will be coming to Toronto in the spring. The existing store where Crisanto works seems to be very quiet as compared to some of the other shops around the city. The staff in this store is very pleasant and helpful. The room is airy and well lit with several comfortable chairs and international reading material spread around the place. I chose to pass my time by smoking my custom Crisanto corona while speaking with him. I love the blend he uses for his cigars. I find them very easy to smoke and this particular one I smoked until I couldn't hold it anymore. The store itself has a decent variety of cigars and I even found a couple of boxes of the Behike 52. Besides the name cigars, Crisanto's humidor is always filled with something good. His rolls of choice are the corona, lonsdale and the piramide. If you're ever in the area go and pick up a few of his custom rolls and tell him Matteo from Toronto, Canada says hello. As I stated earlier, everyone has their favourite roller. Sometimes the reason is the blend, as in my case. Other times it may be the vitola that the roller is expert at that endears an aficionado. Whatever the reason, there are quite a few of these expert rollers scattered around Havana in various stores. I will be visiting the ones I don’t know and revisiting the ones I do on my next trip.

Factory worker preparing the filler tobacco.

Factory worker preparing the filler tobacco.

Matteo Speranza is proud of his Italian heritage. Although he has spent several years in Italy for work and pleasure, he was born in the "Leaf Nation", beer drinking city of Toronto, Canada. He is a prolific writer and Cigar Aficionado who has immersed himself into Cuban cigars, culture and lifestyle for the past nine years. Very soon he will be running cigar and cultural tours to Cuba. You can read more of his adventures on his blog at:

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1. Opus X Lost City Lancero: The Lost City Lancero measures 7.5 x 41 This cigar has a creamy smoke with a slight peppery taste that hits the palate immediately upon lighting. It later transitions into some rich wood flavors and sweet grass accompanies the main spice flavor. A tad bit of leather makes an appearance and picks up in spice strength to the finish. Medium to Full bodied.

2. OLVIA V SERIES: Oliva Serie V cigars are renowned for their ability to deliver full-bodied flavor in a cigar that's amazingly smooth. The Lancero shape is perfect for exploring all those dark, creamy tobacco flavors bolstered by luscious notes of espresso and dark chocolate this cigar is amazing you fully enjoy it to the end.


3.Rocky Patel Decade Lancero: is a unique medium to full bodied cigar with flavors of earth, dark tobacco, cedar and a hint of citrus. Aromatic with dark cocoa, cedar and a bit of musty earth. A very complex cedar that get even heavier tastes of cocoa, cedar and spice; lots of earthy spices finishing the cigar.

4. LA AURORA 107: Aurora 107 Lancero Natural cigars were created in honor of Tabacalera La Aurora's 107 years in business. Blended by Guillermo Leon, select Nicaraguan and Dominican longfillers plus a Dominican binder are rolled in a lush Ecuadoriangrown wrappers. These medium-bodied cigars start off woody and peppery, blooming into a more creamy, earthy and nutty smoke as flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon and caramel rise to the surface. In short, a rich-tasting and complex cigar.

5. Joya de Nicaragua Cabinetta Serie No.13: This cigar is wrapped in a Connecticut wrapper with a swath of Nicaraguan sungrown Criollo on the head. While smoking this luxurious cigar you will experience nuances of cedar bark, almonds, savory spice and an assortment of other taste and aroma sensations. 52


april 2012 |


6. La Flor Dominicana Air Bender: The Air Bender is a nice looking lancero that sports a very oily chocolate colored wrapper. There are barley any veins present in wrapper of the cigar and the seam lines are barely noticeable either. The wrapper is Ecudorian Habano binder and filler is Dominican. When looking for a lancero cigar this one to try.

7. Nestor Miranda Dominicano: Chock full of tasty goodness and filled with bold long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The Rosado is hearty to the core with a strong, earthy presence and notes of spice, leather, and coffee. This cigar is a medium to full in body and complex from start to finish, giving you a nice, eventful handmade that’s expertly crafted and consistent from one cigar to the next.

