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Trois Rivières brand identity Authenticity • Martinique, in the French West Indies, is the birthplace of agricole rhum • Trois Rivières only produces pure cane agricole rhum in the respect of the traditional know-how => distillation of pure sugar cane juice, the « First pressing » of sugarcanes • Trois Rivières plantation was founded more than 3 centuries ago by Nicolas Fouquet (Superintendent of Finance under Louis XIV) • Trois Rivières is a plantation rhum. The sugarcanes are located in the South West of Martinique (220 hectares) • The windmill, used in the past to press sugarcanes is the emblem of Trois Rivières

Elegance and distinction • Trois Rivières rhums have won many distinctions at international spirit challenges • Original Blue colour is a powerful distinctive sign symbolising the maritime personality of Trois Rivières rhums • Powerful aromas, fineness and freshness characterize Trois Rivières rhum original style • Old rhums exclusive selections made of limited series, single casks, old vintages

Evasion • Martinique origin, pearl of the French West Indies • Wonderful geographical situation in the South of the island with plantations overlooking the beaches • The brand symbol, a map of Martinique surrounded by the azure blue of the Caribbean sea invite to exotism


Martinique: The pearl of the French West Indies

…One of the most enchanting island in the World… Martinique

Amazing beaches Martinique lies in the heart of the Caribbean Archipelago. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean lap its shores on the East and the Caribbean Sea is to the West. The fine-sand beaches are simply amazing: sheltering shoals, sea bed is of great beauty, pleasure to go bathing through transparent water of more than 25°celcius with colourful fishes.

« Madinina »: The Flower island


In the early 16th Century, the Carib islanders called it Madinina, which means «The flower island». The island offers a heavenly vegetation whith more than 1,700 varieties of plants, trees and beautiful flowers.

The paradise of nature lovers Martinique offers an incredible diversity of landscapes: • The North, a land of water and fire: rivers and waterfalls, lush vegetation, Mount Pelée vulcano • The South: lovely beaches and sugarcane plantations

French West Indies French West Indies

South America South America

Martinique : The pearl of the French West Indies

…The French touch of the Caribbean… Martinique As an overseas department of France, Martinique's culture blends French and Caribbean influences. The official language is French, although many Martinicans speak Martinican Creole. Capital: Fort-de-France

The Creole patrimony … • Creole language • Vibrant culture celebrated through Carnival, music and dance • Delightful cuisine : Rich, spicy and generous, subtle and complex, it is the world on your plate, whether « boeuf bourginon » or « courtbouillon », « foie gras » or fish curry ! • Colonial architecture • Traditional « madras » costumes and local craft • The « Ti-punch », famous local rhum cocktail, is made with agricole rhum, sugar and lime!


Martinique : The birthplace of Agricole Rhum Derived from a traditional know-how handed down from generation to generation, Martinique agricole rhum is of great renown.

From traditional to agricole rhum In the past, the molasses resulting from sugar production were fermented to obtain a local spirit called « tafia », nowadays called traditional rum. In the 18th Century, to meet the growing demand for rums, Martinique sugar refineries decided to abandon sugar production to focus on rum production made with pure sugarcane juice: «the agricole rhum». The specificity of agricole rhum is the fermentation and distillation of pure sugarcane juice, the First pressing of Sugarcanes.

AOC Martinique certification: a guarantee of quality and authenticity Martinique is renowned for the quality of its rhum, which has been awarded with the «AOC Martinique label» (controlled label of origin) since 1996. This distinctive certification is a sign of excellence from the French government, which one also finds on French wines : • Delimited terroir • Controlled production process • Lots blind-tasted by the organisation for the defence of official accreditation before obtaining the AOC label.

Traditional rum vs Agricole Rhum TRADITIONAL RUM


(Molasse rum)

(Pure sugarcane juice)

Trois Rivières agricole rhum production process 1. Harvest

2. Crushing

White rhums 1

3. Fermentation

Aged in oak rhums

4. Distillation

Old rhums


Trois Rivières: More than 300 years of history In the 1660s‟, Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finance under Louis XIV, dreamt of founding a vice-kingdom in the French West Indies, with the complicity of Lieutenant Isaac de Feuquieres. He therefore awarded himself a large piece of land, never allotted before in the town of Sainte-Luce and founded Trois-Rivieres plantation Estate in the South of Martinique, the sunniest part of the island. The name Trois Rivières refers to both the distillery and sugarcane plantation, bordered by three rivers: Bois d'Inde, Oman and St. Pierre. He had a massive fortified castle built, which he never had the chance to live in, since, once Fouquet lost favour with the King, all the edifices of the estate were destroyed. In 1894, Trois Rivières sugar works were gradually oriented towards rhum agricole production with a larger part stored for ageing. By 1994, Trois Rivières became part of the “Bellonnie et Bourdillon Successeurs” group, owner of La Mauny rums, so Trois Rivières column stills were transferred to Rivière-Pilote distillery.

