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Children: CARE Gad knew that he wanted a better life for himself, and a chance to escape from the daily challenges he faced due to anti-Semitism.

Living in France, Gad felt that he had no potential to succeed; that he could never imagine his future because he constantly felt discouraged.

The Canadian Hadassah-WIZO (CHW) supported French Na’aleh Program receives Francophone youth from countries such as France, Switzerland and Morocco. The children, who enter the program at the age of 14, are provided with a secure environment in which to study, so that they can plan for a brighter future.

Gad is telling a very different story today. He is already preparing to do his army service and to serve his country. His dream is to create a life and future

A parent’s decision to send their child to Israel can be explained in one word: security. With anti-Semitism on the rise in Europe, many parents feel that although it is a difficult choice, sending their child is necessary. In order to accommodate the students at CHW Hadassim, new classrooms have been built through the generosity of CHW donors, like you. These classrooms allow for the immersion of additional students in years to come, ensuring that no child in need is turned away. When Gad arrived at CHW Hadassim all he had was hope; hope that this would be the change in his life that he so desperately needed, hope that he finally found a place he could happily call home. Gad shares, “in Paris, I always felt tension in the air because I was Jewish. I never felt completely safe. Then, I came to CHW Hadassim and right away, I felt a sense of security. Israel is the place for the Jewish people, it exists for people like me who need to seek refuge. It saved me.” “One of the biggest changes that I have experienced since coming to CHW Hadassim is in school. In France, my peers and teachers were never nice to me. I didn’t do well because I struggled with the materials, I felt stupid. At CHW Hadassim, the teachers ensured that I was receiving the necessary support, both during and after school hours. I discovered that I am smart. For the first time in my life I feel confident, proud of myself, and I believe I can flourish.”

Gad says that since arriving at CHW Hadassim, his life has completely changed. For the first time, he has a group of friends that accept him for who he is. He is always included and feels a sense of belonging. for himself in Israel, where he can raise children and have a family of his own. Gad also loves music, and expressed his desire to one day become a singer. Most importantly, Gad’s ultimate dream is “to always have happiness in life.”

Gad and his friend Leah, whom he met at Hadassim.

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