8. San Cristobal Lancero: This 7.5 x 38 stick offered an excellent burn and great draw, slightly on the firm side with just the right amount of resistance all the way down. Flavors were rich, intense and bold – yet utterly smooth and never more than medium bodied. Several flavor transitions were present, with some flavors swapping, others coming and going at points. The combinations were very well blended and extremely enjoyable. I picked up combinations of bread, oily leather, earth, cocoa, coffee, espresso, touches of pepper and cream.

9. La roma de cuba: This 7.5 x 38 medium tan stick offers a smooth almost seamless wrapper with a triple cap and very small veins with firm construction. Overall a medium body stick it packs a medium-full power kick, giving a slight buzz about 1 way through. Flavors were extremely smooth from first light to the nub and included a creamy leather, vanilla, roasted nuts, dry tobacco and a pepper & spice kick at various points throughout.

10. My father cigars #4: A 7.5 x 38 cigar with Nicaraguan Cocoa, herbs and sweet cherry with hints of cedar and earth. It’s full and it’s a side of the My Father Cigars Factory rarely seen. Orange peel, earth, sweet cocoa and herbs; lengthy and still flavorful. The smoke production is thick, grey, smooth and plentiful, and for the first portion of the Lancero, with an aroma of cherry, earth and cedar. 54


april 2012 |



LOTUS 48 APOLLO ----This elegant lighter from Lotus is sure to impress all of your friends when you pull it out. Its cool design features a simple yet attractive combination of brushed and polished chrome. There is also a hexagonal pattern on the ignition button that stands out from the rest of the lighter. Featuring a powerful double torch flame, the L48 will be able to toast your cigar quickly and evenly every time you use it. It even includes a conveniently built-in cigar punch on its side that you can use to cut your cigar. MRSP---


XIKAR ELEMENT LIGHTER---The Element’s bold technical style will catch everyone’s eye while it’s powerful double jet flame fires up a Churchill in seconds flat! It boasts a simple thumb action that opens a protective cap to expose a lightning fast Rapid Fire™ ignition and a “XIKAR - sharp” 9 mm cigar punch cutter that’s conveniently hidden in the base. A fuel gauge and oversize adjustment wheel ensure the right amount of flame anytime. The body is a metal casing with durable polished finish. Unconditional lifetime warranty. MSRP---59.99 56


XIKAR EX Torch Flame Cigar Lighter--- When it comes to good looks, affordable price, and reliable performance, the XiKAR EX cigar lighter is just what you've been looking for. The durable metal casing protects a powerful windproof flame that really stands up to the elements. Just flip up the cap, push down the trigger, and fire away! MSRP---59.99

LOTUS 46 COMMANDER---- Lotus 46 Commander Cigar Lighter L4600:Health & Personal Care The L46 by Lotus features a powerful inline triple flame torch. An 8mm cigar punch is built into the bottom. A fuellevel viewing window is also built into the metal case. Triple Wind Resistant Torch Flame, Tinted Fuel Level Window and a Integrated 8mm Cigar Punch.

PROMETHEUS SHERLOCK LIGHTER---- The Prometheus brand was created in 1992 and named after the Greek God of Fire, Prometheus. Prometheus has become a true global brand whose products are now sold at the finest cigar shops in 25 countries. The Prometheus products are known worldwide for their superb quality, and "stylish, modern" designs. The history of Prometheus lighters represents cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking innovations. Prometheus lighters are not mass-manufactured, instead each lighter is carefully assembled by hand for quality and longevity. The Sherlock lighter very stylish and a good pick. MSRP 69.99

april 2012 |


PROMETHEUS MAGMA 2 WAVE--- The Magma T table lighter by Prometheus emits a powerful triple-torch flame. A simple side ignition bar makes lighting quick and simple. A hidden punch-cutter on the bottom is capable of making both 7mm and 9mm cuts. Measures: 3.56 in x 2.80 in x 0.94 in MRSP 89.99

VECTOR URBANAO LIGHTER --- The Urbano lighter with cutter has a fold out punch cutter so that you're always well equipped to smoke a cigar. The lighter has a triple torch flame to light that cigar in just a few seconds. A fuel gauge window allows you to see when it's time to refill. Comes in gift box. Five-year warranty by Vector. MSRP 24.95