Trois Rivières remains true to its history by producing elegant rhums, which derive their original personality from their proximity to the sea.


Trois Rivières symbol: The windmill Trois Rivières famous emblem is the windmill. The picture of the windmill is present on every Trois Rivières rhum labels, to refer to the way Trois Rivières crushed sugarcane in the past.

Trois Rivières windmill is a strong symbol of the bond between tradition and modernity, witness of the ancestral methods of manufacturing Martinique agricole rhum.

After the transfer of the distillation columns to Rivière-Pilote, Trois Rivière distillery has been maintained in perfect state to enable many tourists to visit the technical installations and discover the different steps of agricole rhum production. You can also visit the windmill in the Trois Rivières Estate.


Trois Rivières: A unique Plantation Cultivated for over 3 Centuries, the Trois Rivières plantation is part of Martinique heritage. The unique character and quality of Trois Rivières rhums derive from the exceptional location of the sugarcane fields: caressed by the caribbean breeze, the crops are overlooking the sea, in the hottest part of the island.

Soil • • •

Plantation: 220 hectares Territory in the South of Martinique: rich soil in the warmest part of the island (Small production per hectare but high density of sugar) Sugarcane plantation along the seaside overlooking the Caribbean sea

Harvest • • • •

Havesting period: February to June 48 tons of sugarcanes / hectare Natural maturation of the sugarcanes Respect of traditional cane production technique: 60% of the sugarcane supplied is harvested by hand

Cane selection •

Quality control by the R&D department : only exceptionally high sugar content sugarcanes will be selected to produce Trois Rivières Rhums 10 kg of sugarcanes are necessary to produce 1 liter of Trois Rivières Rhum 55% alc./ Vol.

Trois Rivières: A unique Style The great elegance and typicity of Trois Rivières rhums are also due to the selection of the best authentic methods for distillation and ageing.

Distillation •

Distillation in high column still with platters to allow a perfect selection of aromas

At the exit point of the distilling column, the white agricole rhum is crystal clear, affording about 65 to 75 % alc/vol. To produce white rhums, Trois Rivières will progressively and very slowly (3-months process) reduce the degree of the pure agricole rhum to reach consumption degrees: 50%, 55% or 62 % alc./vol.

Annual production: 1,200,000 bottles (96% white rhum - 4% oak aged and old rhum)

Trois Rivières: A unique Style

Ageing Close work of 2 rum experts: M. Daniel Baudin, our cellar master since 1995 and M. Christian Vergier a well-known rum and cognac oenologist •

Use of oak casks from different origins: French new casks, Ex-Cognac casks (France), Ex-bourbon casks (US)

Unchilled filtration

All our old rhums are aged for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks

All our vintages are aged for a minimum of 6 years in oak casks

Natural dark colour for old rhums = no use of caramel

Ageing and and bottling in Martinique (tropical ageing is twice faster than in Europe)

2,000 barrels are used for ageing Trois Rivières rhums

Trois Rivière agricole rhums are a reference for amateurs and connoisseurs, famous for its limited editions, single casks and vintages.

Trois Rivières : An international brand

… distributed in more than 30 countries…

Medals 2004 :

● Gold Medal for the Old Rhum 1980 40% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition) ● Silver Medal for the White Rhum 50% vol. (Golden Alambic)

2006 :

● Gold Medal for the Old Rhum « Réserve Spéciale » 40% vol. (Paris Agricole Competition)


● Gold Medal for the Old Rhum « Réserve Spéciale » 40% vol. (Paris Agricole Competition) ● Gold Medal for the Old Rhum 5 years 40% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition)


● Gold Medal for the White Rhum 55% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition) ● Gold Medal for the Cuvée du Moulin 40% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition) ● Gold Medal for the 8 y.o. 42% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition)


