Cigar City Magazine

Tampa, US

Cigar City Magazine is the vision of Lisa M. Figueredo who feels passionately about her blended culture, history, and family. We have all been told stories by our parents, grandparents, abuelos, abuelas, nanas, nanos, tios, tias, zios and zias. The stories captivated us and we always asked questions. "What country did our family come from? How did they arrive? How did they live?" We were always amazed as the stories of our families unfolded, and we felt proud of our heritage. We felt a little sad as well, since we would never have a chance to meet some of these wonderful relatives. We all have a responsibility to keep these stories alive by passing them on to our own children. By sharing the past, our children will come to know their roots and recognize the foundation of love and family they can carry with them into the future. They will become the voices of our ancestors. Publisher & Founder : Lisa Figueredo