VECTOR ARMOR LIGHTER CRACKLE MATTE---Vector KGM symbolizes renowned reputation for quality and craftsmanship. It is a leading manufacturer of high quality cigar, pipe, cigarette and torch lighters, and other smoking accessories. All Vector lighters come with the famous Vector No Proof Warranty. The crackle matte key features Single Jet Flame Lighter and Scratch resistant, with a Fuel gauge window with A release ignition button for regular flame automatic side opening. MRSP 42.99 58


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Cigar Art

Cigar Art

Remembering Helen Berger

Helen Berger passed away recently. She will always be remembered for her loving heart, warm personality, generous spirit and creativity on canvas. The passion, spirit and legacy of Helen will live on through The Helen Berger Art Fund - a scholarship to help art students with college tuition and supplies. It was her dream to set up this fund to assist more children expand their creative talents through education. For more information on the fund and how you can contribute contact Mr. Curtis Kaufman at

Helen Berger was an artist with many different

styles. At a very young age she discovered her love for art growing up in New York. With a mixture of self and formal training, she continued to follow her dream to become well recognized for her art work. Along the pathway of her life, Helen met and married Mr. David Berger. From this union, they were blessed with two daughters and one son. Helen did not forget her creative endeavors as she devoutly took care of her family. She used her talent to successfully run a gourmet cheese shop in Hartsdale, New York. Her cream cheese blends became legendary. During this stage of her life, Helen would still take up her paint brush whenever time permitted. Helen's daughters followed in their mother's footsteps and took creative career paths. Her passion for art and her family has made her a true success.



Helen Berger with her husband David Berger.

april 2012 |


Cigar Art

Paintings that embody the spirit of the stogie


36" x 24" Mixed Media on Paper



All paintings by Sean Clinkscales

april 2012 |


Lucia 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

Cigar Girl #1 18" x 24" Oil on Canvas Sean was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where his passion for art began with his doodles. He began taking art lessons at the Philadelphia College of Art at age 10. There he learned the importance of composition, color values, styles and use of mediums. As a teenager, Sean participated in art classes in junior and high school, where his art teachers influenced him to choose art as a career. After graduating from high school, Sean attended the Kutztown University where he studied Communication Design. Sean joined the United States Air Force to serve his country. During his time in the service, his still drew and painted. He garnered several private commissions while abroad. After his time in the service, he later moved to Columbus, Georgia. There he began putting more focus on his career as an artist. He joined several other artists in a comic book company. Sean has been a graphic design artist for over 12 years, creating concepts for individuals, small businesses and fortune 500 companies. Sean's art follows his tastes. From life like fantasty art to impressionistic figures; he paints it all. Today, Sean resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Juan 24" x 36" Oil on Canvas Cigar Diva 36"x48" Oil on Canvas 64


You can see more of Sean's work at: Phone: 770.899.8323 PLEASE NOTE: Ordered prints are unframed unless requested. Framing is an additional cost. april 2012 |


Cigar Scene

Cigar Journey's


Please send all submissions to CigarLuxe Magazine/Cigar Scene,2430 Meadow Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30315. Or email them to: To order additional copies of CigarLuxe Magazine, call 800.626.1246 or go online to



fter a few farewells in Atlanta last March, with a few good cigars tucked in my traveling humidor I am off to DesMoines, Iowa to provide disaster relief to some tornado victims. The corn is not as “High as an elephant’s eye” but “Knee high by the 4th of July”, this is the byword in the flatland states where our corn is produced, and it happened; when I arrived in DesMoines the corn was just emerging and the heavy rains of late winter had the framers concerned about the prospect of a good crop, but by the 4th of July with moderate rain and plenty of sunshine the corn was waist high and still growing…but enough about maize. In this day, with the taboo on smoking I am finding good cigars harder and harder to locate and places to smoke them even more difficult to find. After a few days my cigar inventory begins to dwindle down to a few sticks and I am on a quest for a source to supplement the inventory of my “stogies”. First I ask some of the guys in my office and no one in my circle of associates was a smoker. So I asked the bellman at my hotel and he sent me to The Cigar Source, he didn’t know it by name but he gave good directions to 3305 Ingersoll Ave and I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted by the manager Kai and Mike the owner and shown around the shop and invited to make myself at home, a wellstocked walk in humidor and a place to sit and have a smoke, a pleasant surprise. The regulars at The Cigar Source have all of the comforts that one could desire; a private room that is open 24 – 7, even when the retail store is closed. Members have a key to the adjacent lounge, with a 66