● Silver Medal for the White Rhum 55% vol. (Paris Agricole Competition) ● Gold Medal for the Cuvée du Moulin 40% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition) ● Gold Medal for the 8 y.o. 42% vol. (Brussels International Spirit Competition)


● Silver Medal for the Cuvée du Moulin 40% vol. (Paris Agricole Competition)

USP • A noble heritage: Martinique origin = French island, “pearl of the Caribbeans” with the unique creole culture. Since 1660, a unique heritage = more than 300 years of history since the creation of Trois Rivières sugarcane plantation. • Distillation of pure fresh sugarcane juice = less than 5% of worldwide rum production. With the French AOC label of quality = only Martinique agricole rhums have such a strict controlled label of origin in the world. • A unique plantation of 220 hectares in the sunniest part of the island (high sugar content of the sugarcanes), along the Caribbean seaside. • A unique style: Elegance, freshness and distinction - A unique maritime personality: The white rhums offer unique and very distinctive minty and iodine notes. They are appealing for their freshness and outstanding purity. Their packaging have strong distinctive blue and yellow colours symbolizing the sunny beaches of Martinique. - The old rhums are elegant, smooth and fine. Trois Rivières is famous for its limited series of vintages and single casks recognizable with the windmill, emblem of Trois Rivières heritage.

• High vintage expertise of Trois Rivières cellar master for creating limited series of Estate bottled old rhums (vintages, single cask rhums…): - Use of French and US casks - Specific tropical ageing conditions (twice faster than in Europe) - Same master blender over the last 15 years = Daniel Baudin


Trois Rivières rhum range WHITE RHUMS




Trois Rivieres segmentation Aged rhums old vintages




and single casks

Rhum connoisseurs, Single Malt amateurs

Neat or on the rocks

Old rhums

Selected top Cigare Bars, Super HO.RE.CA

5, 8 years and vintage 1999

Oak aged and 3 years

Trendy people, international way of life

Young adults

White rhums 50%, 55%, 62% vol

Sophisticated cocktails

Classic cocktails : Mojito, Cuba libre, Ti-Punch

Modern bars & Urban clubs

Modern & Old bars, pubs, discotheques

Trois Rivieres aromatic cartography : Elegance & Freshness Matured rhums: Warm sugar Dry flower Toasted bread White rums:

Sugarcane juice Citrus fruit Minty fresh notes Iodine notes

Old rums: Nutmeg Grey pepper Wooden notes



Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 50% vol. Capacity 50cl, 70cl, 100cl

Colour :

Transparent and cristalline colour. Very smooth rhum.

Nose :

This rhum is franc at nose, with minty and iodine notes offering freshness and minerality.

Palate :

In mouth, this rhum is intense, tonic and aromatic: primary flavours get along well with mineral and citrus notes.

Final :

Good impression in final, with grey pepper notes.

Conclusion : You can easily identify this rhum, thanks to its powerfulness, and richness. You can taste it in many different ways: Ti-punch, long drinks or in cocktails.


Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 55% vol. Capacity 50cl, 100cl

Colour :

Transparent and cristalline colour. Presence of legs in the glass.

Nose :

The first nose gives impressions of primary flavours with floral hints.

Palate :

Intense, tonic and aromatic: primary flavours get along well with mineral and spicy notes.

Final :

It has a very long lasting and aromatic final.

Conclusion : This Rhum Agricole is well-structured, complete and intense in flavours.

GOLD RHUM AGRICOLE Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 40% vol. Capacity 70cl ,100cl

Colour :

Light straw colour with slight golden glints. Presence of legs in the glass.

Nose :

Secondary flavours are dominated by warm sugar and dry flower. After ventilation, spicy notes appear.

Palate :

Round and mellow with subtle primary flavours of toffee, milk and toasted bread.

Final :

Nice fruity final.

Conclusion : An original rhum agricole : fresh, delicate, smooth and sweet‌

CUVテ右 DU MOULIN Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 40% vol. Aged in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years (Blend) Capacity 70cl

Colour :

Slight golden colour with slight copper glints. Presence of legs in the glass.

Nose :

At first, primary aromas express the dominance of sugarcane and elegant wooden notes. Then, grey pepper and more complex spicies appear.

Palate :

It has a tonic and structured mouth. Primary flavours of sugar and banana transform into spicy and grey pepper notes.

Final :

It has a long-lasting bouquet with wooden and mineral notes.

Conclusion : This rhum is tonic, fresh and aromatic. Try it !