CIGARLUXE MAGAZINE | march/april 2012

big flat screen, their lockers for storage of beverages and smokes, a rest room and a microwave. The lounge is TV monitored and there has never been any problem with any misconduct. The Cigar Source 3305 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines, IA (515) 279-1439 A heavy snow fall and early spring rains caused widespread flooding in “Big Sky Country”, Billings, Montana. And surrounding territory, if you haven’t been to Montana, put it on your list. On my first road trip out of Billings I immediately realized just what “Big Sky Country” means, but you can’t travel the back roads of Montana without and smoke. Scott & Pam Godfrey, husband and wife proprietors of Stogies, 2717 North 1st Avenue, Billings, MT (406) 248-6879, in downtown Billings offered a good selection of cigars and accessories and free fillups for your butane lighters, a pleasant atmosphere and a well-stocked walk-in, but no facilities for smoking, so I resorted to evening smokers with a few of my coworkers at their or my motel outdoor patio and roadside stops enjoying the vistas of Big Sky. One of my applicants was the Northern Cheyenne tribe and on one of my visits, I asked the Chief if he would care for a cigar and the invitation was quickly accepted, even though smoking wasn’t allowed in the tribal offices he and I moved outside to a smoking area and concluded our business with a couple of Primo del Rey robustos and a cup of coffee. Late September found me in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire, the

leaves were just starting to turn; I thought we had foliage colors in North Georgia and the Smoky Mountains, was pleasantly surprised at the vivid colors of New England; I had the opportunity to work in the northern counties of New Hampshire and over into Vermont and Maine on the weekends, FANTASTIC.

Ken Mansfield, Gurkha Cigar Company represents at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Two patrons enjoy a fine Gurkha cigar at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Great couple enjoys their Gurkha cigars at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Customer wins a Macallan giftset at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Customer relaxes while watching a football game at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Two patrons enjoy their cigars and scotch at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting event held at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Castro's Back Room, 5 Depot Street, Concord, NH, (603) 225-6522 has a wells stocked supply in their walk-in but I didn’t really feel at home, it could have been a bad day or maybe I didn’t fit the age demographics of the establishment, the prices were great and I bought a box of my “Favorites “ Primo del Rey at a real discount as New Hampshire is a sales and income tax free state “Live Free or Die” is the state motto and they almost smoke “Free”, the tobacco tax is very low also. Then down the street and around the corner and I found my New Hampshire smoking home away from home; Capital Tobacco, 75 S Main St # 4, Concord, NH, (603) 224-5001. ‎Sara, the manager at Capital immediately made me feel right at home, again a well-stocked walk-in and comfortable leather sofas and a flat screen. My co-worker Mike and I were invited to bring in our own libation and we enjoyed the hospitality. The folks who own Capital also own Good Times, in Nashua and in Manchester, both of these stores are cigar bars offering adult beverages and smoking, the Concord store will be offering adult beverage consumption in 2012. Look for more travels in 2012 as Ken Medernach, a lifetime cigar smoker travels nationwide as a Public Assistance Project Specialist for FEMA. Ken is also a published writer residing in Atlanta.

april 2012 |



Cigar Mike's Corner

1. DON GONZALEZ FATBOY HABANO ---- I would definitely recommend this to any cigar lover who enjoys a smooth strong smoke. The cigar comes in Connecticut and also Muduro wrappers the binder is Nicaragua the fill is also Nicaragua. The great thing about Don Gonzalez signature series all around consistency . Do your self a favor and pick up a Don Gonzalez signature series cigar.

Steven Long, Scotch Key Account Manager for The Edrington Group - USA and his beautiful companion present the Highland Park scotch to patrons at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Steven Long chats it up over a dram of scotch with patrons at Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Two patrons enjoy a fine Gurkha cigar at the Cigar & Scotch Tasting - Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Lovely cigar smoking ladies at the Higland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

GET IN THE SWING OF THINGS. Take your game to the next level with the ultimate in golf instruction from

Patrons checking out the El Primer Mundo selection at Highalnd Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.