5 YEARS Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 40% vol. Aged in oak casks for 5 years Capacity 70cl

Colour :

It has the deep colour of straw, with golden impressions. It seems very smooth.

Nose :

The main characteristics at nose are flavours of fresh fruit, blond tobacco and gingerbread.

Palate :

Intense, rich and fresh. The perfect mix of primary flavours, dry fruit and spicy notes.

Final :

Powerful and very long-lasting rhums.

Conclusion : This rhum has a charming personality. It is rich, complex and has the strong tipicity of Trois Rivières.

8 YEARS Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 42% vol. Aged in oak casks for 8 years Capacity 70cl

Colour :

It has a very bright, slight golden colour.

Nose :

Sweet and elegant, flavours at nose are shared between slight impressions of matured fruits, apricot, and dry flower aromas.

Palate :

Flavours in mouth confirm impressions at nose: the Trois Rivières 8 years old exalts jam fruit aromas, mint and mineral notes that give it a seductive personality.

Final :

It has a very long-lasting final, well balance and fine, spicy notes of nutmeg and grey pepper.

Conclusion : Trois Rivières 8 year old is an impressive expression of balance between sweetness and elegance.

VINTAGE 1999 Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 42% vol. Aged in oak casks for 6.5 years minimum Capacity 70cl

Colour :

Golden colour enhanced by coppery glints.

Nose :

A smooth nose, subtle and delicate characterized by cream and fruit notes. After ventilation, spicy, peppery and nutmeg notes appear.

Palate :

Very tonic, rich and spicy. A perfect match between fruity, spicy and wooden notes.

Final :

Long-lasting final: plum jam and gingergbread with slight notes of fine wood and grey pepper

Conclusion : Rum lovers will appreciate this vintage 1999, which is powerful, rich, tonic and very aromatic.

SINGLE CASK Rhum Agricole AOC Martinique T.A.V. 44% vol. Capacity 70cl Colour :

Light, bright golden colour

Nose :

Full, pleasing and complex, rich primary aromas, followed by successive notes of rip fruit and gingerbread.

Palate :

Intense, bracing and textured, expressing all the features of a Trois Rivières rhums. The primary tastes are marked by the powerful primary peppery flavours which blend in the midpalate, with refined hints of dried fruit, orange, marmelade intermingled with spicy flavours.

Final :

A long aromatic finish with mellow touches of oak and toffee.

Conclusion :

This unique, intense, warm product comes with a nice expression of balance. A well-textured rhum at the same time soft, complex and expressive without any unnecessary exuberance.


The famous Martinique traditional cocktail: The « Ti-punch » TROIS RIVIERES TI PUNCH • 4 mesures of Trois Rivières white rhum 50% vol. • ½ measure of sugarcane syrup • 1 zest of lime • 1 ice cube

Intense, sweet and sour, the Ti‟punch is the traditional Martinican cocktail. „Ti‟ in French creole means little. This short drink enhances all the aromatic richness of La Mauny white agricole rhum.

For a fresher experience, you can enjoy it with crushed ice!

White rhum cocktails TROIS RIVIERES MOJITO „ „ „ „ „ „

4 cl Trois Rivières white agricole Rhum 2.5 cl Trois Rivières sugarcane syrup 2.5 cl lime juice Fresh mint Leaves Crushed ice Top up with soda water

PLANTER’S PUNCH „ 6 cl Trois Rivières white agricole Rhum „ 6 cl orange juice „ 6 cl pineapple juice „ 1.5 cl lime juice „ dash of grenadine „ cinnamon

DAIQUIRI MANGO „ 6 cl Trois Rivières white agricole Rhum

„ 3 cl fresh lime „ 1.5 cl Funkin mango puree „ 2.25 cl brown sugar

Aged rhum cocktails

WINDMILL „ 5.5 cl Trois Rivières “Cuvée du Moulin” old Rum „ 1.5 cl Grand Marnier „ 1.5 cl Red Vermouth „ dash of Angostura

TROIS RIVIERES TONIC „ 4 cl Trois Rivières oak aged Rhum „ 12 cl soda water „ 1 slice of lime „ Crushed ice

OLD FASHIONED „ 5 cl Trois Rivières “Cuvée du Moulin” old Rum „ 1 barspoon of brown sugar „ dash of Angostura „ orange peels

Trois Rivières  
Trois Rivières  

Rums from Martinique to be discovered, unique taste complexity, and strong flavour from the pure and fresh sugar cane juice .