Curtis Kaufman of CigarLuxe Magazine with patrons of Highland Cigar Company, Atlanta, Georgia.

Andreas Boberg 678.773.0995

2. Berger & Argenti Entubar Double Corona ---- Now this is a great medium to full body cigar with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper , Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and a Nicaraguan binder. The taste is sweet and nutty but not to be taken lightly as it will build in strength and flavor. If complexity is what your looking for then pick up the Berger & Argenti Entubar and you will surely will not be disappointed. I would also check out the quad Maduro and the V32 also quality offerings from Berger Argenti. 3. The Legend Natural by E. Zarzuela ---- This is a mild to medium cigar that has some great flavors to it. This is a cigar that you can smoke anytime of the day. The Natural has a nice buttery pull that builds into some rich complex tastes towards the end. Good everyday stick and its offered in a maduro as well. 4. Gran Habano Grand Reserve Robusto ---- Great toro to have it is a med-full with really rich coca flavor and a bit of cedar sprice from the packing and is a good price point . Its well worth the smoke the wrap is nicaragnon the bind is also the filler is very well build. 5. Pinar Del Rio Habano Sun Grown ---- fantastic taste in this cigar full bodied but with a sweetness and peppery spice tastes it is very well balanced and its consistent. I really enjoy this cigar . Pinar Del Rio has another great stick 6. Monte Pascol Belicoso Brazilian Puro ---- This looks like your dads cigar the construction is rustic and the flavor is full and is a great price point this is a must buy Brazilian cigar. If you come across it in the shop pick it up you will enjoy it. 7. Primer Mundo ---- Its hard to describe the array of complex flavors its smooth and slightly spicy strength . The best thing to do is to smoke one. I feel safe in saying most true cigar lovers will enjoy this cigar. It only comes in a toro size, but it smokes like a church hill . The wrap is Ecuador the filler in Dominican republic and is produced in Miami. april 2012 |




april 2012 |


Model/Actress Makana Marie Photography Brent Thacker Photography on Facebook Hair and Makeup Patricia Story Production Sean Clinkscales Location Lullwater Park - Emory University 1463 Clifton Road Northeast Atlanta, GA 30329 Cigars Cigars provided by Berger & Agrenti



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ENTUBAR® is a full-bodied, super-premium cigar brand that merges ‘Old World’ cigar making with ‘New World’ innovation. ENTUBAR® is a truly unique creation that pays tribute to the time-honored Cuban cigar making technique known as ‘entubar’ while also establishing an innovative patent-pending process of cigar manufacturing not seen in the premium cigar industry before. ENTUBAR QUAD MADURO®, which is box pressed ‘Habano’, is cloaked in a Nicaraguan Cuban-seed Sun-Grown Maduro wrapper aged in oak barrels since 2002. ENTUBAR® is available in five (5) unique vitolas characterized by sumptuously large ring gauges: Corona Macho (4 5/8” x 48); Robusto (5 3/8” x 54); Double Corona (7 5/8” x 54); Torpedo (6 7/8” x 56) and Gran Toro (6 5/8” x 64 – this size not available for ENTUBAR QUAD MADURO®,). Available in rustic Spanish cedar boxes of 20 cigars, the suggested retail price of each cigar ranges from $7.99 to $11.99 for ENTUBAR® and $9.99 to $12.99 for ENTUBAR QUAD MADURO®.

Featuring Berger & Argenti Cigars Photography by Brent Thacker 74


april 2012 |


E.P. Carrillo Elencos - A well-balanced and complex cigar with cedar, nuts, and cocoa powder on the finish. Medium bodied with a perfect draw and burn.

WRAPPER: Brazil BINDER: Dominican Republic FILLER: Nicaragua


Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown - The Covered with a nearly flawless wrapped and finished with a flat cap. A wellbalanced cigar with notes of cedar, spice and a flash of vanilla oak. Medium bodied with a perfect draw.

WRAPPER: Ecuador BINDER: Dominican Republic FILLER: Dominican Republic


WRAPPER: Ecuador BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Dominican Repbulic

VITOLA: Torpedo LENGTH: 6.875 RING: 56


Double WRAPPER: Nicaragua Corona BINDER: Nicaragua 7 FILLER: Honduras, Nicaragua 54

VITOLA: Churchill LENGTH: 7 RING: 48

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Costa Rica, Mexico & Nicaragua

Berger & Argenti Entubar Quad Maduro - The Berger & Argenti Entubar Quad Maduro carries strong notes of toasty tobacco, spice, cocoa, and caramel. This is another great addition to Berger & Argenti's rapidly growing lineup.

Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserve - A good looking cigar that's aromatic with a soft press. A medium bodied offering delivering a toasty profile with roasted nut, coffee and creamy highlights to finish in a beautiful caramel colored wrapper.

Gran Habano - Habano #3 - A great looking cigar that is well constructed. The cigar offers enjoyable flavors of cedar and spice on a nutty base. Delivers a thick, rich smoke with a hint of spice and leather at the finish.

VITOLA: Toro Corojo WRAPPER: Hondurus LENGTH: 6 BINDER: Nicaragua RING: 52 FILLER: Secret

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

VITOLA: No. 1 LENGTH: 6.75 RING: 54


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra La Gloria Cubana Serie R - A fuller bodied cigar with rich (Natural) robust flavor. Sweet cedar taste with a hint of spice and earth. BINDER: Nicaragua Opens up well with a coffee flavor and finishing off with a FILLER: Dominican Republic, slight bitter sweetness. Nicaragua

VITOLA: Torpedo LENGTH: 6.5 RING: 55

My Father Le Bijou 1922 - The Toro develops thick, chalkwhite smoke. Its aroma is wonderfully balanced. Strong cocoa, earth and sweetness of molasses dominate the taste.

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua


WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sun Grown La Aurora 107 - A handsome cigar with a draw of sweet BINDER: Dominican Republic molasses, white pepper and a bit of spice . It finishes off with FILLER: Dominican Republic, a leather while still providing that sweet molasses/honey taste Nicaragua and some of the white pepper and citrus on the after taste.

VITOLA: Robusto LENGTH: 4.5 RING: 50

Montecristo #2 - A rich-tasting cigar sporting a silky, golden wrapper that burns beautifully with a marvelously sweet aroma and creamy taste. It finishes off great with woody and leather flavors.

WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade BINDER: Dominican FILLER: Dominican blend

VITOLA: Torpedo LENGTH: 6.1 RING: 52

Perdomo Habano Maduro - Covered in a dark and oily wrapper with some tooth, this medium bodied cigar delivers a profile of oak, coffee, and spices with hints of leather and cocoa.

VITOLA: Robusto LENGTH: 5 RING: 52

VITOLA: Churchill XO WRAPPER: Nicargua LENGTH: 6 BINDER: Dominican Repbulic RING: 60 FILLER: Nicargua

Rocky Patel The Edge - A fully flavorful cigar. Black pepper, barrel char and hints of sugar cane fill its character. It has a rich smoke that coats the mouth. The blend finishes offf with caramel, bourbon sweetness and cereals.

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

Padron Anniversary 1926 Natural - Balanced and complex overflowing with rich flavors of nuts, leather and milk chocolate offset by spice and oak. Medium bodied cigar with easy draw and even burn.

Toro 5.5 42

VITOLA: Robusto LENGTH: 5.5 RING: 52

WRAPPER: Connecticut BINDER: Mexico FILLER: Dominican Republic, Mexico

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

Gurkha Cellar Reserve - The cigar has a raisin sweetness and very well aged, rich tobacco tastes. It burns coolly, tastes like it has been aging in a humidor for a few years, and is medium flavored.

Macanudo Gold Label - This cigar has a great draw and burn with a simple nutty and smooth taste with just a a hint of woodiness.

Casa Magna Colorado - Well made with a dark and oily wrapper. Draws nicely, loading the palate with a smoke that is rich with coffee and leather notes yet balanced with a cedar sweetness.

Olivia Serie V - Rich and complex with a smooth profile of cocoa, leather and coffee. This good looking thick cigar is well made and covered with an aromatic wrapper with good oils. Medium to full bodied.

WRAPPER: Nicaragua BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

VITOLA: Double Robusto LENGTH: 6.5 RING: 54

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne - This fine cigar is hugged by a stunning, triple-fermented Connecticut shade wrapper. The smoke is superior on all fronts, pumping out various nuances including rich tobacco flavors, hints of coffee, creamy undertones, and a subtle sweetness, almost like honey.

WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Nicaragua

VITOLA: Epicure Toro LENGTH: 6 RING: 54

Zino Platinum Z Class 546P - The cigar starts off strongly with a medium bodied tea like character. Woodiness becomes prevalent while complex tea tastes encircle the palate. During the middle portion of the smoke, tea, wood, and cane sugar tastes remain dominant while the smoke overall becomes very rich.

WRAPPER: Dominican Republic BINDER: Peru FILLER: Honduras, Nicaragua

VITOLA: Torpedo LENGTH: 6.5 RING: 55


AVO Heritage - This toro is wrapped in a dark brown wrapper and develops striking cedary aromas with some sandalwood. The smoke is creamy, with pleasant fruity and citrus notes, which is matched perfectly by its mild tartness. Mild to medium strength.

WRAPPER: Ecuador Sun Grown BINDER: Dominican Republic FILLER: Dominican Republic


VITOLA: Torpedo LENGTH: 6 RING: 52

Alec Bradley Family Blend VR1 - A fully flavorful cigar. Black pepper, barrel char and hints of sugar cane fill its character. It has a rich smoke that coats the mouth. The blend finishes offf with caramel, bourbon sweetness and cereals.

WRAPPER: Hondurus BINDER: Indonesia FILLER: Hondurus, Nicaragua




WRAPPER: Ecuador BINDER: Dominican Repbulic FILLER: Dominican Repbulic

WRAPPER: Corojo BINDER: Honduras FILLER: Honduras

WRAPPER: Ecuador Broadleaf BINDER: Dominican Republic FILLER: Dominican Republic

Robusto WRAPPER: Sumatra 5 BINDER: Nicaragua 54 FILLER: Nicaragua

VITOLA: Corona Doble LENGTH: 7 RING: 52

WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero Oscuro BINDER: Nicaragua FILLER: Hondurus, Dominican Republic

Ashton VSG - The VSG is blended exclusively for Ashton by Carlos Fuente Jr. using 4 to 5 year old aged Dominican tobacco taken from the finest and most fertile plants for a powerful and intoxicating flavor with a complex rich finish.

Camacho Gigante Corojo - This cigar has a superb flavor profile bursting with the notes that are woodsy, creamy, nutty, and a toned down Camacho spiciness. Unlighted the Camacho Connecticut offers a pleasing nutty scent with the surprising zest of citrus at the foot.

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero #700 Maduro - This oily Toro cigar smacks of creamy, full-bodied flavors including notes of chocolate. The finish is long and loaded with spice. It's the Ligero tobacco that gives Double Ligero its fabulous taste.

Drew Estate Kuba Kuba - Dark and oily, this very aromatic cigar is is packed with flavor. Infused with herbs and oils it finishes very sweet.

Liga Privada No. 9 - A solid cigar covered in a beautiful oscuro wrapper. French roast coffee, dark chocolate and Nicaraguan spice with a hint of citrus on the finish. Full bodied.

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MONTECRISTO is a registered trademark of Cuban Cigar Brands, N.V. Reg. U.S. Pat. & TM Off. and D.R. TM Off. This trademark may be registered by others in other countries.






The 2011 Cadillac Escalade SUV. It’s the standard by which all other luxury SUVs are measured, thanks to its luxurious interior, impressive technology and powerful presence. The stunning interior, trimmed in elegant brushed aluminum accents and polished chrome, include supple leather-trimmed, 14-way power-adjustable front seats with memory settings and elegant French-stitched seams, a premium 10-speaker Bose® 5.1 surround sound system and a leather- and wood-trimmed steering wheel that’s power-adjustable.

Store Name Scottish Tobacco

Address#52A 2625 Piedmont Road, Northeast Atlanta, Georgia 0324-3012 Phone 404.237.0525 • 404.237.0527 | fax



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